"American Progress" by John Gast, circa 1872

.by William B. Fox
Last updated 29 July 2007

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Catalog eBook Listings by Author and Title (with hyperlinks to the cover pages for each title that contain "Look Inside" directories)

Chittum, Thomas
Sgt. Skull's Field Manual
Ford, Henry
My Life and Work
Fox, Dr. William M.
American Values Decline
Effective Group Problem Solving
Fox, William B.
I, Robot Entrepreneur (available in PDF and as an online free ebook)
The Mission of Conscience Trilogy (online free ebook)
Grand Pre, Col. Donn de
Serpent' Sting (Book I of the Barbarians Inside the Gates series)
Viper's Venom ( Book II of the Barbarians Inside the Gates series)
Rattler's Revenge (Book III of the series that includes Book I)
Piper, Michael Collins
Best Witness
Dirty Secrets
False Flags
Final Judgment
The Golem
The High Priests of War
The Judas Goats
My First Days In the White House
The New Babylon
The New Jerusalem
Townsend, Ralph
Ways That Are Dark


LINKS to other web sites

Please see the Overview provided as an Appendix at the end of this section that explains our approach to "finding truth."
Disclaimer: A listing below does not necessarily imply that I agree with all the views espoused. Nor does a listing by an author in this catalog imply that he or she necessarily agrees with editorial positions taken by America First Books.

Science and Technology:
amazingly updated on many technology issues. However, America First Books got into a fight with over its decision to deleted its article titled "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America." on March 25, 2007 (see deleted article and archived debate) We believe its articles are often highly sanitized to cover up intrigue by Israel, Mossad, the Jewish Lobby, CIA, and other sinister powers that require exposure for an informed citzenry.
Founded as an alternative by a joint founder of Requires contributors to identify themselves in order to supposedly improve accuracy. However, it suffers from the same forms of pro-Establishment, political correctness sanitization when it comes to articles related to September 11, 2001 attacks. No mention of important terms such as "dancing Israelis," "Mossad," "remote control," and "controlled demolition."

Analysis of Propaganda and Psychological Operations
Propaganda Techniques Appendix to U.S. Army PSYOPs manual No. 33-1.
Logical Fallacy
entry at
"Love is a Fallacy"
by Max Shulman, from The Many Loves of Dobbie Gillis (1951), later to become a TV series. Cute story about how a college date named Polly Espy takes her newfound knowledge of logic to turn the tables on her mentor Dobbie Gillis.
Speaking of logical fallacies, the famous American old right writer H. L. Mencken demolished Abraham Lincoln's demagoguery in his short "Note On the Gettysburg Address," observing how it was a false analogy (as Polly might put it). That is, the Southern cause was closer to the cause of self-determination stated in the Declaration of Independence than the Northern cause. To this insight I would also add Polly Espy's identification of the fallacy of "Ad Misericordium." That is, just as the high casualty count on both sides at Stalingrad on the Eastern Front in WWII did not necessearily prove or disprove the righteousness of either communism or Nazism, similarly, the fact that tens of thousands of Federal troops became casualties at Gettysburg did not necessarily "hallow" the Union cause either.

Patriotic/Government Documents:

Media Watch
Monitoring Congressional Activity: Enter your zip code and find out about all your elected Federal and state officials. To monitor current Congressional activity, go to ("Thomas" at Library of and view the "current activities" area.
The Library of Congress American Memory Home for Historical Documents.

Exposing America's Orwellian, Controlled National Media
(Editor's Note: These articles explain the power base of special interests who have controlled America's national media and who seek to preserve their dominance by censoring alternative media and the Internet. Please see the Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant Articles Archive, which documents the continuing underhanded methods by Jewish supremacist organizations such as the ADL to silence their critics. Once again, I may not necessarily agree with all the political views of the authors of articles provided below, but I am in firm agreement that America's national media has been in the hands of alien masters who have very selfishly used their power to brainwash the general public and create an extremely distorted, dysfunctional, and even self-destructive society, totally at odds with traditional American conservative values. All the more reason to get active with grass roots political organization to oppose these dark forces).
"Who Rules America"
by the National Alliance
"Harvest of Shame II"
How Bill Moyer's PBS documentary Buying the War exposes America's mainstream media as a Ministry of Lies
Operation Mockingbird
This Wikipedia article discusses the history of CIA operations to heavily influence domestic U.S. media. See also the article "The CIA's Family Jewels" about 25 years of other illicit domestic activities. Final Judgment explains how the CIA has been largely controlled by Israel and the Mossad and was used in a conspiracy to murder the President of the United States in downtown Dallas in broad daylight. The Judas Goats explains instances of FBI cooperation with Jewish groups to harrass American patriots. In my guest editorial for Sgt Skull's Field Manual, I discuss the CIA-Mossad partnership involving the Golden Triangle and Afghanistan drug trades. See also, for example, Prof. Alfred McCoy’s The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.
Hopefully if we can maintain a free Internet most of these kinds of abuses and usurpations will continue to be exposed and fade in the light of truth. This is why it is so vitally important to stay on your elected government officials and demand that they not vote for so-called "hate crime" bills that serve as Trojan horses to steal our free speech rights. Please see the Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant archive for the latest information about this threat.
Political Journalism Incest Chart
"250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns' Found in the Mainstream Media."
This article explains how mainstream media fails miserably in its public responsibility to address basic questions, and instead sweeps them under the rug.
"Who Owns the Media?"
"Who Runs the US Media? What you don't know can hurt you."
by Alfons with Veterans for 9-11 Truth
"Who Runs the Media"
from Chapter 19 of My Awakening by Dr. David Duke.
Who Controls the British Media?
courtesy of
Who Controls the Canadian Media?
courtesy of

Core Economic Analyses:
(Some neglected viewpoints regarding why America is broke in more ways than one)
John Embry:
"Move Over Adam Smith: The Visible Hand of Uncle Sam" Embry is a well-respected Canadian mutual fund manager at Sprott Asset Management who has blown the whistle on Fed and U.S. Government manipulation of what are supposed to be free markets. The concept that the American public is being misled into a very false sense of complacency by not only deceptive national media, but also by highly distorted markets, is quite chilling to say the least.
Robert Chapman: The International Forecaster. Good mixture of honest reporting on underlying social and political trends as well as America's extremely serious economic problems, as this country continues to blithely party on as a mass exploitation playground for Jewish supremacist psychopaths and their totally degenerate and corrupt gentile confederates, public be damned. Mr. Chapman once ran his own stock brokerage firm and is probably one of the most honest and savvy investment advisors alive today. He prefers to talk about the influence of "elitists" and "Illuminati," but after you read Final Judgment and The New Jerusalem by Mike Piper (or Viper's Venom by Col Donn de Grand Pre), you will know exactly what these code words signify. Documents many important symptoms of economic crisis, although the viewpoint is environmental top down.
F. William Engdahl: "Perhaps 60% of today’s oil price is pure speculation"
Michael Hodges: Grandfather Economic Report. America is literally drowning in debt and suffering deterioration of other economic vital signs as a consequence of the loss of roughly 60-80% of its hard industrial base over the last few decades and the general dumbing-down and increased moral corruption of its rapidly race-mixed and browning general population during the same period. Although Hodges does not explicitly address racial issues, his economic statistics fit hand in glove with the trends identified by the late Dr. William Pierce in his video America A Changing Country (51:46).
Doug Noland: Credit Bubble Bulletin. Most large corporations and major money-center banks now have sick capital structures that resemble hedge funds. They have become increasingly addicted to transactional gambling as opposed to producing better quality goods at lower prices.
James Puplava: The Perfect Storm Series
. An excellent overview and well-written explanation regarding the deterioration in economic fundamentals that spell terrible trouble ahead. by Johnny Silver Bear aka Kenny Parsons. Economy Archive. Good overview of economic events that includes hard realities.
The Dollar: The Constitutional Guarantee of the Value of Our Money and Wealth. A Power Point Presentation which explains some important basics.

Some important libertarian sites:
This is an excellent site with alternative media news on geopolitical events. Justin Raimondo, major commentator for the site, is the author of Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard, about a major luminary of the contemporary American libertarian movement.
Future of Freedom Foundation Recently held the "Future of Freedom" conference with major libertarian luminaries from 1-4 June 2007
Laird Wilcox Editorial Research Service at Wilcox started out as a radical leftist activist in the 1960's, and subsequently came to appreciate many different viewpoints (like myself) after studying all sides of issues. He is the founder of The Wilcox Collection of Contemporary Political Movements at the University of Kansas, the largest collection of extremist literature in the United States. Particularly valuable is his "Crying Wolf" report on faked "hate crimes" and his analysis of ritual defamation methods used to suppress dissent.
Liberty Forum Lots of good articles and blog commentaries posted by people from all walks of life. See for example the review of Mel Gibon's Apocalypto by John De Nugent, writer for The Barnes Review. Excellent site for articles about breaking events by libertarian authors. Great archive of columnists and commentators.
Liberty Story at A good source of writings by great thinkers on the history and nature of liberty, to include Lord Acton, Thomas Jefferson, and ancient Greek and Roman writers.
Mises Institute, This is a major web portal for the Austrian school of economics. The downloadable MP3 lectures and online articles are a terrific way to learn the underlying dynamics of free market principles as well as American history from a libertarian perspective.


James Bovard personal web site:
Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo
archived at, author of The Real Lincoln, Lincoln Unmasked, and How Capitalism Saved America.
Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe archived at Particularly noteworthy: his article Anarcho-Capitalism: An Annotated Bibliography. This provides an overview of key books and articles.
Dr. Robert Higgs archived at
Ralph Nader home page
Congressman Ron Paul archived at It is a sad and shameful commentary on contemporary America that Congressman Ron Paul (Republican - Texas) seems to be one of a very small number of Congressman who actually has some integrity and who consistently takes an open stand for traditional American principles -- albeit with more of an anarcho libertarian than libertarian racial nationalist flavor. He tends to be a bit soft on directly confronting raw Jewish power or overtly asserting white genetic interests, but still stands head and shoulders above almost all of his colleagues on Capitol Hill who all too frequently manifest such contemptable traits as Jewish Lobby vassalage, political correctness brainwashing, special interest pandering, devotion to unlimited Big Government aggrandizement, white racial treason, outright criminality, and contempt for the Constitution. See also Ron Paul 2008 Presidential campaign site.

Justin Raimondo archived at
Lew Rockwell archived at his own site.

Late authors, essential reading:

Dr. Murray Rothbard
(1926-1995); What Has Government Done To Our Money? See also the Rothbard File at
Harry Browne (1933-2006); author of Why Government Doesn't Work

Elected Government Officials and Candidates Who Have Something to Do With Traditional American Values Rather than Communism, Criminal Zionism, General Criminality, or anti-White Treason

Missouri - Jim Guest, Missouri State Rep. at, hosts
Ohio - Jim Condit, Jr., for Congress, Cinncinnati, Ohio. One of the most explicitly honest candidates in America. Tired of slick political ads, and want to see something that really gets in your face? Watch his six minute welcome video at!
Pennsylvania: John de Nugent, for President. See . For 2008 the campaign is symbolic and educational. For 2012 it may get very real, given the rapid decline of America and public hunger for suppressed ideas that once worked during earlier periods in American history.
Texas - Ron Paul, 14th District of Texas. Currently candidate for President in 2008. Probably the only member of Congress who has consistently stuck by the Constitution and libertarian principles over the past decade.

Internet posterboard commentary: One of the best sites for summarizing breaking news in a concise posterboard format from a totally politically incorrect perspective.
Dr. Norman D. Livergood
, The New Enlightenment/Hermes Press; a leftist libertarian approach.
Morph Illustration at Left: This picture comes from Dr. Livergood's web site and reflects his less-than-flattering view of our maximum leader in his "Nazification of America" article. (See also Dr. Paul Craig Robert's articles "Three Books on the Brownshirting of America." and "War Criminal Nation.") However, while it is true that both Bush and Hitler may be considered authoritarian statists, and neither could be considered staunch civil libertarians, there are many significant differences in both ideology and character. As an example, Bush may be classified as a big government, neo-Jacobin internationalist who supports Zionist domination of his own country while negligently leaving our borders open to massive Third World illegal immigration. In contrast, Adolf Hitler was a nationalist who staunchly opposed Zionist domination of his own race. Bush avoided active service in Vietnam, whereas Hitler was heavily decorated for his combat service. Last but not least, on page 18 the 23 Oct 2006 American Free Press observed that:

...University of Wisconsin professor Kevin Barrett has come out with a new book, which argues that the U.S. government was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks. Responding to a recent article about his book, Barrett commented on a report that he has compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler: “Hitler had a good 20 to 30 IQ points on Bush, so comparing Bush to Hitler would in many ways be an insult to Hitler.”

It is a true statement that through its use of invasion-at-will, its sanctioning of Israeli oppression of Palestinians, its use of torture, its spreading of aerosolized depleted uranium across vast civilian populations (and its own troops), its habitual use of assault tactics against Iraqi noncombatants, its suppression of domestic civil liberties, its cover-up of 9-11, and its other criminal behavior, the Bush Administration has been rapidly destroying whatever moral authority America claims to have relative to the Third Reich, Stalinist Russia — or Mossad-run Israel. One of the amazing "accomplishments" of "King George" and his Zionist Neo-Con handlers is the way that they seem to be offending and alienating people on all ends of the political spectrum, from left to right and from authoritarian to libertarian. Exposing government corruption and the New World Order.

mewhere between libertarian, nationalist, and unbridled revisionist free-thinker

Birdman Bryant
Earthy, hard-hitting commentary from a very bright individual.
Pat Buchanan,
columns archived at, and also at his home site The American Cause. An amazingly intelligent and emotionally mature individual, he has somehow been able to take an incredible amount of abuse from the Jews and their controlled national media over the past few decades and still keep his cool and continue to sound reasonably moderate.
Paul Fromm
at Head of the Canadian Foundation for Free Expression, a major activist north of the border for a free Canada.
Mark Glenn at Author of No Beauty in the Beast, Mark Glenn writes hard-hitting columns for the American F
ree Press and seeks to reconcile both Christians and Muslims as fellow victims of Zionism at his web site. Many excellent reports by The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), an independent research and media group of writers, scholars, journalists and activists based in Montreal, Canada.
Terry Graham at A very bright lady activist who has been in the patriot movement a long time, knows the score, and has made tremendous personal sacrifices in the fight for the survival of her own people, to include getting beaten to the floor at Denver's "Immigration Reform" Public Forum by a Mexican national. (See her article "Crime Pays for Julisssa Molina Soto").
Elena Haskins
at An interesting, personalized site of another very bright and dedicated lady activist.
Michael A. Hoffman II No holds-barred revisionism, with books such as "They Were White and They Were Slaves" (about 19th century indentured servant immigrants to America) and headings such as "Judaism: The Crime Syndicate That Calls Itself a Religion." Lots of hard-hitting exposes portrayed in an easy-to-read storyboard format.

Devvy Kidd at "The Dynamite Redhead" is a longstanding independent writer and activist for constitutional government. An outspoken smart, neat lady with an interesting recommended book list.
Interesting miscellaneous articles.
Wayne Madsen Report:
A former U.S. Navy and NSA intelligence officer with a lot of timely, hard-hitting material.
Michael Collins Piper
archived at One of the most prolific and insightful populist and nationalist writers in America today. A major featured author at America First Books.
Lady Michel Renouf at A leading white nationalist human rights activist who debated Prof Norman Finklestein on Holocaustianity at the Tehran conference.
National Alliance News
Insights that support European American survival
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,
archived at, also archived 2000-2004 at
Charley Reese
archived at
Victor Thorn
of Author of 9-11 Evil and other good works. Has some hard-hitting interviews archived as MP3 files. Unfortunately the situation has become confused for various fans with the departure of Thorn's four year partner Lisa Guliani in Nov 2006, as well as acrimonious fall-out from accusations back and forth regarding other alternative media players that include John Stadtmiller at Republic Broadcasting Network.

Joan Veon at Has a lot of good material about the latest sinister developments involving the national sovereignty-stealing United Nations. This includes discussion of the nefarious "Agenda 21." However, her work is highly focused on British royal family and not explicitly critical of Jewish supremacists, although there appears to be evidence of some historical intermarriage between the latter two entities.

Dr Edwin Veira, Jr. archive. A JD/Phd from Harvard, Dr. Veira is one of America's foremost experts on monetary issues. His articles examine financial survival issues and militia defense strategies that will probably become necessary during the coming economic collapse.

Print Publications:

American Conservative
(co-founded by Pat Buchanan, Scott McConnell, and Dr. Taki Theodoracopulos). One of the few publications that has consistently espoused traditional American conservatism without becoming a Big Government sycophant or blank check pro-Zionist bootlick.
American Free Press,
founded by Willis Carto, a major leader of the American Right, and home port for ace investigative journalists and writers such as Michael Collins Piper, John Tiffany, Mark Glenn, and James P. Tucker, Jr. An excellent source of authentic American conservative and populist viewpoints that fearlessly exposes criminality in high places. The slogan "America's last real newspaper" is no hype.
Barnes Review:
A Journal of Nationalist Thought and History An excellent source of historical analysis and interpretation from a traditional American conservative perspective.
The First Freedom tabloid paper with limited Internet presence at Slogan: "Fighting Terrorism Since 1861." Also, "Covers the South like white on grits." Hard hitting pro-nationalist monthly paper published by Olaf Childress, a genuine patriot.
Idaho Observer
Anarcho-libertarian, New Age-flavored (anti-marijuana restrictions) paper that deals with government power abuses but generally avoids discussion of race and criticism of Jews.
Lone Star Iconoclast
Includes the works of Capt Eric H. May (a featured writer for America First Books) as military correspondent. Where would alternative media be in America today without help from real Texans? (George W. Bush does not qualify).
National Policy Institute
The Nationalist Times. Monthly newspaper.
The Occidental Quarterly

American Nationalist/Paleo-Conservative organizations, web sites

American Journal (
online links to nationalist sources)
American Nationalist Union Publishes The Nationalist Times.
Breaking All the Rules Conservative America First Populism/PaleoConservative site. See proprietor James Hall interview on 18 Oct 2006 Mark Dankof show,, (MP3 download here Hr 1, Hr 2).
Constitution Party of Texas Great site, with articles archive and online listings of Anti-Federalist papers. Also, links to a supposedly authenticated FBI brochure "Are You A Terrorist?" which is a frightening testament to Federal government overbearingness and political correctness-brainwashed simple-mindedness (for example listing "white nationalists" as symptomatic of being a member of a 'hate group' and characterizing a "defender of the U.S. Constitution against the U.S. Government and UN" as a "right wing extremist.") What next?.
Council of Conservative Citizens An excellent group of real conservatives proud to fly the Confederate flag.
European Americans United
Nationalist Free Press
Archived issues from 2001-2002
Nationalist Party USA
Stormfront white nationalist community Run by Don Black, a major American rightist leader, this is a major forum on the Internet for white nationalist discussion.

Nationalist News
Western Voices World News

American racial nationalists
(in alphabetical order)

Louis Beam: A Vietnam combat veteran who has survived Agent Orange and who has exercised longstanding leadership within the Patriot community, Beam has been an influential independent American voice for "leaderless resistance" against all forms of Federal and Zionist oppression and mind control.
Don Black
Proprietor of Stormfront white nationalist commmunity. He maintains, a good source of archived articles and free PDF files on miscellaneous suppressed topics. Please see the article "The Truth About HBO's" about a smear campaign against Mr. Black.
Dr. David Duke One of the most misunderstood activists in America, this colorful and brilliant white civil rights leader is not shy about discussing racial facts of life, evidence of Zionist criminality, Federal oppression, and other sensitive issues. While obviously in favor of white survival, he advocates self-determination and self-sufficiency for all races and not white supremacy. He achieved amazing grass roots success when he won elected office as a Louisiana state representative despite hostile national media. More recently, he has been calling for a return to such libertarian racial nationalist principles as refraining from military adventurism and other foreign entanglements abroad while affirming the need for limited republican government at home. In his book The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper claims that David Duke was forced to serve a prison sentence because he was unjustly framed by the government. Watch the real Dr. David Duke handle himself well before Wolf Blitzer's CNN grilling Dec 2006 on YouTube (7 min).
Erich Gliebe Currently chairman of the National Alliance, a surviving vestige along with some splinter organizations (for example the Nationalist Coalition) of the original National Alliance founded by the late Dr. William Pierce. The National Alliance web site and its news site remain invaluble repositories of racial nationalist information. Unfortunately the leadership has demonstrated a split personality at times. On the one hand, in the past one finds the brilliant writings of Dr. William Pierce and Kevin Strom which help white Americans deprogram themselves of their anti-white brainwashing by the Jewish supremacist-dominated leftist national media. Dr. Pierce claimed he started out as a libertarian while a young university physics professor, but later got involved with George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party and edited National Socialist World in response to the Jewish-led extreme leftist cultural revolution in America of the 1960's. His mentor Rockwell claimed in White Power that what he really wanted was an authoritarian republic and did the Nazi thing as a shock tactic to get free publicity in Jewish-controlled media and overcome the squeamishness of the American Right about openly criticizing Jews. Pierce later founded his National Alliance and claimed in a membership manual that NA members could safely tell the public that the NA really was not a "Nazi Party." Pierce became increasingly critical of both Federal and Jewish abuses of power until his death in 2002. His National Vanguard magazine and American Dissident Voices outreach maintained a high brow, intellectual tone. In a different vein, the current National Alliance chairman Erich Gliebe has managed Resistance Records, which hosts many products with German storm troop flavorings. He came out with an April 14, 2007 editorial titled "The Fuhrer's Challenge." Again, a question about the appropriateness of a German role model for Americans crops up. It is one thing to challenge lies told about Hitler by Allied propagandists, or to explain why parts of Hitler's program may have been attractive to certain segments of Germany society in the 1920's and 1930's, but it is another thing to suggest that Hitler merits special highlighting as some kind of role model compared to American and British heroes closer to the classical liberal tradition. Given that much of Celtic and Nordic history has centered upon an urge towards decentralization and individual liberty while resisting authoritarian statism and tyranny, this might confuse many Americans. Even if everything that Holocaust revisionists and other revisionist historians say is correct, Hitler was still a very authoritarian leader. Gliebe is a former boxer and his father served in the German Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front in WWII. (West Virginia's answer to California's Arnold Schwarznegger?) He seems to have a hard struggle perspective. Ironically, his approach may eventually resonate with the American population at large if the economy collapses, the declining white middle class becomes totally gutted, America's neocon establishment ultimately loses all of its insane wars for Israel in the Middle East, and over thirty percent of the population goes hungry with a worthless, hyperinflated currency. (See my Critical Issues discussion and Tom Chittum's Civil War Two). Then instead of libertarian Congressman Ron Paul as the current alternative political movement favorite, the front runners for President might move somewhere to the right of David Duke, provided that America's Jewish lobby does not succeed in its current pro-police state campaign to strip away all of our Bill of Rights in an effort to prevent such a possibility at our expense (please see my Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant Articles Archive about their ongoing sinister campaign).
Mark Farrell at
John Kaminski Although not focused on white racial nationalism, Kaminski has written lots of hard-hitting articles about conspiracy, Jewish madness, and other topics such as "The Cost of Lies and The Price of Truth."
Dr. Kevin McDonald at Dr. McDonald has examined Jewish behavior from a sociobiological/group evoluitionary perspective and offers valuable insights.
Edgar Steele, Esq. highly articulate activist patriot attorney based in Idaho.
Kevin Alfred Strom, A friend of the eminent American classicist and writer Dr. Revilo P. Oliver and a close colleague of physicist and philosopher Dr. William Pierce, Kevin Strom has been long considered one of the most significant thinkers among Western racial-nationalists. Unfortunately Strom has been inactive since 2006 on account of extreme marital and legal difficulties. Please see "Suppressed Nationalists, Historical Dissidents, and Other Dissidents" section and the Kevin Strom author archive. See also
articles before his National Vanguard group split from the National Alliance in 2004 archived in the older American Dissident Voices archive at the National Alliance web site. His American Dissident Voices broadcasts were archived at National Vanguard (This web site is currently down, but may be reactivated some time in the future).

Jared Taylor editor of American Renaissance. Although a bit shy about directly confronting Zionist criminality, he provides outstanding articles regarding other racial nationalist-related issues. A very bright individual.
Frank Weltner: is a goldmine of suppressed information about America's most dangerously un-American group.
Prof Robert W. Whitaker at A former Congressional staffer as well as college professor, he provides witty, irreverant insights into the madness of political correctness from a highly seasoned perspective. See also:

Late white racial nationalist authors, essential reading:

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver (1908-1994),
; or if this site is down, please try this alternative mirror sit or this archive.

Dr. William Pierce

Dr. William L. Pierce (1933-2002), Free Speech articles archived from Jan 1995 to Aug 2002 (VIII, No. 8), also archived National Vanguard Magazine articles issue number 118 and earlier. See description in prior section regarding his background. Also, download the free ebook Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds by Dr. Robert S. Griffin that provides a good overview of Dr. Pierce's life and philosophy.
Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960). Collected works online. Yockey became disillusioned as an American attorney at the Nuremburg Trials in 1946 and subsequently wrote the classic Imperium . This online archive has many of his best works.

Intelligent Leftists Who Say Many Similar Things to Right Wing Nationalists
Often the radical left is closer to the radical right on certain issues than the so-called "center," although often for very different ideological reasons. Many rightists view the radical left as a form of counterfeit substitution for the radical right. Leftists identify class struggle, individual greeed, and other factional sources of conflict and expoitation, but ignore genetic factors. Conversely, rightists should be able to address all of the above simultaneously (class/greed struggle and racial/tribal/genetic struggle).
Dr. Michael Parenti political archive at His 1 hour video lecture "Terrorism, Globalism, and Conspiracy" has a very leftist viewpoint, but shares with right wing nationalists a distrust for predatory, monopoly forms of capitalism and globalist, antinationalist corporations. In the final analysis, if the people with the most power and influence in a society are very selfish and corrupt or simply do not care about the common citizenry for whatever reason, and these "leaders" feel no incentives to reinvest in the long term economic, genetic, and cultural welfare of the larger community, the common citizen will get short-changed no matter what kind of political or economic system they live under, whether it is called "capitalist," "socialist," "democratic," :fascist," "the Third Way," or whatever. It is often more the men who make the system than the system that makes the men, and the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Gore Vidal. Although he has impeccable modern liberal credentials on various issues involving homosexuality and handlng nonwhites, he has also echoed many Old Right themes such as taking a sympathetic look at States' Rights and secessionism, criticizing Zionism, holding a very distrustful view of the Big Government and Big Corporate role in 9-11, and sympathizing with a natural religion viewpont in his novel about a Roman Emperor titled Julian.

Deprogramming Political Correctness-Distorted History

Debunking Black History Hoaxes
David Irving Author of numerous best-sellers about major events of the 20th century, this British historian has performed considerable orginal field research. Free ebook downloads of many of his books.
The Barnes Review: A Journal of Nationalist Thought and History A bimonthly magazine of world history from a traditional American conservative perspective.
Garet Garret: The Revolution Was (1938).
Famous Old Right analyst explains how America became de facto fascist during the Great Depression/New Deal. .
March of the Titans: A History of the White Race
An impressive online overview of a biological entity that is simultaneously very strong in some areas and very vulnerable in others. There is a lot of good information here, although I differ with the author on certain points. For example he plays down the role of cold parts of the planet and other types of geographic environments in the evolutionary sculpturing of innate traits within gene pools that I discuss in my environmental vs. genetics discussion.
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace
by Harry Elmer Barnes. This online book consists of a collection of essays first published in 1953 by the famous revisionist historian. Among other things, they expose how Franklin D. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Associates backdoored America into WWII.
Dr. Anthony C. Sutton
free online books The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, and Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. See discussion by Dr. Henry Makow about Dr. Sutton, who was a (Stanford-affiliated) Hoover Institute Fellow.
VHO Features free ebooks by Germar Rudolf, Jurgen Graf, and other courageous examiners of World War II-era lies, to include various forms of Holocaustianity mythology.
9-11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the U.S.A. by Webster Tarpley. Online version of classic 9-11 Truth Movement work. The Forbidden Truth About Economics and History; Federal Reserve, inflation, tax, global economy. For an excellent overview of international banking, see FORBIDDEN HISTORY: TIMELINE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER 1763-1816, 1820-1880, 1881-1910, 1921-1930, 1931-1939

Out of Control, Illegal Third World Immigration into America and global white displacement/genocide

Fact: White Americans are being ethnically cleansed. According to the May 17, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle article "Minority Population Grows to 100 million - 1 in 3 Americans," the majority of Americans under age 40 are nonwhite.
Africa Crisis. This documents oppression and genocide of whites under black rule in the "glorious new South Africa," repeating the same general historical pattern that took place in the former Rhodesia and other former white colonies in Africa. All of this is in its earlier stages here in North America. In fact, massive anti-white genocide took place in Haiti in the early 18th century, and major displacement of spineless, guilt-ridden, political correctness-brainwashed whites is already a fact of life in places like Detroit, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Whites are now the minority in all of America's ten largest cities.
America's safest (and most dangerous) cities
. Not surprisingly, the most dangerous cities are the ones most "blessed" with the greatest ethnic, racial, and cultural "diversity" in terms of "genetic distances." Among other things, over the long run adding more primitive blacks, violently macho Mexicans, and crooked Jewish supremacists to a white population base seems to create a lot more hell, not heaven, regardless the amount of goverment spending on social programs so that "we can all get along.". Frosty Wooldridge is a leading activist against illegal immigration. Hosts "Connecting the Dots" talk show at He has frequently traveled across America and sees how Mexico is importing its poverty into America. Within 35 years, if present trends continue, America will add 100 million more Third World people --and Mexicans will rule. Every year, illegals cross over to have 300,000 "anchor babies." It costs the U.S. taxpayer 5-$7,000 to be born in a hospital, and $7-8,000 a year per student in public school. Add in welfare costs for 36-42% of illegals. According to an American Renaissance article, in the past three decades, 30 million white Americans have been replaced by 30 million Mexicans. Given the below ZPG white replacement rate, American whites are being genocided. Wooldridge helped promote the April 2007 "Truck Out" boycott. ("Fire" stands for Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement). Web site run by a former U.S. Army officer/West Point graduate. Some statistics from the web site:

* 25 people in America are killed each day by illegal aliens, or over 9,000 a year.
* There are currently at least 12 - 15 million illegal aliens in the U.S. (Ref)
* 8% of those employed in the U.S are illegal aliens (Ref)
* 84 California Hospitals have closed their ERs between 1994 and 2003
* Illegal immigration costs CA taxpayers $10.5 Billion each year (Ref)
* Fewer than 6% of day laborers entered the country legally (Ref)
* In 1954, Pres. Eisenhower's successfully deported 1,300,000 illegal aliens in 4 months with 700 BP agents
* No. of companies fined for hiring illegal aliens: 2001 - 141. No of companies fined in 2002 - 73. No of companies fined 2003 - 15. As of May 2004 - 1 company
* No. of employer investigations in U.S.: For 1992 there were 7,053. In 2002 only 2,061
* No. of arrests on job sites in U.S.: In 1992 there were 8,027. In 2002, only 451
* No. of U.S. employers fined in 1992 were 1,063. In 2002 there were only 13.

* Illegal alien costs to federal budget: Medicaid - $2.5 B Uninsured treatment - $2.2 B Food assistance - $1.9 B Federal Prison - $1.6 B Aid to schools - $1.4 B Other - $800 M. The total comes to $10.4 B
* 33% of America's prison population are non-citizens
* 36-42% of illegal aliens are on welfare
* In Los Angeles: 95% of outstanding murder warrants are for illegal aliens. 66% of outstanding fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens
* In 1999, Pennsylvania's cost to incarcerate illegal aliens was $13.3 million
* Nationwide, the cost to incarcerate illegal aliens is approx. $2 Billion annually
* Nationwide, approx. 400,000 illegal aliens who have committed further crimes, and have been given a deportation order are "whereabouts unknown" explains how legal immigration under HB1 Visa program is very corrupt and also helps to undermine American jobs. On Friday 22 June 2007 Rob Sanchez explained the problem on Rick Adam's RBN show. Dedicated to fighting the overpopulation threat, but from a "compassionate liberal" perspective Archives back issues of The Social Contract which covers illegal immigration tidal waves. Founded by Alien Nation author and former Forbes writer Peter Brimelow. Archives contain many important authors concerned with immigration control and other national survival issues. Tells how to blow the whistle when you see more ultra low- cost illegal workes who cannot speak English taking away jobs and promulgating crime in your neighborhood.

Jewish dissidents
While it is my view that Jews as a group in all likelihood have a significantly higher percentage of hardcore sociopaths within their inbred gene pool than white people (whites are genetically hardwired at about 4% of the total population according to "The Sociobiology of Sociopathy: An Integrated Evolutionary Model" by Dr. Linda Mealey and "The Sociopath Next Door" by Dr. Martha Stout; my guess is that the Jewish percentage could be five to ten times higher), I also believe that not all Jews are bad. Unfortunately the ultra-wealthy Jewish elite often pushes for very different policies than what is generally favored by middle class Jews. In fact, Jewish "leaders" have been known to ruthlessly exploit their own people. Given the emphasis on deception within the Jewish culture, there do not seem to be adequate checks and balances to prevent the worst Jews from rising to the top.
Here are examples of Jews with the honesty and courage to start blowing the whistle on elite Jewish sociopaths who are endangering their own people as well as humanity in general. I think that gentiles need to appreciate the risks that these people have taken, because often they suffer not only very nasty ostracism from the general Jewish population, but at the same time they often fail to get adequate support or appreciation from gentiles as well (who quite often do not even support their fellow gentiles very well).

Judy Andeas blog at Judy Andreas is a Jewish activist who has been willing to get in the corner of a number of alternative media sources, to include certain white racial nationalists. She explains why she believes that many Jews are victimized by Zionist leaders. See also John Kaminski criticism cited by Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani in their 20061031 broadcast "Get Free From the Illusion."
Uri Avnery archived at A leading Israeli peace activist.
Christoper Jon Bjerkenes at "Dedicated to protecting all Jews from the anti-Semitism and inhumanity of racist Jews." The article "What Every Jew (and Non-Jew) Should Know" by Dr. Heny Makow provides excellent background on Bjerkenes work to expose the very conspiratorial and dangerous "Shabataian Frankists" cult within Judaism.
Dr. Noam Chomsky activist MIT professor. Very leftist. In "Free Speech in a Democracy" he states: " `political rights' are not violated when the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith keeps a 150-page file on my activities, including surveillance of my talks and grossly falsified accounts of these talks and other matters, which the League then circulates to people with whom I am to have debates (e.g., Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz) or to groups in universities where I am to speak so that they can extract defamatory and slanderous lies from this material. The issues, rather, are quite different. I have agreed to provide these files (leaked to me from the ADL office) to the people who find the Stalinist-style mentality and behavior of the ADL scandalous, and who question whether a tax-exempt organization should devote itself to surveillance and defamation of critics of the state it serves..." See also criticism of Chomsy by Dan Abrahamson in "Noam Chomsky --Controlled Asset Of the New World Order."
David Cole. Jewish revisionist who created a video interview that slammed an important part of the orthodox Holocaust story, although apparently later on he recanted under JDL pressure.
Dr. Norman Finkelstein at Author of the Holocaust Industry, about the callous profit exploitation of sympathy for Jews related to the secular state religion called the Holocaust. In summer 2007 Prof. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePaul University on account of his political views.
Robert I. Friedman (died 2002). Courageous reporter whose works appeared in The Nation and The Village Voice. A eulogy written by The Nation notes that, "Robbie came to prominence reporting from the Middle East, starting with a gutsy scoop from Beirut revealing Israel's relationship with the fascist Christian Phalange, a harbinger of its Lebanon invasion. Then came hard-edged portraits of Jewish fanatics like Moshe Levinger, leader of the militant Gush Emunim settlers, and Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League. Detailing the support those fringe elements were getting from US Jews and predicting they'd drive Israel far to the right, Robbie's reporting provoked a barrage of attacks. The Anti-Defamation League (which he called the Jewish thought police) maligned him, death threats poured in and he was once beaten up by West Bank settlers. To Robbie the worst was being called a self-hating Jew, since it was the humanistic tradition of Judaism that inspired him, and he feared, as he said in his last Nation article ("And Darkness Covered the Land," December 24, 2001), that Israel was dangerously close to becoming a right-wing apartheid state--something, he wrote, "Israel did not set out to be." Although his sympathies were with the Palestinian people, he reported on the duplicity of PLO leaders and described how Islamic extremism oppressed Palestinian women. He followed the truth, wherever it took him."
Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal at Author of "Israel's Flag is Not Mine" (which supports, however, the six million Holocaust assertion) and other classics.
Henry Makow, Phd. at He has written a lot of good stuff, like the article "The Effect of Sexual Deprivation on Women" and "Is the New World Order `Jewish'?" Perhaps not 100% of the truth or the "very best" interpretation (depending on your viewpoint), but nevertheless probably a very high yield factor for truthfulness and well worth reading. See also: "What Every Jew [and Non-Jew] Should Know."
Victor Ostrovsky Author of By Way of Deception, the Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer. Once again, maybe not 100% of the truth, but still enough of it to be well worth reading. Then again, what former Mossad officer can tell 100% of the truth about the Mossad and ever get published and stay alive for very long?
Dr. Murray Rothbard (deceased) See the Rothbard file at Dr. Rothbard was one of America's leading libertarians in the post WWII era. He did a lot of valuable work resurrecting ideas from America's Old Right, although he kept them somewhat filtered to remain somewhat Jewish supremacist-friendly and to play down the importance of white racial nationalism.
Israel Shahak (died 2001), author of online classic: Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the Weight of Three Thousand Years.
Israel Shamir: Based in Israel, and a convert to Christianity, he provides outstanding articles and inside analysis at
Reuven Schossen Former Israeli Army Captain who was interviewed on Aug 3, 2006 by Daryl Bradford Smith. He criticized the police state climate in Israel.
Roy Tov. "Words from a Christian Israeli refugee." Provides fascinating background on Israel's Mossad/Government leaders.
Naomi Wolf Author of the excellent article "Fascist America, in 10 easy steps" and the book The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
Mordechai Vanunu atomic bomb whistle-blower who has spent 18 years in prison, to include 11 years in solitary confinement as punishment for asserting his conscience. See "Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper Converge: The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK" by Mark Dankof.
Vanunu has converted to Christianity.

Jewish Dissident Groups:
Neturei Karta International at headed by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

"Embrace, Usurp, Control, and Destroy" might be a worthy caption for this picture. According to, it shows Milwaukie-raised Golda Meir posing as the Statue of Liberty in 1919. Fifty years later, in 1969, she became Prime Minister of Israel. Only two years before this, during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Israel deliberately attacked a U.S. Navy ship called (ironically enough) the U.S.S. Liberty. Speaking of some more ironies, her Jewish co-tribalist Emma Lazarus created a poem titled "The New Collosus" which suggested that the statue symbolized open acceptance of "huddled masses" and "wretched refuse" of a "teeming shore." This extreme leftist interpretation was shared by the same Jewish Lobby that played a key role in opening up the floodgates of Third World immigration in the mid 1960's. This in turn has helped to literally replace and even genocide major portions of the original Anglo-Saxon/Northern European-descended population that provided the sociological basis of early laissez-faire interpretations of American liberty. We are now literally choking with "huddled masses" and "wretched refuse" inside Southwestern states and in most of our largest cities. The entire ancestral history of these "huddled masses" has focused upon collectivism and totalitarianism, not individual liberty. As a final irony, the bottom line behind Jewish influence in the 20th century has been to promote steady expansion of imperial, global, Federal government. All of this has been financially fueled by a Jewish supremacist-controlled private banking cartel (ie. an anti-libertarian bank monopoly) called the Federal Reserve Banking System. The neo-Jacobin welfare-warfare global superstate that is America today protects Jewish interests in the Middle East and around the world while destroying the liberty of Palestinians and other peoples (to include Russians who were mass- murdered by Jewish-led Bolshevism under Lenin, Trotsky, and Kaganovich and later umercifully exploited by Jewish oligarchs in the Yeltsin era). The U.S. welfare state encourages bureaucratic servitude and supports pork politicians who are easily bribed and manipulated by the Jewish Lobby. Also, the global superstate runs roughshod over States' rights and individual liberty to suppress whites who openly resent Jewish power. (See The New Jerusalem and The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper, or Viper's Venom by Col Donn de Grand Pre). To fully appreciate the irony involved here, please recollect that the original meaning of the word "liberty" at the time of the American Revolution was "absence of government" (or "favoring private free enterprise"). Meanwhile, Israel has exploited Federal government largesse to suck over three trillion in wealth out of America. Through its High Priests of War the Jewish Lobby has dragged America, which is already drowning in usurious debt (please see my Critical Issues discussion) into what may become a fatal final misadventure in the Middle East. Yes indeed, the tragic legacy of this strange, anachronistic, unassimilable, international mafia has been to "Embrace, Usurp, Control, and Destroy!"

Online Periodicals of Major Organized Jewish Groups
(Despite the frequent modern liberal camouflage, most of these sources are ultimately dedicated to Jewish racial supremacism at all costs)

The Jewish Daily Forward at A major commentator on policy views. Michael Collins Piper has commented that if you want to predict what the Establishment is really going to try to do in America, one of the best places for advanced warning is The Forward (in addition to Foreign Affairs published by the Council on Foreign Relations).
Haaretz at Major Israeli daily

Tikkun at Jewish intellectual magazine supposedly appealing to the "liberal" as opposed to the hard core Zionist (Israel uber alles) side of the American Jewish community. The Clintons claimed they like to read this regularly while in the White House.
The Jewish Press at America's largest orthodox Jewish newspaper in English. Sold widely in print form throughout New York City, with important ongoing social and political commentary. Has links to other important Jewish media not covered above, as well as many explosive commentaries.

Jewish Paranoia Organizations
Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
Jewish Internet Defense Force

Middle Eastern Affairs
The most probable powder keg for WWIII
Run by activist/author Mark Glenn, has excellent articles about current events and the real underlying nature of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The web site of Dr. Hesham Tillawi, a leading outspoken commentator for the suppressed Arab Muslim and Christian Palestinian viewpoint. Dr. Tillawi is also a host on Republic Broadcasting Network radio.
Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs. An outstanding source of altnerative information and analysis on topics suppressed by America's controlled national media.

White anthropology

Mankind Quarterly
March of the Titans: A History of the White Race An impressive online overview of a biological entity that is simultaneously very strong in some areas and very vulnerable in others. My one major disagreement with the work is that the author plays down the role of geographic natural selective factors in sculpturing innate traits in human gene pools (please see my environmental vs. genetics discussion), but otherwise lots of good information.
The Racial Compact by Richard McCulloch. Online archive of articles by a racialist scholar who promotes a moral approach to racial relations. See in particular "The Tragedy of the Nordish Peoples."
Thyring's Nordic Page Includes a short guide to the taxonomical nature of the Nordish race, angelic beauty of Nordic females, and links to other sites

The Depleted Uranium Crisis
Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD. archive at America First Books. Dr. Rokke is a leading authority in America on the depleted uranium catastrophe, having served as the former Director, U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project.
Lone Star Iconoclast
index to special issue on depleted uranium, March 1, 2006, which includes chilling Dr. Doug Rokke talk and scary Leuren Moret interview on global radiation poisoning.
Tap Rock Peace Center
major online site for DU-related reports

9-11 Research and Documentation
(see also 9-11 video links in audio archive)
Bill Biggart's final exposures,
and other photo documentation of 9-11 in NY Online journal edited by physicist Dr. Stephen Jones who has proven that thermite was used as an internally-placed demolition explosive to bring down the World Trade Center towers. Unfortunately in summer 2006 cowardly overseers at Brigham Young University put him on paid leave for helping to bring truth to the public.
German Engineers help the USA: "Your government Bush is lying to you." Excellent site regarding 9-11 anomalies at Pentagon, such that neatly circular hole that could somehow punch three separate rings of massively concrete-reinforced office corridors (how do you say DU penetrator?).
Pentagon research at
PentaCon at Interesting web site and video draws parallels between seven steps professional magicians use to accomplish slight of hand and the illusions behind the alleged Arab terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Please see Karen Kwiatkoswki 20060909 RBN interview with Kee ("A.K.") Dewdney.
Patriots Question 9/11. You might be surprised at the line up of ranking former military personnel who object to the official government story.
Pilots for 9/11 Truth at Spokesperson Robert Balsamo interviewed on RBN National Intel report 20070509, Part 1 (1st hr) and Part 2 (2nd hr).
This is the site of millionaire Jimmy Walters who has sunk a considerable amount of his own money to subsidize 911 research. Many good links, to include videos.
USA Today animation of 9-11 flight paths.

Scholars for 9-11 Truth.
Founded by Dr. James H. Fetzer, who has interviewed Captain Eric H. May and America First Books publisher William Fox on the GCN.
Shaped charges and the World Trade Center Tower collapses from
Veterans for 9-11 truth. Includes archived video of Pentagon explosion.
9-11 Research: An Independent Investigation of the 9-11-2001 attack Lots of valuable basic information. Lots of good links to regional 9-11 truth organizations.
911 New World Order Files
by Dr. Eric Karlstrom. Lots of highly informative web pages and web links assembled by a major 9-11 Truth activist. On 22 Jan 2008 Melodee Hallett and Dr. Eric Karlstrom of KHEN-FM, Colorado interviewed America First Books publisher William Fox (see William Fox archive).

Crime Investigation
Former FBI Senior Agent-in-Charge Ted Gunderson at, exposes shocking corruption at the highest levels. He uncovers pedophile rings used to compromise Congressmen (cf. video Conspiracy of Silence: US Policians Pedophile Ring), CIA drug operations, Satanic cults, etc. Documented proof that the "new FBI" had advanced knowledge about 9-11.
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund "Horrific tales of law enforcement officers sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Police Office persecuted, many by use of double jeopardy, for simply doing their jobs."

Miscellaneous links for "white nationalism" This lists comes with some of the usual leftist, hand-wringing "spin" and subtle anti-white smear innuendo. Many groups listed as "white supremacists" state that they are really white survivalists and/or separatists who do not seek to dominate or oppress other racial groups.
Conplan 8022 at signals a new level of aggressiveness regarding potential preemptive use of America's nuclear arsenal.
FEMA concentration camps: Do Jewish neo-cons and their Federal supremacist cohorts have a future "hospitality plan" for "not politically correct" Americans? See also discussion of "camping" plans at Alex Jones' site, and FEMA's 9/11 Concentration Camps at
Noontide Press and Institute for Historical Review. A site for revisionist history, to include exposes of Holocaustianity (see Best Witness by Michael Collins Piper) and irresponsible anti-German propaganda. Please see their articles archive list.
The Scorpion. edited by Michael Walker. Web archive of British-based magazine of metapolitics and culture opposed to nihilistic modernism and globalism.
Signs of the Times ( Interesting site with current commentary on major events run by Laura Knight Jadczyk, analyst of psychopathic behavior. Site claims it offers everything to know about Zionism

Alternative Media/News
(There have been some serious catfights between many of the sources listed below, in fact, some intensely dislike and distrust each other. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since internal criticism within alternative media can help keep people honest, and competition can create better products. At this particular point, I would personally prefer not to spend time trying to sort out who the "true patriots" are versus the "infiltrators," "gatekeepers" and "false flag artists," although certainly Judas Goats do exist in the real world. (See the book The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper). I prefer to err on the side of listing too many sources to better aid web surfers in finding the sources that meet their current emotional/intellectual preferences. Hopefully they will grow outward from there as they ask more questions and check more sites.) "Alternative media outlets of the Left and Right have become a crucial supplement to our knowledge of the world, providing those perspectives usually ignored by our mainstream media. This small webzine will aim to provide convenient access to at least a fraction of those voices and topics." Website has an excellent collection of archived articles from all ends of the political spectrum. Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Ron Unz National Security Editor: Philip Giraldi


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Outstanding Personal Blogs: The blog of Dr. Eowyn, commentary on many different issues.


Alexa rates web traffic for 100,000 most popular sites.
American Free Press at
Dahr Jamail's alternative media links. Dahr Jamail has been a leader in honest reporting out of Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the Middle East.
Black Listed News at Site allows viewer to select stories based on popular ratings rather than national media censorship.
See explanatory article "Kill The Gatekeepers" by Stephen Carson archived at with Darryl Bradford Smith. See extended discussion in the last part of the Appendix at the end of this site map.
Modern History Project at Posts articles contributed from a wide variety of independent sources. with Alex Jones, a major player in the "alternative media."
Project Censored at Ten biggest stories you aren't hearing (see also Sept 2006 Yahoo-hosted news story) Hosts some good, poignant material, apart from the UFO-related stuff.
Republic Broadcasting Network with Michael Collins Piper, Frank Whalen, John Stadtmiller, and other frank voices. Their motto: "Because you can handle the truth!" An excellent independent site for alternative media news and analysis. with Victor Thorn, formerly with Lisa Guliani. Since Ms. Guliani left in Nov 2006 the site is no longer being actively updated.

Grass Roots Political Organizing, Monitoring, and Activism

American Conservative Union (ACU) Congressional Voting Records at This is an excellent starting point to find out where your Senators and Congressmen stand on issues. However, as a caveat, I do not necessarily agree with the ACU's interpretation of "conservatism." Please note the observation by Joseph Sobran that "modern liberalism" and "modern conservatism" are both nearly the opposite of 19th century classical liberalism and conservatism on many issues, particularly when they involve government size and Federal interventionism both domestically and abroad. The ACU liberal-to-conservative spectrum is a strange conglomeration of my centralization vs. decentralization and environmental vs. genetic dualities described in my resolving ideological viewpoints section. Enter your zip code and find out about all your elected Federal and state officials. To monitor current Congressional activity, go to ("Thomas" at Library of and view the "current activities" area.
Campaign Finance in American Politics at, a unique web site that lets you see for yourself the hidden world of American political campaign finance.
Devvy Kidd at Devvy Kidd is a former Congressional candidate, experienced in grass roots political organizing and electoral methods. She comments on her lessons learned in her Voter Fraud video and various writings. Jim Condit, Jr., a Congressional candidate from Columbus, OH has done important work to develop precinct strategies to use the grass roots democratic process to take back America. Also explained at Condit has been interviewed several times by Daryl Bradford Smith and also on Michael Collins Piper. also run by Jim Condit, Jr. Includes "arrest Chertoff" radio campaign to explain pro-police state, unAmerican, and anti-Constitutional background of Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff, who happens to be an Israeli-American dual loyalist. (Incidentally, Israeli firms have major security contracts to guard American nuclear power plants and monitor major communications networks -- a bit like the Fox guarding the hen house).

Vote Fraud site of Abbe DeLozier and Vickie Karp who edited Hacked! High Tech Election Theft in America. They also maintain Their web sites describe computerized vote fraud around the country. See 21 Jan 2007 Richard Reeves interview on rbnlive. Consumer Protection for Elections. Citizens For A Fair Count Vote. A watch group to prevent more stolen elections. (There is evidence that George W. Bush stole the last two Presidential elections). See also, and June 26, 2006 Chris Bollyn interview (standing in for Mike Piper) with Jim Condit and Christopher Strunk on RBN. They feel we need to have an accurate first vote count counted by paper the first go-around, and the counting must be done by citizens. It is not enough to merely have a paper audit trail "just in case" following an electronic vote, such as advocated by

Criminal/Degenerate Leadership
Is Fabulous George W. Bush a Fabulous Homosexual?
Study: False statements preceded war Study
: Bush, Other Officials Issued Hundreds of False Statements Before Iraq Invasion. "The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period. It found that in speeches, briefings, interviews and other venues, Bush and administration officials stated unequivocally on at least 532 occasions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or was trying to produce or obtain them or had links to al-Qaida or both. "It is now beyond dispute that Iraq did not possess any weapons of mass destruction or have meaningful ties to al-Qaida," according to Charles Lewis and Mark Reading-Smith of the Fund for Independence in Journalism staff members, writing an overview of the study. "In short, the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it methodically propagated and that culminated in military action against Iraq on March 19, 2003."

Attacks on the American Family
Mass Resistance! Exposes efforts by aggressive homosexual lobby to mainstream the gay and lesbian agenda everywhere.

Civil Defense/Survivalism
This pro-gun mini-editorial by Bill Fox last updated 10 March 2008. Links and leads are provided with the understanding that militant preparations should not be a substitute for peaceful grass roots political organizing, which must always be exhausted first.
As another caveat, Harold Williams who runs makes many important points. He claims that he is a former Special Forces soldier who helped impose ruthless martial law in a central American country thirty years ago. He regrets the unnecessary deaths he inflicted on others and now wishes to educate the public on the very harsh potential realities of a martial law situation.
According to Williams, you may need to be prepared for a totally ruthless martial law clamp down where troops shoot anyone on sight found in possession of guns. (Watch this video about the Hurricane Katrina dress rehearsal for mass gun confiscation in the New Orleans area). Neighbors may be bribed to snitch on their fellow neighbors to expose all gun owners or those with "excess" food supplies. (Martial law authorities might dictate the maximum food supplies permissible to make the population completely dependent on their food distribution activities. This will give them even greater control over "the masses.") Furthermore, most Americans are so racially, ethnically, and ideologically fragmented that initially it may be both very difficult and very dangerous to launch effective resistance operations on a group level. See for more details; however, be aware that his site has been criticized for being too pacifistic about armaments and organizing. Compare with the article Surviving Martial Law by J. Croft.
To help keep the total injustice of martial law tyranny in perspective, please bear in mind the following facts:
Fact 1: In Western countries such as Britain and Australia where private gun ownership has been largely banned as a result of political correctness brainwashing by their Jewish supremacist-dominated national media, and where only criminals have guns, armed robberies and other crimes have skyrocketed. In contrast, in American communities where citizens have made it conscious policy to re-arm themselves on a grass roots basis, the per capita rate of car-jackings, burglaries, rapes, and other crimes has dropped significantly. More crime is prevented by gun ownership in America than is committed. See articles archive for details. Please also see the excellent article "Guns Reduce Accidents and Other Fascinating Facts and Figures To Amaze Your Friends" by Greg Perry.
Fact 2: Ever since ancient pre-Christian times most Nordic, Celtic, and other indigenous white tribal groups have been characterized by relatively large middle classes of armed free men. (For example, see the Agricola and the Germania by the Roman writer Tacitus who described how all able-bodied Nordic/Germanic males owned and often carried swords and spears). Gun ownership has a strong sociological and anthropological basis deeply rooted in Western traditions of individual liberty and personal freedom. Most other racial groups have been characterized throughout their histories by pyramidal, collectivistic social structures (to include Jews). They find European ways hard to comprehend. But this should only be their problem, not ours.
Fact 3: Abuse of firearms is heavily dependent on racial and ethnic factors. Countries such as Switzerland and various Northern European countries that had homogeneous white societies prior to World War II experienced for prolonged periods of their histories a combination of a heavily armed citizenry combined with extremely low crime rates by contemporary American standards. In contrast, blacks commit on an order of magnitude of ten to fifty times as many violent crimes per capita (depending on the type of crime). Gun control unfairly punishes whites for the problems of alien peoples, whereby their problems become our problems. See "Harvard Study: Gun Control is Counter-productive" which observes that: "Norway has the highest rate of gun ownership in Western Europe, yet possesses the lowest murder rate. In contrast, Holland's murder rate is nearly the worst, despite having the lowest gun ownership rate in Western Europe. Sweden and Denmark are two more examples of nations with high murder rates but few guns."
Fact 4: In early America, where a large portion of the population lived in small settlements near the frontier, most able-bodied males belonged to a local militia. (Please see "What is the Militia?" at the Militia of Montana web site). These militia had the capability to launch cross-state military expeditions and defeat professional European soldiers as well as Indians. A famous example entailed the Overmountain men from the Watauga community in eastern Tennessee who helped defeat British regulars and loyalists at the Battle of King's Mountain.
In my opinion, in order for contemporary Americans to have a similar capability, they should not only stock up on small arms, but they should also be able to make it legal to keep in their local neighborhoods or even their own homes such competitive weaponry as heavy machine guns, mortars, anti-tank weapons, and anti-aircraft missiles. This seemed to be part of the bare minimum required by an insurgent force such as the Taliban to finally eject the Soviet army out of Afghanistan. It is also probably necessary to have some additional relatively low cost "force multipliers" like IEDs, .50 caliber sniper rifles, and remotely operable robotic weapon systems adapted from hobbyist robot combat devices.
Please recollect that the Pennsylvania rifle (known alternatively as the "Kentucky rifle" and "long rifle") privately owned and routinely carried by many American patriots had twice the range of the British Army standard issue Brown Bess musket, and today it may also be necessary for American grass roots patriots to have some kind of technological and weapons superiority over any potential professional military adversaries. This might include the need to prepare for a future scenario involving heavily armed nonwhite gangs (see Civil War Two by Tom Chittum) or involving Federal and/or Jewish supremacist tyrants who might use domestic forces to savagely oppress or genocide whatever may be left of America's rapidly dwindling white middle class. Calls itself America's ultimate "long distance service provider." Learn how to give the "gift" of the single well-aimed round when or if all peaceful, constitutional means are blocked for handling criminal-parasites who would take away all of our Bill of Rights and convert America into total police state tyranny. Prior to such an extreme scenario, I encourage fellow citizens to be completely law abiding and focus on peaceful political organizing and upon developing good relations and communications with their local police departments, that is, ahead of efforts by the ADL and various Jewish supremacist agents embedded within the Department of Homeland Security who seek to poison local police attitudes towards patriots; See The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper regarding covert dirty tricks used by certain "security" forces and the Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant archive regarding the ADL's KGB-style tactics).
Backwoods Home Magazine articles index. Lots of good tips.


Dare to Prepare Interesting commentary, links, and lists regarding emergency preparedness and survival issues, to include articles such as Surviving Martial Law by J. Croft..
An important staunch alternative defender of gun rights compared to the National Rifle Association. "`How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual... as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of.' Texas State Rep. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp"
Militia of Montana
at has some good basic survivalist information. Please note in the article "What Is the Militia?" that the National Guard is NOT the militia, and that you should have a basic right to form your own militia in your own defense. However, please be aware that many states have passed laws to frustrate the formation of local militia. Many of these laws have been promulgated by evil groups such as the ADL (please see the discussion of the ADL in the Rev Ted Pike archive). Please do your homework and be careful to check your local laws. You may be wise to coordinate with your local police and elected officials before training with an armed group.
Paladin Press at has an interesting line of books related to such topics as financial freedom, guerilla warfare, sniping, and civil preparedness
Swiss Government documents. The Swiss have been relatively open about their civil protection planning. With one of the best civil defense systems in the world, they make good role models for local American community planning and organization. One example of a free white paper is the free 2001 Civil Protection Concept (downloadable PDF file). The book Total Resistance: The Swiss Army Guide to Guerilla Warfare and Underground Operations by Major H. von Dach Bern, which has been handed out to all Swiss citizens, remains an important classic even though it was copy written in 1965 by Paladin Press. Read interesting Charlie Reese article about Swiss preparedness.
Internet security for patriots: Safehost Netherlands at safehost/nl An example of a web hosting service that claims to be beyond the reach of Federal thought police suppression. Don Black's likes hosting. Regarding encryption issues, see his article: "Why ZOG Hates Encryption."
Ready Made Resources. See interview with owner Bob Griswold by James Edwards of the Political Cesspool on 1 Nov 2008, archived at
Survival Enterprises at Carries freeze-dried food and other supplies, run by Kurt Wilson, prominent pro-gun, pro-militia activist and experienced former firearms dealer based near Coeur de Alene, Idaho. Comment on 2 June 2007 American Activist RBN interview: "Every country in the world where the government has controlled all the weapons has resulted in genocide."
Three (actually four) R's for Nuclear War and other Catastrophes; Reconstruction - of society 2. Recovery - of production 3. Renewal - of religion. And a fourth R for the present - 4. Resources - for nuclear war survival. Interesting ideas from the person who created Ark Two Community, an extensive underground system in Ontario, Canada.
U.S. Army Field Manuals online. A goldmine of information available as free PDF downloads. Example: FM 21-26-1 Survival, Evasion, and Recovery: Multiservice Procedures for Survival, Evasion, and Recovery
Utah Shelter Systems interesting overview of hardened facilities for personal survival
Interesting articles: "The Good News About Imminent Disaster," by Thomas Horn. Also: "The Militia Solution: Is This the Answer to Our Problems?" By John 'Birdman' Bryant. See other articles related to dealing with America's break down in the Thomas W. Chittum archive at America First Books.
The art of survival: Essential skills for the post-apocalyptic world Recession. Food shortages. Natural disasters. Terrorism. What would happen to us if some cataclysmic event caused society to break down? Neil Strauss wasn't prepared to leave his future to chance Thursday, 9 April 2009, UK Independent.

Personal Finance:
North American Educational Services (NAES) at helps individuals manage credit card debt, bankruptcy, and other concerns from an independent viewpoint. Mike Fitzpatrick of NAES interviewed 20 Nov 2006 by John Stadtmiller of RBN Live National Intel Report. (Hour one, and hour two). NAES provides articles page and forum to help educate debtors. I have no personal experience with NAES and hence cannot endorse its integrity; I merely provide link as an interesting source of information based upon listening to RBNLive interview with Fitzpatrick. The average American is caught in a horrible jam. On the one hand he is suckered by controlled media that promote false economic optimism while bankers aggressively push usurious debt. On the other hand, the real job base and standard of living has been disappearing out from underneath Americans along with the vanishing industrial base.

Military-Industrial-Congressional Imperial Government Complex
Military-Industrial Complex Revisited. Facts and charts that describe the beast.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Our imperial leaders think they know best and are above accountability as they work inside deals. They control the management of trillions in government employee retirement funds, whose fund managers also enjoy cozy relationships with Wall Street Zionist globalist intriguers. Hundreds of billions in government assets and income are ignored by national media and are not reported except in cryptic reports. The CAFR's issued by each state are an important rabbit hole into this self-dealing pork world.
Grandfather Economic Report on Government Debt Our imperial leaders like to spend with reckless abandon. After all, it is only someone else's public money. It is bad enough with official government data on escalating spending, but it gets scarier still in view of "off balance sheet" obligations. A Nov 2003 Fortune article described "The $44 Trillion Abyss". In his March 2007 article "Is the U.S. Bankrupt," Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University reports that "Gokhale and Smetters measure of the fiscal gap is a stunning $65.9 trillion!" That is more than five times GDP.

Miscellaneous anti-New World Order forms of Resistance

Articles of Confederation Created by the formerly sovereign and independent colonies. They were recognized as such by the British Government in its peace treaty that ended the American War of Independence. See Conspiracy in Philadelphia by Gary North below.
Conspiracy in Philadelphia: Free PDF book by Gary North. This supports the theory of foul play by "Federalists" against America's Anti-Federalists Party, although with a heavy Christian bias. The theory of foul play was also supported by the late Dr. Murray Rothbard in his book Conceived in Liberty, who interpreted events with a strong secular bias. (My own personal viewpoint, for what it is worth). In actuality, the "anti-Federalists" were the"true federalists" because they believed that the central government must be kept weaker than the state governments. According to some sources they comprised the majority American opinion in the 1780's. Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo argues in his Mises Institute lectures that the "Federalists" in actuality sought to install an American version of the British mercantilist system (ie. tending towards centralization, imperialism, and a central bank) in America, hence the creation of the U.S. Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation comprised as "Second American Revolution" that was not necessarily for the better.
The Sovereign States at "A Collection of Essays, Documents and Commentaries Expounding the State and Federal Relationship." A good site under development to explain aspects of the anti-Federalist/State's Rights philosophical position. Has online 1958 book about Supreme Court usurpers Nine Men Against America by Rosalie Gordon. Links to anti-Federalist leader James Mason archive (interpreted by R. Carter Pittman), and works of Sam Francis.

Online Simulations and Tests
Are You an Austrian? "Austrian" economist, that is. A 25 question multiple choice economics quiz by the Mises Institute at Contemporary Austrians typically fall within the "anarcho-libertarian" or "environmental bottom up" category (please see my discussion about reconciling opposing economic and political ideologies), whereas Keynesians, Supply Siders, and other Establishment court economists in America today are usually "environmental top down." This quiz is a great learning experience. However, it leaves out a "genetic bottom up" option. Such a "libertarian racial nationalist" position would be synonymous with a genuinely paleo-conservative ideological position, synonymous in turn with a pro-white racial nationalist brand of 19th century classical liberalism. All of this would also be in the same ballpark as the Jeffersonians, anti-Federalists, and Jacksonian Democrats who represented the majority view in early America.
Civics Quiz. A 60 question quiz. "In fall 2005, researchers at the University of Connecticut’s Department of Public Policy (UConnDPP), commissioned by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s (ISI) National Civic Literacy Board, conducted a survey of some 14,000 freshmen and seniors at 50 colleges and universities. Students were asked 60 multiple-choice questions to measure their knowledge in four subject areas: America’s history, government, international relations, and market economy. The disappointing results were published in the fall of 2006 in The Coming Crisis in Citizenship: Higher Education’s Failure to Teach America’s History and Institutions. The key results: not only did the average college senior fail in all four subjects, but seniors did little better than their freshman counterparts..." The best scoring senior class was at Harvard, with a D+. Pathetic! See also the 24 Nov 2008 article "US officials flunk test of American History, Economics, Civics!"
Could You Have Won the Battle of Gettysburg?
Go through a four decision menu as General Robert E. Lee and find out. Sponsored by
Have You Been Brainwashed? A hard-hitting, no holds barred 30 question quiz and explanatory commentary developed by the publisher of America First Books (myself). I'll bet you are more brainwashed than you ever imagined! I dare anyone to take the quiz, read the commentary, and send me an email telling me I am wrong.
Earth Science Quiz: 8 questions by National Geographic
Which Historical Military Leader Are You Most Like? Go through a four decision menu and discover if you are more like John Paul Jones than Douglas MacArthur. Sponsored by This ten question online quiz shows where you stand relative to Presidential candidates on key issues. For a quiz that takes you to the next level to better understand why you may agree or disagree with candidates on certain issues, please take the "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz.

Controlled Opposition?

Daryl Bradford Smith, The French Connection. leftist on racial issues, based in France. As of September 2007, Daryl Smith became independent of investigative author Eric Hufschmid. While Hufschmid had exposed 9-11 intrigues related to Zionist criminality and did some other good work, Mike Piper and others have charged Hufschmid with making reckless and false allegations against certain alternative media activists, to include Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani of, and certain writers for the American Free Press, etc. See extended discussion in the last part of the Appendix.

The New Soldiers by future Senator and former U.S. Navy Lieutenant John Kerry and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. This is a free PDF file from Includes Kerry testimony before U.S. Senate Committee denouncing U.S. war crimes in Vietnam. It also includes photos of veteran demonstrations. The document supports many points made about the self-defeating policies of the NWO in Vietnam also made by Vietnam vet Tom Chittum in Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior (carried by America First Books). While most American conservatives today probably view the current Sen. John Kerry as a liberal very much aligned with the NWO, his earlier opposition to the Vietnam War happened to coincide (even if in a counterfeit leftist way) with the traditional America conservative opposition to imperialistic foreign entanglements for narrow plutocratic interests. In his book The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper argues that Kerry infiltrated the anti-war movement as a CIA asset. Incidentally, various writers for The American Free Press have also maintained that William Buckley, head of the National Review, has functioned as a CIA asset.

A White Man Speaks Out Is this real white "hard right" or the stereotyped Hollywood "cartoon" version? Whatever, this is an interesting online book/autobiography about primitive, hard-edged, hard-scrabble, militant pro-white "activism" by certain oppressed whites in the world of F. Glenn Miller, a retired U.S. Army MSGT. He was a leader of American Nazi, Klan, and White Patriot Party organizations who got involved in numerous intrigues and ended up serving five years in jail. According to the Glenn Miller entry in (as of 29 Aug 2006):

Under pressure and investigation from the FBI, Miller acted as a federal informant against The Order and was a key government witness in the Fort Smith sedition trial, where he testified against men such as William Pierce of the National Alliance, Don Black of Stormfront and Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations.

Admitted to being a client of the Federal Witness Protection Program after he testified against former White Nationalist friends. He is denounced as a "race traitor" by a handful of prominent White Nationalist leaders, including Tom Metzger, Louis Beam, and Billy Roper, as well as incarcerated members of the Order.

Currently active with Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, Miller fund raises for The Aryan Alternative, for which he is the distribution manager. Some White Nationalists have accused Miller of remaining in the pay of the Federal Government, and speculation is rife that his role in Vanguard News Network is that of informer and agent provocateur. Miller has often advocated extremist actions that are likely to land any activists partaking in them in jail.

On a broad social level, the travails of many of Miller's followers are symptomatic of the exploitive, short-sighted, disloyal, greedy, and utterly irresponsible leadership of America's highest white leadership strata towards tens of millions of disadvantaged people of their own race. In the long run white businessmen make lower profits and suffer greater overall social costs by supporting alien interests compared to reinvesting in their own kind, but unfortunately most white business leaders lack the wisdom and maturity to see this and take effective social and political action regarding this simple fact. Unfortunately for Miller's own reputation, it is well known fact that many Klan organizations were heavily infiltrated by the FBI to the point of actually being managed by the G-Guys; for example in Laird Wilcox's book Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe, he claims that in the 1970's all the top leaders of the Indiana KKK were working for the FBI. I personally do not know anything more about Miller than what I have just cited from Wikipedia, but in honesty I cannot fail to raise this issue either.

Ironically, a number of white FBI agents started complaining publicly in the 1980's that less qualified minorities were getting promoted over them as a result of affirmative action programs and that there was no one out there who could effectively stand up for their interests on a national political level. By infiltrating, steering, and neutralizing pro-white rightist movements, the Feds ended up getting hoisted on their own petard!

Possible coming breakup of North America

Wikipedia has a lot of interesting entries for local sovereignty initiatives, to include a state-by-state list of secession proposals. "Sovereignty" usually means that a people has in hand the tools of power and influence necessary for them determine their own destiny and survive as a distinct people with a distinct racial and cultural identity. Throughout history, the general pattern has been for people to have tribal and ethnic roots, and to desire sovereignty for themselves, and to understand the struggle for sovereignty of other groups. The fact that so many white Americans are products of the atomized, alienated "melting pot," lack a healthy white ancestral identity, and have been conditioned to blindly obey a neo-Jacobin imperial welfare-warfare global-cop Federal government and its Jewish supremacist handlers may explain why so many of them react to various sovereignty movements with such fear, suspicion, and anxiety. See also interesting Wikipedia discussion of European microstates and micronations, which often entail embryonic expressions of "nationalism."

Alaska Independence Party
Hawaiian sovereignty movement
. See article "Hawaii is Not Legally a State" from and "Nation of Hawaii" web site.
League of the South Web site has some PDF archives of Southern Patriot magazine which has some good analysis
Quebec Sovereignty Movement
State of Jefferson
Upstate New York's Statehood Movement

Some other sources:
Joel Garreau's 1991 book The Nine Nations of North America
Bill Kaufman's "Free Vermont: Green Mountain Boys Ponder Secession," December 19, 2005 The American Conservative
Second Vermont Republic
Middlebury Institute at "...for the study of separatism, secession, and self-determination." Hosts interesting articles and links related to these topics.


Adelaide Institute Run by Dr. Fredrick Toben, fearless advocate of free speech despite having been subjected to a gag order in Australia regarding certain Holocaust-related issues.
Australia First Party
Australian nationalist ideological, historical, and legal archive.
Patriot Alliance Downunder at

Nick Griffin, Chairman, British National Party,

Paul Fromm, Canadian Association For Free Expression (CAFE).
Parti Quebecois

Jean-Marie Le Pen, President, National Front, (site is in French)


The Irish Bulletin blogspot
Movement to save Ireland blogspot.
CELT which "brings the wealth of Irish literary and historical culture to the Internet," sponsored by UCC (University College Cork). Includes Path to Freedom by Irish national hero Michael Collins.

Will Scotland-by-the-Med march on Rome? By Malcolm Moore, 2 May 2008. "The Northern League, argues that the hard-working Northerners are descended from the Celts who streamed over the Alps in the fourth century; that they have nothing in common with the Latins of the South and want nothing more to do with them."

Russia The American Journal of Russian and Slavic Studies, hosted by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, author of The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy. Site has many online articles and two online books.
Congress of Russian Americans The archive has a letter to the FBI pointing out that "Russian mafia" is really a mafia of Jews from Russia, and not real Russians. Now here are some real conservatives!

Scottish National Party. See "We'd Be a More United Kingdom with an Independent Scotland" Times Online, 17 Sept 2006. Also, "If Scotland Wants Partition, British Cannot Deny It" Guardian 29 Nov 2006.
Interesting free online ebook: "Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character" (1908) by Ramsay, E. B. (Edward Bannerman), 1793-1872. (48 MB PDF).

The Local, Sweden's News in English.

Hellenic Nationalist blogspot

Northern Europe A Northern European discussion forum.

Indigneous/Tribal Peoples
Lakota Sioux Declare Sovereign Nation Status by OpEd news 27 Dec 2007. See also 20 Dec story: "Putin Threatens Recognition of Breakaway US Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe."

Alternative currency initiatives:
Editors note: The `Berkshares' and `Ithaca Hours' are nice little baby steps in the right direction. However, whenever a local currency initiative begins to seriously challenge the Federal Reserve Note monopoly, both the privately owned Federal Reserve and Feds have a tendency to step in and scream that it is illegal to offer something else besides Federal Reserve Notes as "circulating legal tender." Their opponents, such as Liberty Dollar advocates, typically respond "Aw shucks" it is just "barter." What the Fed and Feds are ultimately afraid of took place in 1861 among the Confederate States of America, who ditched the dollar entirely for a completely separate currency, or the State of California, which refused to accept Lincoln's inflating Greenbacks in exchange for its own gold and silver coins, although California remained in the Union. Throughout history, gold and silver have remained the alternative currency of choice as states have abused their monopoly power by debauching (inflating away) their "fiat" (or "dictated" or "unsecured") paper money currencies. Inflation sanctioned behind closed doors is a form of taxation without representation. Abusive rulers do not like for unruly subjects to evade their dishonest taxation schemes. In addition, currency independence implies a form of political independence.
ABC News: New England Town Prints Up Its Own Currency, 27 Feb 2007. "`Berkshares' are intended to encourage local commerce."
Ithaca Hours home page ( One of the most successful local currency operations. Run by gold expert James Turk, an online way to preserve purchasing power...and make purchases.
Liberty Dollar. A major alternative currency concept in America.

European American ethnic organizations in America:
(Many, if not most, of the organizations below are not politically sophisticated and essentially function as purely social and cultural organizations. They are generally not involved with hardball influence peddling, unlike the plethora of Jewish organizations such as AIPAC, World Jewish Congress, the ADL, etc., etc.).

St. Andrews Society Scottish America
St. George's Society British American
Steuben Society German-American

Religious Deprogramming/Alternative viewpoints

Despite the fact that America is supposed to have separation between Church and state, America's policy has been everything except separated when it comes to military and foreign aid intervention in the Middle East under the George W. Bush Administration, not to mention other issues. Most people have powerful religious instincts, even if intellectually they identify themselves as atheists or secular humanists or liberals. In his excellent book The Cousin's Wars, Kevin Phillips explains the critical role of religion in defining major ideological fault lines in English and American history. Therefore, let's deal with it.

Free thinker sites: American Atheists Some excellent criticisms of mindless religious dogmas, for example Did Jesus Exist? by Frank Zindler. However, this site is leftward-leaning on race, abortion, gays, family, and other issues.
Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Goes through the Old and New Testaments and debunks various phrases according to such criteria as Absurdity, Injustice, Cruelty and Violence, Intolerance, Contradictions, Interpretation, Science and History, Family Values,Women, Good Stuff, Prophecy, Sex, and Language
The Skeptic's Annotated Quaran Analysis based on Injustice, Intolerance, Cruelty and Violence, Absurdities, Good Stuff, Women, Contradictions, Sex, Interpretations, Science and History, Family Values, Language, and Homosexuality
The Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon Analysis based on Plagiarism, Absurdities, Injustice, Intolerance, Cruelty and Violence, Science and History, Good Stuff, Prophecy, Language, Changes in the BoM, Family Values, Women, Sex, Contradictions, Interpretation, and Homosexuality.

Religious skepticism has a long history in America, to include atheist/deist Tom Paine and deists Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. The failure to entertain religious skepticism becomes an important public issue when America engages in massive interventions in the Middle East as a quasi-religious crusade. Another interesting site: has archived heretical Thomas Jefferson quotes and letters.

Sometimes right wingers get carried away by suggesting that religious criticism is part of some kind of grand conspiracy of the "Illuminati," Masons, Communists, "Secular Humanists," Zionists, etc. I think it is more the case that skeptical groups tend to originate with honest intent. There are large bodies of valid criticism that have accumulated ever since the beginning of the Enlightenment. However, once these groups get something good going, then sinister groups with plenty of money start to move in and find ways to usurp the leadership to promote their own agenda. This is analogous to the way a virus takes over a healthy cell. Then the group morphs over time into a genuinely subversive organization where lies are wrapped around what were originally kernels of truth or very legitimate forms of criticism and free inquiry.

Religion can be a tricky topic from a right wing/nationalist viewpoint. On the one hand, nationalists typically view religion as a positive where it serves as a source of social cohesion, tribal identity, a bastion of conservative values, and as a great motivator in times of stress. On the other hand, many American Revolutionaries disdained the dogmatism of various religious establishments. They felt that this reflected the special privilege of parastic priest and aristocratic classes and also served as an anti-intellectual barrier to the advancement of science and technology.

Cosmotheist Church An evolutionary perspective on spirituality, reminiscent of Dr. Raymond Cattell's Beyondism: Religion From Science.

Indigenous Indo-European/Natural Religion approach:
...Asatru Folk Assembly. Please also note its Directory, to include its Kennewick Man site.
...Asatru Alliance
...Odinic Rite
Free ebooks with natural religion-related themes:
The Ancient City: A Study on the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of Greece and Rome by Numa Denis Fustel De Coulanges
The Natural History of Religion by David Hume

Activist Conservative Christian Leaders Rev Ted Pike is a leading defender of the First Amendment against sinister encroachments by the ADL and other Jewish supremacist organizations that seek to severely cripple freedom of speech.
We Hold These Truths, Pastor Chuck Carlson explains the insanity of "Christian Zionism."

Critical Christian Perspectives

Complete Online Talmud
at Includes analyses by Carol Valentine and Elizabeth Dilling, to include such issues as handling harems, child-sex, child-sacrifice, and other curiosities of an exotic, anachronistic, and highly sociopathic people.
Elizabeth Dilling,
author of online work The Jewish Religion, Its Influence Today (formerly titled The Plot Against Christianity). Elizabeth Dilling, a pillar of the American Right in the 1930's and 40's, and was a defendant in the Great Sedition Show Trail of 1944 (see Mike Piper TBR article). She was also author of works such as The Roosevelt Red Record and its Background.
Jesus Seminar
According to wikipedia article, this seminar consisted of "a controversial research team of about one hundred academic New Testament scholars founded in 1985 by the late Robert Funk under the auspices of the Westar Institute" It determined "that of the various statements in the Gospels attributed to Jesus, only about 18% of them were likely uttered by Jesus himself."
National Prayer Network Christian Minister Ted Pike combats Israel First Millennialists (who oppose "America First" principles) and exposes underhanded efforts to erode and even destroy all our civil liberties under the guise of "anti-hate" initiatives. Rev. Pike has extensive knowledge of Jewish interpretations of the Old Testament, Talmud, and Kabala, and the evolution of Zionist dogma. He also provides excellent updates on current threats to our First Amendment rights. Currently he is leading a campaign to rally public support against a so-called "hate crime" bill that might get introduced into Congress in Jan 2007 that could have very serious consequences if it passes.
Talmud Unmasked at carries the famous work of Father I. B. Pranaitis, 1892.

Suspected political prisoners, in U.S., or former U.S. residents incarcerated abroad
In alphabetical order. Editor's Note: It is important to keep in mind that a slave is someone who passively accepts oppression. When the general citizenry passively accepts outrages against justice, it eggs on the authorities to become that much more tyrannical. Monsters such as Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kaganovich, Mao Tse Tung, and Pol Pot have shown us that there is no limit to how far tyrants can go once a population acquiesces to unlimited power. Even if for various reasons you feel unwilling to come out in the open, you must always find ways to support those who can act as proxies.

Chester Doles. According to Hal Turner, this pro-white activist and family man was framed with retroactive law and specious charges to receive a lengthy prison sentence.
Matt Hale
see "Railroading of Matt Hale" by Edgar Steele, Esq.
Hendrik Moebus German citizen arrested and imprisoned in America for allegedly making inflammatory political statements while on parole for murder of nonwhite in Germany.
Gumar Rudolf In the Middle Ages the authorities tried to get you if you questioned whether the sun orbited around a flat earth. Now Jewish pressure groups and their front men try to lock people up if they question any articles of faith of the new religion of "Holocaustianity," also known as the "Holocaust Industry." It is quite sad that this archaic witch-hunting is taking place in our so-called "modern" era. Rudolf was arrested in America while living with an American wife with whom he has had a child. He was deported back to Germany and is now in jail for his political views. Do these photos suggest a dangerous man?
Kevin Strom: Arrested for allegedly possessing child porn on his hard drive. I cannot offer a firm opinion until I see hard evidence one way or the other. Compare 6 Jan 2007 National Vanguard article "Statement on Kevin Strom" with Bill White's Jan 7, 2007 Update on Kevin Strom. My presumption is innocent until proven guilty.
Trafficant, Congressman James A. See update article "Capitol Hill Hypocrisy" by Michael Collins Piper, who maintains that he was completely framed on account of his principled stands for American interests against the Jewish Lobby and Israel. See also his June 4, 2003 letter and current contact information, as well as a personal site with articles and art work. He is serving out a nine year prison sentence.
Shaun Walker, As a consequence of getting into some kind of altercation with nonwhites in a bar in Utah, which apparently caused bruised egos but not bruised bodies, the Feds have apparently keel-hauled former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker and former Alliance member Travis Massey. See Honor and the Railroading of Shaun Walker, American Dissident Voices, May 5, 2007, by Chairman Erich Gliebe. He notes that "Walker and Massey were convicted of both charges against them: conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, and interference with a federally protected activity. Each charge carries with it a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. The sentencing is scheduled for later this summer."
There is a huge irony here, as the late libertarian Harry Browne pointed out in his classic work Why Government Doesn't Work. He observed that government programs typically have unintended consequences that are the exact opposite of what was officially intended when the legislation was passed. The federal prosecutors and agents involved in going after Walker and Massey might get more notches in their gun stocks for self-promotional purposes within the Federal bureaucracy, and another "atta boy" from sinister organizations such as the ADL who have achieved cozy relationships with Federal agencies, (please see the Rev Ted Pike and Harmony Grant Articles Archive about ADL aggression against the First Amendment and also about Federal efforts to encroach on local police departments), but to the average white America, this case dramatizes how contact with nonwhites per se can can dramatically increase the risks of getting framed and railroaded if anything adverse should take place. This kind of extremely heavy-handed punitive behavior is likely to increase de facto white avoidance of nonwhites and self-segregation, and not encourage more integration. In addition, the FBI and ATF depend heavily on leads from common citizens to solve crime problems. However, this kind of heavy-handed behavior involving political dissidents, lumped in with other disasters for civil liberties such as at Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, Real ID, etc., etc. may increase the risk that the general population will be less inclined to volunteer information or get in any way involved with federal agents. Among other things, people will be concerned that if they file complaints, the authorities will then find some little thing wrong with them rather than the people they are complaining about. Rather than live up to Western concepts of "republican virtue" (please see my discussion of "republican virtue" in the "mutualism" part of my mutualism vs. parasitism discussion), Americans will tend to act more like the Chinese portrayed in Ways That Are Dark, with the attitude, "The nail that stands up gets hammered."
Therefore, even if the FBI "wins" on the "front end" by going after political dissidents, it may lose on the "back end" by getting reduced cooperation from the general population. On the back end it also destroys the "counter predators" required to keep Zionist tyranny and unlimited Federal government "predators" in check, thereby accelerating the demise of America as a viable, innovative society with rational institutions.
Ernst Zundel The German citizen, who was living in Tennessee with his U.S. citizen wife, was arrested by police and deported to Canada, and then subsequently on to Germany were he was sentenced to five years in prison for daring to defy Holocaust propaganda. Yet another martyr before the new secular state religion of Holocaustianity.

Released Political Prisoners:
David Irving, famous British historian, was imprisoned for thirteen months in Austria for comments he made regarding Holocaust revisionism approximately sixteen years earlier. He was finally released in December 2006 without being forced to serve his full three year thoughtcrime sentence.

Weather Modification, Chemtrails, HAARP

Tax Resisters/Protesters
(America First Books cannot endorse anyone's protest tactics if they may be illegal. This is provided for informational purposes only to address deeper philosophical issues regarding possible government usurpation of citizen rights).

Joe Banister

Joe Banister is a former gun-carrying IRS special agent who quit the IRS after they failed to show him a law requiring the average American to file 1040 Income Tax return. Please see and his talks shows archived at We The People Radio Network. He recommends Bill Conklin's site and attorney Jeff Dickstein's web site that questions the validity of the 16th Amendment.

Edward Brown and his wife Elaine were placed under seige in New Hampshire. See other individuals mentioned in Wikipedia article in the tax protest movement, and the landmark video: America: From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo.

Business Disloyalty
Businesses in America that place Israel first at expense of America.

Criminal Government
George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House: Site has many good links to suppressed sources about Zionist power.
Loss of Civil Liberties Since 9/11. Home page for the Loss of Civil Liberties Since 9/11 investigative project, one of several grassroots investigations being hosted on the History Commons website.

Military Affairs:
(Waging aggressive imperialistic overseas wars for the benefit of Israel and a plutocratic elite is not part of the traditional American conservative agenda). tracks government exercises that might presage synthetic terrorist incidents used to justify military adventurism
Fourth Generation Warfare: This is what America's second generation warfare military bureaucracy is good at stirring up among civilian populations not already wasted by aerosolized depleted uranium. Defense and the National Interest has extensive 4th generation coverage. See also William S. Lind archives, and which also archives Lind from May 19, 2003 to Sept 1, 2005, and Jan 27, 2004 to present.
Iraq War Casualties at Includes medical air evacuation numbers. Part of the fun and games of the Bush Administration, in addition to not allowing photographs of returning flag-draped caskets at Dover AFB, is to not count GI's who die of wounds once they are boarded on a plane out of Iraq. The real war dead numbers are probably a huge multiple of the official numbers. Figuring total real casualties gets even worse when you go to the VA web site, and type “GWVIS” in the search box to find latest Veterans Administration reports on disabled Gulf War era veterans.  “Service connected 10% or greater” disabilities number in the hundreds of thousands.  This does not count Vietnam vets poisoned by Agent Orange.
Michael New "On October 10, 1995, the 1/15 Battalion of the 3rd infantry Division of the U.S. Army came to attention at 0900 in Schweinfurt, Germany. All but one of the 550 soldiers were wearing a sky-blue baseball-style cap with a United Nations insignia on the front. One was wearing the olive-drab flat cap that is authorized to be worn with the Battle Dress Uniform. With this simple act of disobeying a direct order, Spc. 4 Michael New set the stage for a legal battle that has profound implications for the future of American soldiers into service of the United Nations without the constitutional permission of Congress."
Marines Question Sophistication of Latest Attacks from What could be going on with sayanim, mercenaries, and a possible FBI agent assassination?
Lt Ehren Watada The latest news on efforts by U.S. Army to court martial a Lieutenant who refused orders to deploy to what he feels is an illegal war in Iraq.
Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity: Dissident group of former CIA analysts. Ray Close, 27 year CIA veteran, wrote interesting article "Why Bush Will Choose War Against Iran."
Veterans Against the Iraqi War This includes West Point Graduates Against the War, Gold Star Families for Peace, etc.

Federal Whistle-Blowers About the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. In addition to providing the "Revenoors' who go after Snuffy Smiths and their back country moonshine stills, these are also the folks who gave us Waco and Ruby Ridge. In his 2 June 2007 RBN interview by Idaho Observer editor Don Harkins, gun expert Kurt Wilson charges that the ATF is waging a systematic legal harassment campaign to attrite down Americans with Federal Firearms licenses as part of an overall campaign to dry up the supply of weapons and ammo and ultimately disarm America. by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, a former senior policy advisor in Department of Education exposes dysfunctionality of the system. Download her 736 page free ebook The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (double click here; 11 megabytes). Was a Barnes and Noble bestseller in its History of Education category.
Sible Edmonds: Former FBI translator after 9-11, has commented: “They haven’t mentioned anybody who actually is connected to Al Qaida, in mid or higher level." In my opinion, that is probably because these two levels are really a CIA-Mossad false flag operation. See article: The 'Most Gagged Person in U.S. History' Tells The BRAD BLOG She's Now Exhausted All Other Channels..See her web She was in all likelihood wrongly fired for exposing shoddy translations, a large backlog of untranslated documents, and employees with questionable alliances. (The real heat probably involves a strong "Turkish connection" in Mossad-CIA global drug operations).
FBI Watch. An unmoderated blog by I am sure that quite a few FBI agents are well-meaning, dedicated, patriotic Americans who do vital work to protect this country, to include making the arrests of Zionist spies Jonathan Pollard and Larry Franklin. There may be a lot of unfounded speculation at this web site. However, a well-documented fly in the ointment has been cases involving the FBI's historic collaboration with Jewish supremacists at the expense of white Americans in general. For example in Final Judgment, Michael Collins Piper describes the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's accommodative relationship with Jewish organized crime boss Meyer Lansky. In his Foreword to Judas Goats, Piper describes how the "historical record shows that going back to the years preceding World War II, groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith were already manipulating the FBI in a terror campaign against American nationalists."
Jim Minnery, former Marine, wants to know what happened to $2.3 trillion that disappeared inside the Department of Defense. It apparently had something to do with former Pentagon Comptroller "Rabbi" Dov Zakheim (see bio) and record books that fortuitously (for insiders) wound up in 9-11 Pentagon rubble. Former FBI senior special agent in charge, Los Angeles. Exposes pedophile rings operating at the highest levels of the government and other forms of corruption. National Security Whistle Blowers Coalition.
Veterans Administration Watchdog at

Other Watchdog Groups
Transparency International. The global coalition against corruption.

Intelligence/Covert Operations
Revolutionary War Spies

Civil War Two Scenarios
Guerilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments (downloadable PDF file, also html), by Major Patrick Marques, USA, 2003, 72 pages. Some good background on IRA, Mujahideen, and Chechen unconventional warfare operations in urban environments.
See also Tom Chittum (author of Civil War Two) author profile page.

How to reach 100,000 people for under a $1.00 (video)

Portland Independent Media Center: This is a leftist site with a sidebar link for "anti-racism" rather than "nationalism," although if one hunts one can find a redeeming link to the Cascadian National Party. Some good independent material for denizens of the Pacific Northwest or the emergent "Cascadia."

Interesting Free Ebooks and books online: Currently offers free downloads of over 300 PDF files of a wide variety of suppressed topics.
American Libraries
"Many books generously sponsored by Microsoft, Yahoo!, University of California Libraries, University of Illinois, and others." See also "Internet Achive" below.
Christopher Jon Bjerknes
free ebook archive at
The Constitution of the United States, Its Sources and Its Application by Thomas James Norton, published by the Committee for Constitutional Government, First printed circa 1922. Online classic that explains historical origins of each major passage of the Constitution.
Mises Institute Free ebook archives
. A terrific treasure chest of free ebooks by leading American conservative economic and political writers. Includes four volume Conceived in Liberty series by Dr. Murray Rothbard and works by other giants such as Alfred Nock, Ludwig von Mises, Lew Rockwell, John Flynn, Frank Chodorov, and Henry Hazlitt (see Hazlitts' classic work Economics in One Lesson). The major defect with much of this work is it is heavily clustered in the anarcho-libertarian or "environmental bottom up" viewpoint (please see my reconciling opposing economic and political ideologies discussion) and typically overlook or fail to be explicit about the tribal and instinctive sides of human existence. Nevertheless, these ebooks provide a lot of outstanding information, insights, and analysis within their area of focus. Another good ebook: The 50 Great Pioneers of American Industry.
Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. A 1950's classic. by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, a former senior policy advisor in Department of Education exposes dysfunctionality of the system. Download her 736 page free ebook The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (double click here; 11 megabytes). Was a Barnes and Noble bestseller in its History of Education category.
Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds by Robert S. Griffin that provides a good overview of the life and philosophy of the brilliant former physics professor and late American racial nationalist leader Dr. William L. Pierce.
Intelligence in the Civil War a 50 page free ebook about espionage operations during the War Between the States courtesy of CIA/US Gov publications. Available as a PDF download file.
Internet Archive Text Section Tool bars links include American Libraries | Canadian Libraries | Universal Library | Open Source Books | Project Gutenberg | Children's Library | Additional Collections.
Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the Weight of Three Thousand Years online text of this famous book by Israel Shahak (died 2001). A real classic that explains how Judaism is fundamentally totalitarian in nature. Great insights into Jewish megalomania, viciousness, and fanaticism.
Canada: the Empire of the North Being the Romantic Story of the New Dominion's Growth from Colony to Kingdom by Agnes C. Laut, 1909
Ethnicity, State and Utopia: An Essay on Social Justice and Russia’s Future by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson. Good insights into fundamental nature of nationalism and Russia.
David Irving Author of numerous best-sellers about major events of the 20th century, this British historian has performed considerable original field research. Free ebook downloads of many of his books.
Garet Garret: The Revolution Was (1938). Famous Old Right analyst explains how America became de facto fascist during the Great Depression/New Deal. .
March of the Titans: A History of the White Race
An impressive online overview of a biological entity that is simultaneously very strong in some areas and very vulnerable in others. There is a lot of good information here, although I differ with the author on certain points. For example he plays down the role of cold parts of the planet and other types of geographic environments in the evolutionary sculpturing innate traits within gene pools that I discuss in my environmental vs. genetics discussion.
Project Gutenberg
There are over 20,000 free books in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog. A grand total of over 100,000 titles is available at Project Gutenberg Partners, Affiliates and Resources. These are all titles that are in the public domain (typically published on or before 1923 or published in more recent decades without copyright renewal). However, they tend to filter a bit, so for example you will not find The International Jew by Henry Ford.
The Red Network by Elizabeth Dilling, first published in 1934. Exposes evil people in the FDR administration with strong Red connections. This work came from an earlier phase in the activist career of the "Grand Dame of the American Right" before she began to focus more heavily on the Jewishness behind Communism and FDR's "Jew Deal."
Dr. Anthony C. Sutton
free online books The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, and Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. See discussion by Dr. Henry Makow about Dr. Sutton, who was a (Stanford-affiliated) Hoover Institute Fellow.
University of Virginia Library eText Center:
Over 2,100 titles in the public domain available for free download, including classic British and American fiction, major authors, children's literature, American history, Shakespeare, African-American documents, the Bible, and much more.
at Features free ebooks by Germar Rudolf, Jurgen Graf, and other courageous examiners of World War II-era lies and Holocaustianity hoaxes.

Patriot/Early American/Americana Art
Art Renewal Center at This is a fantastic resource with one of the best collections of esthetic art by American and European masters online. A good antidote for the sick, ugly excuse for "modern art" promoted by the controlled Establishment media today. The brilliant American writer Tom Wolfe cleverly exposed much of "modern art" as a hoax largely financed and promoted by nihilistic Jewish supremacists as they gained open economic and political hegemony in 20th century America in his classic work The Painted Word. See also Rev Ted Pike's discussion about how Jews run the smut industry in America, or Mike Piper's discussion about how they dominate organized crime, etc.
Miscellaneous historic artists: Albert Bierstadt, late 19th century American Western landscape artist; John Trumbull, American Revolutionary series painter archived at Yale, Frederic Remington, Western epic paintings, Gerome Ferris, romantic nationalist interpreter of American historic scenes; Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, another romantic nationalist, and Winslow Homer [editor's note: myriad other artists deserve mention - more to be added to this list later],
Miscellaneous contemporary or recently deceased artists:
Thomas Kinkade
"Painter of Light" online galleries. Kinkades' cozy scenes of Gilded Age [or "Victorian"] small town [or "white"] America have helped make Kinkade "the most successful and most collected living artist in U.S. history," although regrettably some of his works such as his "Impressions of Israel" series may seem to indirectly support the Christian Zionist agenda (please see my discussion of Christian Zionist lunacy in the Rev Ted Pike Archive). Norman Rockwell provided subliminal artistic propaganda support for racial integration and gender equality, federally-funded "Peace Corps" global interventionism (often used as a PR cover while economic hit men and the CIA- Mossad partnership have entered the side doors), sycophantic portraits of "King Lincoln", and paeans to FDR-era Federal socialism and fascism. In the latter case he created a subliminal artistic suggestion that we must rely on the Federal government to provide us our "four" basic freedoms, such as "freedom from want" somehow "guaranteed" by what can only come from a nanny socialist state. Somehow we must also rely on the Feds to provide freedom around the world, instructed and spoon fed by what can only be a neo-Jacobin global cop federal regime. Despite all of these paeans to "modern liberalism," Rockwell still came up with a lot of good artistic renderings of traditional conservative "Americana" specifically designed to pull at our heart strings.
Dan Nance galleries
at, like Thomas Kinkade, Nance paints American themes using a lot of high contrast, high color saturation, golden light effects to create "soft realism."
Don Troiani
at A very popular American historical artist.
John Clymer
Lewis and Clark series.
U.S. Military art galleries: U.S. Army Center of Military History includes downloadable wall papers of historic scenes. See also National Guard art gallery, National Museum of the Marine Corps and combat art gallery, Naval Historical Center and Navy Collection Branch Online Exhibits;
[This list is still a work in progress, no doubt there are dozens, if not hundreds of worthy artists out there deserving mention].
Walt Disney Characters -- drawn by Adolf Hitler!

Other Possible Hoaxes and Conspiracies

Dr. Werner Von Braun
Former S.S. Major made good in America?

Preface to the moon landing hoax controversy: (last updated by Bill Fox, 11 July 2007) I have had mixed emotions about listing the moon landing hoax controversy here on this web page. I am concerned that if the moon landing hoax theorists turn out to be wrong, and I side with them, that this could damage my credibility in terms of addressing major hoaxes and conspiracies impacting on America that I believe to be very real, timely, and threatening. Furthermore, I am suspicious of conspiracy theorists dealing with UFO's and other phenomena that seem to have a very high probability of abuse by Judas Goats seeking to divert scarce patriot time and energy away from the really important and verifiable conspiracies.
The moon landing hoax thesis is probably one of the least important hoax controversies to spend time on compared to such issues as central Mossad involvement in the JFK assassination, the development of highly exaggerated Holocaust story-telling as a form of religious worship of Jews and Jewish suffering in America, the inability of fertilizer-based explosives inside a Ryder truck parked away from a concrete-reinforced government building to shear off a third of its edifice in Oklahoma City, the strong evidence that remotely piloted aircraft and controlled demolitions planned by the Mossad were used in the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center towers, and the "taxation without representation" debauchment of our currency and manipulation of major financial markets by the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System.
However, even though it may be the least important possible hoax, if the moon landing conspiracy theorists are correct, it could comprise an important component of a broad matrix of illusion in America. Whether the lunar landings are true or not, a belief in them does in fact help sustain false hopes and overly optimistic perceptions among Americans regarding their terminally corrupt social order. The Apollo story does in fact help take their eye off the ball as we experience increasing social, economic, and political deterioration.
Given that Americans have been taught to feel so much pride in the Apollo moon landing thesis, one can easily understand public shock, incredulity, and resentment towards moon landing hoax conspiracy theorists who bear bad tidings. However, for someone to take the attitude that anyone who brings up this topic is a complete crank, and therefore all of his other conspiracy theories must be equally nutty, is to commit at least two logical fallacies (a) hasty generalization, that is, assuming that because a large portion of NASA statements are obviously true, they must all be true, and therefore no one has a need to examine the contradictory statements of moon landing hoax theorists and (b) "ad hominem" or "poisoning the well," that is, just because a moon landing hoax theorist might be wrong or flawed about one issue does not mean that he is wrong about all issues.

Moon landing hoax links: For an introduction to the moon landing hoax controversy, please see the video Moon Landing Hoax (43 min). Also, the wikipedia article Moon Landing Hoax is valuable because it present arguments on both sides of the issue. For more detailed background by hoax theorists, please see the book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers. Also please note the short intro version of What Happened On the Moon (the longer two part series consisting of one hour apiece is apparently no longer online). See also a 51 minute synopsis Did We Really Land Men on the Moon? that shows contradictions and anger by astronauts in their responses to certain questions. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" (10 min, 11 sec video) analyzes alleged mid-space earth scene deception described in the other videos. Lastly, please note the sample clue analyses at and the Pravda article "America's Moon Expedition a Fake?"

Some extended commentary regarding the possible moon landing hoax, weather manipulation theories, important conspiracies in American history, and a possible James Bond-style "Ultra Conspiracy"

(Last updated by William B. Fox, 28 July 2007)

The greater the state, the more wrong and cruel its patriotism, and the greater is the sum of suffering upon which its power is founded. - Leo Tolstoy

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.- Marshall McLuhan

Here at America First Books I try to fearlessly reveal plausible conspiracy theories wherever I find them. I believe that people involved in media -- to include Internet journalists such as myself -- have a public duty to expose hoaxes and conspiracies as part of the "republican virtue" concept.
While I am no expert on NASA operations and the scientific aspects of space exploration, I have seen enough arguments suggesting fakery that I now have some reasonable doubts. Therefore, I would feel remiss if I did not at least alert readers that this controversy exists. At the same time, I have not spent anywhere nearly as much time examining all sides of the moon landing hoax issue as I have regarding other issues such as irresponsible Holocaust exaggerations, the JFK assassination, the 9-11 controlled demolitions, the assault on the U.S.S. Liberty, and the Federal Reserve System. Therefore I would like to leave myself some room to back paddle if it turns out that the moon hoax theorists are wrong in whole or in part and Americans did indeed land on the moon in some fashion.
What really intrigues me, however, is the way in which a moon landing hoax, if true, could be part of a much larger historical pattern of well-documented brazen mass deceptions in America.
The topic of prolonged mass deception is one that I do indeed feel competent to address. In many ways, the very degenerate social milieu that exists in America today which inspires many Americans to doubt NASA is a more interesting topic of analysis for me compared to just looking at the technical details involved in the moon landing hoax controversy by itself.

I believe strongly that for much of our history, Americans have been hoaxed by a very long list of lies. Over time, the lies have only become that much bigger and bolder. From the latter part of the 20th century up until today they have become absolutely outrageous.

Rabbit holes everywhere you look

In the last century and a half, "government" has grown from 5% to nearly 50% of the economy. According to libertarian theory, once government grows beyond a certain point, it becomes a cancer and more of a parasite than a producer. That is why I call government "Predator" in my critical issues discussion (as part of my "Alien and Predator" monster model where the "Aliens" are led by the Jewish supremacists).
Not surprisingly, there are lots of instances everywhere you look involving government today where you see over-paid bureaucrats arrogantly administering their governmental fiefdoms and pursuing some very bizarre projects that are both decoupled from reality and often abusive of the long term public interest.
It gets even worse when they assume all the alien characteristics of "Asiatic despotism," where "we the people" simply become guinea pigs for their arbitrary schemes. Hence, there are all kinds of topics I call "Rabbit Holes" that lead one towards discovering entire worlds of amazingly sinister official corruption that are typically ignored by controlled media.
Of course there can be some problems in exploring various rabbit holes that lead us to a greater understanding of grim realities behind our situation today:
a) The Empire strikes back. Not infrequently in order to protect their departmental interests, various government agencies have engaged in disinformational, denial, and decoy operations to steer people into false rabbit holes. Similarly, Jewish supremacists have used the ADL and other intimidation organizations to try to scare away all criticism of Jews and Israel. Their purpose has been to raise the costs of examining certain conspiracies so that most American males who have a mortgage to pay, a wife to support, and a job to keep no longer want to bother with closely looking at them.
b) Truth activists are often under funded and disorganized. Many of them have lost their jobs and are barely hanging on. Many of them are very poor at organizing and making presentations on the Internet even though they have some extremely timely and important material.
c) Many rabbit hole topics necessarily involve a lot of technical research required to separate out the wheat from the chaff. Most Americans are often too busy running their daily lives to get up the learning curve on these areas and penetrate disinformation.
I personally try to take the upbeat view that these controversies can be a great way to stimulate learning about important topic areas. For example, to form an intelligent opinion about the moon landing hoax controversy, a person has to start learning a lot about space exploration and its allied sciences. To develop an informed opinion about the weather manipulation/Haarp controversy, a person has to start learning a lot about atmospheric geophysics and the ideas of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of electrical engineering. As a third example, to get your arms around the "Conspiracy in Philadelphia" debate, you have to start learning about American colonial history, the pro's and con's of political centralization vs decentralization that lay behind the anti-Federalist vs. Federalist debate, and finally you need to develop a level of analysis where you can pick apart the U.S. Constitution and intelligently compare and contrast it with the Articles of Confederation and various preceding forms of republican government throughout history.
d) The truthfulness behind various conspiracy conterversies is not necessarily an "all or nothing" proposition. The U.S. Government and various Jewish interests are famous for using "false flag" operations, false witnesses, false experts, Judas Goat political leaders, spies, double agents, agents provocateurs, and other decoys. For example, we learn in By Way of Deception by former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky that the Mossad maintains an office exclusively focused upon creating decoys for almost every major espionage operations. Two examples of decoy theories that Michael Collins Piper describes in Final Judgment are "The CIA did it alone" and "the Mob did it alone."
Hence, if there are certain things that sound really implausible or nutty within certain conspiracy controversies, do not forget the possibility that these things may have been deliberately planted as false flags to undermine the credibility of anyone who seriously mentions them in an effort to taint all those other parts of a conspiracy theory that are in fact very real indeed and must be taken seriously if we are to defend ourselves and survive.
.e) "Alien" is often mixed in with "Predator" (Please see, once again, my critical issues discussion). This causes many people to back away for fear of being castigated as "anti-Semitic." However, these joint Alien and Predator situations typically comprise the most important rabbit holes of all.
For self education purposes, probably the best way to confront the "Alien" beast is directly. For starters, study the Mossad (read Final Judgment), the ADL (please see the Rev Ted Pike archive and The Judas Goats), and please study the central Jewish involvement in the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve banking cartel. Please also study the history of Zionism, Israel, and organized crime in America.
Without question, no other racial or ethnic group in America has anything that even remotely approaches the capability for covert operations and mass deception manifested by organized Jewry. I can say this with some personal authority, having lived in New York City for ten years and dealt intimately with Jews on a social and business level. Once again, studying all of this can be part of a very valuable learning experience.
In going down various "Alien"-related rabbit holes, one begins to learn quite a lot about intelligence/covert operations, ethnic cohesion as an important anthropological variable in the competitive performance of racial and ethnic groups, and the role of innate criminality as a important determinate of individual and in-bred group behavior.
Last, but not least, an important thread in Jewish culture and Jewish tendencies is a quality called "Asiatic despotism" which is very alien to western traditions of individual liberty and concepts of chivalrous fair play and the nonnegotiable search for truth. Please see the Benjamin Franklin prophecy about their Asiatic character as well as my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my mutualism vs. parasitism discussion for more commentary and analysis on this issue.
e) A lot of people cannot handle the full truth, but must acclimatize themselves to it in bits and pieces. Many right wing conspiracy theories are based upon very common sense suppositions that, while truthful, nevertheless tend to drive many people's anxiety levels through the roof.
One supposition is that in the final analysis, man is in no way divorced from nature, but rather lives in accordance with nature and echoes all of its manifestations. Therefore, given that a number of mammalian species have evolved into parasites on man such as rats and weasels, the same can apply to various human criminal groups in regard to humanity in general.
Given that in certain crowded tropical biomes we see cases where half the animal species have evolved into parasites, in which they instinctively work towards taking down the other non-parasite animals before ultimately going down with their hosts, it is entirely possible that among crowded urban human populations, parasite (or "criminal") groups may also greatly multiply who are instinctively programmed to take down all of civilization and convert planet earth into a wasteland.
All of this is perfectly logical and possible from a very scientific, sociobiological viewpoint. In fact, it is very possible that the American public is being lied to and taken down by parasite groups right now.

Catastrophes and conspiracies waiting to happen

Before I describe some major conspiracy theories, it is important to underscore a few more important points.
Most legal definitions of "conspiracy" usually entail simply a group of people who agree to commit one or more illegal acts. By this definition, intelligence organizations such as the CIA and Mossad, which exist to steal secrets and engage in other covert operations that extremely illegal according to someone's laws (even if they involve countries outside our borders) are by definition perpetual state-funded conspiracies.
The big problem with examining ultra high level conspiracies from a narrow legal point of view is the fact that quite often high level conspirators have become so powerful that it is now often they who write and interpret the laws through their bought polticians, judges, and vast stables of slick lawyers. They also control national media spin on what constitutes serious crime.
This is why I use the term "conspiracy" from a hard core "natural law" perspective that equates criminality with the text book definition of "parasitism" out of the science of sociobiology. I explain exactly what all of this means in my "mutualism vs. parasitism" article.
Various plutocrats and their agents frequently do many things in America that are perfectly legal based upon highly corrupt laws that they were able to sneak into the legal codes. However, from a purely sociobiological perspective their behavior is extremely dangerous and destructive to society. Viewed scientifically and objectively, their impact on America's dwindling productive economic base and its diminishing white gene pool is in fact extremely parasitic -- hence extremely criminal -- hence extremely conspiratorial.
People tend to engage in conspiracy either because they are either desperate and feel a need to cut corners, or else because they are innately criminal and/or function within a criminal subculture. The reasons for conspiracy often involve some combination of all of the aforementioned factors.
The incidence of high level conspiracy usually involves "ecological" factors. Often criminals act like "predators" in ecological models who must be kept in check by honest people who serve as "counter predators." One reason for major conspiratorial behavior is the fact that the ecological relationship between predators and counter predators has shifted to strongly favor predators.
You did not see many conspiracies coming out of 18th century New England, 19th century Norway and Sweden, or most small towns on the American frontier. These societies were characterized by overwhelming honest, hard-working, cohesive rural communities that practiced traditional values. They tended to be racially and ethnically homogeneous and mindful of old Nordic and/or Celtic folk ways and history. The law enforcement traditions included well-armed middle class militias and highly decentralized practices bordering on vigilantism, individual killing for honor and revenge, and trial by combat (dueling). Local communities retained a substantial counter predator capabiity to put predatory alien criminal mafia groups out of business very fast.
In contrast, one sees quite a lot of conspiratorial behavior coming out of criminal mafias in urban metropolises today. These social environments are characterized by a high degree of alienation and atomization of individuals who come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. They generally do a very poor job of banding together to exert enough political force and local police (or militia) power necessary to keep predatory mafia groups in check. In fact, a large proportion of white males in urban exective jobs today are essentially "sensitized," effeminized, and political correctness-brainwashed wimps who lack core values. They rarely feel strongly enough about any particular issues to war against criminal mafia predators in order to get them under control.
I think that it is important to focus upon the potential for disastrous situations, since they can provide a significant "desperation" motivator for major conspiratorial behavior on the part of lots of smart, effective, and normally idealistic people with lots of money who can do lots of damage. Catastrophes also tend to tear up the social fabric of conservative values and local community relatiohships that help to deter conspiracies among honest people in the first place.
Disasters typically result from the combination of two elements: (a) the creation of an extremely unstable situation and (b) a triggering event that causes a rapid resolution of the unstable situation. I have gone into great detail in my centralized vs. decentralized, environmental vs. genetic, and mutualism vs. parasitism articles to describe how America has moved towards highly unstable extremes among all of these parameters. By historical standards, America is very centralized, very much in the environmental philosophical camp, and very much influenced by criminal-parasitic groups. America today is not a healthy, stable, balanced society. In fact, as I observe in my Preface to the 2007 ebook edition of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, it seems to be sleep walking towards disaster.
In other words, American policy has been so foolish that it provides very fertile grounds for conspiratorial behavior, both by putting normally good people in extremely unstable and desperate situations, or also by rewarding and sheltering criminal groups. My description of the rise of "Alien" and "Predator" in my critical issues section is essentially a tale of exponentially rising risks of conspiracy waiting to happen.
The most notorious criminal group in America involves the Israel-first Jewish supremacists who were likely behind 9-11, the JFK assassination, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the continued national media assault on the mores of America's declining white middle class, the outsourcing of our industrial base, the conversion of America into a financially-driven casino economy, the shanghai of American foreign policy into the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (with a possible attack on Iran in the works), the open borders policy for massive illegal alien immigration that is physically replacing whites by the tens of millions, and other highly subversive acts that are setting America up for catastrophe.
Ironically, many Jewish supremacists might argue that they must engage in conspiracy in order to secure the steady stream of massive financial support and armaments necessary to avert a catastrophic destruction of the state of Israel, which has always been an economic basket case. However, in the process of robbing Peter to help pay Paul to avert disaster in their own back yard, they are helping to create extremely unstable situations elsewhere around the world that invite catastrophes -- and desperate conspiratorial behavior by gentiles as well.
Viewed from this perspective, the big surprise in America is not that we have conspiracies, but rather why we do not have even more of them.

Some of the key hoaxes and conspiracies in American history

An important international conspiracy preceding the first settlement of America involved the takeover of Northern Europe by Christian ideologues using armed conquest, bribery, torture, deception, and extortion in the late Middle Ages. This was especially conspiratorial to the extent that savage campaigns of Christian repression sterilized many European peoples of important indigenous cultural and religious institutions that helped maintain their tribal identity and cohesion. Over the many centuries that followed, all of this, combined with the inherent universalism contained within most Christian ideology, would help skew the indigenous religious tendencies and native cultures of Europeans towards the left.
Fundamentalist Christian fervor led to recurrent bouts of fanaticism that encouraged massive religious wars, wasteful crusades, systematic witch burnings, and other catastrophes on a scale generally not seen in the pagan era. Puritan ideology helped open England's top leadership strata to reinfiltration by Jewish aliens beginning with the Cromwellian era. Christian leftism would later brainwash many Americans into valuing a highly suspect, alien, ancient Jewish tribal history over their own indigenous Nordic and Celtic tribal cultures and traditions. It would also create the basis for a strain of leftist fanaticism known as "American exceptionalism" that played an important role in the "Glory Hallelujah" total war destruction of half the wealth of the South during the War of Southern Independence (1861-1865). It encouraged radical abolitionists who elevated blacks over Southern whites during the so-called Reconstruction era. It also encouraged the rise of Christian Zionism, "Progressivism," and leftist strains of secular humanism as major political forces. It supported America's neo-Jacobin federal government of the 20th century that provided blank check support for the aggressive alien Jewish state of Israel. America's unlimited neo-Jacobin government has also pursued never ending imperial adventures in the name of leftist interpretations of "democracy" worldwide. See more of my discussion regarding the natural vs. revealed religion controversy towards the end of the Rev Ted Pike archive page.
The United States Government was born in massive conspiracy. What the patriots did at places like Lexington, Concord, and Breed's Hill (Bunker Hill) was illegal insurrectionary behavior and treason from the viewpoint of the British legal justice system. Benjamin Franklin was not kidding at the signing of the Declaration of Indepedence when he declared, ""We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."
A first possible major public hoax that took place after the founding of the United States Government was the Conspiracy in Philadelphia addressed by author Gary North. A meeting in Philadelphia called to simply amend the Articles of Confederation got high jacked by a secretive Federalist coup to create the U.S. Constitution. According to Dr. Murray Rothbard, the majority of Americans were anti-Federalists who believed that a central government must always be kept weaker than their State Governments. (This is called "true Federalism," hence "anti-Federalists" were unfairly tarred by the Federalists when they gave them a name with a negative sounding "anti" in it).
The Federalist coup put American "federal" government on a centrist course. Patrick Henry warned the Virginia legislature not to ratify the U.S. Constitution because it "squinted towards monarchy."
According to Dr. Murray Rothbard in his archived Mises Institute lectures, Americans were hoaxed when Federalist leaders told them that an economic recession in the mid 1780's was due to a lack of strong central government economic management rather than the inevitable recessionary adjustments following the inflationary distortions created by Revolutionary War spending. Dr. Rothbard also claimed that the Federalists used their influence over the post office to hold up the mail of anti-Federalists to hamper their ability to organize political opposition in time to stop implementation of the Constitution. Lastly, he claimed the Constitutional Convention was motivated more by bankers and lenders seeking a strong government that could consolidate state debts to better insure their repayment rather than by any real concern for liberty or the needs of the American people, Federalist propaganda aside.
To really comprehend the enormity of the "conspiracy in Philadelphia," a person has to understand how the evolution of America under a true Federalist system might have avoided some of our most destructive wars, such as the disastrous War of Southern Independence (1861-1865). A compact or confederacy of truly sovereign and independent states would have probably also avoided decisive intervention into the Great European War of 1914 that prolonged the conflict as a World War and created the totally exhausted conditions in Europe that led to the rise of Bolshevism, fascism, Nazism, and World War II. Also, without becoming an imperial order, it would have been much harder for New York City-based Jewish plutocrats to become entrenched in WASP society and use the power of trans-continental America as a springboard to support the rise of Bolshevism or the rise of the Zionist state in Palestine. After all, decentralized political systems tend to be more "folkish" and protective of the racial integrity and conservative traditions of a people. In essence, the State of Israel is like a tumorous outgrowth of a decaying, imperialistic, neo-Jacobin, federal-totalitarian, ethnically fragmented American society. I discuss other ramifications in more detail towards the end of my centralization vs. decentralization article.
Incidentally, there are some interesting tie-ins between the Federalists and various secret societies, the most prominent being the Masons. George Washington and most members of his Federalist cabinet were ranking members. Masonry of that period had many interesting tie-ins with Babylonian and Old Testament myths of Jewish supremacists. Please see comments by Rev Ted Pike about the very sinister, depraved, and alien Babylonian nature of Talmudic Judaism and the Jewish Kabbalah.
Speaking of secret societies, some other writers on this topic are worth mentioning here. They include Texe Marrs, Eustace Mullins, and Nesta Webster. You can also find interesting commentary about the role of secret societies in American history in The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper and also in archived works by Tom Chittum.
Nesta Webster's work The French Revolution is very significant because it shows the key role of secret societies in high jacking the initial reformist phase of the French Revolution and converting it into the utterly savage second phase known as the Jacobin Terror.
While I respect the right of people to organize as a social group and keep their own affairs private, I am bothered by secret societies which exist to push a political agenda on the general public. This is fundamentally incompatible with the "republican virtue" concept which stresses the need for honest disclosure and free and open debate regarding public business.
Furthermore, I take the attitude that while many secret societies may have originated with some intellectually honest ideas, over time their secrecy can make them vulnerable to infiltration and take over by evil people with plenty of money who like to exert influence quietly through secretive front groups. In contrast, under conditions of open disclosure and public accountability, at least word that a group has gone rotten can get out into the public and reduce a political groups' effectiveness accordingly.
Fast-forwarding in American hoaxology history to the 1860's, President Abraham Lincoln maneuvered Confederates behind the scenes into firing the first shot at Fort Sumter while feigning public innocence. There is an important irony involved here, because in 1847 Representative Abraham Lincoln introduced the "spot" resolutions in Congress, directly challenging the integrity of President James K. Polk by claiming that he had hoaxed the U.S. Congress about the exact location of a U.S. skirmish with Mexican troops that had been used to justify America's invasion of Mexico in the Mexican War.
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was a rhetorical hoax, because the Southern cause of independence from the North was much closer to the cause of self-determination espoused in the Declaration of Independence than the Union cause. Furthermore, "hallowing" ones political philosophy based upon battlefield casualties commits the logical fallacy of ad misericordium.
Never mind truth and logic following the War of Southern Independence. After all, the Union "victory" established the principle that the emergent neo-Jacobin U.S. Government must be supreme at all costs, even at the expense of over 640,000 dead Americans, the total destruction of the principle of State's Rights, and the destruction of half the wealth of the South. Henceforth, why would any government that relished burning down half of South Carolina, deliberately causing Confederate POWs to have a vastly higher morality rate than Northern POW's, and elevating blacks and Jewish carpetbaggers over prostrated Southern Whites during the so-called "Reconstruction" era (along with a very long list of other horrors, war crimes, and abuses) feel any restraints whatsoever about telling lies whenever it suits its almighty purposes?
From now on, the U.S. Government would demand that is always knows best. It must always trump everything else. To hell with Thomas Jefferson's statement: "When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
Many contemporary libertarians such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts refer to left wing authoritarian regimes as being "Neo-Jacobin." This contrasts to authoritarian right wing tribalistic regimes that might be called "Nazi" or "Zionist." Please see my introduction to reconciling ideological viewpoints that shows how all of this fits on an ideological matrix map. I also explain how the "Civil War" era engineered a permanent diagonal transition from America's original "genetic bottom up" libertarian white racial nationalist philosophy to the "environmental top down" Neo-Jacobinin ideology we suffer under today.
By repudiating the basic principles of limited government that were the basis of the American Revolution, one might argue that the U.S. Government itself has served as one gigantic neo-Jacobin conspiracy against the American public ever since 1861.
It was bad enough that the so-called "Civil War" fomented by "King Lincoln" (also known as "America's Lenin") left America as a totally fractured, neo-Jacobin-dominated mess, but then things only went from bad to worse when millions of Jewish immigrants and their international central banker leaders invaded America's biggest cities during the Robber Baron Age of the late 1800's.
This began an extremely serious phase of the "Alien" threat that I identify in my critical issues discussion, in addition to the problem of "Predator" posed by out-of-control neo-Jacobin Federal government. Worse yet, these two monsters called "Alien" and "Predator" would work together and reinforce each other throughout the 20th century and ultimately produce an extremely sick, dysfunctional, and bankrupt society heavily decoupled from reality.
Actually Jews had already been present in America in relatively small numbers ever since governor Pieter Stuyvesant tried unsuccessfully to throw them out of New Amsterdam (later New York City) in 1654 because of a public outcry over their customary usurious and deceitful practices. Jews dominated the African slave trade in colonial America from a bastion in Newport Rhode Island. Also, President George Washington's "right hand" cabinet member Alexander Hamilton is reputed to have had significant Jewish connections overseas. He was despised by Thomas Jefferson and other anti-Federalists for playing a key role in creating America's first central bank and trying to fasten the imperialist British mercantile system on America. The Rothschilds and other plutocratic Jewish families were heavy investors in American railroads by the mid-1800's, followed by early involvement in the burgeoning oil industry. As three final individual examples, Levi Strauss became very wealthy in San Francisco selling supplies to miners during the California Gold Rush, Jefferson Davis' Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederacy was a Jew named Judah P. Benjamin who beat feet to England once the war was lost, and South Carolina's Reconstruction governor Franklin J. Moses distinguished himself as one of the most totally corrupt politicians in American history.
Wilmot Robertson notes in The Dispossessed Majority that the War of Southern Independence became the first time that Jews came to the attention of the American public at large. "On the Northern side, while the Lincoln administration was leaning heavily on the Rothschilds for financial support, General Grant generated an anti-Semitic furor by ordering his subordinate commanders to expel Jewish peddlers and commission merchants from behind the Union lines." (page 163). In footnote 33 to this sentence, Robertson added, "August Belmont, the Rothschild's American agent, `was able, thanks to the hugeness of the Rothschild reservoir of capital, to start in America operating his own Federal Reserve System.' Belmont was one of the first Jews to crack the inner sanctum of American high society when he married the daughter of naval hero Commodore Perry Birmingham, Our Crowd, pp. 27, 79-80, 101")
However, it was not until the late 1800's when Jews came over by the millions from Eastern Europe and Russia that they could physically dominate New York City, which emerged as America's media, financial, and corporate power center in the 20th century. This enabled Jews to eventually gobble up control of over a third of the wealth of America and most of its major national media with only about 3% of the total population. It also helped to bring American hoaxology up to entirely new levels. See The New Jerusalem by Michael Collins Piper and Viper's Venom by Col Donn de Grand Pre for more details on this alien influx and their influence.
A very important reason why Jews were able to become so powerful in America (apart from the vital financial "air superiority" that came from elite Jews in Europe who had already cracked the central banks of England, France, and other countries) is that they were able to use their "terrible power of the purse" to buy off nearly unlimited numbers of talented white Americans who were all too willing to front for them. Many white Americans did this because as Christians they genuinely believed these crafty aliens to be some kind of divinely chosen people. Others did it because as a result of the Melting Pot. They became so deracinated and lacking in any core, tribal, European ancestral values that emphasize personal honor that their only god became making money, money, money at all costs. Hence, Jewish malefactors have been continually shielded in America by entire armies of America's "best and brightest" who have done a brilliant job of "pooh-poohing," suppressing, and negative spin-doctoring hard facts and intelligent discussions about Jewish characteristics and conspiracy.
This fact of life did not fully sink in with me until after I spent from 1984 to 1994 living in New York City following graduation from an elite business school.
In 1913 Americans were hoaxed by the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System in a bill that was snuck through Congress just before Christmas recess. Many American populists thought this bill would curb the power of the big money trusts, when in fact it did the exact opposite. It was designed and promoted as a Trojan horse by the very worst leaders of the money trusts, to include European Rothschilds who worked through their J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller agents.

The Fed was ostensibly created to help stabilize the currency and economy, but instead created the liquidity excesses that set the stage for the Great Depression and the hyperinflation of the 1970's. (see America's Great Depression by Dr. Murray Rothbard, and The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin). The Fed is now rapidly debauching American dollars; in fact it had the arrogance to stop reporting M3 money supply aggregates in March 2006.
A central plank of Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracy was the concept that in peacetime a central bank was completely unnecessary, if not dangerous, and that money must be kept out of the hands of politicians and central bankers to preserve individual liberty and grass roots economic freedom. In fact, the American financial system and economy ran very well on "natural" or "free market" forms of money without a central bank for much of the 18th and 19th centuries. Therefore, Americans were later hoaxed by the Keynesian economic revolution of the 1930's which insisted that the economy cannot function effectively without continued manipulation by a strong, activist central bank and a big interventionist government who must somehow use continued inflationary "stimulus" by "fiat" (or "dictated") money and also money and credit created out of thin air by a fractional reserve banking system, all of which would be largely controlled behind the scenes by Jews.
One good source that explains this hoax is Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo by Zygmund Dobbs. It was published in the early 1960's by the Veritas Foundation, sponsored by the grandson of Teddy Roosevelt and some other very disaffected Harvard alumni. (As another important source, see Henry Hazlitt's classic debunking of Keynes in The Failure of the "New Economics."). The Veritas Foundation also published The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences that explained how Jews like professor Franz Boas at Columbia (heavily supported, of course, by co-tribalists who controlled national media), corrupted anthropology and other social science disciplines by promoting extreme leftist interpretations. As one example, much of the famous work Coming of Age in Samoa: A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth For Western Civilization, by Boas associate Margaret Mead, was later exposed as a leftist hoax by a Samoan writer.
Before leaving the fateful year of 1913, let me also mention that Devvy Kidd and other patriotic activists swear that upon their diligent research, they have determined that the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution were never properly ratified.
The unratified 16th amendment ostensibly gave the Federal government authority to collect income tax.
The unratified 17th amendment destroyed the last remaining state suffrage rights by providing for direct election of senators. This was a final nail in the coffin of States Rights as a deterrent to unlimited Federal government growth.
In 1916 Woodrow Wilson hoaxed Americans by running on an anti-interventionist peace plank. Once re-elected, he and his close circle of Jewish advisors backdoored America into World War I as part of the Balfour Declaration. The real deal behind the this declaration promised entry into Palestine for Jews in return for use of their American media control to bring America into World War I on the side of Britain (See The International Jew by Henry Ford for more details).
Woodrow Wilson"s Jewish advisors were also well connected to Jewish plutocrats such as Jacob Schiff who provided major funding for the Bolshevik takeover of Russia by communist Jews. These nasty men included Leon Trotsky and 400 Jewish-American communists who had lived in New York City just prior to setting sail for Russia to support Vladimir Lenin. They subsequently played a key role in running his Communist party, secret police operations, and concentration camps.
If there was ever anything positive or idealistic about the socialist movement, these evil Jews sure fixed it in a hurry.
America's largely Jewish-controlled national media hoaxed the American public from the time of Lenin's takeover up through the 1940's by portraying Bolshevism as some kind of relatively benign social reform and pro-democracy movement.
Not only had America's national media become very Orwellian, but there was also an Orwellian side to trigger events that led America into foreign wars. (However, this is not to say that America's adversaries did not also do some arrogantly rash and stupid things to walk into the trap of going to war with America)..
We know now that the explosion in the Battleship Maine that started the Spanish American War probably was not caused by either Cubans or Spaniards. According to Bill Sardi, "A 1976 investigation found that the Maine was sunk due to a self-inflicted blast, probably as a result of coal bunker fire on board."
The German resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare on Jan 31, 1917 sounds ruthless, until one realizes that the British and French blockade against Germany was every bit as savage
. As Stanford Law prof. Lawrence Lessig puts it: "In 1917, however, Wilson sought a declaration of war. The reason he sought to enter the war was to preserve the `freedom of the seas.' Under international law, a neutral is entitled to trade with belligerents. The Germans, however, were using U-boats to sink American ships that were bringing munitions, arms, and other supplies to England and France. Ironically, the English and French were also blocking American shipping to Germany. But because Germany had little access to the sea, they could do this by mining a few harbors and rivers. The only way the Germans could reciprocate was by warning Americans not to trade with English and France, on pain of submarine attacks. Nonetheless, Wilson got his declaration."
The extremely vindictive British starvation blockade of Germany in 1919 after the Armistice was declared in 1918 dramatizes how barbarism existed on both sides. According to "Behind the Balfour Declaration: Britain's Great War Pledge To Lord Rothschild" by Robert John, "In a careful study, Prof. Alex M. Arnett showed in 1937 that Wilson had decided to put the United States into the war on the side of the Allies many months before the resumption of U-boat warfare by Germany, which was promoted as a sufficient reason."
I might add that it certainly did not help the German cause that Arthur Zimmerman, the Germany's State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, would send an amazingly naive and risky telegram to Mexico, and then have the stupidity to publicly acknowledge its authenticity. I suspect there is a lot more behind this story than meets the eye.
Franklin D. Roosevelt knew well in advance about the Japanese "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. In fact, behind the scenes he did everything possible to provoke both Germany and Japan into giving America a causus belli. Infamy by John Toland and works by Harry Elmer Barnes are examples of works that help to make this case. Amazingly, Hitler allowed Japan to drag Germany into a war with the U.S. which he had been previously bending over backwards to avoid, even without first demanding that Japan help him roll up Stalin from the East.

Tying in historical patterns of deception with the lunar landing hoax thesis

I could go on with many other examples of major hoaxes and deceptions in American history, but I think the reader by now gets the point. Getting back to the space program, for those of us who have read the book "Why Government Doesn't Work" by the late libertarian leader Harry Browne, we might ask why would we allow ourselves to be overawed or particularly trusting towards any bloated Federal bureaucracy. This could include a Federal bureaucracy such as NASA that costs taxpayers somewhere between 100 to a 1,000 times more to get payloads in orbit than, say, a private sector operation such as SpaceShipOne.
If you strongly agree with libertarians that "government" is ultimately about posturing, force, and bureaucracy, and that once it grows beyond a certain point it tends to become more of a dysfunctional parasite than a "producer," and furthermore government bureaucracy tends to be fundamentally incapable of the entrepreneurial calculation, innovation, and efficiency that one normally finds in the private sector, then shame on so many of us for never doubting that a mammoth Federal entity like NASA could ever accomplish anything so ambitious as put a man on the moon within a decade using 1960's technology. Our lack of suspicion may have had something to do with our government-funded schools and our government-friendly controlled national media.
Please see my centralization vs. decentralization article for more analysis and background on the political side of this issue. Here I describe how unchecked government tends to morph into Ponzi government and then from there into Evil government.
There is also an important racial and ethnic angle that we need to explore. Shame on us for also expecting that a country that was no longer controlled by Northern European whites by the year 1913 could ever have the spirit of honor, honesty, integrity, and chivalrous conduct that once characterized the tone of the WASP leaders of early America.
We were taken over by alien wise guys who are racially and culturally incapable of noble character. They have set the tone, so that America's leaders today are more in the pattern of the crooks who once ran the ill-fated firm Enron.
I think that the Enron case remains a classic example regarding the decline in character of American leadership. Enron management promised shareholders and their employees the moon. They encouraged them to buy more Enron stock right up until the bitter end while quietly working against them behind the scenes by selling off their Enron stock and making false public statements. Once the terrible truth got out, and the company finally imploded, most of Enron's employees were left not only with no jobs, but also very little of their original retirement portfolios.
Please read Dr. William Pierce's article "Enron, Fastow, and the Looting of America" (March 2002 Free Speech). This serves as an important warning regarding a pattern that will likely be repeated on a national level once our runaway debt and declining dollar eventually precipitate a hyperinflationary economic collapse.
We have every reason to expect that continuing patterns of fraud at all levels in America will only continue to grow like a cancer. Nothing will turn around until we accomplish a complete overhaul of our top leadership structure. This includes the strategic bases of our society such as banking, finance, and media in addition to elected offices.
Fortunately the Internet is accomplishing a de facto of overhaul of media through decentralization, however this trend could come to an abrupt end if the ADL and other proponents of censorship get their way. Please see the Rev Ted Pike archive which documents the Jewish ADL's strenuous efforts to shut down free speech in America.
Of course since there are cyclical interactions between all echelons of society --and furthermore because in a democratic society power should flow from the bottom upwards -- we must also overhaul America at the grass roots and restore white racial and ethnic solidarity and cultural integrity on a local community level. .
Why would anyone expect an arrogant government and its insider crony allies who have consistently lied to us about the London Gold Pool episode, the Federal Reserve Banking System, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the JFK Assassination, the total lack of effective border control, the Mossad-CIA global drug trade partnership, the racial replacement of white Americans with nonwhites, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the alleged requirement to file personal income tax returns as statutory law, the transfer of America's industrial base overseas, the evidence for 9-11 controlled demolitions planned by the Mossad, the bubble market hoax that resulted in the $1.4 billion global settlement, the irresponsible Holocaust exaggerations, the manipulation of the stock market by a "plunge protection team" and "repo market" and the current suppression of the gold and silver markets by central bank dishoarding (see "Move Over Adam Smith" by John Embry), the influence of secret societies and subversive movements in American history, the secret radiation experiments on large U.S. populations, the abandonment of POW's, the lack of protection for civil liberties, the horror of depleted uranium, (see also my "Critical Issues" discussion) --the list is almost endless-- why would anyone expect these kinds of people to suddenly become choir boys about the space race?
Perhaps the better question might be: "In regard to what major project or public policy issue since the Abraham Lincoln dictatorship and Robber Baron Age has the U.S. Government -- and the wise guys who exert significant control from behind the scenes -- not lied to us either by omission or commission?"
Regarding the moon landing hoax issue, why wouldn't America's corrupt leaders feel tempted to create the illusion that America is heading boldly towards some kind of multi-racial/multi-cultural "Star Trek" future in order to help cover up the fact that by the late 1960's America was already showing massive symptoms that its centrally planned, Big Government "Great Society" no longer worked. Many statistical studies that document accelerating social and economic decay go back at least to the 1960's-1970's era. As one example, please see the online Grandfather Economic Report.
I might add that one did not need statistical studies to realize back in the 1960's that something very fundamental was going wrong with America. A good example is the article "The Radicalizing of An American" by the late Dr. William Pierce, which explains why he opted out of his secure tenure track as an assistant physics professor during the early 1960's to devote the remainder of his life towards awakening his people.
I myself am old enough to vividly remember the incredible difference that forced racial integration of schools, the psychedelic cultural revolution, the so-called "sexual revolution," and the radical leftist takeover of the anti-Vietnam War protest movement made in the tone of American society between the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the alleged landing on the moon in 1969.
While shoving mass degeneracy down America's throat, why wouldn't the Jewish supremacist oligarchy and its corrupt gentile collaborators want to add plenty of "sugar on top" with faked space exploration prestige? They could then say, "Who says America is going to hell if the country is landing men on the moon?" Furthermore, "Who says race-mixing and multiculturalism is degenerate when our Star Trek heroes on television show it is the stuff of an advanced space age civilization?"
This propaganda might buy them a few more decades of legitimacy and collateral support for Israel while their poisons continue to rot society on other levels. This could also buy these crooks more time to figure out other major scams to foist on the public to extend their sordid rule even longer.
In 2001 the keepers of the American Matrix of Illusion sponsored what appears to be another extraordinary hoax. Their current fraudulent war on terror is based on a 9-11 Mossad-planned "false flag" operation. This is being shamelessly used to get Americans to die for Israel, Big Oil, and the Military-Industrial Complex in the Middle East. It is also being used to stifle at home our last remaining First Amendment rights (please see the Rev Ted Pike archive for details).
The perpetual, Orwellian-sounding "War on Terror" is only one of a long string of outrageous hoaxes used to confuse, distract, and ruthlessly exploit the general public. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call this malevolent production: 2001: A Terrorism Odyssey.
Why would a moon landing hoax conspiracy be significantly different in scale and magnitude compared to the Mossad murder of President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight in downtown Dallas, the deliberate Israeli attack on the U.S. Liberty in 1967, or the way America's largely Jewish controlled national media massively promoted the LSD counterculture, extreme leftist feminism, and the radically anti-family values-oriented "sexual revolution" on America's Baby Boomer generation beginning in the mid-1960's?
After all, we are probably talking about some very sick, paranoid, alien, deceptive, criminal, nihilistic --and also incredibly rich -- people who think they rule America and its national media from their penthouse suites in places like New York City, London, Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv.
These people in all likelihood have strong "Asiatic despotic" mentality totally alien to western traditions of individual liberty, truthfulness, and chivalrous conduct. Worse yet, throughout much of the 20th century, common American citizens have generally lacked the leadership and organizational ability to effectively resist these megalomaniacal psychopathic lunatics who are wrecking our country.
Why wouldn't the same kinds of unspeakably evil people who supported the Bolshevik Revolution from New York City also reason in a very cold and calculating way that it requires a steady flow of Big Lies for them to continue to rule a big country like America? Furthermore, why wouldn't this criminal elite feel a form of perverse pleasure and superiority every time they get gullible Americans to swallow their Big Lies? Lastly, given their "secret inbred rancor" towards gentiles, and their open promotion of white race mixing with nonwhites since the mid-1960's (very destructive to the integrity of the white gene pool, not to mention any form of "white pride"), why wouldn't they feel a perverse pleasure in secretly hoaxing and mocking the way white people normally feel tremendous pride towards white advancements in science, technology, exploration, and discovery?
As I explain in my mutualism vs. parasitism article and also on the Rev Ted Pike archive web page, Jews never invented a scientific method on their own. They have always been characterized by their adversaries as a very dogmatic, totalitarian, vicious, collectivistic, deceptive, and gangsterish people. Nor did they ever develop a sublime, disciplined, and rational form of art or a fully conscious rational governmental process such as republican and democratic government, as did the ancient Greeks and Romans. All these achievements of Western Civilization, such as science, republicanism, democracy, and sublime art and architecture, are aspects of gentile genius that have typically made self-chosen Semites boil over with rage and envy. In fact, one of the biggest alleged achievements of the self-chosen, namely the Old Testament, is now believed by many serious scholars to be in large measure just another big hoax. Please see the Barnes Review article "Ancient Israel: Is there any hard scientific evidence to substantiate the ancient Hebrew tales of Israelite supremacy in the Holy Land?" by John Tiffany. (Please also see the Rev Ted Pike archive page for more of my own comments about fraudulent Jewish-created religion).
By promulgating a moon landing hoax, the Jewish supremacist elite could join Americans at the hip with their own underhanded practices. Note how the Jewish neo-con "High Priests of War" joined America at the hip in Iraq with the same torture practices that are widely used in Israel. Please also note from my comments about religion in the last paragraph that the entire theological basis of the State of Israel is also probably one gigantic hoax.
Jewish supremacist leaders could also use their alliance with senior NASA officials to quietly sully the honor of German rocket scientists such as Dr. Werner Von Braun, NASA's former Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center and the chief architect of the Saturn Five rocket. Don't forget that this man was also a former Waffen S.S. Sturmbannführer (Major). Getting von Braun and his German associates to swallow their pride and eat a hoax could no doubt provide some of the same kinds of smug satisfaction that Jews enjoy today who openly admit that they get a kick out of running America's pornography industry as a means to defile gentile women.
As another critical observation, please recall that an important key to solving the JFK assassination conspiracy is to ask who in America has had the money, covert operations capability, and national media power to sustain a cover up over the last five decades. There is only one group in America with that kind of power, combined with its own very special passion for deception, mafia operations, and control of American organized crime.
That same group would also have to support the moon landing hoax in order to sustain the cover up for decades. Therefore, any intelligent discussion of the moon landing hoax and its prolonged cover up necessarily requires a discussion of a possible role by Jewish supremacist leaders.

Weather manipulation and other environmentally-related conspiracy theories

A big issue being touted by many politicians today is "global warming." I would defer to the Wikipedia article on this topic for a discussion of the underlying elements of this debate. Many conservatives think that the global warming phenomenon is more of a function of uncontrollable long term sunspot cycles as opposed to something that normal humans can control such as burning coal or using aerosol spray products. (See for example, discussion of State of Fear by Michael Crichton).
I am sure that many of the concerns of mainstream ecologists are perfectly valid. However, since this article is about the political side of right wing conspiracy theories, let me stay focused on this dimension.
Environmentalism carried to an extreme is viewed by many rightists as a ploy to take the focus off the real conspiracies such as Mossad involvement in 9-11 controlled demolitions or the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is also viewed as a ploy to condition white people to approach physical environmental problems in an ideologically leftist fashion that can then be transferred towards more "sensitivity" towards Jews and nonwhite minorities. As an example, if we must compassionately save the whales and the redwoods, then through some kind of leftist logic we must therefore also save rapidly multiplying Third World peoples by allowing them into our country. However, when it comes to saving white people from their current rapid replacement by nonwhites, this suddenly becomes some kind of reprehensible "racism" and a separate issue, according to this same leftist "logic."
Many rightists also view the "sustainable development" concept bandied about by leftists as a rationalization for nasty cutbacks that must be inflicted on white societies after socialist economic redistribution policies, the massive influx of third world illegal alien immigrants, and the highly indebted, mostly nonproductive casino economies created by speculative Jewish financiers have finally wrecked their societies.
"Agenda 21" is a special feature of the sustainable development crowd. It calls for "population reduction." For rightists, we can easily envision how "population reduction" has been implemented by leftists in the past. Recall, for example, how Stalin's planned starvation program for millions of Ukrainians in the 1930's resulted in what is known today as "The Terror Famine."
If our Alien and Predator rulers in America ever succeed in stealing all our civil liberties, to include completely censoring the Internet and confiscating all of our firearms, they will have lots of fun no doubt achieving "population reductions" of millions of whites in places like Minnesota and Oklahoma. After all, we have got to "ecologically rebalance" and make more room for all those poor oppressed nonwhites!
Behind all of this jabber about "Agenda 21" and "sustainable development," I detect an Asiatic despotic mentality. This has not changed a bit over the last five thousand years. The name of the game in the East has usually always been to lie, cheat, murder, steal, and otherwise ruthlessly climb to the top to monopolize a resource (such as a water hole or trading concession) and then ruthlessly eliminate all potential rivals. In stereotypical Eastern societies, any members of the masses who in any way displease their rulers are expected to quietly lay their heads on the executioner's chopping block and passively await their fate. In fact, this is the way it has been in most nonwhite societies throughout history, to include Jewish society.
White men and women of the West have always tried to be a bit different. We have tried to focus on the incredible productivity of the free enterprise system that respects individual initiative and property rights.
Unfortunately the West is currently disappearing before the onslaught of the Third World invasion. Worse yet, we have barbarians inside our gates in very high places who have helped to orchestrate all of this. They are probably rubbing their hands with glee. See Col Donn de Grand Pre's Viper's Venom for more details.

Western technology in the service of the conspiratorial destruction of Western man's environment

A prime concern of weather-related conspiracy theorists is HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which they view as a Manhattan Project of Geo-Physics. One important source is Angels Don't Play This haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology by Nick Begich and Jeane Manning. Also, I have archived an article published in August 1994 by Col Donn de Grand Pre that talks about earlier government spending in the weather manipulation area.
Interestingly enough, one can find postings at and a Jan 15, 2003 Pravda article such as "HAARP Poses Global Threat" which both suggest that the Russian Government takes this HAARP matter seriously. I recommend that the reader link to this Pravda article to examine for himself the capabilities that worry the Russians.
Also, please check out Devvy Kidd's article "Contrails: Killing Us Softly." Then please surf the links she provides, to include Victoria Hardy's article "A Doctor Speaks Out Against Chemtrails" about Dr. Stephen D. McKay who explains four possible high level programs that help explain the spray activity.
The U.S. Government has already done some very scary things with the atmosphere that have been publicly documented. A prime example is Operation Starfish Prime run in 1962, when the government detonated a 1.4 megaton nuclear warhead 250 miles above the Pacific. The electromagnetic pulse was felt 930 miles away in Hawaii where TVs malfunctioned, 300 street lights failed, and power lines fused. According to wikipedia, the explosion created a man-made radiation belt in space that crippled one-third of all satellites in low orbit.
On 13 Dec 2006, on John Stadtmiller's Republic Broadcasting Networks (RBN) show. Clifford E. Carnicom explained his independent researcher on HAARP and what are known as "chem trails." He runs the web site (To hear this show on MP3, download here part one and part two of the two hour interview). See also his online video Aerosol Crimes.
Mr. Carnicom described how people have recorded planes operating around the world that have sprayed tons of sub-micron sized metallic oxide particles into the atmosphere. The ensuing "chem trails" form under conditions of 30% humidity that are well below the 70% humidity required to form clouds. Unlike "contrails" that typically follow high altitude aircraft consisting of water vapor, they fail to dissipate much like a person's breath on a cold day. The "chem trails" following the planes may be intended to alter atmospheric conditions as part of the HAARP program, although they raise many questions that go beyond HAARP.
Many people who called into this interview on Republic Broadcasting Network agreed with Mr. Carnicom that they had observed chem trail activity by planes passing overhead. They also claimed that they have observed significant increases in death rates, lung diseases, and other ailments at the ground level related to chem trail spraying activity. Any increase in particulate matter in the atmosphere, however benign, can increase ailments.
Mr. Carnicom believes that many of the metallic oxides being sprayed (which he and other observers have collected and tested in labs) have poisonous properties for humans. The online video "The Freeman Perspective -Chemtrails" also makes this case, and even suggests deliberate population culling as a motivation (taking us back to "Agenda 21"-related fears).
About 49 minutes into part two of the RBN interview, Mr. Carnicom voiced his concern that chem trail chemicals have the potential to convert the atmosphere into a weak plasma state right down to the earth level. A plasma is an electrically conductive gas. Ionizing the atmosphere changes its physical characteristics and bolsters the propagation capabilities of electromagnetic energy.
Mr. Carnicom claims at his web site that this spraying program has permanently reduced night time visibility of stars around the world from a maximum of around 6,000 stars down to around 400 today. The spraying seems to have intensified beginning in 1999. (This is something you can verify with longstanding members of local members of astronomy clubs).
In addition, Mr. Carnicom believes that the chem trail particulates actually serve to increase heat retention on earth rather than block it, therefore countering a cover story that all of this is being done to reduce global warming. If what he says is true, these indicators help paint a much bigger picture that is almost too bizarre and frightening for even himself to address openly in the initial phases of his public interviews.

I am certainly not an atmospheric physicist and have not independently verified Clifford Carnicoms' claims. However, what really concerns me when I hear these kinds of statements is the fact that we already have very solid historical evidence of environmental catastrophes caused by senior people in the U.S. Government who have acted like irresponsible and malevolent lunatics.
One example involves secret radiation experiments conducted on the surrounding civilian population by senior military personnel in the late 1940's near the Hanford nuclear site in eastern Washington state. See June Stark Casey's "A Hanford Washington Radiation Victim Speaks Out."

The Hanford nuclear site was America's major producer of plutonium for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan and for American nuclear weaponry throughout the Cold War. The recklessness and negligence of the people who ran this site is mind-boggling. The Hanford site has involved one of the greatest environmental disasters in American history that has been largely hushed up by the controlled media. The death rates among people who worked at the Hanford nuclear site or lived in the surrounding areas of Kennewick and Richland, Washington is startling.
Talk about a rabbit hole! One interesting article is "Hanford: Don't Breath the Air" from the May/June 2004 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (unfortunately one now has to pay for the back issue, whereas before it was online for free) A good introduction is the video "Accelerating Hanford Cleanup" (15:25) found at a new Department of Energy web site for Hanford videos.
The following are some abbreviated notes that I have taken regarding points made in the first 3 minutes, 48 seconds of the video:

"DOE developed a plan for cleanup. Restoring the Columbia River corridor... Some of the toughest radiological and chemical cleanup challenges in the world are at the Hanford site in Washington State. Hanford is the largest of the three original defense production sites founded in WWII as part of the Manhattan project. Over its 40 years of operations, Hanford produced over 64 metric tons of plutonium, nearly two thirds of all the plutonium produced for US government purposes in America. Mission is now to clean up to reduce risk, and protect the environment. These cleanup challenges include more than 50 million gallons of highly radioactive and hazardous chemical waste, held in 177 underground storage tanks, 67 of which are known or suspected to have leaked. 2,100 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel, deteriorating in underwater storage basins near the Columbia River. Nearly 270 billion gallons of contaminated ground water spread out over about 80 square miles. Over 1,900 stainless steel capsules of radioactive cesium and strontium containing about 37% of the sites' total radioactivity. Over 790,000 cubic meters of solid waste. More than 1,700 identified waste sites and 500 contaminated facilities and four metric tons of plutonium. DOE and its contractors have made significant progress over the last few years including resolving major underground tank waste safety issues and enabling all tanks to be removed from the Congressional watch list. Removing pumpable liquids from 31 of the 149 single shell tanks. Deactivating two massive chemical processing plants. Moving about half of Hanford's spent nuclear fuels out of underwater pools near Columbia River to safe dry storage in the center of the Hanford site. Stabilizing and packaging all of Hanfords plutonium solutions materials and half of its plutonium residues. Actively dealing with contaminated ground water plumes. Dismantling reactor complexes and cocooning two reactor cores for interim safe storage, with three others under way. Moving about four million tons of contaminated materials away from Columbia River shoreline; about 40% of the total. Sending 100's of drums of transuranic or true waste to the waste isolation pilot plant in New Mexico for permanent storage...Existing DOE schedules has the work continuing to 2070 at a cost as high as $90 billion dollars..."(ending at 3:48)
For those who are skim reading this article, let me repeat the last point listed: "Existing DOE schedules has the work continuing to 2070 at a cost as high as $90 billion dollars."

Like I said, this is one of the greatest environmental disasters in American history next to the depleted uranium debacle (which I will cover next), and I'll bet most readers have never even heard of it.
We also know from the depleted uranium fiasco that federal irresponsibility continues to this very day in other important areas. For example, the U.S. military has already fired over two thousand tons of depleted uranium munitions in places like Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Professor Yagasaki Katsuma has noted in "Depleted Uranium Shells, The Radioactive Weapons" that, "It is estimated that in the First Gulf War, 320 to 800 tons of DU were used, scattering indeed 14,000 to 36,000 times more radiation than in Hiroshima. In the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, at least 500 tons of DU shells were said to be dropped."
Upon impact, a large proportion of the depleted uranium in each munition aerosolizes into sub-micron particles. These particles have a half life of 4.5 billion years. They are getting carried by the winds around the planet and are dramatically driving up global cancer rates. Hundreds of thousands of people, including American servicemen, have been permanently mutated as well as subjected to early deaths from cancers caused by this contamination.
Please see the Dr. Doug Rokke archive for more details on this catastrophe. A good example of an explosive article you can find referenced-by-link there is "Depleted Uranium is WMD" by DU expert Leuren Moret, published August 9, 2005 by the Battle Creek Enquirer. She stated:

Since 1991, the U.S. has released the radioactive atomicity equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs into the global atmosphere. That is 10 times the amount released during atmospheric testing which was the equivalent of 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. The U.S. has permanently contaminated the global atmosphere with radioactive pollution having a half-life of 2.5 billion years.

The U.S. has illegally conducted four nuclear wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and twice in Iraq since 1991, calling DU `conventional' weapons when in fact they are nuclear weapons.

But it gets even worse than all this. Not only do we see instances of recklessly irresponsible officials at senior U.S. Government levels, but quite often they are joined at the hip with even more insane Jewish supremacists.

There is an important "Alien" dimension behind global contamination issues

We know from statements by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Ronald Reagan, Admiral Thomas Moorer, that the Israelis have heavily infiltrated the Department of Defense. Admiral Moorer commented, ""I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes on."
I have no doubt that quite a few of Israel's leaders are arguably crazy by conventional white European standards. We know about the "Mad Dog" policy advocated by Gen Moshe Dayan ("Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."), and the Samson Option strategy documented by author Seymour M. Hersh.
The "Samson Option" means exactly what you fear most; namely that if Israel goes down for any reason, the Jewish State will try to pull everyone else down with it using nukes, much like Sampson pulling down the temple around him in the Old Testament tale.
The sheer bloodthirstiness of Israeli leaders prompted American author John Kaminski to write "Judaism is Madness." In this article he quotes an IDF commander: "We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon. …What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs."
Israel has also freely used DU weapons against Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon. Now Jewish neo-cons are egging on American leaders to use DU "bunker buster" nukes in a full scale strike against Iran. In fact, these neo-cons have shifted American policy in favor of pre-emptive nuclear first strikes, as Mike Piper pointed out in his 25 June 2007 article "Powerful Cabal of Israel-First Warmongers Praying for Nuclear Strike Against Iran." Such a strike could involve thousands of cruise missiles, encompass key military and industrial targets, and result in the deaths of millions of Iranians, to include delayed radiation victims. Radioactive clouds could also inflict significant mass death in adjoining countries such as Pakistan and India.
Speaking of damage to human gene pools, we also know that America's Jewish supremacist elite has promoted open borders and racial integration in America and Europe. These policies exacerbate the current below ZPG white birth rates afflicting virtually all major white populations. These policies ultimately threaten to genocide whites off the planet within a couple of centuries if they are not reversed.
These "evil Jewish leaders" (as the Rev Ted Pike describes individuals out to censor the Internet and shut down freedom of speech in America) are not exactly bleeding heart humanitarians with gushing gratitude for American whites who have done more for them than any other people in the history of the world.
Lastly, we also know from Jewish sources that Jews as a group have a much higher psychopathology rate than the general population. Please see my discussion of significantly higher Jewish mental illness rates in my broader discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my mutualism vs. parasitism section.
I know from personal experience having lived in New York City for ten years that the paranoia surrounding certain Jews is often so thick that you can practically see and feel it in the air and cut it with a knife.
There is also an underlying "Asiatic despotic" mentality frequently found among these people. They often believe that truth is merely a highly plastic and conditional commodity. Many of them feel instinctively that in the final analysis the common people only deserve to be the guinea pigs of their supreme ruler.
Unfortunately for most American gentiles, many Jews also strongly manifest the trait of adaptive mimicry. They are very good at telling Americans what they want to hear. Because of this, they have usually been able to fool most of the American public most of the time with their phony liberalism and other ploys used to ingratiate themselves and deflect criticism within the host population.
It usually takes some time for most Americans to get to know Jews well enough on both an individual and group basis to finally come to understand their chameleon side.
All of this is very alien to western traditions involving individual liberty, honest self-expression, chivalrous conduct, and the Faustian search for truth. However, it is not alien to despotic, collectivistic agendas like the U.N Agenda 21, Patriot Act civil liberties repression, and other vicious initiatives heavily supported by organized Jewish groups.

Summary comments regarding a possible James Bond-style "Ultra Conspiracy"

In trying to put all of this together, two "Hollywood" scenarios immediately flash through my mind.
First, I think about the scenario in the old Star Trek TV series where Captain Kirk is out of ammo as Klingons are closing in fast on his starship Enterprise in deep space. His last card is to threaten to blow up his own star ship and everything nearby. In the old Star Trek episodes, this tactic never fails to cause the Klingons to beat a hasty retreat.
Secondly, I think of the plots to the James Bond movies Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me. In both cases, certain elitists try to implement a mad plan to genocide the planet, while preserving a chosen few who will be used to repopulate. In Moonraker the villain tries to introduce toxic substances into the atmosphere to genocide all humans, and in the The Spy Who Loved Me, the villain tries to start an American-Soviet nuclear exchange and use blast and radiation as an alternative mass genocide approach.
By analogy, I intuitively sense some linkages with our current situation. Consider the criminal leaders who are now prepared to dump even more DU into the global atmosphere with nuclear strikes on Iran. Consider those at home who seek to hush up serious domestic nuclear plant contamination issues. Consider also officials who may be spraying chem trails over unsuspecting civilian populations and creating permanent atmospheric degradations. Lastly, consider paranoid Jewish supremacist leaders who want to take down the entire world with nuclear strikes and global contamination should the world turn against the Jews and Israel. Are there some connections between all of this?
I am concerned that we may be talking about criminal lunatics in high places with some kind of strange "risk it all to win it all" quasi-suicidal mentality.
The religious dimension calls to mind images of Armageddon, Sampson, Masada, and mass media accounts of the People's Temple tragedy in Guyana.
Please note my coverage of Christian Zionism on the Rev Ted Pike archive web page. Please also check out the online video Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christains United for Israel Tour. This is a fascinating documentary about "Christians United for Israel" Americans who wave Israeli flags, pray for a nuclear strike on Iran, and hope for an Armageddon-like "cleansing of the earth." No, they were not just let out of an asylum. Many of them hold very high offices and speak for tens of millions of the fellow misled and deluded. Some sources claim that over forty million Americans might be considered "Christian Zionists" or "Israel First Millennialists." Can we call this another Heaven's Gate/Hale-Bopp Comet Cult of Death magnified many million fold?
Major scientific establishments, the Enlightenment, and higher criticism examinations of the Bible have been around in various forms among Europeans for over three centuries (please see examples of serious religious criticism at and related links in my site map, to include highly skeptical/free thinking quotes from Thomas Jefferson), so it shows quite a lot cowardly, willful negligence among Christian ministers bordering on massive criminal conspiracy that they have so ruthlessly milked their organized religious franchises in America. They have allowed so much theological baloney to get piled on top of other religious nonsense by telling their congregations only what they wanted to hear (to include sweet-talking hair-brained and emotionally vulnerable rich widows for their donation money) that the situation has now escalated to a absurd level where it threatens the survival of most humanity on our planet.
One of the most ominous religious conspiracy theories available on the Internet is found in the article " What Every Jew (and Non-Jew) Should Know" by Dr. Henry Makow at Dr. Makow, who is Jewish, who reports the concerns of Christopher Jon Bjerknes, who is himself part Jewish.

A Chicago-area scholar, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, 42, thinks he knows what plagues mankind and believes his knowledge is necessary to stop Armageddon.
He says a heretical cult, the "Shabataian Frankists," controls organized Jewry, including Zionism and Freemasonry. They began as followers of Shabatai Zvi (1626-1676) and later Jacob Frank (1726-1791.) They believe Shabatai was the Messiah (God) and his soul has transmigrated down to the Rothschild dynasty, who are now the "king of the Jews."
According to their messianic system, Redemption requires that the Rothschilds become God, i.e. king of the world. This will see the sacrifice of 2/3 of all Jews and the destruction and enslavement of the rest of mankind. Bjerknes believes this demented creed actually is the motive force behind history, including all wars, and "world government."
Bjerknes (B-YERK-NES) is proud of his Norwegian Jewish heritage, ( maternal grandfather, a famous musician, was Jewish.) He has written two massive books-- one about Albert Einstein as a plagiarist, and another about the Shabataian inspired Armenian Genocide -- that include hundreds of pages of suppressed Jewish history. They can be found as PDFs at his web site
I think he exaggerates the importance of Jewish messianism but I may be wrong. His message is compelling and consistent with the Protocols of Zion where the author (whom I believe is Lionel Rothschild) talks about coming into his "kingdom."
The Shabataians believe their king is duty bound to restore the Jews to Israel and exterminate the Gentiles. They believe the Messiah won’t appear until the world succumbs to evil and are determined to make this prophecy self-fulfilling. Thus evil is good. In Bjerknes' view, this constitutes a "Jewish war against humanity." When Bjerknes refers to Jewish, he means "Shabataian"...

The idea that some lunatics might consider launching a preemptive strike against major portions of the world's population reminds me of the plots of Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me. From their "sustainable development" viewpoint, they might rationalize that there are simply too many people competing for dwindling resources, so why not play God and make sure that your own people will be the only ones left with adequate resources and living space? And why bother worrying about depleted uranium or botched nuclear plants since there is plenty more mass death on the drawing boards? And why worry about a possible anti-Semitic reaction once mainstream Americans discover that their economy has been totally gutted, since presumably enough people can be eliminated so that this knowledge will no longer matter?
Speaking of the James Bond novels, Dr. David Duke had some interesting commentary on an article titled "Bond's Semitic Villains" by Robert Moss that appeared in the Jewish Forward. Dr. Duke noted:

The Jewish Forward recently published an article exposing the fact that Ian Flemming, the author of the James Bond book series, expressed what it calls “anti-Semitic” opinions. It is not, however, anti-Semitic for art to simply imitate life. The Bond books are rife with extremely rich Jewish-like oligarchs stealing Billions (such as Goldfinger) and fomenting wars and making mischief such as Blofeld in You Only Live Twice. Long after Flemming wrote his popular books that later became the most successful movie series in history, life indeed did imitate art in the former Soviet Union when 11 oligarchs (10 of them Jewish according to Jewish-owned Fortune Magazine) stole 60 percent of the wealth of the richest resource nation on earth. They did it through, bribery, extortion, fraud and murder. It was indeed the biggest criminal theft of all time, and yet the Jewish criminals such as Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Abramovitch, Khodorkovsky and others have been defended and protected by powerful Jewish influence Western nations and in the Jewish-influenced media. Many others are hiding out with their billions in Israel. There is even a popular TV program in Israel called “The Oligarchs” which chronicles the happy adventures of the Jewish oligarchs in Russia as they go about defrauding the Russian people. As far as fomenting wars, have not the Jewish oligarchs of wealth and media around the world fomented the Iraq War and the clash of civilizations? Have they not supported the murderous terrorism of Israel against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and others. Are they not the ones who are the main protagonists of a proposed war against Iran which would be catastrophic for the whole world? Art often does record history, and life does in its unfolding often imitate the truth of art.

The state of Israel has failed to be economically self-sufficient since its inception in 1948. It depends heavily on the U.S. and other countries for economic and military support. Unfortunately for the Jewish state, America is now headed towards a major hyperinflationary economic crisis.
There is no telling what extremely desperate measures cornered Israeli leaders might resort to if all their support dries up. I have no idea how many nukes Israel has right now, but my guess of somewhere over six hundred nukes might not be too far off.
The problem is that no matter how many nukes are in Israel's arsenal, they will never be enough to make Jews feel secure. However, they can definitely make other people feel insecure. In fact, the Israelis have already hinted darkly that they have missiles which give them the capability to nuke major cities in Russia and Western Europe.
The threat that Israelis could some day take hundreds of millions -- if not billions -- of people down with them is very, very real. In fact, Jewish supremacists have already killed gentiles on this order of magnitude. Ever since their co-tribalist Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto, they have promoted communist ideologies that have already cost well over a hundred million lives around the world. (Please see "Jewish Activists Created Communism" by Rev Ted Pike and "Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People" by Sir Winston Churchill). The wastage of lives has occurred not only internally in places like Red China, Cambodia, and the old Soviet Union, where incidentally Jewish communist commissars butchered tens of millions of Russians, but also in the Spanish Civil War, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and other wars where certain key parties to each conflict felt compelled to take up arms to defeat the spread of communism at all costs.

Please remember, just because some conspiracy theories may sound paranoid and crazy does not mean that there do not exist very powerful people in high places who are in fact very criminal, deranged, and dangerous.
A very final word on this topic: Speaking of great hoaxes, it is worth emphasizing that even more pertinent to your current welfare, dear reader, is the strong possibility that you are now being hoaxed into ignoring economic vital signs that America is headed towards a major hyperinflationary economic collapse. All the more reason why, as I explain in my Preface to the Jan 2007 ebook edition of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, you need to be laying up provisions and strenuously organizing, preparing, and reinventing America on a local community level.
America will not become healthy again until we can rebuild strong, cohesive, and brave white communities that can finally stand up to the conspiratorial alien predators who have been running amuck in America and around the world.

Conspiracy "counter propaganda"
The following are sources that attempt to pooh-pooh the idea that massive disinformation campaigns and conspiracies could be real
Why People Who Love Conspiracy Theories Are Part of the Problem by Stephen Marche, 21 April 2009, Esquire.


Overview regarding methodology used to "search for truth"

In conducting my own personal economic and political analyses, I usually like to start with the anarcho-libertarian viewpoint.

Anarcho-libertarians tend to focus upon analyzing factional conflict and identifying special privileges and abuse of power in society. As an avenue of intellectual analysis, American anarcho-libertarians do some extremely valuable work to uncover things that are corrupt, hypocritical, distorted, and dysfunctional. In addition, anarcho-libertarians tend to be much better informed about the complexities, trade-offs, and nuances of free market economic issues than most other commentators.

I personally think that the best way to understand economics is to start out with with anarcho-libertarian or "classical" free enterprise economic models, and then "layer cake" on top of this the bad distortions that come from special privileges accumulated by special interest groups, as well as the necessary distortions required to defend ethnic, genetic, and national interests and promote necessary altruistic self-reinvestment. In addition, I also subscribe to many behavioral finance models which theorize that humans create economic distortions because part of their behavior is inherently instinctive (ie. "emotional" as opposed to purely "logical").

While anarcho-libertarian philosophy really feels good to me on an emotional level, I recognize on an intellectual level that it comprises only about 25% of reality (see my "Resolving Opposing Ideological Viewpoints" section). It is simply unrealistic and impractical as a stand-alone philosophy given social realities in America today.

In other words, we have multiple problems layered on top of each other in America that libertarianism alone cannot solve. Unfortunately, in too many areas Americans have sold out their productive (manufacturing) and genetic (white racial) interests for relatively transitory financial-speculative gains and have tolerated criminality at high levels. Too many Americans dare not criticize abusive big government operators and vicious Zionist groups, among many other special interests.

Despite all these multi-dimensional problems, I think that patriots should remain mindful that America originated as a very racially and ethnically homogeneous, Northern European-descended libertarian society. Or expressed differently, early America was a de facto libertarian white ethnostate. Since the Anglo-Saxons are a Nordic people, and the population was heavily White Anglo Saxon Protestant up until the 1840's, America was also a de facto Nordic ethnostate.

Libertarianism can work reasonably well in the kinds of racially and culturally homogeneous white societies that once existed prior to the floods of Third World immigration that started to take place after World War II. These societies include historic Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, early America, early Greece, and ancient Rome where the upper crusts of society were once fiercely loyal towards protecting the racial, ethnic, cultural, political, economic, and military interests of their own people.

However, fat chance anarcho-libertarianism will work all by itself in the multi-racial, multi-cultural, Zionist/criminal-dominated, and increasingly nonwhite America we have today. Beyond the fact that America is such a welter of opposing value-systems and incompatible interest groups, America is now filled with too many people who emotionally crave authoritarian guidance and bureaucratic structure. America is also filled with many extremely greedy people at all levels who habitually practice fraud and promote monopolization instead of republican virtue, while mouthing sanctimonious platitudes about "protecting freedom" and "democracy" and such. Lastly, America is increasingly getting "dumbed-down" with crude, primitive people who have problems anticipating and resolving problems in a rational manner before they become full-blown crises, and who become easy dupes for ideological children's crusades.

Despite sad current social realities, it remains a historical fact that the American Revolution was fundamentally a libertarian struggle. The rhetoric of that struggle continues to frame our ongoing national political debate, even though most terms have lost their original meaning.

As one example, most Americans are unaware that "liberty" originally meant freedom from government — to include expelling British imperial government. Early Americans typically achieved greater liberty by absolutely minimizing central government or by escaping it altogether as they migrated westward. In fact, when the French observer Alexis de Tocqueville visited America in the 1830's, he noted that a distinguishing characteristic of America was that its citizens had almost no government by European standards, to include having no income tax and ten times fewer bureaucrats per capita than his native France. Americans handled most government functions on a local level, often among citizen-volunteers. Americans also expected each other to exercise considerable moral restraint, economic self-sufficiency, and republican virtue and a local level as well.

Today, most Americans have the confused, upside-down notion that liberty is something that requires big government intervention, continually administered and monitored by bureaucrats, and involving anti-white race-based quotas, in order for its existence to be guaranteed among the citizenry. Many Americans also have this weird idea that liberty is something that the U.S. government gives to alien peoples abroad after invading them and shooting up their countries on false pretexts (like Afghanistan and Iraq).

There are whole treasure chests of libertarian wisdom waiting to be revealed for those simply willing to take the time to read. Why Government Doesn't Work by Harry Browne, The Real Lincoln: A New Look At Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War and How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of our Country from the Pilgrims to the Present by Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., and A Republic, Not An Empire: Reclaiming America's Destiny by Pat Buchanan are all good examples of books that contain facts and insights that should be common knowledge across America, but are not.

Although genuine pro-libertarian government has become increasingly a dead letter in America on a national level since the "King Lincoln" dictatorship, the American public still tends to place the burden on activists to explain why the libertarian approach may no longer be practical or effective before accepting other approaches or viewpoints.

Unfortunately most of our politicians today simply are not honest this way. They spout off the libertarian rhetoric that they know the public wants to hear in order to get elected, but then once in office work they habitually work crooked deals behind the scenes that make a total mockery of libertarian principles.

Worse yet, almost no nationally prominent American political figures today, with the exception of someone like Dr. David Duke, are honest enough to openly espouse another important brand of Old Right libertarianism called libertarian racial nationalism (also referred to as 19th century classical liberalism and 19th century American populism). I place this in the "genetic bottom up" category in my discussion of opposing political philosophies. A good introductory book on this topic is Populism vs. Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle by Willis A. Carto and the staff of what is now The American Free Press.

There is an interesting connection between libertarianism and white racial nationalism that is seldom mentioned in contemporary political literature. Dr. Murray Rothbard suggests in Chapter 3 "The State" in his book For A New Liberty, that ancient white tribes tended to be more decentralized and "libertarian" compared to other ethno-racial groups of their era. He states that Anglo-Saxon England prior to the Norman conquest, and Ireland prior to the English conquest, were relatively decentralized or "libertarian" societies for their era. Therefore, forms of "libertarianism" may be viewed as "right wing," "conservative," and even "indigenous" among various European peoples.

As I explain in more detail in my opposing viewpoints discussion, there is an interesting intellectual hat trick one can pull to convert an anarcho-libertarian into a libertarian racial nationalist. Simply convince him that "genetic interests" are as vital as "property interests" and that his body of theory should simultaneously embrace both constructs. Next, extend his time preference out from a few years to several generations. Lastly, convince him that criminality is a sociobiological as well as cultural phenomenon. And you are there.

Ironically, although libertarian racial nationalism was the founding ideology of this country, most public figures today are too cowardly to openly espouse it, even though it probably reflects what most of them privately think to themselves. One reason for this is that our controlled national media likes to viciously smear people tending in this philosophical direction with a totally unfair "jack-boot" authoritarian, "genetic top down" neo-Nazi labels or else make them look like a bunch of cruel, inarticulate rednecks slobbering tobacco juice all over themselves who can neither appreciate nor get along with other peoples.

Totally contrary to this irresponsible national media propaganda, libertarian racial nationalism is in fact the most moral, humane, and sustainable of all ideological perspectives. It can provide the best hope for all ethno-racial groups of mankind to find ways to successfully grow and prosper together in mutually beneficial ways while retaining popular sovereignty, preserving their own cultural and ethnic uniqueness, and avoiding threats to their own existence. I explain all of this in detail in my discussion of opposing ideologies.

Paradoxically, the same controlled national media that loves to viciously smear American racial nationalists does nothing but glorify, rationalize, or apologize for all forms of authoritarian Jewish racial nationalism, to include Zionist zealots and other Jewish extremists who fanatically support the exclusively Jewish state of Israel at all costs. All this, despite all forms of misbehavior, to include oppression of Palestinians and the promulgation of Israeli-Mossad attacks on America (see my Critical Issues section), among other issues. One might consider that the real "totalitarians" are those who have controlled much of America's national media, suppressed dissent, curtailed civil liberties, promoted torture, sold out our manufacturing base and other national interests, created a Third World "casino" economy, and have hijacked American foreign policy — not their American libertarian nationalist adversaries.

I hold to my assertion in my "opposing ideologies" discussion that I do not believe that there is any one particular viewpoint that has all the answers. The different viewpoints that I describe all come with a mix of strengths and weaknesses. They all reflect valid aspects of human nature. Wise public policy tries to find an appropriate balance between all of these perspectives.

However, I also believe that in the last one hundred years American ideology has become heavily over-weighted in the "environmental top down" category, known in a less flattering way as the "liberal fascist" ideology of the "Neo-Jacobin, Big Imperial Government, Welfare-Warfare" state that "wages perpetual war for perpetual peace," particularly for Israel.

I strongly believe that the general American public is misinformed regarding both important anarcho-libertarian and authentic American libertarian racial nationalist viewpoints, particularly as the continual social and economic breakdown in our society pushes us into increasingly desperate times. One definitely gets a sense of this by reading a book such as Attention Deficit Democracy by James Bovard.

As a last comment, I stated clearly in my "Value Proposition" discussion that one of my major purposes is to encourage authentic radicalism and contentiousness. Somewhat in keeping with the humor behind Groucho Marx's famous quote: "I sent the club a wire stating, PLEASE ACCEPT MY RESIGNATION. I DON'T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT ME AS A MEMBER," I am not completely comfortable with any author or group who doesn't want to argue with me over certain points. Therefore, if among the links below I fail to jar the reader with a variety of contrarian views on sensitive political, religious, and social topics, then I am not doing my job.

Complications regarding the "trio:" Daryl Bradford Smith, Eric Hufschmid,
and Christopher Bollyn, at the "French Connection" at

September 2007 entry: Daryl Bradford Smith announced that he is now independent of Eric Hufschmid. Michael Collins Piper believes that Hufschmid, who up until recently maintained the web site, was the main troublemaker and a probable Zionist agent. Piper thinks that Smith's show might have new potential now that Smith has divested himself of Hufschmid.
Late June 2007: Chris Bollyn failed to show up in court for sentencing, and his wherabouts are currently unknown.. This involved a court case in which Bollyn was charged with resisting arrest by turning away from police on his front yard in a Chicago suburb. Mike Piper has speculated that a Jewish Judge in the court case may have deliberately given Bollyn two weeks to show up for sentencing in order to give him time to skip the country. Mike Piper has noted that Bollyn once lived in Israel on a kibbutz with a former wife who was Jewish. Also, he claims that the American Free Pree consulted with a unnamed individual who is highly experienced in private investigation. This individual apparantly did an initial background check on Bollyn and reported indications that Bollyn may have some heavy intelligence connections.
A May 31, 2007 update at presents a viewpoint that seems fairly consistent with the one Mike Piper has expressed on his show.
Late July 2006 comment: Perhaps due in part to the psychological pressure of French "hate crime" laws, or perhaps because Smith may not yet fully understand the dynamics of racial nationalism, the site has attacked certain legitimate white survivalist, nationalist, and separatist leaders as "white supremacists" and has shied away from exposing certain irresponsible Holocaust-related lies and exaggerations. (Well, frankly, I suppose we all have our limitations on what we are prepared to discuss publicly). Smith is correct that some white racialists get so entrenched in bitter battles against anti-white enemies that they may lose sight of other vital issues. However, many racial nationalist activists are libertarian rather than authoritarian. Many of them are not controlled by Zionist intriguers or FBI COINTEL-type operatives and are simply doing the best they can with limited resources. One can have sympathy for many of these men and women who are in the arena enduring considerable emotional stress, financial difficulties, and public vilification while trying to openly defend legitimate white genetic interests, to include trying to halt the endless flood of tens of millions of illegal alien immigrants that are physically replacing white populations. No, there is not a Nazi, "neo-Nazi," "white supremacist," or a Zionist-funded agent provocateur masquerading as a pro-white rightist hiding behind every bush.
24 Aug 2006: update note: In their 22 Aug 2006 broadcast Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid took reckless swings at Mike Piper (!), American Free Press (!), AFP Editor Chris Petherick (!), Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani of, Mark Glenn, Webster Tarpley, John Stadtmiller of Republic Broadcasting Network -etc. etc. (who haven't they attacked yet? Needless to say, they have already attacked David Duke, National Vanguard, and the National Alliance -- I mean, what next?). Most of the accusations in the recent broadside were successfully rebutted by Mike Piper in his Aug 23, 2006 broadcast. While it is true that I have quoted a number of Daryl Bradford Smith/Hufschmid interviews in my articles, and like their call for grass roots political action, such as in their Jim Condit interviews, it is disappointing to see Smith and Hufschmid do some good work, and then turn around and start getting slap-happy and factually careless in trying to shame fellow activists into taking more direct action. Not everyone is equipped financially, emotionally, or intellectually to man the barricades and attack "the enemy" (as they put it) head-on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ironically, while criticizing other rightists for staging "limited hang-outs" that fail to go explicitly go after all the bad guys and hence confuse or falsely steer people who have limited time to sift through all the issues, if one swings too recklessly one can visit suspicion upon oneself as well. Even Daryl Bradford Smith has admitted that he himself cannot openly address Holocaust Revisionism issues because of French "hate crime" laws. This whole thing is getting silly, almost like slapstick comedy.
11 September 2006 update note: In his September 11, 2006 RBN broadcast, Michael Collins Piper wondered about a possible Eric Hufschmid connection to Zionist Rupert Murdoch, and whether this could be another "Daguello" operation." The program notes for that broadcast are as follows:

Mon., September 11, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3: Click Here)
On tonight's broadcast, Michael Collins Piper noted that the infamous Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, an unregistered foreign lobby for the state of Israel, had issued a new attack on the American Free Press newspaper and its chief 9-11 correspondent, Christopher Bollyn. The ADL was taking issue with Bollyn's articles in American Free Press which have long provided solid evidence of the role of Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad, in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Previously, the ADL had issued a similar attack on both Bollyn and Piper, along with others who dared to raise questions about the "official" U.S. government version of the attacks. Bollyn and Piper have both consistently asserted, based on the evidence, that the Mossad was a prime mover behind the attacks. Now there have been determined efforts to drive a wedge between Bollyn and AFP, his longtime employer: clearly a deliberate attempt to put an end to Bollyn's substantial outreach through the pages of the national weekly newspaper. A major player in this attempt to disrupt Bollyn's association with his sponsor, American Free Press, has been a figure named Eric Hufschmid—whom Michael Collins Piper says is now "fishbait." Piper noted that Hufschmid's attacks on many good solid people in the 9-11 truth movement and in the American patriot-nationalist movement sound very much like the infamous ADL-FBI COINTELPRO operation known as "Deguello" a mysterious, anonymously-written document that was distributed in the 1960s, casting doubt and aspersions on leading figures in the nationalist movement. However, today, Hufschmid's Internet-based operation is a modern-day Deguello with even greater outreach and even more potentially dangerous and devasting. Piper noted that this modern-day Deguello operation being run by Hufschmid has already caused problems for American Free Press in its efforts to raise money for Christopher Bollyn's legal defense against trumped-up charges levelled against him after corrupt cops—probably working in conjunction with Homeland Security according to research by Bollyn—attacked Bollyn in the front yard of his home in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Because Hufschmid---rather "Fishbait"—is attacking Bollyn's publisher and accusing the newspaper and its employees of being "Zionists" or "Zionist controlled," many people are fearful of making contributions, even checks made out directly to "Christopher Bollyn." The behavior of Fishbait is clearly that of a Deguello-style operation right out of the pages of COINTELPRO, the infamous FBI infiltration and evisceration scheme designed to undercut American dissident groups. Appropriately, Michael Collins Piper's book The Judas Goats has quite a detailed history of such operations. .


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