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Let Me Count the Ways, Part 1

The Jewish supremacists hate us, passionately: fight their acts of hate with acts of love for our own people.

American Dissident Voices broadcast for January 29, 2006
by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN HER Sonnets from the Portuguese, Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote these immortal words of love: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. / I love thee to the depth and breadth and height / My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight / For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
[ ]

But today we're going to look not at words of love, but at acts of hate. At a belief system based on hate. And at a power structure predicated and built on hate. At a unique group who, by their words and by their acts, are asking "How can I kill thee? Let me count the ways..."

Killing a people -- or an entire race -- is an extraordinarily difficult task. It's certainly not anything I could endorse. Most normal people find the idea repugnant and bizarre. Most of us would call it genocide. But if someone -- say, a wealthy and powerful group with tremendous resources, and group loyalty and cohesion -- were to attempt genocide, what techniques might be used with success?

What does a people need to survive? Answer that question, and then figure out a way to deny the requisites of survival, and you have successfully killed a people.

To survive, a people needs:

1. The will to survive; including a sense of their own self-worth, and a burning desire that their offspring will prosper and continue their bloodlines into the future.

2. To survive, a people needs exclusive territory, both for living space and for the sustenance the land gives them -- food, water, and all the minerals, plants, and other things needed for strength and life on planet Earth.

3. To survive, a people needs a healthy sexuality; which includes not only an ardent interest in procreating with the opposite sex, but a dedication to making a strong family unit with your mate, and all the nurturing needed for the successful raising of the next generation of children of your kind.

4. To survive, a people needs its own government. There is no way around this requirement. If a government is not of your people, it will not be for your people. Change the size of government as you will -- and that is important; change the form of government as you will -- and that is important, too. But far beyond the importance of size, far beyond the importance of structure -- nothing is as important as whose government it is. If it represents your people and is constituted of your people, then there is a good chance it will represent your interests as a people. But if it is constituted by another people, then the interests of that other people will come first -- and when the interests of that other people conflict with yours, as in the fullness of time they surely will, your people will be left without protection, without defense, and ultimately without life itself, without existence. If "your" government is constituted of a mishmash of different peoples clamoring for power in a multiracial, multicultural society, which is the state-form that America and most of West are now being forced into by the Jewish supremacists, then "your" government will be paralyzed, unable to oppose the interests of any organized special interest group with a substantial number of votes under its control. Only two forces can overcome such paralysis: the will of a powerful racially-conscious majority -- or the power of money. The powers that be prefer that the latter rule us, as the former would quickly lead to an end to their precious multiracialism.

5. And lastly, to survive, a people needs a way to transmit its values, its sense of identity, its history, and its traditions to its members, especially the next generation of its children, and to the generation beyond that, and so on into eternity. Here we are talking about not only a system of formal education, but about the mass media of news, entertainment, and information of every kind.

There are other necessaries, but they would mostly be subsumed under these, the most basic and essential ones. Let me recapitulate: To survive, every people needs 1) the will to survive as a distinct people; 2) its own exclusive territory; 3) a healthy sexuality; 4) its own government; and 5) control of its own education system and its own media.

It is my contention that a very strange and extremely hateful group, the Jewish supremacists, are now working -- and have been working for decades -- to deny White people each and every one of the five necessities detailed above. In short, they are doing everything in their power to exterminate us. Their hate may be fanatically directed at Whites, but other races as well have been their victims: Think of the Palestinians; think of the Iranians.
[ ]

Through the institutions and the media they control, the Jewish supremacists work steadily to deny White people a sense of self-worth and identity. Some extremist Jews openly call for the end of the White race, and some deny that White people even exist as a distinct people. Most are more clever, however, and work assiduously to inculcate feelings of guilt and shame in White people -- promoting the ideas that Whites are uniquely responsible for slavery, and that "White racism" is the main cause of non-Whites failing to achieve.

Both claims are utterly false: Jews were very prominent in the institution of slavery, as were Blacks and Amerindians, who sold their own people into slavery again and again and were almost always the ones who traded flesh for silver when the slave traders arrived. In fact, it was Whites who were the first to abolish the institution of human slavery. In fact, slavery still exists in Black Africa today -- and the most degrading slavery of all, the sex slavery of White women, still exists in Israel and in other areas under the influence of Jewish organized crime, and very little is said about it. And it is Whites who have achieved the greatness of Western civilization -- we did this through hard work and our innate gifts of intelligence, character, and creativity. As we showed on our program last week, the biological differences between the races fully account for the relative lack of achievement of some races, and the bogey of "White racism" as a reason for Black and Mestizo failure is just a guilt-inducing fraud.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

Nevertheless, it is Whites who are constantly bashed on the screen and in the classroom as the "oppressors." It is Whites who must eternally atone for every real and imagined sin dreamed up by Hollywood scriptwriters and prostituted academics -- who, these days, often collaborate in their hate-Whitey guiltfests. Is it any wonder, then, that suicide is at an all-time high among White teens, or that White teens have so little sense of their own identity and worth that they are degrading themselves by becoming sexually involved with non-Whites -- an association which often leads to disease and death -- in greater and greater numbers every year?
[ ]

What of our own exclusive territory, which every people needs in order to survive? Jewish supremacists have been in the advance guard of pushing for a multiracial, multicultural society. It was a powerful establishment Jew, Emanuel Celler, who was the primary author of our open borders immigration policy. Another prominent Jew, Earl Raab of the Institute of Jewish Advocacy, was quite open about denying Whites their own territory here in America. He stated quite frankly that opening our borders and making White Americans a minority among many minorities was good for Jews. As National Vanguard writer Frank Roman put it:

'What [Raab is] saying is that Jews feel more comfortable as a minority when there are lots of other minorities around. They don't feel comfortable when a country consists almost entirely of one people, with one culture and a common identity. Jews stick out like a sore thumb then. People might notice them and their behavior more. So to solve the "problem" of White Americans having their own country, Jews have arranged for us to be swamped by non-Whites. And Raab is crowing about the fact that they've taken our country away from us.
[ ]
[ ]

'Preventing Whites from doing anything about our dispossession -- preventing us from even thinking about our own survival as a people -- preventing us from undoing what Raab and his ilk have done to us -- is the real reason the media treat White racialists as if they are evil incarnate and Black and Brown racialists like they are heroes.'
[ ]

And what of a healthy sexuality? Jews have been leaders in the feminist movement, which has sought to 1) place a wedge between White men and White women, causing them to look upon one another as enemies rather than as partners; and which has 2) denigrated the value of motherhood and the nurturing of children, trying to inspire women to look down upon the most honorable, and, may I say, sacred and joyful task we know of in the entire universe -- while at the same time promoting the idea of killing the White child in the womb as one of the "most sacred" rights possessed by women, to be defended at all costs. I am not an absolutist on this issue, but may I remind you that that same White child used to be what we all believed was to be defended at all costs?

The "sexual revolution" and its concomitant pornography of every description have resulted in a lot of sexual activity, to be sure, but I must add that the sexual activity of the supposedly prudish Old America of the 1940s and even the supposedly ultra-prudish 1800s resulted in that most precious of Nature's gifts, a real and substantial increase in the number of White children, far beyond the replacement level. The increase of White children in the 19th century allowed us to expand to conquer this and other continents for our posterity, and allowed the rearing of the hard workers and geniuses who created the modern technological world we enjoy today. The increase of White children in the middle part of the 20th century cemented our majority on this continent to the point that, by 1965, America was Whiter than she had ever been, setting the stage for great achievements like the exploration of space and computer science.

But that same year (which was also the year the immigration floodgates were opened) saw an increase of perverse sexuality that has not ceased to this day -- to the point where now, in many jurisdictions, the same sanction of society given to the loving sexual union of a man and a women is now given to perverts. Every kind of sexual satisfaction is paraded before -- and sold to -- a benumbed populace who cannot help liking sex. But by and large, the kinds of sexual activity promoted are those which do not lead to the creation of Nature's glory, the White child.
[ ]
[ ]

We see this in the promotion of homosexuality, in the promotion of every kind of sick fetish including those that involve violence and horrible degradation, in the overall cheapening of sex from the most beautiful and sacred thing imaginable (next to the child that is its result) into the sleaziest and dirtiest thing imaginable, and in the coming horror of the "normalization" of sexual abuse of children. Jewish supremacists have been among the leaders in the sick pornography industry and the "fashionable" media that promote such trends, and they have also been in the forefront of the legalization and normalization of perversion.
[ ]

Ask yourself: What kind of a group would dehumanize the members of a race or people? What kind of a group would teach children that their own people did not even exist or were especially evil and did not deserve to exist? What kind of a group would teach children that their own people did not deserve their own territory or their own government, and that striving for such things was the ultimate in evil? What kind of a group would teach children that sexual perversion and that particularly foul kind of sexual perversion which is interracial sex, was good and desirable -- even when the evidence shows that these activities increase the likelihood of horrible disease and death, to say nothing of genocide?
[ ]

What kind of people would do those things? That question can be answered very simply: they are killers, and they are haters of the worst sort. We White people are not hateful as a rule -- we are able to fight hard when we believe the cause is right, but on the whole we are the kindest-hearted, fairest-minded, and tender-hearted people to ever walk the face of the Earth. Hate does not usually motivate us. But we can be motivated by love. Love for what is beautiful. Love for what is noble. Love for what is infinitely valuable in this world.

Those are the motivations behind National Vanguard's annual Love Your Race campaign. The Love Your Race campaign is simple. All you do is download a PDF flyer with a picture of a young White woman on it with the simple message: Love Your Race. That and our Web address are all the flyer contains. Print the flyer, or, better yet, take the PDF file on diskette to your local quick print shop and have them made up by the thousands, then distribute them the week of Valentine's Day in your city or campus or neighborhood. The message is pure and simple. The message cannot be attacked without gross hypocrisy, obvious to everyone, on the media's part. The message is the one that our people most desperately need to hear: Love Your Race.

To download the flyer, just visit

On our next program, we'll look at Jewish efforts to deny us the other requisites for our people's survival -- our own government, our own educational system, and our own media. We'll also look at the hateful and hypocritical Jewish supremacist mentality behind their attempted genocide. But in the meantime, be preparing for fighting the hatred of the Jewish supremacists with love for your own people this Valentine's day week. Be listening next week to American Dissident Voices!

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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