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The State of the Race

Radical change and new leadership are needed if White families intend to survive the dark times just ahead.

Whites can do many things now to ensure the survival of White communities, White values, and White genes in the centuries ahead. But we'd better get our act together soon.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 14, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

ALL OVER AMERICA, newspapers, magazines, and broadcast networks are saying that American Dissident Voices was right. They're saying that William Pierce and National Vanguard were right. No, they're not coming out and mentioning us by name -- though they should.

What they are doing is acknowledging the rapidly-declining state of the White race in America. They're crowing about the new non-White majorities in Texas and five other states. They're delighted to tell us that Whites will be an aging and shrinking minority in America by 2050. These are exactly the things that William Pierce, Revilo Oliver, and National Vanguard have been warning us about for years.

The Jews and other multiracialists scrapped our old immigration laws in 1965 -- which favored White people -- and replaced them with a series of increasingly disastrous mockeries of law that 1) opened the floodgates to the Third World invasion and 2) repeatedly gave amnesty to millions of criminal invaders from Mexico, rewarding them and rewarding their equally-criminal employers while punishing and impoverishing White Americans who lost jobs and saw social services deteriorate or evaporate as the Brown tide advanced across our land. (And now Bush wants another huge amnesty, effectively declaring that the invasion has succeeded and will go unpunished.)

When they opened those floodgates, we were repeatedly promised by the Jewish media and the bought politicians that there would be no significant demographic change in America. This was in 1965, when America was over 90 per cent. White! Now that they've wrought their genocidal work to the point they believe it's irreversible, they're shamelessly admitting that they were liars and that the racialists were right -- though they never give credit where credit is due.

In once-proud Texas, the state of the Alamo, and the state that joined the Union as a free and independent White republic, non-Whites now account for more than half the population, according to a statement issued by the Census Bureau last Thursday. The same situation exists in Hawaii, California, and the District of Columbia. The Bureau tells us that five other states are now poised to cross that line as well: "Maryland, Mississippi, Georgia, New York and Arizona are next in line with minority populations of about 40 percent."

But let me tell you something. Those states and others may have crossed that line already. If you look at the Census Bureau's own figures, you'll see that the racial categories include "non-Hispanic Whites," "Hispanics," Blacks, Asians, Amerindians, and Pacific Islanders. That's it. Guess what that means. It means that Jews are counted as White, including the millions upon millions of them in places like California, Florida, and New York. It means that Muslims, practically all of them non-White Arabs and the other North Africans, central Asians, and Middle Easterners -- including the burgeoning millions in Illinois and Michigan -- who now make up an even larger and far more fecund minority than do Jews, are also counted as White in the Census Bureau's statistics.
[ ]

Furthermore, the Census Bureau accepts self-identification for those who are counted as White, which means that not only the non-White Muslims, but a large number of mixed-race Mestizos, also get counted as White. An article in the China Daily quotes a former Census Bureau director, Martha Riche, as admitting that most 'Hispanics' in the US, misidentify themselves as White when asked on forms or by census-takers:

"Prior census data show that most Hispanics choose white as their race. Riche said that could be a sign that future generations of U.S.-born Latinos would select white... rather than Hispanic as their background as they move further from the generation that first immigrated to the United States." Do these misidentifications get factored into the 2050 prediction and the current data? Riche doesn't say.
[ ]

Another factor which leads me to believe that Whites are really a smaller percentage of the population than the Census Bureau admits is that Blacks are undercounted -- a fact which the Blacks themselves are eager to point out, claiming that they should get even more benefits and taxpayer money, since there are so many more of them than cannot be counted. There are many Blacks with no fixed residence, and so many Blacks are unwilling to be counted because they fear any interaction with the authorities, being wanted or involved in illegal activities which, they fear, may lead to arrest if they provide any information to census-takers.

The same situation exists in an even more acute form for the Mestizo invaders, most of whom are here blatantly illegally and who therefore would doubtlessly be severely undercounted by any practical method, but whose in-your-face presence is increasingly obvious. In many parts of the U.S., even rural areas -- where only a decade ago Whites were overwhelmingly the majority -- Mestizos now make up a huge percentage of the population and totally dominate the schools and maternity wards. All you aging baby boomers, particularly you childless ones, go there and see for yourself!
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So when the Census Bureau states that "Non-Hispanic whites now make up two-thirds of the nation's total population... but that proportion will dip to one-half by 2050," I believe that the current two-thirds figure must be reduced by more than 10 per cent. of the total and that the time horizon before Whites are swamped into minority status is on the order of ten or fifteen years, not 45. That means that millions more White men, women, and children -- especially working and middle class Whites who cannot afford to secure themselves in gated communities -- will be living in Third World conditions in just the next few years.

According to Steven H. Murdock, the state demographer of Texas, "...The white population is growing very slowly, while other racial and ethnic groups are growing quite rapidly. ...In some sense, Texas is a preview of what the nation will become in the long run. Our future in Texas is increasingly tied to our minority populations." Interestingly, he admitted that "If their education and skills continue to lag, we will be less competitive in the global economy." I've got news for Mr. Murdock: Not only are they going to continue to lag, but as incompetent Affirmative Action employees and bizarre Reconquista and Afrocentrist types rise in the educational establishment alongside the already-entrenched multiracialists and Jewish supremacists, the education level of Texas and the rest of post-American America is going to decline to banana republic levels (and the safety of our children is going to plummet to the level of Mexico City or Port-au-Prince, a crime for which no punishment is too severe).

Mr. Murdock stated that immigration -- mostly illegal, though he didn't say so -- accounted for half of the recent increase in Texas's non-White population, while half was due to high non-White birth rates: "Hispanic women, who are having children at a rate of 3 per woman, had a significantly higher fertility rate than blacks, with an average of 2.3, and non-Hispanic whites, with an average of 1.9."

Murdock also admitted this was not just happening in urban areas -- he said that so-called Hispanics account for "much of the population growth in rural counties."

The Census report tells us that: "In the four-year interval from the last census, in April 2000, to July 2004... the total population of the United States grew 4.3 percent, to 293.7 million, and the black population increased by 5.7 percent, to 39.2 million. But, it said, the Asian population increased 16.2 percent, to 14 million, and the Hispanic population rose 17 percent, to 41.3 million.... In the same four-year period, the bureau said, the non-Hispanic white population grew 1.1 percent, to 197.8 million." I think I've shown you sufficient reason to believe that the supposed 1.1 per cent. growth for Whites is really fictitious and that the true figure for Whites is a loss. And even using their skewed figures, Census Bureau forecasters call for a loss in the number of White people in the near future. That means that the White birth rate of 1.9 children per White woman -- already admittedly below replacement levels -- is really lower, too.

What does all this mean for our lives and our children's lives?

Cecilia Muñoz, a vice president of a Mestizo racial advocacy group called the National Council of La Raza, which literally means "The National Council of the Race" warned us fairly bluntly when she said that "the political strength of Latinos takes a while to catch up with our demographic strength, in part because one-third of the Latino population is under the age of 18 and many Hispanics are not citizens." What this means is that soon the "political strength of Latinos" (and other invaders) will catch up to their demographic strength. We will be living under the political rule of people for whom representative government has always been a joke and corruption and brutality are the order of the day. Eventually, anti-White thugs with vengeance on their minds will totally control the military, courts, and police, and will have their greasy thumbs on the nuclear button.

The exact outcome is hard to predict, as is the degree to which the Jewish supremacists will still be able to exercise their power in such a scenario, since chaos and inability to enforce the ever-multiplying laws will increasingly become a factor.

But the Jewish supremacists -- who set the process of the Browning of America in motion several decades ago -- will have achieved some of their goals. Many millions of Whites will have been aborted or never conceived, thousands will perish in the 90-day War for Israel that may become a 90-year war, and millions of White families will be impoverished as their jobs and their birthright are taken from them by globalism and multiracialism. Huge numbers of White men and women and children will be victimized and marginalized as the country goes Brown and anti-White discrimination openly becomes the norm.

And, perhaps most significantly of all, representative government will be taken away from us. One Jewish supremacist candidly admitted that this is one of their goals. Professor Earl Raab of Brandeis University's Institute for Jewish Advocacy gleefully stated:

"The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan [read: pro-White] party will be able to prevail in this country. We [meaning his fellow Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible...."

In plain language, Professor Raab is boasting that he and his fellow Jews have changed the immigration laws -- and prevented the government from enforcing what immigration laws we still have -- in order to make the American population more heterogeneous, or, to use the more familiar term, more diverse. (What they don't tell you, of course, is that massive racial and ethnic mixing within nations will actually destroy races and reduce human biodiversity, about which the Jewish supremacists care not at all.) When Raab says that a "Nazi-Aryan party" can never prevail, what he means is that a party that represents the interests of White people can never be elected in the new America that he and his fellow Jews have been creating.

Their goal is to make Whites a minority in their own country so that the Whites can never combine against the Jews and regain control of their own destiny. You can read more of Professor Raab's sinister scheming in a book called Alien Nation, by Peter Brimelow.

Professor Raab and his fellow Jewish supremacists aim not only at eliminating the White majority in the country as a whole, but also at polluting and corrupting every White area inside the country, so there will be no one capable of organizing any electoral opposition to multiracialism. If Whites are half or less of the population, even if you convince all the Whites to support a pro-White party, it still cannot be elected into power. Checkmate -- or so they think.

The time for Whites to organize is now. Today, not tomorrow. We need to build structures of information dissemination, business and employment, economic power, lobbying and political influence, and self-defense now. Not next week. In some areas where we still have a huge majority, a political party can be part of that organizing. Even if we can't get a candidate elected right now, our campaigns will do a lot to secure our right to get our issues before our people and build name recognition for our organization. National Vanguard members are doing that right now with the White People's Party in Nevada.
[ ]

We need to grow the racially conscious White community. We need to organize that community. We need to get rich, self-sustaining, and influential. Even as a minority, with our abilities as a people this is an attainable goal. We need to grow National Vanguard from the thousands of members and supporters level to the hundreds of thousands of members and supporters level -- before tyranny and chaos reach unstoppable levels.

We also need to turn things around for our race before Asia asserts herself. This is something I've spoken to you about before about on this program, but it is a looming problem and it bears repeating. Asia, particularly China, is bursting at the seams with human beings not of our race. Already they are overflowing onto the Pacific coast of North America, from California to Canada in a quiet but accelerating invasion -- so much so that the city of Vancouver is now routinely referred to as Hongcouver. And as Russia is economically prostrated by its Jewish oligarchs and pushed around by U.S.-based neocons and Jewish supremacists -- the eastern territories of Russia are being infiltrated by Asians, threatening a serious blow to White geopolitical power and yet another serious reduction in White living space. (And, as we all know, the rest of Europe suffers from an invasion of Middle Easterners and South Asians.)

Asian writer Henry Liu (a pen name) put it well, if a bit theatrically, when he said:

'We're doing a pretty good job of infiltrating America and forcing Whites to accept us. Asians ought to continue to have many children. We are already more than half the Earth's population, and it won't be long before the 12% White minority have all become Asian or African mixtures since we've convinced them that intermarriage is good and normal. Over such a planet we Asians can unfurl our racial flag. ...The schools teach White children that Americans should be tolerant and accept infinite immigration.

'By 2030 immigrants, their White spouses, and other minorities [will] make up 70% of the U.S. population. By popular demand Federal law enforcement agencies go after any and all White people who resist us and put them away in concentration camps. ...Other Western nations are forced under U.N. monitoring to accept millions of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern citizens. The planet then becomes a game between Africans and Asians only. Guess who will win that game?

'White Americans have an average of 1.8 children per couple, and that number is declining. The number of couples is also declining as homosexuality and childlessness become ever more fashionable among Whites. At the same time, I predict 10% of Caucasians will marry non-Whites, while non-White immigrants continue to both come in increasing numbers and have more children per couple.

'At the present rate, pure Europeans in America will become a rare species within decades. Given our ever-increasing standards of Political Correctness, it does not seem likely that the White separatists will be able to outlaw interracial marriages in time to make a difference. It also seems unlikely that a vogue for having many children will ever return for Whites: the media would oppose it as racist. Adoption of non-White babies is also skyrocketing.

'It's only a matter of time before U.S.A. stands for the United States of Asia. Since China's one-child policy is falling apart and since White people are so eager to adopt babies, we could have a profitable trade of exporting Chinese babies to Western countries. Let's continue to show them images of tortured orphans so that White couples will continue to adopt Chinese children like there is no tomorrow. I have been asked by other Asians: Are you suggesting that we start baby farms and harvest the babies as trading commodities? Well, we've always been good at trade, haven't we?

'If the environmentalists complain, we can just accuse them of racism. In place of China's one-child policy we could have the "export-the-rest" policy. Every now and then we'll slaughter a kid and show it off to the Western media, so that their churches will bend over backwards to adopt more kids.

'We may never be able to defeat the West militarily, but we sure as hell can genetically.

'Today, European man is losing out in numbers and economic prowess to Mongolian man. Even though Mongolians far outnumber Europeans in population, Whites have enthusiastically brought in Mongolian immigrants for assimilation and intermarriage. The one-way traffic of immigration occurs on top of lower birth and fertility rates for Whites. It appears that one day soon Asians can prepare to unfurl their racial flag over a vanquished planet. My critics say: When an Asian and a Caucasian join together, the kid is half Asian and half Caucasian. Neither the Caucasians nor the Asians have won in the match. But my critics are wrong. As the lineage becomes three-fourths-Asian, 7/8-Asian, 15/16-Asian there comes a point when the person is, for all practical purposes, Asian. Asian nations need merely to export a tiny percentage of their burgeoning populations in order to make U.S.A. stand for the United States of Asia.

'Imagine a 22nd century when California becomes New Khalistan, Kansas becomes New Canton, Wyoming becomes New Wuhan, Louisiana becomes New Lhasa, North Dakota becomes New Dakka, Indiana becomes New India, Pennsylvania becomes New Pusan, and Washington, DC, becomes New Haiphong. Southern parts of the United States might be given to Latin American nations, so that Texas becomes Nuevo Sonora and Florida becomes Nuevo Cuba.

'We could have Aryan reservations in the hills of Appalachia, and their exotic Christian religion would be showcased in museums. There are already more Muslims than Episcopalians in America, so I suppose that it might become the state religion. Buddhists and Hindus would follow close behind.

'Overpopulation is often cited as a major problem in China and other Asian countries. Yes, the birthrate has been slightly reduced, but there is another solution which Asians are quietly implementing. Asian countries are exporting their excess populations to America, making more space at home, while America becomes more Asian. Naturally we are happy that Americans are not being informed of this in their media. As Sun Tzu would say: Sow confusion among your enemy and weaken them.

'American school children are already learning about the aboriginal First Nations -- the Mongolians -- who rightfully own this continent. They are now learning about the crimes of the European invaders and usurpers, and soon all American school children will learn of the ultimate destiny and purpose behind it all: the new United States of Asia.

'For those of us with Asian mothers, let us take this day to thank them for bringing us into the world. Let us pray that our holy genes will continue to spread across the planet until the day that the yellow sun will shine upon the Earth and the yellow moon will guide us through the darkness.'
Sobering thoughts for Whites who think in terms of centuries instead of weekly paychecks or quarterly profit statements. And Asians -- thanks to our Jewish- and capitalist-engineered "free trade" policies -- now hold huge quantities of U.S. dollars and debt instruments. This means that not only do they have the biomass to swamp us, but they also have the little green slips of paper that we foolishly accept as money these days to buy whatever they want as they march across our continent -- including our businesses, our land itself, and our politicians who can only be distinguished from prostitutes by the fact that prostitutes don't wear three-piece suits. (And prostitutes have a higher morality -- most of them wouldn't think of sending young people to die in the desert, for example.)

I hope that my speech on the State of the Race today has helped you see the world the way it really is. I hope it has inspired you to act. We must work every day of our lives to help our fellow Whites see the world in racial terms -- and organize so we can survive and prosper in the hard times ahead. Please join -- or, if you cannot join, financially support -- National Vanguard to the very best of your ability. Together we will build a better world for our people.


Source: National Vanguard

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