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Let Me Count the Ways, Part 2

Confronted by the acts of hate of the Jewish supremacists -- who would deny us the necessities of life itself, as we show -- we respond with acts of love for our own people.

American Dissident Voices broadcast for February 5, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

ARMED WITH paper, a printer, and a pair of legs, you can make a difference for White families in your community. You can take part in making history. You can do that by taking part in National Vanguard's Love Your Race campaign the week of Valentine's Day this month. Don't believe me? Listen to some of the media coverage National Vanguard members and supporters received last month during our MLK awareness campaign.

In Fulton, Missouri, the Fulton Sun claims that "locals" were "disturbed by fliers critical of MLK."

[ ]

'Fliers questioning the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. -- left at the Fulton Post Office last week -- have drawn responses from local law-enforcement officials, citizens and the postal service itself.

'The two-page posting -- titled "Civil Rights Hero?" -- seeks to undermine King's integrity, questioning his national observance, sealed FBI records about his Civil Rights activities, as well as accusations of plagiarism and the reverend's alleged immorality.

'National Vanguard is a white separatist organization based in Charlottesville, Va., that stands up for the interests of "white" people. According to its Web site, the organization takes credit for the mass distribution of the fliers -- which was a campaign launched the weekend prior to King's Jan. 16 holiday.

'Portions of the Web site refer to the organized effort as a "fun and highly educational event."

'According to U.S. Postal Service officials, employees at the Fulton Post Office discovered the first batch of fliers on Jan. 13 in the front lobby and removed them. Additional copies also were removed throughout last week, officials there said.

Attempts were made by the postal service to stop the placement of the fliers, but law enforcement eventually had to intervene and warn a local man believed responsible for placing the items.

The police reportedly warned the man that he would be issued a trespassing citation, as well as possibly facing federal prosecution if he continued to leave the articles....

'Vanguard's Web site states that its followers view the campaign as a freedom of speech [issue]. Police officials, however, handled the situation differently.

'"We basically told the individual that he didn't have permission from the U.S. Postal Service to post the literature, so it had to be removed. We weren't saying, 'you can't speak freely,'" Lt. Rich McKee said Friday.

'The U.S. Postal Service also contacted Fulton NAACP president Jack McBride on Thursday and offered an apology. "He wanted to share with me that what had happened at the post office would not happen again, and that they do not want this kind of posting in the post office -- which I appreciated and was very pleased to hear," McBride said.

'According to McBride, the fliers also were left in at least two other Fulton businesses and in the yards of several local residents, who also stated they were offended by the literature. "The cooperation of the postal service, the police department and the community was admirable," McBride said....'

Let me state that the threats against the White people placing the flyers are totally unjustifiable. Lyndon LaRouche's eccentric conspiracy theorists are routinely allowed to go far beyond mere flyer placement at Post Offices -- they even sometimes set up manned literature tables there -- and they are not threatened. AOL is allowed to hawk their overpriced and censored Internet services at Post Offices; I'm sure many of you have seen their large boxes of CDs there. And how many times have you seen bulletin board postings or literature from local businesses and organizations stacked on Post Office counters? While no one, certainly not our members, wants to interfere in any way with Postal Service business, we do deserve the same rights as other public interest groups. Postal facilities are public property, and this is a freedom of speech issue.

Meanwhile, let me say bravo to our members and supporters in Missouri who got the word out about M. L. King -- not only in the Post Office and in the newspapers, but door-to-door on the streets of their cities.

The controlled media follow what I like to refer to as a "template" in writing stories about White activism -- the story is largely ghostwritten using cut-and-paste "boilerplate" language, with contemporary local details added in to the prefabricated framework, which goes roughly like this: Any literature critical of multiracialism or its saints or untouchable groups is "hate." When such literature is found, it "disturbs" and "shocks" decent people, who immediately contact law enforcement (people who agree with the literature are seldom if ever interviewed).... At this point the story template can go one of two ways, depending on the attitude of local law enforcement officials, whom the would-be censors nearly always invoke. If the local police are malleable enough to overlook such minor details as freedom of speech, then the template calls for local authorities to condemn the literature and find some legal pretext for threatening the White citizens, sometimes implying that disagreeing with multiracialism is illegal -- but it's a threat they almost never carry out, because they know they'd find themselves in legal hot water themselves. If the police have the honesty to say there's nothing at all illegal about distributing pro-White literature -- and there isn't -- then the template calls for the piece to hint darkly that "White racism" may not be illegal, but it ought to be, and the mayor and all "right-thinking" citizens will constantly be on the lookout for such "hate." One you comprehend the "hate" template used in writing articles about pro-White activism, you'll see through it every time. Look for it in this recent piece from an overtly Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Exponent of Philadelphia. In this case, the National Vanguard flyers were not our MLK pieces, but instead were expos�s of Jewish extremism and supremacism. The Jewish Exponent consistently refers to them -- as they would, I'm sure, refer to this radio program itself -- as "anti-Semitic" material, and they falsely characterize National Vanguard as "White supremacist":

'[One recipient] took it upon himself to walk the length of his street and around the corner to remove as many flyers as he could find on neighbors' lawns. "I picked them all up and collected them to see that they're all the same trash," he said.

'In the past month, the distribution of literature has intensified in the Roxborough/East Falls areas, the lower and far Northeast, and the suburbs of Abington and Upper Dublin, according to David Weisberg, assistant regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. He said there have been 10 distinct leafletings across the city in the last month alone.

'For the most part, the material comes from National Vanguard, a Virginia-based white-supremacist organization that prints anti-Semitic messages on its Web site.
In the past month, the Jewish Exponent has received several calls complaining about hate literature being found at locations in the Northeast.
The ADL says that since the sporadic distribution started a year-and-a-half ago, both Jewish and non-Jewish residents have received the materials. The organization also believes there's no specific reason that certain neighborhoods were targeted.

'...Burt Siegel, director of community relations at the Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia... said. "We have to assume that they're not kids, and they're not in one neighborhood...." In response to the leaflets, JCRC sent out notices to synagogues in the Philadelphia area, telling congregants to be on the lookout for other signs of anti-Semitism, and to call the ADL if they have any information.

'John Livingood, deputy chief of Abington's police, would like to use solicitation or littering ordinances to prosecute people distributing hateful materials.
"We're not just gonna stand by and let people distribute that kind of garbage in our town," he declared. "We'll do something."

Rachel Lawton, acting executive director of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations -- a group that enforces civil rights in the city -- said it's monitoring the situation: "We won't tolerate any intimidating or threatening behavior."'
[ ]

The responses of Livingood and Lawton are bluff and nonsense. Lawton's group is one of many taxpayer-funded unelected Soviet-style "commissions" empowered to enforce multiracialism -- and intimidate and harass Whites -- all over the United States. They were set up in the last several decades largely at the insistence of the newly-ascendant Jewish supremacists. When Lawton says "We won't tolerate any intimidating or threatening behavior," she implies that National Vanguard's totally legal message is "intimidating" and "threatening," which it palpably is not -- though Lawton's behavior is. She implies because she dare not make a forthright statement, since she well knows she would be proved wrong and any actions she would take limiting freedom of speech would be grounds for prosecution of her and her "commission." In some European countries and Canada, where such "commissions" have been given even more power, they do imprison people for publishing factual literature on race and history.

John Livingood, the deputy police chief of Abington, was apparently the only law enforcement official the Jewish Exponent cared to quote, from all the chiefs and deputy chiefs and public relations officers, in all the jurisdictions they mentioned where National Vanguard literature could be found. That's telling in itself. I am sure it wasn't for lack of trying. No other official was willing to go so far out on a limb to threaten censorship in the way that the Jewish supremacists wanted. His threat to use "solicitation" or "littering" ordinances to censor our literature is a total non-starter and I suspect he knows it. If handing out Pizza Hut flyers, or distributing them like free newspapers, is legal, then so is handing out National Vanguard flyers. The same applies to the community group or church on the corner, and Livingood knows it. What he is doing -- just as with Lawton -- is intimidation and threats, pure and simple.

Another example of the "hate" template at work -- and a superb example of White community outreach -- was provided by National Vanguard activists in North Carolina. Here's what the Statesville, North Carolina Record and Landmark had to say:

'Residents angry; flier denounces MLK; by Carrie J. Sidener [email][/url]

'Some Carolina Avenue residents were incensed by rolled-up fliers they found in their driveways on Friday morning.

'The flier questioned why civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. is the only man to have his birthday celebrated as a national holiday and why the FBI records on the civil rights leader are sealed. It accuses King of plagiarism and having sex with prostitutes and married women, as well.

(Here the paper included a picture of neatly rolled and banded flier, inset with the caption: A flier denouncing Martin Luther King lies on Carolina Avenue on Friday. National Vanguard, based in Charlottesville, Va., will be distributing fliers through Monday.)

'"I tore it up," said B.R. "I don't go along with that."

'The flier is being distributed by members of National Vanguard, an organization out of Charlottesville, Va.

'According to its Web site, members across the country are encouraged to distribute the flier through Monday.

'"It happens every year about this time," said Woody Woodard, a member of the Statesville Human Relations Commission and of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "The vast majority of people don't appreciate it."

'James Varner, the North Carolina representative of ...National Vanguard, described the organization as a white leadership and educational organization.
"Our membership is composed of ordinary white American activists," he said. "The fliers are to awaken white people to the shame that is Martin Luther King Day."...

'"Most people get the idea that we are some kind of monsters," he said. "We are ordinary mainstream Americans who are concerned about our children's future."

'Statesville Police Chief Steve Hampton said even though neighbors have filed reports, there is nothing officers can do since there is nothing intimidating in the fliers.

'"What was distributed doesn't meet the qualifications of ethnic intimidation," Hampton said. "We may disagree with what it says but it at least falls on that gray line."

'Hampton said officers are checking with the district attorney's office to see if there is anything they can do if the flier distributor is found.

'D.B. said the flier caught her off-guard Friday morning. "It was just laying rolled up like the paper."

'Neighbor Ken Burdette said he read the flier and found the pros and cons about the civil-rights leader interesting. "I remember when people were racist as all get-out." "I don't like a lot of things blacks do. I don't like a lot of things whites do, and I really don't like a lot of the things Mexicans do."

'Woodard said even though the flier will offend many, the right to freedom of expression is one of the things that make America great. "Most people are smart or educated enough to read things like this and realize it's an effort to divide America instead of bring it together," Woodard said.

'"The people of Statesville are smart enough to make up their own minds."'
[ ]

Indeed they are, Mr. Woodard -- and the increasing readership of, which has now gone six straight months with well over 1,000,000 page views per month, leaving some establishment news sites in the dust, is ample evidence that an informed and literate segment of the White population has decided that what we have to say is worth listening to! And I don't think I can improve on what Mr. Varner had to say to the newspaper, which, though they followed the usual template, did allow a National Vanguard representative to speak without editing his words beyond all recognition.

The independent Internet ratings service Alexa shows (see image linked below) the reach, over the last three months, of (and pro-White Internet forum in number of readers per million Internet users online versus the previously mentioned North Carolina newspaper site, the important regional newspaper site of the Tampa Tribune, and the self-appointed anti-White "watchdog" site of Morris Dees. Read it and cheer.

[ Kevin_A._Strom_20060205_Let_Me_Count_the_Ways,_Part_2_files/alexa_20060205.htm ].

The problem with the controlled media's "hate" template is that it doesn't work with National Vanguard literature, which cannot effectively be condemned as "hate." It may work with the crude and senselessly violent literature of other groups which claim to be on the side of Whites, some of which may in fact be 'black ops' pieces designed to repulse decent White folks and fit neatly into the stereotypes that the Jewish supremacists have created. But the scholarly refutation of the King myth that National Vanguard has published, and which was the subject of these articles is not hatred -- far from it.

And the simple, elegant 'Love Your Race' flyer that we will be distributing this coming week is so far from hatred as to be its antithesis. The controlled media simply cannot attack it as "hate" without tying themselves up in knots. If they attempt to do so, they will embarrass themselves and further our message. If they ignore it and give us the silent treatment, then you who have distributed this flyer will have reached a thousand, or 2,000, or 50,000 people in your home town with our message of hope and truth, without interference from the real haters. Either way, it is a victory. It is a win-win situation for White people, for White community-building, for White awareness.

As I said last week, to survive, every people needs 1) the will to survive as a distinct people; 2) its own exclusive territory; 3) a healthy sexuality; 4) its own government; and 5) control of its own education system and its own media.
[ ]

Having our own government is of the essence when it comes to racial survival. Without our own government we by definition will be ruled by others. Without our own government we will be helpless when the time comes to make hard, critical, life-and-death decisions involving putting our interests as a people before those of other peoples. As we veer toward the insanity of making war on Iran for the sake of Zionism, it is well to bear that in mind. A government by, of, and for White Americans would not be committing such an atrocity as a war for Jewish Zionism. We desperately need our own government.

But the paradigm being enforced by our would-be rulers and by the controlled media precludes us having our own government. They openly say they want a world where no people has its own exclusive territory. They say they want a world wherein every government is a one-man one-vote "democracy" ruling over a m�lange of various tribes and peoples. This guarantees that all peoples will be at the mercy of the forces of international capital and international Zionism, and within their own borders will always be forced to play balance-of-power multiracial politics -- with the "balance of power" always held by the owners of the mass media.

U.S. General Wesley Clark, himself a Jewish supremacist, perhaps put it most succinctly when he told CNN, as his forces bombed Serbia, "Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

And those mass media I mentioned, who always hold the balance of power in multiracial "democracies" -- who are they and where do they stand? My wife and I did extensive research a few months ago on this very issue. The results were clear: Jews are far and away the most powerful group in the mass media today, and they relentlessly use that power to push their multiracialist agenda, an agenda which, if allowed to succeed much longer, will result in the end of our nation, our people, and our entire race. And surely I need not mention what is so obvious to every parent and every student today and what should be the subject of many more American Dissident Voices broadcasts: the fact that our educational system is just as much in the hands of multiracialists and their racially-united employers as are the media.
[ ]

The way out of this morass is clear. We must secure all of the five things I mentioned which are necessary for our people's survival: we must have 1) the will to survive as a distinct people; 2) our own exclusive territory; 3) a healthy sexuality; 4) our own government; and 5) control of our own education system and our own media. Our will to survive and our own media of education, news, and entertainment are the two items that must come first -- as, without them, all the others are unattainable. That's what we're working on at National Vanguard.

Those are the motivations behind National Vanguard's annual Love Your Race campaign. The Love Your Race campaign is simple. All you do is download a PDF flyer with a picture of a young White woman on it with the simple message: Love Your Race. That and our Web address are all the flyer contains. Print the flyer, or, better yet, take the PDF file on diskette to your local quick print shop and have them made up by the thousands, then distribute them the week of Valentine's Day in your city or campus or neighborhood. The message is pure and simple. The message cannot be attacked without gross hypocrisy, obvious to everyone, on the media's part. The message is the one that our people most desperately need to hear: Love Your Race.

To download the flyer, just visit

I'll see you on the streets the week of February 14th!

We need your support. You can join or donate by writing to our postal address below, or you can also donate through Paypal by sending funds via

We can have a clean, orderly, progressive, safe, and incomparably richer and more beautiful nation if it becomes a proud White nation again.

To do that we must begin by restoring White community and White racial consciousness among our people. We at National Vanguard are doing that by building world-beating new media for Whites and by getting out on the street and meeting our neighbors and showing them what we're all about.

We're going to help our people. We're going to educate our people. We're going to come up with creative ways to awaken our people. We're going to create publications that will be like nothing ever seen before in the cause of White awakening. We're going to do what it takes.

Be a part of what we're doing. Join National Vanguard today. For further information on National Vanguard, write to Post Office Box 5145, Charlottesville VA 22905, or visit and click on the "join" link at the top of the page. We appreciate your support.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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