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The Badge of Honor

Awareness of the toxicity of Jewish power is increasing by leaps and bounds; it has now reached such a level that Jewish efforts to suppress it will, on balance, only cause it to grow further.

American Dissident Voices broadcast for May 7, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY A GREAT and momentous statement was made -- one that I believe will be remembered as marking a turning point for our people and for all the peoples of the world. Today was the day that a far-seeing and courageous man, Professor Kevin MacDonald of California State University, challenged the establishment which has been trying to destroy his reputation and bury his revolutionary scientific work. Dr. MacDonald declared that "We are increasingly approaching a situation where being labeled an anti-Semite is a badge of honor."

Being labeled an anti-Semite is a badge of honor. Indeed. It has come to that. And not just among a small group of the aware anymore. Thanks to the work of men like Professor MacDonald, Revilo Oliver, William Pierce, and many other men and women who have dedicated their lives to bringing the truth to victory, we need no longer speak of a future awakening. The awakening is happening now.

Professor Kevin MacDonald, left, and David Horowitz, right.

Professor MacDonald's era-defining statement was made in the course of his response to a scurrilous attack on his work and himself made on the Web site -- "Front Page" magazine -- of former Trotskyite and current neocon operative David Horowitz.

Horowitz is a Jew one of whose goals has been the engineered mutation of the conservative movement in the United States from one espousing the views of America's founders into one promoting in many important ways their exact opposite. Horowitz's "conservatives," while they pose as opponents of a few of the worst excesses of the multiracialists, fully embrace multiracialism in its essence. Horowitz's "conservatives," while acting the part of American patriots, actually hold only one loyalty to be sacred and unquestionable -- loyalty to Israel. Horowitz and his stable of shills, hack writers, and PR men are in themselves a perfect proof of Dr. MacDonald's thesis that Jews are unique among immigrants to America in their hostility to American culture and in their "energetic, aggressive efforts to change that culture."

The attack on MacDonald was written for Horowitz by Jacob Laksin, a new faux-conservative star being promoted not only by Horowitz but by Rupert Murdoch employee Bill O'Reilly. Laksin was formerly an editor at something called "," which should give you a fair idea of where the man is coming from. Laksin screams about the alleged latent "White racism" in MacDonald's works, but there's no lack of Jewish ethnocentrism on his recent cyber home.

Jewish zealot Jacob Laksin version 1.0, top, v 2.0, bottom promotes exclusively Jewish dating through its pushing of a dating service called Jmatch. They also advertise JTA, "The Global News Service of the Jewish People." Laksin had the "Generation X" look for his stint at, but he got a shave and now sports an ultra-retro bow tie for his TV appearances on behalf of Horowitz. Laksin also used to work for Aufbau, a magazine exclusively focused on Jews in Germany, and was actually -- no kidding -- an editorial assistant at a Jewish site called "GenerationJ."

Laksin unsubtly calls his anti-MacDonald smear job "Professor of Anti-Semitism."

There's a certain mental disconnect in mindless zealots (and Laksin fits the bill), which causes them, at times, to simply restate what someone else has said and then essentially stand back and say "See! See! He believes in evil things! He's a bad bad man!" -- as if that constitutes refutation or even substantive criticism. I've known multiracialists to simply point at me, for example, and say the equivalent of "He believes that the races are different -- that they're not equal!" as if that were proof enough of nightly congress with Satan and his familiars.

For a large part of his rambling attack, that's all that Laksin does to Kevin MacDonald. Some of his snippets of restatement of Dr. MacDonald make good reading. Laksin asserts that MacDonald's studies of Jewish evolutionary strategy have led him to some interesting conclusions:

1. "...Jews are the enemies of Western civilization."

2. "Jewish cognitive elites have worked in an 'overt and semi-cryptic manner' throughout the twentieth century to achieve 'cultural dominance' over 'the European peoples.'"

3. "Highly intelligent Jewish leaders have continuously sought to advance Jewish ethnic interest at the expense of, and indeed to the detriment of, non-Jewish Europeans and Americans."

4. "[Polish] anti-Semitism was in some measure a logical reaction to Jewish sins against Polish culture."

5. "[The] 'neoconservatives,' who ...plotted the war against Iraq, were motivated by a 'Jewish commitment.'"

6. "[M]odern universities [have] hostility to 'traditional institutions of European-American culture.'"

7. " Judaism must be regarded as a self-interested 'evolutionary strategy' created and used by Jews to deprive non-Jews of resources."

Now Laksin isn't too careful about his representation of Dr. MacDonald's views, which he merely caricatures in places, but as a broad-brush summary of our most important social problem he didn't do too badly, considering that he's an embodiment of the problem himself.

Laksin does a little more than restate and hate, however. He also clearly implies that California State University should terminate Dr. MacDonald and shut down his work there. Laksin asks pointedly "why [California State] considers the manufacture of stylized bigotry an appropriate avocation for a tenured scholar." Laksin calls Cal State "a university... where his presence continues to sully the reputations of genuine scholars who must suffer an association with a common anti-Semite."

Professor MacDonald sees this attack as part of a larger effort to eliminate all criticism of Jews at universities: "Neocons like Daniel Pipes are leading the charge to put pressure on academics to prevent criticism of Israel. Laksin obviously wants to extend this to any criticism of Jews. This attempt to rid the academy of criticisms of Israel is featured in both Mearsheimer and Walt's work on the Israel Lobby and in my article on neoconservatism as a Jewish intellectual and political movement."

Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jewish columnist with links to Horowitz, has a similar urge to punish. In Shapiro's case, he wants to imprison anyone who opposes the current War for Israel in the Middle East. "No war can be won when members of a disloyal opposition are given free reign to undermine it," says Shapiro.

Horowitz's outfit even attacks Jews who have fallen away from the fold, like Norman Finkelstein, author of The Holocaust Industry, which exposes the moral, political, and financial blackmail which the Jewish establishment uses to extract compliance and money from non-Jews, based on the stories of their alleged persecution during World War II. Finkelstein had the guts to say:

'Jewish elites in the United States have enjoyed enormous prosperity. From this combination of economic and political power has sprung, unsurprisingly, a mindset of Jewish superiority. Wrapping themselves in the mantle of The Holocaust, these Jewish elites pretend -- and, in their own solipsistic universe, perhaps imagine themselves -- to be victims, dismissing any and all criticism as manifestations of �anti-Semitism.� And, from this lethal brew of formidable power, chauvinistic arrogance, feigned (or imagined) victimhood, and Holocaust-immunity to criticism has sprung a terrifying recklessness and ruthlessness on the part of American Jewish elites.'

Laksin wrote a smear piece on Finkelstein, too, relying largely on the statements of Alan Dershowitz, a Jewish supremacist of an extreme bent, who openly advocates torture as a political tool. (Dershowitz is also one of Walt and Mearsheimer's noisier detractors.) Dershowitz tried to prevent the publication of Finkelstein's book by the University of California Press, justifying his censorship by claiming that he was "assuring that maliciously false statements about me, about other Jews, and about some supposed international Jewish conspiracy, are not published by a responsible press, especially at a time of spreading anti-Semitism around the world."

The University published the book anyway, adding one more institution to Horowitz's and Dershowitz's growing enemies lists. Jewish culture, throughout its history, has displayed a remarkably strong "us versus them" mentality, which is shown by, among many other things, their use of the word goyim to designate non-Jews. How many other nations have such a widely-used neologism meaning "all other peoples besides themselves"?

There in a nutshell we have the Jewish supremacist mentality. And perhaps we also see there the germ of Jewish supremacist hypocrisy with regard to race. They believe, as I have pointed out numerous times, in "equality" for non-Jews while retaining "chosen" status and racial integrity for themselves. And why not -- if the essential distinction among humans is whether they are Jewish or non-Jewish? All other distinctions are nothing compared to that one, it seems.

Similarly, Dershowitz -- as quoted by Laksin -- sees a sameness in his "anti-Semite" adversaries, even the "fallen" Finkelstein, who is an anti-Semite according to Dershowitz. In his own words, he states: "David Duke and Norman Finkelstein are the same...." You can't get much clearer than that.

Behavioral neuroscientist Steven Romer says that MacDonald's works are essential reading for racially-conscious Whites, lest they fall into the trap of believing that Jews are merely another White ethnic group: "Looking beyond skin color, races looking similar in color can have very different evolutionary trajectories -- such as the Jew, as compared with the European. California State University professor Kevin MacDonald does a masterful job of outlining the Jews' unique evolutionary strategy in his three books. The best of these is the paperback edition of The Culture of Critique -- possibly the most important book ever written for the long-term future of humanity. ...The introduction to this edition alone is worth far more than the price of the book -- its worth to future generations is incalculable. I cannot recommend this book enough. It may be one of the most important books ever written."

It's really impossible to overestimate the importance of Dr. MacDonald's work. Others before him have written on the problem, but none has had his expertise in the field, and none has analyzed the tragic story of the Jewish relationship with White civilization with such rigorous scientific and scholarly detail. No one before Dr. MacDonald has drawn so many of the innumerable historical, logical, and factual threads together and made the conclusions so clear -- so inescapable -- so irrefutable. He is Western scientific man par excellence. He is a truth teller -- without animus, without hate, with European Man's reverence for what is above all things. For this, the Opponent hates Kevin MacDonald with frenzied hot loathing and ice cold horror.

Awareness of the toxicity of Jewish power is increasing by leaps and bounds; it has now reached such a level that Jewish efforts to suppress it will, on balance, only cause it to grow further.

As I said last year: "No matter how they intellectualize it -- no matter whether they profess neoconservative multiracialism or one-world leftist multiracialism -- no matter whether they are even conscious of it or not -- the record shows us that Jews, like Susan Sontag, or Ed Koch or David Horowitz, have a tropism, an instinctive inclination to form an ethnic community that works to break up the community of others. That is simply how they live." Kevin MacDonald helped us to understand that, better and more deeply than we've ever understood it before.

The work he has begun, and the work of the thousands -- nay, millions -- who have been awakened now, will continue, even if the Jewish supremacists get the censorship laws they want. Heads of state agree with us now. Members of every recognizable race and nation on planet earth agree with us now. Members of the establishment in high, influential positions agree with us now, and a small but increasing number of them are losing their fear of saying so.

Even the leftists who have become aware of Jewish power through their opposition to Jewish supremacism in Israel have benefited from Dr. MacDonald's work and that of other significant writers who have reached across old political barriers. Thanks to them, leftists are being gradually exposed to the truth that "anti-racism" and multiracial "democracy" are just Jewish supremacist tools for the destruction of nations and peoples. Out of this change a new consciousness will emerge. The Maxim of Self-Determination comes closer and closer to real-world understanding every day. That maxim states that every people which considers itself to be a people should, to the maximum extent possible, live under its own government. After real-world understanding comes real-world implementation. The promise of self-determination and freedom is too great to be suppressed forever. An unprecedented coalition will form which will sweep the old order -- and the Jewish supremacists -- off the stage of history. With your help, we're going to win. Let us all strive, each and every day of our lives, to truly earn that badge of honor.

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

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