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Our Heritage, Our Freedom, and Our Future, Part 2

ILLUSTRATION: On the steps of the National Archives in Washington sits James Earl Fraser's sculpture, "Heritage." A young female figure holds a child and a sheaf of wheat in her right hand as symbols of the future generations of our people. In her left hand she protects an urn, symbolic of the ashes of past generations. The base is inscribed, "The Heritage of the Past is the Seed that Brings Forth the Harvest of the Future."

David Duke discusses the war tactics of the Jewish supremacists, his efforts to promote a peaceful paradigm in international and race relations, and his devotion to our heritage.

American Dissident Voices broadcast for March 12, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

ON TODAY'S program we continue with part 2 of our interview with leading White rights spokesman David Duke. We left our conversation last week with a discussion of Dr. Duke's peace mission to the Middle East, where he spoke to enthusiastic crowds in Syria. They were enthusiastic because they were finally hearing from a representative of the peace-loving and freedom-loving American people -- instead of from neo-con war criminals and propagandists. Let's rejoin that conversation now.

KAS: What was the reaction of the high-level people in Syria to your visit?

David Duke: Extremely Positive. One of the most amazing aspects of my visit was the reaction of the press. I'm used to an adversarial press, of course, pretty much because of the influence of the Jewish supremacists. In Syria I held a large press conference in a big press tent in the middle of Damascus. There were probably a hundred news people there from all over the Middle East, including about twenty from the major national news media of the respective countries. And this press conference was broadcast live in these different countries. I got to explain about Jewish supremacism, Jewish control of the American media, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and about how Israel actually made a terrorist attack against America in the Lavon affair, which a lot of these people aren't aware of.

So, I said, America's been a victim of both Jewish terrorism and Jewish occupation in many of the ways that they have, and they got to hear about this. They also got to see and hear an American who doesn't go along with Jewish supremacism. The Syrian Press Association -- which is the official press association for that country and it has associates all over the Middle East -- came out with an article in which they said that David Duke is the best ambassador from the American people ever to come to Syria and the Mideast because he has made us realize that not all Americans support the policies of Wolfowitz, Perle, and Bush. He has shown us that not all Americans support the Zionist terror in Israel and that there are many Americans who support us. They may not be a majority, but they're being manipulated, just as the Zionists try to manipulate us here.

That was interesting to me because I didn't count on the media being so supportive. Again, I'm used to hostile media. The representatives of the Middle Eastern media interviewed me for an hour and a half, and there was not one negative question. There was no mention of my KKK involvement of thirty years ago -- just a discussion of the critical issues at hand, and it was very positive all the way through the interview.

KAS: In addition to Syria, I know that you've engaged in outreach to other Middle Eastern countries in the past. I find it interesting that you, a man who is characterized as a hater of non-Whites, were speaking in a friendly way to non-White peoples and receiving an excellent reception from them in their countries -- although you have expressed an opposition to Islamic and Middle Eastern immigration to Europe, the United States, and other White areas. Did they address that issue at all, and if so, how do they feel about that?

DD: Let me tell you an interesting fact; this is something that's important that all of your listeners hear. Every time I've gone to the Middle East and done public appearances I've made one thing clear. I've made sure there's no stone left unturned because Israel has started a hate campaign against me, telling the Arabs, "Well, David Duke is against all the non-White, non-European people, so you should not welcome him; instead you should spit upon him."

One of the first things I tell these people is, "I want to make something very clear at the outset. I am a person of European descent and I live in the United States of America. I want to preserve the ancestral homelands of my people for my people -- both Europe and America. I want to preserve our traditions and our ethnic heritage and I'm opposed to any non-European immigration to our countries -- just as I know you would be opposed to Europeans coming en masse to your countries, controlling your societies, and trying to change your religious values, traditions, or culture. So, I want to let you know that that's what I stand for. At the same time, I am not in favor of America or any other European country opening up bases all over the world, oppressing your people, or supporting Israel. We are allies in a sense, in that we both have a common problem in the extreme danger posed by Jewish supremacism and by the extremists who control Israel and have so much influence in the Western world. They are a threat to you and also to us in much the same way, and we should stand united in our opposition to them.

KAS: Well let's hope that there can be good will between different peoples who want self-determination and feel no hostility toward others who want the same thing.

DD: Well I think that there is such good will, and I certainly saw it during my trip. The media in Damascus broadcast my interview and my speech, which anybody can view on my Web site, That speech was aired on every news channel in Syria and just about every Syrian saw it. After the broadcast, whenever I would walk in the streets -- of course, I'm pretty recognizable over there; I'm tall and very European in appearance -- everywhere I went people would cheer for me and welcome me; it was amazing. So there is good will now, and I hope that we can preserve it.

There's a difference between a truly supremacist vision of life, such as the Jews have, and what we want. We're not trying to hurt other peoples or oppress them, and this message also helps our own people to see the truth. When you talk to many White people about preserving our heritage, our values, and our rights, and about having their children grow up in a White society, they can go along with that. They don't go along with the idea of murdering or oppressing or exterminating other people, which, of course, is what the Jewish media try to portray our movement as being all about.

That's why when our people act like the Hollywood stereotypes they do a tremendous amount of damage to our cause. But when White people see an individual who is active for White rights also befriending people in the Middle East in a diplomatic sort of way, it basically destroys the image that the Jewish media try to create of a "hater," or a "bigot" -- of somebody who hates others. They realize that I am a person just like themselves, and that the people of our cause are decent individuals who are trying to preserve our heritage, but are not trying to hurt other peoples.

KAS: I know that the reaction of the Jewish-controlled media here in the West to your Syrian trip was very hostile -- and they tried to make it look like you were making anti-American speeches there.

DD: Right. In fact, I remember seeing that on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. Wolf Blitzer -- now here's a guy who's supposed to be an unbiased newsman. He's actually a former activist for AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee -- a group that is under investigation right now for spying on the United States of America.

KAS: And one of the number one pro-war groups in this country.

DD: Exactly. And this is a guy who tells us about the Middle East and tells us "David Duke blasts the U.S."? I didn't blast the U.S.

I blasted the Jewish supremacists who have subverted and hijacked American foreign policy and led us to this disaster in the Middle East, and I blasted the individual whom I believe has practically committed treason against this country, George Bush.

When you send American boys into battle, you risk their lives and they face losing their arms, their legs, their vision, and even their ability to reproduce. When you send them into battle, you don't send them to fight for a lie, and you don't send them to fight for some other country's interests. You send them in only if America and its well-being are truly threatened. And, of course, we've learned that the reasons given for this war have been a lie. So I see it as a great betrayal to send Americans into this war, which is a war for Israel, rather than for American interests.

KAS: The Jewish "powers that be" have also tried to make some moves against the university in Ukraine from which you recently earned your doctorate. Can you tell us about that?

DD: Well, yes, that's true, and this is the first time I've talked to your listeners since that happened. I've been quietly working toward my doctoral degree for a long time. I made sure that every "i" was dotted and every "t" was crossed in my studies at the university. I took the required exams, did everything I had to do, and defended my doctoral thesis -- which had to do with the ethnic supremacist aspect of Zionism -- in the proper way before fifteen academicians at the university. They were fifteen of the top academicians not only at that school, but also in all of eastern Europe. All of them were well educated and have been widely published, not only in the academic community, but also in the larger commercial market. And of course, I was awarded a doctorate.

The Jewish extremists are pretty upset about that. They had to admit that everything was done properly, but they still said I should be in prison robes rather than doctoral robes, and they said the same thing about the president of the university, Dr. Tchokin. In fact, Israel has demanded that Dr. Tchokin not be allowed to run for office in Ukraine. He started a new party there called the Conservative Party. He's a very anti-Zionist voice, a very pro-Ukrainian, nationalistic voice, and they demanded that he not be allowed to run for office.

That's chutzpah, when a foreign country tells you that you can't have democratic freedoms or rights in elections. Since that time they have also have demanded that the university be shut down, and that all of its degrees be revoked. Well, it's kind of hard to shut down the university; it's the largest university in Ukraine. They have about fifty thousand students there and a beautiful, sprawling campus with fantastic buildings on a hill in the middle of Kiev. More people in the Ukrainian government, more members of the Ukrainian diplomatic corps, more of the people in their bureaucracy, their scientific community, and the other professions in Ukraine have been educated at this university than at any other university in the country. All of a sudden, here are these extremist Jews saying, "Revoke the degrees of all the students." That would mean revoking literally hundreds of thousands of degrees that have been earned by the leading citizens of the country. But that's how evil and oppressive these extremists are.

KAS: I understand that the university has held conferences on the subject of Zionism. I have an article in front of me that says, "The courageous university leadership" -- it's called MAUP, which is a Ukrainian acronym for Interregional Academy for Personnel Management -- "said the United Nations should revoke its 1947 resolution on the creation of a Jewish state. 'Mankind lived without the state of Israel exactly 2,670 years, but after the second of its creation, all the world feels a constant aggression,' they declared." So there definitely is some conflict between the university and Zionist power in the world.

DD: That statement was made in response to their efforts to shut down the university and deny its President his rights. And, by the way, my argument is not by any means for extermination of the Jewish people. What I have said is simply that the Jewish people in Israel can live as the other Jewish communities have historically lived without bothering, oppressing, or imprisoning members of the Arab community. I have no problem with Jews being in Israel; obviously they have historically resided there. But I do have a problem with them having created a state through terrorism, with their terrorization of the Palestinian population, and with their jailing and torturing of people by the tens of thousands over the years, and with their fomenting of problems in other countries.

For instance, I truly believe that the Shi'ite-Sunni civil war now looming in Iraq is the work of the Mossad. Only the Mossad would bomb some of the holiest sites of Islam, and of course, the Israelis seek this war. They destroyed the government of Saddam Hussein, but in its place they now see something that they are beginning to view as a big threat: a Shi'ite government that is very pro-Iran and a refurbished, rebuilt Iraq, re-armed by America. They don't want this.

They want Iraq to be destabilized through civil war, so now they're now trying to foment one. Now, before people begin saying, "David Duke is loony again" or "He's just extreme. How can that be?," they should remember that we know for a fact that Israel did precisely the same thing in Lebanon. Moshe Sharett, the former Israeli Prime Minister, talked about this. Israel purposely promoted bloodshed and violence between the Christians and the Muslims in Lebanon in order to foment civil war there. The reason why they hate Syria so much is because Syrian forces came in -- they were invited, by the way, by the Lebanese government -- and stopped the bloodshed among these Lebanese people that had lived side-by-side for centuries. By the way, although Syria is overwhelmingly Muslim, approximately four million Christians, mostly of Greek descent -- almost pure Greek descent -- also live there, and they and the Muslim population have co-existed for centuries. Well, obviously it's in the interests of the Jewish state to use the same old divide-and-conquer technique that Stephen Steinlight has talked about. The Israelis want to see their enemies fight each other, and I think that's what's why we see what's going on in Iraq right now.

KAS: Did you not run an article on your website theorizing that there was a Jewish element behind this Mohammed cartoon controversy that began in Denmark and resulted in riots all around the world?

DD: According to Wikipedia and other sources, Fleming Rose, the person that launched the cartoon controversy is himself of direct Ukrainian Jewish descent. We know for a fact that he is a very close associate of Daniel Pipes, one of the leading and most extreme Jewish neo-cons, as pro-Israel and as supremacist as you could possibly imagine. Rose stayed in Pipes' home in the United States of America.

This affair is one more example of what they try to do, and it's also what they're doing right now in our country. I think Israel benefited a great deal from the 9-11 attacks, and I think that in the long run, Israel wants these attacks. They want to escalate this international conflict, they want World War IV.

And in the process, what does that do? Well, it again takes our attention away from the vital domestic racial issues confronting us in our country. It also gives them an opportunity to take away our freedoms, because we find ourselves in a wartime public speech scenario. So you see continued destruction of our basic constitutional rights and liberties. Our Bill of Rights is falling by the wayside a little more every day, and these international wars that they're trying to foment are simply a disaster for us. We saw the same thing in the Second World War. They got us into that war through the back door, so to speak. For years they promoted war and they tried to provoke a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in every way they could. Our government engaged in many warlike acts against Japan for the purpose of provoking this attack.

KAS: Well, if 9-11 was the Pearl Harbor of the Iraq war, do you believe they will need another incident -- another "Pearl Harbor" -- to bring on a war with Iran, which the neo-cons and the Zionists clearly want?

DD: I don't know if they need an incident as big as 9-11, but they do need continued pressure. They need for there to be more terrorist acts in the West. I don't know if they themselves have to engage in direct infiltration to promote these things or not, but I wouldn't put anything past them.

They've done false flag operations before; it's a fact of history. There's no denying the fact that Israel literally sent Jewish Mossad agents to Egypt to blow up American installations, American movie theaters, American restaurants, and American libraries. Luckily the plot was thwarted because one of the bombs in a Jewish terrorist's pocket blew up prematurely. So he was caught and made to talk, the whole plot unraveled, and eventually the Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon, had to resign. In that instance they tried to use terrorism against America to get our country into a war against another country -- Egypt -- that was innocent of any action against us.

If they had been successful, their scheme would have cost tens of thousands of American lives and countless billions of dollars, and would have caused the terrible injustice of war with a country that had done nothing to harm us. And as you know, just recently, the Israeli prime minister literally gave medals to -- and praised as heroes -- these same Jewish terrorists who attacked the United States of America, and yet there was almost no coverage of this event in America's controlled media, and there was no outrage in the United States Congress.

KAS: Virtually the only coverage came from the pro-White alternative media. David, can you share with us your insight on the likelihood of war with Iran? What insights do your Middle Eastern contacts give you into the mind-set of the Iranians? What is Ahmadinejad looking for and where is he going?

DD: I think Ahmadinejad is one of the most courageous, honest overseas leaders, and I think he's smart enough to realize that there's going to be a lot of problems for them, as well as for us, unless Jewish extremist power in Europe and America is broken.

I did a lot of programs in the Middle East back in late October and early November and I discussed how the Holocaust is being used as a weapon. Of course, it was the primary weapon in the creation of Israel and in the suppression of the Palestinian people, and there are many revisionists who have legitimate questions about this period of history. The Arab states and the Islamic world did well to start challenging some of its claims. I talked about this to Nidal Kabalan, who is Syria's leading journalist, and he later spoke with the President of Iran. I think this may have something to do with the statements that Ahmadinejad made just a few weeks later, questioning different aspects of the Holocaust.

KAS: What do you think is the likelihood of war with Iran?

DD: Obviously the likelihood is high. The question is, how crazy are these Jewish neo-cons? I think if they do launch an attack on Iran, they'd much prefer it come from the United States rather than from Israel, because they want to deflect their enemies from their own country.

The Iraq war, after all, deflected a lot of bombers and terrorist targets from Israel to America. If the crazies succeed, I think it will be disastrous, ultimately, for international Zionism. Even if we don't invade Iran, but instead bomb their nuclear sites, for example, the Iranians will consider that an act of all-out war. They have a very dedicated population three times as large as Iraq's. They've already had 250,000 people sign up to be suicide bombers, and these people are at the ready in a suicide brigade. Iran will send its agents all over the Middle East and all over the world to attack Americans. They not going to just sit back and take it.

This would be a disaster, and it would also disrupt the flow of oil. We would very likely have $200-per-barrel oil, which would probably lead to terrible economic depression in Europe and America. It would probably bring on the most severe worldwide depression since the 1930s.

KAS: It seems crazy for people who are at the pinnacle of power -- that is, the Jewish supremacists right now in the West -- to want to shake things up so badly, just to protect their little Zionist colony in Israel.

DD: Well, they're between a rock and a hard place, that's their problem. They don't want Iran to eventually acquire nuclear weapons and be on a par with Israel, but at the same time if they launch this war it's going to result in disaster in all the countries of the world, and that may cause them to lose their grip on the world. So they have a very tough decision to make.

If the crazies prevail, I think it's going to be disastrous for the United States and disastrous for the world. However, if the cooler heads among the Zionists prevail, they'll try to use other means -- like subversion -- to take care of the problem. They may try to cause a civil war in Iran, or foment a coup de e'tat there. They're very good at that kind of thing, you know. They've been practicing and working at it for years and I'm sure that they have people planted in the government of Iran and in many other governments as well; this is their forte. In that case, we won't have war; and since the Jews have tended to learn from history, at this point I think that the cooler heads will prevail. There's just too much risk for them in the other scenario.

KAS: Well, whatever the case, we must continue to work to educate our people and to work for our own self-determination. Along those same lines, you and I were in Washington, D.C. earlier this week at the National Archives and we stood with our hands literally within a couple of inches of the founding document of the United States, the Constitution. What were your thoughts on that occasion?

DD: Well, I've seen them before, and I've been that close to them before, but every time in my life that I've seen them they've made a deep impression on me.

Our Founding Fathers were such brilliant men, and they were also courageous men. They stood up against the strongest power in the world at the time. They stood on principle, and they sacrificed. Most who participated in the American Revolution died paupers.

It amazes me that the same issues exist today, except that they are perhaps even more serious. For instance, our country was founded on the principle of independence, on the idea that as a nation and a culture we have a right to a government dedicated to "ourselves and to our posterity." We have a right to our independence, to be free of control by any foreign people. The people of the United States then, of course, had been controlled by the British, who are basically our people. Most of the American people then were of British descent. But we still felt that we had our own life here in America, we had the right to run our own affairs and to have those affairs determined by what's good for our people here.

Of course, today we have a situation in which a foreign nation that is absolutely opposed to the fundamental precepts of what America is all about, to what our forefathers believed in, and to our values, is in control of our mass media and in control of many aspects of our government -- certainly of our foreign policy. That makes it contemporary for me.

And the principles of our Declaration of Independence apply to other nations as well. They apply to the Iraqis, who have a right to their independence under Saddam Hussein or whomever else they may choose as their leaders. They apply to Iran and to Syria, to Israel, and to any other country. For us to try to make things otherwise is a terrible mistake; it gets us involved in these foreign conflicts.

Secondly, seeing these documents and the Constitution of the United States again, I'm reminded of the founding of our country and how much it's been subverted since those days. As we all know, the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States says very clearly that these principles are for "ourselves and our posterity." That's our posterity. These men were talking about their own posterity. And of course, whether or not our posterity will survive is in question. We're being ethnically cleansed in our own country. Through the differential birthrate, racial mixing, and massive immigration we are literally becoming fewer and fewer in number and eventually we'll be completely under the control -- political, social, economic, and cultural -- of people who are not of our kind.

I also looked at the Bill of Rights while we were there, and remembered that one of the very first laws that the framers of our Constitution wrote limited immigration to the United States to people of European heritage. So we know what this country was founded on, and even though the media always call people like you and me "un-American," we know that we are the authentic Americans.

One final thing I thought of when I considered how our country has been subverted again, were the remarks that Mr. Neal Gabler made in a documentary about Jewish media control (I quote him in my book Jewish Supremacism). In that documentary he said, in approximately these words, that the eastern European Jews who came to America -- people who were not allowed in many precincts of the old America -- literally changed America through control of our media -- changed it to their point of view, to their values, and to their issues.

He's Jewish himself, and his own words were "they devoured the old America." In its place they created a new America of their own design, in which they were the leaders; and he said that the Jews subverted the values of this country in many of whose precincts they formerly hadn't even been allowed.

Well, in my group, EURO, and in your group, National Vanguard, we have a task. In our Web sites and our writings, and in our work, we have an absolutely vital task ahead of us. We must get back control over our own country, over our culture, our press, our media, and truthfully, over our very hearts and souls.

Each of us has an individual battle in that way because all of us are touched and affected by this virus that is among us -- this destructive, negative culture that the Jews have dumped upon us. We must struggle to regain control of our lives, our heritage, and eventually our country and our media, and unless we do this, unless we have the courage and we acquire the ability and the knowledge to regain control, unless we have the passion and the love that it's going to take -- it takes great love to make great sacrifices -- we will be lost forever and all the tears and dreams of our forefathers will have been in vain. That's our task. I am committed, I am dedicated to that task, and I believe that you are too.

KAS: Well, David, on the facade of the National Archives building, which is a beautiful, almost Olympian structure in federal Washington, are graven some words which I will quote, "The Heritage of the Past is the Seed that Brings Forth the Harvest of the Future." I want to thank you for working for the preservation and the advancement of that precious heritage over these many years and I want to thank you for your work as an ambassador for peace from our people to the other peoples of the world. I look forward to your work this year and in the decades to come, and I also want to thank you for being a guest again on American Dissident Voices.

DD: Thank you, Kevin, and I look forward to being with you again soon.

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