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Stop White Genocide, continued

ILLUSTRATION -- Black vandals in Soweto, South Africa, destroy in a moment what they could never create in a thousand years.

An interview with Deirdre Fields, part 2

American Dissident Voices broadcast
June 19, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

IMAGINE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD surrounded by barbed wire and sophisticated alarm systems. Outside the fences are endless miles of urine- and blood-soaked shanty towns where millions of primitive tribesmen and half-castes hate you with a desperation and passion that is encouraged by the government in power. Imagine that the government itself was elected by those desperate masses using a slogan which openly called for the death of your family and your people. Imagine a place where murder is so commonplace it is hardly noticed. Imagine festering diseases and spreading epidemics so horrible that they seem like ancient tales of the plague come to life. Imagine a health care system breaking down under the strain -- and by the brain drain of Whites who refuse to live under such a system. Imagine a nation where Whites are so outnumbered and so hated that the police refuse to help you and often side with the criminals and killers who are attacking you.

Well, you don't have to imagine. That is what life is turning into for the White men, women, and children of South Africa. This is a story of suffering, injustice, and genocide that the controlled media have kept from you. Their silence on South Africa proves their agenda, their complicity, and their lies.

To counter the lies and bring us the truth, we are pleased to welcome once again to our microphones Mrs. Deirdre Fields, a South African expatriate who has made it her mission to speak out for her suffering people.
[ ]

When we concluded part one of her interview, Mrs. Fields was about to explain how South African Whites had lost control of their government and plunged into the nightmare they are experiencing today. Listen...

* * *

Kevin Alfred Strom: When you gave your speech in New Orleans, you said that South Africa was lost through a 'con game.' How was this 'con game' perpetrated on the White people of South Africa?

Deirdre Fields: To begin with, Dr. Verwoerd [the assassinated South African leader who was the leading architect of the Apartheid policy of separate development of the races in that country] was the last decent statesman we had. And he could not be bought -- so he was assassinated. There's a long story to that, but it was brought about by an international cabal. In fact, I think it was Time magazine which, about a week before he was killed, carried a picture of him which showed the shadow of a knife pointing right at his neck.

KAS: Interesting.

DF: And he was assassinated by a card-carrying Communist, Dimitri Tsafendas. After that, John Vorster was put in power. He had been the minister for security, and he was responsible for Tsafendas even being in the country. America had notified South Africa that this guy was a Communist, and he'd been expelled. And Vorster did nothing. The evidence all shows that John Vorster was taken up on the mountain and offered the presidency if he would just "do a few things." So the moment he took power he started to dismantle Apartheid. It was about two years after he'd taken power that it became totally evident that he was dismantling it.

And that's what it was. It started out with integrated sports, and then 'progressed' -- through different presidents, in fact, because there always was a sticking point. They would go so far and then no further, and to their amazement they would be thrown out. So you had John Vorster, then you had P.W. Botha, and finally de Klerk.

Botha took us up to the release of Mandela, and there he refused. He said, well, this is too much. But de Klerk took us all the way, and finally handed over the country. In the meantime, remember this was a nationalist party [the National Party], which came into full power under Dr. Verwoerd.

KAS:: Are you saying that this party was corrupted, and the successive presidents who were members of this party were actually working with the Oppenheimer and other interests to dismantle White rule all along?

DF: Absolutely. They were traitors. They kept on making the right noises, the same as Ian Smith did in Rhodesia, then they would do something quite different. They ended up handing over the country.

We had never been defeated in battle; never. We came to the negotiating table, and the ANC had nothing to put on the table. We put our whole country on the table.

KAS: Your home state of California is right on the edge of being a White-minority state. So this question is particularly applicable to you in your situation. What do you have to say to White Americans? What kind of lessons can they learn from what happened in South Africa?

DF: I think the most obvious thing is: Nobody's interested in 'fairness.' They don't care about 'equality' or 'equal rights' or 'equal' people. These concepts are merely a ploy to disenfranchise Whites. That's number one.

Number two is that when Whites are a minority, they do not get minority "status." In South Africa, they have 'Affirmative Action' -- and it's applied against the Whites, who are the minority. Consider three million Whites against 47 million non-Whites. That is how 'Affirmative Action' works in South Africa.

KAS: Even though Whites are only six per cent. of the population, they're still discriminated against in so-called 'Affirmative Action'...

DF: Exactly. So this so-called equality is only a ploy being used to disenfranchise the Whites. Many Whites from California are thinking that they are almost a minority -- and they already are in the schools around here. They have all this bussing and so forth, and the Whites are the minority in most of the public schools here in southern California. In fact, many of the schools are called "PHBO," which stands for "predominantly Hispanic, Black, and other." It's the "other" that the Whites are. We get no special treatment at all. Whites will not achieve minority "status." It will not be given to us. We will not get any special treatment.

KAS: Well, we'll be an actual minority... but you mean we will not get the preferred status that non-White minorities have gotten in this country.

DF: Exactly.

KAS: Since the ANC takeover there, what has happened with regard to health care in South Africa?

DF: It's gone down the tubes. It's terrible. The hospitals are overcrowded. White people can hardly get any treatment. Everything is falling into chaos; it is becoming a Third World country.

For instance, there is a terrific AIDS problem. Mbeki had something to do with that. Mbeki, who is now the leader of South Africa, was a Communist by the way, a prominent member of the Executive of the South African Communist Party. Nobody says a word about that, which is another indicator of the unity of purpose between international capitalism and Communism. There is no difference -- it's just another one of the tools of the New World Order.

Mbeki had his own little idea that HIV was not the cause of AIDS. So he wouldn't give people the antiviral drugs. AIDS is burgeoning in South Africa. For instance, I have heard that the South Africa Defence Forces have a 70 per cent HIV-positive rate...

KAS: My God!

DF: That is tremendously high. The AIDS deaths in Johannesburg constitute 35 per cent of all deaths, and 40 per cent around the Durban/Natal area. Thus an average of thirty-some per cent of the deaths are AIDS-related.

KAS: Unbelievable.

DF: And probably more, because they're not all identifiable. Tuberculosis is one of the big killers, but then that's exacerbated by AIDS. There is a huge amount of AIDS orphans. A huge amount. The orphanages are overflowing with skeletal babies who have been abandoned by their AIDS-infected parents. In downtown Johannesburg there are places where they have little flaps where you can drop off a baby, ring a bell, and leave. Because they have such a problem. They don't know what to do with all these AIDS orphans, many were found in dumpsters etc. This is overwhelmingly a Black problem. Unless Whites have interracial sex, get infected blood transfusions, or are homosexual, they are unaffected by AIDS.

And there are squatters from all over the place. Blacks are coming to South Africa from as far afield as Nigeria.

KAS: What impact has the ANC takeover had on the economy and on jobs? I'm particularly thinking about the economic prospects for Whites.

DF: The economic prospects for Whites are really bad these days. Many school-leavers or university-leavers don't have a place to go. Some are simply inventing their own jobs. They are going into business for themselves and seem to be prospering, but many are leaving the country. I understand that many of the big companies in Europe are recruiting at our universities.

But many Whites aren't doing well. For the first time since the 1930s there are White people who are homeless, desperate for work. It was recently admitted in the papers that over one million jobs have been lost in South Africa since 1994, but mostly to the Whites who constitute a mere 6% of the population. There is a large percentage of Whites living below the bread line.

KAS: Since 1994, what has happened to children's education in South Africa? Are Whites still allowed to have their own schools?

DF: No. They have been destroying all those schools. We had a lot of Afrikaans-language schools, universities and so forth. They would demand that the Blacks be allowed to come in. Once there, they would say that they want to have instruction in English because they can't understand Afrikaans. So finally the educational institution would try to provide bilingual instruction. And that, of course, was very difficult to sustain. Finally many of these universities would become English-speaking only. There's that, []plus the schools are all being intergrated... there are certain religious schools where they've been able to keep Afrikaans media and so forth, but it's not going to last. There's a communist Indian Minister of Education, and he is Hell-bent on eliminating any Afrikaans schools.

And, when you talk about genocide, remember that something else is going on, too: They are trying to destroy the whole history of the Afrikaners. All the Afrikaans names have been changed in the South Africa. The latest move is to change the name of Pretoria, the capital to Tshwane, which has Afrikaners most upset.

KAS: It's much the same way in the United States. Schools are having their names changed because Washington was a slave owner, for example.
[ ]

DF: Right. So everything has a new name, a Black name. They are pretty much trying to eradicate all evidence that the Afrikaner ever was on the planet or on the continent. The school books, the history books, have been rewritten -- and they have a whole new "history" that we can't recognize. All written from an anti-White perspective.

KAS: What is the status of pro-White organizations in South Africa? Are there any, and are any of them prospering and doing useful things?

DF: The HNP [Re-established National Party] was doing very well. They have outlived the National Party which, given its betrayal of the Afrikaner to the ANC, has appropriately joined the ANC, recently; and the Conservative Party which, having fulfilled its function of providing a spurious opposition, and drawing the right wing backlash into a dead end, fizzled out very shortly after the handover to the ANC. The Freedom Front started by the traitor Gen. Constand Viljoen limps on in parliament with one or two MPs, but the HNP was hale and hearty having been largely recognized as being true to the will and interests of the Afrikaner and correct on all issues on which the NP, CP, Volksfront and FF differed with them. Unfortunately, a mole in the form of Dan Roodt (someone who was always liberal but claimed to have seen merit in the position of the HNP in the light of current events, though still not actually embracing it) is presently disrupting the HNP. Hopefully, they will weather this storm.
[ ]

There are many other smaller groups that have sprung up that are preserving the culture and the language of the Afrikaner. And that's about as much as we can do at this stage.

KAS: On we have highlighted a small White separatist community, Orania... Can you tell us what you think of that group?
[ ]
[ ]

DF: Yes, Orania. They've sort of become an icon. They settled an area around an old town that was originally built to house the workers while they built a dam. When all the workers left, the town was just abandoned. So they've taken that over and they're doing very well. But there are still not that many people there. And the ANC is intrinsically opposed to any kinds of homelands for Whites. Orania they may leave alone because it is an icon -- for the moment, anyway.

KAS: But that is exactly what White people need in South Africa. They need White living space -- Whites-only living space.

DF: Yes. You need that. Look, we showed that homelands work in South Africa -- with the Black homelands like Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, KwaZulu and so forth. They worked, even though that whole policy was never properly implemented.
[ ]

I would say that Dr. Verwoerd had a solution which was never properly implemented. With his death -- although we still had the homelands and they set up border industries and gave huge concessions to companies which set up around these homelands, and we were pumping money into them -- the new leaders started to surrender our rights in the mainland. And so the Blacks got more and more rights in the White mainland, while still having their own homelands, their own president, their own self-rule, their own same-language education (mother tongue instruction), and so forth. It was a dual thing.

Some people say the homelands failed. They didn't. They just were not properly implemented. While they were under their own home rule, they did very well. But we had problems in the mainland where everybody was mixed up together. There was more crime in that situation than there ever was in the homelands -- and that's just one thing. Their culture was conserved -- what more do you want?

KAS: So under White rule, under the "evil" system of Apartheid, the Blacks were given their own independent, economically self-sufficient homelands and a lot of assistance in setting them up. However, White people in the new South Africa are not permitted to do that. And even the small community of Orania -- a thousand people -- may not last forever.

DF: No, unless something changes. I think the battle will be for the whole country, not for bits and pieces.

KAS: You'd think that considering the situation in South Africa -- with the horrific conditions, the ongoing murders, genocide, torture, and rape of White people, the collapse of organized society -- that if anything could wake White people up and cause them to think in racial terms, that surely the situation in South Africa would do so. Are Whites in South Africa racially conscious and do many of them see the need to do something for themselves as White people?

DF: Oh, absolutely. And the Afrikaners have always been a very resourceful nation. We have our militias still. Though now they're clamping down with "gun control" and people living in the cities are having a lot of problems. They won't give them permits. You have to have your gun permit with you at all times; if you're caught without it you can go to jail for ten years. Of course the terrorists all have their AK-47s -- they carry those around and nobody does anything about it.

Afrikaners have been extremely resourceful in creating all kinds of alarm systems to make their homes more secure. If you drive around White suburbs, it looks like a compound -- they've got huge walls around their property, and barbed wire on the top.

They're trying to conserve their nationhood and their culture -- and they're trying to ride this out.

KAS: Now among those Whites in South Africa who are trying to do something to preserve themselves and their culture, how many understand the Jewish role -- the Jewish supremacist role -- in their plight?

DF: I think, as usual, it's a minority. But there's a much higher proportion there than probably many places, because you can see it. This is the thing; if you understand your history and you look at the South African situation, the players are quite easily identifiable, and you need to put them into perspective.

This is becoming increasingly interesting. We see that Oppenheimer is an arm of the Rothschilds and a part of the New World Order. We in South Africa have been such a cornerstone in this whole thing. Even way back in the Anglo-Boer War, there was an understanding by many Afrikaners that it was the Money Power that was behind all this. And they wanted to blow up the gold mines right then. But people like Jan Smuts, who were already in on the deal, wouldn't allow them to do that. You've always got to deal with the traitor. And this is perhaps one of the biggest lessons that South Africa can give us: There are traitors in our midst. And don't believe that there's no such thing as a conspiracy. There are always infiltrators who will try to destroy your resistance to anything. This is a tactic used world-wide: In South Africa, the National Party was hijacked, a bogus party to contain the White backlash was created in the Conservative Party, then another bogus umbrella resistance movement in the Volksfront completed the deception, duping, and betrayal of the Afrikaners. In America the Republican Party has been hijacked by the Jewish Neo-Cons, the Vatican has been infiltrated too!

And another lesson is: You have to stand by your principles and not compromise. You can't engage in this piecemeal surrender. You've got to stand for something -- or you stand for nothing.

Another important message that is really, really evident is that when Whites are in the minority, they get killed. They get exterminated. You know, there's so much talk about Whites being 'haters.' And yet the Whites are the only people who go out to other nations and help them -- pump money into their countries, and build up an infrastructure, and give them medical aid, food and so forth. You don't get the Chinese doing that for anybody. The Chinese don't do it for the Blacks. There's no South American country that does anything. The Japanese don't do anything for anybody. Nobody does anything for anybody else -- it's only the Whites.

I was on a plane the other day, and the plane was delayed because of a woman who just got off a plane from China. She was a White woman bringing back two Chinese orphans. You don't see Chinese adopting Whites. Or Japanese. Or Indians. Or anybody. It's only Whites who have this surfeit of compassion that has spilled out from their own race and into other races.

And we have also been so propagandized that many Whites have a hatred of their own people -- and a love for a different race, which is completely misplaced.

KAS: And in return for that, we are exterminated when we place ourselves in an untenable minority position.

DF: That's right. You can never get it back. Other races do not tolerate alien groups in their midst. They do not tolerate them.

KAS: Where can American Dissident Voices listeners get reliable news in English about South Africa?

DF: There's

KAS: What can White Americans do to help their kin in South Africa?

DF: I would be really grateful if people would spread the news of the genocide going on in South Africa. People should work up a public outrage -- about the plight of White Afrikaners that is not being addressed in the media or anywhere else. We should be on all the aid organizations' and human rights organizations' lists. People should be out there trying to change things. Why isn't America imposing sanctions on South Africa until they give Whites proper rights? Until they stop the lawlessness in South Africa? Until they stop the murders? Until they stop dispossessing the Afrikaners of their land?

KAS: This should be an issue that is in the media day and night, 24 hours a day. There's a real genocide of our own people, our own kin, going on right now, and yet most of us don't even know about it. It's an outrage.

DF: Because our skins are White we don't matter? What about us? This is what needs to be spread. What about us? Are White people going to stand by and see their kith and kin genocided with nary a word of protest until it's their turn?

KAS: Deirdre, is there anything you'd like to add before we close the program?

DF: Learn from South Africa, in your own situations. And publicize our plight. Because if nobody sticks up for the Afrikaners, then this genocide is going to continue. I personally have faith in the Afrikaners. I think we will finally take our country back. But meanwhile, White people need to stick together. And we need to realize that we are a minority on this planet. Our gene pools are being polluted. And if we don't watch out, we will very soon become extinct.

KAS: Indeed.

DF: Even Time-Life has been publishing pictures on its front pages, showing the "new face of America." And throughout the world, basically the White is going to become extinct. And the Whites are supposed to be happy about this? They were crowing about this. This is not funny. This is extermination. This is genocide. We have a right to continue. Any life form on Earth normally has a will to live and to perpetuate itself. And yet, of all peoples on this Earth, the Whites have been encouraged to be pallbearers at their own funeral. And this is very sad.

So we need to wake up and realize that there is an organized anti-White racist movement around the world. And it is out to get us.

KAS: That awakening is one of the purposes of this program, Deirdre. I want to thank you for all you're doing to bring to light this horrible, tragic, cosmically unjust situation that exists in South Africa. And I also want to thank you for working for White solidarity. And lastly I'd like to thank you for being a guest and talking with us on American Dissident Voices.

DF: Thank you very much, Kevin, and thanks for this opportunity to make the case for the Afrikaners. And I sincerely hope that your listeners will run with the ball.


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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.




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