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by William B. Fox
Friday 4 April 2007
Last updated 6 May 2022

All sales are final.

In regard to a returns policy, since ebooks are electronic entities that can be immediately created and deleted, "returning" an ebook is not applicable.

With our order process, simply click through the shopping cart instructions to the last page after you have made your payment. Each shopping cart page is designated in sequence as "Delivery Information," "Payment Information," "Confirmation," and finally "Finished!" The download button is located on the "Finished!" page.

Unlike other ebook vendors, you do not need an email from us to complete the download. On the "Finished!" page, please simply double click on the download button that should appear below the title(s) of the ebook(s) that you have ordered.

If for some reason you do not see this download button, please contact us immediately. We can provide you with alternative download links or even send the ebooks by email attachments.

Please refer to our contact section. Please do not hesitate to email or call us right away to inform us regarding any problems.

Account Creation

We request that our clients provide account information such as personal details, address, and contact information in order to reduce credit card fraud.

Instead of making all your downloads at once, you have the option of exiting the store and returning later to access your download account with your password to complete downloading later.

Credit card payments

If you pay by credit card, please expect a charge to appear on your statement from "America First Books."

You will need to enter online the following credit card information: your credit card number, expiration date, and the CVV number on the back of your card.


Once your payment clears, you will automatically receive an order process confirmation by email from However, you do not need to wait for this email in order to download, since the download button appears on the last page that appears with the shopping cart.

Repeated Downloads

If you quit the shopping cart or the America First Books web site entirely and have remaining downloads, you continue downloading at a future date by returning to your account. Simply go to the Catalog page, and on the right hand side log back in as a returning customer by entering your email address and password (or else if you forgot your password, have it mailed to you by entering your email address where requested by the account log in section).

Detailed instructions about how to manage your download on your hard drive and pull it up for viewing are provided in our eBook Guide section.

Privacy Policy

In May 2022 we added Amazon Payments as a payment option. Our privacy policy is aligned with the Amazon Payments, Inc. Customer Agreement, which states in Section 7 titled "Privacy and Confidentiality" the following (in regard to the merchant, which is America First Books).:

7.1 Limits on Your Use of Information. In connection with the Service, you agree not to ask for or require any user to provide any Card, bank account, or other information related to a payment method. To facilitate the transactions between our users, you may have access to certain personal information, including without limitation names of customers or recipients, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, shipping addresses and other personally identifiable information of users (collectively, "Personal Information"). You will not, and will cause your affiliates not to, directly or indirectly: (a) use any Personal Information in any way inconsistent with your privacy policy or applicable law, (b) contact a person that has ordered your goods or services to influence the person to use an alternative payment method for a transaction that has been submitted through the Service, (c) disparage us, our Affiliates, or any of their or our respective products or services, (d) use any Personal Information in connection with any telemarketing (or similar) campaign, or (e) target communications of any kind on the basis of the intended recipient being a user of our Service or customer of ours or our Affiliates. Subject to the foregoing, you may disclose and use Personal Information as necessary to complete the transaction, to provide customer service and for marketing purposes, provided that you post and maintain a privacy policy outlining your handling and use of Personal Information that complies with applicable law, and you provide customers the opportunity to opt-out or opt-in (as required by applicable law) of receiving any marketing communications (whether by you or any third party other than us and our Affiliates). You may disclose Personal Information to a third party only if you do not identify any user (or group of users) as a user of the Service or customer of ours or our affiliates and you ensure that every recipient uses the information only for the purposes for which it was disclosed and complies with the restrictions applicable to you related to that information (including without limitation under this Agreement and your privacy policy). You are liable to us for any misuse or breach of such restrictions by such recipient. The terms of this Section 7.1 do not prevent you from using information that you collect independently from the Service or information that you acquire without reference to Personal Information for any purpose, even if such information is identical to Personal Information; provided that, you may not target communications of any kind on the basis of the intended recipient being a user of our Service or customer of ours or our Affiliates.

7.2 Confidential Information. You may receive information relating to us or our Affiliates or to the Service that is not known to the general public ("Confidential Information"). You agree that: (a) all Confidential Information will remain our exclusive property, (b) you will use Confidential Information only as is reasonably necessary for your participation in the Service, and (c) you will not otherwise disclose Confidential Information to any other person.

In short, if you select to pay through Amazon, your credit card information used in the transaction remains on an Amazon server and not on one of our servers.

Donation ebooks

We seek donations to assist in building our web site commentary and selection of insightful and controversial offerings. If you want to donate a substantial amount of money, one method is to make repetitive purchases of our highest priced ebooks. Another method is to send a check payable to America First Books at the information in the contact section.

In regard to books marked as "donation ebooks," all funds go to America First Books unless otherwise specified regarding a participating author.

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