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BBET's interview with Kevin Strom.

American Dissident Voices
broadcast for
November 6-26, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

USUALLY, I'm the one doing the interviews here on American Dissident Voices -- but this week a European pro-White organization is going to turn the tables and interview me. The organization is BBET, the political formation of Blood and Honour Flanders. In the past they've interviewed Professors Robert Griffin and Kevin MacDonald, Wendy Campbell, Dr. Alexander Jacob, Tomislav Sunic, and many others. It is truly an honor to be included in that list.

BBET: Mr. Strom, although your name is somewhat of a household name in the White racialist movement, let us nevertheless start with the most typical opener: Could you please introduce yourself to our Flemish readership and specify the goals of your main project, National Vanguard?
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KAS: I'm the Managing Director of National Vanguard -- there are five Directors -- the long-term goal of which is to secure living space so the White race can survive, advance, and achieve its destiny. Our short-term goals are to build new media -- print, video, radio, and the Internet -- and grow their audience; and grow our membership and thereby grow our economic power and political muscle, and build a viable White community that will successfully defend its interests and its genetic and cultural integrity through the hard times ahead.

I was born in 1956 in what was then the Territory of Alaska, of Norwegian-descended parents who hailed from Minnesota. But I've spent most of my life in Virginia, where I live now with my wife and family. So you could say I have both northern and southern "credentials." I'm just old enough to remember the old America, the real America, the White America that has been under attack since the rise of the Jewish-controlled mass media and the opening of our borders to non-White immigration in 1965.

In the late 1960s, I sensed something was seriously wrong with America and the West. This was a time of massive leftist mobilization against mainstream American culture and politics. It was the "hippie" era of drugs and the abandonment, by millions of young people, of traditional Western norms in almost every aspect of their lives. It was the time of the rise of the "Jesus freaks" and a reinvigoration of evangelical Christianity. And it was the time of intense youth opposition to the Vietnam War, opposition which was manipulated in many cases into outright pro-Communism. I could see establishment figures like Walter Cronkite and many leading politicians singing the praises of protesters carrying Communist flags and chanting anthems to Ho chi Minh -- and, even at the age of 12 or 13, I could sense that something was very wrong.

Around this time, I gained great insights from a free-thinking history teacher of mine, an Irishman with twinkling blue eyes and a sharp mind who never indoctrinated his students, but presented alternate theories with both even-handedness and flair. He even allowed publications like The American Mercury and Western Destiny -- and George Wallace campaign pamphlets -- to sit on his reading table next to Newsweek and Time; though he never pushed anything on anyone. He got me interested in history and politics. He showed me that what "everyone believes" is, as often as not, completely false. He was a rare individual and I'm very grateful to him.

In the early 1980s I began my work with Dr. William Pierce, and through him I met such men as Revilo Oliver, Emory Burke, Richard Cotten, Robert Pate, Mark Weber, and others who have added so much to my life.
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BBET: A main inspiration in your political consciousness was the late Dr. William L. Pierce. Could you tell us how he stood out and what you learned from him?

KAS: That's a big question, and probably deserves a book instead of a few sentences. But I'll try to give you a summary. William Pierce was a man of deep insights into the nature of reality, and absolute dedication to the moral code he developed from those insights.

When William Pierce set out on his philosophical journey as a man in his 30s, he did not begin with preconceived notions of "my country, right or wrong" or any of the conventional pieties or loyalties of religion or American politics, left or right. He saw the racial composition and racial beliefs of his nation changing rapidly -- he saw long-established values being swept away. And he sought to understand. He sought to understand these things as a scientist would understand them. And he was in fact a scientist, a physicist.

That quest led him to an understanding of Jewish media control, and the Jewish biological characteristics that have caused that strange race to pursue a strategy of parasitism which must ultimately lead either to the defeat of the Jewish power structure or the annihilation of our race. That quest also led him to an awareness of the unparalleled achievements of our race, and the implications for the future of all life -- indeed of the entire universe -- if the light represented by our race should be extinguished.

William Pierce travelled a political road that encountered and then surpassed such patriotic efforts as the John Birch Society, George Lincoln Rockwell's National Socialist organization, the National Youth Alliance -- and which ultimately led to what he called Cosmotheism, an all-encompassing philosophy of racial progress which he developed. Cosmotheism elevates the biological worldview that scientific racialism was approaching in the 20th century to its highest, yet most elegant and simple, moral expression.
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William Pierce's insights affected me deeply. His single-minded dedication in the face of tremendous obstacles also inspired me, as did his ability to steer an independent course, free of the pettiness, ego battles, and viciousness that unfortunately characterize so much of alternative politics.
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BBET: Central in National Vanguard's publications is your resistance to the Iraq War, which makes you stand apart from the Kosher Conservative parties and organizations actively promoting this war. Has this been effective in transforming yahoo-jingoism into a racially-based ideology? Has NV been able to recruit from the growing tendencies among the American public to call for ending the war?

KAS: You're certainly right that we oppose this insane war -- scheduled, if the neocons have their way, to be expanded to include Iran and Syria -- since we see it as a war not for American interests, but as a war for Israel's interests at America's expense. And that expense is too dear. Even a single tax dollar, even a single drop of our sons' blood, is too high a price to pay for the entire filthy, rotten, pornography-producing, sex-slavery-enabling, genocidal, murderous, treacherous, American-killing state of Israel and every Jew in it. Let them defend themselves if they can, against a world furious at their depredations.

As for yahoo-jingoism, the fundamental and idealistic racial/biological approach of National Vanguard probably does not appeal to those who simply want to do whatever the crowd does, and I suspect that that category includes most of the yahoo-jingo types. But there are certainly millions of intelligent White people in America capable of independent thought. They are our target audience: White men and women who will become quite irate (to put it mildly) once they understand the real reasons their sons and their treasure are being squandered in the sand -- White people who will deeply resent it when they discover how their patriotic sentiments have been cynically used. Such people may not be a numerical majority, but I believe they constitute a majority of decision-makers, money-makers, and real leaders among the White population.

The world is rapidly moving toward dramatic polarization on the issues of Israel and Jewish power. Much of Europe is already on the "side of the angels." Unless the Zionists have a lot of cards they haven't played yet, we are entering an era in which it will be the Jewish power structure, Zionized America, and a few minor players on one side -- and everyone else on the other.

That's where the independent-thinking White audience of ours comes in. Our job is to communicate well with these people, find those who can help us grow and recruit them, and move the rest, with the power of truth and the power of our hearts and minds, over to the side of the angels -- and thereby change the world.
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BBET: On your private Web site we notice a lot of attention given to women and female beauty. In doing this, you don�t copy the vulgar stereotypes sadly rampant in our movement. Could you explain this particular focus? Also in your earlier ADV-broadcasts we find a strong focus on women�s affairs: feminism, abortion,� One of your other interests is of course art. Does this coincide with your political and racial views?

KAS: There is an image of the ideal, I believe, implanted in the souls of White men and women. We instinctively recognize the more advanced, more evolved human form as more beautiful.

Just as we instinctively recognize the forces of Nature as having an awesome beauty, for out of them we were born and with them we have travelled through the ages -- just as we recognize the green valley, titan forest, or Alpine meadow as beautiful, because our souls rejoice in places naturally ideal for human habitation -- so also we see beauty in the faces and forms of our fellow White people. And we represent -- and idealize -- that beauty in our art. That beauty, that ideal, is uniquely ours. As much as we may learn to appreciate the art of other races, it remains outside of us, outside of our souls.

Only our own people's art -- which, since even before the time of Pericles, has been of one spirit from Greece to Iceland -- partakes directly of our race-soul, and even expands it, increasing our sensitivity and our understanding of who we are at the very deepest level. One of the greatest tragedies of Jewish media control -- and a multiculturalized curriculum -- is the fact that literally millions of White people have been denied contact with the divine works and great traditions of European art. White children need White art.

Our art can communicate in an instant what would otherwise take a lifetime of learning to understand. Looking at Breker's Eos in the rosy light of dawn, or hearing the strains of Vivaldi as the golden sunset illuminates the fields, says more to a child about what it means to be White than a thousand American Dissident Voices programs.

As for the female form: No one will deny that it has inspired our greatest and most sublime artists, or that it has also inspired the sleazy, and the low, and the exploiter out for a fast buck. The exploiter cares nothing for what White womanhood represents, nor for the individual woman -- he only wants to be paid; and will defile and pervert if that will attract a market.

The sleazy and the low among us are, possibly at least, incapable of seeing the divine beauty of the female form -- and are also incapable of seeing the sacred, holy nature of ourselves as sexual beings: the bearers of the divine gene-patterns that began to evolve at the mysterious beginning of Life and which will continue to evolve toward our still-unimaginable destiny.

Our attraction for the opposite sex, our love of human beauty, are all part of this pattern of evolving life. We should revel in the divine beauty of the human face and the human body; we should rejoice in our sexuality -- but we should never make any of these a low and ugly thing, which pornography does and which, sadly, some in the more dysfunctional parts of the pro-White cause have done also. In some cases, they out-sleazed Hollywood and Tel Aviv, when they weren't actually stealing images directly from them.

Worse than this, some of those nominally on our side regularly savage women in the crudest manner possible: One supposedly pro-White Web site and tabloid publisher regularly uses a vulgar word meaning a woman's sexual parts as a routine insult, for example. Recently, they used that word nine times in a single article. Out-Jewing the Jewish media in crudity is going nowhere as far as attracting the kind of people we need to attract to make our cause successful. I sometimes wonder who keeps operations like that afloat.
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BBET: Returning to the �vulgar stereotypes common in our movement� we noted that a certain auto-destructive element (the band Vaginal Jesus, etc.) was a principal reason for breaking up with the rump National Alliance in Hillsboro. Now, half a year later, could you tell us where you stand now: strengthened or weakened by the split?

KAS: One of the reasons that almost every Alliance Unit and prominent activist joined with us in National Vanguard was the lying and hypocrisy of those who claimed to represent the highest ideals of our race, but who were at the same time promoting the sickest kind of anti-cultural "music" imaginable. The music wing of what is now the rump Alliance in Hillsboro was selling some CDs so horrible that April Gaede told me she wouldn't ever want her own children -- 13-year-old Lynx and Lamb of the pro-White band Prussian Blue, whose CD was featured on the site -- to even look at the site where their own music was being sold. It was that bad. They were selling a CD which used cover art showing a woman's genitalia, bloody and ripped from her body, nailed to a cross. That is truly disgusting. That is as degrading to White women as the worst ghetto rap. And we were endorsing it! It was intolerable. And there were other CDs just as bad -- with album and song titles referring to keeping chain-saw-severed heads in one's home freezer. Real racial idealism, eh? I could go on, but won't. As I said before -- intolerable.

Even more significant than the promotion and sale of these sub-Congoid level CDs, however, were the issues of competence and morality at the top levels of the organization. Ego-driven decisions were made which not only proved severely embarrassing (the "stripper girls" calendar, the nearly-illiterate articles; the giving of more and more authority to someone who constantly drove away quality people) but also were morally unacceptable: the spreading of false accusations against long-time members and activists who questioned some leadership decisions (including sickening and wholly made-up allegations of criminal behavior, sexual perversion, and racial treason); and the publication of former members' home addresses and real names, which means these names and addresses fell into the hands of violent anti-White groups (remember, these were people who were promised confidentiality).

This kind of behavior makes a mockery of everything we believe. The National Alliance Executive Committee was formed to stop this behavior -- but working from the inside failed to stop these shockingly immoral usurpers, so a parting of the ways became inevitable. We can only be stronger for it.

BBET: You also run a Web site dedicated to the memory of Prof. Revilo P. Oliver and you have also published his posthumous book, The Jewish Strategy. Could you explain how this amazing intellectual giant shaped your thinking?

KAS: Revilo Oliver was the most intelligent person I have ever met, and also one of the wittiest, most engaging, and certainly the most well-educated. He had an amazing memory, too, and could instantly access and correlate facts he had learned in his extremely wide reading. He was also a courtly gentleman of the old school, and he showed it hundreds of times in the gracious and kindly way he dealt with the many pilgrims who came to his door. He personified for me all that was great and noble about our civilization.

He was a real scholar who provided his readers with the historical and cultural background to help them understand the plight of our unique race. And he had an unmatched wit, which he used to joyfully skewer the fallacies of multiracialism, Jewish supremacism, and any kind of human universalism. After reading Oliver demolish the ruling myths of our age, no intelligent person would be able to take them seriously anymore.

And as he happily skewered the liars, he expressed himself in English prose that is every inch the equal of Mencken or Chandler, though in his own grand style. If Chandler is a deft solo piano, then Oliver is a symphony orchestra.

Revilo Oliver showed me that not only could we make a stand for our people, but we could have a Hell of a good time doing it. He enjoyed his life and used it well.

Dr. Oliver had an amazing amount of energy, too. In his late 70s and early 80s, he produced a very impressive amount of written work, and he worked at it for many many hours every day. Someday, I'd like to bring out his later works in book form -- and I am certain they will run to many volumes.
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[ ]

Oliver was an inspiring man. I'm very fortunate to have known him. Someday he will receive his proper recognition, if I have anything to say about it.

BBET: One of the main flaws our trans-Atlantic nationalist-racialist movements possess is a lack of success in promoting large families. I even think the average White nationalist family would have fewer kids than the average family. Proof for this theory can be found in Robert Griffin�s excellent journalistic account One Sheaf, One Vine where he interviews 17 White racialists. Only two out of the seventeen had children, and only one above the replacement rate. How can organizations such as yours and ours promote this change?

KAS: Well, I am happy to say that I have seen many children at National Vanguard events -- but I've never made a survey of our members to discover if they're above or below the replacement rate. I agree that a shrinking race is not a healthy race. A race which regards children as burden, rather than as the highest treasure in the universe, is not a healthy race.

But I don't think we can put the contraceptive genie back in the bottle. It's possible that the power to prevent conception -- or abort its precious result -- is a power that we, on average, are not capable of handling without killing ourselves in the long run. I hope that isn't true. But White people will have children when they want to have them.

Among White nationalists today, large families, with the children raised right, will help secure the future of our people. Within the new White community we are building, I believe a strongly pro-natal attitude is called for.

In the larger society, we need to reward people for having and properly raising quality White children. Tax incentives, interest-free loans, financial help for mothers, and a thousand other things could be used to great effect. Done right, the results would be good for the race quantitatively and qualitatively.

We also need to have a social atmosphere in which White parenthood is praised, honored, and encouraged. We need to educate our people so that those with the right racial qualifications and good genetic stock will want -- more than anything else in their lives -- to bring beautiful sons and daughters into this world and fill it with their light. What higher purpose could there be?

BBET: Given the omnipresent Jewish threat to the survival of the White race, how do you see things evolving in the future?

KAS: Fundamentally, what the Jewish power structure is trying to do is impossible. There will be no peaceful mixed-race utopia with them constituting most of the elite at the top. The end result of their genocidal multiracialist policies will just be Katrina 2005 and Paris 2005 writ large -- very large. Race will always assert itself. And the stage on which they are playing out their sick dreams is no longer just one nation at a time. Now the conflict is not just within, say, old Bavaria or medieval Spain, with refuge just a mountain range or channel crossing away. The infection is continents-wide now. The scale of the conflict is the Earth itself.

They will weaken the West -- we're seeing the beginning of that already -- and what rising powers like China do about that is a wild card in the equation.

But we can only control what we do. We Whites are not ready for the turbulent times ahead. We must get ready. We must build racial consciousness among our people. We must build a community that is strong and prosperous and growing. We must build an alternate structure -- of media, of science, of art, of finance, of philosophy and religion, and ultimately of authority -- to replace the current structure. And the fundamental values of this new society will be racial survival and racial progress. Only thus can we assure the freedom and self-determination of our kind, so that our children's children will be able to achieve the destiny that we made possible for them.
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* * *

Thanks so much to Blood and Honour Flanders for allowing me the opportunity to be interviewed by them -- we at National Vanguard wish them best of luck in all their endeavors for our uniquely beautiful and creative race.

* * * * * *

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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