An emigrant family

by William B. Fox
America First Book

The Usefulness of Our eBooks and Essays
The Urgency and Appropriateness of Our Cause

Section I

Our Usefulness

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In addition to carrying many different types of titles designed to appeal to a general audience, we also feature radical traditional American conservative authors on the home page and explore highy controversial issues in the essays highlighted on the web page toolbars. As an example, we feature the works of Michael Collins Piper who argues in Final Judgment that the Mossad, CIA, and organized crime were behind the JFK assassination. In my toolbar essay series "Resolving Opposing Ideological Viewpoints" I show how all the various political, economic and religious ideologies relate to each. In the "Critical Issues" essay I explore major tends which contribute towards the horrible mess that America finds itself in today.

At root, we provide tools that help readers rationally think their own way through very serious problems. We start at the macro level and work down to the local and personal level. We offer a unique approach that boldly confronts reality.

On an informational level alone, most Americans suffer from a triple whammy:

a) Ignorance. They have been kept in the dark by special interests
b) Disinformation. They have been consciously lied to by special interests
c) Fear-conditioning. They have been systemmatically conditioned by special interests to turn away from public dialog and analysis that expose truth. Two prime examples consist of the labels "racism" and "anti-Semitism." National media have conditioned Americans with the threat of using these terms as smear labels to thwart them from openly and honestly addressing issues that involve white racial survival and Jewish malfeasance.

For the remainder of this section, I will address some questions and concerns that typically arise in dealing with these types of problems:

I have bills to pay and food to put on the table. What is this going to do for me and my family?

What you don't know can hurt you, both in terms of real costs and opportunity costs. We deal with many issues and timeless forms of analysis not covered by consolidated mainstream media, as should be evident from the Critical Issues, Resolving Opposing Ideologies, and History Reinterpreted sections.

It is often vitally important to identify trends and understand their true character and nature. Let me provide an excellent example involving gold and the stock market that I happen to know something about.

Back in 1997, gold prices dropped to a twenty year low. Most financial newsletter writers and Wall Street analysts thought historical trading support levels and market demand over supply fundamentals would definitely cause gold to rebound immediately.

Gold did not rebound from its twenty year low. In fact, it did the exact opposite. It steadily declined to a fifty year low. This, despite the fact that all the supply and demand fundamentals absolutely screamed for a strong recovery in the gold price.

On July 20, 1999 gold reached its ultimate London PM fix low of $252.80. At this level, the price threatened to put half the junior gold mining industry out of business. The price had become viciously low.

Most investors had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. Now I think we have a very good idea what happened.

Most investors did not understand the pattern of coordinated central bank dumping documented by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). They did not understand the Blanchard & Co. $2 billion suit against Barrick and JP Morgan Chase charging market manipulation (cf. the Jay Taylor interview with Blanchard CEO Don Doyle also my further discussion in my $1,000 gold article). They did not understand how this fit in with Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin's "strong dollar" policy, where he used the 1930's era Exchange Stabilization Fund and other resources of the U.S. Treasury to artificially drive up the value of the dollar in international markets in order to support gold price suppression. (cf. John Embry's "Move Over Adam Smith" commentary on market manipulation). Most investors did not understand how all of this may have been a replay of the London gold pool episode of the 1960's. They did not understand how artificially maintaining a "feel good" environment in U.S. capital markets might prepare America for Middle Eastern military interventions that have been planned by Jewish neo-conservatives since at least the mid-1990's (cf. The High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper).

In other words, in order to successfully predict this persistently nasty and artificial trend, one had to understand the manipulative character of the Fed, Treasury, and allied banks. One required deep background on the character and motives of America's real ruling elites. Part of this involved understanding patterns of Federal Reserve Bank manipulation going back to its founding in 1913, as outlined by G. Edward Griffin in his excellent book The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Yes, there is a bigger picture out there. Different pieces of jigsaw puzzles can start coming together in a very logical and coherent ways. However, you might not like the picture you see. In fact, it might thoroughly shock, disgust, and anger you. Nevertheless, to the extent that is it is closer to reality, it is vastly more helpful for seeing into the future than 99% of what one gets via the controlled national media.

Now, let us take an example of a current trend forecast.

Thomas Chittum in Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America is predicting that things will likely continue to deteriorate and get vastly worse on an economic and political level in America before they get better.

Obviously to most Americans today this is an extreme view. But how do you know that you can rule it out? Most web sites do not have the nerve to openly confront all the issues Thomas Chittum addresses. We try to do all of that plus more.

Let us say for the sake of argument that after doing quite a lot of research of other sources, you pull together enough pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to conclude that — hey — this man is on to something. While you realize that no one can accurately predict the future — certainly there are many wild cards behind the shaping of historical events — nevertheless, you cannot afford to ignore highly probable scenarios either.

This sort of foreknowledge could have a huge impact on many important things in your life. Perhaps the place where you currently live would place you in grave danger in the event of a social upheaval and you need to move. Perhaps you were going deeper into debt based on forecasts of economic recovery and now see that you need a different financial strategy and perhaps even need to switch into a less vulnerable job. Perhaps you are betting in your investments on a continued bull market and sustained economic prosperity that might never happen. Perhaps you need to develop a better support group among family and friends. Perhaps you need to stock up more on provisions. Perhaps you want to exert an influence beyond a local community level and are looking for ways to effectively make a difference.

Isn't the early American motif of your web site anachronistic in our modern times?

"Modern" political correctness ideology, which favors the authoritarian leftist state, is failing this country. Please refer to my Critical Issues section, if you have not already.

In fact, "failing" is almost an understatement. America's "failings" are depicted in hard numbers and trend charts in the Grandfather Economic Report. Please, take a moment to let all of this fully register in your mind.

Rather than just "failing," it is more accurate to say that we are clearly heading for something between a "disaster" and a "catastrophe." As if this is not enough, the even bigger "mind-blower" comes from trying to comprehend how extremely selfish, greedy, corrupt, short-sighted, and dishonest America's top leadership must be in order to allow all of this to happen.

I see a possible "back to the future" theme. For starters, the economic trends in the 19th century were generally positive. In times of peace, the government avoided red ink. Average wages steadily rose. America's manufacturing base steadily increased. Both the quality and volume of its tradeable goods steadily improved. The value of the dollar steadily went up (outside of war-related inflation). All of this is the exact opposite of the deteriorative trends identified in the Grandfather Economic Report that plague us today. It is hard to argue too hard against a society that once worked, given that our society today can no longer pay the bills.

19th century America was highly decentralized, nationalistic, and consciously white racialist by contemporary standards. History often moves in cycles, and we may be forced back in that direction. History may not repeat exactly, but as Mark Twain once observed, it can have important rhymes.

We can discern emergent social and technological trends that favor decentralization and nationalism today. As some examples, we saw the breakup of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia into smaller ethnostates, combined with the reunification of ethnically similar parts of Germany. In all these cases, blood was thicker than leftist ideology.

On a technological level, the Internet has created a more level playing field that decentralizes information sharing away from national media conglomerates, and allows people to work outside of congested urban areas. In addition, the mobile robotics revolution can decentralize production away from massive, consolidated industrial complexes.

I am also aware that traditional American values involving honesty, courage, modesty, openness, thrift, and hard work may seem very "corny" and anachronistic in today's society. After all, the strategic bases of society, such as banking and national media, are currently run by mafia-like groups that routinely engage in deception, whining, chutzpah, insider trading, and reckless manipulation of our national assets.

However, this cannot last, just like a parasite cannot perpetually leech off its victim. Sooner or a later we are likely to see new elites arise that are loyal to the old productive values and who are more interested in genuinely helping fellow Americans rather than in deceiving and exploiting them.

A big problem that our current mafia-like leaders face is that while they are good at sneaking in and usurping power and influence, they lack the innate altruism and inherent nobility necessary to steadily build and maintain an advanced industrial society. In short, while they are very good at all the sharp practices required for taking things over — and while they are also very good at telling people what they want to hear while simultaneously loading up America with debt — they completely incapable running truly productive and innovative enterprises over the long term. This is a major reason why America is breaking down today.

I discuss the leadership qualities required for successful entrepreneurship in greater depth in Part Four of my series about the mobile robotics revolution. There is a huge difference in character between someone like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, William Hewlett and David Packard, or more recently John Chambers of Cisco Systems, and people like convicted stock swindlers Mike Milkin and Ivan Boesky or shady anti-America First characters such as David Rockefeller, George Soros, or Henry Kissinger (cf. my discussion of this perfidious man in my Preface to Ways That Are Dark).

Please also be aware that I try to avoid becoming trapped within a particular dogma, but instead try to use a multi-faceted functionalist approach. In the "Reconciling Opposing Ideologies" section I explain at great length how finding wise social policy usually involves identifying and making appropriate tradeoffs between opposing perspectives.

Please note the way I have classified all the political and economic ideologies known to man and their trade-offs in a matrix diagram provided near the beginning of the aforementioned article. In the article I discuss numerous anomalies, to include ways in politics makes strange bedfellows and ways in which old labels such as "left" and "right" can often be overly simplistic or even no longer apply.

"Today" is also "out of place" by long term historical standards

If I created a web site with a contemporary motif reflecting the current mentality of America's prevailing establishment media, that too could become highly anachronistic in ten to fifteen years. That too would be highly estranged from important underlying realities compared to where America is likely headed in the future.

In my own life time I have witnessed profound ideological shifts in America. During the Vietnam era, America was gripped by shrill leftist, anti-imperialist national media rhetoric. Today, perpectual imperialism is "OK" as long as it is done for OIL (Oil, Logistical bases, and Israel).

The next ten to fifteen years are likely to wrench America through even greater ideological changes. In fact, they may even dwarf the sea changes that the former Soviet Union experienced following the collapse of communism in the late 1980's.

America as we know it today is an anachronism-soon-to-be. The multi-racial, multi-cultural, blank check pro-Zionist, imperialist, neo-Jacobin, global Big Government, welfare-warfare society we see rotting around us today will some day become every bit as "Gone With the Wind" as Scarlett O'Hara flitting about in her white hoop skirt at her ante-bellum Georgia plantation amidst the young cavalier suitors and the house boys, field boys, and Mammy.

Hence, I try to focus upon modes of analysis that are timeless, and pay less attention to what is currently trendy.

Isn't it dangerous to consider certain ideas? Aren't we being watched?

A good starting point to respond to this concern is the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

However, while this is true as an overall, long term principle, it is also true that the vulnerability of each individual reading this article is very situation-specific to that person. Your vulnerabilities depend on many factors, such as the kinds of people you are dependent upon in your job or in your neighborhood, your financial resources, and other variables. However, even if it is too risky for your specific personal circumstances to openly express certain views, one can still gain by going through the thought process of anticipating and quietly eliminating various personal vulnerabilities.

Ultimately, there is no need to feel morally on the defensive about holding any forms of suppressed knowledge. The people who are "watching" have more reason to be scared in today's America than any law-abiding citizens who are being watched. The "watchers" clearly are not doing their jobs of safeguarding American society because their track record is horrible. America has been steadily breaking down over the last few decades (please note the performance charts in my Critical Issues section).

We still have enough rights so that the citizen activist can raise local support. He can still embarrass the bad guys back into hiding or defeat them before a jury.

It is not even dangerous to be an activist in America in the sense of a patriot during the American Revolution or insurgents in Third World countries who have to deal with the very real risk of getting shot, tortured, or having their homes burned down. Being patriotic may create legal nuisances and financial drains, but for the overwhelming majority of Americans it is not particularly life-threatening.

However, if the overwhelming majority of Americans remain completely apathetic, the opposition will in fact grow to the point of becoming very dangerous and oppressive. Things always become dangerous for citizens too cowardly to assert their rights, and too apathetic to closely watch their leaders. Today's America is no exception.

I see signs that the Internet is causing the bad guys to panic. Please recall the proverbial story about how you can kill a frog in a pot of water if you turn up the heat slow enough so that he does not notice and jump out. Today, America's power elite is turning up the heat so fast through their campaign to suppress our civil liberties that large segments of the population are finally beginning to wake up. This is our opportunity -- if we act now to exploit it.

You do have to fight. We must all stand up. We must find allies, put up resistance, and assert our interests. If you cannot come out in the open yourself, then you must find proxies to do it for you.

What about surveillance?

The most damaging aspect about "surveillance" goes far beyond individuals who may suffer overt harassment. It involves major segments of the general population which gets intimidated out of asserting its Constitutional rights. We need to counter such bullying by increasing our organizational efforts against the enemies of freedom, not by bowing under.

Although I despise government surveillance of private citizens from a civil liberties viewpoint, I am happy to educate the Feds and other government officials as fellow citizens.

I have nothing to hide; in fact I welcome Internet publicity. The Feds and various special interest groups can watch and gather information all they want, but we still have the power of numbers. We also have honor and truth on our side. We have the capability to organize, protest, and innovate more quickly than bureaucrats and spooks. We can stay a step ahead of them if only we are willing to work at it.

I believe that when things become really unglued in America, quite a few government employees will eventually come over to our side. Witness, for example the retired generals who protested Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush Administration (see "The General's Revolt" by Pat Buchanan or "Revolt of the Generals" by Michael Collins Piper), or highly dissident views expressed by retired U.S. military officers such as LtCol Karen Kwiatkowski or BGen Janis Karpinski on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

Witness how the former East German state, backed by the greatest per capita police state surveillance apparatus in the world, folded after a spirit of non-violent protest and resistance rapidly swept through the general population.

Here in America, to make the pen mightier than the sword one must still aggressively help spread the word and keep organizing.

Isn't the very serious and explicit nature of ebooks by many of your featured authors likely to turn people off?

I have discovered that most people do not "get it" unless you explicitly explain things to them.

On the other hand, it is also true that for many Americans they can get fired from their jobs if they fail to publicly maintain "political correctness" attitudes.

But then again, when Americans engage in willful blindness, they lack the facts necessary to figure out rational long range strategies for their own survival.

It's damned if you do, damned if you don't.

There is a saying that "Hell is learning the truth too late." I will am willing to risk offending people with the truth on the front end if I can justify saving them from hell in the long run..

In response to individuals who have been indoctrinated by controlled national media to believe that frank discussions of racial realities and Jewish supremacism is "immoral" and "hateful," I would respond that the consequences of remaining naive are even more immoral and hateful.

I describe one ideological formula in my "Resolving Opposing Ideologies" series that enables individuals to retain a highly moral, defensive posture while confronting Jewish supremacist criminality, out of control Third World immigration, and other hot issues. This involves revitalizing the traditional American conservative "genetic bottom up" position, once also known as 19th century classical liberalism.

19th century classical liberals were explicitly pro-white racial nationalists. They openly defended white racial, cultural, and ethnic survival. However, they also distrusted large government and various forms of imperialism that feed big government. These things are invasive of individual liberty. They sought economic advancement first and foremost through internal progress in the application of science, technology, and the development of industry rather than through war and imperialism. They believed that if all countries could protect individual liberty and entrepreneurship, and enjoy favorable trade with each other, that they could grow and prosper together. Therefore, they promoted self-determination for all peoples, a kind of "international nationalism" as it were. Hence, while 19th century liberals were explicit white racialists and believed that charity begins at home, they could advance their agenda in a way that was fairly non-threatening to others. In fact, one might argue that since this approach had a very successful track record in many countries during that century, in the long run it enabled whites to provide more humanitarian aid on a sustainable basis to other races than if they had resorted to various leftist approaches that promise humanitarianism, but in actuality deliver the exact opposite.

I do not necessarily advocate that everyone rush out and become 19th century classical liberals. There are many different types of approaches that may be more suitable for certain people depending upon their particular circumstances. However, I am very much interested in deprogramming national media brainwashing that promotes modern liberalism (the "environmental top down" perspective) to the exclusion of everything else.

What kinds of values in early America do you think are relevant for us today?

The topic of "values" has a way of being very simple and complicated at the same time.

On the one hand, much of America today is run by Jewish supremacist psychopaths -- and their corrupt gentile confederates -- who have made it cool to sneer at traditional American conservative "values" in favor of their brand of being "street smart." To them, "honesty" is merely window dressing to be used only when tactically convenient. Conversely, they view the ability to engage in deception as even more admirable as long as they can get away with it. American Values Decline documents the steady erosion in basic values in recent decades in favor of crooks and other "wise guys."

On the other hand, most white middle class Americans carry deep within them values that arise from within their own genetic disposition as a race of builders and achievers. These values comprise what psychologists call the "non-negotiable self." Most middle class Americans instinctively recognize that certain minimal levels of honesty and integrity are required for groups to successfully accomplish constructive projects, such as raise a family, run a space mission, find cures for cancer, or build steel suspension bridges.

Americans need to thoroughly understand the criminality of evil leaders in politics and controlled national media. They also need to thoroughly understand origin and context of their own instinctive values.

George Bush provides a prime example of deceptive, unprincipled leadership. In his 2000 Presidential campaign, Bush appealed to early American libertarian and populist values that extolled limited government, reduced taxation, and the avoidance of foreign entanglements. His subsequent administrations have subsequently pushed the envelop in the exact opposite direction.

Sadly, "bait and switch" has become routine in the America's corrupt two party "Republicrat" system, which is another reason why we need to look more deeply than the conventional labels of "liberal" and "conservative."

For a more in in-depth discussion of the conflict in America today between productive and criminal values, please see my Mutualism vs. Parasitism article, which is part of my Resolving Opposing Ideological Viewpoints series. Among other things, I discuss the "mutualist" aspects of republican government, and the parasitic aspects of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology.

How can I go about sharing or discussing dissident ideas without being punished for being open?

Obviously there is no "one size fits all" strategy, since there are so many different variables involved. Examples of these variables include the degree that a person wants to deviate from mainstream views, a person's capacity to tolerate risk, his ultimate goals, his level of understanding of issues, his ability to communicate, his willingness to endure public vilification, his financial resources, and his support network of family and friends. A topic such as "pursuing nationalist issues" can embrace an extremely wide spectrum of behaviors, ranging from something as completely safe and innocuous as holding a conversation on affirmative action-related problems with a family member over the breakfast table on the one hand, to something more extreme at the other end of the scale such as mowing down Mexican soldiers as they storm the Alamo.

Most of us are caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, we understand that we are always operating with limited resources of time and money. We need to choose our battles wisely. We are aware, for example, that corrupt wealthy adversaries might try to engage in "legal terrorism" where they misuse the court system to file specious suits in the hopes of dragging their opponents through costly proceedings that will bankrupt them. We are also aware that many employers will terminate employees for political correctness reasons that are completely illegal in terms of First Amendment rights. Last, but not least, we are aware that many people in major national media misuse their positions to vilify patriotic activists.

On the other hand, we can pursue some "dominant strategies" that will enable us to gravitate towards success over the long run. By "dominant strategy" I am referring to the concept in a game of chess that there are certain opening moves that tend to put a player in a much stronger position throughout the game than other moves. For example, all other things being equal, the player who succeeds over his opponent in dominating the center of the chess board is more likely to win.

In addition, the "dominant strategy" concept can entail staying focused on the right overall objectives. In a zero sum, winner-take-all game like chess, you are not going to win unless you stay focused upon the ultimate objective of checkmating your opponant's king.

An example of a "dominant strategy" on a physical level involves eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular, daily exercise. One should do this whether one is an Olympic athlete or whether one is malnourished and obese. Hence, exercising and eating right comprises a kind of "dominant strategy," applicable across a wide range of personal circumstances.

On a political level, I have already discussed 19th century classical liberalism as a minimalist ideological "dominant strategy" to retain the moral high ground while asserting the ethnic genetic interests of ones own group. They consist of two simple decision rules:

a) Maximize decentralization of political power and promote individual liberty, short of making ones society vulnerable to armed invasion or covert infiltration by mafia groups.
b) Maximize racial and ethnic solidarity, giving first priority in all affairs to members of ones in-group first on a social, political, and economic level.

There are many things that 19th century classical liberal Americans tended to naturally do on a very decentralized, grass roots level such as lay up provisions for emergencies, organize their communities for contingencies, and exercise ancient traditions as armed citizens.

All of these things still make good sense whether or not we have a good national government, whether or not we have trustworthy national media, and whether or not America is headed towards prosperity as opposed to disaster.

A related strategy involves trying to "harden" or "de-leverage" ones economic and political base, in order to try to grow from a firm and stable foundation. I call this the "hard on the inside, gooey on the outside" strategy, analogous to trying to build a power base in the center of a chess board.

This "hard on the inside, gooey on the outside" terminology comes from computer geeks when they compare the Linux vs. Microsoft operating systems. The basis of Linux programs are called "kernals," which are heavily password-protected software packets based on the robust Unix system. In contrast, Microsoft Windows kernals tend to lack the compartmentalization and security features. Hence, once viruses penetrate the thin outer shell of an Windows-related anti-virus program, they tend to have a field day with the "gooier on the inside" Microsoft software compared to Linux.

Unfortunately all the major trends of 20th century America have systematically gutted what was once hard on the inside. Instead, modern liberalism, multiracialism, multiculturalism, internationalism and other forces have made the American core very gooey. We need to start fixing this real fast.

Americans need to start finding ways to practice what I call "personal economic nationalism," that is, increasingly orient their business affairs so that they are more dependent on like-minded people who support their vital interests than vulnerable to potentially hostile aliens who can pull the rug out from under them.

As a final note, please be aware that in the long run, our enemies cannot win. In fact, it is impossible for them to "win." This is because their whole modus operandi is inherently parasitic rather productive in nature. In short, more government means more waste. More fraud on Wall Street means more economic distortion. More job outsourcing for short term profits means more loss of a vital domestic industrial base. Every measure that Big Government and powerful Jewish groups take to stifle dissent only adds fuel to the fire. At a time when economic efficiency is breaking down, stifling dissent only creates even more inefficiency, more corruption, and more alienation. All of this will ultimately create an even bigger eventual backlash down the road.

Our enemies rely on increasing deception at a time when system failure is dramatically increasing public hunger for honest discussion of weighty issues. Our enemies are also relatively small in number. In the long run there is no way they can control the vastly larger number of honest and productive people in our society. Nor can they prevent their own lackeys from double-crossing each other and feuding within their own ranks.

This is not to say that our enemies cannot inflict an incredible amount of damage before they go down, or that they will not go down hard.

When America goes into hyperinflation, and our minority-ridden cities go up in flames again, and the average debt-strapped American is at wits ends about how to survive in our Third World economy, various U.S. Government and Jewish groups are not going to show up at their door steps ready to hand over gold coins or write checks against a solid currencies to solve their pressing problems. The U.S. Government itself will be bankrupt and hardly able to help itself. Jewish groups will help themselves and Israel first, just as they are right now by trying to get America into a war with Iran — as if it is not enough that Jewish neo-cons have already maneuvered us into the mess in Iraq. None of these entities will genuinely thank Americans for the incredible charity and hospitality they have lavished on other peoples. In all likelihood, they are not even going to buy you a cup of coffee or telephone.

Instead, the national media moguls, bureaucrats, politicians, corporate leaders, and Jewish pressure groups will probably act just like Enron management, which encouraged employees to buy more company stock just before it imploded within their pension plans. Meanwhile, they will pack their own bags, split, and take care of themselves while "we the people" are left on our own, holding the empty bag.

America's current "leaders" are not even going to say "Thank you" for all the time you spent being too polite to raise your voice about what is going wrong in America. Nor will these jokers reward you for having been such a good little "political correctness" team player in the last few decades. They will show no real gratitude for your studious efforts to live up to affirmative action guidelines. They will give you no real honor for having been so "sensitive" or for having been so adroitly "anti-racist," "anti-anti-Semitic," "anti-xenophobic," "anti-homophobic," and all that.

Instead, America's totally irresponsible current leaders will continue to dump horrible problems in your lap just like the criminals who ran Enron. As they pack their bags for their safe retreats, they will be privately smirking to themselves "You believed our liberal propaganda while it suited our purposes, suckers!!!" and "We took care of ourselves real well because we are so clever, and now the devil take the hindmost for the rest of you dumb schmucks. America is going to hell? That's your problem, Jack!"

And why not, since they played a major role in creating our problems to begin with? (described in my Critical Issues Section).

To put it bluntly, what is being done to honest Americans, to include honest small businessmen, professionals, and working people in America today is totally criminal. Ultimately the only people who are going to get helped on a grass roots level are folks who think for themselves and take can take care of themselves.

No pain, no gain, no guts, no glory

Earlier I mentioned how market manipulators trashed the price of gold to a fifty year inflation-adjusted low in 1999, despite all the strong fundamental indicators that showed demand exceeding supply. It is hard to think of a better metaphor for the way in which traditional American values across the board have been manipulated and trashed as well.

Though out history, gold and silver have been the most coveted form of money. Yet they got trashed. In accounting, cash is considered the most solid and liquid asset on a corporate balance sheet. Yet during the great bull market of the late 1990's, we heard the asinine slogan that "cash is trash" while investors poured ever more money into ephemeral Internet and Telecom stocks with no earnings visibility whatsoever.

On a social level, America has been completely turned on its head as well. American leaders are totally indifferent to the fact that by 2002 around 33 million white Americans were replaced by nonwhite immigrants in the last few decades; in fact, former President William Clinton gave his infamous speech at Portland State University in 1998 in which he welcomed nonwhite future for America. Similarly, Americans appear incapable of standing up to deluded leaders intent upon involving America in more debacles on behalf of Israel in the Middle East, regardless of whether or not it totally bankrupts this country.

It is sobering to contemplate how many traditional social values have been completely reversed from earlier periods, such as the Middle Ages in Europe. In those times, it was considered the highest honor for one to take a stand for the survival of ones race, culture, and heritage. Young lads competed with each other for appointments to serve arduous apprenticeships in hopes of one day becoming knights. They were expected to live up to a certain code of civility that honored the best traditions of their societies in addition to showing prowess in combat. Of course knighthood has always been considered a foremost patriotic role in virtually all societies.

Signing the Register by the English artist Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922)

The general sense of higher purpose and civility that once characterized major leading segments of American society has been counterfeited, corrupted, and even turned on its head.

Today, all of that, just like gold and cash in the late 1990's, is in the trash heap. Just as there was a giant gap in the late 1990's between value investors and momentum investors, today there is a gigantic gulf between Americans in their concepts of genuine as opposed to phony forms of patriotism.

Americans today are pouring an incredible amount of time and resources into all the phony forms of patriotism, just like speculative investors of the late 1990's ran up the telecom and Internet stocks.

This phony patriotism includes waging genocidal imperial wars on behalf of Zionist intriguers against Third World peoples who were never a real threat to America, and who were willing to negotiate mutually beneficial fair trade deals with us without the need for us to threaten invasion. All of this unnecessary bullying, deception, and aggression will ultimately prove as disastrous as the imploding Internet and Telecom stocks.

Time to move from "momentum" to traditional "value" patriotism

Never before in world history have the real dangers to our people been greater. It is no exaggeration to say that white Americans are being silently genocided within their own borders. Given our low birth rate, and the steady massive influx of Third World peoples, we are on track to become a minority perhaps as soon as twenty to thirty years. If these trends continue, white people in North America and Europe — and the Western Civilization they represent — will be ethnically cleansed off the planet within about two hundred years.

Since the beginning of time, true patriotism has meant defending the right of ones people to exist and determine their own destiny. Therefore, if you believe that white Americans have the right to exist as a people and determine their own destiny, which is the same right of self-determination that other peoples have routinely demanded and received for themselves (often at U.S. taxpayer expense), then we have quite a lot of work cut out for us.

The role of the genuine patriot and its concomitant honors — these things lie in front of you. You do not even have to pull a sword out of a stone. Like the proverbial lost dollar bill lying on the sidewalk, it is there for the taking — for those with the courage to simply take up the cause.

Section II

The Urgency and Appropriateness of Our Cause

If you like what we are doing, your donations can help us dramatically improve our operations and outreach. Given the very serious continuing threat to our civil liberties documented in the Rev Ted Pike archive, and the grave dangers to our overall personal safety documented in the Capt May, Tom Chittum, and Col Donn de Grand Pre archives, yesterday was not soon enough to reach a broader audience.

In addition to carrying more ebooks, there are quite a few other areas where we can expand with your assistance. The following are requirements we urgently face today:

Digitizing, storing, and electronically disseminating important works

Digitizing: There are quite a few very well written books and back issues of periodicals created by profound thinkers on the right that never received adequate promotion and distribution. They continue to gather dust in libraries and personal collections. There also extremely rare books and other high value collectors items that could achieve a wide audience if only the costs of ownership are dramatically reduced through an ebook format. All of these types of works need to be made available in electronic formats, and yesterday was not soon enough.

Suppressed works provide more than just an important rebuttal to modern liberal Establishment disinformation. Taken together, they provide a critical mass of thought and opinion necessarily to counteract the sheer weight of lifelong mass media brainwashing. Sadly, they have been effectively suppressed over the last century because of a lack of publishers with the funding necessary to achieve adequate circulation. They have also been actively suppressed by tyrannical organizations such as the Jewish ADL.

As two historical examples of suppression in America, the ADL ran a very nasty covert campaign in the late 1920's to bully bookstores out of carrying The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant. Also, President Franklin D. Roosevelt denied mail access to Social Justice magazine published by Rev Charles Coughlin in the early 1940's). Thanks to the Internet, we can now make important works widely available in the form of ebooks or free web pages.

In December 2006 I personally spent a couple of weeks decompressing and reformatting Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper from a 40 MB printer's file. It now comes in a more portable 8 MB file size. Prior to my efforts Final Judgment only existed before the public in soft cover print form. Now it is in an electronic form owned by too many people around the world to ever be effectively suppressed by any Big Brother. I also created the ebooks for Sgt Skull's Field Manual, Ways That Are Dark, My Life and Work, American Values Decline, and Effective Group Problem Solving.

It would be great to obtain adequate funding so that we can hire individuals to work full time at converting many other important works into ebook formats that much faster.

Storage: Politically controversial web sites are prime targets for cyber attacks and censorship by governments. We need funding to enhance back up systems, to include using more mirror servers in different countries.

Please see the Rev Ted Pike archive for a discussion of the latest ruses to destroy freedom of speech in America that have already achieved disastrous results in Canada and Britain. Groups like the ADL propose "hate crime" legislation or laws ostensibly designed to protect "minorities" and "minors" against "llegal violence" and "sexual predators." In reality they are typically a ruse to insert fine print into legislation that stifles any political dissent they dislike.

Developing a Think Tank -- An America First Institute

A major problem on the American right is that the libertarian left hand often does not know the white racialist right hand. I have often felt that we need an approach that reconciles both. After all, the American Revolution was fundamentally a libertarian revolution. And yet it was conducted of, by, and for white people.

There are very few people today who have the ability to intelligently argue in public a frank "genetic bottom up" perspective, as explained in my Resolving Opposing Ideological Viewpoints series (see the diagram below). This viewpoint, often called the "American Old Right", reflected the views of most Americans at the time of America's War of Independence.





"x" axis


The contemporary
modern liberal and
"neocon" agenda


Many racial nationalists
fall into this category by
default through ignorance

perspective advocated
by most libertarians today

America's founding
political philosophy, yet
has few frank advocates

(Third dimensional "z" axis entailing "mutualism" vs. "parasitism" not drawn)



Actually the reconciliation between anarcho-libertarianism and white racial nationalism is not that hard. Let me briefly summarize how it works:

Libertarians are strong believers in property rights as a cornerstone of individual liberty. However, they also acknowledge that under certain circumstances, it is appropriate for individuals to pool their property rights, to create various forms of group property or public property. They also acknowledge the existence of intangible property rights, such as patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property.

Protecting ones ethnic-genetic interests involves protecting a tangible group property right --ones own gene pool (or extended biological family). Maintaining the integrity of ones own indigenous culture and religion involves maintaining control of an intangible group property right.

The most well-funded think tanks today support the "environmental top down" neo-conservative agenda, which is slavishly pro-Zionist and pro-big Federal government. They enjoy the masssive financial support of wealthy Jews and other highly corrupt special interests seeking to maximize their special privileges at your expense.

I believe that the cyclic nature of history will revitalize the American Old Right. America today shows all the worst characterists of corrupt, arrogant, imperial Rome at its height. Like ancient Rome, it is terminally rotting from within. As I observe in my Preface to Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, it is highly probable that America will eventually break apart much like the old Roman empire. Various nationalistic states will likely arise from the rubble.

If we handle this old age-senility-death-rebirth cycle intelligently, we can minimize damage and save lives. On the other hand, if most Americans continue their patterns of denial and deception, the loss in lives could become horrific and the damage catastrophic.

In my Resolving Opposing Ideological Viewpoints series, I explain why the anarcho-libertarian philosophy advocated by the Mises Institute is inadequate by itself. Among other things, it will not stop the tsunami of illegal immigration. Nor will it offer serious resistance to the Zionist high-jacking of American foreign policy and other forms of Jewish supremacist criminality.

Many white racial nationalist organizations have their ideological blind spots as well. For example, many groups are so ignorant of free market economics that they scare away businessmen by advocating policies which imply more big government regulation, taxation, and other forms of interventionism.

We desperately need to synthesize and combine both perspectives. We need to build an America First institute that is every bit as well funded as the Mises Institute, and does all of the same kinds of things that it does, but at the same time boldly promotes the "genetic bottom up" libertarian racial nationalist perspective that favors the survival of America's dwindling white middle class and nurtures their indigenous European roots, while promoting entrepreneurship, individual liberty, minimal taxes, and minimal government.

An important aspect for operating a successful think tank involves meeting with talented people, obtaining rights to publish their works, and drawing from existing works. Towards this end, I have already attended the Council of Conservative Citizens national meeting in summer 2007, The Barnes Review/AFP Conference in later summer 2006, and the New Orleans European American Conference in spring 2005. At all these events I met quite a few very bright and insightful individuals.

It takes time and money to network, and once again this is an area where your donations can make a difference.

Support Research

We can support whistle blowers, investigative journalists, and independent writers by archiving their works online and by publishing their ebooks.

How many times have you heard about whistle blowers or journalists with extremely important stories that have been buried because they could not find a conventional publisher? Now with the advent of ebooks, we can provide a vastly lower cost means of permanently recording and effectively distributing their material.

Another aspect of research involves collaborating with other research activists on important current issues where no else has been willing to step forward.

For example, in the summer of 2006, I was "deputized" by the editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast as a special correspondent to visit the Oregon National Guard Headquarters in Salem, Oregon to ask questions about Operations Noble Resolve and TOPOFF. No one else connected to media was willing to do this. I was very concerned that without any kind of media scrutiny, the Bush-Mossad cabal would be tempted to pull another 9-11 with a nuclear incident in downtown Portland, Oregon. For more background please see my articles "Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash" (dated 29 Aug 2007), "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes" (30 September 2007), and "The Dark Side of TOPOFF" (14 Oct 2007).

Part of "research and development" can include creating transcripts and other summarizes of archived MP3 files of alternative media. There are literally gold mines of information currently embedded in MP3 interview files hosted by the Republic Broadcasting Network, We The People Radio Network, Genesis Communications Network, and many other alternative media sources. By creating transcripts or summaries, we make all of this much more accessible to Internet search engines.

Legal support: Legal threats are very real. A prime example has included Morris Dees who runs the Southern Poverty Law Center. He has done a masterful job of scaring little old Jewish ladies into thinking that there is Nazi hiding behind every bush in order to raise tens of millions of dollars. He picks legal fights over trivialities in an effort to bankrupt right wing activists rather than to support justice. This is called legal terrorism, as described in greater detail in the Rev Ted Pike archive. We can help deter legal terrorism by educating the public on the web about the real facts behind various cases.

Sound the Alarm, Take Constructive Action

Part of effective action not only involves blowing the whistle on high level criminals, but also in supporting effective grass roots political organization. We need to publish more information on the Internet that draws upon the experience of successful activists. This includes successful tactics for winning office on a local level. We can also assist specific political candidates by creating profile pages for them that help define the issues.

Effective action also mean helping to prepare fellow citizens for worst case scenarios, described in works such as Civil War Two or Rattler's Revenge. Obviously to survive such possible disasters, one needs to be much tougher, better supplied, better informed, and better organized than members of the proverbial Harper Valley PTA.

Immediate Needs:

I have already dedicated three years of my life working full time to develop patriotic media. So far this endeavor has been far from financially profitable. In fact it has been a tremendous drain on my own personal resources. I retain control of the America First Institute and America First Books so that in its early stages it can develop according to a steady vision.

We can accomplish that much more, that much faster, with your support. Time is running out, as Edgar J. Steele has cogently observed in his article: "First Annual State of the Revolution A Report to the American People."

We must get very serious about supporting each other as we head towards ever greater crises.

Please visit our donation page for more information about supporting our cause.


The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, 15 March 1781
by H. Charles McBarron, Jr. (1902-1992)

Flag carried by the 3rd Maryland Regiment at the Battle of Cowpens, S. Carolina, 1781

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