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Celebrate October 15,
The Phoenix Eurofest

An interview with Jesse Curnow.

Join with us in a family-friendly gathering to celebrate White heritage -- it's less than three weeks away, so make your plans now.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
for the week of September 25 - October 1, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

TODAY I AM proud to welcome to our microphones Jesse Curnow, a man who has taken on a big responsibility, but also, I believe, a very enjoyable and fulfilling one: that of organizing the Phoenix Eurofest which will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 15th. Welcome to American Dissident Voices, Jesse.

Jesse Curnow: Thank you, Kevin.

KAS: What is the Phoenix Eurofest?

JC: We'll be opening with a local musician -- he's very talented and I think we're going to be hearing a lot from him in the future. There will be a couple of speakers featured as well -- and after dinner we will be featuring Prussian Blue, which should be familiar to most of our listeners.

KAS: There may be a few listeners who don't know who they are. What is Prussian Blue?

JC: They're sort of our response to the Olsen Twins, I like to say...

KAS: (laughter) OK...

JC: They are these adorable twin girl singers and performers who live out in Bakersfield, California. One of them plays the violin and the other plays the acoustic guitar. They have their own album out and it's my understanding that they're working on a second one.
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KAS: Very good. And so they'll be singing at the 'Fest.

JC: Yes.

KAS: All right -- what else is in store?

JC: We'll also be serving an excellent dinner, which will include Bavarian beef -- which I understand is ground beef with red cabbage -- red potatoes, cucumber salad... and that's going to be included in the price of the tickets.

KAS: And who will be speaking at the Eurofest?

JC: Fritz Berg will be speaking after dinner. He is a Holocaust Revisionist who was a long time friend of both Dr. Pierce and of William Gayley Simpson, who was the author of Which Way, Western Man?.

KAS: Excellent. I'm very interested in hearing him.

JC: Mr. Berg also has his own Web site, if anyone wants to look at it in advance. It is

KAS: What a provocative name!

JC: And after Fritz, we're going to have you speaking, Kevin.

KAS: Very good. I look forward to speaking to the crowd, and also look forward to meeting a lot of National Vanguard members and members of the general White public out there at the Eurofest.

Can you tell me why it is called a Eurofest -- what is the origin of that term?

JC: It's basically short for 'European Cultural Festival.'

KAS: Is this the first one you've held in Phoenix?

JC: Yes, it is.

KAS: How do people obtain tickets to go to the Phoenix Eurofest?

JC: They can send their ticket orders to

National Vanguard Phoenix
PO Box 24046
Tempe AZ 85285

KAS: What's the cost for a ticket?

JC: $32 for an individual or $60 for a couple.

KAS: What about children who'll be attending the 'Fest?

JC: Children 5 and under are free; for children 6 to 12 years old we are charging $20 per ticket.

KAS: Now this is on October 15th, which is a Saturday. What are the hours of the Eurofest?

JC: It's going to begin at 5:00 PM and probably run until about 9 or 9:30, depending on how long the performers would like to play, and how long yourself and Fritz speak.

KAS: Are you announcing the venue of the Phoenix Eurofest in advance? Or is that something people will find out once they purchase their tickets?

JC: It will be something they find out after they purchase their tickets, for security reasons.

KAS: It's a shame -- other groups can hold cultural festivals; members of other races; and they don't receive any harassment or trouble. But sometimes when White people want to get together and hold a festival, they do get quite a bit of harassment and trouble. So we have to be very careful, and minimize any chances for disruption or annoyance of our guests.

JC: Yes -- that's because the powers that be in this world don't want our people to survive.

KAS: What made you decide to hold the Phoenix Eurofest?

JC: Partly because I'd like to raise racial consciousness in the area; and from outside the area, too -- we'll have some people travelling from as far away as New Mexico and California to attend the event. Also it is good practice for our Unit, looking toward the day when we'll be holding even larger events in the future. And it will help raise some money for the Local Unit here.

KAS: So you have a National Vanguard unit in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

JC: Yes, we do...

KAS: And this will help build the Unit up, both in terms of meeting new people, possibly getting new supporters and members, and also just showing our face to the White public -- showing people what we're all about.

JC: Yes.

KAS: Have you ever been to a European Festival before?

JC: Not one organized by an openly racial group like National Vanguard. But I have been to Celtic festivals and Scottish festivals -- things of that sort.

KAS: Those can be very inspiring events... to see that sea of White faces out there. Let me give our readers and listeners in Arizona and surrounding areas a feeling for why they should want to come to this festival: The musical talent of Prussian Blue is excellent; Fritz Berg as an historical revisionist is a man with very deep insights into important events which have been distorted by the controlled media and by the academic establishment over the last hundred years or so, and his speech will be quite educational; plus you'll get a chance to meet a lot of like-minded White people.

JC: Couldn't have said that better myself.

KAS: Can you tell me, Jesse, a little bit about yourself and what awakened you to the plight of White people in the world today? You're a young man, aren't you?

JC: Yes, I'm 24 years old. When I was in high school, I and my friends had quite a few problems with non-White gangs. So we began to band together with other White students to protect ourselves from them.

KAS: Was this any kind of formal organization, or was it just a group of friends who stood together?

JC: We were friends who stood together to protect one another.

KAS: This would have been back in the mid-1990s, then.

JC: Yes.

KAS: And was this in Arizona?

JC: No, I grew up in California, in the Bay area. One of my friends got turned on to pro-White rock music -- Skrewdriver, No Remorse, things of that sort -- so I started listening to that. Then, about a year or so after I graduated from high school, I was flipping through the television channels one night and I came upon the "" documentary by our good friend at the "Southern Poverty Law Center," Morris Dees. Both Dr. Pierce and Don Black were featured on the program.

KAS: Don Black is the creator of and Dr. Pierce was the founder of National Vanguard and the National Alliance and so many other things, beginning with the National Youth Alliance in the 1970s. He's really the founder of everything we're trying to do here.

You know, they still repeat that "" documentary -- I think on HBO -- every couple of years. They just keep repeating it. The amazing thing is that Don Black and Dr. Pierce make such excellent presentations there, that many people become interested and manage to find our Web sites and our work through that documentary.

JC: Yes, I was very impressed with Dr. Pierce and with Don Black. And I did start frequenting I was introduced to the Jewish question there. And through their links section I found the National Alliance. That's how I got introduced to the Local Unit here.

KAS: And the Local Unit is now affiliated with National Vanguard, since the decline of the Hillsboro "National Alliance" since Dr. Pierce's death.

JC: Yes, that's correct.

KAS: When you first awakened in high school, you could see the racial problem right in front of your face. You could see that the other races were organized and were essentially hostile toward Whites. So the White kids got together.

But at that point, you did not really understand the connection between the Jewish-controlled media and the Jewish-dominated government and its policies of bringing these non-Whites into formerly White areas?

JC: That's true. Now I can clearly see the reasons behind the double standard -- such as when my friends who defended themselves against some Mexican gang members got expelled, but the Mexicans didn't. Such as when the school administration allowed these Mexicans to play their mariachi music at lunch, but when we asked for official permission to have a White music day -- in which we would have played country music or something along those lines -- they wouldn't allow it. Such as when they had a Black Student Union at the school, and when we asked for a White Student Union they wouldn't allow that either. Even then I could see the bias in the news and entertainment media, but I didn't understand why they were biased.

KAS: So it was when that television documentary led you to Dr. Pierce and to Stormfront that you became educated on those subjects.

JC: Yes.

KAS: Now can you tell me a little more about Mr. Fritz Berg? You say he was a personal friend of Dr. William Pierce, our founder, and also a personal friend of the writer and philosopher William Gayley Simpson?

JC: He grew up in the state of New York. His father was a member of the German-American Bund when he was a child. He was introduced to Holocaust Revisionism in the mid to late 1970s by Dr. Arthur Butz's book The Hoax of the 20th Century.
[ ]

KAS: A classic.

JC: He's quite famous for writing an essay about diesel exhaust -- which was allegedly used in all of the concentration camps in National Socialist Germany, except Auschwitz, to "exterminate the Jews." Fritz has a degree in engineering, and his expertise specifically includes the technology of diesel engines, and he addresses that allegation in a most interesting way -- you can read the article (and many others) on his Web site.

KAS: I heard from you earlier that there is going to be a fundraising raffle at the event -- can you tell us about that?

JC: There was a man in our area -- Charlie was his name -- who was a fine White nationalist. He probably would have joined the National Alliance were it not for what was happening over in West Virginia.
[ ]

He attended some of our Local Unit meetings here, when we were still under the name National Alliance. And he went camping with us. He hung out with us at barbeques and things like that. Charlie lost his battle with colon cancer a couple months ago.

KAS: I'm very sorry to hear that.

JC: Yes. He was a good man. And he left behind a 12-year-old daughter, Hayley. So we will be holding a fundraising raffle for Hayley at the Eurofest -- in between dinner and Fritz's speech. We'll be lining up some prizes for that.

KAS: I will personally commit to give you several copies of the Revilo Oliver book, The Jewish Strategy, which I published, for that raffle.
[ ]

JC: That's great. We're also doing a commemorative T-shirt, which will say 'Eurofest Phoenix 2005' and will have a Life Rune displayed on it. These shirts will be $15 each and all the proceeds will be going to Hayley. I'm in contact with her grandmother, and I'm going to urge her to put the funds into some sort of savings bond so that the money will double by the time she turns 18.

KAS: Very good; excellent.

You said that one of the things you did with Charlie before he passed on was camping. Is that the kind of thing that you and your National Vanguard Unit members do up there? And what other sorts of activities do you engage in with your Unit?

JC: We usually go camping two or three times a year: Labor Day and Memorial Day and one other weekend randomly chosen throughout the year. There are a lot of beautiful spots to go to up in northern Arizona. We also do a lot of flyer distributions. We used to sell books at gun shows, but we were kicked out because... well, the owner of the gun show told me very specifically that somebody who was Jewish threatened him with economic pressure if he allowed us to sell there any longer.

KAS: Well, I'm sure that with your creativity and pluck, you'll find some other venue for getting our message out during the time you would have spent at the gun show.

JC: Yes. We also have a public access program here.

KAS: Oh, really? Tell me about your public access show. Is that on cable television?

JC: Yes. And you can access that on the Internet as well, at Our show is called America Awake.

KAS: If people go to the Web site, is there a schedule where they can find America Awake?

JC: Yes.

KAS: Very good. Now I imagine that, with the Phoenix Eurofest being on Saturday evening, quite a few of the attendees will be able to stay another day in Phoenix and environs. Are there any interesting things that White folks might want to see and do in that area?

JC: Like I said, there are a lot of beautiful places up in northern Arizona. The Grand Canyon is about five hours from Phoenix. Depending on their time constraints, they might want to go up and see that.

KAS: So there are actually places you can go in Arizona and not trip over a Mexican?

JC: (laughter) Yes, there are, actually. There are a few little towns that are about 90 per cent. White.

KAS: What is the climate of opinion in Arizona these days? It seems that Arizona is Ground Zero for the non-White immigration invasion coming in from Mexico. How are people reacting to that?

JC: We had Proposition 200 which passed last year. And that received a statewide 55 to 45 per cent. "yes" vote. In some areas it was as high as a 65 per cent. "yes" vote. In those areas -- for example, up in Mohave County which is in the Tri-state area -- we're finally starting to organize some activism. And we're receiving a tremendous response in the areas that got a high "yes" vote on Proposition 200.

KAS: What were the provisions of Proposition 200?

JC: It's going to cut benefits to illegal aliens. And it's going to require a photo ID when you go to vote -- to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

KAS: Well, I'm very happy to see that that passed -- but I hope that, with more National Vanguard activism, it will increase the awareness of White people to the extent that they'll no longer refer to it as an "illegal" problem and instead refer to it as a race problem, which is what it really is. We need to face that honestly.

JC: Yes, that's true...

KAS: Well, I think that the Phoenix Eurofest will be a beautiful step in that direction: showing our face to the public, getting to know people, and celebrating our heritage. It seems to me that if non-Whites can celebrate their heritage -- and in fact, they are sometimes even subsidized by taxpayers when they do so -- then it is high time that White Americans celebrate their heritage.

JC: I agree.

KAS: In fact, it's about more than just celebrating our heritage, though that's an important part of it. It's about getting to know one another -- the White people who aren't afraid to stand up and say "I'm a White man" or "I'm a White woman," starting to work with one another, and helping one another. When worse times come to America -- and if the Somalia-like hurricane aftermath, the skyrocketing price of gas, and the Bush administration's promotion of the immigration invasion are any indication, there are definitely worse times ahead -- White people need to be organized and have support and communications infrastructures in place already if we and our families are going to make it through those hard times. Eurofests give us a chance to network and foster that trust between us that is needed. I really look forward to being with you there in person, meeting you and your Unit members, and all the good people who are going to be attending this truly noble and beautiful event.

JC: I look forward to having you here, too, Kevin.

KAS: I am proud of you and what you're doing for our people, Jesse. We need to have Eurofests in every major city in America one day soon, don't you agree?

JC: Yes.

KAS: These European festivals have White ethnic musical performers, pro-White bands, major speakers, and lots of good food and camaraderie. In times that can often be depressing and with monumental tasks that can seem overwhelming before us, and with the necessity of facing an increasingly darker and increasingly hostile and degenerating society, going to one of these Eurofests is an invigorating and renewing experience. I went to one in Tampa in late June and it was a beautiful experience.

Finally, you can speak to people who are awake -- who understand. There's just so much you can share. And for those who are new to our cause, it's a chance to meet us face-to-face and find out what kind of people we really are.

Once again, how can our listeners and readers get in touch with you to get more information or purchase tickets?

JC: The tickets are $32 per person, $60 per couple, and $20 per child 6 to 12 years old. Write to

National Vanguard Phoenix
PO Box 24046
Tempe AZ 85285

or email me at

KAS: Is that the same address to use if you're in Arizona and you'd like more information on National Vanguard and our activities in the area?

JC: Yes, it is. And those who can't attend the Festival but who still want to contribute to Hayley -- the little girl who lost her dad for whom we're doing the fundraiser -- can write to the same address. Just put a little note in there stating that this contribution should go to Hayley, and I'll make sure that her grandmother gets the money.

KAS: Jesse, I want to thank you for all you're doing for White people in Arizona, I want to thank you for going to all the hard work of organizing this White community-building event, and I want to thank you for being a guest on American Dissident Voices.

JC: Thank you, Kevin.

* * * * * *

We can have a clean, orderly, progressive, safe, and incomparably richer and more beautiful nation if it becomes a proud White nation again.

To do that we must begin by restoring White community and White racial consciousness among our people. We at National Vanguard are doing that by building world-beating new media for Whites and by getting out on the street and meeting our neighbors and showing them what we're all about.

We're going to help our people. We're going to educate our people. We're going to come up with creative ways to awaken our people. We're going to create publications that will be like nothing ever seen before in the cause of White awakening. We're going to do what it takes.

Be a part of what we're doing. Join National Vanguard today. For further information on National Vanguard, write to Post Office Box 5145, Charlottesville VA 22905, or visit and click on the "join" link at the top of the page. We appreciate your support.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

Source: National Vanguard

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