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Elephants in the House

Only a radical reordering of our values can save our race and nation in these dangerous times.

American Dissident Voices broadcast for April 16, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

I DON'T HATE elephants at all. But I don't want to live with them in my home or workplace. It wouldn't work. We're not meant to live together. If we tried, it would be a disaster on all sides. It could even lead to disease and death if we insisted on carrying such nonsense to its ultimate conclusion.

Likewise, I and millions of other White people don't want to live with other human races in our White society. It's proving to be a disaster all around. Eventually, it will kill us if we persist in such folly. That doesn't mean I hate other races just because they exist. That's crazy. It does means that we should live in our own separate, independent societies. Nature, as Jefferson said, has drawn indelible lines of distinction between the various human races that can never be erased -- and, as Jefferson also said, the differing races should not live under the same government.

Elephants, in their proper place, are admirable and marvelous creatures. We can admire their fine qualities. In some respects they are superior to us. As the custodians of this planet for future generations, we quite rightly become concerned when an elephant species is threatened with extinction. We are justly opposed to any cruelty to them, which goes against our nature. (We suppressed the trade in ivory -- though African poachers still engage in it, just as we suppressed the trade in slaves many years ago -- though, again, slavery still exists in some parts of the world, especially Africa.)

But, like them as you may, it is the height of foolishness to invite elephants into your home on terms of equality. I'm not referring to some billionaire who has exotic animals behind walls or behind glass on his estate. That's really no different than a zoo. That's not what I'm talking about. When I talk about having elephants in your home on terms of equality, I mean having them right in the same rooms you and your family use.

If your "love" for elephants was so overwhelming that it led you to adopt such a plan, what would happen?

First of all, it wouldn't be any good for the elephants. They'd hate it. The ceilings would be too low. The space would be too restricted. The rules of your home and of your town or city would be too restricted, too. They'd constantly be breaking the rules, trying to act as Nature has programmed them to act -- to act in the only way they can to be natural and happy.

They'd destroy your floor joists and ceilings, to say nothing of your carpets. The walls of your home would be caved in, and there'd soon be an elephant-sized hole where your door used to be. They'd find a source of water and spray everywhere, completing the destruction. Every appliance, every piece of furniture, every work of art or sentimental object or picture would be totally ruined. Eventually, even simple sanitation would become impossible and serious disease and other health problems would ensue. Just because you "loved elephants" and tried to live together with them. This is a crazy kind of "love" -- that wrecks the lives of all parties involved in it.

Obviously, I am making an analogy to the multiracialist program to open America's borders to the Third World, which is causing a huge Mexican Problem all across this land in addition to all the other problems we already had with a growing non-White presence. As I said several years ago in my story "The Piranhas, the Birds, and the 'Liberal'," the authors of such programs to open our borders and mix the races are not motivated by love at all. They have been motivated by hate all along. They want to destroy us, and the importation of other races is one way they are trying to do that.

As we Whites organize and begin to form a viable racial community, we've got to keep our thinking straight on this issue, or we'll be victims again and again until we're wiped out. The responsibility for the Third World immigrant problem in general and the Mexican Problem in particular does not fall primarily on the Mexicans and other Third Worlders. It falls on the planners who seek our doom. And it falls on those of us who accepted their lies. And it falls on those of us who know well what is happening and what is going to happen, but do nothing about it.

Who is to blame for the elephants' destruction of your home? The elephants? Not really. They were quite harmless to you and yours when they were roaming the plains of Africa. Those who came up with the crazy plan to bring them to your home are to blame -- as are you for actively or passively going along with it.

And so, to a very great extent, you are to blame, White man, White woman, for the Mexican invaders marching in the streets and demanding our wealth and our land. You are to blame for the non-White crime wave that is engulfing our cities. Yes, the Jewish supremacists had a hand in all this, to be sure. But so did White people, who sold out or wimped out and did nothing to stop the invasion, did nothing to stop the rapes and the killing, did nothing to stop the sexual slavery of White girls and women, did nothing to stop the Mexican takeover, did nothing to stop the establishment of the false "moral" values -- that White independence is bad and multiracialism is good -- that grip our people. That's reality.

So as the Mestizos march by the thousands on our streets, and pressure the politicians to do their bidding and rip all the "White man's laws" to shreds for their convenience, remember that they're just doing what comes naturally. They're united racially, and they are working for their race's best interests. Many of them have as their ultimate goal a race-based Mestizo government, their own independent state.

As with the elephants, I don't want to live in the same house or the same society with these Mestizos, but -- also like the elephants -- one must admit that they are now superior to us in some ways. They have an admirable degree of racial consciousness, racial unity, and many of them have a burning desire for independence and self-government. We would do well to emulate them in these regards. With a reborn racial consciousness, plus our undoubted intelligence and creativity, we would be unstoppable.

White people need to take responsibility for the racial mess our nations are in; not so much in the sense of remorse over the mistakes of the past -- that can't change anything -- but in the sense of doing whatever it takes to set things right.

Every day there are White people killed because of the failed "social experiment" of multiracialism forced upon us by the Jewish supremacists. Another grisly example happened just yesterday, and I received a news report about it while I was preparing this program. A productive White man is dead, a White woman has lost her husband, and two White children have lost their father. Here's the WIVB-TV report on the killing:

'Buffalo Police Homicide Detectives continue their search this morning for the men who held up a Main Street Restaurant, then shot its owner to death. On Friday, two masked men held up Tony's Ranchouse on Main near Dewey.

'During the robbery, they shot the restaurant's owner, ...George Pitliangas, who died a short while later. Pitliangas is remembered by his employees, customers, and even business competitors as a good man, loving husband and father, and caring member of the community.

'Local business owner Paul Burgio: "I just can't get over that someone would walk into somewhere and kill a man over a few bucks, it doesn't make any sense to me."

'Police say both suspects are men in their 20's. The first is believed to be about five foot ten, 200 pounds and was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with a yellow stripe. The second suspect is believed to be shorter, but was wearing all black clothing during the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call Buffalo Homicide at 851-4466. '

Did you notice the excellent description of the killers in that broadcast? Rough age, rough height and weight (well, weight for one of them), and some of their clothing. That's going to be a big help in apprehending them, I'm sure!

WIVB knows more about this killing than they're telling. They know the same things I do, because just before I recorded this broadcast I received a forwarded email written by a friend of the victim's family. They know the victim was a White family man. They know the killers were Black.

But WIVB is not telling us that. They're not even giving a detailed description of their features because, in the course of giving that description, it would become obvious that the killers are Black. And this is just another killing of Whites by non-Whites -- it happens every day, many times every day. And this is yet another example of the media trying to cover up the race of the victim and the killers. They care more about their multiracialist agenda than they do about catching these non-White murderers. They don't care about our family's lives. Another media outlet -- WGRZ -- did better and actually said the killers were "African-American males" though their description was otherwise sparse. But the local newspaper, the Buffalo News -- which, you'd think, would be anxious to give its readers the fullest description possible to help catch the murderers -- failed to mention the race of the victim or the attackers at all. They did give us the color of the killers' clothing. They even described the color of the bag -- white -- that investigators used to gather evidence. But as to the race of the killers... it went completely unmentioned.

Here's the forwarded letter I received via email:

"A life-long friend of mine wrote me the attached personal reaction to the latest Black-on-White murder in Buffalo. The Blacks are shooting someone every day here, and it is not safe to go anywhere at any time of day or night by foot or vehicle.... Yesterday afternoon two Blacks entered the restaurant of my neighbor George, who lives across the street from us with his wife -- and two small children which they adopted from Russia. One of the Blacks shot George in the chest. He died last night. He was 41 years old. The killers didn't even get any money. George's parents came here from Greece. Happy Easter. Our neighborhood is in shock. We all cried together."

When a Black or Chicano gets tapped a bit too heavily with a nightstick by a White officer, the non-Whites, their numerous race-based organizations, and a cooperative media go into overdrive. The case often becomes a nationwide sensation. We hear about it constantly, even years later, as we have with Rodney King. But, outside of local stories, and limited ones at that, only our own fledgling pro-White media are going to memorialize George Pitliangas and remember his non-White killers. Very few besides ourselves remember the Wichita Massacre. Only we are still talking about the Labor Day Massacre. Only we are remembering Andrea Nance and Brittany Binger and the real reasons why they died. Only we told the full truth of Blood on the Frost, and the Whites who died in Wisconsin.

But bringing you these stories -- in full, uncensored form -- is only part of our job. Helping create the White community spirit and racial consciousness that will build a movement to put an end to these outrages is also only part of our job. Perhaps the greatest, most important, and most challenging job that National Vanguard faces is a reordering of the values held by our people. It is changing our values that will ultimately save the lives of future Brittany Bingers and George Pitliangases -- in fact, it is the only thing that will save them.

The philosopher Kierkegaard tells the story of how one night, a group of thieves broke into a jewelry store. But instead of stealing anything, they had an unusual plan that they hoped would get them the swag they wanted and at the same time keep them out of prison. They simply switched all the price tags in the store. Then they left.

The next day all the customers and employees were mixed up -- though they didn't know it -- as to what was valuable and what was cheap. The real and once-expensive gems had suddenly become cheap, and the cheap costume jewelry, which had sold for only a pittance before, was suddenly marked with price tags in the thousands of dollars. Customers who thought they were purchasing valuable gems were getting cheap imitations. And the thieves never had to wield a gun or force anyone to do anything. They got hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of diamonds for just a few cents on the dollar.

The store's employees believed in the price tags that the thieves had switched. Their values were inverted. So they lost what they were charged with protecting; they lost everything of value in the store.

So also we White Americans have lost track of what is really valuable and what is essentially worthless. We have accepted the inverted values that have been pushed by the Jewish supremacists. Two of the most valuable things in the world -- racial survival and progress -- have been labeled as things of no value or negative value. And multiracialism and racial mixing -- which lead to misery and death for all those who engage in them -- have been labeled as ultimate good.

Keeping our country's industrial infrastructure -- and doing our own work and keeping the jobs for our own people -- and keeping the wealth our people have created at home -- are being treated as things of little or no value. These truly valuable things have been traded for cheap trinkets and junk, Dollar Store gewgaws and TVs and SUVs that will all be buried in a landfill in a few years; and for the windfall profits of a sellout few.

We're giving away our wealth -- we're giving away control of our own economy -- we're giving away our very land -- we're literally giving away the lives of our sons and daughters. For what? Do you think that these "Gringo Go Home" Mestizos are going to thank you for this country and the billions of dollars they have extorted from us? Do you think that the future Black panjandrums -- the Idi Amins-to-come of North America -- are going to build statues to you and spare your daughters because you were Politically Correct and sold out your own people? Do you think the Jewish supremacists will phone Yahweh and have him pat you on the head extra nice when you go to Heaven because you committed racial suicide? If you do believe any of these things, you're crazy.

As Sam Dickson has said, those who betray their own people are never memorialized by anyone. They are universally contemptible. They do not deserve to survive. Nothing will be left of them but dry dust underneath the feet of those people who still live.

The first step in reordering our values will take place when we determine that we shall live as a people, as a race, no matter what. No value, whether secular, religious, economic, ethical, or physical can ever be higher than that of our survival. Remember that and live. Forget it and die. It really is as simple as that.

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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