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Loyalty to the Truth, Part 1

An interview with Dr. Edward R. Fields.

American Dissident Voices
broadcast for
November 27, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY WE WELCOME to our microphones the editor-in-chief of the longest-running and most popular pro-White publication, The Truth at Last newspaper; the director of that paper's extensive bookselling and publishing operations; and long-time advocate for White Americans, Dr. Edward R. Fields (pictured) of Marietta, GA. Welcome to the ADV microphones, Ed.

ERF: Thank you so much.

KAS: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, so our radio listeners can get better acquainted with you?

ERF: In the very very early days, my parents were very conservative, and they opposed U.S. entry into WW II. One of the reasons, of course, is that they were Irish. After the war, they supported segregationist politicians such as then-governor Eugene Talmadge, who was a staunch segregationist. They took me to Talmadge rallies, and I actually met Talmadge when I was 14 years old. That same year, 1946, I joined an organization in downtown Atlanta called the Columbians. From then on, I joined numerous organizations and worked with them part time while going to school and going to college.

KAS: Were the Columbians associated with Emory Burke?

ERF: Emory Burke was the head of the Columbians. The name comes from the poetical name of America, Columbia, after Christopher Columbus. Burke was an artist and a well-known speaker at the time.

KAS: Emory Burke did a beautiful speech for us in 1982 called Why We Will Win. He was a very moving speaker.

ERF: Yes, he definitely was.

KAS: And a very fine man. We lost him not too long ago.

ERF: About a year ago he passed away.

KAS: When you first began your racial and political activities, what year was that?

ERF: That was 1946.

KAS: Wow -- that's before I was born...

ERF: (laughter) I'm going to make an audio tape of one of Eugene Talmadge's last speeches before he passed away. He doesn't use the word "segregation" one single time. He says the issue is "White supremacy." Every candidate was for segregation. But he was for "White supremacy." That made him stand head and shoulders above all the other candidates. And he was elected governor of Georgia four times. His son was also a segregationist who was elected governor twice and, I think, United States Senator three or four times.
[ ]
[ ]

KAS: You carry one of his books in The Truth at Last book catalogue.

ERF: Yes we do -- You and Segregation, which is an excellent book on the subject, by the late Senator Herman Talmadge.

KAS: You credit your parents with raising you right and teaching you about racial matters, and also of course the society, as you describe it, that you grew up in was a society that was largely racially conscious. But what made you decide to go into racial politics in such a public way? What was your personal experience of doing that?

ERF: It was purely by accident. I went to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa for four years. I would drive to Chicago and attend meetings of We The People, a conservative organization. And I set up practice in Louisville, Kentucky. This was in about 1956. I joined the Citizens' Councils there, and they needed a newsletter. And there were other White groups there, but they had no publication. So we started a newsletter on a mimeograph machine called The Thunderbolt. That was in 1958. For the next two years it was just a mimeographed sheet, and I continued practicing full time. At that time, I did not believe, or even think -- it didn't dawn on me -- that the publication would be a full time endeavor.

KAS: Tell us a little bit about the Citizens' Councils, because a lot of people today don't even know what that was.

ERF: It was an organization opposed to the integration of public schools. The branch I was affiliated with was headed by John Kasper who was, you might say, more to the right than the Mississippi Citizens' Councils. We held meetings in Frankfort, Kentucky, Nashville, Knoxville, et cetera, with thousands of people attending. A lot of people don't know that troops were sent out in the early days in Sturgis, Kentucky to integrate the schools there -- sent by Eisenhower, who also sent the troops to Little Rock to integrate the schools. And there were huge rallies opposing that.

In 1960 we moved to Birmingham, Alabama at the request of segregationists who lived there, and the organization greatly expanded. Now I'm referring to the National States Rights Party, which was the official organization which sponsored The Thunderbolt, which in that year became a tabloid newspaper.

KAS: As it still is today.

ERF: Yes. It was in 1988 that the name was changed to The Truth at Last.
[ ]

KAS: What is the philosophy behind The Truth at Last?

ERF: Well, all my life... I can go back to the very first leaflet that I ever published. It was opposed to interracial marriage, to the mongrelization of the White race. That always disturbed me, and I always knew it was wrong. And I read many books on the subjects of interracial dating, interracial marriage, and interracial mating. I read books about the downfall of Egypt, Brazil, and India -- all brought about by the mixing of the races, with the superior race interbreeding with the inferior race. And that is what threatens us today more than anything else, in my opinion -- because, as Senator Bilbo said, any time you have the races socializing with one another on any sort of equal footing, you're going to have interracial marriage and interracial mating.

I can remember when it was against the law for Whites and Blacks to go to a movie together, to go dancing at a public or private hall together, et cetera. And segregation was strictly enforced. To see a White woman with a Black man was absolutely unthinkable. But today, in my opinion, racemixing is the greatest threat we have to civilization itself. We're going to end up like France, or Brazil, or like these other countries that are totally collapsing.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

KAS: Well, it seems to me that the ultimate goal should not be segregation in a multiracial society -- although for a time we might have to have that. The ultimate goal should be absolute geographic separation of the races.
[ ]

ERF: Yes. Senator Bilbo said that. And even Abraham Lincoln said that. He favored the repatriation of all freed Black slaves in America back to Africa.

KAS: Yes, he was willing to do a lot of horrible and unconstitutional things in his war -- but even he didn't want the races to mix!

ERF: That's right. He made very strong statements against interracial marriage.
[ ]

KAS: What were the issues that you fought the hardest on the 1960s and 70s for White people?

ERF: The main issues back then were integration of the public schools -- still a big issue today; then bussing for a long time -- opposition to forced bussing. Whites would move to one side of the town, trying to get away from living in Black neighborhoods where you'd have to go to a Black or integrated school. So the federal courts and the federal government came up with the brilliant idea of bussing people many miles, against their will, to integrate the schools. That was a very big issue for a long time. Now today, people have moved away even further, so far that bussing is often impossible. Or they're putting their children in private schools.

KAS: So White people have solved the problem by a sort of temporary flight from the mixed areas.

ERF: That's exactly right. In Atlanta you can easily see it. In Cobb County where I live, one part of the county is all White, and the other part of the county is all Black. There seems to be crime and all kinds of drugs in the Black schools, and the White schools don't have any trouble at all.

KAS: One of the things that strikes me as unusual is that even people who are "liberal" on the race issue (and unfortunately today that includes a lot of so-called conservatives) still vote with their feet to get away from the non-Whites. They still want to live in safe, clean, environmentally-friendly White areas.

ERF: Well, these soccer moms who watch the Oprah Winfrey show every day and think she's wonderful do not want their own children going to an integrated or mostly-Black school. It's like an ostrich with its head in the sand. The problem continues to grow, but because of the media and all the non-stop brainwashing people want to be Politically Correct. And it's always been that way. To be Politically Correct -- like you say, they'll vote with their feet but they'll proclaim that they're liberals among their friends and in public.

KAS: What are the main issues that face White people today, right now, in 2005?

ERF: There are several important issues. The number one issue, of course, is immigration. Just this morning I saw representative Duncan Hunter on television arguing for a wall -- I call it a Berlin Wall -- to be built from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. And that could be built with what we spend on the War in Iraq in one month. The $6 billion we spend in Iraq in a single month could build an impenetrable wall all the way across the Mexican border.
[ ]

KAS: Well, three cheers for that idea!

ERF: Yes. And he stated that there are several sections where they have partial walls -- 14 miles long, ten miles long -- and in those areas it has just about stopped the illegal aliens. So he argues, and I agree, that we should extend the wall and make it stronger and bigger; with barbed wire and electric fence and everything else. The border can be closed. He also brought out that they're arresting more and more Koreans, Chinese, Afghans, et cetera -- people who could be terrorists. And drugs are flooding across our border, being hauled in by what they call "mules." He gave an excellent talk.
[ ]
[ ]

I think that closing the borders and stopping all this non-White immigration flooding into our country is the number one issue that we're faced with today.

KAS: I also see that as the number one issue. Very important too, I think, is the control of our media by people who are hostile to White interests. Do you agree with that?

ERF: Right. You see hardly any major ads on television anymore which are not interracial. Watching these ads, you'd think every family in America has Black friends over at their home for dinner or cookouts in the yard, or they go bowling with them... You'd think that every White family in America socializes with Blacks. Which is absolutely not the case at all. But these images affect young people more than the older people. I've been seeing more young interracial couples around Atlanta -- and I know that television and the movies have got a lot to do with it.

KAS: We need to build our own media -- something that you've been doing for a long time. We're doing that with, and our video outreach as well. I think that if we in the White community can stand together and build our own alternative media, I think that will be a big step in the right direction -- in getting our people's minds away from that poison.

ERF: I agree, yes.

KAS: Now, one thing that racially conscious White Americans have been late in seeing -- the Founding Fathers, for example, certainly didn't see it to the extent they should have -- is the Jewish question. And, unlike many of your compatriots who fought against forced racial mixing in the 1960s, you've never shied away from that issue. Why do you boldly address that question when so many conservatives and so many of your fellow pro-White activists are even afraid to mention it?

ERF: You use the right term there; I've talked to the publishers of conservative publications, some of them pretty strong on racial matters -- and they are actually afraid to tackle the Jewish problem. The Jews are extremely powerful in this country. They control Hollywood, which is nothing more than a Jewish monopoly, and they control the television networks. If you look at the list of the directors and producers of these shows you'll see this. If you watch the Academy Awards or any of these awards shows, you'll see Jew after Jew awarding one another trophies and prizes and titles.
[ ]

The Jews control the media in America because of the enormous wealth that they have amassed. I saw an article in the New York Times last week by a very prominent Jew who said that hedge funds -- a hedge fund is a secret mutual fund, which should not be allowed, there's no reason for it -- have so much money that there is no corporation in the world that a combination of hedge funds cannot buy. There's no corporation that they can't buy.

KAS: That's an astounding statement.

ERF: Also the Jews are on the far left of every issue. In every country, "anti-hate" laws have been extended and extended and extended to the point where you can't open your mouth to criticize Israel or foreign aid to Israel or any part of their agenda without violating their "anti-hate" laws. They call that "anti-Semitism." The Jews hate the First Amendment to the Constitution. They want it abolished. There's no two ways about it. And they've effectively done that in Canada, France, Germany, and other Western countries.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

KAS: In Austria, they've just arrested David Irving for doubting the Jewish version of history.

ERF: And I've heard that he did so only in a very, very mild way. It was a very insignificant statement that they seized upon.
[ ]
[ ]

And consider Jewish ownership of property in America. I would say that 80 per cent. of the property in New York City is in the hands of the Jews. In many other cities they own most of the property. It's like in Germany after World War I, when they bought up the whole country during the great depression for pennies on the dollar -- in 1921 and 1922, years before our depression here in the States in 1929.

Jewish wealth totally controls the Democratic party. They make up over 50 per cent. of all the financial contributors to the Democratic party. And they do have a lot of influence in the Republican party [about 30 per cent. of donors -- Ed.], but not as much. They consider the Democratic party to be a Jewish political party.

KAS: When you look a the Bush administration, though, it looks like they've made tremendous inroads there.

ERF: They certainly have.

KAS: Jewish neocons seem to control the Bush administration.

ERF: Yes. They're the ones that got us into this war. Which is a horrible and terrible thing. This war is being fought for only one reason -- and no other reason. Ad that is because Ariel Sharon of Israel demanded that we go to war with Iraq.

When you boil down all the reasons and all the lies they told about why we went to that war, there's one that stands out as a big truth. I heard, personally, both Newt Gingrich and Condoleezza Rice say on television that another reason for going to war with Iraq is because Saddam Hussein gave $25,000 to the families and relatives of all the martyrs who are fighting against the Jewish occupation. Both of them stated that.

Well, that is a big reason. He gave $25,000 each to these families, and that's enough reason right there for the Jews to want Saddam Hussein destroyed.

People forget -- I talk to many people who do not realize that Israel has been occupying Palestinian land for 38 years. And it's been one of the most brutal occupations in the history of the world. It's been going on for 38 years, and we, the American taxpayers, have been financing it with massive foreign aid to Israel.
[ ]

KAS: Well, it seems that the Jews haven't gotten everything they wanted from this war with Iraq, though, because it looks like...

ERF: It backfired.

KAS: ... when America finally has to come back with its tail between its legs, we're going to have a Shiite, pro-Iran government in Iraq.

ERF: Exactly.

KAS: Which means that the neocons will very likely try to start another war -- against Iran this time.

ERF: They thought, and they even stated, that this would be an eight week war and a six month occupation. Then the plan was for us to go ahead, with all our forces there, and declare war on Iran. And then they wanted us to declare war on Syria. Well, the war in Iraq is still going on. The 90 day war has turned into a three year war. We're losing boys every single day. The Congressman who was on TV last night -- Murtha -- I applaud him all the way. He's a veteran of two wars from Pennsylvania, and he called for the immediate withdrawal of all American forces from Iraq. He said that just our very presence there is inciting more and more resistance, and we're never going to win that so-called war.
[ ]
[ ]

KAS: David Duke said we're breeding a thousand Osama bin Ladens every week we're there. What a tragic waste of America lives and American money that we'll never see again.
[ ]

ERF: That's right. It can end up bankrupting the country.

KAS: And this war -- and the massive immigration we're seeing, the open borders policies -- and the intentional promotion of racial mixing -- all can be traced back to the Jewish ownership of the media.

ERF: Exactly. In my early days, I noticed that the Jews were on the left of every single issue. And the first book I ever read on the subject, Behind Communism (which we sell for $5) by Frank L. Britton, details the very earliest beginnings of Communism in Poland and Russia. Britton shows that Communism was born in the seething anti-Gentile Jewish ghettos of Poland. The Polish people didn't want the Czar and his family assassinated. The Polish people didn't want 20,000 churches burned to the ground and destroyed. But the Jews did.

And it's very interesting to note that not one synagogue was ever destroyed in Russia or Poland at that time. Father Charles Coughlin, in his newspaper in the 1930s, over and over again challenged the rabbis of America to join him in condemning Communism. He challenged Jewish writers to join him in condemning Communism. They never did. They were pro-Communist. The Communist Party in America wouldn't even have existed if it weren't for massive Jewish support in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

KAS: Ed, how can people get hold of The Truth at Last and get copies for themselves, their families, and their communities?

ERF: If you'd like to have extra copies of the current issue, which has three pages of activity articles about the National Vanguard organization, just send $5 for 15 copies. All orders are filled within 24 hours of receipt. Just mail the $5 to The Truth at Last, P.O. Box 1211, Marietta GA 30061.
[ ]

* * *

Be sure to join us again next week on American Dissident Voices for the second part of this interview with Dr. E. R. Fields, editor and publisher of The Truth at Last, the longest-running and most popular pro-White periodical in the United States today.

We'll be discussing the hidden law that mandates that White voting strength must always be reduced, never increased -- why White people should embrace some of the ideas of the political left -- why Whites are losing their jobs to "free trade" while both political parties support the globalism behind "free trade" -- why The Truth at Last endorsed Ralph Nader for President -- the ways in which White people can break out of the death trap of conventional left-right political thinking and start taking control of their destinies once again -- and much, much more. That's all next time, on the real American Dissident Voices. And be sure to keep reading for the latest addition to the American Dissident Voices radio network, Frankly Speaking by Frank Roman.

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