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American Dissident Voices broadcast for April 23, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

IF THERE WAS A DRUG that changed people's personalities as dramatically as does television -- that isolated them from their friends and families as much -- that occupied so many hundreds of hours of their waking lives every month with worthless, sometimes sickening hallucinations and fantasies -- that hooked them on harmful foods and substances -- that caused serious, sometimes irreversible deterioration of their bodies -- and that was pushed by one particular ethnic gang with an agenda of doing harm to its victims... you can be sure that eliminating that drug and punishing its pushers would be top priority for our society. And so it should be with the drug called television. This week -- April 24th to 30th -- is officially TV-Turnoff Week. And I'm urging all of my listeners and all National Vanguard members, supporters, and readers to participate.

I call television a drug. Oh, I admit it's not an artificial or natural chemical like most drugs. But it's essentially a highly-addictive programmed-stimulus electrode implanted directly in our people's collective auditory and optic nerves.

I personally deplore recreational drugs, since I treasure the way Nature made our minds and souls and I don't like altering that artificially, even temporarily. But, if you look at the long-term, what vodka or hashish do to the human brain is nothing compared to what television does, at least the way television is being used by its current controllers.

It's outrageous to me that a man who inhales some leaf smoke that makes him dizzy and giggly is a felon in America, but a man who ruins the lives of millions and uses the powerful wiring he has effectively inserted into the brains of our people to destroy our people is not only not arrested, but is rewarded with billions upon billions upon billions of our dollars.

And it's outrageous to me that television, still the most powerful mass medium in America despite the welcome rise of the free Internet, is still controlled -- as it has been controlled since its inception in the 1940s -- by one particular non-White ethnic group with a vicious anti-White agenda. My wife and I did the research for the expose of all exposes on media ownership and control, Who Rules America?, so I know.

What would people be saying -- what would Congress and the FCC be doing, if all of a sudden we discovered that the major networks were dominated by a group of Arabs? -- or Southern Baptists? -- or Mexicans? -- or, God forbid, Frenchmen? There would certainly be outcry -- investigations -- hearings -- and new regulations to insure that no group, especially no alien group, could get anywhere near monopoly control of TV, radio, or any other mass medium. Yet that's exactly what we have with regard to television and the other mass media today -- Jews have ownership, power, and control vastly, cosmically in excess of their percentage of the population. Yet one hears little about it.

Why? The answer is similar to what Sir John Harington said about treason in the 17th century. Harington was wondering why one hears so little about treason; the way he put it was why does treason not prosper? It must not prosper, since we never hear about it -- right? Wrong, Harington said. Here are his exact words: "Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

Similarly, today, few dare call into question the promotion of racemixing, mass immigration, and slavish support for Israel and all things anti-White and anti-American by the supposed "American" media -- and few dare mention the real ethnic loyalties and background of the billionaire media elite -- because to do so would bring smears, economic repercussions, and sometimes even legal harassment and physical violence down on the truth-teller.

So, except for a few brave men and women, "none dare call it treason"... none dare indict the Jews. One of the weapons of this, the world's -- by far -- richest and most influential ethnic group, is to pose as the persecuted underdog who deserve unlimited sympathy and support. This is one of the reasons that the Jewish establishment is frantically trying to prop up their wildly-exaggerated 'Holocaust' story by imprisoning scientists and scholars who have figured out it's a hoax. The Jewish supremacist moguls don't want the people seeing them as they really are -- a super-wealthy group of criminal aliens doing everything they can to keep the rest of us down -- and dumbed down.

Let's take a look at the false world they have created. The world of television advertising is a Politically Correct fantasy world, where every White child has non-White playmates (though usually with pleasing, almost European features, and seldom more than 50 per cent. of the total), and where criminals and undesirables are almost never non-White. Even though the facts tell us that non-White males are more dangerous to White women and children than White males -- because of their greater criminality, violence, and infection with sexually-transmitted diseases -- you get the opposite impression from Jewish-controlled television.

A brave White woman named Elizabeth Smith recently wrote to National Vanguard, telling us how one cable network geared to women, the "Lifetime" network, almost continually bombards its viewers with the message that White men are dangerous. Here's what she wrote:

'WHEN I USED TO watch the Lifetime Channel -- the Jewish-owned Walt Disney company's cable and satellite TV channel for women, headed by President and CEO Betty Cohen -- I was constantly being indoctrinated with the belief that White men were the main problem faced by women. They were the rapists, thieves, murderers, and abusers. For hours I was shown how White men were "bad news." The implicit message: Stay away from them.

'Not once do I remember a portrayal of a White family man who loved and protected his wife and children. No, they had to ruin that by portraying him as a cheater who couldn't love them -- or as a callous, selfish jerk who thought of them as a burden.

'Now, after many years of not watching Lifetime anymore and having found new media like, I have learned that all the stereotypes put out about White men by Lifetime and their ilk are actually what White women ought to fear from men of other races who want to exploit us. It is that quite rational concern about "players" and exploiters who cross Nature's racial lines that should be taught to our girls and women.

'...Women are shown that if they want a good man and faithful husband they had better betray their own race and marry a non-White. Not once was the high incidence of thieves, rapists, murderers, and abusers among Blacks discussed, shown, or referred to in any way. Nor were any negative consequences of White women mating and marrying Mestizos or other non-Whites ever shown, at least while I was watching. Clearly, Lifetime has an agenda.

'And it's an agenda with tragic consequences... with often violent and life-destroying results. Meanwhile, Lifetime and other controlled media outlets teach [White women] to fear those who are their best protection -- White men, especially racially conscious White men.

'Women, you can't realize how strongly Lifetime controls the way you think in terms of men until after you stop watching their poisonous programming. Stop for, say, a couple of years -- your mind will remember clearly what you watched, but you'll start to see how disconnected it was from reality.

'...Television today is a fairy tale -- a tale of how beneficial other races are for us, and how "diversity" is the ultimate good. Outside of selling us junk we don't need, that is its primary agenda.

'...We need to set aside what the controlled media have taught us and follow our instincts -- and our hearts. If we do this, will feel so much safer. You and your children will be so much safer.'

What is truly interesting is the lack of media attention focused on non-White crime and murder against Whites -- which, by the government's own statistics, is about ten times as common as the reverse. You'd never know that by watching television.

Why aren't the rape/murders, gang rapes, torture-murders, and gang initiation murders of innocent Whites by Blacks and Mestizos featured on the billionaire elite's television networks, with as much prominence -- and ten times as often -- as "racist" murders of non-Whites by Whites? Why aren't they presented as a "national threat" requiring special legislation and "reinterpretation" of the Constitution? You have one guess.

And what of the perversion of our free government by the TV moguls? The media billionaires use their power of television and the press not only to convince our young people that racial suicide is a good idea, but also to subvert our representative government. If the networks were all owned by members of our own people with widely varying points of view within the Western paradigm, it wouldn't be so bad. But when the media billionaires are mainly aliens of one particular group, and who all have an almost identical agenda, it is totally toxic to representative government.

Not only are millions of busy people who are also voters given skewed information, subverting the political process, but when almost every single politician is deathly afraid of crossing the media men, the debate -- on any issue the media men really care about -- never even gets started. Anyone who doesn't please the Jewish supremacists is viciously attacked -- as David Duke was attacked when he ran for political office. Most politicians quail before the power of the media. They don't want to be destroyed. So they toe the line. How is that "freedom"? How is that representative government?

Every now and then a man appears who has the ability to appeal to his people from the heart so powerfully that the media men can't totally destroy him. David Duke is one such man. Hundreds of thousands of White people, in the privacy of the voting booth, proved that the media bosses can be beaten. When they were given a choice for a change, they voted for David Duke.

The point being that the majority of White voters in Louisiana, even after a vilification campaign of immense proportions against him, chose David Duke. That's significant. If European Civilization survives, and I believe it will, Duke will be remembered as a hero, and as a man who stood firm against the tide of advancing barbarism, irrational religious delusions, and attempted genocide. Like Joseph McCarthy, he will be proven to have been hated by the elite and their idiotic followers, not because he was "evil" -- but rather because he was right. The lesson here is that we have to constantly expand our ability to communicate with our people (as Duke's campaign was able to do so well, and as we are doing with our new media), and we must nurture and promote those who have the natural ability to do that well and with responsibility and character.

The media moguls -- who, along with the shysters of academe, know that they've dumbed down their victims to the point where many of them have very short memories indeed -- shamelessly change their story all the time. They're even more brazen, I think, than Orwell's Big Brother and his rewriting of the history books.

Forty years ago, those promoting multiracialism denied that their efforts would change the demographic makeup of this country significantly, or that their goal was to encourage racial intermarriage. They pooh-poohed the alarms of the "evil" "extremists" who warned us of precisely that. All they wanted us to do was to "be fair" to a few oppressed Blacks and suffering refugees. America wouldn't change racially, they claimed.

Now, it is obvious to everyone -- as we see "gangsta" Black "culture" shoved down the throats of White kids ten thousand times a day, and as we see Mestizos openly demanding a "reconquista" of our land -- that the "evil extremists" were right, and the multiracialist media men, who now openly "celebrate" what they formerly denied, were and are foul liars.

What's really interesting to me about the crazed hatred that seems to inspire in the Jewish supremacists -- and which the revisionist writers and scholars also inspire -- is that the Jewish power structure apparently can't stand to have even one small dissenting voice anywhere on the radio dial, anywhere on the 'Net, anywhere in academia. This indicates to me two things: The Jewish supremacists know that we are right, and they know that our people -- people of the West, people of European descent -- have an innate, almost religious, respect for the truth. These two things make the Jewish supremacists very afraid of us, despite their great current advantage in the media wars.

All over the television and radio broadcast spectrum, over megawatt upon megawatt of transmitters, in every city, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, we receive endless messages from the billionaire media elite extolling the ethical superiority of multiracialism, the effective repeal of the First and Second Amendments, the "holiness" of Israel, the "necessity" and "morality" of unlimited immigration and racial mixture -- and yet when a few writers and thinkers who dissent from such treason want to have a peaceful conversation about it on the 'Net or publish their ideas in a book or express them in a poem or a video, the Jewish supremacists become so deranged with frenzied hate that they will do almost anything to disrupt or censor them.

I want all of you who can hear or read my words to participate fully in TV-Turnoff Week in the days ahead. Network with others in your state who are doing the same thing. Tell your friends about it, too. Write letters to the editor with a TV-Turnoff Week theme. Don't hit people over the head with it, but let everybody know some of the reasons we National Vanguard members have for objecting to the corporate media.

Now I know that turning off your television during TV-Turnoff Week won't put the moguls out of business, or make them vanish from the earth, never to return -- just like the raindrops stopped by your umbrella are still there. It won't stop the destructive poison from being radiated from all those broadcast towers. But it will keep the poison out of your house for a week. If you tune in and see some Republican or Democrat talking head promoting another war or promoting more immigration or pretending he opposes more immigration on the television, and you switch it off immediately, that doesn't make the traitors stop existing.

But it does give you a chance to perceive the world primarily with your own eyes and ears, and to draw your own conclusions instead of having them spoon-fed to you. It does let you have more time with your loved ones. It does let you develop some healthy habits like hiking and participatory sports. It gives you a chance to explore our growing alternative media with more depth than you've been able to do before. And it might even free up enough time for you to earn extra income to prepare for the hard times ahead -- and contribute to, and even take part in, the awakening of our people which we have only just begun.

For, unless we quickly develop the means to communicate effectively -- and constantly -- with our people, they will die without knowing what killed them. Everything depends on expanding our capability to communicate.

None of us will live forever as an individual, and no one ever went to his grave lamenting the TV shows he missed. But many have bitterly regretted the time they could have spent expressing love and doing great things for their loved ones -- and for their race and nation.

I draw your attention to the "off" buttons on your television set and satellite or cable box. Look at them carefully. You know what to do next.

* * *

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard


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