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by William B. Fox
Last updated 13 Oct 2010

Mutualism vs. Parasitism

Section Two



top down)

"x" axis



(Third dimensional "z" axis entailing "mutualism" vs. "parasitism"
not drawn, see discussion below)

The diagram includes a "z" axis sloping backwards as in a perspective drawing to create a cube effect, entailing the "altruist/symbiotist" vs "predator/parasite" (or "mutualism" vs. "parasitism" for short) duality of sociobiology.
A recapitulation of my definition of "mutualism vs. parasitism" from the Introduction section:
I have derived the "z" axis third dimension from the altruist/symbiotist vs. predator/parasite duality in sociobiology. For the sake of convenience, I call this the "mutualism" vs. "parasitism" duality.

"Mutualism" is a scientific term usually applied to animal and plant populations who live in close association and benefit each other, so obviously when we try to apply it to human affairs with popular terminology we are unlikely to find exact language. I think that it is roughly similar to our concept of a human "producer." However, there are many ways that humans can benefit each other, whether it involves exchanging things of real value with each other in an open and fair way, or by unselfishly defending and nurturing each other, or by remaining respectful of each other's lives, property, and other interests. It implies a style of leadership where the powerful and less powerful can growth together, rather than the powerful monopolizing and squeezing out their competition or abusing their subordinates. Therefore I can also relate the "mutualism" concept to many different popular terms, such as "altruist," "open," "honest," "unselfish," "benefactor," "brotherhood," "balance of power," "limited powers," "guaranteed rights," "principled," "self-restrained," "republican," "patriot," "martyr," "hero," "chivalry," "sportsmanship," "honor," "protector," "shared genetic interests," "supporting genetic fitness," and "eugenic." (If the latter three terms seem strange to the reader, I cover them in more detail in my environmental vs. genetics discussion).

The word "parasitism" usually applies to animal and plant populations who live in close association where one species lives as the expense of the other. I think that a good approximation in human affairs is the term "criminal." Other words that have varying levels of similarity or association include "selfish," "deceptive," "enemy," "thievery," "untrustworthy," "exploitive," "greedy," "unscrupulous," "lawbreaker," "sponger," "deadbeat," "wise-guy," "corrupt," "traitor," "tyrant," "working against your interests,""unrestrained," "totalitarian,""monopolist" (implying viciously selfish and destructive competition),"dysgenic," and "undermining genetic interests and genetic fitness."

Speaking of genetics, this concept should not be confused with a child who lives at the expense of his parents. The child offers the chance of long term genetic survival to his parents, whereas the parasite undermines the long term genetic interests of its host and may even drive it into extinction.

The Anatomy of Parasitism

Parasitism can be a very successful evolutionary strategy in certain niches. For example, I have read that in certain tropical rain forest jungles, parasites comprise approximately half the animal species. Probably not a bad estimate for featherless bipeds in parts of New York City, Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C. as well.

The really chilling part

Science can tell us how things work, but it cannot tell us "why" we should feel motivated to do certain things. In other words, why we should go on living. Why we should have children. Why we should respect individual rights as opposed to promoting mindless conformity. Why we should produce rather than steal. Or why we should risk our lives to maintain representative government rather than yield to ruthless gangsterism.

The "answers" to the "why"-related questions are ultimately in our genes. They are the result of distinctive evolutionary processes. This is why it is so dangerous to admit alien peoples into our society who might superficially mimic republican and chivalrous free enterprise values, but deep down inside instinctively feel very differently than white people. Most Asian and African peoples have a long evolutionary history of being easily terrorized into collectivist despotism.

I do not see any of the traditional Anglo-Saxon revulsion towards torture in the behavior of Mexican-American Alberto R. Gonzales who has masqueraded as Attorney General under George Bush during the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo affairs. Nor do I see it in Dr. Alan Dershowitz, the Jewish disgrace for a Harvard Law School professor who has tried to condition the public towards becoming more accepting of torture under certain circumstances. This includes Israel's so-called "war on terror" where torture of Palestinians is a routine occurrence.

All of this should be a warning sign.

More chilling yet, there is no scientific reason why people who prefer honest debate and respect private property rights should prevail over people who prefer torture, secretive assassination, and theft as methods to prevail over political rivals. Under certain circumstances, both approaches can be very effective roads to ultimate power in a society. Therefore a programmable robot operating on pure logic that selects a course of action based upon the probabilistic expected value of possible courses of action would be perfectly capable of pursuing either modus operandi.

For example, during the Bolshevik Revolution, the communists were very effective at mass-murdering people at a faster rate than their political opposition could organize against them. For over seventy years these evil communists prevailed, at the cost of tens of millions of lives.

According to Nesta Webster in The French Revolution, during the Reign of Terror in France a group of a few thousand utterly ruthless Jacobins headquartered in Paris held a nation of about 27 million people by the throat. She also notes that all the "fire and enthusiasm" was on the side of the revolutionaries, and the ancien regime was amazingly slow to react towards these evil people.

A Reign of Terror could easily happen in America, following both an economic collapse and staged incidents used to justify martial law. An evil group could start killing Americans by the millions, much like the Jewish communist NKVD men who murdered hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians by systematically rounding them up and putting bullets in the back of their heads at secret police stations, and then disposing of their bodies like cordwood. This is not to mention over six million people genocided in Stalin's deliberate terror famine of the early 1930's, or the tens of millions of other Russians genocided at other times.

If a Reign of Terror takes place in America, part of the "secret weapon" of the perpetrators will be the fact that they are so evil that the average American will not comprehend what is going on until his head is already in a noose or in the path of a bullet. We are already being conditioned to accept more curtailment of our civil liberties and police state monitoring through the so-called "Patriot" Act and National ID system I describe in the Critical Issues section.

We saw a Reign of Terror once before in American history when William Tecumseh Sherman's army waged a scorched earth campaign in northern Georgia and South Carolina. We have already seen fellow Americans engage in mass suicide under the leadership of the Rev Jim Jones in Guyana.

Again, there is no scientific reason why extremely self-destructive people cannot rise to power in America and take us all down with them. In fact, they might even take down all of humanity across the globe.

In the final analysis, the only real defense that exists for honest and productive people in American society is to circle the wagons with like-minded people against the criminal-parasite attacks that are coming. They also need to educate fellow Americans about parasites threat as quickly as possible.

Criminality as a genetic phenomenon

In my environmental vs. genetics discussion, I provide strong evidence that there is a genetic basis to criminality in humans. This should not be too surprising, since criminal behavior tends to have a degree of rogue malevolence, extreme duplicity, and "viral persistency" that shocks the normal sensibilities of a law-making community. Otherwise, offensive behavior is normally excused with an alibi such as an "accident," "oversight," "failure to communicate," "immaturity" or "making a mistake" that can corrected with some learning and a little bit of re-training.

It is bad enough when criminality exists on an individual level, but it becomes particularly dangerous when it can coalesce and perpetuate itself on the level of a crime family, a ruling class, or on a broader tribal level. If it persists long enough within an in-bred human gene pool, it can become heavily imprinted on a group biological level much like the Samurai face on the Heike Crab (described in my environmental vs genetics section). Later in this article I provide a good case study example of an inbred criminal tribe that used religion as a cover when I discuss the Thugs of India. I will also address Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology.

An excellent article "Race and the Psychopathic Personality" appeared in the July 2002 American Renaissance. It reinforces the concept covered in my environmental vs. genetics section about how criminal traits exist within a bell-shaped distribution curve, much like any other trait with a genetic component. When a population group is heavily skewed towards criminality, it suffers a double whammy. It has a relatively large number of full blown criminals on one end of the curve working their mischief, and a relatively low number of honest people at the other end of the scale to keep them in check. Furthermore, it has a huge number of people in the center of the population group who subtly aid and abet the active criminals, although they themselves are not particularly criminal.

I selected the term "parasitism" because I wanted to capture a broader concept than the sense of "destructive competition" that we get with the word "predation." Certainly human predators cause an enormous amount of damage. However, their methods tend to be out in the open. They generally much easier to understand than human criminals.

As part of the "parasite" concept, I want to address the concept that criminals can evolve within a society to be inherently destructive to not only others, but also in the long run towards themselves and their own people. In addition, criminals can be superficially very charming and helpful. This enables them to easily blend into the very population that they ultimately work to destroy.

Getting our arms around criminality

Admittedly there are many forms of criminality practiced on many levels of society by different groups and individuals. For the purpose of macro-social analysis, I wish to focus on ultra-high level criminality that destroys nations and undermines racial, ethnic, social, economic, and political integrity on a massive scale. However, this form of criminality is typically the most subtle and difficult form of criminality to diagnose.

It is helpful to analyze high-level criminality from a variety of perspectives. The following are three approaches that can help us to start thinking about the problem.

Examine positive role models, then extrapolate the exact opposites. This is similar to the Secret Service approach where one must first know what a real dollar bill looks like before you can identify counterfeit versions. We need to first define what we consider productive behavior on a broad political, economic, and personal level, then identify the mirror image opposites. We should also note the types of traits, magnitude, persistency, and degree of social organization involved with both productive behaviors and their opposites. I have already defined my concept of productive behavior related to business and government in the mutualism section of this article.

Examine definitive criminal role models and identify common characteristics. One can find quite a lot of information on high-level crime in America on the Internet under such topic searches as Mafia, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Hollywood Ten, Jonathan Pollard, 1980's S & L Scandal, and the $1.4 billion securities industry settlement of 2003. Perhaps one of the best case studies is Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper that helps to pull together not only criminal organizations such as Meyer Lansky's mafia, but also criminal-at-risk organizations such as the CIA or criminal aiding and abetting organizations such as national media that maintained the cover up.

Extrapolate from parasite animal models in nature. The natural sciences contribute important concepts to help us understand the evolution of organized human criminality. Many fields such as game theory, ecology, and sociobiology help us understand the evolutionary payoffs under certain paradigms for the development of criminal traits.

Examining mirror image opposites

The following is an example of a way we might first identify "producer" behaviors for business in a left hand column, and then come up with mirror image opposite "parasite" behaviors for a corresponding right hand column.
Productive Business
..... Parasite Business
Creates highly competitive products of real value with a trend of increasing quality at ever decreasing prices   Foists things on people things of dubious or negative value, while separating them from as much of their money as possible
Maximizes rewards to talented, honest, working people, while disincentivizing laziness and incompetence   Cheats talented and hardworking people, shifts as much wealth to lazy, incompetent, and unethical people as possible
Creates a work environment that enhances innovation and effective problem solving. Builds a sense of pride, trust, and teamwork   Subjects people to an environment that dehumanizes them, burns them out, violates promises, and destroys their cohesion and sense of self-worth
Maintains transparency to shareholders and capital markets to reward prudent investment and improve capital market efficiency. Encourages transmission of honest economic signals to foster rational entrepreneurial calculation and maximize efficient economic adjustment.   Routinely lies to shareholders and public with fraudulent accounting statements. Routinely transmits false economic signals that create massive capital market distortions, massive economic wastage, and completely undermines rational entrepreneurial calculation.
Reinvests in plant, equipment, and technology to improve productivity and operations. Builds up retained earnings to provide a cushion for contingencies. Practices conservative accounting.   Converts corporate assets into obscene salaries/loot for insiders. Converts plant and equipment into speculative financial assets. Chokes company with debt. Destroys quality of earnings.
Trims corporate structure to optimize efficiency and incentives. Increases accountability and rewards innovation.   Builds massive corporate bureaucracy to hide responsibility. Rewards deadwood. Provides secure revenue streams to incompetent cronies.
Respects property rights necessary to incentivize rational entrepreneurial calculation ..... Steals patents, leaks trade secrets, dilutes shareholder value
Increases flow of honest information to management to improve flexibility and problem-solving   Stifles flow of information with compartmentalization. Routinely engages in deception and obfuscation.
Creates super-ordinate goals that give value to broader society, supports family life, enhances productive charities, increases domestic manufacturing and other technological infrastructure   Runs sweat shop environment that undermines chances of having a successful family life. Pollutes environment. Runs down domestic infrastructure. Puts aliens and enemies first.
I do not mean to imply that all businesses which show many of the traits listed to the right are necessarily "parasitic," or are run by bad people. Many of these practices may result from expedience or incompetence rather than malevolence. Quite often business leaders are overwhelmed by unexpected competition and other factors that put them in over their head. They may start cutting corners as a last ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy.

On the other hand, if one looks at the full pattern of a manager's career, and sees that under a variety of conditions he tends to move things from the left column to the right column, then we might rightly suspect that there may be some real criminal tendencies involved.

Next, let us consider a producer vs. parasite profile for government.

Productive Government
..... Parasite Government
Protects lives, property, and human rights   Maliciously destroys lives and property, undermines civil liberties
Renders socially useful services in proportion to the taxes it collects. Eliminates waste.   Grows bureaucracy and waste while raising taxes regardless of services rendered to taxpayers
Increases government accountability and transparency, protects whistle-blowers. Demystifies its processes and makes itself open to grass roots input.   Ruthlessly suppresses any criticism or any challenges to power. Creates a sense of religious awe about itself to stifle objective criticism. Launches ideological crusades without concrete justifications. This is typically done as a smokescreen to hide corruption and special privileges for crony groups.
Demonstrates consistent principles and inspires admiration both at home and abroad   Practices extreme double standards and inspires hatred and loathing at home and around the world
Serves the interests of honest, competent, hard-working, loyal people in society, to include their vital cultural and genetic interests   Serves a few narrow corrupt and disloyal interests at expense of everyone else. Undermines the cultural and racial coherence of core population.
Policies favor strong domestic economic development and job creation, to include the steady strengthening of the technological and manufacturing base.   Runs down domestic manufacturing base while empowering potential enemies
Maintains stable, trustworthy environment that honors contracts, encourages mutually beneficial trade relations   Foments international distrust through unnecessary aggressive wars, deception, barbaric practices such as torture, use of DU Weapons of Mass Destruction on helpless civilians, etc.
Maintains the value of currency, honors commitments to retirees, eliminates unnecessary cash drains on taxpayer   Debauches the currency, cripples or bankrupts country with debt
Protects productive capabilities of the private sector or at least leaves it alone ... Squeezes out the private sector

Lastly, I think that it is also important to try to examine mirror image opposites on a citizenship level. Having already discussed republican strategies and "republican virtue" in my mutualism section, we might consider for the right column the kinds of behaviors that would fall in a "parasite" or "enemy alien" category.

Productive Citizen
("republican virtue")

Parasite "Citizen"
(de facto "enemy alien")
Provides value for value received. Economic activity provides net benefit for not only self and but society as a whole   Monopolizes economic and political power for self, steals opportunities and resources from others while giving relatively little in return, leaving the overall society poorer
Supports rational behavior required for technological progress   Encourages irrational, superstitious, or greedy behavior
Resists enemies   Aids enemies who seek to ruthlessly exploit or maliciously destroy society
Activities can survive honest disclosure and rational explanation and maintain standing in community. Promotes honesty and full material disclosure with others.   When honestly disclosed or fully explained, their activities consistently earn them universal contempt and hatred. They feel they must habitually engage in deception to survive.
Capable of self-restrained, far-sighted, socially conscious behavior   Characterized by extreme pettiness that always places selfish interests above broader long term interests of society
Rewards and incentivizes productive people   Cheats productive people and consistently shifts resources to nonproductive people
Supports motherhood, family, and other institutions required for long term genetic, cultural, and ethnic survival   Thwarts motherhood, disrupts and destroys family, undermines genetic interests, fosters dysgenic decay, turns basic moral values of society on their head. Promotes homosexuality over heterosexuality.
Honors agreements, creates a stable framework for incubation of entrepreneurial enterprises with a real value proposition   Frequently breaks agreements, regardless of costs to other parties, in order to create own short term gains. Habitually strings people along, creates false expectations, and creates massive wastage and dislocations

One simple test to try to determine what might constitute "productive values" on an individual level is to ask the question: "What if everyone does it?" If the consequence is that the society will likely remain stable or potentially prosper, then they might be considered "productive." If, on the other hand, it is likely that the society will fall into self-destructive chaos or collapse, then the values might be considered "parasitic." American Values Decline (offered by America First Books) identifies in Chapter Two various common "productive values" shared by a variety of religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islamism, Judaism. It also addresses common ethics of major secular philosophies.

Most of these common values are based on common sense. They can be derived from thinking through the question "What if everyone does it?"

To all this I would add as a caveat that not all cultures practice what they preach, a major charge levied by Ralph Townsend in Ways That Are Dark: The Truth About China (offered by America First Books), nor do they necessarily treat others with the same ethics that they apply within their own tribe, a charge levied by Dr. David Duke in Jewish Supremacism.

The study of ethics can get complicated when we address various utilitarian tradeoffs, such as the need to weigh the advantages of authoritarianism vs. decentralization, long term vs. short term factors, or self interests vs. group interests. As one example, the same individual dissident who may be considered selfish, disruptive, and immature in an Asian society may be considered a heroic innovator or a freedom fighter against tyranny in Western society. As another example, while murder is generally considered wrong if done for petty personal reasons, it may be considered patriotic if applied to an enemy soldier in time of war. Other examples may include such ethical dilemma paradigms as "The Prisoner's Dilemma" and "Tragedy of the Commons" described in game theory literature. These scenarios typically pit individual interests against group interests.

The ultimate long term vs. short term utilitarian trade-offs involves genetics. This looks at how individual and social behavior reshape a gene pool in either eugenic or dysgenic ways. This is a topic area addressed by Dr. Raymond Catell in his books Beyondism: Religion From Science and A New Morality From Science: Beyondism, and which I have previously discussed in my environmental vs genetics section.

Last, but not least, I think it interesting to try to conceptualize the difference between a productive and a parasite religious/moral system. In essence, parasite religions degrade the ability of individuals to function as thinking adults and instead condition them to act like dependent children and support people who spout mumbo jumbo rather than perform useful social work. The following is just one man's opinion (my own) as a hypothetical example:

Religious/Moral System
..... Parasite
Religious/Moral System
Consistent with principles outlined in Beyondism: Religion From Science and A New Morality from Science by Dr. Raymond Cattell; is ultimately eugenic. Five hundred years later, population of practitioners is still vibrant, intelligent, and prosperous, and not decadent and subsumed by aliens   Has a long term dysgenic decay impact on its practitioners. Extreme cases involve religious sects that die out because they completely abstain from sex or commit suicide (eg. Jim Jones' Guyana Cult, Hale Bopp Cult, suicide cults that want to bring on Armageddon/Masada Grand Finale, etc)
Moral precepts pass the test "What if everyone does it?" Answer: society prospers.   Morality consists of extreme double standards which attempt to trick the masses into slaving for a select few
Religion can be reconciled with a scientific world view. Encourages learning and free inquiry   Encourages fear of new ideas, superstitiousness, blind dogma. Discourages scientific, analytical thinking.
Leaves the individual empowered to find God in his own way. Encourages a responsible, adult approach to life.   Denies the right of the individual to find God in his own way, but instead demands costly intermediation of priest class and dogmas that have no provable basis in fact or logic to justify their existence, while treating adherents like children or sheep
Morality system is intended as a guide for honest people to live better lives.   Morality system is intended as camouflage to enable crooked people to better swindle their victims
Religious emotion draws upon natural, personal, feelings of sublimity and awe with the cosmos. Religious practices help motivate individuals to be productive citizens and stable family men.   Religious emotion centered upon fear and states of altered consciousness that self-anointed leaders can use to manipulate religious followers. Religionists feel empowered by malevolent acts that put fear and terror into others.
Religion can find new adherents in a calm, reasoning state of mind   Religion relies heavily on propaganda, fallacious logic, and brainwashing to recruit adherents
Religion relies on consistent principles   Religious principles can be manipulated at will by self-styled religious leaders to suit their selfish purposes.
Religion respects the fact that religious theologies are scientifically un-provable, and avoids straying too far from this fact with dogmatic additions to theology. ....... Religion seeks to continually pile on ever more dogma, more church bureaucracy, more special privileges, and more aggressive proselytization on top of un-provable assumptions

In my view, the term "Satanic cult" is synonomous with a religious group whose practices are focused on the right hand side of the chart above, with an emphasis on malevolent practices. In other words, from my own secular viewpoint "Satanic" essentially means "criminal-parasitic."

The criminal personality and the "criminal process"

A second perspective to help us understand parasitism involves looking at individual and group criminal case studies. Starting with the individualized approach, I think that it is particularly instructive to examine the concept of the "criminal personality."

American Values Decline on page 92 cites "Defining Elements of the Criminal Personality" Source: Samuel Yochelson and Stanton Samenow, The Criminal Personality Volume II: The Change Process. New York: Jason Aronson, 1977, Chapter 1.]

Yochelson and Samenow's profile is based upon years of in-depth research and rehabilitation activity:

Defining Elements of the Criminal Personality
The restraints of responsible living are unacceptable and even contemptible. In such a person's reality, society's values and rules are absurd or unimportant.

Crime does not come to the criminal-to-be, he goes to it in search of excitement.

In whatever he does, he has to be a unique Number One; to be like anyone else is to be a failure. Instead of friendship, he seeks avenues of triumph.

He may work hard to be the best at something he likes, but then will quit when he tires of it. More often, he expects to be an overnight success, not through hard work, but by taking shortcuts.

Throughout life, he is a sprinter, never a long-distance runner.

Lying is a way of life; lies of omission are more frequent than lies of commission.

He disregards the right of others to live safely or to expect promises to be kept, but demands from them the utmost trust, respect, and consideration. He claims he can live without depending on others, but demands that others provide whatever he wants.

He rarely sees anything from another's point of view, and it doesn't bother him to injure people.

He never develops a realistic concept of family life, an education, a vocation, or a sense of community.

He blames forces outside of himself for what he does. Others are always to blame, not he.

Kindness is weakness and people are expendable. They are valuable only to the extent that they can be controlled and exploited.

He does not know how to get along with responsible people on a day-to-day basis; he practices the extremes of total withdrawal or inappropriate intimacy.

He is fragmented in his thinking, largely ignoring the past and the long-term future. He may be sincere one day and completely insincere the next. Whatever he wants to do at a given moment is "right." He fails to listen to or take stock of himself. For him, just thinking something largely makes it so.

Researchers analyze criminality from many other perspectives that include the study of abnormal behavior in psychology, game theory in sociobiology, and neurophysiology.

As one example, in "
The Sociobiology of Sociopathy: An Integrated Evolutionary Model" by the late Dr. Linda Mealey, she noted that:

Sociopaths, who comprise only 3-4% of the male population and less than 1% of the female population (Strauss & Lahey 1984, Davison and Neale 1994, Robins, Tipp & Przybeck 1991), are thought to account for approximately 20% of the United States' prison population (Hare 1993) and between 33% and 80% of the population of chronic criminal offenders (Mednick, Kirkegaard-Sorensen, Hutchings, Knop, Rosenberg & Schulsinger 1977, Hare 1980, Harpending & Sobus 1987). Furthermore, whereas the "typical" U.S. burglar is estimated to have committed a median five crimes per year before being apprehended, chronic offenders- those most likely to be sociopaths- report committing upward of fifty crimes per annum and sometimes as many as two or three hundred (Blumstein & Cohen 1987). Collectively, these individuals are thought to account for over 50% of all crimes in the U.S. (Loeber 1982; Mednick, Gabrielli & Hutchings 1987, Hare 1993).

Other analysts prefer to use the work "psychopath" more than the term "sociopath." One example is Laura Knight Jadczyk, who discussed her concept of the psychopathic personality in her blog article "America's Nervous Breakdown." She endorses the book Political Ponerology ("Ponerology" means "the study of evil"), and believes evil is rooted in psychopathology.

In his interview with Michael Collins Piper on Wednesday, 18 Oct 2006, and in his subsequent article "Psychopathy & History" (Jan/Feb 2007 Barnes Review) John de Nugent described the important neurophysiological research of Dr. Adrain Raine, who is the author of The Psychopathology of Crime: Criminal Behavior As a Clinical Disorder. "His color brain scans show that psychopaths are utterly unlike the other 96% of society. These brain scans show that when psychopaths are shown horrifying images that turn others sick to their stomachs, the pleasure centers of psychopaths are highly activated."

John Nugent mentions other important sources such as Dr. Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door (2005) and Dr. Robert Hare, author of Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us. Dr. Hare developed a standard tool for diagnosing psychopathology called the "Hare Psychopathic Checklist" which is available online.

John Nugent concludes his Barnes Review article by stating:

One of the most important benefits of understanding the new finding of the prevalence of psychopaths in society is this: whereas so-called conspiracy theories tend to appear to decent people as "of-the-wall," now no more. The main objection to a conspiracy theory, especially one that posits the involvement of many evil people, is this "I cannot imagine anyone doing such a thing. And it could never be a secret." Wrong: psychopaths are numerous and they do know how to keep a secret and kill to maintain it.

Perhaps the struggle against the psychopaths marauding among us will be the ultimate battle for the human race.

. . . Or perhaps, I might add, the ultimate battles between human races. According to "Race and the Psychopathic Personality" (July 2002 American Renaissance):

In 1994 the American Psychiatric Association issued a revised Diagnostic Manual listing 11 features of anti-social personality disorder: (1) inability to sustain consistent work behavior; (2) failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior [this is a euphemism for being a criminal]; (3) irritability and aggressivity, as indicated by frequent physical fights and assaults; (4) repeated failure to honor financial obligations; (5) failure to plan ahead or impulsivity; (6) no regard for truth, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or “conning” others; (7) recklessness regarding one’s own or others’ personal safety, as indicated by driving while intoxicated or recurrent speeding; (8) inability to function as a responsible parent; (9) failure to sustain a monogamous relationship for more than one year; (10) lacking remorse; (11) the presence of conduct disorder in childhood.

This is a useful list. Curiously, however, it fails to include the deficiency of moral sense that is the core of the condition, although this is implicit in virtually every feature of the disorder. All of these behaviors are more prevalent among blacks than among whites, and suggest that blacks have a higher average tendency towards psychopathic personality.

Questionnaires can be used to measure psychopathic personality in normal populations. The first to be constructed was the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), which was devised in the 1930s. This instrument consists of a series of scales for the measurement of a variety of psychiatric conditions regarded as continuously distributed in the population, such as hysteria, mania and depression, and includes the Psychopathic Deviate Scale for the measurement of psychopathic personality.

During the 65 or so years following its publication, the MMPI has been administered to a great many groups. Mean scores have been published by different investigators for a number of samples of blacks, whites, Asian-Americans, Hispanics and American Indians. All of these studies show a consistent pattern: Blacks and Indians have the highest psychopathic scores. Hispanics come next followed by whites. Ethnic Japanese and Chinese have the lowest scores. The same rank order of racial groups is found for all the expressions of psychopathic personality listed by the American Psychiatric Association, and these differences are found in both children and adults.

The failure of this American Renaissance article to mention Jews is not surprising. In Chapter Forty-Four of The Judas Goats (carried by America First Books) Michael Collins Piper discusses the involvement by its editor Jared Taylor with "Zionist-Friendly Nationalism." While American Renaissance explicitly discusses most racial issues, it generally avoids criticism of Jews, Zionism, and Israel. Also, I am surprised that ethnic Chinese and Japanese are lumped together at the low end of the range, given the profound character differences described by Ralph Townsend in Ways That Are Dark. (Also carried by America First Books) that I mention in my Preface to his work.

Thought Experiments

Working backwards

One way to try to get ones arms around descriptions of criminal traits is to first understand what kinds of behaviors and key success factors are required for a successful criminal career, and then work backwards and ask what kind of personality is required to fit this model. (As an aside, we might consider an evolutionary perspective that niches in society which support those who manifest criminal behaviors and enable them to pass on their genes help to breed and perpetrate criminality).

The modus operandi of a successful bank robber provides a good hypothetical example for us to try to deduce the mentality from the required behaviors.

When a bank robber needs money, no one else's rights matter. It is permissible to shoot tellers, kill policemen, and run over innocent bystanders in order to steal the life savings of the elderly. He does not care if his long string of successful bank robberies happen to inspire other robbers or damage the stability of the financial system or local economy.

A particularly sophisticated bank robber will buy off policemen, prosecutors, and politicians who might try to bring him to justice. He is happy to use blackmail and extortion to control potentially threatening people if it remains inconvenient to kill them off. He has a good nose for smelling corruption in other people and exploiting it where it suits his purposes. He needs to condition a certain number of people to actively or passively tolerate his criminality to help form a core support group. This includes people who help him fence his loot without asking too many questions, or relatives who do not care to know his whereabouts when he commits his crimes.

However, when it comes time to enjoy his loot, the bank robber wants everyone else to be honest and stable. When he walks into a restaurant to buy a nice meal with his stolen cash, he certainly does not want the waiter to rob him. When he wants to launder his money by purchasing and running legitimate businesses, he does not want the bank that handles his own checks to get robbed. He wants the cops in his neighborhood to honestly and diligently discharge their duties that help prevent his daughter from getting raped and his business property from getting vandalized. When someone might insinuate that the bank robber is a crook, he wants to deflect suspicion and threaten accusers with anti-defamation and libel suits with the same righteous indignance as a law-abiding person. He also wants district attorneys and politicians to honestly and diligently protect his own civil rights, particularly when it comes to the right against self-incrimination and the right for a fair and speedy trial. He is adamantly against any criminal behavior that threatens his own interests, yet he knows far more about many crimes in greater detail than the police because he plans and executes them himself. He wants to be able to simultaneously break down and poison society and yet at the same time enjoy the best things that an honest, stable, and productive society offers.

What kind of personality simultaneously tells lies all the time and yet righteously demands honesty from others? What kind of person callously shoots innocent bystanders and cops and yet wants the utmost consideration for himself — and sleeps well at night?

Reconciling criminal traits within honest occupations

Another important perspective necessary to understand criminality involves taking honest occupations that are loaded with criminal traits, and figuring out how to distinguish them from criminal occupations loaded with criminal traits.

A prime example of an "honest" or "patriotic" occupation that is loaded to the teeth with criminal traits is spy work. An intelligence agent must perpetually engage in deception to maintain a "cover." This includes planting false flags to disguise operations. Since the most valuable intelligence is typically human intelligence, he needs a good nose for smelling ways to recruit others to betray their countries without giving himself away. (An acronym I once heard in a lecture given by an FBI agent to identify the most common motivations for treason is SMICE, or Sex, Money, Ideology, Compromise, and Ego. These motivations can also be applied to other types of criminals.)

How do we distinguish spies from criminals? Well, quite frankly sometimes there is not much of a difference. The behaviors described in By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer and The Other Side of Deception by former Mossad Agent Victor Ostrowsky require some severe mental strain to try to make a distinction in this area. However, Honorable Men by former CIA Director William Colby suggests that making the distinction is possible. "Patriotism" and obedience to a higher authority or a social purpose higher than ones own ego comprise at least one crucial distinction.

There are many useful occupations and roles in society that tend to reward what might be considered "criminal traits" when taken in isolation. As some examples, most sales organizations in America want individuals who are shameless about approaching strangers and are extremely motivated to become a "unique Number One." The same holds true for people who hold math and science or Olympic competitions. An infantry officer in time of war necessarily has to be coldly manipulative in the way he tactically deploys troops and expends lives. A political dissident who defies tyranny may have to endure considerable social isolation. He may have to figure out what has gone wrong with the society with the same cold emotional detachment that a bank robber needs to figure out how to pull a successful heist. This trait might also apply to the analytical methods used by scientists. As some further examples, an entrepreneur who wants to implement a business plan that brings a break-through invention to market probably craves excitement. Hollywood actors and actresses affect different personalities than their "normal" personalities (that is, if there is such a thing as "normal" in Hollywood). As a final example, diplomats, brokers, lawyers, negotiators, and politicians hardly wear their hearts on their sleeves when they put out feelers, hide their weak cards, and bluff in the process of trading off concessions in negotiations. However, it is also true that not all lawyers and politicians are criminals.

Culture and criminality

There are also some interesting cultural complexities. For example, Nordic societies tend to idolize rugged individualists more than most societies. Nordic peoples tend to come across as more emotionally distant compared to most other white Europeans. They value self-restraint, modestly, and stoicism. An interesting favorite character in Norwegian fairy tales is the "Ash Lad," a seemingly impractical misfit who spends time brooding while poking ashes in the fireplace, but who is ultimately the one who solves unusual problems that his older brothers are incapable of handling.

However, before we conclude that Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark are inhabited by anything remotely suggestive of psychopathic criminals, we need to consider that personal honor, openness, and trustworthiness have always been vital counterbalancing Nordic characteristics. So is the stamina to see a touch job through, as in the Finnish national trait of sissu. Nordic individualism typically supports libertarianism, and the Nordic capacity for coldly rational and systematic analysis is typically applied to science and engineering rather than towards defrauding people and robbing banks. Last, but not least, Nordics have lived in completely self-sufficient communities in their quasi-Arctic indigenous habitats for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. They might be parasites on fish, but not on other humans. Most of their evolutionary history has been more man vs. nature than man vs. man. They do not define themselves relative to alien peoples. They do not routinely infiltrate other societies under false pretenses.

Criminality and situational stress factors

A second complicating factor is that parasitic-like exploitation behavior seems to arise among relatively normal people when they are subjected to extremely stressful environments such as a war, and are in competition with groups that have a high level of genetic and cultural distance. For example, I view Japanese, Spaniards, and white Americans as fairly normal people under normal circumstances. Certainly the Bataan Death March, the conquistadors' slave labor mines in South America, and Abu Ghraib were hardly high points of humanitarian leadership. However, I would argue that these events are aberrations for these peoples influenced by such factors as wartime stress (to include ideological warfare), genetic distance, and leadership corruption.

A third complicating factor is that fact that when people with criminal personalities set the tone for a society, honest people may feel forced to adopt criminal-like attitudes and tactics out of social pressure to conform or in self-defense. Quite often we see Hollywood glamorize people with "wise-guy" personalities, and conversely portray honest people as unsympathetic and reactionary "squares." As another example, when a criminal government starts imprisoning political dissidents without trial, many honest people who are dissidents will start to publicly lie about their true beliefs and try to lie low in society like common criminals as a defensive measure.

As a last note, there may some important additional factors to help define criminality. For example, mental illness and mental instability seem to contribute towards criminal behavior. While many mentally ill people are able to avoid committing crimes, certainly mental instability can increase the probability that they will have more difficulty constraining antisocial impulses than balanced people.

Aspects of criminality we may not understand and quite frankly may not really want to "understand"

Elsewhere I discuss how criminality has a strong genetic component. This implies subtle differences on the part of the criminal in the part of the character of his cognition and subjective processing of reality. By definition criminals gravitate towards harming society, and seem to be amazing unconcerned about generating fall-out. Many criminals seem to get satisfaction out of experiencing things that ordinary people consider to be very shocking and disgusting.

As one example, I recollect watching a PBS documentary about research on convicted rapists. The researchers studied the physiological effects on control groups of relatively normal men compared to the rapists. Electrodes and other monitoring devices were attached to their bodies to gather a panoply of physiological response data. Both groups watched videos of women crying, getting nasty, acting obnoxious, violently resisting, or showing other signs of severe emotional distress and resistance while being forced into sex. The convicted rapists were vastly more likely as a group to really get erotically turned on by all of this compared to normal men.

I do not think that anyone takes men to a school and teaches them how a maintain an erection while women are acting really nasty, obnoxious, belligerent, or pathetic to try to fend them off. There is a lot more than "culture" or a "deprived childhood" going on here that involves the genetic basis of their particular neural wiring. Beyond a certain point, how can a normal person really "understand" or be fully capable of relating to what goes through the heads of pedophiles, necrophiliacs, serial torturers/mass murderers, or other extremely deviant people?

Efforts by national media to condition us to sympathize with the behavior of depraved people reflects more about the perversity and criminality of national media owners than the criminals they sympathetically portray. As one example, we have to really wonder about the folks at Viacom's MTV who came up with the "Shower Rangers" idea for an episode of Dude, This Sucks in 2001. Two men dressed up in Boy Scout uniforms bent over and squirted young girls with diarrhea The late Dr. William Pierce wrote about it in April, 21, 2001 American Dissident Voice article "Shocking Differences." This is more than extreme bad taste — it is criminal.

Kinkiness can help explain criminal advantages

Paradoxically, in certain circumstances, the tendency of criminals to gravitate towards repugnant behavior can help explain their ability to triumph over their victims, prosper, and grow their own criminal community. There are two important reasons for this. First, being kinky can be good training for learning how to engage in intrigue. Secondly, being kinky can provide what game theorists call a "first strike advantage."

Most people have problems keeping their mouths shut. An excellent book that dramatizes this point is The O.S.S. and I by William J. Morgan. This book is about training and field operations of the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the CIA, in WWII England.

Promising men were recruited from military units and ordered to travel by train to an O.S.S. training center under strict orders not to reveal the purpose of their trip. Morgan had O.S.S. confederates posing as fellow recruits ride the trains and engage these people in small talk. It was amazing to Morgan how many of these guys spilled the beans. He had to immediately wash them out and immediately send back to their units because they simply could not keep their mouths shut on simple train ride.

Highly deviant or perverted people such as homosexuals and pedophiles can have an advantage over ordinary people in that they necessarily lead double lives and have to learn how to routinely never say what they really think. To such people, honest behavior, or standing up and saying what you really believe, means weakness or a loss of control. You are giving enemies the rope they need to hang you.

The key is that they have to learn how to hide their kinkiness until the strategic moment arrives to use it against their prey. Then they have a first strike advantage against their victims. Their victims find it difficult to comprehend what is happening to them and react in time because the perpetrators hold an alien mentality.

An excellent example involves the true story about Sam Comstock described in a chapter of James Michener's book Rascals in Paradise. Samuel Comstock was a common crewman on the early 19th century whaling ship Globe in the middle of the Pacific ocean who came up with an incredibly daring self-conceived plan which he successfully carried out. He suddenly attacked and murdered the Captain of his ship. Then fast-talking on the spot, he managed to persuade the crew to support him. He waved off another whaling ship that had been running parallel to his own ship in broad daylight without arousing suspicion. Then he headed for a tropical island. Comstock's secret little plan was to maroon everybody and then "hang out."

It did not take long "hanging out" on the Mili Atoll before the other crewman who got conned into the conspiracy finally figured out that Comstock was completely nuts. They turned on him and killed him, and then turned on each other. Two crewmen survived to tell the tale.

James Michener commented that the biggest advantage to Comstock's plan is that it was so completely bizarre and irrational that no one expected anything until it was on top of them. Apparently Comstock projected enough force of personality, confidence, and leadership momentum to keep his mad plan humming along until it literally beached itself out in nowhere.

Frankly I think that George Bush and his Jewish neo-con handlers are executing an equally bizarre plan for America with their wars of aggression and incredibly dangerous brinksmanship with nuclear weapons. I agree with Paul Craig Roberts's viewpoint in "A Final End to History ?" that I quote in my Critical Issues section.

Kinky and proud of it

A criminal may not only be a kinky and perverse individual, but he may also know it, take pride in it, and then use his weird psychology to exploit others.

Not only is lying a way of life, but I have noticed in my own dealings with people who appear to have criminal personalities that they get a strong smug sense of superiority by feeding people lies and tricking them into swallowing them. They also get a sense of superiority by being able to simultaneously keep several mental sets of books, such as keeping track of the lies they feed others, and their own sense of truth. Lastly, they seem to be perpetually comfortable in a world of lies, and view people who want to tell the truth as "weak" and foolish people. They feel that when you tell too much truth, you "lose control." They are actually uncomfortable in a world with too much truth, and when faced with such a world, have a tendency to always begin to spin around them a body guard of lies.

All of this is incomprehensible to many people until they study evolutionary theory

Criminals parasitically feed off human credulity. Over and over again I hear people exclaim, "How could people do such a thing?" The fact that people find it hard to believe that "someone could do such a thing" is in fact what gives the criminal is first strike advantage and allows him to engage in deceptive cover-ups.

The scientific answer for why "people can do such a thing" is because there is something about this behavior that allows its practitioners to pass on their genes. Complex civilizations can create some very strange survival niches that breed some very strange behavior. A Barnes Review advertisement for the book Thug: Or a Million Murders, which I will address later in this article, even suggests an interesting theory that criminality can arise out of multi-racial morasses such as India where race-mixing hybrization creates new gene combinations that lack a long term historical track record of self-sufficient sociobiological stabilization.

We have the presence of criminals in human societies for the same reason that the Chinese Mantid has evolved so that the female bites off the head of the male either during or immediately after sexual intercourse. The answer is we get this weird behavior because of weird evolutionary niches that allow the survival of genes that express this behavior.

Given the right evolutionary environment, there is no scientific reason why a tribe of deceptive humans might not evolve that instinctively infiltrates hospitable, humanitarian societies and then instinctively destroys them once they gain the upper hand much like the way the Chinese Mantid female bites the head of the male that inseminates her. I find Col. Sleeman's book Thug: Or a Million Murders particularly fascinating because it documents a hereditary criminal tribe in India that seemed to be evolving in this direction.

Criminality can be independent of IQ and social standing

Even though it is a 1950's science fiction film, I think that The Forbidden Planet is an important allegory for the way it dramatizes a sharp conflict between extreme human rationality and technological advancement on the one hand, and extreme human darkness and perversity at the same time. I would like to revisit part of my discussion from Part Six of my robot series.

Man — the most dangerous "robot" of all?

It is hard to imagine a better allegory than The Forbidden Planet to make some very important points that address this question [about the conflict within man between his rational side and his instinctive nature, which may be for good or evil depending on the particular make-up of each individual].

For the uninitiated, this science fiction classic centers on Dr. Edward Morbius, who is found by an exploratory expedition from earth on a planet in which he is alone with his daughter Altaira and their all-purpose robot named Robby. Dr. Morbius came to the planet with an earlier earth expedition, but every member of that crew except himself and his daughter perished for mysterious reasons.

While alone with this daughter on the planet, Dr. Morbius was able to master an extremely advanced technological infrastructure left over by an extinct race. We find out later that this race learned how to control extremely powerful forces through forms of mental wireless communication, and that the malevolent side of their nature led to fratricidal warfare and their ultimate suicide. We find out that Dr. Morbius has also harnessed a mind-over-matter robotic capability. Unfortunately, he too is out of touch with his subconscious.

While Dr. Morbius sleeps, his subconscious resentment of the invasion of his secret world unleashes destructive forces, killing members of the earth expedition. But Dr. Morbius' aggressive "Id" force is just one part of the instinctive-genetic underpinnings to his human nature. He also holds affiliative, nurturant, and procreative instincts (resulting in his daughter, of course) that also function deep within his subconscious. Overlaying this in his conscious behavior are his duty-based, contractual, and utilitarian decision-making capabilities.

Some of Dr. Morbius' basic individualized instinctive traits such as hunger and satiation might be explained using individualized Darwinian selective models. Other opposing innate traits such as altruism and symbiosis on the one hand and aggression and parasitism on the other require much broader "group" or sociobiological models. All of these factors tug at each other and create a resultant vector that put Dr. Morbius in sharp conflict with other humans on the planet. His internal conflicts become so ferociously leveraged by advanced technology that they create massive and irreparable damage.

Dr. Morbius' subconscious was able to launch only a half-hearted attack on the earth expedition. It ended up killing only a few crewmen and failed to destroy the space ship. Perhaps his ambivalence came from recognition of the fact that his daughter needed to meet up with other humans in order to find a husband. One of the leaders of the expedition might have provided the best chance for Dr. Morbius to have quality grandchildren and achieve long term genetic survival. However, once Dr. Morbius became consciously aware of his Id monster, he realized that he might be condemned for the murder of crew members of both the first and second earth expeditions, and that furthermore he possessed destructive technology that might be too advanced for humans to handle wisely in their current stage of evolution. Perhaps out of panic, concern about technological abuse, a personal death wish, a desire to avoid living with public shame — or some combination of any of these or other possible factors, he launched a full blown attack on himself and ultimately his planet. At the same time, he gave his daughter and the earth crew adequate time to escape. Like the Reverend Jim Jones in Guyana, he found himself in a very bad situation, and ultimately decided to act as his own local governor, psychiatrist, social worker, judge, jury, and catastrophic self-executioner.

The bigger problem in defining what is "human" and what is "robotic" is that individual humans can vary greatly on a biological basis, and in the way in which they resolve conscious and subconscious forces. They not only vary in terms of their individual characteristics, but also on a broader genetic level, to include the tribal and racial level. Some genetic traits relative to other groups might be considered alien (significantly deviant from ones gene pool on a tribal level), mutant (deviant on an individual level), or even parasitic (a term very loosely synonymous with "criminal").

Many people have within themselves undesirable innate traits that they do not want to admit to either themselves or society at large. Their will to live may be so deviant that it might even carry some type of death wish. Many people have fractured personalities in which they seek to maximize personal power and pleasure on a conscious level, yet on a subconscious level they hate themselves for their deficiencies or deviance. In fact, such people may even subconsciously feel that there are logical reasons to terminate themselves from the gene pool.

It is beyond the scope of this article to try to explain possible evolutionary mechanics behind deviant genes that express alien, mutant, parasitic, or suicidal traits. But no doubt these dimensions greatly complicate our ability to define the "human" side of the human-robot interface, and our ability to define the heart we want for Tin Man or the courage for Cowardly Lion.

The amount of genetic variation that exists in the real world should also make us more vigilant regarding humans who wind up in leadership positions in our society. For starters, we must learn not to "overly anthropomorphize" people who have the power to take away our liberty. In fact, there may be people in high places in our society today with highly fractured personalities. It is possible that real life people may act similarly to the fictional Dr. Morbius. They may become cataclysmically destructive once they fully realize how their fractured innate nature has had a hand in running down America over the past several decades. They may seek to divert attention and find ways to tighten their control in America by covertly fueling internal security problems and by drawing this country into various external conflicts.

In finding ways to structure a social order that can wisely handle advanced technology, I would argue for economically and politically decentralized societies in which people are free to express their natural tendency to associate with their own kind. It is much easier for us to observe and judge the character of our neighbors and people in power if we share a similar "gut" and "head." It is also much easier for people in power to feel a sense of shared values and responsibility in smaller and more homogeneous societies. Lastly, there is a greater chance that adjacent societies can provide "checks and balances" and competing models of freedom if they can remain independent and thereby avoid absorption into an imperial collective.

In contrast, it is much harder to discern fractured and malevolent personalities if we are forcefully integrated into an imperial order and are ruled by politicians, central bankers, and media bosses in far off places with alien backgrounds who are good at being all things to all people while slyly pursuing agendas that might be alien or destructive to our interests. These types of people are the last ones that I would want to empower with arbitrary control of "infinite numbers of myrmidons -robotic warriors."

Dear Virginia, that man is a criminal...

I think that most people who have seen The Forbidden Planet probably leave with the subliminal impression that while Morbius was certainly a very unfortunate man caught in tragic circumstances, he suffered from a disconnection between his conscious awareness and various subconscious forces that affect all humans, therefore he could not be all bad. If he consciously did not know he was doing evil, then how can we show first degree mens rea or guilty intent any more than someone who commits murder as a sleep walker or while suffering some kind of multiple personality syndrome? Besides, how can a man with so much going for him, such as his ability to boost his own IQ into the stratosphere, control the wealth of a planet, harness extremely powerful forces of the universe, and even have such a beautiful daughter — be a criminal? My guess is that most people come away from The Forbidden Planet thinking that Morbius had more of a Freudian problem than a criminal problem.

An important hallmark of the criminal personality is a fractured personality and fractured moral standards. A bank robber wants everyone else to be honest and not steal his money, but he wants to be able to steal other people's money when it suits his own personal needs. He also wants to be able to posture as an honest citizen so that people will accept his money and render him honest services. We might ask if Dr. Morbius had access to the same IQ machine that an earth crewman used to solve the mystery of his id, why he did not use the machine earlier to solve the mystery on his own? Why the belle indifference? Or maybe he really did know all along, and simply feigned naivety when he was informed by the crewman towards the end of the move.

The Freudian approach that decouples conscious responsibility from primeval impulses might in itself involve a criminal "con." Is it really so hard for us to become consciously aware of our own animalistic impulses and then develop intelligent and responsible strategies for controlling and channeling them? If we cannot take responsibility for ourselves as adults, then who in our society should control us — and who ultimately should control them? The government? Isn't there such a thing as criminal negligence for people who are incapable of anticipating how things might go wrong?

Another hallmark of criminal behavior is viciousness. Almost by definition, criminal behavior tends to be damaging to other people, yet criminals continue inflicting it on others without remorse. Once Dr. Morbius understands that he has controlled a very destructive id monster, he did even more damage. He initiates the complete destruction of his planet. He puts his daughter and the earth crew at some risk, in case they might for some reason become unable to escape the effective casualty radius of the exploding planet in time. He denies humans access to scientific and technological knowledge that was in his possession. He thinks he knows better than other lesser humans what is best, and creates a ruthless final monument to himself with the destruction of a planet.

Unfortunately we evidence of nihilistic destructiveness in America today. For example, the amazing la belle indifference of the Bush administration and his neo-con handlers for the hundreds of tons of aerosolized depleted uranium with a 4.5 billion year half life dumped on Iraq, or the damage they have created to America's image through their use of torture. Similarly, in regard to Israel, we see a similar characteristic in The Sampson Option by Seymour Hersh. The state of Israel thinks the world owes it a living. If Israel stops receiving all the candy if feels it deserves, that is, the continued massive foreign aid it expects from the U.S. and European countries, it is prepared to use its nuclear arsenal to blow up and poison as much of planet earth as possible.

This is almost taken directly out of the script of The Forbidden Planet.

Case study analysis involving institutionalized criminal behavior

Once you accept the premise that there are only a very few functions performed by government that only government is capable of performing reasonably well, and which are really useful for the rest of the society, and that once government expands itself beyond this point it is usurping and replacing the vitality of vast sectors of private sector entrepreneurial infrastructure with dead weight socialism and bureaucracy, then one can easily perceive big government as consisting of some percentage of "producer" and some percentage of "parasite."

As an amusing aside, even a growing parasite can be smart enough to avoid totally choking off everything that is healthy. As an example, the late Dr. Murray Rothbard once told an amusing story about Mao's China and Hong Kong catalogs.

Historically, socialism means more government control of wealth distribution. More government in turn means more bureaucracy. A complete government takeover under communism means the elimination of any free market pricing mechanisms.

A big problem with Mao's hardline approach to Marxism-Lenninism was that since the free market had been abolished, prices were now set by bureaucrats. Prices were now guided by internal politics and guess work rather than economic forces of supply and demand. In this incredibly byzantine world, no one really knew any more what anything was supposed to cost.

The Communists hit upon a very "Marxist revisionist" solution to their pricing problem. They started to send off for mail order catalogs from Hong Kong, which had maintained a free market while under British colonial control. Then they copied Hong Kong catalog prices into their five year plans.

Communist functionaries started to tell a joke among themselves that once the international communist revolution took over the world, they would have to leave Hong Kong alone so that they would still be able to get the catalogs to figure out what things are supposed to cost.

Figuring out how little government we can get by with is obviously tricky. We may require far less government than we think. Dr. DiLorenzo provides the example of highway construction in How Capitalism Saved America. He claims that by 1860 most state governments outlawed government works programs to build roads because the private sector had been found to be vastly more efficient and less corrupt.

We know that in the 19th century, governments in Europe and North America were able to function amidst major wars, sharp recessions, and rapid industrial expansion and still remain under 5-10% of GDP. Therefore, since today we see that governments in both Europe and North America comprise about 40-50% of GDP,.we might suspect that these governments are about 25% "producer" and at least 75% "parasite."

Some government institutions are seriously "criminal-at-risk"

If there is one book in America that is a "must read" in this category, it is Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper.

To most people, mafia organizations epitomize institutionalized criminality. However, libertarians are correct that since governments killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, they make all of the world's private mafias combined pale by comparison.

However, governments and organized crime are not by any means mutually exclusive. Dr. Murray Rothbard liked to wryly observe that most governments around the world are in reality "criminal gangs," and that taxation is usually nothing more than legalized banditry.

Probably the one area of government where "criminal," "mafia," and "government" blur the most involve espionage organizations such as the CIA, MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service), Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and the Israeli Mossad.

Espionage operations tend to be inherently parasitic in nature, just as the combat infantry operations of Army and Marine Corps units are inherently predatory. Almost by definition, infiltrating foreign countries under false pretense, stealing secrets, planting false flags, and sniffing for weaknesses in foreigners to induce them to betray their own countries for intelligence information is hardly a "producer" role. This is one reason why the government-funded spy world is so inherently dirty, because its basic modus operandi are strongly similar to that of the criminal underworld and that of other genuinely subversive, conspiratorial organizations. In fact, truth be told, espionage organizations are essentially state-funded perpetual conspiratorial operations. Intelligence organizations frequently cooperate with the underworld, such as the CIA-Mossad drug partnership in SW Asia's Golden Triangle and Afghanistan (see Prof. Alfred McCoy’s The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade), or the CIA-Mafia partnership that attemped to assassinate Fidel Castro.

"Espionage" means theft of state secrets. Since "conspiracy" means a group of people who deliberately work together to break laws, espionage operations are always by definition conspiratorial in someone else's country, where they are always extremely illegal.

As an important qualifier, I would point out that America requires a strong counterintelligence capability to defend itself against enemy alien infiltration. In many ways it "takes a thief to catch a thief." It also requires overseas capabilities to play this game.

Let me also say that no doubt the CIA has many unsung heroes. I admire ex-CIA analyst Michael Scheuer's activism to counter the excesses of the Bush Administration. I am under the impression from Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment and other sources that the late CIA Director William J. Colby was at root a well-intentioned, decent, patriotic, and heroic man who made the right enemies.

There are probably many other examples of honorable, well-intentioned, patriotic Americans who work for the CIA. No doubt the CIA can perform many vital missions for America, and it needs to attract honorable, idealistic people.

I also believe, however, that our national media has glamorized the espionage world with the James Bond, Mission Impossible, and other spy-related flicks in ways that condition audiences to think lightly of the extremely nasty underlying character of espionage operations.

In "criminal-at-risk" organizations, bad people tend to rise to the top

I do not think it is the case that everyone within a "criminal-at-risk" organization is genetically hardwired toward criminality, but rather that these societies lack checks and balances compared to open societies. In this environment, it is much easier for some truly scary, criminal people to rise to the top.

As a former Marine Corps officer, I do not believe that all Marines are psychotic psychopathic killers, despite all the bad press about Marine operations that have gone awry involving innocent Iraqi civilians at Fallujah, Haditha and elsewhere. I have had a fair amount of contact with people in other branches of the military such as the Air Force, Navy, and Army, and to a lessor extent have known people involved in security-oriented organizations such as the FBI. I believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans in all the aforementioned organizations are basically good, well-intentioned people.

This having been said, I will readily concede that in a secretive, authoritarian military environment, it is much harder to challenge and reign in scary people and prevent them from rising to the top than, say, working with the local PTA.

Dr. Robert Higgs' April 2006 article: "America Won, Americans Lost" makes this point regarding one of Americas supposedly most technically advanced and sophisticated military organizations:

General Thomas Power, commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command from 1957 to 1964 and Director of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff from 1960 to 1964, ranked near the top of the U.S. Armed Forces waging the Cold War. An ardent warrior, he did not subscribe to the Aristotelian maxim of moderation in all things. In 1960, while being briefed on counter-force strategy, he reacted petulantly to the idea of exercising restraint in the conduct of nuclear war: "Restraint!" he retorted. "Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards. . . . Look. At the end of the war, if there are two Americans and one Russian, we win!" Everyone who knew Power seems to have thought that he was crazy.

Even the man he replaced as SAC commander, General Curtis LeMay, regarded him as unstable — and everybody knew that LeMay himself was, as "Dr. Strangelove's" Group Captain Lionel Mandrake would have put it, "as mad as a bloody March hare." After LeMay left his command at SAC, he became Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force in 1957 and Chief of Staff in 1961. He is most often remembered as a tireless advocate of an all-out, nuclear first strike on the Soviet Union and its allies, and as the most likely inspiration for General Buck Turgidson in "Strangelove." Either Power or LeMay might have served as a model for the "Strangelove" character General Jack D. Ripper, whose own nuclear first strike on the Ruskies came straight out of the LeMay-Power playbook.
Another very troubling dimension regarding General Curtis LeMay, incidentally, appears in an article "Hanford Radiation Victim Speaks Out" by June Stark Casey. This concerns the Hanford Nuclear site in Eastern, Washington, not that far from where I currently live. Up until the stories broke out about depleted uranium horrors in Iraq and Afghanistan, it ranked as the greatest environmental disaster in American history. She states:
It was on Mother's Day of 1986 that I learned that I was among the 270,000 Washington State "Downwinder" residents who were exposed continually and secretly to 1.1 million curies of radioactive iodine 131 released from the General Electric operated Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the 1940s and 1950s. Iodine 131, a known carcinogen, when ingested by cows, forms heavy concentrations in milk.

In 1945, 550,000 curies of radioactive iodine were released at Hanford, exposing 150 million Americans to more than 4 billion picocuries per capita of this lethal radionuclide, an amount comparable to releases from Chernobyl, the worst nuclear disaster in history - which resulted in a 200 fold increase in thyroid cancer in that area. This was followed by two decades of atmospheric bomb tests recently estimated by the Natural Resources Defense Council to be equivalent to exploding 40,000 Hiroshima bombs.

Federal and state authorities have declared the Columbia River near Hanford the most radioactive river in the world. During the peak years of reactor activity, substantial radiation exposure was possible merely by standing on the Columbia river shoreline. Two thirds of U.S. high-level waste from nuclear weapons production is stored at Hanford. There is more radioactivity at Hanford than would be released in an entire nuclear war. Clean-up at Hanford is now expected to cost $100 billion and take 30 years; parts of Hanford will remain radioactive for thousands of years.
Later she mentions General Curtis LeMay:
According to government documents, radioactive isotopes were released at Hanford to assess the potential of radiological warfare and some believe to determine the destruction and effects on local populations. A secret radiological warfare experimentation program headed by General Curtis Le May in which radioactive fission products could be released in an attempt to poison the water and milk supply was conducted at Hanford up to 1954. Many Washington residents believe the 1949 experiment was part of that radiological warfare program. Shockingly, current environmental laws would allow that same secret experiment to be conducted today.

I already discussed depleted uranium horrors in my Critical Issues section. Permit me to add to all that the recent Ben Klassen article: "The Evil that Men Do." There is evidence that the military industrial complex knew about the hazards of depleted uranium before Gulf War I in 1990-1991. As Leuren Moret points out in "Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets," there is also strong evidence that the military industrial complex has covered up the horrific evidence following Gulf War I, and has willfully subjected hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and innocent Iraqi and Afghanistanian civilians to unspeakable evil.

When is America going to get some adult leadership in charge of its military-industrial complex?

There are serious leadership problems elsewhere that I need to address. The book By Way of Deception by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrowsky talks about how the Jewish culture is heavily geared towards the use of deception. He claims that the Mossad is the most admired organization in Israel, and in fact runs the country behind the scenes. Unfortunately behind-the-scenes skullduggery just does not seem to go away, as anyone knows who has followed the AIPAC scandal and FBI arrest of Larry Franklin, or Justin Raimondo's columns about how Jewish neo-cons and the Israel lobby dragged America into Iraq at, or more recently has followed the Harvard study which complains about suppression of academia by Jewish organizations.

I do not think it is the case that all Jews are bad people or that they are all genetically hard-wired to act as deceptive criminal parasites. However, I do think that it is clear that Jewish culture is more heavily geared towards deception than most societies. It also tends to be a very paranoid culture with a strong "us vs. them" mentality and a quasi-messianic megalomaniacal will to power. One very definitely gets a sense of this reading Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke. As a consequence, Jewish culture seems to lack many checks and balances found in more open societies. Under such conditions, it may be much easier for criminals to rise to the top. Once they are in power, it is much harder for non-criminal, honest, and responsible Jews to reign them in.

It is interesting to compare, for example, the way Jews and Nordics handle dissidents. It is fairly common for Nordic or Nordic-related societies to lionize outspoken individualists, such as a Patrick Henry, William Tell, Copernicus, Galileo, or a Thomas Jefferson. In contrast, it is more common to see major Jewish organizations condemn outspoken Jewish dissidents such as Noam Chomsky, Israel Shahak, Mordechai Vanuunu as "self-hating Jews" or "non-Jewish Jews," or "Jewish renegades."

But then again, honest white Americans today also suffer the embarrassment of seeing their highest government and military officials out of control as well. I would refer the reader to the excellent articles by the libertarian writer Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who frequently decries America's ruling "Moron from Texas."

The Thugs of India as a "parasite race" case study

We know from sociobiological theory that if an animal species finds itself in an ecological niche that rewards parasitic behavior for long enough, that eventually these traits may become "hardwired" in the gene pool.

Thug: Or A Million Murders by Col James L. Sleeman, is a fascinating story. It was written by the grandson of Sir William Sleeman, the "Thug-hunter" who rounded up, interrogated, and executed Thugs between 1829 and 1856 in India.

The earliest known accurate record about Thug activity was written in 1356. It described a thousand Thugs who had been caught in 1290 AD. Oral accounts suggest that the Thugs may have practiced their evil craft for many centuries previous to this. In any event, if we assume that Thug activity had achieved full strength by 1290 AD, and the population of India remained fairly stable over the centuries, the number of possible total victims becomes really chilling.

Thug math

What is so incredible about the Thugs is that operating in very small informal groups, and using nothing more than a large handkerchief as a choke device, they visited a mass murder holocaust on the people of India whose total death count was right up there with Stalin, Lenin, and Mao Tse Tung.

Sleeman arrested 4,500 Thugs during his suppression campaign. (p. 178), "At eight victims to a fully qualified Thug per working month, assuming that a Thug's active working life was thirty years, and that the average length of his annual Thuggee expedition was two months, a little calculation gives a total per Thug of over 400 victims." (Actually 8 * 2 * 30 = 480 victims, so 400 victims is conservative).

Let us do some additional Thug math. Assume six centuries of activity, times about four generations of Thugs per century, times 4,500 Thugs per generation, times 400 victims per Thug, gives a possible total victim estimate within the span of recorded Thug history of 43,200,000 people, or:

6 centuries * 4 generations/century * 4,500 Thugs/generation * 400 victims/Thug = 43,200,000 victims

No matter how you change any of the underlying assumptions behind this calculation, one still comes up with some really serious "parasite" mass murder numbers. On page 177, Col Sleeman approaches the total calculation from some different sources and different assumptions, and still comes up with many millions of victims:

...[the] dependable Indian journal estimated that the two rivers, Nerbudda and Sutlej, witnessed 10,000 murders annually. This was a century ago, when Thuggee was being slowly throttled and when every opportunity existed for ascertaining the true facts; hence it is quite clear this was considered a conservative estimate. Now the area defined by this journal represents less than one-fourth of India, so, as Thuggee extended throughout that continent, it may safely be assumed that that on this basis alone forty thousand people fell to the Thug ruhmal every year, possibly in its heyday fifty thousand would be nearer the mark. [50,000 a year means five million over a hundred years, and 30 million victims over six centuries— author]. Staggering as these awful figures may seem, such is the wealth of human life in India that this toll would seem a mere flea bite, for wild animals and snakes still annually account for almost as many.

For the purpose of arriving at a correct estimate, however, we will not assume fifty thousand a year, nor yet forty or thirty, but content ourselves with the number estimated by the Sumachar Durpan [a native newspaper] as occurring in this one small area a hundred years ago, namely 10,000. Neither shall we assume this to be annual toll of three hundred years of killing, but the most modest estimate of 10,000 Thug victims a year for a hundred years. In other words, in order to err on the side of caution and to avoid the least trace of exaggeration, the estimate of a million murders [pertaining to the title of the book — author] is based upon one-fourth of the area of the country over which the Thugs operated, and for one-third of the period only during which this hideous faith is know to existed. [A million victims * four times the limited sample area * three times the limited historical period = 12 million victims — author]

After prolonged research in all the Thuggee records available to him, the author is convinced that a mere million murders is very considerably below the true figures, and is unkind to the memory of the Thugs who glorified in their crimes and boasted of their murders...

As a satirical aside, I can almost imagine a bunch of idiot modern liberals reacting to a Thug threat by trying to outlaw or have legally registered "assault handkerchiefs." The Feds might even start strip-searching everyone at the airport security counters — or wait, scratch that — I do not want to them any ideas!

The Thug modus operandi

Thugs were very clever about winning the confidence of their victims. They liked to prey on travelers along the roads across India. Sometimes they would feign injury, or other times act like unpretentious travelers simply seeking companionship. A group of Thugs would typically lure each victim to some secluded area off the road, and proceed to pounce on him and choke him to death. Then they would bury the victim and proceed to their next kill.

Sleeman's book points out on page 20, "The most astounding fact about the Thug is that, as a general rule, he was a good citizen and model husband, devoted to his family, and scrupulously straight when not on his expeditions, presenting a complexity of character utterly baffling to a student of psychology. It was, indeed, essential to the safety of their criminal operations that they should pass as peaceful citizens. Their opportunities were great, for communications in India were then both difficult and dangerous and vast amounts of treasure were carried long distances by road by disguised treasure-bearers or escorted by armed guards. A rich merchant and his attendants, for example, would leave Calcutta for Poona and would, in the normal course of events, remain unheard of until his return home, perhaps six months later..."

Thugs felt no remorse. On page 5 we discover: "However unscrupulous and treacherous the Thugs were, one thing at least stands to their credit, that while they sometimes killed women — though contrary to their faith — they never maltreated them beforehand. The taking of human life for the sheer lust of killing was the Thugs' main object: The plunder, however, pleasant, being a secondary consideration. That robbery did not form the principle motive is clear from the fact that they made little effort to ascertain the wealth of those they put to death, and wretchedly poor men, their total world wealth less than sixpence, constantly appear in Thuggee records as having been added to the bag. The Thug, indeed, regarded his profession much in the same light as the sportsman: no motive was required for the murders the planned to commit; their prospective victims were unknown to them; and it mattered nothing whether they were Hindu or Mohammedan, for Thugs had in their ranks members of both religions."

What I find really intriguing about the Thugs is that they seem to fit the criminal personality profile I have already mentioned, as well as some of the animal models that I will mention later. They obviously had highly fragmented personalities. Col Sleeman stated (p. 5), "The Thug was a murderer by hereditary profession, who sincerely believed that he had a divine right to kill..."

We are challenged to draw a line between the Thug faith in the goddess Kali as a form of "religiosity" as opposed to camouflage for malevolent behavior. The Thugs consciously engaged in extreme forms of deception. Last, but not least, they were malevolently destructive on their host population in a way that showed "viral persistency" for well over six centuries. If the British had not rooted them out, it seems likely that Thuggee would have continued indefinitely.

Col Sleeman comments (p. 6), "Here was no body of amateur assassins, driven to crime by force of circumstances, but men of seeming respectability and high intelligence, often occupying positions of importance and responsibility in their normal lives, secretly trained from boyhood to the highest degree of skill in strangulation." No amount of liberal education would have likely stopped this phenomenon. Imagine if naive modern liberals had let a group like this into America to promote "diversity"?

I do not think we can jump the conclusion that all Thugs were genetically hard-wired towards parasitism like some of the animal models I will discuss later. However, I think that their inbred gene pool may have been skewed in the direction of criminal-rich tendencies. Earlier in the environmental vs. genetics section I discussed how all traits tend to be distributed in a bell curve function. If the strongly instinctive criminal side of the bell curve were, say, on the right side of our hypothetical bell-shaped curve, I think that the curve was probably titled and shifted in that direction. However, there were probably quite a few Thugs who were "slightly predisposed" criminals in the center. We might also expect to find members of the broader Thug community, to include wives and children, towards the left side of the bell curve who were not particularly criminal at all. However, I think that if the Thug bell-shaped curve were compared to the bell curve of the general Indian population, similar to way black and white IQ graphs are compared in the prior section, I think that we would be able to see a significant difference in the distributions of innate criminal traits.

Illustration from Thug: Or A Million Murders by Col James L. Sleeman. Thugs use a cloth slightly larger than a handkerchief to wrap into a choke cord for their victim. Their religion compelled them to avoid drawing blood every time they made a kill.

As a parting comment, we should note that the Thug phenomenon presents a major embarrassment to most modern liberal and anarcho-libertarian social theory. How can one possibly create a viable free market economy or democracy with people who want to choke you to death and bury you for sport shortly after they accept your goods or accompany you to the voting booth? How can modern liberal government programs such as affirmative action, open immigration, or welfare do anything with such mass murderers except make matters worse?

Have a human with your tortilla? A look at human physical parasitism

Prior to European contact, human physical parasitism was common in many societies around the planet. One of the best examples took place south of the border, down Mexico way.

According to "Aztec Religion" in Wikipedia, "Human sacrifice was practiced on a grand scale throughout the Aztec empire. No human society known to history approached that of the Aztecs in the quantities of people offered as religious sacrifices: 20,000 a year is a common estimate."

Aztecs periodically waged war with their neighbors with the intent of rounding up warriors and camp followers for slaughter as opposed to accomplishing ideological goals. The Aztecs kept their prisoners of war well fed until their day of reckoning. Aztec rituals even included stabbing unborn babies of pregnant women inside their bellies.

There was much more than human religious sacrifice going on here. Dr. Marvin Harris describes in Cannibals and Kings: The Origins of Cultures how the Aztecs ran one of the greatest cannibal empires in history. With almost assembly-line efficiency, Aztec priests ripped the hearts out of prisoners one after another and then rolled them down the steep steps of their pyramids. Then the bodies were collected and taken to tribal houses to get carved up for dinner. Harris notes (p. 164):

...Aztec cannibalism was not a perfunctory tasting of ceremonial tidbits. All edible parts were used in a manner strictly comparable to the consumption of the flesh of domesticated animals. The Aztec priests can legitimately be described as ritual slaughterers in a state-sponsored system geared to the production and redistribution of substantial amounts of animal protein in the form of human flesh. Of course, the priests had other duties, but none had greater practical significance than their butchery.

Dr. Harris believes that since Mexico in the pre-contact era lacked alternative sources of high-grade protein such as domesticated cows, llamas, or pigs, this diet gave the Aztec warriors a muscle-building advantage over surrounding tribes. However, because he estimates the population of the Valley of Mexico at 2 million and the number of prisoners available for annual human meat distribution at only 15,000, he believes the flesh could only be distributed in enough concentration among the Aztec nobility, warriors, and their retainers to provide an advantage to this relatively small group. Nevertheless, if this was enough to support their continued domination, that is all that mattered from an evolutionary perspective.

If you want to go beyond academic theory and experience a Hollywood dramatization of mass sociopathic bloodthirstiness, please watch Mel Gibson's Apocalypto and read John de Nugent's commentary on the movie "Apolcalypse of the Psychopaths" at

There are many other variables involved in the evolution of human physical parasitism besides the availability of alternative protein sources. As an example, National Vanguard's article "Cannibalism in the African Congo" reports that cannibalism has been widespread in areas of Africa where game is plentiful.

I view cannibalism as an evolutionary path opposed to the mutualist principles stated at the beginning of this article. Race Differences in Intelligence: A Global Perspective by Dr. Richard Lynn (Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1991) lists avoidance of cannibalism as one of twenty one criteria listed in a study by Baker (1974) for the advancement of civilization. His twenty one criteria area as follows:

...In the ordinary circumstances of life in public places, they cover the
greater part of the trunk with clothes.
...They keep the body clean and take care to dispose of its waste products.
...They do not practice severe mutilation or deformation of the body,
except for medical reasons.
...They have knowledge of building in brick or stone, if the necessary
materials are available in their territory.
...Many of them live in towns or cities, which are linked by roads.
...They cultivate food-plants.
...They domesticate animals and use some of the larger ones for transport
(or have in the past so used them), if suitable species are available.
...They have knowledge of the use of metals, if these are available.
...They use wheels.
...They exchange property by the use of money.
...They order their society by a system of laws, which are enforced in such a way that they ordinarily go about their various concerns in times of peace without danger of attack or arbitrary arrest.
...They permit accused persons to defend themselves and to bring witnesses for their defense.
...They do not use torture to extract information or for punishment.
...They do not practice cannibalism.
...Their religious systems include ethical elements and are not purely or grossly superstitious.
...They use a script (not simply a succession of pictures) to communicate ideas.
...There is some facility in the abstract use of numbers, without consideration of actual objects (or in other words, at least a start has been made in mathematics).
...A calendar is in use, accurate to within a few days in the year.
...Arrangements are made for the instruction or the young in intellectual subjects.
...There is some appreciation of the fine arts.
...Knowledge and understanding are valued as ends in themselves.

This Mankind Quarterly article notes: "Having set up these criteria, Baker proceeded to analyze the historical record of the races to ascertain which have originated civilizations. His conclusion was that the Caucasoid peoples developed all 21 components of civilization in four independent locations. These were the Sumerian in the valley of the Tigris and the Euphrates, the Cretian, the Indus Valley, and the ancient Egyptian. The Mongoloids also developed a full civilization in the Sinic civilization in China. The Amerindians achieved about half of the 21 components in the Maya society of Guatemala, a little less in the Inca and Aztec societies, but these peoples never invented a written script, the wheel (except possibly in children’s toys), the principle of the arch in their architecture, metal working, or money for the exchange of goods. The Negroids and the Australian aborigines achieved virtually none of the criteria of civilization."

We should see some warning signs regarding America today in this list. For example in regard to:

They do not practice severe mutilation or deformation of the body, except for medical reasons. We have seen a rise in ornamental self-mutilation among American teenagers in the last two decades.
They permit accused persons to defend themselves and to bring witnesses for their defense. This has been reduced by the so-called Patriot Act and other infringements on civil liberties. Later I will discuss the activities of the Jewish ADL to smear individuals critical of Israel.
They do not use torture to extract information or for punishment. Tell this to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez and our "fellow Americans" at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
They do not practice cannibalism. See next paragraph.
There is some appreciation of the fine arts. The whole level of American aesthetic appreciation has been reduced with primitive rap music and vulgar programming promoted by America's Jewish-dominated national media.

Obviously in regard to physical parasitism, Americans do not currently have any overt involvement. However, the anti-abortion lobby might claim that on a more subtle level, the thirty million or so white American fetuses that have been aborted in the last two decades — that have been replaced by Third World immigrants — reflect a form of human sacrifice to modern liberal ideals, although they have not actually involved the actual consumption of human flesh as was the case in ancient Mexico, or is the case today in certain parts of China where eating fetuses is considered a delicacy (cf. "Feces, Fetuses, Etc." by Dr. William Pierce).

Although Americans are not buying human meat in grocery stores (or at least not yet, just wait until the economic implosion and American becomes majority nonwhite), I can recollect in the last couple of decades at least two tabloid stories with underlying cannibalism themes that really hit a nerve with the public about trends in contemporary America. Admittedly, these sensational stories are purely anecdotal, and probably do not reflect a statistically significant sampling of social phenomenon. Nevertheless, they awaken dark fears at the margin about the permanent, underlying genetic impact of America's anti-white demographic trends.

According to the National Vanguard's article "Report: Cannibalism in New Orleans":

Black leader and reparations advocate Randall Robinson is reporting that "[B]lack hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive."

Like millions of White Americans, Robinson is shocked to find that one bad rain storm has washed away the lie of multiracial America, and uncovered deep, incompatible racial differences.

Whether or not Robinson's claim of Black cannibalism in New Orleans is accurate, or merely the usual overblown 'civil rights' hyperbole White Americans have had to put up with (and pay for) for generations, cannibalism is endemic in periods of African social unrest. Many White liberals are too dishonest to admit this and other facts of Black behavior to themselves, but are being rapidly re-educated.

Randall Robertson himself later issued a retraction on a blog:

The claim in the first sentence in my post was incorrect. I had been told this was happening, but these claims have turned out to be unsubstantiated. I therefore retract them — but stand behind everything else I wrote without reservation.

It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive.

Four days after the storm, thousands of blacks in New Orleans are dying like dogs. No-one has come to help them.

I am a sixty-four year old African-American. New Orleans marks the end of the America I strove for.

I am hopeless. I am sad. I am angry against my country for doing nothing when it mattered...
The second shocker story involved the Brownsville/Matamoros cult murders of 1989. A key player was Sara Maria Aldrete, who seemed to fit a popular profile of the assimilated, nice Mexican-American girl next door who adds so much "diversity" to our society. I was living in New York City at the time the story broke, and I specifically remember an "all-[Mexican] American girl gone bad" theme in local tabloids. According to the 27 July 2006 Wikipedia article on Sara Aldrete:

Sara Maria Aldrete (born September 6, 1964 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico) is a serial killer known as "La Madrina". She attended high school in Brownsville, Texas, while still living south of the border, and gained resident alien status in order to attend Texas Southmost College. She was known amongst her peers as a good student. She is 6'1" tall and studied physical education, preparing to transfer to a university to earn a physical education teaching certification.

She met Adolfo Constanzo, a Cuban American fortune-teller and religious cult leader, and he introduced her to witchcraft and dark magic. He gave her the nickname "La Madrina", which is Spanish for godmother, and initiated her into his cult, which was a conglomeration of Santería, Aztec warrior ritual, and Palo Mayombe, complete with blood sacrifices. Costanzo sexually assaulted and killed drug dealers and used their body parts for religious sacrifice ceremonies in an old warehouse near Matamoros. Many of his victims' body parts were cooked in a large pot called a nganga. Costanzo made Sara Aldrete second-in-command of his cult, and directed her to supervise his followers while he was out shipping marijuana over the border into America.

In 1989 the killings grew more frequent, and gained attention when affluent white tourist Mark Kilroy was captured. Costanzo, Aldrete, and the rest of the cult went on the run. Police found their hideout on May 6, 1989, and killed several cult members, including Costanzo, in a shootout. Aldrete was convicted of criminal association in 1990 and sentenced to six years in prison. In a second trial, she was convicted of several of the killings at the cult's headquarters, and sentenced to an additional 62 years. If Aldrete is ever released from prison, American authorities plan to prosecute her for the murder of the American Mark Kilroy.

According to, "A grisly list of cult-related crimes remains unsolved in Mexico. From prison, Sara Aldrete told reporters, `I don’t think the religion will end with us, because it has a lot of people in it. They have found a temple in Monterrey that isn’t even related to us. It will continue.' Between 1987 and 1989, police in Mexico City recorded 74 unsolved ritual murders, 14 of them involving infant victims. Constanzo’s cult is suspected in at least 16 of those cases, all involving children or teenagers, but authorities lack sufficient evidence to press charges."

It is quite possible that neither Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez's involvement with torture nor Sara Aldrete's involvement with ancient Aztec Warrior Ritual reflect the true sentiments of the overwhelming majority of Mexican Americans. I have worked with Mexican Americans in the military and in the civilian work place, and many of them appear to be competent, hard workers who strive to be loyal Americans. I did not observe any of them trying to cut up gringos and cook them in pots. Nor am I suggesting that U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is likely to rip out anyone's heart and roll him down the steps of the Capitol Building any time soon, although his attacks on our civil liberties shock my conscience much the same.

But then again, just like the way the "Helter Skelter" Charles Manson murders were a form of freaky "blow back" culminating from the disoriented, deracinated "Acid Rock" generation of the 1960's promoted by Jewish Hollywood and other controlled media, sometimes the extreme whacko stuff contains within it some important canary-in-the-coal mine warnings about disturbing underlying demographic and cultural changes in society. Once the American economy implodes in a bout of hyperinflation, darkness at the margin can become significant, just like the Jewish Bolshevik influence that arose admist the social chaos and devastation in World War I-ravaged Russia.

"Parasitism" is relative

Idaho Attorney Edgar Steele claims that blacks have fifty times the violent crime rate per capita compared to whites. They also have over ten times fewer people per capita with IQ's over 120. (Please see the "Black and White IQ Distributions Chart" contained in my "environmental vs. genetics" discussion). In the event of a crisis leading to social breakdown, they are far more likely to engage in looting and public disorder.

If blacks and whites can create a stable social arrangement where white survival is not threatened, then this can become a mutualist relationship.

If on the other hand incompetent blacks are elevated to leading positions and displace talented whites, and furthermore if their influence undermines the white capacity to practice white racial nationalist self-determination in order to protect white genetic interests, then blacks can assume a parasitic relationship vis a vis whites.

Modern liberals absolutely hate the "separate but equal" segregated Southern society that existed prior to the so-called Civil Rights acts of the mid-1960's. However, at least Southern society was fairly stable and whites did not feel threatened. Now, whites in general feel their own anxiety climbing towards the crisis alert level as the odds of Civil War II escalate. And liberals call this progress.

Whatever you choose to call it, black people can become either mutualists or parasites, depending on the role they assume relative to white society.

The same holds true for any other alien group. We segue now to America's most fateful "minority."


Jewish Criminal Totalitarian Psychopathology

"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

'Judaism is not a religion at all. It’s a license to lie, cheat, steal, rob, exploit, prostitute, enslave, destroy, torture, murder… as long as the victim is not Jewish. It’s a mental disease somewhere in between bipolar disorder and psychopathy. It’s the membership in a terrorist, satanic cult.' -Andrew Winkler, Editor/Publisher, ZioPedia -


The most significant group in America in terms of its toxic shock effect on America's dwindling white majority is the Jewish elite that controls the central bank, national media, and our Congress. (cf. William Fulbright's famous comment: "Israel controls the U.S. Senate" from They Dare to Speak Out by former Congressman Paul Findley). Jewish neo-cons have shanghaied America into an unnecessary Middle Eastern War. (cf. High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper). According to recent estimates, the Jewish lobby funds about 75% of the Democratic Party and about 50% of the Republican Party. The Jewish ADL and other pressure groups intimidate patriotic Americans from effectively protecting legitimate white genetic interests. (cf. Col Donn de Grand Pre's books The Viper's Venom and The Rattler's Revenge). Please also see the Rev Ted Pike archive at American First Books that hosts numerous articles about ADL KGB tactics designed to undermine the First Amendment and U.S. Constitution.

If after reading patriot literature one still doubts the existance of Jewish power in America, my advice is take a trip to New York City, and then secondarily to Los Angeles, and then start asking around. New York City has the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel, numbering in the millions. They are there in such critical mass that they openly set the tone.

In the 20th century New York City dominated America's media, banking, and commerce. Woody Allen once commented with words to the effect that 80% of success is often showing up. Among other key success factors, Jews have definitely physically occupied America's power centers.

Jews are not parasitic if they do not threaten white survival and self-determination. Many Jews are productive business entrepreneurs. Many Jews are highly educated and make tremendous contributions in their professions. However, once Jews impose alien values on white society in a way that undermines white cultural and genetic survival, they can clearly become parasitic. Not surprisingly, Jewish meddling can generate tremendous amounts of resentment and hostility in the host population.

Some people buy into the alleged Bismarck conspiracy theory that the Rothschilds and other elite Jewish families helped to finance and stir up animosities that precipitated the utterly ruinous War Between the States. As examples, they point to Judah P. Benjamin, who served as Secretary of War for the Confederacy, and also to Jewish funding of various Abolitionists on the Northern side. In addition, they claim that the Rothschilds and other elite Jewish families had already gained control over the central banks in Britain and France and hence could provided tempting allies for Southern secessionists. (See "Why Banker's Love the Left" by Dr. Henry Makow for further discussion of this period).

However, for the moment let us consider that even if all this is all true, gentile Americans still held most of the political cards and controlled most of the wealth in America. We can't blame everything on the Jews!

I tend to lay most of the blame for America's ills on the inability of too many of its gentile leaders to peacefully resolve America's political crises of the mid-1800's by maintaining homogeneous northern European-descended populations, and if necessary, by peacefully spinning off parts of America as separate countries to preserve decentralization and protect regional interests. I think that Thomas Jefferson was clear that this was the preferred alternative to unity at all costs in his Kentucky Resolutions of 1798. The anti-Federalists were also clear on this point.

By the mid-Reconstruction era of around 1870, America had forged a Pact with the Devil. America had decided to become a united empire at all costs rather than maintain limited republics. Vast numbers of Americans had decided that mass murder (640,000 war dead during the War Between the States) took priority over the States Rights principles of Thomas Jefferson's Kentucky Resolutions, and that Negro rights took priority over white rights during the so-called Reconstruction Era (whites could not vote in many Southern states run by all-Negro legislatures), and that a "one nation indivisible" ideal with a highly centralized government is capable of benevolently guaranteeing "liberty and justice for all" without wallowing in corruption, where somehow a trend towards centralization does not yield the historical result that "absolute power corrupts absolutely."

On a prima facie level, these new principles that most Americans openly adopted were nothing but trouble waiting to happen. America's new ideology was now de facto Jacobinism rather than genuine republicanism. If America did not reverse itself, the country was already lost. It would simply take another century and a half for the rot to spread so widely that it would eventually bring down the whole system.

By the late 1800's millions of Jews immigrated to America and occupied the most strategically important urban centers. Soon they came to also occupy the most strategically important mass media (see The New Jerusalem by Michael Collins Piper). In 1913, the Rothschild agent Paul Warburg masterminded the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System along with his Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan allies. Through its steady inflationary policies, the Fed has saddled Americans with a ruinous form of indirect taxation while financing the growth of the Orwellian neo-Jacobin Welfare-Warfare Super State that wages perpetual war for perpetual peace (see Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace by Gore Vidal, also same title by revisionist historian Harry Elmer Barnes). Shortly after Jews played the leading role in creating the Fed Reserve monster (Edwin Griffin calls it The Creature From Jekyll Island), Jewish advisors surrounding Woodrow Wilson orchestrated America's entry into World War I in return for Britain's Balfour Declaration that promised Palestine to the Jews. They also navigated Wilson's "hands off Bolshevism" policy to aid the murderous feeding frenzy of their co-tribalists on the prostrate Russian people.

By this time, Jews were openly exploiting the running sores of both American and Russian society . Without question they took all of America's centralization and demographic fragmentation problems and made them vastly worse wherever it suited Jewish interests. At a minimum, they certainly thwarted any real chance that America could heal and somehow regain genuine republican forms. But we should not be surprised, because as I will explain later, Jewish culture is extremely geared towards cutting corners and "gaming the system."

But going back to the mid-1800's, I think the ultimate blame lies on errors made by gentile Americans. However, it also appears obvious to me from the horrible social and political mess created by the War Between the States that America laid itself wide open to the Jewish infiltration and takeover that took place later.

A personal note

I have been around Jews all my life. I have had them as roommates, professors, bosses, landlords, clients, fellow workers, and as classmates.

There was certainly no "anti-Semitic" bias in my background. As a young girl, my mother helped shelter Jews before she escaped from Norway during World War II when a member of her group got picked up by the Gestapo. Her father left Norway when the Nazis initially moved in. As a Norwegian naval officer he aided the Allied war effort in England. One of his brothers survived having several merchant ships torpedoed out from under him in Allied convoys on the Mermansk run. My paternal grandfather fought against the Nazis as an field grade officer under Gen George Patton in North Africa. There is certainly no cultural or "genetic" predisposition towards anything "Nazi" in my background. My own political views have generally been biased towards libertarianism.

I think many Jews are very likeable as individuals. In fact, on an intellectual level I find a number of them to be more interesting than quite a few fellow gentiles. On a personal level, many of them can be charming.

However, I am now convinced that Zionist Jews are dangerous and out of control as an organized, global group. Whenever they huff and puff, America's community of reform and liberal Jews seem to always roll over and play dead too easily. As a former U.S. Marine Corps officer sworn to uphold the Constitution, watching Jewish neo-cons weed out the CIA, genocide innocent Lebanese civilians, poison hundreds of thousands of American military personnel with depleted uranium, run roughshod over our rights with torture and the so-called "Patriot Act" and other phony excuses for invasions of our civil liberties ...(and on and on — see my Critical Issues section), I say it is time to quit passively taking it in the shorts and stand up for freedom and Western Civilization.

I believe that many leading Zionists are not only criminal, but are also ultimately suicidal. We have an urgent need to come to grips with the Jewish character and try to figure out some kind of sane and humane strategy to deal with it all before some lunatics in the Israeli government decide to pull "The Samson Option" with their hundreds of nukes. They have already orchestrated events that have led to dirty nuclear war in the Middle East (see my Critical Issues sections). With Israeli missiles pointed at European cities, things can still get much worse.

The punch-line is that Jews cannot seem to prevent their most evil people from rising to the top. As a group, they seem to have a very similar problem compared to such secretive and authoritarian American institutions as the CIA (highly "criminal-at risk") and the U.S. military (highly "predator-at-risk"). They lack adequate internal checks and balances. In the absence of responsible, civilian adult supervision, bad things start to happen.

The Jewish toxic shock effect, or Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology, has three major elements. I will present each separately, and then tie them all together in a functional analysis.

These elements, incidentally, reflect how the Jews as a group are skewed in their bell-shaped distribution curve. For example, it is very likely that not all Jews are criminal. However, their population does seem to be heavily skewed in a criminal direction relative to other groups.

Let me repeat. I believe that it is possible that most Jews are not criminal. According to Rev. Ted Pike, in an interview with Daryl Bradford Smith, perhaps 50% of the Jewish population in America is so assimilated that they know very little about Jewish culture and religion.

Dr. David Duke provides the following analysis in Jewish Supremacism (p. 333) on this issue:

Perhaps the best way to describe the Jewish community is how the distinguished Jewish writer Daniel Elazar does in Community and Polity: Organizational Dynamics in American Jewry. [footnote 648] He proposes a model of concentric circles. The inner circle is a hard core of about 5 to 8 percent who lead what he calls "fully Jewish lives." Next are 10 to 12 percent of Jews whom he calls "participants." They are often employed in "Jewish civil service," working tirelessly for Jewish causes. Third, he identifies 25 to 30 percent of Jews whom he calls "contributors and consumers." These make regular contributions to Jewish causes and make use of the Jewish community for things such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals. Elazar calls his last group the "peripherals and repudiators." They make no contributions to Jewish causes, but sometimes the inner circles pull them in to participation or they are peeled off, leaving the Jewish core at the center and the whole of Jewry more committed than ever. [footnote 649]

Because of copious publicity of high rates of Jewish intermarriage, some Gentiles may come to believe that Jews are becoming less ethnocentric. But in reality the opposite is true. Those Jews left at the core are even less disposed to assimilate. At the same time, the out-marrying Jews who are amenable to Gentile values also serve an important role in causing Gentiles to believe the Jewish group is more similar to them than it actually is.

While he may believe that many Jews are relatively assimilated, Rev. Ted Pike is also very clear that he believes the top Zionist leadership is sick and criminal. He even calls them "evil Jews." However, Rev. Pike also points out that many common Jews are often victimized by their own leaders.

Often the crucial differences in life are at the margin. For example, virtually all major revolutions and social changes have been promulgated by a small activist minority. Therefore, just a little bit of extra criminality within a human population, despite the fact the majority of people within that population may not be criminal, can go a long way.

Jewish criminality

Jewish-dominated Hollywood falsely portrays Italian-Americans as criminal ringleaders in America, when in fact the real brains have always been Jewish. The same is true in Europe, where for centuries most of the underworld slang has come from Yiddish.

Michael Collin's Piper's Final Judgment gives an excellent overview of the Meyer Lansky operation in America, which dominated American organized crime for decades and played a key role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Lansky's crime syndicate was closely tied to the Mossad, which dominates the global drug trade along with its partner the CIA. The book Supermob: How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America's Hidden Powerbrokers by Gus Russo, also describes Jewish domination of major organized crime tentacles that reach throughout America. An excellent companion work is The Money and the Power: The Making of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America by Sally Denton and Roger Morris. This book explains how the Jewish gangsters who founded Vegas were linked to Jewish mobsters in other American cities, and how they were able to spread their power tentacles across America at the highest levels. Denton and Morris also note how Jewish gangsters have played a key role in the history of Israel.

Jews have always dominated the vice industries in America, to include liquor, gambling, and pornography. See the Jewish Crime, Jewish Mob page at, the web pages on Jewish ultra high level crime, espionage, and targeted executions, and also Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke and The International Jew by Henry Ford for more details.

Interestingly enough, according to Dr. Kevin McDonald in his review of the book Henry Ford and the Jews, "As TIJ [The International Jew] notes, the Kehillah [central Jewish community leadership] was organized in response to the comment by General Bingham, the chief of police of New York City, that Jews were reponsible for 50% of the crime in the city."

Jews also have a long track record of dominating high level organized crime around the world. It is no accident that most of the underworld slang in major European countries in the 19th century came from Yiddish. In that same century, the Jewish Sassoon family ran the opium trade in China, founded Hong Kong, and used the British army to subjugate the entire country under the heel of their mega-criminal enterprise. The Sassoons became one of the richest crime families in the world, and scion Edward Albert Sassoon intermarried with the British branch of the Rothschild family and was knighted.

Perhaps it is no accident that Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond series, cast most of his arch-villains as Jews. See, for example "Bond's Semitic Villains" by Robert F. Moss. In the late 1930's and during World War II, Ian Fleming worked for British intelligence inside the Rockefeller Center office of Sir William Stephenson, who was profiled in A Man Called Intrepid as the highest level intelligence operations intermediary between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Before Fleming became a novelist, he undoubtedly became intimately familiar with the "story behind the story" behind many high level internatonal intrigues. Dr. David Duke commented:

Long after Flemming wrote his popular books that later became the most successful movie series in history, life indeed did imitate art in the former Soviet Union when 11 oligarchs (10 of them Jewish according to Jewish-owned Fortune Magazine) stole 60 percent of the wealth of the richest resource nation on earth. They did it through, bribery, extortion, fraud and murder. It was indeed the biggest criminal theft of all time, and yet the Jewish criminals such as Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Abramovitch, Khodorkovsky and others have been defended and protected by powerful Jewish influence Western nations and in the Jewish-influenced media. Many others are hiding out with their billions in Israel . There is even a popular TV program in Israel called “The Oligarchs” which chronicles the happy adventures of the Jewish oligarchs in Russia as they go about defrauding the Russian people. As far as fomenting wars, have not the Jewish oligarchs of wealth and media around the world fomented the Iraq War and the clash of civilizations? Have they not supported the murderous terrorism of Israel against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and others. Are they not the ones who are the main protagonists of a proposed war against Iran which would be catastrophic for the whole world?

Since ancient times, Jews have had a long history as slave dealers. In early America, Jews dominated the Negro slave trade. Today, Jews dominate the global white slave trade. Israel has been a central hub for the exploitation and resale of Slavic women since the fall of the Soviet Empire. In July 2001 "a US State Department report placed Israel in the third section of its `black list' on countries whose laws don't meet US criteria for dealing with this crime and threatened economic sanctions." In Israel, white sex slaves are only allowed to keep three percent of their earnings.

Jews are also leaders in major white collar crime in America. As an example, see "Enron, Fastow, and the Looting of America" by Dr. William Pierce. Major Wall Street swindles have been be led by Jews such as Ivan Boesky and Mike Milken, whose involvement in the S&L debacle cost the U.S. taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars.

Jews have always produced a disproportionate number of spies and subversives in America, such as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, nine of the Hollywood Ten (six of the ten were dues-paying members of the Communist Party), Jonathan Pollard, and the neo-con instigators behind the Larry Franklin-AIPAC spy scandal. Even the Jewish ADL, a self-styled human rights and Jewish defense organization, got its fingers caught in the espionage cookie jar with the Roy Bullock bust in San Francisco. Please note the Israeli spy chronology listed at

In American and Europe throughout the 1930's, Jews typically made up over 50% of the membership of communist party organizations, although they typically made up miniscule portions of the overall population well below ten times this percentage. Jews played a key role in financing the Bolshevik revolution, and a key role in conducting the slaughter of tens of millions of non-communists. These alleged Jewish atheists systematically looted and destroyed Christian churches and slaughtered Russian priests while leaving all synagogues unscathed.

Jews have been major perpetrators of war crimes and terror atrocities in the Middle East. As some examples, they were involved in the bombing of the King David Hotel that killed 92 people in 1946, the assassination of the Swedish U.N. mediator Count Folke Bernadotte, the massacre at Deir Yassein, the Lavon Affair, the machine-gunning of disarmed Egyptian POWs in Sinai, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty (21 Americans dead, 92 maimed), passive-aggressive allowance of the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in Oct 1983 (according to Victor Ostrovsky the Mossad knew all about the suicide mission, but deliberately failed to warn the Marines, who lost 245 men), the Sabra-Shatilla massacre in Lebanon, the Jewish neo-con led wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq that have dumped hundreds of tons of aerosolized depleted uranium in the Middle East (cf. High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper), and the July-August 2006 war of naked aggression against the civilian population of Lebanon.

In August 2005, the World Bank reported that Israel is one of the most corrupt countries in the West. Business Data Israel (BDI) commented: ""Israel is considered one of the riskiest places in the Western world, with an unstable, inefficient regime, low accountability, a relatively high rate of state corruption and poor law enforcement." In addition, according to a 2006 BBC survey, 43% of the Israeli public feels that some form of torture should be permissible, the highest percentage of twenty five leading countries polled across the world. Last but not least, Uri Avery observes in his article "Lovable Man?" that the gap between rich and poor in Israel is one of the widest in the industrialized world (contrary to northern European societies that have traditionally had the largest middle classes relative to their overall populations).

Let us pause for a moment and ask if this is what we would expect from a nation supposedly serving a divine mission from God to be a light unto the world?

In spirit, if not technical violation of existing laws, Jews have run roughshod over every 19th century classical liberal principle upon which America was founded. Let us start with the pro-white racial nationalism plank. In the immigration act of 1790 America was explicitly defined as a white country. Its leaders believed firmly that whites had a right to their own racial, economic, and political self-determination. In contrast, Jews spearheaded the 1965 immigration reform act that opened the floodgates of Third World immigration. Jewish-dominated national media have consistently orchestrated white guilt and white self-hatred campaigns.

Let us take the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian plank that vehemently opposed the creation of a central bank. Rothschild interests, along with their Rockefeller and Morgan confederates, orchestrated the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913. The Jewish predisposition towards financial speculation and manipulation has helped lead America towards massive indebtedness and loss of core manufacturing industries, as opposed to the classical liberal focus on internal manufacturing infrastructural development.

Let us take the classical liberal focus on avoiding aggressive war and foreign entanglements. Woodrow Wilson was surrounded by Jewish advisors, who encouraged him to flip flop 180 degrees after he won re-election in 1916 election on a peace plank. Suddenly he stated to bang the war drums for World War I intervention. So did America's Jewish-controlled major newspapers. The Balfour Declaration, in which the British government promised Palestine to Zionists (which Britain had not yet conquered from the Ottoman Empire), was the gift Britain made to American Jews in return for bringing America into the war on Britain's side.

America's entry into World War I dragged out the war for two years, cost many millions of additional lives, and so exhausted Europe that it contributed heavily towards the rise of Bolshevism, Fascism, Nazism, and World War II. The Jewish recasting of America into a global hegemon has resulted in an incredible drain on American lives and treasures.

Finally, let us consider the classical liberal focus on decentralization. Through their monopolization of national media and control of Congress, Jews mock early American values that promote local sovereignty, chivalrous free enterprise competition, and freedom of speech. Through their resurrection of an archaic Jewish state, Jews also mock Enlightenment principles that replaced religious dogma with the individual search for truth and rationalism. Meanwhile, Jews have the nerve to beat their chests as leftist champions of all of the aforementioned classical liberal principles, even though they have torn up every social contract and implied mutual understanding that once emancipated them from the ghettos of Eastern Europe.

The Old Testament, Talmud, and Kabala have numerous sections that absolutely drip with hatred towards gentiles. Sections of the Talmud refer to gentiles as lowly cattle. Not all Jews take this seriously, but among the ones that do, this predisposes them towards being in a state of perpetual war towards gentile society in much the same manner that hardened criminals are permanent subversives.

There appear to be some significant sociological differences in child-rearing practices between Jews and gentiles. An interesting anecdote was reported by F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, based on an experience when he was a scriptwriter in Hollywood in the 1930's. A Jewish kid is caught lying and cheating in school, and is sent home by the principle. He wrote in the script that the mother shows disapproval. His Jewish producers had him rewrite the scene where the mother coddles the poor dear. Fitzgerald remarked that if the scene had involved himself and his Irish mother, she would have whipped the hell out of him.

An important perspective on Jewish criminality was outlined in the PBS documentary "World War II: The Propaganda Battle" on PBS, part of the "A Walk Through the 20th Century With Bill Moyers" series. This documentary featured interviews with Fritz Hippler, creator of the Nazi documentary The Eternal Jew, as well as Frank Capra, who created the Why We Fight series.

This PBS documentary showed a famous extract of The Eternal Jew. It started with an animated map of the world. It depicted a rat population in central asia. It noted that rats are a cunning mammalian species that has evolved to covertly feed off human sloth. The animated map showed the global rat population spreading out in little colonies all over the world. First they infested the ancient world, and then later medieval Europe. Following the advent of the age of Exploration following the discoveries of Columbus, little rat colonies followed Europeans to the far corners of the globe. The animated map then depicted Jewish origins in western Asia. The documentary noted that Jews live off the running sores of human civilization. It then showed them spreading around the world in little colonies following Europeans in a manner analogous to rats.

This caused Bill Moyers to look up at the camera with a very painful expression. He asked (with words to the effect), "If one compares ones fellow man to rats, it does not take a great genius to figure out what to do with them."

Moyers is absolutely right. These are extremely unpleasant thoughts. I do not advocate violating the Constitutional rights of Jews or any other group. I advocate purely legal, peaceful means.

However, it is true that criminals of all races can have similarities to rats. Criminals generally operate in a stealthy manner. They can also be ornery, malicious, and destructive. According to the book More Cunning Than Man: A Social History of Rats and Man by Robert Hendrickson, while it is true that as individuals rats typically cringe and hide, once they operate in groups and can find a weak target, they have been known to attack. As an example, rat packs have been known to attack and kill unprotected human infants. When given free rein of an apple warehouse, rats have been known to maliciously take a small bite out of each apple to ruin as much as possible. Criminals often operate in an analogous manner, becoming more dangerous and vicious as they become more organized and powerful and gain free reign.

One possible explanation of this phenomenon is that criminals tend to be highly selfish without any strongly held sense of coherent principles or internal restraint. Therefore, when they are subjected to close scrutiny or oppressive rule, there is no limit to how far they will cringe, dissimilate, and debase themselves in order to please their masters and gratify simple survival needs. Conversely, when they are in positions of tremendous power with little external restraint, there is no limit to the cruel abuses that they are willing to inflict on others to satisfy their power lusts.

This helps to explain the observation by Tacitus that "When the state is most corrupt, the rules are most multiplied." Honest people, conversely, require fewer laws because they operate under greater internal restraint. In addition, given that blacks have a higher percentage of sociopaths in their populations than whites, and that the French Foreign legion has traditionally had a much higher percentage of desperados escaping justice than most Western military organizations, this helps to explain why most black rulers in Africa have tended to be far more capricious and oppressive on their own people than the white colonialist governments that they replaced in the 20th century, and why the Foreign Legion has been notorious for its brutal discipline.

Getting back to Jews, it is not that all Jews are like rats, but rather it is those particular Jews who are criminals — like criminals of all other races — who remind people of rodent behavior.

After living in New York City for ten years and dealing with New York Jews on a daily basis, I am convinced that the Jewish population has a significantly higher percentage of sociopaths than the white middle class population. However, I do not know what that percentage is and can only make a wild guess. At least 20-30%? I do not know for sure, although it is probably close to whatever the maximum saturation point a population can sustain without becoming dysfunctional. Furthermore, the sustainable saturation level probaly varies with such factors as economic conditions and the character of the host population. Jewish sociopathology rates can probably be analyzed with ecological balance and dynamic game theory interactive models.

However, the more significant issue than determining an accurate percentage (if such is possible), is the fact that this percentage seems to be high enough to give the Jewish community very serious problems in preventing its worst sociopaths from rising to the top and keeping them in check once they get there. In the articles that I have archived for the Reverend Ted Pike, he is not joking around when he talks about "evil Jewish leaders" who are out to use every devious means possible to destroy all of our First Amendment rights, if not what is left of the Constitution. This is a very real and very serious threat. Michael Collins Piper is not joking either when he describes their behavior in books such as Final Judgment, Judas Goats, and High Priests of War. Ditto for Col Donn de Grand Pre in Viper's Venom.

Jewish totalitarianism

Anti-Nazi propaganda has left many Americans with the subliminal impression that because the Nazis were brutal authoritarians, and because they persecuted the Jews, that this somehow means that Jews are the exact opposite, namely humane, libertarian, and innocent. This is is very fallacious. Often brutal authoritarian intriguers hate each other more than they are hated by libertarians. As come examples, authoritarian Nazis fought authoritarian Communists on the Eastern Front. Communist Chinese waged border skirmishes with Communist Russians in the 1960's. Communist Vietnamese vanquished Communist Khymer Rouge mass murderers in Cambodia in the 1970's. Lastly, Stalinist Communists purged international Trotskyite Jewish Communists in the 1930's.

The kinds of people who become enemies of the Jews does not necessarily define who the Jews are as a people. This is particularly true since the Jews have at one time or another made enemies of just about every racial and ethnic group, nationality, and ideological persuasion on the planet. Jews have severely alienated ideologues ranging from authoritarians to anarcho-libertarians, and from extreme leftists to extreme rightists. Perhaps the only thing that enemies of Jews have had in common throughout history is their common hatred of Jews who remind them of criminals and subversives. (See my criminality section above).

Wilmot Robertson points out in the Dispossessed Majority (p. 193) that everywhere that Jews have gained the supreme ruling hand, their rule has been cruel and vicious:

The few instances, at least in recent history, where bodies of Jews have assumed outright political control — the Kurt Eisner regime in Bavaria (in late 1919), the short-lived Spartacus uprising in Berlin (December 1918-January 1919), Bela Kun's sadistic orgy in Budapest (March-August 1919) — could hardly be classified as golden ages of statesmanship. Neither could the Russian Revolution, in which Jews took a commanding role until the Stalin purges. The Jewish autonomous region of Birobidzhan in the late Soviet Union's Far East fizzled out almost before it started. Israel has been in a state of war since its creation in 1948.

In ancient times, Jews were also brutal. Israeli dissident Israel Shamir writes in his excellent article "Friends, True and False":

...Another error the Jews repeat is the error of mistreating native people. After the Hasmonean victory over Seleucids, the victory described in the biblical Books of Maccabees, they took over Palestine. Their first deed was expulsion of the native population of Caesarea and its repopulation by Jews. There was a Nakba even then. In those days, the natives of Palestine had no power plants, so the Jews had to be satisfied with destroying their temples. In order to become the Light Unto The Nations, the Jews had to put the Nations into complete Darkness, and so they did. A hundred years of Jewish absolute rule (168-68 BC) were the most horrible times for the country, and the Roman general Pompey the Great was met as a liberator when he subdued the Jews and limited their power to Jerusalem and a few other areas.

Fascism to perfection

The state of Israel today is hardly a model democracy. In fact, it seems to fit all the criteria outlined in the Mises Institute seminar on the Economics of Fascism for the perfect fascist state, which I will discuss in detail later when I address its economic policies.

Many of Israel's leaders have openly admired Zeev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, a leader of "Revisionist" Zionism, who in turn openly admired Mussolini's fascism. Its leaders typically have a Mossad background, which Victor Ostrowsky (author of By Way of Deception) claims is the most admired organization in Israel. Not surprisingly, Israeli leaders prefer to operate in secrecy. They routinely carry out assassinations. They also routinely engage in back door international arm-twisting and warmongering through neo-cons in America (see High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper).

Israel also appears to perfectly fit a different definition of fascism contained in professor Robert Paxton's 2004 book The Anatomy of Fascism. In his article about the highly misleading term "Islamo-Fascism," Eric Margolis summarizes Dr. Paxton's ingredients for fascism as follows:

Paxton defines fascism’s essence, which he aptly terms its "emotional lava" as: 1. a sense of overwhelming crisis beyond reach of traditional solutions; 2. belief one’s group is the victim, justifying any action without legal or moral limits; 3. need for authority by a natural leader above the law, relying on the superiority of his instincts; 4. right of the chosen people to dominate others without legal or moral restraint; 5. fear of foreign "contamination."

Fascism exhalts the state. The Jewish state is supremely exhalted not only in Israel, but also before the U.S. Congress by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The loss of crewman on the U.S.S. Liberty and the cancerous shortening of the lives of hundreds of thousands of American military personnel from aerosolized depleted uranium are all treated like insignificant human sacrifices on the alter of the ineffably magnificent Zionist cause.

Fascism promotes massive economic central planning and government cooption of industry. The Israeli government engages in massive economic interventionism, including major direct subsidy, joint ownership of industry, massive welfare payments, and myriad restrictions on general economic activity. During the Cold War, socialist Israel employed about 30% of the population, the highest percentage outside of Communist countries. Much of the top-down subsidy comes from American aid. Prior to the Iraqi War, conservative estimates of American subsidy to Israel was in the hundreds of billions of dollars. According to an estimate that appeared in the American Free Press, the total direct and indirect costs of the Jewish state to America, to include the full economic impact to America of the 1970's oil shocks and current Iraq war, are somewhere over $4 trillion.

Fascism frequently glorifies war and promotes militarism. Since war-making is typically a monopoly of the state, this is an ideal way for fascist regimes to flatter themselves while using militarist authority to suppress civil liberties and dissent.

The Israeli state is highly militarized and promotes a state of perpetual siege-like paranoia among its citizens. It routinely applies horrendous economic sanctions, if not outright regulatory strangulation, against West Bank and Gaza-bound enclaves of Palestinians. Many areas have become de facto Warsaw Ghettos. The Israeli government also visits aerial bombardment upon innocent Lebanese civilians and vital infrastructure completely disconnected from any guerilla activity. The Orwellian "perpetual war for perpetual peace" environment includes endless expansionist visions offered by various political and religious extremists, hardly denounced vehemently by the Israeli majority.

Fascism frequently involves police state surveillance and intimidation of the citizenry. Reuven Schossen is a former Israeli Army Captain who was interviewed on Aug 3, 2006 by Daryl Bradford Smith. He had this to say about the current police state climate in Israel (at about 34 minutes into the interview):

Daryl Bradford Smith: ..(After discussing brutal attitudes by certain Israelis towards Lebanese civilian victims of Israeli bombings) Do you think that many of the military are starting to feel that this is a horrible and wrong approach to Hezbollah and Lebanon and the rest of it? There must be some people with conscience there. I have to believe that.
Reuven Schossen: The problem is that the public is brainwashed. You know the last series of events began when one soldier was captured in Gaza and two soldiers were captured in Southern Lebanon. The definition is important. They were captured. They were soldiers in a military action that were captured.
Smith: That is right.
Schossen: But when you read the Israeli media, the newspapers, the radio, the television, you do not see that they were captured.
Smith: They were "kidnapped."
Schossen: They were "kidnapped." And these semantics have kidnapped the mind of a whole nation. Because people are hysterical over there. About the kidnapping issue. They were not picking flowers at their mother's garden.
Smith: But Reuven, are there people of conscience who are just plain afraid to say something?
Schossen: You know, living in Israel you are afraid. If you are living in Israel, you know that your phones are being listened to. That your Internet is being watched. And you know, you never know who your friends are. I had a few surprises after I left there. So people are afraid to speak out. You know the Israeli security services, the internal one, I am not speaking about the Mossad, I am speaking about Shin Beth, are playing with the Israeli population. You know one of the most amazing pictures of the last day there was a protest event in Tel Aviv. And you could see the pictures and you can see people wearing red shirts with communist signs. I saw that and I could not understand what kind of communists are those. Since when have you communists marching with red flags in the streets of Israel. And I want to tell you something. These were not protestors. These were implanted by the Shin Beth as a provocation. That was a message to the Israeli public, that if they go out and protest, they will be labeled as communists. And in a sense criminals.
Smith: But is not the whole kibutz system a communist system?
Schossen: The kibbutz was never really communist. There was only one kibbutz which was openly communist. The others were kind of socialist.
Smith: That is symantics right there Reuven, because communism and socialism are not separated by very much space.
Schossen: It is not exactly semantics. I touch on that in one of the chapters of my book. The kibbutzim were a kind of oligarchy. They have very little to do with socialism. It does not matter, the point is that in 2006 you cannot find enough communists in Israel, especially the young ones making a march in the open streets. You see that, and you understand that this is a machination by the Shin Beth, the internal security service, to frighten the rest of the public. It is a subliminal message telling the people, if you will go out protesting, we will transform you into communists. We will transform you into criminals. We will ruin your name. We will ruin your lives. The message maybe to you from outside is not clear. They say, "How nice to have protesting people." But to someone living inside that society the message is very clear and very frightening.

Reuven Schossen has sought political asylum in the United States. He is trying to publish a book about Israeli police state repression titled Holygarchy. At his web site, he writes:

In the place I come from, there is no Constitution.

In the place I come from, different kinds of people have different rights and responsibilities. Usually, people with many rights have few responsibilities. Some of the people must serve in the army on pain of imprisonment; others are exempted. Of those exempted, some belong to the elite and enjoy unusual benefits; others belong to minorities with very few rights.

In a recent case, the Supreme Court of my country, sitting down to its most special meeting of thirteen of our most prominent judges, decided to forbid marriage between a citizen from one part of my country with a person from a territory occupied by my country.

In the place I come from, my religion was decided for me by the State and is coded into the internal passport required by my government. Trying to officially change my religion could be a useless lifelong struggle.

In the place I come from, I can marry a Christian in a church; but the ceremony will not be recognized by the state and my children will be bastards and denied many rights because my parents were Jews. There are no civil ceremonies and one must get married in the temple belonging to the religion indicated on the internal passport.

I come from Israel.

Mr. Schossen has demonstrated tremendous courage and honesty. More telling yet will be the number of fellow Jews in American who can respect his courage and help him, because he does need support from both Jews and gentiles alike.

For more insights into the repressive world of Israel from an American liberal perspective, one should read online The Life of An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel, written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein. This is a classic that helps to reinforce many points made elsewhere in this article.

Religious centralization

Judaism itself is a fundamentally totalitarian religion, as explicitly noted by Israel Shahak in Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. In his chapter "Orthodoxy and Interpretation" professor Shahak notes:

The legal system of the Talmud can be described as totally comprehensive, rigidly authoritarian, and yet capable of infinite development, without however any change in its dogmatic base. Every aspect of Jewish life, both individual and social, is covered, usually in considerable detail, with sanctions and punishments provided for every conceivable sin or infringement of the rules. The basic rules for every problem are stated dogmatically and cannot be questioned.

In his classic book Stranger Than Fiction: The History of the Jewish People, Rabbi Lewis Browne points out that rabbis often built up a wall of all-encompassing laws to maintain Jewish identity and continuity at all costs. In various places in medieval Europe where Jews were initially openly welcomed by gentiles, the Jews typically segregated themselves first. Then when they ran into conflict with gentiles through their sharp practices, they secretly welcomed anti-Semitism because it gave them an excuse to maintain the wall of ethnic separation, while at the same time giving them a victimization role that could be blamed on gentiles rather than upon themselves. In fact, the Jews have a long history of magnifying their own persecution and pumping up casualty figures, going back to ancient times. There are numerous cases where Jews have claimed that more of them were killed in anti-Semitic programs than the total number of humans living in the entire host country where they lived.

All of this stands in sharp opposition to Northern European traditions of honesty, openness, honor, modesty, and stoicism. The rub comes when Jews want to enter our society and enjoy the stability, productivity, and human rights created by the indigenous innate traits and culture of white people, and then the next thing we know, elite Jews (who reform Jews cannot seem to control) want to turn around and receive special privileges, mix us up racially and ethnically, and call us dumb schmucks under their breath. They cannot live with us, and they cannot live without us.

Totalitarianism frequently manifests itself through abusiveness to dependent people. I vividly remember once watching a PBS documentary about the necessity of shelters for battered wives in Israel. Such things are a rarity in northern European societies, where women's rights are more often taken for granted. Dr. Duke notes in Jewish Supremacism (p. 111)

The most prominent of the modern feminists were Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and Bella Abzug. Interestingly, all three came from one of the most sexually repressive religions on Earth: Judaism. A Hole in the Sheet by Evelyn Kaye, who grew up in an Orthodox home, illustrates the demeaning and often degraded position of women in the Jewish faith and the hatred expressed toward Gentiles outside of it. She discusses the Bar Mitzvah and the completely ascendant role of the male and writes the following:

During the prayers which a Jewish man recites every morning are a series of blessings, which include: “Thank you, Lord, for not making me a non-Jew, for not making me a slave, for not making me a woman.”

In Susan Weidman Schneider’s book Jewish and Female, Rabbi Laura Geller comments: “Menstrual taboos are responsible for real damage to Jewish women’s views of themselves and their bodies. I have met many women who learned nothing about the Torah except that they could not touch the Torah because they menstruate.. . . Their sense of themselves as ‘inferior’ Jews has already permeated their relationship to tradition and their own bodies. 237 [footnote for Jewish Supremacism]

Dr. Duke also observes on page 112 of Jewish Supremacism:

The Talmud often characterizes women as unclean, whores, and as deceitful, lower beings. It even has long passages that justify adult males having sexual relations with little girls. Women are segregated in the Orthodox synagogue. Women are almost as reviled as Gentiles. Note the following Talmudic references, starting with the prayer to
which Kaye refers:

Blessed be thou. . .who has not made me a goy. . . who has not made me a woman, and who has made me an Israelite. . .who has not made me a slave. Judah Ben Ilai 239

When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger into the eye, tears come to the eye,… [footnote] (7) again and again but eyesight returns, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years. (Kethuboth 11b)240

A maiden aged three years and one day may be acquired in marriage by coition. (Sanhedrin 55b and 69a-69b)241 and (Yebamoth 57b 58a, 60b)242

Yet, the Jewish high priestesses of women's liberation have made few inroads in reforming those inequities. Only the Reform part of Judaism puts women on somewhat of an equal footing. But Israel is an Orthodox-run Jewish nation, and nearly all the Reform and Conservative organizations around the world support Israel wholeheartedly. The question of ethnic heritage far overshadows any doctrinal debate. It is ironic that women from the religious culture having the most demeaning attitude toward women, should focus their efforts on promoting a sexual revolution among those of European descent. It seems to me that their time could be better spent addressing the rank inequities in their own backyard.

Jewish totalitarian complexities

Most Americans seem to have a visceral sense that "totalitarianism" means long rows of fanatical soldiers goose-stepping in jackboots to orders being barked over loudspeakers, as secret police spies closely watch the reactions of individuals in crowds. But this is very simplistic.

At the beginning of my "top down vs. bottom up" article, I have already mentioned William S. Lind's discussion regarding an interesting anomaly. Hitler's army actually encouraged forms of insubordination while engaged in maneuver warfare.

In his book The Roman Republic, Isaac Asimov talked about how Roman imperialists practiced the policy, "The looser the hold, the tighter the grip." The imperialists provided aqueducts, roads, Roman law, and some quasi-autonomy in return for tribute to Caesar. Many conquered regions acquiesced to this program.

Similarly, we can see some "loose-tight" characteristics in at least two areas of Jewish totalitarianism, namely adaptive mimicry and contractual deal negotiation.

In regard to adaptive mimicry, I have met quite a few Jews who seem to have photographic memories. As a group, Jews seem to be very good at quickly learning foreign languages and superficially adopting foreign customs and culture to blend in. As an extreme example, I think that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak probably earned prestige in Israeli society for his cleverness when he disguised himself as an Arab woman to conduct a successful commando assassination mission in Lebanon. I am also reminded of the cleverness of the Jewish straight actor Dustin Hoffman when he successfully plays a woman to get an acting part in the film Tootsie. In addition, it is common to find Jews getting involved with political groups on both sides of every issue, such as both the pro-gun ownership and anti-gun factions, or pro-immigration and anti-immigration groups. This, despite the fact that the majority of American Jews tend to be about one standard deviation to the political left of white males on most important issues in America. (This is according to a 1980's article once published in the American Enterprise magazine). I think that Jews often take pride in their ability to infiltrate alien groups and affect views that are very different from their own real views.

Therefore, the fact that there have been some famous Jewish libertarians such as Ayn Rand, Dr. Ludwig von Mises, and Dr. Murray Rothbard does not necessarily negate an overall pattern of Jewish totalitarianism. These libertarians may simply reflect a small minority of renegades. Indeed, if one looks hard enough one can find that renegades have existed in all societies, to include the old Soviet Union and Third Reich. The existence of certain libertarians may also reflect a combination of intrigue and adaptive mimicry.

In the cases of Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, and Dr. Murray Rothbard, I think that they were probably sincere in their libertarian views. However, one might argue that they were the renegade exceptions that help prove the rule. In addition, in their own subtle ways they too showed their Jewishness. They never staunchly defended white genetic interests or an American nationalist industrial policy. Instead they generally favored multi-racialism and multiculturalism and an internationalist brand of libertarianism that encouraged open borders and unrestricted free trade.

Dr. Murray Rothbard, who I admire most of the three, and who came the closest to defending American Old Right principles, had a Christian wife of non-Jewish ancestry. He really was a renegade.

In regard to contractual deal negotiation, obviously people who are smart enough to understand how to trade off concessions have the analytical ability to understand encroachments by authorities. However, intellectually understanding contractual negotiation and having the emotional drive to demand liberty are two different things. There are many cases of people who are intellectually libertarian, but fall into line with a totalitarian agenda at the drop of a hat because of strong emotional ties.

A good example of intellectual freedom seekers who remained emotional slaves are stories about certain Soviet spies who defected to America during the Cold War. After a few months in America, many former Soviet agents started experiencing an extremely powerful urge to go to the Soviet embassy and turn themselves in. Intellectually, they understood perfectly well that the Soviet system was evil, barbarous, and totalitarian. Intellectually, they admired American libertarian institutions (or what was left of them by the Cold War era). They understood that upon returning to the Soviet Union, they could be tortured, shot, or sent to the Gulag for life. However, they also felt this incredibly powerful emotional attachment to "Mother Russia." I recollect reading that emotional withdrawal symptoms became such a problem that the FBI went out of its way to help create Russian social support groups in America to reduce the probability of suicides and re-defections.

As a person who leans towards libertarian racial nationalism, I think it is perfectly healthy for Jews or people of any race or ethnicity to feel loyalty to their tribal roots. The issue here is not a strongly felt Jewish loyalty to Jewish heritage, but rather situations where a strong emotional commitment causes certain Jews to do nasty things that threaten America and our Constitutional rights. It is not Jewish racial nationalism per se that bothers me, but rather the aggressive Zionist imperialist brand of racial nationalism that is killing people and destroying American civil liberties.

Regrettably, there are well-funded Jewish totalitarian institutions firmly implanted here on U.S. soil. One of the most notorious is called the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). MIT professor Noam Chomsky, who the ADL labels a Jewish renegade, has noted its "Stalinist-style mentality." The ADL claims to be one of America's leading "human rights" and "Jewish defense" organizations. In actuality, the American Free Press has long maintained that this sinister organization serves as an unregistered agent of Israel and the Mossad.

The ADL keeps massive files and dossiers on American dissidents on all ends of he political spectrum. It got caught in illegal domestic spying in the notorious Roy Bullock case. It has been a leader in promoting "hate crime" legislation, which many American conservatives view as a back door ruse to condition the public to link political ideas to "crime." In contrast to all this, the Anglo Saxon common law punishes only acts, and not speech (with some extremely narrow exceptions, such as libel or for falsely yelling "fire!" in a crowded movie theater). The ultimate objective is to criminalize any public criticism of Jews in America much as it has already been criminalized in Canada and throughout Europe.

In addition, the ADL is a leader in promoting legislation to censure the Internet under the guise of fighting "child pornography" and "terrorism." Rev. Ted Pike has been one of many patriotic leaders who has stood up to fight this deception.

We have also seen organized Jewish groups come down hard on the Mearsheimer-Walt Harvard study for daring to expose the influence of the Jewish lobby in America today. Jews have also pounced on Holocaustianity free thinkers such as David Irving, Ernst Zundel, Gumar Rudolf, and other men of conscience and free inquiry. I cover this in the Critical Issues section, also see Best Witness (offered by America First Books) about an early skirmish in this longstanding First Amendment Battle.

Last, but not least, we frequently see Jews beat up on fellow Jews who are dissidents, smearing them as "self-hating Jews" and "non-Jewish Jews." They include individuals such as Victor Ostrovsky, Mordechai Venuunu, Noam Chomsky, professor Stanley Lichter, and professor Israel Shahak.

Offering the Jewish community a deal it can't refuse

While attending a business club meeting in New York City, I will never forget once hearing a very successful Jewish leader with impeccable Ivy League and "assimilated" credentials talk about being privileged to one day be able to meet a very special man. He talked about it in such a hushed, reverent, and cryptic way that I felt it could only mean a godfather. As a published example of this, the preface of Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street by David McClintick has a quote by the famous director John Huston, to the effect that people who lived in Hollywood in the 1930's were wrong to think that Louis B. Meyer of MGM was King of the Jungle. Every day Meyer was on the phone long distance with Nicholas Schenck of Loews back in New York City, who kept his name out of the papers, but was the real King of the Jungle. We also know from Final Judgment about how America's crime boss Meyer Lansky worked in partnership with the Israeli government and its Mossad along with part of the CIA. Their nefarious activities received cover-up services from America's Jewish dominated national media. In other words, behind the scenes, Jews operate under a monarchical, oligarchical godfather system that makes small potatoes out of the version played by Marlon Brando in Francis Ford Coppolla's Godfather film.

Fanatical Zionists have been known to not only arm twist fellow Jews, but to also kill them. For example, in 1940 the Jewish Haganah bombed the S.S. Patria in Haifa harbor, killing 247 Jewish refugees. Naeim Giladi, an Arab Jew who has become a U.S. citizen, has written Ben Gurion's Scandals: How the Hagannah & Mossad Eliminated Jews. It talks about how Zionists posing as Arab terrorists killed Jews in Arab lands to drive them to Israel.

All of this supports my point that the Jewish community is often caught in a web of intrigue and conflicting loyalties that makes it difficult to prevent vicious, depraved, and tyrannical people from rising to the top.

White social reaction to Jewish totalitarianism can create additional complications

Jewish totalitarianism often creates enormous complications for patriotic American gentiles. When first confronted with nasty, heavy-handed Jewish methods, the immediate patriotic emotional reaction is often to try to fight fire with fire and create a focused, authoritarian counter movement. This is almost reflexive, like trying to swat away a mosquito that is buzzing in ones ear. Put another way, at first glance, it seems unlikely that one will break the Jewish chokehold on America's privately owned central bank, its national media, and its government by merely passing out lollipops and tootsie rolls.

One of the most famous examples of authoritarian reaction was George Lincoln Rockwell, a former U.S Navy flier who founded the American Nazi Party in 1959. He claimed in his book White Power that he was really trying to promote an "authoritarian republic" rather than blind "Fuhrerism." He felt that one needed to use very bold confrontative tactics to deal with Jewish power. If nothing else, the Nazis might shake things up, expand the political frame of reference, and maybe gain some elbow room for traditional American conservatives who Rockwell felt had become too squeamish. Rockwell was angered that many conservatives rarely dared to explicitly identify Jews as their enemies in public, often using cutesy terms such as "the eskimos" and "the you know who" even in their private political meetings. According to some sources, before he was assassinated in 1967, Rockwell had started to shift away from the storm troop confrontative approach.

As another famous example, the late Dr. William Pierce claimed in his article "The Radicalizing of an American" in Best of Attack: Revolutionary Voice of the National Alliance (p. 124-125) that he started out as a libertarian while growing up as a teenager and later as a physics professor at Oregon State University. Then after he got disgusted with the social changes fomented by Jews in America during the early 1960's, he got involved with George Lincoln Rockwell and became publisher of National Socialist World. By the early 1970's he started to distance himself from Nazi tactics, although in editorials such as "The Measure of Greatness" that appeared in the March-April 1989 National Vanguard magazine he did not exactly engage in Hitler-bashing either. He instructed members of his National Alliance in a 1980's membership manual that they could honestly tell the public that they were not a "Nazi" movement. Later in an American Dissident Voices broadcast he referred to the use of Nazi props as a "cheap right wing trick" that tried to use authoritarianism as a method to build cohesion among whites to match Jewish cohesion, circumventing the more tedious process of building shared values and educating fellow citizens on a grass roots level. While the use of Nazi props might fetch instant publicity in the controlled media, Pierce said that such tactics typically attracted flakey right wing "hobbyists" and "thrill-seekers" rather than people with a deep long term commitment and sorely needed skills.

Last, but not least, in My Awakening, on pages 488-489, Dr. David Duke claims that as a teenager he was influenced by George Lincoln Rockwell's extremist approach. The story of young David is a classic example of an immature reaction to the complex sociological threat created by Jews, specifically as it regarded Duke's desire to protest a Jewish revolutionary named William Kunstler who proselytized near his home in the New Orleans area. According to Dr. Duke:

Kunstler had been the main lawyer for the `Chicago 7' defendants, who were charged with rioting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. He had also been involved with hundreds of Black legal actions, trying to force destruction of White schools and neighborhoods. One of the things that really disturbed me about Kunstler was that the media seldom mentioned his Communist activism and beliefs. Instead, they presented him as an "activist," or "civil rights lawyer," never as the Communist Revolutionary that he was. I wanted to do something to call attention to his Communist pedigree.

I heard about his scheduled appearance at Tulane University, only a day before the event. My good friends Ray Leahart and Louis McWilliams asked me if I wanted to do anything, and I thought about it quickly and proposed that we picket him. We three made up one large sign reading KUNSTLER IS A COMMUNIST JEW. To add to the drama and prevent the press from ignoring it, I decided to try the Rockwell tactic and use a swastika armband to demonstrate against the Communist traitor...

...My father was furious when he found out what I had done. Me made me promise I would not join the Nazi Party, and I never did. Of course, that single rash act of picketing Kunstler came back to haunt me many years hence, for it gave my enemies another chance to attack me by association, rather than confront the ideas and issues themselves. At the same time, I felt relieved that I had acted publicly, I had crossed my Rubicon and I felt there was no going back from my chosen path.

A big problem with any authoritarian approach is that it immediately alienates Nordic America. I have already described in my environmental vs. genetic discussion how Nordics have longstanding libertarian traditions, more so than any other people on the planet.

Unfortunately Nordics have been in steady decline as a percentage of America's population since the Civil War. Most of them still do not have their act together or know anything about their indigenous Indo-European culture or identity. They are easily manipulable. It still works like a charm for Jews to trot out blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordics-for-hire and have them bewail those supposedly nasty, authoritarian, bigoted, racist American nationalists who don't say nice things about all those totally wonderful poor, persecuted, innocent, downtrodden Jews. In their own way, particularly among Christian Zionist Nordics, Nordic Americans can become bigger enemies of white right wingers than the Jews themselves.

Dr. Duke often talks about how national media frequently tag him with the label "former Klansman," as if he was born with "KKK" on his birth certificate. The national media is much less likely to mention that he has been out of the Klan nearly three decades, and has served as elected public official in the Louisiana legislature. An important point Dr. Duke likes to make for would-be pro-white activists is that Jewish-controlled Hollywood has created many toxic and distorted images of right wingers, and that this can create self-defeating, self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, Hollywood often shows racially conscious whites skirking around as if they have done something illegal when in fact it is perfectly legal, normal, and healthy to be concerned about white survival. Meanwhile, Hollywood makes aggressive pro-Zionist activists such as Mel Mermelstein in Mike Piper's Best Witness (carried by America First Books) appear very noble. White Americans need to turn off their TV sets when it comes to all the "Hollywood Nazi," "Hollywood Klansmen," and other toxic "Hollywood Right Winger" stereotypes being fed them and simply be themselves and act like the normal, decent citizens that they are. The real sickies are the Jewish moguls who run Hollywood who continually pump out misleading images.

An important purpose behind this discussion of Jewish totalitarianism is to clear up American right wing codespeak about an amorphous group of internationalists who work tirelessly through myriad front organizations to create a one world despotic government. What they usually mean, in plainer English, is an international network of extremely powerful Jewish plutocrats who possess a powerful instinctive tendancy towards centrism, criminal deception, and monopolization. These paranoid Jewish criminals feel that they must ultimately create a global police state to prevent honest citizens from thinking for themselves, organizing, rebelling, and ultimately overthrowing Jewish supremacism. These low cunning supremacists routinely infiltrate legitimate nationalist groups with agents who pose as phony free speech liberals in order to find exploitable vulnerabilities and determine ways to play off one group against another. They also play the same game by infiltrating leftist groups.

E.D. Butler summed it up well in his article "Censored History" when he stated, "The frightful results to date of the policies of these international power fanatics are nothing compared with what now threatens mankind. It is no use suggesting that they can be appealed to, pointing out that their policies of centralising power run so contrary to reality, that the end result must be the complete collapse of what remains of Civilisation and their own destruction."

Jewish psychopathology

On the street level, we have all heard the term "neurotic New Yorker" which usually means "Jewish." Having lived in New York City for ten years, which has the largest Jewish population in the world outside of Israel, it was not uncommon for me to hear gentiles comment about their need to periodically leave New York City to mentally "detox." It is not uncommon to hear them refer to Jews as being a very "unnatural" people, overly adapted to the very "unnatural" multi-racial, multi-cultural environment of a densely populated urban environment. Lastly, it is interesting that Israel has more psychiatrists per capita than any other nation in the world.

Perhaps the one word that summarizes best what gentiles find distasteful in Jews is the word "psychopath." Go to any college textbook on abnormal psychology, look up the chapter on "psychopathic" and "sociopathic" personality disorders, and entire Jewish culture and Talmudic approach to religion appear to fit to a "T" all the clinical symptoms.

Whereas the aforementioned late Dr. Linda S. Mealey estimated that gentically-based hard core psychopaths make up about 4% of a white population, my guess is that the Jewish percentage is somewhere between five to ten times higher within the inbred Jewish gene pool.

As an example, when psychopaths are in subordinate positions, they are infamous for being superficially very charming, often obsequious, and masterful at telling people what they want to hear. Conversely, once psychopaths are in a superior position, they are also infamous for being totally ungrateful for any favors done to them and being particularly cruel, duplicitous, and exploitive. This is the kind of clinical description you will find in a college text book that is probably written by a psychologist or psychiatrist having no thought of Jews in mind, yet just replace the term "psychopath" or "sociopath" with "Jew" and you instantly replicated the bulk of most so-called "anti-semitic" literature.

I could go on for pages trying to describe Jewish "unnaturalness," "toxicity," and "psychopathic nature," but perhaps the following might serve as an adequate introductory overview.

Apocalyptic megalomania: This is a central topic of Israel Shahak's classic work and currently comprises the most dangerous Jewish delusional disorder. Israel has over four hundred atomic bombs and missiles, if anything should go wrong, many Israeli leaders think they have some kind of divine right to exercise a "Samson Option" and pull the whole world down with them. Closely related to this insanity is Israel's "mad dog" policy advocated by Phineas Lavon and other Jewish leaders.

The Talmud, which Jews prize over the Old Testament, is a virtual megalomania manual. As some examples: "Only Jews are human. [Gentiles] are animals." (Baba Mezia 114a- 114b.). Also, "Even the best of the [Gentiles] should be killed. (Babylonian Talmud); and finally "If a heathen [Gentile] hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is hitting God." (Sanhedrin 58b.)

An important component of Jewish delusional megalomania is Jewish messianism. In his book Stranger than Fiction: A History of the Jewish People, Rabbi Lewis Browne noted that a major recurrent theme of Jewish history has been the way in which over and over again some self-styled Rabbi has come up with a New Revelation, gained a large Jewish cult following, and then has ultimately come to a bad end for himself and his followers.

Unfortunately the bad end can also become bad news for gentiles who get sucked into the messiah game. Rev. Ted Pike has discussed on Daryl Bradford Smith's show the mentality of certain Zionist groups sects where the end justifies the means. Hence, it is OK to do evil, because when the Messiah finally comes, he will somehow rectify all the evil that has been done in preparation for his coming.

Obviously this approach flunks scientific reasoning 101, because there are no control measures or differentiations between independent and dependent variables. What if it turns out that Jews who do evil in perpetuity never see a messiah? How do we tell the difference between a true "Chosen of God" and some group that simply wants to do perpetual evil for its own sake?

Back in the late 1980's-early 1990's time frame, I recall seeing a documentary film about Israel that began with a rock concert in Israel. A lead guitarist started banging out a steady barrage of low base notes. Then in studied intervals between the notes, he started wailing into the microphone, "Messiah is not coming...messiah is not coming...messiah is not coming...messiah is not coming...(then the base notes stopped, with a pregnant pause)....he is not even going to telephone!!!" The crowd of young Israeli rock fans went wild with laughter and applause.

Part of the "joke" behind all this is the fact that well over half of all Jews are atheists (in Jewish Supremacism, Dr. Duke quotes an Israeli poll that puts the figure as high as 85%), and most of Israel's leading Zionist politicians have been secular, yet somehow they cannot shake their egotistical fanaticism. They realize that much of the Old Testament collapses before modern archeology and rational Biblical criticism, yet they threaten to nuke major capitols of the world for questioning their legitimacy.

In my environmental vs. genetics discussion, I describe how most of Israel's religious justification for its existence may in fact be based upon myth, deception, self-delusion, or some combination of all these things:.

The Biblical stories suggesting glorious and self-sufficient kingdoms in Palestine, a servile tenure in Egypt, and various bucolic and pastoral settings are so contrary to [the pattern of secular historical accounts], to include even the psychological pattern of the Babylonian Talmud, that one might wonder if much of the Old Testament was deliberately created as disinformation. The Israeli dissident writer Uri Avnery wrote in "Israel's Provocations: The Method in the Madness" that:

. . .most Israeli archaeologists have always been the loyal foot-soldiers of the official propaganda. Since the emergence of modern Zionism, they have been engaged in a desperate endeavor to "find" archaeological evidence for the historical truth of the stories of the Old Testament. Until now, they have gone empty-handed: there exists no archaeological proof for the exodus from Egypt, the conquest of Canaan, and the kingdoms of Saul, David, and Solomon. But in their eagerness to prove the unprovable (because in the opinion of the vast majority of archaeologists and historians outside Israel – and also some in Israel – the Old Testament stories are but sacred myths), the archaeologists have destroyed many strata of other periods.

Even the site of the Dome of the Rock Mosque that many Zionists would like to level in order to make way for the Third Temple is subject to doubt. Unfortunately the Dome of Rock happens to be the third holiest shrine in Islam, and destroying it to make way for more Zionist real estate development is likely to spill even more rivers of blood in the Middle East and cost ever more American treasure to support their schemes.

John Tiffany wrote The Myth of the Wailing Wall for the March/April 2006 issue of the Barnes Review:

Neither the Dome of the Rock near the center of the Haram esh-Sharif in Jerusalem, nor the Al Aqsa Mosque occupying the southern side of the Haram (nor any area within the four walls of that haram, or sanctuary) was, in reality, the true spot in Jerusalem where the historic temples of ancient Israel were located. Biblical and literary accounts dogmatically place the site of all the temples over the Gihon Spring just north of the ancient City of David (Zion) and on the southeastern ridge of Jerusalem. All the present antagonists fighting in Jerusalem over the "temple site" (who are out to turn their bombs and guns into plowshares) are warring over (and for) the wrong place.

Dr. Issa Khalaf's article "Rationality and Israeli violence" (17-23 Aug 2006 Al-Ahram) provides an excellent analysis of the extreme contradictions manifested by Jewish psychopathology. He notes:

Israel is an ethnic state, with an ethno-religious- nationalist-messianic ideology, based on group identity, not individual rights, whose institutionalised preference is for Jewish superiority, disallowing the possibility of equality for a systematically and sophisticatedly excluded and discriminated against Arab minority. This is far from the system of majority rule based on the principle of moral individual equality, protected through minority rights, rule of law, and civil rights generally found in Western democracies.

This supremacism comes at a tremendous psychological price. Dr. Khalaf quotes Israeli commentator Haim Hanegbi from his Ari Shavit interview, in Haaretz, 28 August, 2003:

I am not a psychologist, but I think that everyone who lives with the contradictions of Zionism condemns himself to protracted madness. It's impossible to live like this. It's impossible to live with such a tremendous wrong. It's impossible to live with such conflicting moral criteria. When I see not only the settlements and the occupation and the suppression, but now also the insane wall that the Israelis are trying to hide behind, I have to conclude that there is something very deep here in our attitude to the indigenous people of this land that drives us out of our minds.

High rate of insanity: In the late 1800's, European psychotherapists noted that Jews have a higher incidence rate of insanity compared to gentiles, ranging from two to six times the local population. The Jewish Encyclopedia article "Nervous Diseases" notes that:

The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical...he following causes are usually assigned for the nervousness of the Jews: (1) The fact that they are town-dwellers, and that diseases of this kind are most frequently observed in the populations of the modern large urban centers. (2) The peculiar occupations of the Jews: neurasthenia is seen most often among the commercial classes, bankers, and speculators. This view is not sustained by the fact that neurasthenia and hysteria are met with in the poorer classes of Jews, in laborers and artisans, just as often as in the richer classes. (3) Consanguineous marriages are also blamed by many physicians; but the modern view that such marriages, when contracted between healthy individuals, are not at all detrimental to the health of the offspring contradicts this theory...

The comment in the Jewish Encyclopedia about being town dwellers is very significant. Significantly, throughout recorded history Jews have mostly functioned as an urban minority. In Isaac Asimov's Bible, Asimov claims that the real center of gravity in the ancient world for Jews was Babylonia and not Palestine. Jews have never really functioned as a balanced, self-sufficient ecosystem on a sociobiological level, but rather as dependent sub-componant at odds with a host. To put it differently in layman's parlance, Jews have always been the ultimate "cosmopolitans," "city slickers," "hustlers," "promoters," "wheeler-dealers," and "confidence artists." They have also always been the world's leading "professional minority."

High rate of traumatic stress disorder: Another interesting indication of a different Jewish nervous system can be seen in military affairs. In all of America's wars, Jews have generally been dramatically under represented in proportion to their percentage within the overall American population (3%) in regard to both their level of U.S. military participation and combat casualties. (In contrast, Jews can be as much as ten times over represented in American professional occupations such as lawyers, doctors, professors, investment advisors). According to "Israelis: Neither Tough Nor Brave" (National Vanguard, Dec 1982), one reason why Israel is so trigger happy with massive American-supplied firepower from jets and artillery is because its soldiers have little toughness for close combat. In bloody American military campaigns, battle fatigue may account for as much as 10 percent of all casualties suffered. "For the Israeli soldiers who participated in the invasion of Lebanon [in 1982], a relatively brief and easy excursion in which the Jew were exposed to little direct fire, as indicated by the extraordinary low number of Jewish combat deaths, battle fatigue accounted for 23 per cent of all casualties."

This is not to mention how Israel shocked the world in the summer of 2006 with its massive destruction of Lebanese infrastructure and innocent civilian lives.

High level of homosexuality: With the usual Talmudic cleverness and duplicity, Jews simultaneously condemn homosexuality, rationalize it, sanction it, and promote it. Behind closed doors, Jews appear to have a much higher rate of homosexuality than the general white population. In The Life of An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel (available online), Jack Bernstein talks about how Israeli society is over-supplied with homosexuals. I got the same feeling when I lived in New York City for ten years.

Bear in mind that homosexuality is more than simply a "life-style." Read "Fag Facts" (PDF file) published by the Family Research Institute about how homosexuality has very serious implications in terms of such factors as mental health, life span, promiscuity, hygiene, and recruitiment of minors.

According to Reverend Ted Pike, Judaism, more than any other religion, has rejected moral judgments against homosexuality and supports the gay agenda. Pike reports that:

Reform Judaism, representing 39 percent of American religious Jews, is now in total endorsement of sodomy. It says:

We hold that homosexuality is no longer {an abomination}; it is not a mental illness or social deviancy; it is not a perversion of the natural order. Homosexuality is not a choice or a preference; it is not something that one decides to do or abstain from doing. It is, like, heterosexuality, the way one is. As such it makes no sense on religious or moral grounds to differentiate between people on the basis of sexual orientation.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union For Reformed Judaism, concurs:

For the first time in history, a major rabbinical body has affirmed the Jewish validity of committed, same-gender relationships. 1

Conservative rabbis, who lead 33 percent of religious Jews, announce they will soon ordain gay rabbis and encourage homosexuality for Jewish men and women who are so inclined. 2

Orthodox Judaism, 21 percent of American religious Jews, has not yet outwardly endorsed homosexuality. In fact, it officially forbids homosexual relations between adults.

But in the Talmud, the highest religious, ethical and legal authority for Orthodox Jews, we find a very different, shocking reality: little boys under the age of nine (delectable objects of homosexual lust) are repeatedly described as incapable of “throwing guilt” on the adult who rapes them!

Orthodox gay Jewish groups thrive, American gay porno stars such as Michael Lucas entertain Israeli troops with live sex shows in Israel, and famous Jews such as the late Allen Ginsberg have been disproportionately represented in radical gay organizations such as the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and other gay groups. This helps to explain why Jewish-dominated national media have pushed for acceptance of homosexuality across America so hard in recent decades.

Two examples of national media promotion include the notorious lesbian Ellen Degeneres, whose openly pro-gay influence has been magnified by such Jewish controlled media outlets such as CBS, HBO, and Time. Please also note the movie Brokeback Mountain, created by Jewish producers, that tries to bend the American cowboy masculinity icon towards homosexuality. Idaho attorney Edgar Steele has had some choice words about the damage this has done. It is the fact that this is part of a continual, systematic national media propaganda pattern that makes many American conservatives so livid.

I am reminded of the following passage from Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities (p. 106):

. . ."Jimmy," Andriutti said to Caughey, "did you know that Jewish guys — Larry, I don't want you to take this personally — did you know that Jewish guys, even if they're real stand-up guys, all have one faggot gene? That's a well-known fact. They can't stand going out in the rain without an umbrella or they have all this modern sh** in their apartment or they don't like to go hunting or they're for the f**king nuclear freeze and affirmative action or they wear jogging shoes to work or some god***n thing. You know?"
. . ."Gee," said [Larry] Kramer, "I don't know why you thought I'd take it personally."
. . . "Come on, Larry," said Andriutti, "tell the truth. Deep down, don't you wish you were Italian or Irish?"
. . ."Yeah," said Kramer, "that way I wouldn't know what the f**k was going on in this f**king place."

Barnes Review writer John de Nugent informed this author that according to the Jewess Xaviera Hollander, "The Happy Hooker," a significant proportion of Jewish men by age 50 have acquired a homosexual lover.

I do not mean to suggest that all male Jews are homosexuals or un-masculine, but rather that the Jewish community appears to have a significantly higher percentage of homosexuals than white gentile communities. The problem is significant enough that it must be addressed in any honest discussion about Jews and about how American values have become so messed up.

To be sure, there are certainly masculine Jewish people around, such as various screen personas played by Jews such as William Shatner, Kirk Douglas, James Caan, Paul Newman, and Sir Lawrence Olivier. From first hand experience, I have observed some Jewish leaders with masculine personalities in both the military and civilian worlds.

However, even here there can be some interesting little twists which make one wonder about what the real underlying feelings are. As an example, in a PBS interview, the Jewish actor Sir Lawrence Oliver talked about how he once shocked a British audience with his "vulgarity" and his emphasis on "technique" when one moment he played a very hard-edged Hamlet in live theater, and then in a play that immediately followed, he convincingly played an effeminate puff-head aristocrat.

When one reads real histories about the Jews, one is often struck about how Jews repeatedly get off with a mere slap on the wrist or mere expulsion after commiting extremely damaging high-level crimes that would ordinarily get most gentiles hung in a heartbeat from the lamp posts. I think that a high level of homosexuality and adaptive mimicry acting traits within Jewry are important factors to help explain this anomoly. Most gentiles tend to think of their enemies as being openly bold, defiant, and aggressive personalities. German Nazis and American Indian savages are good historical examples. From my own experience as a real estate broker in New York City, I have known many Jews who are brilliant people, but who nevertheless like to play effeminate games such as pretend that they are poor in math or are not "mechanical" when in fact they are like human computers. When one is acting as a mediator in an urban setting between different peoples from varied ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life, one can begin to appreciate how it might help to be a bit oily and effeminant to patiently keep cool and pragmatically make deals rather than risk blowing deals by affecting a harder masculine edge that is more likely to alienate people.

Oiliness also helps people slither out of tight spots. Jews can be extremely deceitful and vicious, yet they are so good at appearing mild-mannered and meek that one almost feels like one is trying to hit a girl by taking reprisals against them. For starters, there is no ethnic group in America that celebrates and whines about a long history of persecution like the Jews. Mike Piper calls this "The Cult of Death." Repeatedly mulling and kvetching over their long history of persecution while making big profits off what Norman Finkelstein calls the "Holocaust Industry" reflects both a cynical and an effeminate approach to life.

Jewish effeminacy reminds me of the self-protective pherome that the Death's Head moth squirts on itself when it invades bee hives. I discuss this later in the parasite animal models section.

Perhaps Dr. David Duke sums it all up best on page 221 of Jewish Supremacism:

A Palestinian I met in college related to me one of the most descriptive remarks I have ever heard concerning the Palestinian conflict. He told me that "The Jew always cries in pain as he strikes you!"

A high rate of incest and child molestation Herve Ryssen, French author of The Mirror of Judaism, The Jewish Fanatic, the Jewish Mafia, The Psychoanalysis of Judaism, and the online article "The Psychopathology of Judaism," has gathered evidence that the rate of child molestation and incest is much higher among Jews than surrounding white populations.

Kiddie sex and other forms of exploitation are condoned by the Talmud, as noted by the following passages:

"When a man finds that evil appetites are taking hold of his sense, let him repair to some place where he is unknown, let him dress himself in black and follow the impulses of his heart." (Mo'ed Katan, 17a). The meaning of this is made more clear in these other extracts from 'The Talmud': "A gentile girl who is three years old can be violated" (Aboda Shara 37a). "Inasmuch as a non-Jewish child at three years and a day is suitable for copulation, her raper is only unclean until the evening, when he is clean again after taking a dip in the water." (Choschen Ha'mischpat). "A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition." (Sanhedrin 55b). "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than three years old it is as if one puts the finger into the eye - tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years. When a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as 'a girl who is injured by a pieces of wood'." (Kethuboth 11b). "The seed [child] of a Christian is of no more value than that of a beast." (Kethuboth 3b). 'The Talmud' is not only a source of justification for Jewish gangsters and child rapists, it is also the source which justifies - indeed, INSISTS upon - the suppression of information which might reflect discredit on Jewry or any individual Jew. "If a Jew has raped a non-Jewish girl, and another who saw it is called as a witness, that Jew must, without compunction, swear falsely." (Jore Deah) "It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he has denounced." (Schulchan Aruch, Choschem Hamischpath, 338). "A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out, so that Israel may not suffer." (Schulchan Aruch, Jore Deah). "A Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian. The name of God is not profaned when lying to Christians." (Baba Kama, 113a, 113b). "Jews must always try to deceive Christians." (Zohar I, 160a)

In his 1 July 2009 article "Pirates of the Mediterranean," Dr. Paul Craig Roberts notes:

There is a great deal of evidence (see Jonathan Cook's excellent piece on this site yesterday) that Israel is a child abuser. “God’s Chosen People” routinely abuses captured Palestinian children. The Israelis also abuse Palestinian children by shooting them down in the streets.

Don’t take my word for it. The Geneva-based Defense for Children International says, according to Time Magazine, that “the ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian child prisoners appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized, suggesting complicity at all levels of the political and military chain of command.”

According to Time Magazine, “Often, children suffer lasting traumas from jail. Says Saleh Nazzal from the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, ‘When soldiers burst into a house and drag away a child, he loses his feeling of being protected by his family. He comes back from prison alienated from his family, his friends. They don’t like going back to school or even leaving the house. They start wetting their beds.’ Says Mona Zaghrout, a YMCA counselor who helps kids returning from prison: ‘They come out of prison thinking and acting like they are men. Their childhood is gone.’ And they often turn to another father figure--the armed militant groups fighting the Israeli occupation.’”


Michael Savage on Jewish Ritual Circumcision Infants Contracting Herpes - metzitzah b'peh, Published on Apr 8, 2013, YouTube caption: "Michael Savage Dedicates His Whole Show on April 8, 2013, to this Story of Infants Contracting Herpes after Jewish Ritual of Rabbi Sucking Blood Out of the Baby Penis after Circumcision, Link to Story:"


A high level of "miscellaneous other" perversion: The article "The Essence of Judaism" in Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid explains that:

The Talmud, the most authoritative and influential source for Jewish law, is replete with sexual considerations of a nature repellent to Westerners. As Rabbi Adin Steinsalz, a contemporary Talmudic scholar admits, "After you have learned the right passages in the Talmud, you have learned about every perversion, in the greatest detail."

The Talmud regards bestiality as no bar to matrimony. In the section of the Talmud entitled Yabmuth (59a), a woman who has copulated with a dog is pronounced fit for marriage to a Jewish priest. (A dog-priest, perhaps?). Children three years and one day old are considered suitable for intercourse. (Yabmuth 57a) "Is there anything permitted to a Jew which is forbidden to a heathen? Unnatural intercourse is permitted to a Jew." (Sanhedrin 58b). And so it goes, throughout the gigantic work of which Jewish law claim, "Yahweh himself studies the Talmud standing, he has such respect for that book." (Mechillah).

Ironically, while America's controlled media currently encourages Americans to hate Muslims, nowhere in Islam do you find anything as hateful towards Jesus as the Talmud, which states: "Balaam [Jesus] is raised from the dead and being punished in boiling hot semen. Those who mock the words of the Jewish sages and sin against Israel are boiled in hot excrement." (57a Gittin).

Earlier I have mentioned "The Shower Rangers," by Dr. William Pierce, who described how top Jews at Viacom thought it was funny to squirt young gentile girls with diarrhea as a surprise comedy act. I also mentioned his article "Fetuses, Feces, etc." that describes a seemingly pathological Jewish preoccupation with scatological material.

On his Thursday, 14 Feb 2008 Republic Broadcasting Network Radio Show, Michael Collins Piper responded to call-in listeners who talked about the unusual scatological obsession of Jews. One listener gave as an example a routine by Jewish comedian Howard Stern where he was being sprayed by what the audience was supposed to imagine was excrement hitting a fan.

Michael Collins Piper: (at 39 min, 40 sec) When we get letters like that at American Free Press (hate mail from Jews), almost invariably they are totally anonymous. And they are usually filled with the most obscene language, talking about bathroom functions. And you know Mark Glenn [author of No Beauty in the Beast, proprietor of] and I have talked about this. This is something we have noticed. When we get angry emails from, shall we say, followers of the Talmud, these emails are almost invariably loaded with that kind of language. In fact, you know, on more than one occasion I have even had them even say things to me like "Mikey Piper, where is your diaper." And you know, the last time I heard that was in first grade. You know, this is the kind of mind set, the kind of thinking that comes out of the Talmudic point of view.

Caller ("Jim from Texas"): It is all scatological, so to speak.

MCP: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. In fact, in my entire experience, I can only think out of probably maybe a hundred letters over the years that I have received from people of the Jewish persuasion critical of my work, I can only think of four that were written by people who sounded like they were sensible human beings. Occasionally I get emails from a gentleman named Henry who sends some interesting information in to me by email. He is a listener to this program. I would count Henry among that group. There was a young man from Michigan, as I recall. And then there was an elderly retired dentist living out in Phoenix. But that three, those three right there that is the three that come to mind immediately. Whereas I would say 96 to 97% of the others have always been vile and vulgar -- I could not read them on the air because the Federal Communications Commission would come down on me. But it is very, very interesting.

Morbid desire to subvert gentile sexual mores: Sex Plague, by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, The Occidental Observer, 6 Oct 2010, quotes the Jewish head guru of psychiatric pseudo-science Sigmund Freud: “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life….If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!" She comments:

Jews dominate the world’s $10 billion a year porn industry, roughly 90 per cent of which is generated within the United States.
As many as 260 new porn sites go online daily, more than ten sites an hour.
Since Jews are known to dominate the porn industry and comprise only 2% of America’s population, it is reasonable to suppose that most of the new sites being started up every hour are being started up by Jews.
It is even more alarming to note how sex is now deployed by many American Jews as a weapon against Christianity with its socially cohesive and family-friendly values.
Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein’s infamous words — “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks”—surely tell us all we need to know about the bitter hatred felt by so many Jews for the Western countries that have harboured them and given them hospitality for so long.


Fractured personalities: Jewish Freudian psychotherapy puts enormous emphasis on integrating fractured levels of personality, which helps to confirm my observation that Jews as a group tend to have vastly more fractured personalities than the general white population.

An important element of Jewish fracturing is the fact that "normal," "honest," "mainstream," "righteous," and "assimilated" Jews will typically front for and support corrupt Jews out of a sense Jewish tribal loyalty. For example, in By Way of Deception, Victor Ostrovsky talks about how under the sayonim program the Mossad can recruit the assistance of Jews virtually anywhere in the world. As another example, after Ivan Boesky was convicted as a stock swindler, he was welcomed with open arms back into synagogues.

It is common to see fracturing on an ideological level. As some examples, the monopoly capitalist Jacob Schiff supported Bolshevist Leon Trotsky not only when he came to live in New York City in 1916, but also when Trosky returned to Russia to form the Red Army and butcher millions of Christians. Dr. Armand Hammer, former head of Occidental Petroleum, shifted back and forth between having been an active "friend of Lenin" to calling himself a "friend" of various U.S. presidents. Also, Michael Collins Piper observes in High Priests of War how many current "neo-conservatives" reinvented themselves who formerly had Trotskyite backgrounds. Jews are famous for opportunistically shifting back and forth between whatever ideologies happen to serve their purposes at the moment.

Now that the ruinous effects of open borders and massive Third World immigration are beginning to become much more obvious to most white Americans, we are beginning to see increasing numbers of Jews jump ship and start to posture as if they have been "pro-white" all along, when in fact Jews led the immigration law changes in the mid-1960's that created the demographic disaster. They have also funded and directed most of the extreme leftist organizations that have suppressed the white immune response system against alien invasion, while simultaneously funding fanatical Zionists in Palestine that insist on maintaining Jewish racial purity (for some specifics, see Dr. William L. Pierce's article "The Nature of the Beast.")

Chutzpah is a very prized trait in Jewish culture. It is also an excellent example of hypocritical fracturing. Dr. Alan Dershowitz has written a book titled Chutzpah that encourages his fellow tribalists to be proud of it and just let it all hang out. Even Larry Wilde's Official Jewish Jokebook has plenty of chutzpah jokes.

Here is an example of a cute chutzpah joke I found on the Internet:

Bubby on the Bus
An old Jewish bubby climbs onto a crowded bus. Standing front of a seated young man she clutches her chest and says, "Oi! If you knew what I had, you'd get up and give me your seat." The man looks at the old woman, and feeling sympathy, gives up his seat. The woman sitting beside the bubby takes out a fan and starts to fan herself. Grasping her chest, the bubby turns and says, "If you knew what I have, you would give me that fan." The woman gives her the fan. Fifteen minutes later the woman gets up and says to the bus driver, "Stop, I want to get off here." The driver driver says, "Sorry, lady, but the bus stop is at the next corner. I can't stop in the middle of the block." Again, the old woman clutches her chest and says, "If you knew what I have, you would let me out right here." Worried, the bus driver pulls over and lets her out. As she's climbing down the stairs, he asks, "Ma'am, what is it, exactly, that you have?"

She smiles sweetly at him. "Chutzpah," she says.

This is the kind of chutzpah that makes many gentiles who like to hang out with Jews smile and laugh and view them as bunch of lovable old rogues. However, for the purposes of this article I want to cover the brand of chutzpah that ultimately creates major national security threats.

In the bad forms of chutzpah, a person tells a nervy lie, and then goes "one extra" in brazenness by righteously attacking the victim of the lie with another lie. I have known Jews who are so good at creating a fantasy world for themselves so that they virtually believe their own lies while "on stage." Great method acting, even to the point of self-delusion. In fact, it is so smooth, so slick, so spontaneous, and so natural for so many of them that I consider it a kind of a quasi-instinctive, semi-conscious, delusional disorder.

As two examples, watch these chilling videos, Exhibits 1 and 2, that show Israeli spokespersons withstand grilling about Israeli mass murder of innocent Lebanese civilians by British journalists. These Israelis have the same smooth relentless insectoid robotic efficiency as the human-killing supercomputer HAL in 2001 a Space Odyssey. Also, watch video where WTC landlord Larry Silverstein casually talks about the decision to "pull" World Trade Center 7, even though obviously it must have taken days to lay in controlled demolitions what did he know in advance of 9-11?

Mystery buildings have a long history in New York City. Back in the late 1800's insurance companies in New York came up with the term "Jewish lightning" to characterize Jewish businessmen who secretly set fire to their failing businesses to collect the insurance money. Chutzpah involved going "one extra" with this "con" by righteously and indignantly threatening to sue the insurance company for dereliction and screaming "anti-Semitism" if it did not settle quickly and fully.

In regard to Larry Silverstein and WTC 7, an anonymous reader at prison planet reported that, "In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. Silverstein Properties' estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. This building's collapse alone resulted in a profit of about $500 million."

As another example, noted by Israeli peace activist Israel Shamir in his article "Friends True and False," during the July 2006 invasion of Lebanon, the Israelis deliberately targeted and killed four U.N. peacekeeper observers as part of their war of naked aggression against the people of Lebanon. Then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had the chutzpah to ask United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan to apologize!

Laird Wilcox's Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes In America (also listed as link in my site map section) has documented innumerable hoaxes staged by Jews, such as fake attacks on Jewish cemeteries with spray-painted swastikas, combined with the chutzpah to make an indignant national media shows over alleged wrongs.

Incidentally, in the Tawana Brawley affair in 1987, some nationally prominent blacks tried to play the same game as many unscrupulous Jews but were just were not as smart and smooth. Everything blew up in their faces.

One needs to understand how chutzpah has helped certain Jews get rich since ancient times. As one example, in medieval Europe, Jewish goldsmiths would issue warehouse receipts for gold and silver coins and jewelry kept with them on deposit. Knowing that not everyone came to collect their valuables all at once, they created fake warehouse receipts and then loaned them out, in essence counterfeiting money. This sleazy practice, considered utterly crooked in all other industries (such as in the grain and personal effects storage industries) has become the basis of the fractional reserve banking system in America today, as explained in the excellent Mises Institute video about Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve.

This can create a whole new interpretation of someone like the Jewish money lender Shylock in William Shakespeare's classic play The Merchant of Venice. In a climatic trial scene, Shylock unmercifully whips out his knife to cut a pound of flesh out of Antony, the Merchant of Venice, for defaulting on his loans after his ships sank in storms. Fortunately Portia, the heroine of Shakespeare's play, prevents Shylock from "collecting" through her impassioned speech before a judge.

Imagine if the loans that Shylock had made to Antony were based on nonexistent assets. Imagine that Shylock feels he must protect his counterfeiting racket at all costs, therefore he goes ahead and mock-righteously cuts out his pound of flesh, with blood gushing on the floor and Antony screaming out in pain. Now that would be chutzpah.

We can see how Shylock might feel incentivized to act cruelly righteous even if he is loaning out unsecured paper, for fear that to do otherwise would undermine confidence in his crooked loan system. Then his other borrowers might default and he would be left impoverished. Worse yet, leveraged fractional reserve systems can create major business recessions and even depressions once a wave of defaults causes them to rapidly implode. In fact, Dr. Murray Rothbard claims in his work The Great Depression that an imploding fractional reserve system was a major cause behind one of America's worst economic catastrophes. Nevertheless, regardless of any possible social justifications, to most white people the kind of fractured behavior that would be involved in cutting up Antony would be so unspeakably low that it would almost define "criminal evil."

Can't happen in real life? Take a look at Larry Silverstein, who was involved in the decision to "pull" World Trade Center Seven, and collected billions in insurance money while beating his chests about how America should go fight Israel's enemies in the Middle East. Meanwhile, he has not appeared before a grand jury to help explain the strong evidence of controlled demolitions that brought down his buildings. Nor has he explained the sightings of strange work crews that entered his buildings weeks before the collapse. Don't "we the people" have the right to demand further legal investigation of someone like Silverstein, or are we just merely cattle?

There are lots of pounds of flesh that have been lost among the few thousand Americans who died in 9-11, not to mention servicemen killed in Iraq, or hundreds of thousands of American military and Iraqi civilians destroyed by aerosolized depleted uranium. And don't forget those 500,000 Iraqi children who America's Jewish Secretary of State Madelyn Albright under President Clinton thought were an "acceptable loss" as a consequence of America's twelve year blockade of Iraq in her interview with Greta Van Susteren.

As another important real world example, there is strong evidence that the Rothschilds and other elite Jewish families used considerable chutzpah to make gigantic loans to embattled countries during the Napoleonic Wars based on nonexistent assets, and ultimately parlayed the unsecured loans into wealth for themselves while paying off politicians so that they would not caught and punished. They even gained control of central banks.

We know for fact that the Israel Lobby has shown the chutzpah to recycle U.S. aid money to Israel to further buy off and further corrupt U.S. Congressmen. See Stealth PACs by Richard H. Curtiss and They Dare to Speak Out by former Congressman Paul Findley. Jews such as Ben Bernanke who run the Federal Reserve show an incredible amount of chutzpah by telling us that he may be able to ease interest rates in the mid single digit area because inflation is subsiding, when everyone sees real commodity prices escalating at double digit rates, and the Fed had the nerve to stop reporting the money supply growth (M3) in March 2006. It also takes a lot of chutzpah for the highly artificial state of Israel to maneuver the U.S. into invading Middle Eastern countries (see High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper) when there is considerable evidence that the 9-11 "terrorism" was an inside job, and furthermore, that America is effectively bankrupt and without an adequate industrial base.

Extreme projection: This is the case where the person who lives in a glass house likes to throw stones at other glass houses, on the theory that the best defense is a good offense. As some examples, Jewish Bolsheviks murdered tens of millions of Russians, yet Jews incessantly whine about Jewish deaths in German internment camps that were more than ten times fewer. In fact, they have grossly inflated casualty numbers and have exaggerated circumstances and have even shamelessly created a whole Holocaust industry to thoroughly exploit white guilt. (See Best Witness by Michael Collins Piper carried by America First Books, and The Holocaust Industry by Jewish writer Norm Finklestein).

While the whole Holocaust thing has certainly provided untold billions in reparations money for Israel from Germany, and tremendous sympathy money from America and other Western countries, on another level it has backfired by giving many Jews a very militant "Jewish crap doesn't stink" attitude that alienates many gentiles. I certainly saw a lot of this while I lived in New York City.

As another example, consider that many Jews are the biggest racists on the planet. They insist on maintaining bloodlines documented by genealogies going back over a fifteen hundred years (such as the Cohen priestly class and the kohanim class). Nevertheless they condemn any form of racial consciousness among whites as bigotry. Jews condemn any criticism of themselves as "anti-Semitic" and "Nazi," yet do not hesitate to publicly defame and hurt the employment of white patriots who try to stand up to them.

A healthy society does not need Big Brother surveillance, even when it comes under severe stress. The Bush administration and its Jewish supremacist handlers who are trying to put the rest of America under increasing surveillance and take away our civil liberties are simply projecting their own criminality on to others. They are not telling us how we deserve to be treated, but rather how they deserve to be treated.

Mike Rivero, webmaster of, posted on 23 Nov 2006 an excellent summary of ultra high-stakes Jewish projection regarding the Israeli campaign to drag America into striking Iran. (Watch former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu try to whip up anti-Iranian hate in his TV interview with Glenn Beck archived on YouTube). Rivero responded to a neo-con piece "Bomb Iran" that appeared in the 19 Nov 2006 Los Angeles Times. Written by Joshua Muravchik, a resident scholar at the Zionist-highjacked American Enterprise Institute, this LA Times OpEd piece exhorts America to make a pre-emptive strike to avoid a possible future Iranian nuclear threat. Rivero responded:

What nuclear threat?

Is Iran a threat to the United States? No, it isn't. Our parents paid trillions of dollars to create the ultimate nuclear deterrent force, consisting of land-based nuclear missiles, submarine-launched nuclear missiles, and nuclear-armed bombers, all able to strike anywhere on the Earth.

In contrast, Iran has no nuclear weapons. Nobody has found any proof Iran is making nuclear weapons (although one could hardly blame them for doing so after seeing the US invade the non-nuclear armed Iraq).

What is Iran doing that Mr. Muravchik finds so upsetting?

Iran is building a power station. Yep, that's it. Iran is building a power station. You know, to make electricity with?

Nobody in the US cares about Iran's power station. After all, the United States and Iran have both signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allows signers to build and fuel nuclear power plants. And that is what Iran is doing, along with allowing all the inspections the treaty requires, and complying with relevant UN resolutions.

Israel, on the other hand, has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, does not allow inspections, has at least 400 nuclear weapons, and when it cannot have UN resolutions vetoed by the US, will ignore them.

The problem here isn't Iran. The problem is that Israel, having routinely ignored the UN, conducted a secret weapons program, avoided signing nuclear control treaties, lied at every turn, cannot admit to itself that other nations can behave with honor. So, Israel has to deal with its own sense of guilt by convincing itself that every other nation behaves exactly the way that Israel behaves. It is okay for Israel to have a secret weapons plant under the Dimona reactor because (in Israel's imagination) Iraq had nuclear weapons plants under their reactor (it didn't as it turns out), Iran has nuclear weapons plants under their reactor (it doesn't, according to inspectors), etc. etc. etc. Another manifestation of this avoidance of guilt by transference is the idea that it is okay for Israel to treat the Palestinans the way it does because the rest of the world treats Jews that same exact way. It is okay for Israel's spies to blackmail the US Government into attacking Israel's enemies because otherwise those other governments would blackmail the US into attacking Israel.

On and on it goes with Israel's crimes justified by a paranoid delusion operating on a national scale. Israel; acts as it does because it is terrified of other nations acting exactly the same way, not realizing that Israel alone is behaving like a spoiled child in the region, and that everyone else would be happy to get on with their lives and their business if it weren't for the fear Israel itself creates.

Imagine you live in a neighborhood where everyone is working and living together, but in this shack in the middle of town of a raving paranoid, armed to the teeth, pointing his guns out the window at every passer by, even taking pot-shots at some of them, daring them to shoot back so that he can screech, "See? See? They DP hate me!" before opening up on a schoolyard with an AK-47.

Is an intervention needed?

You betcha!

Racial instability, genetic distance, unique inbred temperamental traits: Many scientists believe that race mixing can add to mental instability. One reason is that for periods of hundreds of thousands of years, different races have evolved a particular mix of temperamental traits that achieve evolutionary balance for a particular physical environment. Race-mixing can produce unpredictable combinations of discordant mental traits. As one example, I once heard a Mexican intellectual on talk radio describe how most Mexicans are genetically some mixture of white and Indian, and a lot of them feel like they are two different kinds of people mixed together. One interpretation of Middle Eastern monotheism, incidentally, is a need for race-mixed people to have a single deity focus upon to help pull themselves together psychologically.

Jews have absorbed genes from many different peoples, while at the same time preserving a core genetic type that can typically be traced through the maternal line. As some examples of outside absorption, in The Dispossessed Majority, (p. 31), Wilmot Robertson cites A. E. Mourant, author of The Genetics of the Jews, who found that Jews as a whole show an admixture of 5-10 percent Negro genes. Conversely, one can find some Jews in America who have blond hair and blue eyes similar to Jewish film stars Kirk Douglas and Goldie Hawn.

In Chapter 25 "Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and Claims of Jewish Superiority" of his book My Awakening, Dr. David Duke observes that:

One researcher summed up the overall genetic differences by saying that there was probably at least three times more genetic difference between an average Jew in France and his Gentile Frenchman neighbor than between an average French Jew and a Jew living in Russia or the Middle East.

…the same group who chronically preach to us that there are no great differences between Blacks and Whites, boldly assert that the Jewish people are genetically homogenous!

As part of the wide genetic distance argument, Jews have many genetically-transmitted diseases such as Tay-Sachs and Picts that are uniquely Jewish.

On page 455 of My Awakening, Dr. Duke resolves the mystery regarding how Jews can externally appear similar to their gentile hosts (note this study of Jewish faces), yet internally maintain a high level of genetic distance:

Fritz Lenz suggested back in the 1930s that Jewish resemblance to the European populations did not mean that their genes were similar. He suggested that their similar external resemblance could have emerged from the natural selection of genes within the Jewish gene pool. These genes could simply be a small cluster of genes that lay dormant in the Jewish pool or that were introduced by limited genetic mixture with Gentiles, and which then were selectively favored by the social environment. Genes that caused a greater corporeal resemblance to that of the Gentile host could have favorable results in acceptance, wealth, and social advancement and thus on reproductive success.

By a somewhat similar process, distinct species of butterflies, not closely related, come to resemble one another without narrowing their genetic distance. Only a small set of genes influencing appearance within the Jewish population could thus be favored, causing a greater similarity of appearance to the Gentile population while not narrowing their overall genetic alienation from their host population. Over many generations the external resemblance to Gentiles could increase while the parts of the brain that affect behavioral tendencies and abilities could be unaffected.

The April 2009 blog comment "Are Jewish and White Interests Compatible?" provides the follow genetic distance chart and provides some important links:

"First off, people might question why I consider jews a separate group from the rest of the white race. This is why: “” and “

"...take a look at the scatter plots. As you can see jews form an island of genetic diversity completely separate from whites. They act as a sort of bridge between the middle east and Europe, neither one nor the other. Why should they be considered white? They don’t overlap with any standard European country — France, the USA, Italy, Germany, Britain, Russia, etc. They have nothing to do with our genes. This doesn’t mean they are bad people, Japanese have even less genetic relatedness to the white genome, but I certainly respect them. However, it does mean they are not one of us, which should put people into a heightened sense of awareness and risk when dealing with them."


In my "Iceland Gets `Enroned' series, I describe how billionaire Rothschild agent George Soros, the Rothschild-controlled City of London establishment, and major Jewish-controlled financial firms in the U.S. like Goldman Sachs played a key role in subverting a Nordic nation. I explore ethnic genetic distance issues further in Appendix VI, titled "The Revenge of the Neanderthal, Ethnic-Genetic Distance, and the Neanderthal-Troll Connection." This Appendix is reproduced below as follows:


The following are some sample articles that explain the Neanderthal background of Jews. For a complete list of articles, please visit the Table of Contents of the May/June 2010 special issue of The Barnes Review.
"The truth about the Neanderthal is a historical web that is finally being untangled. . . ."

ISRAELI SAYS: “WE WERE INVENTED” by Willis Carto, "An eminent Israeli historian says the perceived origin of the Jewish people is anything but true. . . ."

‘MY ANCESTORS WERE NEANDERTHALS’ by Willis Carto, " Jewish scholar Stan Gooch has written extensively on the Neanderthal origins of today’s people known as `the Jews.'”

Russian Royal Family Murdered by Neanderthals: RUSSIA’S CHRISTIAN MARTYRS by Marine Marynova, "The royal family of Russia were perhaps the first most prominent victims of Jewish Bolshevism. Here’s the sad story of their brutal murders. . . "
The Postwar Neanderthal Triumph: WHO REIGNS SUPREME? by Michael Collins Piper, "Have the heirs to the Neanderthal finally achieved global supremacy? . . ."
PARTING THOUGHTS: THE ETERNAL CONFLICT by George Kadar, "...The 20th century in the Western world can be rightfully called the "Century of the Neanderthal" and it is up to us to stop this process."

The ethnic-genetic distance concept:

Throughout history people have tended to practice the axiom that as ethnic-genetic distance decreases, the chances for altruistic and mutualistic behavior tends to increase. Conversely, as ethnic-genetic distance increases, the chances of predatory or parasitic behavior also tends to increase, all other things being held equal. See the article "Zoological Subspecies in Man" by Dr. Raymond Hall which explains how this behavior is not only common among homo sapiens, but virtually all mammalian species. Therefore, this behavior is the instinctive result of evolutionary forces common throughout nature.
While Jews are famous for being extremely tribalistic among their own kind, they tend to encourage the exact oppositive behavior among gentiles. In fact, Jews tend to encourage unnatural relationships among gentiles both in terms of unnatural divisions and unnatural alliances. The encourage unnatural divisions by supporting feminism, which encourages animosity between men and women, and Marxist class warfare, which stirs up unnecessary strife between people of shared race, ethnicity and nationality. Jews also like to promote unnatural alliances by encouraging interracial marriage, multi-racial immigration, miscegenation, and homosexuality.
Once Jews are allowed to thoroughly work their influence on a gentile society, it's social fabric is typically severely ruptured on all levels. Its overall level of social and economic efficiency tends to decline to Third World levels. This seems to be the story of America in the last few decades.
The following are some key articles on the ethnic-genetic interest concept:.

"Ethnic Genetic Interests: The scientific basis for racial activism" by Michael Rienzi, American Renaissance, Feb 2003
"What We Owe Our People: A scientist explains the genetic basis of nationalism," by Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 2005; also listed here.

Jewish Ethnic-Genetic Distance From Whites

Interestingly enough, even Jewish-controlled sources like the New York Times host articles that explain Jewish genetic similarities among each other, and distance from gentiles, such as "Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity" by Nicholas Wade, NYT, June 9, 2010:
The shared genetic elements suggest that members of any Jewish community are related to one another as closely as are fourth or fifth cousins in a large population, which is about 10 times higher than the relationship between two people chosen at random off the streets of New York City, Dr. Atzmon said.
Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews have roughly 30 percent European ancestry, with most of the rest from the Middle East, the two surveys find. The two communities seem very similar to each other genetically, which is unexpected because they have been separated for so long.
In Chapter 14: "Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and Claims of Jewish Superiority" of his book Jewish Suprmacism, Dr. David Duke provides insight into how Jews reflect enormous genetic distance from white gentile populations. Jews are able to compensate for these differences to some extent by engaging in varioius forms of behavioral and superficial genetic adaptive mimickry:
...The first thing I found was information on the set of genetically borne diseases that occur almost exclusively in the Jewish community, such as Tay-Sachs disease. Their presence certainly indicated a genetic variance specific to the Jewish population and illustrated a genetic difference from the Gentiles. Soon I found scientific papers dealing precisely with the issues I sought. [footnote 628, 629]
Genetic researchers Sachs and Bat-Miriam discovered amazing similarity between the Jewish populations of nine countries of North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Europe. Conversely, they found sharp differences between Jews and non-Jews from those same countries. [footnote 630]
In studying blood group data, Mourant, Kopec, and Doma-
niewska-Sobczak wrote in a book called The Genetics of the Jews that it may be said that, in general, blood group data…support the relative homogeneity of the main historical Jewish communities. [footnote 631]
Now, here we have mainstream Jewish anthropologists and geneticists -- the same groups who chronically preach to us that there are no great differences between Blacks and Whites -- boldly assert that the Jewish people are genetically distinctive and relatively homogenous! They argue that some differences exist between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim (the main ethnic division among Jews), but that essentially Jews are a single people with a limited genetic resemblance to the European populations among whom they dwell. [foonote 632]

• In blood group data, two major studies, one in 1977 by Bonné- Tamir, Ashbel, and Kenett and one by Karlin, Kenett, and Bonné-Tamir in 1979, found when using fourteen polymorphic loci, no significant difference in Jewish populations from Iraq, Libya, Germany, or Poland. They estimated that the genetic distance between Gentiles and Jews living in the same area is three to five times
[Top of page] 330 [hapter title] JEWISH EVOLUTIONARY STRATEGY
greater than for Jews living in the different nations studied. In the 1977 study, the researchers state “not much admixture has taken place between Ashkenazi Jews and their Gentile neighbors during the last 700 years or so.” [footnote 633, 634]

• Mille and Kobyliansky discovered in studies of dermatologlyphic data that Ashkenazim (Eastern European Jews) are much more similar to Sephardim (Middle-Eastern and European Jews) than they are to the non-Jewish Eastern Europeans.
[footnote 635]

• Kobyliansky and Livshits in using cluster analysis on 25 mor phological characteristics, estimated that Jews in Russia were six times more distant from Russians than Russians were from Germans. They also found the Jews to be completely separate from the twenty-four other ethnic groups studied in Russia, Germany, and Poland.
[footnote 636]

• Another study compared modern Jews and those of 3,000-year-old Jewish skeletons discovered in the Middle East. Sofaer, Smith, and Kaye studied dental morphology from Morocco, Kurdish Iraq, and Eastern European countries. They found more likeness between the widely scattered Jewish populations than for the Gentile groups living near them. The ancient Jewish skeletal group turned out to be far more similar to the three Jewish populations than for every non-Jewish group studied except for one, an Arab Druse group from the 11th century.
[footnote 637]
One researcher summed up the overall genetic differences by say ing that there was probably at least three times more genetic difference between an average Jew in France and his Gentile Frenchman neighbor than between an average French Jew and a Jew living in Russia or the Middle East.
The Jewish studies amazed me. I would not have guessed that Jews were that genetically different from all Europeans. I knew a few Jews who were indistinguishable from the potpourri of other European-Americans. From their appearance, it seemed impossible that there was three times more genetic difference from us than from Jews in remote regions of the world. But, the research proved that a wide genetic difference existed between Jew and European. I wondered why they did not seem that dramatically different in their appearance.
Fritz Lenz suggested back in the 1930s that Jewish resemblance to the European populations did not mean that their genes were similar.638 He suggested that their similar external resemblance could have emerged from the natural selection of genes within the Jewish gene pool. These genes could simply be a small cluster of genes that lay dormant in the Jewish pool or that were introduced by limited genetic mixture with Gentiles, and which then were selectively favored by the social environment. Genes that caused a greater corporeal resemblance to that of the Gentile host could have favorable results in acceptance, accumulation of wealth, as well as social advancement ó leading to reproductive success.
[Book title] JEWISH SUPREMACISM [top of page] 331

By a somewhat similar process, distinct species of butterflies not closely related, come to resemble one another without narrowing their genetic distance. A very small set of genes influencing appearance within the Jewish population could thus be favored, causing a greater similarity of appearance to the Gentile population while not narrowing their overall genetic alienation from their host population. Over many generations, the external resemblance to Gentiles could increase while the parts of the brain that affect behavioral tendencies and abilities could be unaffected.
According to evolutionary genetics, it is possible that Jews have come to more resemble their hosts in their external appearance while at the same time becoming even more distant in their mental and behavioral characteristics. Whatever the questions of physical appearance, there seemed little doubt that Jews are indeed very different from Europeans and that they had maintained that genetic difference for a very long time.
I also ran across a number of popular sources arguing that high Jewish-Gentile intermarriage rates would end their genetic distinctiveness from European Gentiles. As in so many other matters dealing with the Jews, there is a wealth of information on the issue, an underlying reality that is very different from popular perceptions.

Jews = Hybridized Neanderthals = Troll Relatives?

Interestingly enough, quite a few sources on the Internet explain how it is very likely that Troll mythology among northern European peoples evolved from pockets of Neanderthal peoples that were later overtaken by immigrations of Nordic and Celtic peoples. Hence, the recent attacks on Iceland via Zionists such as the Rothschild-controlled City of London, George Soros, and Goldman Sach might be viewed as a "Troll attack" on a Nordic nation.

According to the web page "Troll" at the web site "Fantasy Your Guide On The Web."

...In the genre of paleofiction, the distinguished Swedish-speaking Finnish paleontologist Björn Kurtént has entertained the theory (e.g. in Dance of the Tiger) that trolls are a distant memory of an encounter with Neanderthals by our Cro-Magnon ancestors some 40,000 years ago during their migration into northern Europe. Spanish paleoanthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga provides evidence for these types of encounters in his book, The Neanderthal's Necklace. The theory that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons occupied the same area of Europe at the same time in history has been theorized based on fossil evidence. Other researchers believe that they just refer to neighboring tribes. The problem with this theory is that neither Neanderthals or Cro-Magnons existed in this part of Europe during the ice-age. Most of Scandinavia was covered by a large glacier and the area was not occupied until much later.
My response to the "problem with this theory" cited by this author above is that Ice sheets have advanced and retreated multiple times over the last 50,000 years. There could be pockets of Neanderthal tribes that survived even into the historic era throughout northern Europe, just as there are tiny pockets of somewhat blond-haired and blue-eyed peoples who have survived in various places in Central Asia in places like Afghanistan (for example in Nuristan) and Iran even though the original populations have been repeatedly overrun and colonized by alien poeples. Lastly, people can import mythologies with their migrations from other geographic areas. For example, the Jan/Feb 2007 Barnes Review carried an article "The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epics" which argued that "Here is compelling evidence that the events of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey took place in the Baltic and not the Mediterranean. Reveals how a climate change forced the migration of a people and their myth to ancient Greece and identifies the true geographic sites of Troy and Ithaca in the Baltic Sea and Calypso’s Isle in the North Atlantic Ocean—following Homer’s own geographic descriptions."'
A Pravda discussion forum thread web page has the following entry under "Re: Neanderthals" discusses evidence for Neanderthals in Finland:
English summaries 3/2000
Signs of Neanderthal man unearthed in Finland by Juha Valste and Antti Halkka
Pages 4-11
For a long time, the oldest known signs of people in Finland post-dated the latest Ice Age, making them less than 10,000 years old. Now, at Susiluola, in Kristiinankaupunki, western Finland, stone implements and signs of fire have been discovered which are around 120,000 years old. These indicate that people have existed here during the Eem interglacial warmer period between two ice ages. All the human forms as old as these in Central and southern Europe have been Neanderthals.
Tales have long been told about Susiluola (it’s name - for some obscure reason - means "wolf cave" in Finnish). The old folk were convinced that Susiluola had been inhabited by mankind sometime during the Stone Age. Recently, a curious local inhabitant was given permission to excavate the cave. The National Board of Antiquities had no money to fund this operation, no available staff, and in fact little interest in the project.
Digging deeply into the cave floor deposits, amateur geologists soon unearthed blackened stones and roughly made stone implements. They immediately abandoned their project, gracefully making way for a thorough professional scientific examination of the cave strata. Thus far, the site has yielded approximately 30 stone implements and over a hundred fragments produced during their shaping. There are no rock types in the area from which it would be an easy job to manufacture weapons and tools. Some of the artefacts have been carved from red shale.
There are many layers in the deposits on the cave floor, some of which constitute original floor surfaces, whereas others have been built up from stones and earth transported there by either water or ice. Pollen and spores from trees and other kinds of plants have been found in the strata associated with human occupation. These sub-fossils tell us that the climate 120,000 years ago was rather warm, in other words similar to what it is today.
Susiluola represents the first Neanderthal dwelling site that has even been found in Fennoscandia.
Not unnaturally, it has caused a sensation among anthropologists and geologists in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
The Wikipedia article on "Trolls" (as of May 2010) has the following interesting comment:
Many of the fairytale and folklore descriptions of "Trolls" are similar to characteristics of Neanderthal people. Neanderthal people overlapped with us (Homo Sapiens) for 30,000 to 50,000 years.

At his web site about his book The Iceman Inheritance, Jewish author Michael Bradley makes the following observations about how Neanderthal genes may have shaped the Jewish character:

...And maybe some Neanderthal emotional and behavioral traits persisted among the Ashkenazim along with the physical ones.
Their “chosen people” pretension is a typical Neanderthal in-group obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans. It is a genetically determined “us against them” mentality. Their higher level of known Neanderthal aggression against outsiders is responsible for their disproportional social influence wherever they have settled in the West.
Their men’s feelings of sexual inadequacy are a Neanderthal genetic legacy reflected in much more frequent confusion of sexual orientation than occurs among males of other Caucasian ethnic groups and other races. It has been the subject of too-numerous Jewish-authored books and screenplays, and Woody Allen’s work (and private life) is a very well known example of this Jewish predicament.
This genetic Neanderthal psychosexual maladaptation has also bequeathed to Jews a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened... which is all the time when they are not in absolute control. And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then. An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria. Even they cannot (yet) control death.
This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history. Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most Jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social criticism by their non-Jewish neighbors and attacks.
Insensitive even to objective concerns about inordinate Jewish influence in societies, and reacting with hysterical aggression to any such supposed “attack” on their behavior and pleas from non-Jews to limit it, Jews have always provoked violence against themselves. And then they, with much emotional satisfaction, feel victimized and attribute the situation to innate “anti-Semitism” among their neighbors.
This tragic cycle happened most recently in Nazi Germany, of course, but it had happened previously in almost all European countries. This historical pattern is the social result of Neanderthal genetic traits of high aggression and emotional instability caused by Ice Age psychosexual maladaptation. All this is very clear to me now.


The Meaning of "Ethnic Genetic Distance" In Regard to Jewish Influence on America

People tend to recreate the environment around them to reflect their own characteristics (please refer to my environmental vs. genetic discussion). As a partially race-mixed people, with a high level of genetic distance towards their hosts, perhaps we should not be surprised that everywhere Jews have gone in history they have tried to racially mix up their host populations. They tend to do this regardless of whether or not the hosts want to get mixed up or not. In the long run, this behavior is irrational, because no host population likes to undergo an attack on its genetic interests and risk being reduced to a minority.

Ironically, I believe that most white Americans only really care about very basic things like holding down a decent job and supporting a family. As a "melting pot" society, the overwhelming majority of Americans could care less if Jews dominate Hollywood, national media, Wall Street or whatever. In fact, quite a few Americans admire Jewish business acumen and are happy to partner up with them.

The formula to maintain American society on perpetual prosperity autopilot was really simple. Just keep America the way it was up until the mid-1960's at about 90% white. Keep government somewhere below 30% or even 20% of GDP (actually the lower the better — 5% would not be low enough for me) so it does not squeeze out the productive private sector too much. Avoid disastrous foreign entanglements. Basically follow the 19th century classical liberal agenda. It is really simple!

Within such an environment, America could prosper and pretty much run itself indefinitely. Jews would always be fairly free to do their own thing. To be sure, there will always be plenty of people around who do not like Jews, and say bad things about them, but no neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic movement would have likely become influential enough to directly threaten Jewish interests. As long as most American families can make a decent living, live in nice neighborhoods, and look forward to a prosperous future, the American Nazi Party could march through every American neighborhood six million times and most whites would probably remain apathetic.

But apparently operating by this very simple formula was just too easy for Jewish leaders. They just could not leave well enough alone, or quit while they were ahead. Nor could they ever adopt a really protective or appreciative attitude towards white working class Americans. They had to attack vital white genetic interests by opening the floodgates of Third World immigration in the mid-1960's. They had to keep pushing multi-racialism, multi-culturalism, radical feminism, homosexuality, collective white guilt over the "Holocaust," the JFK assassination and assault on the U.S.S. Liberty cover-ups, and on and on and on. They also had to keep growing the spendthrift, warmongering, neo-Jacobin welfare warfare super state in support of Israel and get Americans killed overseas. So now everything has been pushed way too far and is unraveling.

Some crazy elite Jews had it in the bag, and they blew it. Almost on par with the self-destructive nuttiness of the Reverend Jim Jones and his suicide cult in Guyana.

Secret, Inbred Rancor

In The Dispossessed Majority, Wilmot Robertson noted: (page 199)

The Jewish nervous system bears the load of many obsessions, a principal obsession being an implacable, almost innate hostility to the peoples who at different times have sheltered or persecuted them, enriched or impoverished them, deified or satanized them. The Jewish fascination for political, economic, and social experiments may not, as often supposed, be proof of a noble, unselfish desire to save mankind by a coteries of professional Messiahs, but evidence of a deeply rooted, semi-conscious, semi-coordinated vendetta -- Francis Bacon called it a "secret inbred rancour" -- against all things non-Jewish and, in the final countdown, possibly all things Jewish as well.

Israeli dissident Israel Shamir described an interesting manisfestation of this rancor in his article "The Bloody Passovers of Dr. Toaff." While this Jewish ritual murder of gentiles may have been conducted by only a small minority of extremists, this definitely reflects a cold-blooded "kill for sport" mentality towards members of out-groups reminiscent of the Thugs of India.



Note also how the Thugs of India also had an amazing ability to posture as respectable members of local communities when they were not out moonlighting in their grisly sport.

Another interesting example is provided by the Jewish writer Dr. Henry Makow in the article "Incest Survivor." According to Dr. Makow: "On May 1, 1989, a `nice Jewish girl', age 29, appeared on the Oprah Show and said her family was part of a Satanic cult that dates back to the 1700's. Although they appear to be upstanding citizens --lawyers, doctors, police officers etc. -- they engage in Satanic ritual human sacrifice, incest and cannibalism, often in synagogues. They drink blood and eat babies. She is describing the Illuminati which originated in the Frankist Movement in the Eighteenth century. Jacob Frank, born Jacob Leibowitz (1726-1791) led a major Satanic heresy that shook the Jewish world. They believed that the Messiah would return if the world went over to evil completely, so they encouraged all sexual licence and Satanic Evil as the ultimate Good. Financed by the Frankist Rothschild banking syndicate, they subverted all religions and national elites by assuming every religious and political hue. They took over Freemasonry and are now in the final stage of establishing their world government a.k.a `globalization.' "

While I lived in New York City, I once came in contact with a highly educated, "self-hating Jew" who told me that what turned him off the most about his own people is that there is a tendency for complete psychopaths to rise to the top for whom there is absolutely no limit to their ruthlessness and sadistic urges. He cited the Bolshevik revolution, mostly funded and led by Jews, as the clearest example. In a similar vein, John de Nugent, who translated portions of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's last major work Together For Two Hundred Years for the Barnes Review, told this author that Solzhenitsyn's history of Jewish-run police state Red Terror is so evil and depressing that even hardened right wingers find it very hard to make it through his translation in one sitting. As an example, Stalin and his Jewish conferates cut rations at certain work camps because inmates were not dying off at a fast enough rate. They also enjoyed randomly "disappearing" completely innocent, apolitical, honest, altruistic members of local communities just to keep everyone else in a state of complete fear and uncertainty.

In July 2009 the FBI arrested a ring of rabbis in New Jersey involved in a major organ-harvesting and money laundering operation. The Swedish newspaper Aftenbladet ran the story "They Plunder Our Sons for their Organs" about how Israeli soldiers act as bodysnatchers in the West Bank. Jews are also leaders in child pornography rings. All of this certainly shows a high degree of cruelty towards gentiles, in line with what Voltaire once said of the Jews:

. "They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race."--Voltaire as quoted in A.Gould, What Did They Think of The Jews?, Jason Aronson Inc., New Jersey, (1991), p. 90. Gould cites: "Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771, in The French Enlightenment, p.300"

Jewish "misanthropy" or hatred of mankind has been observed by many different peoples around the globe for ages. The web page "The Universality of Anti-Semitism" published by the Jewish Tribal Review provides important quotes from many famous observers:

"The Jews," J. O. Hertzler writes, "... have been a supernation rather than members of a nation. More than any other people, certainly up to the time of the emancipation, they were innocent and irresponsible toward the national traditions and aspirations of the people among whom they lived" (Hertzler, 76).

"Hatred for the Jews," Abram Leon writes, "does not date solely from the birth of Christianity. Seneca treated the Jews as a criminal race. Juvenal believed that the Jews only existed to cause evil for other peoples. Quintilian said that Jews were a curse for other people" (Leon, 71).

In 59 BC the Roman statesman Cicero criticized Jewish "clannishness" and "influence in the assemblies." In the second century AD Celsus, one of Rome's great medical writers, wrote that Jews "pride themselves in possessing superior wisdom and disdain for the company of other men." Philostratus, an ancient Greek author, believed that Jews "have long since risen against humanity itself. They are men who have devised a misanthropic life, who share neither food nor drink with others." (Cf. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, I, iii.) The great Roman historian Tacitus (A.D. 56-120) declared that "the Jews are extremely loyal toward one another, and are always ready to show compassion [for their fellow Jews], but toward other people they feel only hate and enmity" (Morais, 46). Centuries later Voltaire's criticism of Jews, in his Essai sur le Moeurs, repeated many of the same charges: "The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous -- cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity." Ironically, as Jacob Katz observes, "Voltaire did more than any other single man to shape the rationalist trend that moved European society toward improving the status of the Jew" (Katz, 34). Still historically remembered (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1994) "as a crusader against tyranny and bigotry," Voltaire turned repeatedly and angrily against Jews who he believed to epitomize such "tyranny and bigotry." Jews, he complained, "are ... the greatest scoundrels who have ever sullied the face of the globe ... They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and Germans are born with blond hair. I would not in the least be surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race ... You [Jews] have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct, and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny" (Gould, 91).

On another occasion Voltaire charged that "the Jew does not belong to any place except that place which he makes money; would he not just as easily betray the King on behalf of the Emperor as he would the Emperor for the King?" (Katz, 44). Thirty of 118 of Voltaire's essays in his Dictionary of Philosophy address Jews, usually disparagingly. Voltaire calls Jews "our masters and our enemies ... whom we detest ... the most abominable people in the world." With the coming of the Enlightenment, as David Sorkin notes, "Jews were roundly condemned for "their ritualistic religion, national character or economic situation which, separately or together, prevented them from being moral. Enlightenment thinkers almost without exception subscribed to this image of Jewish inferiority" (Sorkin, 85).

"The ghetto," Enlightenment intellectuals argued, "had produced an essentially unacceptable culture. Jews were utter strangers to Europe. Social isolation had created traits in need of drastic transformation: Jews harbored within them hatred of the Christian nurtured by centuries of Talmudic and rabbinic indoctrination, they were religious fanatics, parasitic in their economics and dishonest in their dealings" (Aschheim, 6). "Know that wherever there is money," said Montesquieu in his Persian Letters, "there is the Jew" (Krefetz, 45)...

...Jewish author William Korey notes the same mystifying omnipresence of anti-Jewish animus among disparate peoples in interviews (at a Harvard archive) with 329 refugees from the Soviet Union in the early 1950s: "A detailed examination of the background information of those who registered hostile attitudes to Jews reveals that they were of various age, national, educational, and status groups, and that they left the USSR at different periods" (Korey, 11).

The top six "anti-Semitic" assertions by this diverse group of people included assertions that (1) Jews occupy a privileged and favored position in Soviet society. 2) Jews are business- and money-minded. 3) Jews are clannish and help each other. 4) Jews are aggressive and 'pushy.' 5) Jews are sly, calculating, and manipulative, and know how to 'use a situation.' 6) Jews are deceitful, dishonest, unprincipled, insolent, and impudent (Korey, 5).

A high rate of schizophrenia. At his web site, journalist John de Nugent provides an intriguing theory by Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker, a New York psychiatrist, that schizophrenia may have a viral transmission factor, and that Jews may be unusually susceptible carriers. According to, the concept of viral transmission is plausible:

Recent epidemiologic studies indicate that infectious agents may contribute to some cases of schizophrenia. In animals, infections with Toxoplasma gondii can alter behavior and neurotransmitter function. In humans, acute infection with the cat virus "T. gondii" can produce psychotic symptoms similar to those displayed by persons with schizophrenia. Two other studies found that exposure to cats in childhood was a risk factor for the development of schizophrenia.

As a caveat, even if Dr. Hutschnecker's theory has some validity, this still does not necessarily imply that being around Jews will significantly increase the odds that one will become schizophrenic. Many diseases require a combination of factors to get infected, to include a genetic predisposition, various situational stress factors, and a reduced immune system. As an example, while it is true that leprosy (Hansen's Disease) is contagious, only a small percentage of people with adquate sleep, nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, manageable emotional stress, and a lack of history of leprosy in their families (or within their racial or ethnic group --for example pre-contact native Hawaiians were unusually susceptible to leprosy compared to most whites) will ever contract leprosy even when surrounded by lepers for extended periods. As a personal example, I spent the equivalent of a couple of weeks in contact with lepers in the early 1980's at Hawaii's Kaluapapa leper colony, and over ten years surrounded by Jews in New York City, Los Angeles, and elsewhere, but I do not have either leprosy or schizophrenia. (One leper at Kalaupapa even told me about cases where normal people have been married to lepers while living at the leper colony and never contracted the disease despite sharing the same household and having continuous intimate sexual contact. According to Wikpedia "It is estimated that due to genetic factors, only 5% of the population is susceptible to leprosy...The incubation period for the bacteria can last anywhere from two to ten years"). Also, the rise in schizophenia in the U.S. population may be due to other factors besides possible viral transmission from Jews. For example, according to, the increased use of street drugs has been strongly linked to a rise in schizophrenia rates. All of this having been said, I nevertheless believe from personal observation and written sources that Jews have a significantly higher rate of schizoprhrenia compared to the general population, even if we do not fully understand the cause of this phenomenon. Furthermore, Jewish-controlled national media have indirectly encouraged schizophrenia by popularizing the counter-culture use of street drugs and also forms of multiracialism and multiculturalism that alienate whites from traditional American convervative values, thereby dramatically increasing situational stress factors. Therefore, the correlation between an increased Jewish presence in the U.S. population and higher rates of schizophrenia can be attributed to other Jewish influences besides the possibility of a physical virus carried by Jews:

Evidence that Jews are carriers of schizophrenia is disclosed in a paper prepared for the American Journal of Psychiatry by Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker, the New York psychiatrist, who once treated President Nixon.
JdN: He treated Nixon for decades.
In a study entitled "Mental Illness: The Jewish Disease" Dr. Hutschnecker said that although all Jews are not mentally ill, mental illness is highly [physically] contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection.
Dr. Hutschnecker stated that every Jew is born with the seeds of schizophrenia and it is this fact that accounts for the world-wide persecution of Jews.
"The world would be more compassionate toward the Jews if it was generally realized that Jews are not responsible for their condition." Dr. Hutschnecker said. "Schizophrenia is the fact that creates in Jews a compulsive desire for persecution."
Dr. Hutschnecker pointed out that mental illness peculiar to Jews is manifested by their inability to differentiate between right and wrong. He said that, although Jewish canonical law recognizes the virtues of patience, humility and integrity, Jews are aggressive, vindictive and dishonest.
"While Jews attack non-Jewish Americans for racism, Israel is the most racist country in the world," Dr. Hutschnecker said.
Jews, according to Dr. Hutschnecker, display their mental illness through their paranoia. He explained that the paranoiac not only imagines that he is being persecuted but deliberately creates situations which will make persecution a reality.
Dr. Hutschnecker said that all a person need do to see Jewish paranoia in action is to ride on the New York subway. Nine times out of ten, he said, the one who pushes you out of the way will be a Jew.
"The Jew hopes you will retaliate in kind and when you do he can tell himself you are anti-Semitic."
During World War II, Dr. Hutschnecker said, Jewish leaders in England and the United States knew about the terrible massacre of the Jews by the Nazis. But, he stated, when State Department officials wanted to speak out against the massacre, they were silenced by organized Jewry. Organized Jewry, he said, wanted the massacre to continue in order to arouse the world's sympathy.
Dr. Hutschnecker likened the Jewish need to be persecuted to the kind of insanity where the afflicted person mutilates himself. He said that those who mutilate themselves do so because they want sympathy for themselves. But, he added, such persons reveal their insanity by disfiguring themselves in such a way as to arouse revulsion rather than sympathy.
Dr. Hutschnecker noted that the incidence of mental illness has increased in the United States in direct proportion to the increase in the Jewish population.
"The great Jewish migration to the United States began at the end of the nineteenth century," Dr. Hutschnecker said. "In 1900 there were 1,058,135 Jews in the United States; in 1970 there were 5,868,555; an increase of 454.8%. In 1900 there were 62,112 persons confined in public mental hospitals in the United States; in 1970 there were 339,027, in increase of 445.7%. In the same period the U.S. population rose from 76,212,368 to 203,211,926, an increase of 166.6%. Prior to the influx of Jews from Europe the United States was a mentally healthy nation. But this is no longer true."
Dr. Hutschnecker substantiated his claim that the United States was no longer a mentally healthy nation by quoting Dr. David Rosenthal, chief of the laboratory of psychology at the National Institute of Mental Health, who recently estimated that more than 60,000,000 people in the United States suffer from some form of "schizophrenic spectrum disorder." Noting that Dr. Rosenthal is Jewish, Dr. Hutschnecker said that Jews seem to take a perverse pride in the spread of mental illness.
Dr. Hutschnecker said that the word "schizophrenia" was given to mental disease by dr. Eugen Blueler, a Swiss psychiatrist, in 1911. Prior to that time it had been known as "dementia praecox," the name used by its discoverer, Dr. Emil Kraepelin. Later, according to Dr. Hutschnecker, the same disease was given the name "neurosis" by Dr. Sigmund Freud.
"The symptoms of schizophrenia were recognized almost simultaneously by Bleuler, Kraepelin and Freud at a time when Jews were moving into the affluent middle class," Dr. Hutschnecker said. "Previously they had been ignored as a social and racial entity by the physicians of that era. They became clinically important when they began to intermingle with non-Jews."
Dr. Hutschnecker said that research by Dr. Jacques S. Gottlieb of Wayne State University indicates that schizophrenia is caused by deformity in the alpha-two-globulin protein, which in schizophrenics is corkscrew-shaped. The deformed protein is apparently caused by a virus which, Dr. Hutschnecker believes, Jews transmit to non-Jews with whom they come in contact. He said that because those descended from Western European peoples have not built up an immunity to the virus they are particularly vulnerable to the disease.
"There is no doubt in my mind," Dr. Hutschnecker said, "that Jews have infected the American people with schizophrenia. Jews are carriers of the disease and it will reach epidemic proportions unless science develops a vaccine to counteract it."
SOURCE: Psychiatric News, published by the American Psychiatric Association. Date of publication: Oct. 25, 1972.

In his classic work The Biological Jew, American populist author Eustace Mullins describes how Jews tend to lead much more sedentary lives than host populations, and this in turn contributes towards not only high rates of overall physical degeneration, but also mental illness that afflicts about one third the population:

As a result of their parasitic mode of life, the Jewish communities have developed sedentary habits, which in turn have led to certain diseases, directly attributable to this sedentary life, and which have been known for their high incidence among the Jews. Thus diabetes is referred to in many medical dictionaries as "the Jewish disease."
Diabetes occurs principally because the sedentary and parasitic life prevents Jews from burning up the excess blood sugars which they ingest in their diet, and which are intended for use in direct forms of energy. This causes a surfeit of sugar in the system, which becomes the disease of diabetes. Also, generations of sedentary persons cause malfunctions or the gradual weakening of the pancreas and other organs which are responsible for controlling the level of blood sugar. Thus, diabetes becomes a hereditary disease among generations of sedentary people.
The Jewish community has developed a number of degenerative types of disease, such as blood disorders, cancers of various kinds, and other forms of physical degeneration, which are directly attributable to their mode of parasitic existence, and to the physical degeneracy which it produces. As they cohabit with the gentile community, and as their sedentary mode of life becomes more widely practiced, these degenerative diseases begin to appear throughout the host community.
In one of the most important physical correlations between the Jewish community and the known types of parasitic organism in the plant and animal kingdoms, [Geoffrey] LaPage, [author of Parasitic Animals] says:

"Among other organs which are often reduced or lost when parasitic life is adopted is the nervous system. It may be reduced as a whole or the reduction may affect chiefly the eyes and other organs. Organs of special sense are best developed in active animals which feed upon other animals and need to defend themselves against their enemies. They are not required by parasitic animals which live a relatively sheltered existence on or inside the bodies of their hosts amid a relative abundance of food."

The effect of a parasitic mode of existence upon the nervous system, which can be observed in many types of parasites, are especially noteworthy in the Jew. The degeneration of the nervous system into a state of severe mental illness in an average of thirty percent of all Jews has long been supposed by sociologists to be due to the physical interbreeding in the Jewish community, but the high incidence of mental illness in Jews whose families have intermarried with gentiles is the same rate as those who have remained within the Jewish community. This points to a strictly biological origin of this degeneracy of the nervous system, and bears out Professor LaPage’s contention that the leading of a parasitic mode of existence inevitably leads to a reduction or a degeneracy of the nervous system.


A functional analysis of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology

There are some important keys to understanding the evolution of Jewish social behavior:

a) According to our most reliable historical records, since ancient times Jews always been a highly urbanized, clever people living in mostly multiracial, cosmopolitan environments spread out in colonies around the known world. In fact, contrary to Hollywood movies, there is strong evidence that the main force behind the spread of early Christianity in the Roman Empire were not poor gentiles hiding out in caves and getting fed to lions, but wealthy urban Jews who used their financial power to promote a universalistic religion that cleverly deifies their tribal history at the expense gentile tribal histories, while slapping their own wrists a little bit with the story of the unjust condemnation of Jesus by the Sanhedrin to avoid making their promotion too obvious.

b ) Jews have always been heavily involved in various forms of trade, brokerage and mediation, requiring the ability to psychologically manipulate and play off opposing groups. They have also been used as ferocious tax collectors. Their whole evolutionary history has been man vs. man rather than man vs. nature.

c ) Jews have always sought to preserve their racial, tribal, and ethnic cohesion at all costs, even at the expense of completely demonizing all non-Jews in their "religious" writings. Extremist Jews take literally Talmudic passages that approve of deceiving gentiles, treating them like cattle, and of even killing off the best goyim. This can ultimately mean that there are no moral and ethical limitations regarding how they treat non-Jews.

d ) Jewish "survival of the fittest" has always meant "survival of the richest" — at all costs.

e ) Jewish culture and religion is more heavily geared towards intrigue and covert operations than any other people on the planet. Jews celebrate Esther, Abraham, Spanish Morano Jews, and many others who operated under false pretenses to infiltrate and gain major influence within alien cultures. Jewish culture heavily values secrecy and the use of disinformation.

One can mentally "reverse engineer" what the Jews are all about. Simply take a) to e) above as your constraints, and then try to mentally conceptualize what the resultant racial-ethnic group would have to look like to evolve under such constraints.

First a few good words for certain Jews

In discussing Jews it is very important to acknowledge their core strengths. I think that many American white patriots make the mistake of focusing so heavily on Jewish negatives that they fail to describe how the Jewish positives interact with the negatives to create a coherent system.

From my dealings with Jews from all walks of life in New York, sometimes I almost wondered if being born Jewish automatically puts a two year MBA program on their birth certificates, combined with a two year program in intelligence operations training.

Jews tend to have tremendous "entrepreneurial infrastructure." There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, I admire entrepreneurship. When I lived in New York City, I spent considerable time attending meetings of venture capital associations in which Jews were leaders in sourcing and evaluating business plans. This is a great strength in the Jewish community that I genuinely respect.

Part of this comes from the tremendous premium Jews have traditionally placed on education, which is also admirable. Another important part comes from the fact that successful Jews typically bend over backwards to provide mentorship and jobs for up and coming Jews. They are also much more likely to bring each other the best deals, provide capital, supply inside industry knowledge, and lend other forms of assistance necessary to be successful. The Jewish community has a staggering number of Jewish mutual benefit associations, so that if something goes terrible wrong with some Jews on one place of the planet, Jews are quickly informed and prepared to help each other right away.

One reason why Jews help each other so much is they maintain a vision of themselves as a people. This is an important aspect of the popular sovereignty concept that can apply to all peoples that I address in greater detail in my discussion of libertarian racial nationalism in my "American History Reinterpreted" series. In essence, Jews practice economic nationalism on an informal, non-state level.

Up to a point, I think that this is also admirable.

Where Jews cross the line in terms of the classical liberal agenda is when they engage in massive deception and other forms of high-end thievery (deception is theft of truth). Jews are uniquely equipped to engage in perpetual forms of soft 4th generation warfare in the midst of relatively peaceful and unassuming gentile host communities. It has been this extreme multi-functionality that has caused many observers in history, such as Benjamin Franklin in his famous prophecy, to characterize Jews as "a state within a state."

I have mentioned previously that people tend to re-create the social environment around them in a way that mirrors their own characteristics. As America becomes more multi-racial underneath the strong-arm prodding and surveillance of its neo-Jacobin government, this puts more pressure on white separatist groups to simultaneously become both more racially conscious, while also finding better covert means to employ militant methods. In essence, they become more like the Jews in order to adapt to the multi-racial, multi-cultural environment of the neo-Jacobin welfare-warfare super state largely created by Jews. Similarly, the rise of Hezbollah and Hamas among Arabs in many ways mirrors the complex social threat created by Jews. Their capabilities range from guerilla warfare to running social service institutions, heading political parties, and maintaining Islamic religious establishments.

Despite all of this, most materially successful gentile business leaders in America today still think of themselves as individualists. They cannot wait to get rich and cash out, retire, and play golf. They could care less about mentoring to the next generation of fellow whites or providing start up capital, contacts, deals, and job leads. Most of them have subconsciously absorbed sharp "get-ahead" Jewish values without at the same time having a sense of social responsibility for their own people. And then to add insult to injury, they piously espouse libertarian philosophy that everyone has to learn how to be a "tough cowboy" and let the "free market" magically sort everything out as they offshore jobs to secure short term profits for themselves while neglecting the long term forms of investment in America required to sustain jobs and prosperity.

Deracinated American gentile business leaders are in many ways worse than the worst things that can said about the Jews, because they are driven by selfishness and egotism, without any compensating sense of loyalty to their own people.

Down South they used to call these kinds of deracinated people "Scalawag white trash." Given the degraded moral level of American society today, it seems like all a person has to do is make over $500,000 a year and call himself a CEO, and somehow this makes him automatically respectable. However, this will probably change once we experience ultra-hyperinflation, the middle class gets wiped out, and we start having the "who lost America" public trials over the national debt and sabotage of domestic industry, perhaps reminiscent of various episodes of the French Revolution.

Another business advantage Jews tend to enjoy is they more likely to promote themselves into the deal stream as early as possible in their business careers. Exposure to deal-making helps them understand how the various parts of markets and businesses come together. It also helps them view the world in contractual terms. They learn how to negotiate harder bargains for themselves.

Some examples of occupations that tend to provide early deal stream exposure are many forms of brokerage such as business brokerage and real estate brokerage, corporate law, start-up business entrepreneurship, and serving as a bank officer in a workout department.

The book Winning Through Intimidation by Robert J. Ringer provides a good overview of the Jewish approach to deal negotiation, which necessarily involves carefully withholding and manipulating information and appearances on both sides of a negotiation in order to carve out a strong position for oneself as the mediator and conversely avoid getting squeezed out by buyers and sellers.

In fairness to Jews, the possibility of getting unfairly squeezed out in deal negotiation is a very serious problem in real world business negotiations. It can be a very cold and cruel world even when trying to deal with supposedly self-styled "fair and ethical" gentiles. It is often very hard work to find enough deals to put into a pipeline, and then successfully negotiate enough of those deals through to completion, to make a decent living.

Acting as a mediator to a negotiation involves sizing up deal parameters for both sides of the negotiation, and then shrewdly trading off concessions for both sides while navigating them towards making a deal. It also usually means bargaining people down hard who give up concessions too easily. Often the big money comes from taking advantage of people who are poor negotiators, who are often dismissed as being "unfit" or as "dumb schmucks" for their lack of homework invested towards understanding their real negotiation position or their lack of nerve in standing up for themselves.

This mentality colors the Jewish approach to life. For example, when Jews convince white gentiles that they should be anti-racist, and promote black, Asian, Jewish, and Mexican racial interests before their own, they are simply extracting an ideological concession from whites. This has nothing to do with justice, logical consistency, or racial truth. From the Jewish viewpoint, if gentiles have to struggle long and hard just to get back to square one in terms of re-establishing their white racial identity, this concession gives them a greater zone of security than if gentiles are able to work from having a solid racial identity towards challenging Jewish supremacy in various areas of banking, media, and commerce. In the Jewish view, if whites are such dumb schmucks that they willingly give up their racial identity and heritage, then they get what they deserve.

It is all about extracting and trading off concessions. The whole world is a non-stop haggling process. Everything outside the Jewish people is a conditional commodity subject to manipulation — to include political and religious ideologies. Everything is transactional. From this vantage point, objective truth is not always relevant. In fact, truth itself is simply one more controllable commodity, to be dissected, offered, withheld, transacted, or distorted at will.

The Western concept of the Faustian search for truth as an end in itself is alien to the Jewish haggling, transactional, commodity-trading spirit.

In The Dispossessed Majority, Wilmot Robertson provides a footnote on page 195 that really hits the nail on the head:

According to James Yaffe, Jews have more interest in sex than non-Jews, less interest in athletics, less faith in an afterlife, a lower birthrate, take many more expensive vacations, live longer, spend more time in psychoanalysis, and are much more likely to be hippies. In Hollywood, Jews get more divorces, commit more adultery, and drink less than their non-Jewish neighbors. Jews use Jewish doctors 95 percent of the time; Jewish lawyers 87 percent of the time. Although they sometimes try to force themselves into non-Jewish country clubs, they are very exclusive about their own. One, the Hillcrest in Los Angeles, has the highest initiation fee ($22,000) of any golf club in the U.S. and bans non-Jews except for a few show business figures who are admitted as "honorary Jews." Jews, continues Yaffe, are noted for their "fear, obsequiousness, isolationism and belligerence" a psychological chasm between Jew and non-Jew that may never be bridged. Traditionally dogmatic themselves, they demand rationalism in others. For the Jew "the intellect can't be just a has to be a weapon too. He doesn't use it simply to discover what the world is like or to create something beautiful, or to communicate his ideas. He must use it to beat down his competitors, to prove his superiority. For him the controversy is inseparable from the intellectual activity. Watch him at a party; note the vicious delight with which he backs lesser intellects into a corner. He's implacable; neither social decorum nor human compassion can soften his attack. If you want to observe this trait at a safer distance, read what he writes to the letters-to-the-editor pages. In all Jewish publications, from Commentary down to the most obscure Yiddish weekly, these pages bathe the reader in vitriol. Like his father, the garment manufacturer, the Jewish intellectual doesn't trade easy." The American Jews, pp. 38, 65, 68, 234-35, 268-69, 292-93.

In fact, Jews are often so focused on the deal-making and trading approach to life that they even go to the extremes of manufacturing deal situations where they can routinely play off one group against another while controlling communication between them and manipulating appearances. The book By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrowsky provides an extreme example, where the Mossad was simultaneously selling weapons and support services to the government of Sri Lanka and an opposing rebel group. They are also making money training both groups on Israeli military bases. One day a scheduler screwed up the physical training schedule when both groups happen to be training on the same base. Both groups happened to jog towards each other with a fence between them on an athletic field. The Israeli instructors were terrified with the thought that the two groups might recognize each other, but fortunately for the Israelis they passed each other without an incident.

Jews, if anything, they are too deal oriented. They are too oriented towards shuffling assets and financial manipulation rather than tinkering with improving the quality of real goods and services. Furthermore, American Jews are too opportunistic in looking for deals anywhere around the world, rather than supporting America's national interests. As an extreme example, Israel did not support America's national interest when it sold Jonathan Pollard's secrets to the Soviet Union, or America's nuclear technology to Red China, as documented in Final Judgment.

Gentiles tend to be more content with starting out as lower level functionaries. It is more common for gentiles to get deal-making exposure only after they have worked their way up to higher levels of management in mid to late career. However, for someone like a Henry Ford or Thomas Edison (or more recently a Steve Jobs or George Lucas) who learns his industry from the ground up, shop floor knowledge can be a great strength in the long run.

There is an interesting bitter irony here, because the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution are both very contractual in nature, whereas the Talmud is very duty-based. As Jews have usurped ever more power in America, and have grown the neo-Jacobin Welfare-Warfare Super state (Federal Government) in support of Israel, they have helped to squeeze increasing percentages of gentiles into political correctness, walking-on-egg shells, flunky roles. In contrast, elite Jews have become ever more aggressive at applying high level arm-twisting deal pressure on Congress and other American institutions.

In addition to their superlative entrepreneurial infrastructure, another glaring feature of Jewish culture is the extent to which it has deeply embedded within itself all the functional elements one would ordinarily find within an intelligence operations manual.

As some examples, in the Old Testament, Abraham uses his wife to infiltrate the court the Pharaoh under false pretenses. Jacob (renamed Israel) uses treachery to steal the birthright of his brother Esau. The Jewish holiday of Purim is based on the biblical book of Esther, which Isaac Asimov calls a work of fiction in Asimov's Bible. A Jew named Mordechai acts as a case officer to infiltrate Esther under false pretenses into the court of a Persian king and later uses intrigue to foil an anti-semitic plot. Lastly, the Jewish holiday of Yom Kipper features the Kol Nidre ceremony where Jews renounce all their vows to everyone except fellow Jews.

In my own frequent business dealings with Jews in New York City, it is very common to see them operate under assumed "Anglo" names for both themselves and their businesses. It is very common to see them sprinkle few lies here and there in their conversations and then take a smug, quiet pleasure if they think they have got you to swallow the lies without knowing it. This seems to give them a better sense of control. It is not uncommon for Jews to be "crypto" and deny their Jewishness, to include pretending to be WASP extreme rightists. Lastly, more than any other group, one hears Jews express anxiety whenever one is "talking too much" and "getting too much information out there." They have this very paranoid sense that they always have to tightly control, filter, and twist information or else bad things will happen to them.

Intelligence operations concepts such as "front organizations," "double agent," dissimilation, "limited hang out" (telling part of the truth to pre-empt the competition from presenting the full truth), and PSYOPS (Psychological Operations or propaganda) almost seem like a normal part of everyday life. In fact, a Jew who does not show a proclivity towards immediately grasping intrigue is looked down upon by fellow Jews as a "dumb schmuck." Living in New York City amidst the Jews, one almost gets the feeling that one is weird if one is not doing something covert beneath the surface. If one tries to be a straight up person, and is not dismissed right away as a dumb schmuck for being this way, the attitude is often, "Hey, that can be a convincing approach, use honesty too!"

I think Victor Ostrowsky hit the nail on the head in By Way of Deception when he pointed out that the Mossad is the most admired organization in Israel. Although it only has about two thousand full time employees, its real strength comes from being able to draw upon the active support of almost any Jew any where in the world. This includes providing instant escort services, safe houses, money laundering, and other high-powered services that would be almost unheard of for the civilian side of most other racial and ethnic groups.

More than any other people that I have ever encountered, the Jewish people impress me as being like a CIA in search of a country. I have often thought about a futuristic scenario where the U.S. economy implodes, America falls into civil war, and eventually gets militarily carved up by foreign countries. (We are already being taken over on an economic level through massive foreign purchases of U.S. companies due to our chronic balance of trade deficits and soaring indebtedness). Imagine if CIA members decide to survive independently forever as an inbred, multi-national, espionage organization that continues to survive economically off its business fronts and organized crime connections. Imagine that it is willing to shamelessly use anything, to include concocted religious literature, to provide cover and group cohesion for long term group survival.

Come back in five hundred or a thousand years, and whatever descendents of the CIA are still functioning as in inbred, perpetual covert operations group, will probably closely parallel what the Jews are today.

In social style, Jews seem to compare to Nordics like the way Chinese compare to Japanese

The book Ways That Are Dark by Ralph Townsend (carried by America First Books) makes an analogy which I think has a striking application to the Jews relative to the Nordic founders of America.

According to Townsend, when Americans first make contact with Chinese and Japanese (such as when he served in the American consulate in Shanghai in the early 1930's) Americans initially overwhelmingly favor the Chinese over the Japanese. The Chinese are more friendly, talkative, and garrulous. In contrast, the Japanese come across as more quiet, taciturn, and reserved. However, after Americans have acquired some experience dealing with both groups for a couple years, a funny starts to happen. Americans start to overwhelming favor the Japanese over the Chinese.

The reason, he explained, is that the Japanese are much more likely to keep their word and form stable relationships. On the other hand, dissimilation is so widespread in Chinese culture that the Chinese have no word for "lie" that carries the same moral repugnance as in Western societies.

While living in New York City, I had an interesting comparative ethno-racial experience in one evening that made me feel like I had been put through a two hundred year American history time machine.

First I attended a Mensa meeting in the early afternoon where most of the attendees happened to be Jews. They were from all walks of life. The purpose was purely social and informal. No specific agenda. The conversations quickly got on current events, with a slant towards intrigue and paranoid threats towards Jews. The Jews were verbally aggressive, often witty and funny. Sometimes they are really very good at gearing down and relating to people, schmoozing with them on their emotional and intellectual level. Sometimes they are also rude, pedestrian, and "in your face." They are usually talkative and sometimes contentious, in fact, there is a joke in New York that whenever you get two Jews together, you get three opinions. I could get on a topic involving intrigue and have no problems finding someone to talk to for endless hours.

When the meeting was over, I walked a few Mid-town Manhattan blocks over to group that functioned as an informal Norwegian social club with no specific agenda. There were people there from all walks of life, to include Norwegian nationals working in America, Norwegian Americans who have lived in America all their lives, and even a couple of Jews who did business with Norwegian exporters — but they remained in the background and did not set the tone of the meeting.

What really struck me about this meeting is that compared to the earlier meeting with Jews, I felt like I was at the Queen of England's Tea Party. An Icelander was not kidding when he referred to his fellow Nordics as "an aristocratic people with egalitarian tendencies." People were much more reserved, much more attuned to protocols and politeness. Just like Townsend's analogy regarding the reserved behavior of the Japanese. And the people were not trying to be reserved and aloof. This is just the way they naturally are. Just like the British.

That reminds me of a World War II joke where a Norwegian and English pilot are sipping scotch at a RAF bar when they suddenly the sound of an incoming buzz bomb. The English pilot dives under a table as the whole building shakes with the explosion. After the smoke clears, the English officer gets off the floor and brushes himself off. He notices the Norwegian officer still standing at the bar, calmly sipping his scotch. Not to be one-upped, the English officer blurts out, "I say, old boy, too scared to move?"

Speaking of ethnic anecdotes, I once read in the Jewish Press an amusing story titled "Too Much Yeast." It said that some Jews do not like to go to Israel on vacation, because at the hotels they find that Jewish attendants are pushy and rude in ways that get on their nerves. This article, obviously written by a Jew, suggested that the Jewish presence in a host population should be kept below a certain percentage, such as, say, 3%, or else Jewish behavior becomes too visible and obnoxious, just like adding too much yeast to flour in making bread.

I have mentioned elsewhere in this series that the Nordic peoples include not only the Scandinavians, but also the English, Scottish, Dutch, northern Germans, northern French, parts of Ireland, and pockets elsewhere in Europe. Up until the 1840's, America was overwhelmingly White Anglo-Saxon Protestant-Nordic. The Norway Times likes to run articles such as "George Washington Was One of Us!" drawing attention to the fact his ancestors came from the York area, heavily settled by Norwegian Vikings. Although Thomas Jefferson was part Celtic, he was to a large extent another "Mr. Nordic America" just like George Washington. In many ways Jefferson exuded the "Athenian" or "Cavalier" side of the Nordic character, whereas George Washington was more on the "Spartan" or "Puritan" side. When one travels to Virginia and drops by Monticello or Mount Vernon, one easily can sense the "aristocratic" side of the Icelander's description of the "aristocratic people with egalitarian tendencies."

The Nordic and Celtic peoples have a lot of interesting anomalies and paradoxes to their own indigenous racial character much like the Jews. In regard to their traits such as prizing individualism, honor, and chivalry they are extremely different, if not almost the exact opposite. I clearly believe that their traits are much more conducive towards the mutualist behavior I described at the beginning of this article. Not surprisingly, since they are the ones who invented chivalrous free enterprise competition and republican government, they seem to be the best at maintaining it.

Many Jewish people are nice enough as individuals, but the fundamental problem with their world, which is so geared towards money, secrecy, and intrigue is that very sick people can flourish and rise to the top. On his talk show, Daryl Bradford Smith and Rev Ted Pike talked about how when you look under the hood at Zionist leaders, you see "a terrible sickness."

In contrast, the evolutionary history of northern European societies has been more man vs. nature, much more decentralized and libertarian, and with a strong technological flavor. It was always possible in northern European society to become highly successful without the emphasis on the relentless intrigue and money manipulation. In addition, out on the farm and in the fishing villages in places like Norway, Poland, Scotland, Britain, Ireland, or Germany, the perverts, sickies, and criminals tend to stand out like a sore thumb, whereas they tend to blend in much better in the big cities where they can even find certain synagogues that might welcome them and their ill-gotten riches with open arms.

Lastly, in making my analogy, I do not mean to imply that the Chinese and the Jews are exactly alike any more than Nordics are exactly like the Japanese. For starters, Chinese have historically tended to keep to themselves rather than infiltrate societies under false pretenses. The Japanese are relatively more authoritarian and collectivistic than Nordics.

The Jewish aggression question

While it is true that when it comes to business the Jews are pretty smart, it is also important to note that they are not that smart. They are not all geniuses, as even IQ tests prove.

I do not believe that Jews have enough innate talent to accumulate the level of wealth and power they wield in America today base purely on smarts and honest hard work alone. In fact, there is very strong historical evidence, to include confessions by Jews themselves, that they have received the critical "push" they need to achieve dominance from nefarious sources. For example, elite families such as the Rothschilds used their underworld ties and dishonest practices to crack European central banks, and ultimately create the U.S. central bank. Once they got their hands on the ability virtually print money for themselves, they cleverly spread it among their fellow tribesmen to launder it into businesses around the country. This terrible power of the purse, created by fraud rather than the kind of innovative hard work shown by a Ford or Edison, has given the Jews massive financial "air superiority" over every other racial and ethnic group in America. It has enabled them to grab the U.S. government by the hairs of it head. However, from a purely moral perspective, it has no more legitimacy than pirate treasure.

The short term payoffs of Jewish homosexuality for intelligence operations

The word "perversion" comes from Latin which means "turning away." Kevin Strom gave an excellent talk titled "Perversion of the Sacred" which explains why homosexuality involves "turning away" from true romantic, heterosexual love and procreation.

Homosexuality entails a perversion of normal heterosexual intercourse. It deflects people from having children and assuming the responsibilities of raising a family. If too many people engage in it, their own tribal group will die out on a biological level. Aggressive homosexuals are obviously not particularly bothered by the smell of a situation where they are promoting something that encourages the genetic death of their own tribe or race. That same set of nostrils is probably not offended at the perversity of the intelligence operations game as well. In fact, it may thrive on the stench.

For people involved in intelligence operations, I believe that it probably helps to have a fractured personality and also to be a bit bisexual or gay.

Traditionally, homosexuals are used to living double lives. While it is true that homosexuality is partly genetic (Bailey and Pillard (1991) claim it is about 50% genetic), and furthermore many homosexuals cannot help themselves about the way they feel, it is also true that a significant proportion of homosexuals are secretly at war with the mores of the overall society. They become practiced at keeping a poker face as they bluff their way amidst the general population, which constitutes a potential enemy. In addition, an effeminate approach to life by gay men helps them attune themselves to indirect methods for handling problems rather than bold, open solutions.

This is perfect mental training for spooks. CIA agents habitually lie about who they are. An interesting component of intelligence operations training detailed in books like By Way of Deception and The O.S.S. and I are situational tests where trainees have to quickly think on their feet to develop alibis, cover stories, and new aliases.

Also, the espionage world involves recruiting and co-opting people through blackmail, intimidation, and bribes. It probably helps to engage in homosexual sex with potential sources of human intelligence and take hidden photos as one means to compromise and coopt them. If nothing else, a person who already lives in a psychological underworld as his homosexual way of life finds it much easier to pull others down to that level through blackmail and extortion.

The short term payoffs of Jewish criminality for intelligence operations

Criminality and espionage operations can be mutually reinforcing. The following are some examples of how they are interrelated.

On pages 154-155 of Final Judgment, Michael Collins Piper quotes Professor Alfred McCoy (The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, p. 14), who summarized the links of the CIA and organized crime around the world:

Since prohibition of narcotics in the 1920s, alliances between drug brokers and intelligence agencies have protected the global narcotics traffic. Given the frequency of such alliances, there seems a natural attraction between intelligence agencies and criminal syndicates . . Both are practitioners of what one retired CIA operative has called the 'clandestine arts'—the basic skill of operating outside the normal channels of civil society. Among all the institutions of modern society, intelligence agencies and criminal syndicates alone maintain large organizations capable of carrying out covert operations without fear of detection.

As suggested in this quotation, successful criminals typically deal in secrecy and learn how to evade state authorities. This can include adopting disguises and stealing the identities of other people. Since police detectives typically trace motives to catch criminals, successful criminals often find patsies to deflect suspicion and take the fall for them. Lastly, criminals often need to create legitimate organizations to fence stolen goods and launder money.

Similarly, spies often rely on cover stories and false identity documents. Well-funded players also create front organizations to leak disinformation into media, create "limited hang out" stories, and smear truth tellers. Andreas Von Bulow, former Head of the Parliamentary Commission of the German Secret Service, stated, "95% of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation." (p. 8, New World Order Exposed by Victor Thorn).

An interesting book that outlined Soviet agents of influence techniques is Dezinformatsia: Active Measures in Soviet Strategies by Richard Shultz. Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment has some excellent coverage of American national media cover-ups of the JFK assassination. Victor Ostrowsky's By Way of Deception describes the Mossad's permanent disinformation office that routinely devises false flags and other cover stories for all major operations.

Even the U.S. military frequently embraces deception. I recollect during a field grade staff planning course once hearing about some academic study that determined that whenever a decoy operation is combined with a military offensive plan, all other things being held equal, the odds of success improve by at least 60%.

Successful criminals often learn how to covertly network with other criminals. For example, it is much easier to commit a crime such as murder by having a surrogate commit the crime who does not have a traceable personal motive. Because they must deal in secrecy and carefully control their operations, the leadership structure of criminal organizations is typically highly authoritarian and oligarchical.

Similarly, intelligence operatives routinely use drop points to make it difficult to trace contact between spies and their case officers. State-sponsored espionage operations are typically directed in a highly authoritarian manner, with special attention paid to controlling and compartmentalizing the flow of information.

Relating all of this back to Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology

As mentioned, an important root of anti-Semitism is the way in which a tinge of duplicity, criminality, and perversion frequently sours Jewish behavior. Given their secretive style, it is almost impossible for them to keep criminality at bay and prevent their worst people from rising to the top.

Complicating the picture even further is the fact that governments around the world spend untold hundreds of billions of dollars for intelligence operations services. There is a strong international market for covert skills. In addition, there have been numerous cases in history where governments get into serious trouble and they need people to cleverly manipulate their currencies or collect taxes in time of war. Not long after they have excoriated the Jews, many governments have invited them back to do their dirty work for them.

I am reminded to the song by Cher "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves," where towns people would righteously condemn gypsies, but then "...every night all the men would come around and lay their money down."

Stalin liked to use Jews to run communist tyrannies in Eastern Europe, because he knew that he could count on them be coldly manipulative, vicious, and thorough. In the Middle Ages, various kingdoms throughout Europe used Jews for tax collectors, because the rulers knew they could count on the Jews to be more relentless and coldly manipulative with numbers and verbiage than Christians.

As a further example, Edward I expelled Jews from England in 1290. Then in the mid 17th century, Oliver Cromwell allowed Jews back into England. He had drawn on the lending services of Jews in the Netherlands to help finance the Parliamentary side of the English Civil War. As a Puritan, he suffered from a delusion that Jews are some kind of holy people of the Old Testament.

According to one source, Jews helped finance both sides of the English Civil War in hopes that at least one of their bets would pay off. Then after they re-entered England with the blessing of Oliver Cromwell, they discovered that many Royalist and Cavalier aristocrats who had been Cromwell's enemies were totally impoverished. They offered capital in return for opportunities to intermarry and ultimately gain titles of nobility in order to deeply embed themselves within England's ruling elite. This gave them a social base from which they could later help create and control England's central bank, which in turn gave them an important base to later spring over to America and create America's central bank.

An unvirtuous circle

Perhaps by now the reader begins to sense how all the different parts of the Jewish character can reinforce each other on a broader sociological level. We might see how it helps the street slick urban mediator and punk opportunist from the ghetto to have a slightly fractured personality to keep multiple mental sets of books in order to function as a professional minority for over two thousand years. (I discuss the fractured liberal minority coalition politics game in some detail in my environmental vs. genetics discussion). We might see how these traits reinforce being a bit gay, devious, or inclined to operate as mafiosa with an innate talent for exploiting morally ambiguous business niches in society. This in turn reinforces a superior intelligence operations capability, which in turn reinforces an opportunistic, transactional, monopolistic, and covert business operations style that can quickly access enough wealth to buy off key people in host populations. Using a biological analogy, this viral capability to penetrate the nucleus of the host cell is important to keep the game going both on a high political level and also on a broad sociological basis. I could go on in much greater detail, but hopefully now the reader can get a better intuitive feel for how the various jig saw pieces of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology logically tie together.

The fundamental problem for America is that Jews have become very adapted to living on the edges of toxic race-mixed, urban environments they have thrived in over the last 2,500 years. Unfortunately, that success has come at a terrible price. The toxicity that they have survived has also become imprinted within their culture and gene pool. They have a tendency to act as a reverse template. That is, spread "edge characteristics" and toxicity wherever they go, even where it does not previously exist.

One reason why the so-called "Jewish problem" is so difficult to deal with is that in the short run, the intelligence operations game can be extremely effective for seizing control of the wealth and other strategic bases of a society. Paradoxically, in the long run, these methods generate cynicism, corruption, and paranoia that can ultimately degrade the innovativeness, productivity, and cohesion of the targeted society. Nevertheless, Jews tend to continually play the intelligence operations game with robotic efficiency and persistency until something powerful enough finally puts them in check, as if while striving to gain the whole world, they could care less that they have already lost their own soul.

Jews remind me of the old story about how one can supposedly catch a monkey with an old-fashioned glass milk bottle chained to a tree. Simply put a banana inside the glass bottle, and wait for a monkey to reach inside and grab it. The problem for the monkey is that the narrow neck of the glass bottle prevents him from pulling out the banana while he is holding it. Many monkeys are supposedly so greedy that they refuse to let go of the banana even as a human walks up to them. And that is how they get caught and get thrown into cages.

Similarly, because the intelligence operations approach to life can be so extremely effective in the short run as a short-cut to wealth and power, Jews just cannot give it up despite all the long term negative repercussions on the back end. As a quasi-racial group, they are addicted to intrigue. Everything, and I mean everything — to include political ideology, morality, and religion — is just a schmiel or "put on" that can be manipulated at will to gain a tactical advantage.

Incidentally, the United States Government itself has a problem similar to the Jews in terms of the untold hundreds of billions of dollars it invests in covert CIA operations in Third World countries, despite all the negative blow-back its meddling often generates. See Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins to better understand how this also serves the short term interests of major "American" money center banks as well as professional political families such as the Bush's who are experts at gaming the governmental system (for example, see George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin).

Another reason why the "Jewish problem" is so messy is that there is in fact a genetic as well as a cultural component behind their behavior. The intelligence operations game has been going on for so long that the mental traits which support it have become firmly embedded in their gene pool. This is why many Jews feel so totally paranoid about dealing with it. They are afraid that if the cat comes out of the bag regarding genetic realities, they will get thrown back into concentration camps. Genetic problems are much harder to accommodate than cultural problems. Ironically, the more they stonewall, the more they build social pressures against humane and compassionate options that involve negotiated power sharing as opposed to open, embittered, unconditional ethno-racial warfare.

The genetic component is important for another reason besides explaining extreme Jewish defensive paranoia. It implies that much of Jewish behavior that undermines white America is a semi-conscious tropism. In other words, it comprises an instinctive, subconscious tendency. Like Dr. Morbius when he arouses the Id monster in his sleep, Jews are not always consciously aware of the nature and impact of their toxic behavior on gentiles. They are forever writing books about anti-Semitism (to include the Jewish writers who dominate entries on related topics), and they always seem to cover everything in great detail except the most important and obvious problems. They act convinced that all anti-Semities are simply inadequate white trash people dripping with envy towards the Jews on account of allegedly well-earned Jewish success.

Dealing with the Jews can be like dealing with someone you may like as a person, but they have terrible drinking problem. The alcoholic hates you when stop him from chugging the booze, but hates you even more if you don't intervene to prevent him from drinking himself to death.

I am reminded of Steven Spielberg's excellent film A Soldier's Story, where the real villain in a mystery involving a murdered black sergeant is not a suspected white redneck, but a self-hating black. While living in New York City, I discovered that some of the biggest anti-Semites in America are the Jews themselves. The attitude of many Jews that they must hide their modus operandi from the prying eyes of gentiles is in itself an anti-semitic admission that they feel they have negative characteristics that cannot survive the spotlight of truth. Screaming "Anti-Semite!" at honest critics of Jews is itself an anti-Semitic expression of paranoid Jewish self-loathing. After all, how many whites go around accusing nonwhites of "ugly anti-gentilism"? We smile at the idea, because the idea of white people aggressively ferreting out "anti-gentilism" with "hate crime" initiatives sounds paranoid, Orwellian, vicious, and even childish. Why be so defensive if one has nothing to hide? Despite all of this, whites tolerate this exact same obnoxious behavior on the part of well-funded Jewish groups such as AIPAC with close ties to Congressmen, the Southern Poverty Law Center with its conduits to leftist extremists, and the ADL with its sinister connections to American law enforcement personnel.

And of course, as Wilmot Robertson points out in The Dispossessed Majority, Jews who pose as America's biggest anti-racists are in fact the biggest racists of all. For example, Jews who demand open borders and promote white race-mixing in America simultaneously support extreme Jewish racial exclusivity in Israel. To add another layer of irony, the Arabs who populate Middle Eastern countries are actually more semitic than the Ashkenazi Jews who run Israel. Yet these Ashkenazis savagely persecute the Arabs. Therefore the nastiest anti-semites in the world are in fact Jews.

This is the way it often works with Jews — everything frequently has a crooked, ironic, or hypocritical twist.

Even my own use of the term "intelligence operations" carries with it ironies, caveats and reservations. "Intelligence operations" carries with it a connotation of formalized, rationally-directed, conscious operations management. That conceptualization carries within it my own bias towards trying to reconstruct the world in rationalistic, technological terms, consistent with my own racial-ethnic background. The term "intelligence operations" can also reflect a militarized worldview, and frankly I do have a military background as well. But since the Jewish people are a distinctive biological as well as cultural phenomenon, whose nervous systems and emotionality reflect evolutionary logic rather operations management logic, I am guilty of projection if I try to push the intelligence operations analogy too far.

How do you "quantify" a nagging Jewish mother? How do define the "logic structure" of a street slick, "hipsy pipsy lots of pep!" sales approach, or a mousy-voiced effete double-talker like the former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, or a Yiddish-accented gangster who slits a detective's nose with a switchblade in the film noire Chinatown, or a brash little squirt like Pee Wee Herman? The possible characterizations are multi-faceted and nearly endless, but suffice to say, it is hard to capture a sociological phenemonon in an organizational diagram or "order of battle" schemata. (Incidentally, last time I checked, an "Is he or isn't he?" Jewish web site is tracking 75% votes that Pee Wee Herman is Jewish).

Many Jews hate us when we publicly expose their modus operandi, but they hate us even more when we stand around like a bunch of little wide-eyed, naive, Little Annie Fannies and do nothing to stop them from fouling the social environment and ultimately destroying themselves. Gentiles who do nothing but suck up to Jews are not real friends, as Israel Shamir points out in "Friends True and False."

Last but not least, gentiles must not openly identify the deceptive behavior of Jews, but they should also define their own standards of honor in order to avoid becoming subconsciously infected with Jewish criminal values. Furthermore, they have to realize that in the long run, appeasing Jewish sickness and criminality only makes the problem worse. While it is true that increasing levels of power can corrupt any racial or ethnic group, I think that Jews are more that way than any other group because their culture is so heavily geared towards opportunistic exploitation and adversarial use of deception. Because they define themselves in terms of their hosts, they are less self-restrained once a host fails to restrain them. They almost remind me of mobile tank warfare tactics where reserve echalons immediate vector in to exploit and expand breaches in the enemy line the minute they develop.

Like the character played by Gary Cooper in the movie High Noon, whites must understand that in the long run, there is no place to run or hide. As the Jewish writer Dr. Henry Makow put it in the title of his article, "We're All Anti-Semites Now," we become "anti-Semities" whenever we do anything that Jews don't like, to include standing up to Jewish criminality.

You have to figure out a way to take a stand. Whenever they breach our lines, you have to send in the mobile reserves fast. Don't let them flak-suppress you with their barrages of "anti-Semite!" accusations and their eternal whining about their "victimhood."

Using a different analogy, whites who fail to resist can become like individuals who get hypothermia in a very cold environment. At some point a person stops shivering and instead begins to feel pleasantly warm all over. This means the core temperature of the brain has dropped into the death zone. The person with that glazed look in his eyes who feels warm all over must recognize this as a terrible danger sign and must immediately find real warmth and get his core temperature back up. If he fails to do so, he may have less than an hour to live.

Similarly, when all anti-Semites have been driven underground, that is, when gentiles openly embrace Jewish "wise guy" values, Jewish criminals become totally respectable, and when all criticism towards Jews is totally suppressed, this is a terrible social danger sign much like hypothermia for individuals. The Pied Piper has been dunked in the lake, and the rodents rule the town. Loki has broken his bindings and is mustering the monsters of Ragnarok.

The 20th century was essentially the Jewish century for America, in which Jewish values and priorities set the tone for our country. Through the negligence of gentile leadership, our society has become deeply infected with standards that promote hype and immediate gratification rather than substance. Americans feel very complacent and comfortable as all the deteriorative factors outlined in my Critical Issues section are literally screaming "Red Alert!" America has become a high fraud, high greed, high self-deception society headed towards major economic collapse and major social dislocation.

Thomas Jefferson and convicted Jewish stock swindler Mike Milken do not mix any better than Thor and Loki. An approach to life that stresses scientific honesty, decentralization, and interpersonal chivalry on the one hand, and an approach to life that emphasizes intrigue and vicious monopolization on the other hand, have severe problems coexisting side by side. One will eventually squeeze the other out, or be forced to fight the other for its very existence.

I believe unequivocally that the Thomas Jefferson approach must gain the upper hand. In fact, it is non-negotiable. I do not see how any American who has pledged to protect and defend the Constitution can feel otherwise.

This then, is my own personal understanding of the complexities of the so-called "Jewish problem" here in America that is the topic of many titles carried by America First Books.

Parasite animal models

Various animal species employ very sophisticated parasitic modus operandi. Obviously most humans are not "hardwired" towards criminality or "parasitism." However, humans often mimic animals in many ways. As a very simple example, a human wearing body armor into battle imitates the genetically "hardwired" shell characteristics of a crustacean or the bony forehead of a rhinoceros. Looking at species which have become completely "hardwired" towards parasitism can give us some important clues about traits to look for in sizing up human criminal groups, even if most forms of human criminality involve componants of learning.

One interesting example involves the Death's Head Moth. It routinely invades bee hives and sucks out the honey. This is an amazing feat, given that the moth is several times larger than the average bee, and furthermore given that bees normally converge on any invader and sting it to death. However, this moth has evolved to give off a scent that make the bees think that it is another bee.

Due to some evolutionary quirk, bees are very poor at judging an alien by size, but are extremely good at judging it by smell. Hence, as long as the moth can continue to secrete this special hormone, it can merrily suck honey out of the combs as dozens of wiggling, busy bees are literally scrunched up around the moth inside the hive.

Unfortunately for the moth his supply of scent is limited. He must make sure not to become so absorbed in sucking honey that he fails to leave the hive before his scent is used up. If he tarries too long, the bees suddenly recognize an invader in their midst, and immediately turn into the moth and sting him to death.

In his classic work The Biological Jew, author Eustace Mullins refers to the work Parasitic Animals by Geoffrey LaPage (Cambridge University Press, 1951):

LaPage points out that every animal, whatever its mode of life, is gradually altered by the slow processes of evolution. He says that the parasite, far from being an exception to this rule, actually exemplifies it.

It develops teeth with which to rasp the tissues of the host, sucking apparatuses to suck its juices, coagulants to hold onto the host body. The remarkable cunning with which some kinds of bloodsucking bats stalk their victims and steal their blood must also be reckoned among the modifications which their temporarily parasitic habits have produced. Species of Desmodus attack cattle, horses and other animals, including man and poultry, when they are asleep at night. They watch their victims carefully, and, when they are asleep, they walk or sidle up to them and scoop out a piece of flesh so delicately that the sleeping animal often is not aware of the bite until the bleeding is discovered in the morning."


Another fascinating parasite example involves the South American fire ant described in "An Amazing Parallel" taken from Best of Attack! Revolutionary of the National Alliance. The article refers to an 11 June 1965 Time Magazine article titled "Subversion Among the Ants" about a tiny, but troublesome fire ant native to South America that was making inroads into the southern U.S.

According to the report, scientists noted that in South America the fire ants were much less a problem for farmers than in the United States. Some unknown malady seemed to have robbed them of their natural fierceness, aggressiveness, and industriousness; in other words, the fire-ant "civilization" in South America had become terminally decadent.

When the scientists investigated further they traced the source of the fire-ant decadence to a social parasite — "another species of ants that live without concealment in the fortresses of the fierce fire ants and, by some mysterious influence, make their hosts support them in idle luxury."

And what is this "mysterious influence," this fire-ant liberalism, which blunts their xenophobic instinct and makes them tolerate the alien parasites in their midst? The scientists don't know, but they say it is transmitted from the parasites to the hard-working fire ants by a fluttering of the parasites' antennae, "apparently conveying a compelling message that makes the worker feed the parasites..."

Shades of Jewish television! So the ant-parasites do it with antennae too! But the message the media masters convey to us through out TV antennae compels us to do far more than feed their bloodsucking tribe. It robs us of memory of the past and concern for the future. It perverts all healthy instincts. It turns racial pride into racial guilt. It undermines racial solidarity and gives us in its place self-hatred. It makes us abandon our own natural interests and serve instead the interests of alien parasites and all the racial dregs of the globe.
Well, from the source, you probably guessed in advance it would take a swipe at America's controlled national media. Again, I do not believe that all Jews are bad people. In fact, in many ways good Jews are also being victimized by criminals at the top. And no doubt many American Indians and Iraqis can level complaints about American cultural domination that are not dissimilar to white complaints about Jewish supremacists. By the same token I see no reason to take the spotlight off the controlled media, particularly when it has served as a cheerleader and/or apologist rather than as a watchdog regarding American aggression in the Middle East and other extremely dangerous trends I mention in my Critical Issues section.

The slogan "silence is consent" that Jewish activists use regarding gentile acquiescence towards Nazi abuse of Jews also works the other way around in regard to gentile acquiescence to Zionist aggression towards Palestinians and Lebanese and their destruction of traditional American values.

I think that all of us, Jews and gentiles alike, have a public duty to work much harder at the grass roots level to reign in our criminal leaders and crazy people.

Summary comments

While it is easy to spot low level crime, such as petty theft and murder, it is much harder for citizens to identify high level criminal activity. This is especially true in situations where criminals control national media, and can spin doctor crooked policies to make them appear honorable.

Accurately identifying high level criminality often requires pattern recognition skills. A person may need to look at such variables as the degree to which the criminal behavior undermines mutualist principles, the social stresses required to produce the destructive behavior, and the viral persistency the criminal behavior in the face of efforts to correct it.

The degree to which society lets its guard down against high level criminal infiltration is usually referred to as decadence. It is usually inversely related to the degree of high level criminal infestation in a society. Often this infestation does not take place over night, but rather builds up progressively over time. I think that we can create a phase progression spectrum model similar to the cultural conflict model addressed in the prior environmental vs. genetic section.
a) Soft "pre-parasitism:" weakness, negligence, ineptitude (implies naivety, ignorance, laziness)
b) Acute decadence, social destructiveness shows conscious motives, persistency
c) Chronic, institutionalized decadence (implies infestation)
d) Cancerous, institutionalized decadence, possibly including inbred malevolence
e) Hard "parasitism." Inbred, permanent pattern of consistent destructiveness to hosts, as exemplified by the Thugs.

In his book Why Civilizations Self-Destruct, Dr. Pendell claims that civilizations tend to collapse when the ratio of nonproductive people becomes too large relative to productive people, that the society sags under the weight of massive incompetence.

While I believe that Dr. Pendell identified a valid long term genetic explanation for permanent decline, I think that his analysis fails to include an important short term variable that greatly accelerates social decadence. I call this variable "virally persistent parasitism." It denotes dark forces that operate like an "enemy within" that consciously, deliberately, systematically, and consistently block all major efforts used by men of goodwill in a society to rationally sort out and resolve a society's social problems and put it back on a mutualist course.

In this article I explain why I believe 19th century classical liberal principles were based on sound mutualist principles. Unfortunately, America's ruling elites have been cynically running roughshod over the classical liberal principles upon which America was founded ever since 1861. Their criminal infestation has only accelerated as we move closer to our present era. In addition to suffering from the disease of progressive Federal centralization (the less polite term is "tyranny"), which was primarily initiated under the Abraham Lincoln dictatorship, we have also been cursed with increasingly virulent strains of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology.

By the mid-19th century, America had such a large European population, and such a vast infrastructure of universities, manufacturing, and free enterprise businesses, that it had over a century of "ruin" left in it despite the increasingly criminal nature of its top leadership. For over a century, scientific, technological, and economic progress was able to continue along a strong upward path while most American institutions remained on "cruise control" despite the rotting social and political order at the highest levels. However, we can see from the economic data cited in my Critical Issues section , that America was beginning to show serious signs of slippage in its international competitiveness by the early 1970's. At that time, real wages for the average American worker began to stagnate.

I believe that America's problems run extremely deep. It may seem formidable to address them, but making no effort is even worse, because it risks a continued slide towards oblivion. A wide variety of approaches on many different levels of society will be required for positive action. This may ultimately require some radical solutions, entailing not only decentralization of government, but also the political restructuring of America into separate countries. In the best case scenario, the necessary changes can be accomplished in a fairly rational and peaceful manner.

The broad mass of citizenry will not only need to better educate itself regarding the real causes of America's decadence, but its business and political elites will have to show greater loyalty towards ordinary citizens. They will need to show greater courage and unity in combating parasitic elitist enemies who have done tremendous damage from the top down. This will ultimately require developing greater ethnic, racial, and cultural ties to promote loyalty in addition to achieving greater intellectual clarity about America's real enemies. I have already addressed the importance of genetic interests towards preserving loyalty in my environmental vs. genetic section, and will revisit this as well as ethnic and cultural factors in the libertarian racial nationalist (genetic bottom up) section of my American history discussion, where I focus upon the popular sovereignty concept.

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Additional References

2010-04-10 Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College. See also interesting commentary by Dr. Sabrosky in "Israel Did 9-11" - U.S. Military Expert Supports Bollyn Thesis."


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