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Loyalty to the Truth, Part 2

An interview with Dr. Edward R. Fields.

American Dissident Voices
broadcast for
December 4, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

WE WELCOME Dr. Edward R. Fields (pictured) to our program again this week for part two of our interview. Dr. Fields is the editor-in-chief of the longest-running and most popular pro-White publication in the United States, The Truth at Last newspaper. When we last spoke, Dr. Fields and I were discussing the limiting nature of the "left wing" and "right wing" political labels -- and the fact that we ought to transcend those labels.

KAS: I don't see the Jews as being really right-wing or left-wing. I see them as using whatever ideology advances their power at the moment. It may be that for the last hundred years that it's been mostly left wing, but I'm seeing a shift now and -- it's phony, of course -- but they're using right-wing politics to advance their agenda. "Whatever's good for the Jews" is their motto, and often what's good for the Jews -- or what they perceive as being good for the Jews -- is very, very bad for White people.

FIELDS: Yes: "Is it good for the Jews?" I was amazed to see that the latest issue of Pat Buchanan's magazine has an article about this phenomenon. On the questions that arise the Jews always ask themselves, "Is this good for the Jews?" On every issue they ask themselves that question. Just as they supported Communism in the past, today they support capitalism. They are the capitalists today, and for people who think big business is conservative or right-wing, let me tell you, it's not. It's left-wing. They're opposed to individual freedoms, including our First Amendment rights. They're pushing racial integration and affirmative action in their businesses and corporations. Big business supports these things.
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KAS: Yes, indeed. You know, we ought to be asking ourselves in every decision we make in our society, "Is it good for White Americans?" We can learn a little bit from the Jews' ethnocentrism.

FIELDS: Exactly. Always remember that every new "civil rights" bill that's passed by Congress in some way and in some measure dilutes the rights of White people. It takes away from us, no matter what the bill is about.

KAS: Isn't there a provision in the civil rights legislation currently in force that says that whatever changes are made in electoral districting, they must always enhance the voting power of non-Whites?

FIELDS: Yes. It must give them more representation. Even though in Georgia and North Carolina non-Whites now comprise 40% of the population, they want to extend the Act now for 25 more years. People who study demographics say that within 10 to 15 years, non-Whites are going to be the majority.
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KAS: Yet we can never have a redistricting bill that enhances the power of White voters -- never. We can't have that; it's illegal. And yet the people aren't being told this, except perhaps in the pages of The Truth at Last and on No one knows about it!

FIELDS: That's right, they're in the dark. I never see it mentioned in the major media. People think a "civil rights" bill means the government is protecting their right to go to the polls and cast a ballot. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's a matter of redistricting. Here in Georgia our legislature, which is Republican-dominated, passed a bill requiring some kind of photo ID before you can go to the polls and vote. Bush's Civil Rights Commission approved it. When the law was challenged, however, federal courts said the Civil Rights Commission was wrong. The decision is being appealed, but the legislation to require photo ID before you can vote will probably be declared unconstitutional under the Voting Rights Act.
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KAS: On what grounds? The grounds that it will prevent Mexicans from voting?

FIELDS: That's what they say. It will prevent minorities from voting, because they claim that a lot of them don't have any photo ID.
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KAS: What you said earlier about big business not being really conservative or right-wing segues into what I wanted to ask you next. Because our positions are racial positions, a lot of people put us in a box labeled "right-wing." Now my personal opinion is that we really shouldn't embrace that label because I think it's too limiting. I think what we really are is people who see the world from a whole new perspective that's neither left nor right; it's a biological perspective. Some of the worst enemies of the White race are big business, which a lot of people will put in the "right-wing" category, even if they're not really on the right. The neo-cons who control Bush are perceived as being on the right and they're certainly Jewish-controlled and anti-White. People look at the multiracialist televangelists who promote racial mixing as being "right-wing," too, so I'm thinking maybe we should abandon this "right-wing" label and rethink the whole thing.
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FIELDS: I think your'e right. We've always thought that "left-wing" means socialist and communist and "right-wing" means conservative, Christian, et cetera. When you come right down to it, though, we're for the preservation of the White race, and that should come before any identification with the "left wing" or the "right wing."
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And as for the "left wing," this free prescription drug program that the Left is now pushing gives multimillions to pharmaceutical companies. For every $1,000 of prescription drug benefits for an individual, the insurance companies will get $600 from the federal government. In other words, the $1,000 of so-called free drugs that the government is paying for is actually costing the taxpayers $1,600.

KAS: I didn't know that. You've spoken in your articles recently about national health insurance. What's your position on that?

FIELDS: I'm one hundred percent in favor of it. I have friends in Canada and England who are amazed at the system we have in America, where the Blacks and the Mexicans have Medicaid -- one of the best insurance programs in the world -- and where people who work for the federal government or big business have wonderful health insurance plans, but the middle class are struggling, as are many smaller businesses that are trying to pay for insurance. Every single year the cost goes up by double-digit percentages, and businesses that can't afford to insure their employees drop them from health insurance programs.

KAS: You were telling me that American automakers are at a disadvantage because they have to pay for health insurance for their employees.

FIELDS: It costs them about an extra $1,400 for every car that they sell to pay for their employees' and retirees' health insurance.

KAS: So you've taken a position there that some would say is a more left-leaning position. You're already out of the box, Ed.

FIELDS: Yes, that's exactly right. I am positively in favor of national health insurance for everybody. And I'm also for a system like they have in England, where those who can afford it can have a private plan. If you've got the money you can buy health insurance from a private company and go to a private hospital, which the rich people in England do. But everybody in England is covered, and I've asked people over there, "If you took a vote in the most conservative district of England about going back to private-pay health care instead of national health care, would it pass?" They told me it would fail utterly, that everybody over there is for national health insurance because they're afraid that they personally, or their children, or some other relative would be wiped out financially by astronomical medical bills. I know people here in Atlanta who had to file for bankruptcy because they couldn't pay their medical bills.

KAS: Well, I think it goes back to what we were saying before, that whatever is good for the White race is good, and if national health insurance is good for our White society, then we should be for it, regardless of whether it's labeled "left" or "right." That's irrelevant.
[ ]

What's good for White people is what counts and, unfortunately, as our society becomes more and more non-White and becomes less and less productive, it will be harder and harder to have something like national health insurance because the system will be bogged down by people who don't work or can't work, but nevertheless require a lot of medical care. In a White society, on the other hand, you have productive people who take care of their health and the system can work well.

FIELDS: Yes, as in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. They have the best health care systems in the world.

KAS: Now Ed, you broke the mould again in 2004. You did something that surprised a lot of people when you stood up in front of that crowd at the European American Conference in New Orleans and endorsed Ralph Nader for President. Can you tell us what made you decide to do that?

FIELDS: David Duke some years ago flew from New York to Los Angeles and Ralph Nader was on the plane, so they sat together. Duke says that they had a long talk as they flew across the continent, and he was amazed at how many things Ralph Nader stood for that he agreed with. Ralph Nader is opposed to immigration. He thinks the border should be totally sealed and all illegal immigration should cease. He's opposed to the war and thinks our troops should be immediately withdrawn. More importantly with regard to many of these subjects, he is very strongly opposed to monopolies, such as Wal-Mart, and their wiping out of small businesspeople all across America. Pat Buchanan's magazine had an excellent interview with Nader as well. I really saw Ralph Nader as a national figure who stood for many of the things that we believe in.
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KAS: Well, he's a liberal on the race issue, but on many other issues there's a lot of congruence between his positions and ours. Isn't he also very well aware of the Zionist power over the Bush administration?
[ ]

FIELDS: Yes. He made the famous statement that Ariel Sharon was the puppeteer and the U.S. Congress were his puppets. And actually, whenever the Jews write articles about him in their publications, they always remind their readers that he's half Lebanese. Being half Lebanese is reason enough alone for the Jews to be suspicious of Ralph Nader. It's unfortunate that he was defeated rather soundly, and it's unfortunate that so many of our people supported George Bush in order to stop Kerry, but certainly the masses of our people were misled in this last election.
[ ]

KAS: As usual.

FIELDS: Yes, that's right. Voting for the lesser of two evils has really been horrible for us. We're taken for granted by the Republican Party, so they're really just going after the so-called moderates, and even the leftists, while Bush claims that he can even get the Mexicans to vote Republican. We have been squeezed into the Republican Party against our will, you might say.

KAS: They spit in our faces and expect our votes.

FIELDS: Exactly.

KAS: You've never converted The Truth at Last into a slick, expensive magazine. Since 1960 it's always been a tabloid newspaper with mass street distribution. Can you explain the philosophy behind that decision?

FIELDS: Mainly we've done this because a tabloid newspaper is very cheap to print and because the page size is advantageous. With no advertising, we can get a lot of news in the paper. We have saturated entire cities with special editions and have influenced the outcome of at least two elections here in Georgia by saturating congressional districts. If we had a magazine or something like that, people couldn't distribute that by the thousands, door-to-door. But a newspaper can be rolled up and tossed across people's driveways, which we do all the time. Many people read the paper, buy some of our books, subscribe, or show it to other people. It's just a better way to reach new people on a large scale than more expensive media are.

KAS: So a lot of your readers are not just readers; they're actually activists who buy copies by the thousands and distribute them.

FIELDS: I would say that today we sold about seven hundred copies of the paper, which is not bad for one day.

KAS: Very good. Ed, you and I have recently been collaborating together on The Truth at Last. For the latest issue, Number 453, I was the Managing Editor, using new computer software to lay it out. It has a new look, but the same principles -- and people really ought to get a copy. The latest issue also highlights some of the National Vanguard activism that's been going on around the country on behalf of White people. How can people get a copy so they can see what The Truth at Last is all about?

FIELDS: If anyone would like a sample copy of the paper, they should send one dollar to Truth at Last, P. O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061. Just send one dollar in, and we'll send you a copy of the paper by first-class mail. There's a subscription form included, and if you want to subscribe, the rates are very low -- just $18 for a year's subscription and $10 for six months. If you'd like to have extra copies of the current issue -- which has three pages of articles on National Vanguard activities -- just send $5 for 15 copies. All orders are filled within 24 hours of receipt.
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KAS: We've recently seen a tremendous change in Americans' attitudes, I think, as a result of Hurricane Katrina. I think they've seen a side of Black America, of multiracialist America, that they hadn't seen before. What, for you, are the lessons of Hurricane Katrina?

FIELDS: I think it was a great shock to many people to see what happens when you have a total breakdown in law and order, when the police run away and other police join the rioters and looters. Who's ever heard of that happening before? Burning down buildings -- shooting at people who are trying to rescue stranded, sick, and elderly people?

I talked to someone from Hamburg, Germany after this happened. They have levees in Hamburg, and from time to time they have storms and the levees come down. They have flooding and have to rescue people by boat. Not one police officer there has ever been called out during a flood to put down a riot. Not a single case of looting has ever occurred in Hamburg during flooding.

In New Orleans there was massive looting -- looting of every business that the people could get their hands on. What we saw here was that in a situation where there's no law and order Blacks become uncivilized and revert to their African habit of stealing everything they can get their hands on.

A well-known businessman in Atlanta who's now deceased, Marvin Dillard, who owned the M & M (Magic Market) stores, once told me that anytime you hire a Black person and put him in charge of money, you have hired a thief. He would give Blacks lie detector tests before he'd hire them. After they had filled out their applications, he'd say, "Come back next Thursday for your lie detector test." They would never come back. As a result, the M & M convenience stores were practically all White.

In New Orleans the veneer of civilization was stripped away and the Black community showed its true face and, actually, its hatred of White people. What we see in France today -- the rioting which has gone on for weeks, with over ten thousand cars burned along many, many buildings that the media don't even talk about -- this is something that could possibly happen in this country.
[ ]

KAS: Indeed we could, and of course, when we hear about riots in France isn't it interesting that it isn't Frenchmen and Frenchwomen -- it's not White people -- who are rioting over there, it's the Arabs and the Blacks that they've imported. That's not just a coincidence. People need to realize that it's a racial matter.

FIELDS: It is a racial matter, and it has spread to parts of Germany and to a couple of cities in Belgium. And although it's been played down, there was a night of rioting with automobiles being burned in a suburb outside of London on October the 15th. The media in our country have really played down the riots -- and they blame the Whites for them. They say, "The Whites have discriminated, they haven't given jobs and education to the Africans and that's why they're rioting." That's just a liberal cop-out when Whites blame themselves for the riots instead of the rioters.

KAS: It's almost like we're training them to riot -- because if you give in and give them more when they riot, then they know how to get more next time.

FIELDS: That's right. They think, "Why not riot? We'll get more." The authorities are saying the most they can do is put these so-called "young people" or "teenagers" in jail for three months. Three months? They should be in there for three years!

KAS: Well, forget the jail, Ed; they should go back to Africa.

FIELDS: Yes, they should be deported back to Africa. Le Pen did come out in favor of deporting all of the lawbreakers back to Africa, and I think some other politicians did, too. But actually, these people over there who hate the European culture, who are envious of the White people and their economic standing, are never going to meld with the French population. You can't make Frenchmen out of Africans, and the French need to deport them -- one and all -- back to Africa.
[ ]

KAS: I agree one hundred percent. What we White people need in every White country, including America, is White living space. That's what our forefathers fought for, that's what they believed in, and that what's what we need in order to live.


KAS: Well, Ed, you've been fighting this fight for White people for almost fifty years with The Truth at Last and even longer before that, and yet you have the energy and gusto, the ability to get things done, and if I may say so, the appearance of a man much younger than your years. What is your secret?

FIELDS: Well, my father lived to be 101 -- he passed away two years ago -- and my mother lived to be 86. They say that if you take the difference between the age of your mother, however long she lived, and add it to the age of your father, then divide that figure in half, you have a chance of living to the average of their two ages. That means that I could live to be 93. I will continue this fight to the very last day I live and to last breath that I take.

KAS: Ed, I want to thank you for all your efforts, all the work you've put into The Truth at Last, and all your other consciousness-raising activities for these many decades. I also want to thank you for your faith in me and in the leadership and the membership of National Vanguard as we cooperate in reaching out to White men and women all over this country and the world. I want to thank you for your steadfast loyalty to the truth. And I want to thank you for being a guest on American Dissident Voices.

FIELDS: We have just begun to fight.

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