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At the Front Point

Whites -- like Michigan's Margaret Herrema, pictured here with her Black attacker and killer -- are victims now because we've accepted false and self-destructive ideas. National Vanguard's positive ideas of White self-determination and racial consciousness are the harbingers of an infinitely better future.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
July 3, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE'S A WAR being waged against White people wherever we live in this world. Every White nation suffers from bought politicians who keep the borders open and who transfer resources -- tax money, health benefits, welfare, living space -- from Whites to non-Whites. Every White nation suffers from media dominated by aliens who corrupt our people with an inverted morality which says that everything which tends to preserve our race is evil, and everything which tends to kill our race is good. But the men and women of National Vanguard are fighting back. We're building a competent, professional-grade, world-class organization to stand in front and defend our race and civilization. We're at the vanguard -- the front point -- of both thought and action to gain freedom and self-determination for our people.

In Michigan, National Vanguard members are delivering a message of hope to a White community ravaged by the crime, corruption, and degeneracy inherent in the process of replacing European genes with African and Middle Eastern genes. Part of our outreach is in the form of issue-oriented print publications or flyers, one of which I'll share with you now:

It's obvious. Grand Rapids is rapidly becoming a Third World city. Grand Rapids, once a jewel of Michigan, has been steadily declining in almost every measurable quality during the last few decades. As non-European immigration and Black birth rates surge, crime rates are increasing as a violent subculture of murder, gang warfare, prostitution, robbery, arson, and drug dealing takes over the streets. Disease and homelessness grow, and the genuinely deserving White poor cannot get services because the Black underclass and non-White immigrants are using up so much of our resources. Like all other major American cities, Grand Rapids is the proof of the deadly failure of the multiracial social experiment -- an experiment which was forced upon us through court decrees in which the wishes of normal Americans were ignored.

One of the latest tragic victims of racial "integration" is an 81-year-old White grandmother named Margaret Herrema.

In late April, Mrs. Herrema was returning to her car in a Meijer's parking lot after shopping for groceries one evening in Wyoming, Michigan. She didn't know that would be the last time she would ever walk again. She didn't know she would never get to tell her 25 grandchildren goodbye. Margaret Herrema was a frail White woman with a purse, and that made her a target. That fateful day, she became the victim of two Black female criminals, Eboni Spight and Monika McCain. Spight and McCain were already well known to the justice system as shoplifters, and as purse snatchers in a series of robberies in other parking lots in Wyoming. But they were always set free, even though they continued committing crimes. In one case, Spight robbed a neighbor when she was supposed to be at a probation hearing. In other cases, these Black criminals were sentenced to attend "counseling" sessions by the courts. We can see how much good that did. Margaret Herrema is dead because of decisions like that. Creatures like Spight and McCain need to be kept out of our communities, and out of our gene pool. They have nothing to offer us but crime, violence, death, and wasted resources.
[ ]
[ ]

According to witnesses and confessions of the attackers, Eboni Spight drove up alongside Mrs. Herrema, Monika McCain jumped out of the car and grabbed Margaret's purse. Because Margaret had the audacity to try and take her purse back, McCain repeatedly struck Mrs. Herrema. She fell to the ground, badly injuring her head on the pavement. Margaret died two days later of brain injuries. According to the mother of one of the suspects, and the police, the two Blacks told them they "needed money to pay bills," but instead spent it on marijuana, cigarettes, and liquor.

And while the search was on for the killers, the controlled media refused to disclose the race of the attackers, an established policy designed to keep White people in the dark as to the real nature and extent of non-White crime in this country. How many others were put at risk in this case -- and thousands of others every year -- by this media policy? When you research the real statistics of interracial crime, you find that in some 90% of cases, Whites are the victims. It is that reality that the media and the bought politicians and the cheap-labor global corporations wish to conceal from you.
[ ]
[ ]

Margaret Herrema is just the latest in a long string of victims of the insane program of forced integration and the absurd 'racial equality' falsehoods which are behind it, both of which have put an end to what used to be the norm in America: White schools, White neighborhoods, and White living space where our families, our elders, and our children can live in peace and safety. If we don't start speaking honestly about race, our current problems will only get worse.

If it is moral for Jews, Blacks, Mestizos, and even homosexuals to organize for their perceived interests, it is also morally right for Whites to do the same. We, the men and women of National Vanguard, aren't sitting quietly on the sidelines. We are organizing around the country, including here in Michigan, and we are standing up for White people. We're building our own media, like our new tabloid newspaper, to replace the controlled media who refuse to tell us the truth. Won't you help us today?
National Vanguard members from California and Nevada converged at a Home Depot store in Victorville, California last month to protest the hardware chain's support of illegal non-White immigrants. Counterprotesters were on the scene, too, with the differences between the groups made dramatic by the juxtaposition of an American flag on one side -- and a Mexican flag on the other.

National Vanguard Las Vegas leader Michael O'Sullivan was there, and he expressed the feelings of many Americans -- and gave them hope and the knowledge that they are not alone -- when he said, "We are a pro-White organization and we oppose these changing demographics; we oppose open borders. We want a free, proud, White America."

Some of the more timid "conservatives" on the anti-immigration side alienated their own constituency by timidly distancing themselves from National Vanguard's patriotic message. Joseph Turner, of Ventura, stressed that his goal in protesting against Home Depot was "not racially motivated." One patriot disagreed. "Turner says this is non-racial," he said. "But Turner failed to provide any reasoning why Mexicans and other non-White immigrants should be permitted to take our jobs, land, and our very sons and daughters as long as they become 'legalized' in some manner."

"The issue absolutely is racial," said National Vanguard spokesman Kevin Alfred Strom. "We're talking about whose land this is and whose children will inherit it. That means we're talking about race -- not just little pieces of paper that have the words 'US citizen' printed on them. Bush will be printing those by the million soon, and handing them out to anyone who wants them -- but that won't make the Mestizo invasion go away."

Home Depot claims they don't hire illegals, but the White American protesters say hiring by the store itself isn't the main issue. "They may hire some illegals at some stores, but that's not why we're here," said one National Vanguard member. "What they do is provide funding for -- and actually allow their facilities to be used by -- 'day labor centers' where Mestizos congregate waiting to be picked up by contractors, etc., who get both supplies and cheap non-White labor at Home Depot now. That is the real problem. And Home Depot commits this treason against America just to attract the contractors and their shekels."

Another observer commented "My problem with Home Depot isn't what goes on inside the store, it's the 100+ day laborers who hang out in the parking lot all day. Just about every Home Depot in my area has this problem."

Population-Environment Balance ( ) expressed the concerns of many Americans when they wrote:

There's probably one near you. A group of workers hopes to find work for the day. The center may be informal or organized. Often there are complaints: people feel intimidated by the workers, almost always male; sometimes there's drinking, gambling, fights; and workers desperate to get hired may create traffic hazards.

Home Depot, frequented by contractors and landscapers, has been providing support for day laborer centers. Some stores reportedly partnered with an "immigrants rights" organization, allowing them to establish day laborer centers in Home Depot parking lots. In other locations, Home Depot agreed to fund the building of such centers and in another location donated nearby land for a center.

Home Depot and its affiliates have also been working with and contributing to several pro-immigration groups such as the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"), which do not appear to make a distinction between legal and illegal immigration. This may be good for some businesses, but is it in the interest of the American worker?

At one recent protest against Home Depot, the megacorporation which encourages illegal alien invaders to use its parking lots placed armed security guards with binoculars on the roof to keep an eye on -- and potentially crack down on -- the totally legal protesters who insist that the laws be obeyed and that White American interests should come before corporate profits. In another case, the company refused to normally serve the White protesters who later decided to enter the store, shunting them off into a "special line."

The concerns of the National Vanguard members -- and other White Americans -- at the event are amply justified. All across America, people are waking up to the very real personal and national consequences of uncontrolled non-White immigration: economic costs, security/terror dangers, increased crime, destruction of infrastructure and social services, and a dramatic lowering of the cultural tone of our society.

National Vanguard will continue to be there, telling the truth in the uncompromising terms that Americans need to hear, and pointing out the serious long-term threats that the more timid (or Trojan Horse) anti-illegal activists refuse to talk about.

In California just a few days ago on the 25th of June, National Vanguard members stood up to the Third World invasion and occupation of our country. Justin Mitchell reports:

National Vanguard members and friends from the Southern California area, some of whom heard about the event from our outreach on, joined forces with Joe Turner's Save Our State (SOS) and James Gilchrist, organizer of the Minuteman Project, to oppose the anti-White monument located in Baldwin Park.

The Save Our State bosses, as we reported already, are desperate to disassociate themselves from racially conscious White people. But their membership is another story. Many of them have remained open-minded to the National Vanguard stance on many issues, such as opposing the Third World invasion of our country on a racial basis -- which will become even more important after Bush knocks the "legality" prop out from under all non-race-based close the border arguments by legalizing the invasion. Many -- many -- people at this event were openly welcoming to the National Vanguard and Stormfront members present.

I spoke to many reporters throughout the day, promoting our message as follows:

"National Vanguard opposes any person or group of persons whose actions have a negative impact upon the European-American community. For example: Home Depot and their illegal non-White labor centers... If we abandon the principles this country was founded upon, and embrace the characteristics of Third World nations like Mexico, we will eventually become a Third World nation ourselves, and not the America we love."

We will be having our third protest (independent of SOS) this month at yet another Home Depot store in our area. We will state specifically why we are boycotting and protesting Home Depot and we'll offer everyone a list of alternative stores that do not have the same anti-White policies.

National Vanguard is at the front point of the battle for the survival and advancement of our people. No one else is telling the full truth in a professional, responsible manner.

We stand firm with Dr. William Pierce's vision of a group composed of successful, competent White men and women from every level of society who know how to make things happen in the real world.

We've purposely chosen to separate ourselves from those who harm the cause of our people's renaissance, whether they harm it by their incompetence, or by fulfilling media stereotypes, or by publishing vile personal attacks on honorable and innocent men and women, as one can see on these groups' Web sites and forums on a daily basis. The organization -- and the will and vision -- of William Pierce lives on in the men and women of National Vanguard.

We're building White community -- and a media machine that has the potential to awaken millions of Whites to their racial plight, and to their potential great destiny. In the next few days, be checking out our Web site for a new video by Ted Wansley bringing you the highlights of our Florida Summer Solstice Festival, and look for an announcement of our bright new newspaper, which will soon be bringing our message to an audience of tens of thousands of Whites across North America and the world.

Whether it's in Bakersfield, California where our members produce moving music and have a substantial presence in the local media; or Florida where we hold cultural festivals and engage in mass deprogramming efforts at major public events; or in Virginia where National Vanguard members have launched a series of family-friendly White events and gotten pro-White editorials printed in local newspapers; or in St. Louis or Denver where we reach out with the truth that White people need to hear with massive literature distributions -- National Vanguard members are on the cutting edge -- the front point -- of activism for our people. Not only is it the right thing to do -- it's a joyous and wonderful thing to do! Join us today.

By joining together to preserve and protect White America, we will build a better, safer, and far more advanced world for our children. Help us build that world. Join National Vanguard today. For further information on National Vanguard, write to Post Office Box 5145, Charlottesville VA 22905, or visit and click on the "join" link at the top of the page. We appreciate your support.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.



Source: National Vanguard

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