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Yuletide Message

The War on Christmas is a skirmish in the War on White People.

American Dissident Voices broadcast for December 25, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS IS A SPECIAL and sacred time for all White people, from Anchorage, Alaska where I was born, and all of North America -- to our homelands in Europe and our people's outposts as far away as Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and Vladivostok on the far rim of the Pacific. I offer my Yuletide greetings to you all -- and my heart's most sincere wishes for the reward we all seek for our labor: a brighter future for our uniquely beautiful and creative race.

On today's news wires alone there are over 200 stories -- 200! -- about the controversy over whether we should greet each other on this day with the ostensibly religious "Merry Christmas" or the supposedly secular "Happy Holidays." One of my local newspapers, the Staunton (Virginia) News-Leader, just published a piece by Thelma Newman protesting what she calls the "political correctness" of avoiding the word "Christmas" and asking the question "What is political correctness after all? Who wants or needs to be state- or government-correct in this country that boasts freedom of speech?" She adds that, although she mostly used "Happy Holidays" in the past, she will now "intentionally say 'Merry Christmas' because I refuse to let my expressions be dictated or challenged" by the would-be censors.

I applaud Miss Newman's refusal to bow down to the censors -- not because I share her religious views, which I don't -- but because this whole War on Christmas is really just a small part of a very real War on White People. Even though I think Miss Newman's view of things is far too narrow, standing up against the crushing of one's folkways is an important step to seeing oneself as a member of a folk -- a unique people.
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Some of the distinguishing characteristics of White people, as compared to the non-White races of the Earth, include 1) a high degree of creativity which finds expression in speculative thought and in our many philosophical and religious systems which aim at understanding the universe and the nature of life, and 2) the almost unique reverence for objective truth which exists in the minds of our best men, which finds its expression in Western science and the tremendous technological power -- and awakening of understanding -- which this self-correcting system of accumulating knowledge has given us.
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With reverence for rigorously determined truth and for the high art of creative thinking as two of our most salient characteristics, it is little surprise, then, that we are the race of freedom of thought, without which neither science nor philosophy can flourish. The Jewish supremacist's opposition to freedom of thought is most glaringly apparent in their legal persecution of any who would question their neo-religion of "the Holocaust," which I detailed in my broadcast of December 11th.
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Freedom of thought, and freedom from tyranny over both our bodies and our minds, have been independently born from time to time among the European peoples, challenging the prevailing human pattern of state-religious totalitarianism again and again throughout history; from the Althings of the north -- to the great philosophical schools of the south -- to the now largely-abandoned Constitution of the United States of America, whose free speech provisions hang by a tiny thread stretched tight against the Jewish supremacists' bloodied steel razor.

Our people's freedom to be ourselves -- to find the path that our inner being impels us to find, and to find our identity, to develop our sense of who we are -- requires freedom of speech and freedom of thought. It's in this light that I consider the Jewish War on Christmas, which is just a part of their overall imposition of multiculturalism and multiracialism -- their War on White People.

Yes, it is true that it is overwhelmingly the Jewish supremacists who hypocritically promote the "Happy Holidays" greeting instead of the traditional White American "Merry Christmas." This goes right along with their probably instinctive tropism to oppose and fracture majority culture.

But it is also true that it is the Jewish-dominated television networks and their affiliates who sell huge blocks of airtime to Christian evangelist hucksters like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and their numerous imitators. Jewish supremacists are very comfortable with Christian Zionists like these leading their ignorant flocks to send their money and their sons to the Middle East to defend "holy" Israel, and to proclaim the near-divinity of Jews.

Just the other day I saw an automobile with a Christian fish emblem on it; a common sight. Right next to the fish symbol was a bumper sticker bearing the url of an evangelical group below a slogan in huge blue letters: "USA Stands With Israel Now and Forever." I leave to scholars the question of whether or not the religion was founded (or steered in its early days) for that very purpose, but I am certain that the Jewish supremacists are mightily pleased with a creed that identifies them as an especially godlike race, chosen by the God of the universe for special favors -- a creed which defines virtue, at least in part, as supporting the Jews, and vice as opposing them. Add to that the approval, by almost all large Christian denominations, of the genocide of White people through racial mixing. What more could the Jewish supremacists want?

Of course, I know that the Jewish establishment reacts with venom whenever independent Christians oppose their plans. There are small Christian groups which openly support the survival of Whites. A few of the left-leaning Christian denominations see Jewish hypocrisy on racial matters, and oppose trade with or investment in the racial supremacist state of Israel. The Orthodox church, especially in Russia and Greece, has stood in the way of some Jewish schemes and has not proven hostile to White solidarity and nationalism as some churches have. Some conservative Christian churches preach against homosexual behavior, and a few even aver that Jews must "convert" to receive rewards in heaven. The Jews come down hard on all these heretical Christians (heretical, that is, from the Jewish overseers' point of view) but not so much because they are Christians as because they represent disobedient and out-of-control White people -- members of the herd who refuse to he herded, who refuse to stay within the boundaries of the pasture allotted to them by their masters. And, as events in Europe and America in the 1920s and 1930s proved -- consider Henry Ford's revelations of Jewish conspiracies, America's pro-White immigration policies, and the pro-White American eugenics movement as only three examples -- out-of-control White people are the Jewish supremacists' worst nightmare.

The Jews oppose non-religious manifestations of White independence, too: they oppose the White People's Party in Nevada; they oppose National Vanguard; they oppose David Duke's peace trips to the Middle East. And they oppose other religions when those religions increase White racial consciousness, as do certain branches of Asatru, the ancient faith of northern Europe, and those writers and thinkers who are reviving the spirit of Classical Hellas as a beacon of light to the White world. Even if we look outside the White world, we see the Jews frantically engaged in attacking all religions and all groups -- whether Muslim Arab, or Catholic Mexican; whether Malaysian or Iraqi secularists, or Shiite theocrats in Iran -- who have come to understand the threat of Jewish supremacism to all the peoples of the Earth.
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The Jewish War on Christmas is not so much an opposition to Christianity itself, over which they've steadily increased their influence, as it is their opposition to any White-controlled institution dominating our culture.

As I've explained before, Jews feel more comfortable -- less "detectable" -- in a multiracial and multicultural society. They want a defanged multiracial Christianity side-by-side with a defanged multiracial Islam and a defanged multiracial New Age m�lange, and a defanged multiracial whatever else you can think of -- so long as no one group dominates the nation and so long as no one group with racial consciousness (except the Jews, of course) is ever allowed to constitute a racial nation.
[ ]

The Jews do fear a return to societal dominance by Christians, especially White Christians. And, because of strong historical and cultural links between Jews and Christianity, they fear that such dominance would lead to increased rates of intermarriage and assimilation of Jews into "Christian society." But, as long as Christians stay in their subcultural box, are corralled into supporting Israel and multiracialism, and refrain from converting Jews, the Jewish supremacists are happy to accept them as "part of the mix."

As I said last Winter Solstice, this time of year is sacred to our people, and was sacred long before the names of Apollo or Odin or Christ had ever been uttered by human lips:
[ ]

'[Yuletide] was considered sacred long before anyone formalized and systematized the deep feelings that we men and women of Europe had in our hearts about this season. There's something special about the white crystalline snow, the snap in the air, the warm hearth, the bright and happy faces of children gathered round the fragrant pine tree, and the tear in the eye that we older folks get when we remember Yuletides past. Even on the eve of a long winter, the magic of this season gives us a feeling of the joy and infinite preciousness of life.

'We of Europe are essentially People of the North -- Venice, Italy is further north than Minneapolis, Minnesota, for example. And it was the northern climate that shaped us in many ways over long ages of evolution. Europe is a place of dramatic seasonal changes (and, not coincidentally, so are many of the new homes that European man has staked out around the globe). And those seasonal changes were very important to our ancestors. They knew that they had to prepare for winter in summer's time of plenty, and any tribe which did not have the discipline or foresight to do so would perish -- and its genes would no longer form part of the European gene pool. Thus Nature's hard lessons shaped us, upbred us, turned us from beings that could hardly be called human into beings that can contemplate the infinities of space and time and ponder the meaning of life...

'In many ways, we face an uncertain winter -- not a literal winter, but a dark age -- a wintertime for which we as a people are ill-prepared.'

The idea of turning the hands of the clock backwards to a time before the Renaissance and re-establishing a Christian theocracy is a total non-starter and will not save our race or culture. The Jewish-created idea of smashing White peoples' religions and starting with a supposed "clean slate" -- as Communist revolutionists attempted to do in Spain and Russia with horrible loss of life -- is also a non-starter and will not save us.

We must accept ourselves as a people, as a race, with a need for intellectual and religious freedom. Our philosophies and religions must be allowed to evolve naturally because we rebel -- and founder -- under intellectual diktat.

A nation founded on blood can survive almost anything, since the blood -- really, the gene-patterns -- that made it what it is will always be there, so long as the people have a sense of racial identity. Nations founded on religions, or other mere ideas, however, are very weak -- and, lacking racial identity, the essential gene-patterns can be wiped out in a few thoughtless generations. Nations founded on ideas or religions are artificial constructs no more permanent than the statue of Ozymandias. Nations founded on blood, like the awakening giant Nation Europa, have the potential to live forever. Life trumps ideas, life trumps the artificial constructs of man every time. That is the lesson we must learn.

So on this Solstice, this Christmas, this Yuletide, I ask each of you to accept your brothers and sisters from all the faiths and peoples of Europe as your kin, engaged in a great struggle -- the greatest struggle of all time -- for racial survival... for the survival of our kind in the Universe.

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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