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War Plans, Terror Plans

Can the neocons bring about their desired World War III in Iran without another "terror incident" to pep up the cattle for the slaughter?

American Dissident Voices broadcast for February 19, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

IT IS SUPREMELY IRONIC that National Vanguard is falsely but commonly characterized as a group which "hates" non-Whites, but is actually in the forefront of preventing non-Whites from being slaughtered by those wolves in sheep's clothing who run both the Republican and Democratic parties, the Jewish supremacists. I believe that another Pearl Harbor/9-11 style incident will be attempted by these insane warmongers if they insist on having their war with Iran.

It is doubly ironic that the Jewish supremacists and their Gentile employees pose as apostles of "tolerance" and "love" when in reality no one on Earth is more directly responsible for the outright mass murder of the peoples of the Middle East.

They've killed over 3,000 Semitic Palestinians since the Intifada began alone. They've killed some 30,000 people in the Iraq War, and 2,274 of those have been Americans -- 2,137 of them since George W. Bush announced "mission accomplished." But most of the dead have been non-Whites, and mostly Semites -- in fact, one could fairly characterize the Jewish supremacists as anti-Semitic in the most accurate (and bloody) sense imaginable. In Afghanistan, some 3,500 have been killed, most of them civilians. In addition, some estimates of collateral deaths caused by the latest war run as high as 200,000 -- and this isn't even counting the hundreds of thousands killed by the Iraq embargo and the literal holocaust when U.S. firebombers burned alive as many as 100,000 surrendered, retreating Iraqis in 1991. But these hundreds of thousands of dead are nothing compared to what the Jewish supremacists have planned for us now.
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ITEM: In 2005, the Central Intelligence Agency reported that Iran would require five to ten years to develop its first nuclear weapon. Now, mirroring the false WMD intelligence provided to Bush from the neocon-created "Office of Special Plans" in the leadup to the Iraq war, the neocon-linked group "Geostrategy Direct" now claims that "U.S. intelligence sources" have "done a 180" and that "Officials said the U.S. intelligence community has determined that Iran has become capable of enriching uranium and completing the nuclear fuel cycle." When the neocons tried to justify war on Iraq because of nonexistent WMDs, they were like patent medicine salesmen selling us poison to "protect" us from imaginary threats. They think they can do the same thing again with Iran. I predict it will be a much harder sell.

ITEM: Wayne Madsen, a journalist and former National Security Agency employee, has said his sources in the Pentagon are admitting that war with Iran appears to be "right around the corner": "Primary target: Bushehr nuclear reactor and hundreds of Russian technicians. Other first targets would be Shahab-I, II, and III missile launch sites, air bases (including the large Mehrabad air base/international airport near Tehran), naval installations on the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea, command, control, communications and intelligence facilities. Secondary targets would include civilian airports, radio and TV installations, telecommunications centers, government buildings, conventional power plants, highways and bridges, and rail lines. Oil installations and commercial port facilities would likely be relatively untouched by U.S. forces in order to preserve them for U.S. oil and business interests." Once again, a nation which is not the slightest threat to the United States may have its totally innocent population murdered by the hundreds of thousands. Not being a threat to the U.S., however, does not mean that Iran cannot put up a fight when attacked. Iran is a much larger, more technologically sophisticated, and more militarily capable country than Iraq ever was -- and we still haven't defeated Iraq. Iran, whose people have considerable Indo-European genetic background, is also almost completely united under a deeply-felt religion which demands and expects -- and has produced -- acts of heroism and sacrifice that bode ill for any invaders.

ITEM: Investigative journalist Greg Szymanski reports that Bush and his handlers are just waiting for justification to invade Iran. When Bush heard about the "revised intelligence" claiming Iran could now produce nuclear weapons, the controlled media said the president was "stunned" by the news. But, Szymanski says, the press "probably should have substituted the word 'delighted,' seeing that as far back as February [2005], reports indicated that our peace-loving President already signed off on a military proposal to bomb Iran...." The powers behind the Bush regime are very attuned to polls and public attitudes, and know quite well how much they can get away with. With their media connections, they will continue to push absurd scare stories of mullahs threatening the American way of life -- but if the scare stories don't work, maybe the Black Ops will.

ITEM: Scott Ritter, a former Iraqi weapons inspector, stated at Washington State University that he had credible information that Bush already had decided to bomb Iran and the only thing needed was a "way to sell it to the people like he did in Iraq." Ritter cited the well-known desire to destroy nukes which probably don't exist, but added that "neo-conservatives in the administration also expected that the attack would set in motion a chain of events leading to regime change in the oil-rich nation of 70 million." Sound familiar? Ritter also said "I hope it doesn't come true, but if Bush has his way, the Iraq war might be remembered as a relatively minor event that preceded an even greater conflagration."

ITEM: Worldwide Voice of America (VOA) radio and television programming is being cut in Washington at the same time that satellite TV broadcasts to Iran are getting a budget increase. These types of broadcasts are often used during pre-invasion periods to weaken the confidence in the government of the invasion target. For example, while broadcasts to Iran are being beefed up, "Croatian, Turkish, Georgian, Thai, and Greek broadcasts are being totally eliminated, along with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Macedonian broadcasts."
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ITEM: Writer F. William Engdahl, author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, stated on January 29th that Washington was considering an "aggressive, pre-emptive nuclear bombardment of Iran." And the controlled media are lining up to support the push for war. On February 8th, the Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet (like Fox News), the London Times, carried an editorial by Richard Beeston stating that "with diplomacy nearly exhausted, the use of military force to destroy Iran's nuclear program is being actively considered by those grappling with one of the world's most pressing security problems."

ITEM: Engdahl also states that Russia and China may side against the U.S. in any potential Iran invasion, as both have huge energy and strategic interests there. He also states that some of the warmongers have the weakening of Russia as an explicit goal: "The role of Putin's Russia in the unfolding Iran showdown is central. In geopolitical terms, one must not forget that Russia is the ultimate 'prize' or endgame in the more than decade long US strategy of controlling Eurasia and preventing any possible rival from emerging to challenge US hegemony." Read Jewish supremacist hegemony, of course, which is quite clear to those of us who understand the biological realities underlying the political and the strategic.

ITEM: The acting prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, came closer to the truth than most talking heads when he recently declared that Israel could "under no circumstances" allow Iranian development of nuclear weapons "that can threaten our existence."

ITEM: Prominent neocon Kenneth Timmerman, an associate of Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, and Michael Ledeen, told Israeli radio in January that he expects an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran "within the next 60 days." There will be tremendous pressure to make that an American or "coalition" strike instead, as Israel and her amen corner prefer to work through proxies and sacrifice cannon fodder instead of the Chosen.

ITEM: The European Union is Iran's main trading partner, and is not eager for war. The "coalition" against Iraq has lost a great deal of its support in Europe, and war with Iran -- probably a far larger, potentially world-engulfing war -- would be even closer to Europe's doorstep, meaning that the Israeli-American axis would be more isolated, and desperate, than ever. Note that they're talking about the nuclear doomsday option before hostilities even begin.

ITEM: Economic sanctions are unlikely to cause Iran to budge, as it has already ended its European investments and UBS Bank in Switzerland already closed all Iranian accounts as of January 30. Furthermore, such sanctions would hit the U.S. and Europe just as hard -- or harder -- than they would hit Iran. Engdahl states "Iran also apparently feels well prepared to sit out any economic sanctions. The country is the second largest OPEC oil producer (4.1 million barrels/day in 2005) next to Saudi Arabia (9.1 million bpd). It is fourth largest in the world, just under the total oil production of the USA.... Iran has also accumulated a strong cash position from the recent high oil price, earning some $45 billion in oil revenue in 2005, double the average for 2001-2003. This gives it a war chest cushion against external sanctions and the possibility to live for months with cutting its oil export all or partly. ...[In case of sanctions, as being threatened by the U.N. Security Council], in today's ultra-tight oil supply market, with OPEC producing at full capacity, there would be no margin to replace 4 million Iranian barrels a day. A price shock level of $130 to $150 [per barrel] is quite likely in that event," which would send U.S. energy prices into the stratosphere.

So what is the likely scenario, given the neocons' desire to destroy Iran, and the Iranians' determination not to back down on their nuclear program? (After all, we "allowed" Israel, China, Pakistan, and India to develop nuclear weapons.)

One factor is the rapidly falling public support for the Bush administration and the disastrous and ongoing war in Iraq. Polls indicate that support for the Bush regime has fallen rapidly, with more than 53% of the public disapproving. A Congressional election is approaching which may well be a disaster for the party in power. Leaving a legacy of body bags coming back from Iraq and a nuclear-tipped Iran which called America's bluff and got away with it may just be so unacceptable to the administration that they will take the attitude that "something must be done" and starting a new war may be the only option that offers at least the possibility of changing that outcome.

It is possible that a plan endorsed by the White House in 2003 called CONPLAN 8022 will be the basis of the attack, as it posits "no ground troops," which might make it somewhat more palatable to a war-weary public:

"Conplan 8022 is a war plan different from all prior in that it posits 'no ground troops.' It was specifically drafted to deal with 'imminent' threats from states such as North Korea or Iran. ...Conplan 8022 called for a highly concentrated strike combining bombing with electronic warfare and cyberattacks to cripple an opponent's response -- cutting electricity in the country, jamming communications, hacking computer networks. Conplan 8022 explicitly includes a nuclear option, specially configured earth-penetrating 'mini' nukes to hit underground sites such as Iran's. In summer 2005 Defense Secretary Rumsfeld approved a top secret 'Interim Global Strike Alert Order' directing round-the-clock military readiness, to be directed by the Omaha-based Strategic Command (Stratcom), according to a report in the May 15, 2005 Washington Post. Previously, ominously enough, Stratcom oversaw only the US nuclear forces. In January 2003 Bush signed on to a definition of 'full spectrum global strike' which included precision nuclear as well as conventional bombs, and space warfare. This was a follow-up to the President's September 2002 National Security Strategy which laid out as US strategic doctrine a policy of 'pre-emptive' wars."
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A private think tank in the UK, the Oxford Research Group, has developed a white paper on the possibilities inherent in an attack on Iran.
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The Oxford group concludes that a U.S. or Israeli-led attack would not only be aimed at "surgically" removing Iran's nuclear facilities, but also at killing large numbers of scientists, engineers, and others capable of reconstituting the program after the attack, with huge "collateral" loss of life. Attacks would also center on all military facilities capable of responding to the attack, even including port facilities which could be used to disrupt oil traffic in the region. The death toll would be large, and the concomitant rallying and unification of Iran to respond to the attack would be significant. Likely the nuclear program would be successfully reconstituted at multiple secure, hardened, and secret facilities, and it would then unquestionably be directed at developing nuclear weapons as quickly as possible.

The conflict would last for years, though, as in Iraq, it initially would appear to be a "success" for the attackers. Iran would be in a powerful position to widen the conflict to include Iraq and other neighboring states. The energy flow from the Middle East would be significantly reduced, with devastating effects on the U.S. economy. Nuclear-armed Russia and China would be wild cards, and any possibility of negotiating away Iran's nuclear ambitions would instantly vanish. The cost of the conflict would dwarf that of the Iraq war.

Some of these facts have already penetrated the consciousness of the American people. They can see some of the costs of the Iraq disaster, in blood and treasure, before their eyes. They know they were lied to about WMDs. A growing number know that Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11 and never threatened the U.S. This new war -- no matter how much Bush and the neocons believe they "must have it" -- will be a harder sell to the American people. Bush's core religious fanatic support is more strident and unreasoning than ever -- but it has shrunk considerably as ordinary folks increasingly see how they've been used, and how their emotions and faith have been cynically manipulated.

But there is at least one option left -- and the option that I believe is on the minds of the warmongers is one you will never hear from their lips. It is the same option that was used to trigger the so-called War on Terror in the first place. It is the 9-11 option, which my older listeners might prefer to call the Pearl Harbor option. And that is to create, to engineer, or to push the "enemy" into an attack on us first. Such a tragedy, cynically encouraged by the administration, would unite the American people again into falsely believing that Israel's enemies are our enemies and that we must defeat them to survive.

We know that Israeli intelligence launched attacks on Americans in the Lavon affair, in order to get Americans to fight Israel's enemies. We know that Israel attacked the USS Liberty and tried to blame it on the Egyptians. Sources tell us that Israeli intelligence controlled and guided the Arabs who perpetrated the Achille Lauro hijacking, in order to reap the pro-Israeli propaganda value of the event. Thanks to Robert Pate and other researchers, we know that Israeli intelligence was closely following and possibly guiding the 9-11 hijackers, which ultimately resulted in the war that Israel and the Jewish supremacists wanted so much, and we know that Israeli intelligence is the primary suspect in the Anthrax Attacks.
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Why, then, would the neocon-Zionist axis quail at another event of death and violence to get the war they want in Iran? Next to the invasion on our southern border, this is the greatest threat to White Americans today.

The only defense against such a propaganda/intelligence operation is vigilance and publicity. We at National Vanguard are developing independent media -- with soaring popularity -- which is now taken seriously by our adversaries and our colleagues left, right, or otherwise. We are a significant component of new dissident media which, thanks to the Internet, are changing the political landscape of the world and which may well upset the media monopoly of the Jewish supremacists.

I hope and pray that it does not occur -- but be watching for a terror event which will be specifically tailored to inflame the American people and other Western peoples in anger against Iran. And be very, very skeptical of its provenance.

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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