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    Statement on Kevin Strom
    Report; Posted on: 2007-01-06 04:14:19 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    V-News has learned that Kevin Strom, a former close aide to Dr. William Pierce, and a former member of Dr. Pierce's National Alliance, as well as of National Vanguard (from which he resigned in July 2006), has been arraigned on a serious federal charge related to child pornography.

    We are confident that this charge -- which we became aware of from the mass media -- is totally without foundation, and came about because of a fractious divorce situation. Added to this is the fact that Kevin was threatened by a federal agent after attending a hearing for Chester Doles, another pro-White activist framed on bogus charges. The agent allegedly pointed his finger at Kevin and swore that "I'll be seeing you next."

    For decades -- first as a leading member of the National Alliance, and later with National Vanguard -- Kevin has been a fearless, outspoken activist and speaker against Jewish supremacist power in America, and more recently against the abuse of the Constitution by the neocons and their friends in the federal government. Given the ongoing revelations of widespread abuse of detainees and others in the so-called "War on Terror," we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that ruthless elements in federal "law enforcement" would stoop so low as to falsely charge a man like Kevin with a crime so heinous that they hope to divide him from his potential supporters and smear his message.

    Kevin's message is becoming mainstream, with even former President Jimmy Carter openly criticizing Jewish power. Faced with a lost war in Iraq and the massive anger of the people of the United States over Third World immigration, people like Kevin have to be "neutralized" now, just like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Matt Hale, Chester Doles, David Duke and so many others.

    Those who we believe are setting Kevin up and suborning false witness against him are desperate, and in choosing such a horrific charge, we believe, are hoping to shut him up forever. Think: the accusations go against all Kevin has ever believed, and all that his life's work stands for. This situation looks like -- and we believe, is -- a total frame-up. However, many men have been falsely accused of similar charges in the past under the sad circumstance of divorce.

    Make no mistake: ANY sexual abuse of children is antithetical to the very foundations of the worldview we stand for as a website and as an organization. In a pro-White nation any person found guilty after due process of such a crime would be executed. We are not making special pleas for Kevin or for anyone else. If Kevin Strom is guilty he should be dealt with accordingly. However, we DO NOT BELIEVE that the elements of the federal government involved are being honest about this case. We honestly believe that this whole scenario is a lie from beginning to end.

    Don't forget, the federal government is a proven liar: from "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq to Dr. Pierce's supposed "role" in the Oklahoma City attack, this government has no qualms about twisting the truth. Just one look at the infamous COINTELPRO crimes of the 1950s to the 1970s -- the frame-ups, the smears, the murders of everyone from Black Panthers to pro-White activists -- shows the conscienceless criminality of many elements in power in America. Given the technical prowess of the regime today, mixed in with the open threats against Kevin, is there any wonder that we are seeing such a serious charge leveled against him?

    Some badly misinformed circles are already crowing that this nonsensical charge signals the "end" of National Vanguard and V-News, despite the fact that Kevin is not a member of the group, and as if a charge against him somehow speaks against our organization. The strength of National Vanguard does not depend on any one person, but is upheld by the numerous men and women who are committed to the vision of White freedom.

    The arrest of Kevin Strom is a crime against all free-thinking people in America. If a man is framed for political reasons, no matter what his views, then all of us are one step closer to the loss of all of our freedoms. One does not have to agree with Kevin, or support him, to see what is going on here.
    Source: National Vanguard

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