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Time and Money:
A Speech at the Phoenix Eurofest

Wasted lives, poverty where there should be riches, and the end of higher humanity on Earth will be the ultimate results of the current economic system.

October 16-22, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

MR. CURNOW, Mr. Berg, ladies and gentlemen. It's an honor and a joy to be here and to speak with you today.

Some time ago a Jew went up to a ticket window at Grand Central Station and told the ticket agent "I want a ticket for Springfield." The agent replied "Which Springfield? Springfield, Illinois -- Springfield, Missouri -- Springfield, Massachusetts -- or Springfield, Ohio?" The Jew paused and thought for a moment, and then asked "Which one is the cheapest, Mister?"

When Mr. Curnow called to ask me to speak here in Phoenix, he really didn't make it clear what he wanted me to speak about. He didn't say, "Kevin, I want you to speak on 'Why Jews Aren't White' or 'Why Do So Many White People Pretend to be Indians?' or 'How Did We Get Stuck With That Slopehead in the White House?' or 'Why Starting World War 3 in Iran is a Really Bad Idea.'" He didn't even suggest that I ask the question 'What Precisely are Blacks and Mexicans Good For?'. No, Mr. Curnow just left it open. I could hold forth on anything I chose, and I'd get to see the city and enjoy the delights of this European Festival. How could I refuse?

So I thought about the old adage that you can never be too young, too beautiful, or too rich -- and, considering that we as White people have beauty all sewn up, that leaves the subjects of 'too young' (which refers to time, really) and 'too rich' (which refers to money). So I thought I'd devote my talk tonight to time and money.

Money is on people's minds these days. Bankruptcies are higher than ever before -- and not just personal bankruptcies, either -- local business, major airlines, and other large corporations are increasingly facing the wall, too. As war- and storm-induced oil price spikes hammer all areas of the economy and high-paying jobs for White working people are literally gone with the wind, even the most dim Bush supporters are starting to wish we still had that $200 billion we spent on defending Israel in the Middle East. Well, there's nothing like the coming Depression II to clarify White people's thinking. At least I hope so, because the Depression is coming, clarification or not.

About 2,000 years ago the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, in essence, that the man who would never think of borrowing -- much less taking -- money from you, thinks nothing at all of presuming to take your time. But while it is possible for money to be paid back, time can never be. Once it is gone, it is gone forever, and however we spent the day, whether we worked toward a worthy goal or expanded our mind, or whether we wasted the day on sordid entertainment or unworthy companions, we are all nevertheless one day closer to the time when we will either face oblivion, or finally learn the truth about mystery of consciousness which we can never know while we live. Every minute that passes, we are one minute closer to death. Time advances inexorably and never gives a respite. Young or old, we cannot control the rate at which we spend it -- but we can control what we spend it on. I'm here to tell you today that we'd better start spending a lot more of it on saving ourselves as race, or all is lost.

And money? What is it, really? It's what everybody wants more of -- so he can buy more things and have others work for him. It's a symbolic representation of wealth, as I discussed last year on American Dissident Voices. There was a time when a dollar (or a pound or a franc or whatever) actually represented a fixed amount of precious metal, and so-called "paper money" was really only a promise to pay real money. Old paper currency even has printed on it "The United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand twenty dollars," so you sure as hell knew that the paper itself was not twenty dollars. Those days are long gone, and the dollar today is just words on a piece of paper, or digital bits recorded on a bank's hard drive somewhere. It has no more intrinsic value than trading stamps or grocery store coupons.

What makes grocery store coupons have any value at all? It's the promise of the store to give you something you value when you trade them in. The promise is what makes them good. If you and others believe in the promise and want the goods that are promised, you could even use them as a medium of exchange and a store of value, just like you use dollars.

And dollars are based on a promise, too, though it's really sort of a forced promise. The government promises that they'll demand money from you from time to time in the form of taxes -- and they further promise to accept dollars as payment. So you know the dollars are good for paying that kind of debt, and you know that sooner or later you'll need some of them when the tax man comes calling.

And the government requires us to accept dollars in payment of any debts owed us. That's what legal tender laws are all about. So, in effect, the law forces us all to promise that we will accept dollars -- meaning, really, that we will perform services or trade valuable things for them. Since we know that everyone has to accept them, that forced promise to accept them makes them good in roughly the same way as the grocery coupons -- but on a much larger scale and in a much more coercive way.

You might think that you can accept other things in payment, but they've got you there, too. Sure, you can accept payment in francs or rubles or water buffalo or gold bricks -- but you can't just say, "Well, I traded my services as a racial agitator for 15 CDs and an autographed picture of Vladimir Putin, even trade." No, sorry -- the law requires you to enter these on your books in terms of their current dollar value as if you had received the equivalent number of dollars anyway. So they've locked you, as best they can, into the dollar and into the system where they get their cut. As we all know.

This wouldn't be so bad if the dollar was a real and honest measure of value. If you could be sure that the dollars you saved to retire on would buy the same amount of housing and food and heating oil and clothing -- even roughly the same amount -- when you did get around to retiring, then maybe their coercive system would at least be honest. But it's not honest. If it were honest, then the dollar would be like the foot or the inch or the mile or the ounce, an unvarying measure. A ruler made in 2005 is 12 inches long, exactly the same length as one made in 1913. But a dollar in 2005 will only buy what 2 cents would buy in 1913. As Edgar Steele and other commentators have pointed out on numerous occasions, prior to 1913, the value of the dollar had remained almost perfectly stable for over a century. Then the Congress gave control of the currency over to a quasi-public consortium of private banks called the Federal Reserve. One of the ostensible purposes of this act was to -- get this -- "stabilize the value of the dollar."

The dollar which was once a relatively stable store of value -- a device, crystallized time as it were, to store the surplus production of hard and creative workers so they and their children could enjoy the fruits of their labors in the future. But over the last century the dollar has become a device for stealing from the trusting, for 98 per cent. of its value has evaporated into the pockets of those who were in the know ever since this group of criminals was given the power to "stabilize" it. In just the last 20 years, fully half of whatever value it still had in 1985 has disappeared.

So the value the dollar has is that we all have to work for it. We all have to give whatever it is we have to give in exchange for it -- usually damned little of it. And that's where time intersects with money in the evil fun house called modern Western society. For we trade our time for money. Money is crystallized time. The time you spent in making more than what you needed is converted into money so you and your family can enjoy it later -- maybe even after you are dead it can help your great-great-grandchildren, or it can help fund a cause that you believe in. That's crystallized time, the time that makes up your life, the only time you will ever have. Even though money-getting can be crass and dishonest sometimes, when you look at it as the crystallized time of honest men and women, you can see that it really is a sacred thing. A thing of trust and honor, and not to be taken by tricks or deceit.

When you're smart the way White people are smart, you produce more than you consume. You produce a lot more than you consume. You develop things like scientific agriculture, mass production, electronic communication and information technology, heating and air conditioning, and modern plumbing and sanitation systems, and one hundred thousand other wonderful things. And then some of these things make you even more productive. You build up surpluses that can be traded for things you want -- things that other smart and productive people have produced. But it's cumbersome to trade hogsheads of wine for automobiles directly, so a medium of exchange that everybody agrees upon is a real convenience. Hence money.

But with the money system we have now, the value of money can be adjusted, and the powers that be almost continually adjust its value downward. That way the value of the surplus we have saved is constantly drained off, leaving us far poorer than we would otherwise be, and forcing us to constantly trade our labor of today for the necessities of today, so we can never truly build up the store of wealth that we and our ancestors have earned. They stay in their counting houses and we stay on the treadmill -- where we "belong." That tends to perpetuate the rule of those in power now -- and prevent the rise of many newcomers to independent wealth, who might upset the current power structure.

But the wealth of White Americans isn't being stolen only by manipulation of the currency.

Our "free trade" policies allow the importation of non-White labor to undersell and put White Americans out of work. They also allow corporations to relocate their factories to Mexico or China, with the result once again that White Americans are put out of work. That's bad enough, but what is less well known are two hidden effects of these policies. As I said a few months ago on this program:

[T]he cutthroat world of finance capitalism has discovered a way to unearned billions by marking up the products of Chinese and other Third World slave laborers by several hundred per cent. and vending them in K-mart and Wal-mart and the like to those of you who still have jobs. ...[O]ur trade deficit with the non-White world is staggering and growing more out of control every day. A trade deficit means that, just as in the case with 'foreign aid' and giveaway loan programs, huge numbers of dollars are building up in Asian and other coffers, and they will naturally use those dollars to employ Americans to provide them with goods and services -- and land. The trade deficit just keeps hitting record after record, and in April it reached another one -- $48 billion. ...And the System that misrules America has been letting this go on for decades. How much wealth has been transferred away from our people in this manner? -- it approaches the incalculable.

Some will argue that the only use for dollars is to buy American goods and services, so therefore all this trade does is help Americans sell goods that American workers are paid to produce. But that's a facile and deceptive explanation. All those dollars were in America to begin with. Transferring them to Israel or China or wherever doesn't make them buy any more than they would have otherwise. That's just paper shuffling that produces nothing. And no matter how you shuffle the paper, services and real physical goods are transferred over there, the lives of our people are being spent in service to the Third World, and they can never get those minutes and years back again.

What's really happening here is that, in exchange for cheap, ephemeral consumer items -- or pretty good tools and autos -- all of which we are perfectly capable of making right here in America and the West, Americans now have to honor these dollar claims and work an ever-increasing percentage of their lives providing what these foreign creditors want.

[That is the first hidden effect of free trade, one that no one talks about. And here is the second: As non-Whites replace us here in America], as our workforce darkens and its creativity and productivity drop apace, these foreign creditors will find their dollars are better spent on buying up American land and businesses instead of just buying our products. And do you think either a Republican or Democrat regime will do anything to protect Americans as that starts to happen more and more? No, America is for sale and on sale cheap, and almost inconceivable amounts of American wealth are going to meeting the demands of the Third World instead of building up America, repairing our infrastructure, helping our old folks, ensuring an excellent future for our children. The System and the Jewish media have made our people so sick that some of us couldn't even define "us" or "our children" anymore and think that adopting Chinese orphans is a "good" use for their precious lives.

Well, what kind of future does that promise for your children and grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. White America? It promises doom, that's what. It promises a future where the remaining productivity and creativity of Whites are harnessed to make a few more billions for the walled-and-gated self-styled elite of disloyal Whites and ethnocentric Jews, with more billions going to the Third World through "free trade" and aid programs, to say nothing of the hundreds of billions spent and yet to be spent on the insane war plans of the Jewish supremacists who now command the Bush administration. And as America becomes less and less White and more and more of a Third World feeding and breeding zone, the comfort and safety that the tremendous productivity of Whites have made for us in North America will start to disappear, along with our liberties. Our children will be serfs in the land of their forefathers.

I used to say that America was descending toward a future like Calcutta, or Mexico City, or Haiti. But that was ten years ago. I must update my phraseology and say that the future our children face is an America like New Orleans -- rapidly declining in every way, corrupt, savage, bestial, and only brought under a semblance of control by the police state powers of a virtual military dictatorship.

But there is a better way. You all know what that way is. It is to realize, as a people, as a society, that what we are genetically is the basis of all value, all wealth, all morality, and all that is good in this world. It is to realize that we are White people, Europeans, representatives and repositories of the gene patterns which produced the highest culture and the most exalted philosophies and sublime beauty the world has ever seen -- with the potential to create a thousand times more than we have so far created, as we continue the pattern that exploded so brightly, like a supernova, in the far southeastern corner of Europe two and half thousand years ago.

It is to realize that this civilization we have crafted with our minds and our hard labor and our blood -- this land -- this wealth that we have created -- this science and this art -- are for our people alone, for our children and their descendants alone and we shall not labor for others, nor give them our substance, nor let them into our gates any longer. Our gates are forever closed to them, not out of hatred for them, but out of love for the future that we alone -- and I mean alone in both senses of the word -- can bring into existence.

Bringing about this revolutionary change in the thinking of our people is the only task worth striving for in these dark days. It is the task of National Vanguard.

This is the task to which we must devote our time (what is left of it) and our money (what is left of it). The hour is very late.

We must not follow the example of the decadent Romans in the latter days of the Empire, who, hearing that the barbarians were at the gates of the city, refused to believe they were in any real danger. "Are not our larders still full of bread and wine; are not the dancing girls still beautiful; is not the Emperor protecting us?" they would ask, as they retired to a hillside villa to continue their partying and debauchery; while stern and determined men crashed through their gates, cut their way through Rome's polyglot mercenaries -- and brought down their entire world.

We must be sterner, more determined, and more dedicated than our enemies.

Some of us can give only of our time -- some of us can only give money -- some of us can give both. But whatever our personal situation may be, there is no better purpose for our lives than doing whatever it takes to bring about a race-based White society. With that goal always in mind, let us move forward through the rest of our lives.

* * * * * *

We can have a clean, orderly, progressive, safe, and incomparably richer and more beautiful nation if it becomes a proud White nation again.

To do that we must begin by restoring White community and White racial consciousness among our people. We at National Vanguard are doing that by building world-beating new media for Whites and by getting out on the street and meeting our neighbors and showing them what we're all about.

We're going to help our people. We're going to educate our people. We're going to come up with creative ways to awaken our people. We're going to create publications that will be like nothing ever seen before in the cause of White awakening. We're going to do what it takes.

Be a part of what we're doing. Join National Vanguard today. For further information on National Vanguard, write to Post Office Box 5145, Charlottesville VA 22905, or visit and click on the "join" link at the top of the page. We appreciate your support.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free

Source: National Vanguard

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