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01.Final Judgment
02.New Jerusalem
03.Dirty Secrets
04.High Priests of War
Final Judgment $4.99


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The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

by Michael Collins Piper

First soft cover edition published in 1994. Sixth edition, second printing, published in 2005.
665 pages (including index)
The most recent sixth edition offered by America First Books as an ebook.

America First Books eBook Summary

Arguably this is the best analysis in existence of one of the most pivotal crimes of the Twentieth Century. It is also a vital expose of the hidden real power structure of America whose virulent poison has been steadily spreading corruption throughout our increasingly distressed country.

Final Judgment documents how Israel's leaders, the Mossad, the Meyer Lansky-run organized crime syndicate, and a pro-Zionist faction of the CIA colluded to assassinate President ,John F. Kennedy. The general pattern of the JFK covert operation, to include the skillful use of "limited hang-outs," "patsies," and "false flags," has very likely been repeated in various later forms such as in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King, the mysterious death of former CIA Director William Colby, the very suspicious Oklahoma City bombing, and the Mossad-linked "controlled demolition" of World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. More recently, we have seen how the "High Priests of War" have flexed raw Israeli-lobby power by pushing American interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq and by promoting saber-rattling at Iran and Syria.

JFK planned a military strike to prevent an Israeli-Red Chinese scientific partnership from building the first atomic bombs for China and Israel. He sought to thwart the CIA-Mossad-Meyer Lansky partnership that controlled the heroin trade stemming from the Golden Triangle by pulling U.S. troops out of Vietnam. JFK even transferred control of Cold War espionage operations from the CIA to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Through his support of Algerian independence and an "even-handedness" policy towards other Arab nations, JFK infuriated the French Secret Army Organization (OAS) and its Mossad supporters who had sent professional assassins against French President Charles DeGaulle. JFK's brother Bobby, as Attorney General, moved aggressively against the lower levels of Meyer Lansky-dominated organized crime in America. Lastly, the Kennedy family quietly talked about shutting down America's privately owned Federal Reserve banking cartel that has provided vital fiat money financing for Zionist projects.

For most Americans, Final Judgment is a high drama in another way. It is like Hamlet seeing the ghost. It addresses all the right "hard questions" about what has been done to America that are rarely addressed in so-called "mainstream" conservative literature.

Permissions: Liberal. Printing, copying and pasting allowed.
eBook format: Adobe PDF
eBook features: Sight-checked against original soft cover copy. Contains navigational hyperlinks and all original content, such as diagrams, footnotes, and index.
eBook size: 8.7 MB. You may need to allow some additional time for this download compared to other ebooks carried in this catalog (typically less than 3 MB), depending on your Internet connection speed.


Look Inside This eBook:

Covers (front and back) Inside Cover Pages FJ Progress FJ Context Reaction by Others
New Revelations Publisher Note A Black Perspective Intrigue Apology by Author
Author Foreword Contents Author Preface Photo Section Conversation in Hell
Index Challenge to Readers Author Note Author Background  



. . .Here's what some big names have said about America's #1 Banned Book:

. .A respected former high-ranking U.S. State Department official

. . . "As one who has read over 200 books on the JFK assassination, and engaged in research both as an individual and as part of various teams, I can say without fear of contradiction that Piper's book is now the definitive work on the JFK assassination. Final Judgment is the most thorough, most honest, most penetrating, most factual, and most analytically complete and systematic of all that I have read so far.
. . ."The author builds an upwardly spiraling tapestry of well documented facts that connect the threads of the conspiracy as they ascend level by level from the ground up to the very tip of the pyramid. Along the way, he breaks the conspiracy into easily digestible parts. Otherwise its sheer complexity would be nearly impossible to follow and decipher. At each level, the threads of the puzzle are woven together in such a way that the fog from the labyrinth is slowly but inexorably lifted until eventually it is peeled back completely and the outlines of the conspiracy are laid bare. What is revealed is as convincing as it is scary.
. . ."Someday America will have to face some unpleasant truths about its democracy and about how it has been, and continues to be manipulated, if not completely commandeered by those whose primary loyalties lie elsewhere. While the links at some of the levels may be tenuous, the author refuses to `fake or fudge the data’ or to be `fatally selective’ in what is included or left out—as was so clearly the case in Gerald Posner's Case Closed, or indeed as was the case in the Warren Commission's own flawed report. Piper is intrepid in following his analysis to every logical conclusion—wherever they lead and whatever the implications may be.
. . . "In short, Piper keeps his eye on the donut (`Big Picture’) and not on the hole (inessential details). He focuses on the `why and how’ of the conspiracy and unmistakably the threads all lead back to Israel, Israeli super-patriots, the Meyer Lansky led `Jewish branch of the mob,’ and the Mossad and the international `agents of influence’ under its control.
. . . "While serious researchers may quibble with inessential details in the study, such as tenuous links at some levels, or redundancies at others, those of us who have studied this issue since the days after the assassination always knew that the truth would have its own resonance—like the Garrison investigation did. We knew that the truth would have its own context, its own smell, like Peter Dale Scott's Deep Politics and the Death of JFK did. Piper's book has them all and in the grand tradition of Carl Oglesby's The Yankee & Cowboy War, Michael Collins Piper has struck gold. He has hit the `mother lode,’ and in the process has pointed the finger at, if not tightened the proverbial noose around, the necks of the cabal of conspirators responsible for pulling the strings (and triggers) of the JFK assassination.
. . . "JFK assassination research has a new standard bearer. It will never be the same again. Because of this book, future research will begin to focus more on the `big picture,’ and turn away from constantly grinding, ad nauseam, at inconsistencies in the Warren Commission's Report. Compared to Posner's Case Closed, Final Judgment is a masterpiece."

  —Herbert L. Calhoun

. . .(Herbert L. Calhoun, Ph.D. retired as deputy division chief of the Policy, Plans and Analysis Office of the State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and formerly served as a senior foreign affairs specialist for the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and as the U.S. representative to the 1996 and 1998 United Nations Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms and Light Weapons. Dr. Calhoun posted this 5 out of 5 star endorsement of Final Judgment on on March 10, 2003.)

. . . A famed Hollywood screenwriter and victim of the "witch hunts" of the 1950s

. . . "Michael Collins Piper has laid out the only scenario for the JFK assassination that makes ultimate sense. He's a gutsy guy who hasn't been afraid to confront the truth head on. That's what America is all about. Final Judgment is a masterpiece that would make a great film—but it's not likely one that will ever be made."

  —Bill Norton

. . . (One of the movie industry's most prolific screenwriters, the colorful Bill Norton was described by The Sunday World of London (on April 9, 2000) as "a leading Hollywood movie figure" and "a dedicated socialist and a man with strong religious beliefs who had helped various left-wing causes." In the late 1940s and early 1950s Norton was a hostile witness during the infamous anti-communist "witchhunts" of the House Un-American Activities Committee.)


. . .A respected veteran American author, journalist and foundation official

. . ."I think you've pinned the tail on the donkey. In my estimation, Final Judgment ranks as the most important book of the 20th century."

  —William J. Gill

. . .(Gill—who died just as this edition of Final Judgment was going to press—was the author of such books as Trade Wars Against America, The Ordeal of Otto Otepka, Suite 3505: The Story of the Draft Goldwater Movement, and Why Reagan Won. A journalist with United Press International and the Pittsburgh Press, Gill also wrote for Life, Fortune, the Saturday Evening Post, Reader's Digest and National Geographic. He also served as executive director of the prestigious Allegheny Foundation and was a well-known Washington representative for the domestic steel industry.

. . . • A former top-ranking Pentagon official

. . .Here's what Colonel Donn De Grand Pre has written in his own book, Barbarians Inside the Gates, citing Final Judgment, which Grand Pre describes as "brilliant"...

. . . "Several high-level military officers believed that the killing of JFK was in fact a coup d'etat carried out by elements of the CIA working with the Israeli Mossad. Kennedy was attempting to halt the development of nuclear weapons by the Israelis, while simultaneously planning to disband the CIA and disengage our military troops from the Indo-China area. (Read Final Judgmentby Michael Collins Piper for more details.)"

  —Col. Donn De Grand Pre

     (A veteran of World War II and Korea, Grand Pre served as Deputy Chief of the International Division/Office of the Chief of Research and Development at the Pentagon. In 1967 Grand Pre was named as Director for Ground Weapons Systems in the newly-created office of International Logistics Negotiations, responsible for negotiating sales contracts with heads of foreign nations for military weapons systems. On Sept. 30, 1979, The Washington Post Magazine wrote about Grand Pre, citing his expertise: "If you had been a Middle Eastern ruler in the 1970s in search of American weapons systems, you would have called Donn de Grand Pre, Pentagon arms peddler.")

. .• One of America's most hard-driving young independent investigative reporters

. . .Shortly before his strange death in Phoenix, Arizona on June 16, 2003, journalist Brian Downing Quig wrote Michael Collins Piper and said:

. . . "A very important person gave me your book. So I started to read what I would not have purchased at a dollar book sale. I was hostile to the thesis stated on your cover! But I looked at the photos and then read every word. I am now convinced that you have seen and now help others see the largest feature of the JFK assassination that has been missed by all up to this period. I think that Final Judgment delivers all that you promise."

  —Brian Downing Quig

. . .(Quig was best known for his inquiries into the death of reporter Don Bolles and later for his work on the Charles Keating scandal.)

. . .And here's what famed American populist historian Eustace Mullins says about FINAL JUDGMENT . . .

. . "Only once in a decade does a book appear which immediately becomes a 'must read' for all concerned patriots. Final Judgment is such a book. Final Judgment is a 'must' book because it raises and answers so many questions which we need to know about.
. . ."You need to know everything in this book if you are to understan the subversive forces which are destroying our nation.
. . ."Final Judgment is ammunition for the coming war of liberation for America. Victory is not possible without information, and this book has given us the information we need.
. . ."You will wait a long time, if ever, before you see such a gargantuan assembly of vital information as you'll find in this book."

. . . Here's what Australian-based JFK assassination researchers have to say about FINAL JUDGMENT . . .

. . .MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER MUST BE A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT. Upon the first release of his book, Final Judgment, a storm of controversy erupted in the United States with certain "pressure groups" trying hard to have the book banned. Since then, Final Judgment has gone through three more printings—and the controversy hasn't abated.
. . .We here in Australia believe that all theories on the JFK assassination should be heard, no matter whether you agree with them or not. Heck, we even bought and read Gerald Posner's Case Closed, and there isn't a more outlandish theory than his! Trying to get another book banned because you don't agree with it, or it isn't Politically Correct (the greatest censorship drive of the 80s and 90s), is just the kind of thing we fight against. It's just the same as groups such as the FBI and CIA "redacting" lines of text here and there. People in glass theories shouldn't throw books, so to speak.
. . .So, we here at Probable Cause are proud to review Final Judgment and hope that we never go down the path of the "American Model"—freedom of speech and the First Amendment and all that—yeah, okay, until you start speaking out and stepping on other people's toes. They line you up for a takedown. Boy, does Michael Collins Piper know about that!
. . .Okay, so after that little editorial, what is Final Judgment about? Piper's thesis is that Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, played a key role in the assassination alongside the CIA and organized crime. Throughout his presidency, JFK was involved in an increasingly bitter behind-the-scenes dispute with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion over Israel's steadfast determination to build a nuclear arsenal. JFK wanted them to stop. But they had other ideas.
. . .Sound far-fetched? Well, actually, you'll be surprised how many well-known "JFK assassination players" have links to the Mossad and we were quite impressed with the documented evidence within the book. Still, you'll have to read this one for yourself to decide. Piper is under attack from the ADL in the U.S. for this book and, really, it's not warranted. Did the French community in the U.S. get upset when it was suggested there was a French connection in the assassination? No. But then again, perhaps they don't have the lobbying power of the ADL.

. . .The Internet Review of Final Judgment by the Australia-based JFK assassination group, "Probable Cause." The review also gave Final Judgment a three star rating—out of a possible four stars."


"Novel indeed. Manages to weave together some of the key threads in a tapestry that many say is unique."
--Los Angeles Times
November 25, 1996


"Impressive -- Makes a pretty cogent case for Mossad involvement in the JFK conspiracy."
Veteran Israeli investigative journalist


"Vicious intellectual licentiousness"
--Pro-Israel fanatic GEORGE F. WILL
Newsweek, Sept. 1, 1997


Former BBC broadcaster


"The best book -- and I've read many -- on the JFK assassination conspiracy."
K-TALK Radio, Salt Lake City


-- URI PALTI, Israeli diplomat

Below are two of the most recent reviews of Final Judgment that have been posted at Amazon:
Link to Amazon reviews HERE.

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Star Rating: Unequaled, September 22, 2006
By Sample Reviewer One

If all other books written about the JFK Assassination are to be categorized, especially Government- anctioned ones; i.e. the "Warren Commission Report", they belong to such categories as "Deviant Deceptions", "Fanciful Fictions", or how about "Pompous Pretensions." This book on the other hand is in a category all by itself, "Factual." The little bit of speculative views, which are distinguished in this book as such, make more sense and are more reasonable than any other book that lay claims to theirs as being factual. Those writers are either, ignorant of, or intentionally hiding the truth, that Michael Collins Piper so clearly articulates. Thank you Michael Collins Piper for this excellent unmasking, you are a rare breed.

19 of 21 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Star Rating: Excellent Book couldn't put it down!!, April 18, 2006
By Sample Reviewer Two

Finally the big picture as to who would have ordered the killing of an American President.

Sure , the operation as we know it still occoured [sic] which still makes me loath the CIA and Secret Service for participating in it. But , "the powerfull force" has been uncovered and exposed--finally.

And without the "established" media, the coup could have not been covered up forever, as it was.

Piper does an excellent job of making every connection to the coup come back to Israel, and it is clear that State Survival is clearly a motive for murder. Not munitions plants, political survival, petty revenge and so forth.

The "unthinkable" had to happen only for such a grand reason. The survival of a country.

I recently listened again, to the American University Speech given by Mr. Kennedy the summer of his demise and can't help but think that speech put the icing on the cake for the plotters.

Another disturbing little known fact until "Final Judgement" was that Kennedy promoted Alegerian independence in 1956. Support for this Arab state resulted in the asassination attempt on DeGaul by the same force that ultimately teamed up with our CIA and killed JFK.

Unfortunately,if JFK had lived and implemented his even handed approach to Middle Eastern affairs, the world terrorism situation would not be as it is. Instead , US policy has been one sided and this has created resentment in the Arab world.


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