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Immigrant Groups Target Virginia

Whites in Virginia: "We've had enough of the immigrant invasion and gang takeover of the Old Dominion."

EDITOR'S NOTE: National Vanguard Virginia activists will be launching a special outreach this week, in an effort to let the White citizens of Virginia know that there is hope for a solution to the increasing non-White gang takeover of our communities -- a hope embodied in an uncompromising recognition that the problem is indeed a racial one, and also embodied in the increasing number of National Vanguard members and supporters in the state. National Vanguard is the premier American organization working for the interests of men and women of European descent, wherever they may live. The text of the pamphlet is reproduced here, and PDF versions -- both for Virginia and for national U.S. distribution -- may be downloaded below. -- Ed.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 11, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

RECENTLY, POLICE identified over 500 non-White gangs operating in one Virginia county alone. Several of these gangs boast memberships in the thousands. Federal authorities --also to blame for our current overload of Third World immigrants, legal and illegal-- have tied the hands of local police everywhere in their efforts to combat this growing problem.

Many such gangs have their roots in the civil unrest of their home countries. Now they have brought that same civil unrest to our country.

These gangs see all of Virginia as a 'green area'; that is, an area ripe for drug sales, thefts, prostitution, youth recruitment, and rape.

The violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang is one of the most active in Virginia. The gang is responsible for an escalating number of homicides, rapes, stabbings and beatings as they sink their roots into Virginia. We don't want or need this kind of 'diversity.'

These gangs steal and kill. They use terrorist-style tactics to extort and intimidate law-abiding citizens. In "turf wars" they assault to kill or maim using guns, knives, machetes, and baseball bats.

Today they are attacking each other. Tomorrow they will be attacking your family. Already young White girls are being abused by them.

Isn't it enough that we are already overcrowded with colonies of aliens who are taking our jobs, reducing our wages, bleeding off American wealth to their countries of origin, lowering our quality of life, and pushing aside our language and culture? They aren't going to assimilate. They are going to destroy our heritage and replace us -- unless we organize for our own interests.

Several of our southwestern states have already been devastated --and had their health and social service infrastructures overloaded and nearly destroyed-- by this kind of immigrant "diversity." It's time to organize to defend ourselves and to tell our government that we've had enough.

It's time to take our country back. Say NO to Third World immigration. Say NO to toleration of illegal aliens. Say NO to gangs.

This message was brought to you by the men and women of National Vanguard in your local community. Send $2 for further information: National Vanguard, Box 5145, Charlottesville, VA 22905 --

Download Virginia version of flyer (PDF)

Download U.S. nationwide version of flyer (PDF)

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Source: National Vanguard

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