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In Dangerous Times


Not only are the Jewish supremacists pushing for a wider war in the Middle East, but they are using their agents to launch quasi-legal attacks on any who would oppose their tyranny. In these times we cannot afford poor leadership.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
week of May 1, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN DANGEROUS times we must not suffer fools. In dangerous times we must do our utmost and our best. And these are dangerous times.

Today I'll be speaking about the claims that a "secret FBI report" leaked to ABC News called the National Alliance a "domestic terrorist group" and said that the Alliance was the subject of "51 ongoing investigations." I'll also be speaking about the dangers to our people posed by the Jewish supremacists who corrupt our political system; and, most importantly, I'll be speaking about the even greater dangers posed by irresponsible and unintelligent leadership of the resistance to the Jewish power structure -- poor leadership which strengthens our enemies and weakens us.

Let me take a moment to give thanks to every one of the many hundreds of people who have written to us, expressing support for our efforts to save the National Alliance. Thanks especially to the National Alliance leaders all over the country and the world who have joined us. And let me give special thanks to those of you who have already sent financial support for our efforts.

Many of you have signed our historic Declaration. [ ] In that Declaration of the National Alliance, signed by almost every prominent National Alliance activist and leader, we pledged that if the absolutely necessary changes to save our organization were not made, and if the corrupt executives in Hillsboro would not step down for the good of the National Alliance, that "we will build a new organization to be the vehicle for our ideals -- and the New Generations of White children who will live upon the Earth."

We are proceeding to do just that. We have founded National Vanguard as the legitimate successor organization to the National Alliance and the true inheritor of the life's work of Dr. William Pierce. The entire Executive Committee of the National Alliance, and virtually every Alliance Unit and prominent Alliance activist has joined us. [ ]

Members and Local Units are already signing up. Our new address is

National Vanguard, Post Office Box 5145, Charlottesville VA 22905.

Our email address is and our Web site continues to be, which can also be reached at (More information can be found at the very end of this article.)

Though efforts are being made by former Alliance officials to rescue the property of the National Alliance -- and its good name -- from the rogue executives in Hillsboro, we cannot let our activists' energies be dissipated in that struggle now. We must immediately resume our work to awaken our people. And that is what we are doing.

We are continuing our Yellow Ribbon Campaign to bring our troops home and station them on the Mexican border, spearheaded by our Louisiana members who are signers of the Declaration. [ ]

We are continuing the planning of European culture and music festivals, pioneered by our Sacramento, Tampa, and other Units around the country -- the latest being the Tampa Unit's Tampa Bay Summer Solstice Festival [ ], featuring the dynamic Gaede twins, Lynx and Lamb, with their band Prussian Blue, along with important speakers, food, fun, and fellowship for all. We hope to see you there! The Tampa Unit is also a supporter of the Declaration.

Our artistic endeavors will continue with the support of members and Declaration signatories like poet Ellin Anderson who is continuing to donate her considerable talent and reputation, and deeply insightful and beautiful work, to the team; and skilled craftsman and Houston Unit Assistant Coordinator Ryan Jager, who is offering to support National Vanguard -- and all our local Units -- through sales of his impressive new sterling silver Life Rune pendants. [ ]

The billboard and advertising projects spearheaded by our members will continue and expand, led by such men as Michael O'Sullivan of our Las Vegas Local Unit, Aaron Collins, our Midwest Regional Coordinator and head of our St. Louis Unit, and Todd Weingart, leader of our Tampa Unit -- all of whom are signers of the Declaration.

Our video production will continue as before under the direction of talented men like Ted Wansley, who is working closely with our Tampa and other Units -- and Declaration signatory and video producer Michael Medeiros, creator of the 'Dark Side of the ADL' and upcoming 'There Are Two Sides' and 'What World Famous Men Said About the Jews' videos. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

And our media outreach will continue stronger than ever in printed and online form -- the entire creative and editing team of National Vanguard is joining with us, and producing more pro-White news and commentary than at any time in the past at; and soon you'll see even more of their professional, responsible, and utterly convincing work in the print publications that we'll be bringing to you soon.

* * *

In America today, we suffer from the deadly dangers of poor leadership: poor leadership at the highest level of our nation, leadership which has become a tyranny which bows to the whims of alien pressure groups and places our people in grave danger from terrorists and invaders.

We also suffer from poor leadership among those who would oppose that tyranny -- poor leadership which threatens to destroy all the progress we've made so far in this struggle.

Look at the attacks that the Jewish power structure has made against pro-White groups, including our own, just this week.

The nineteenth of this month was the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. I did see one television special, on the History Channel quite surprisingly, which actually told the story of that tragedy without mentioning Dr. William Pierce and his famous novel The Turner Diaries. There was no nonsense, for once, about the novel having inspired McVeigh.

But that documentary-maker's reasonableness is rare. What is wanted by the mostly-Jewish media moguls are programs which tar the reputations of racially conscious White people, Whites who are so "hateful" that they actually want their race to live. What the Jewish media moguls want are programs which frighten and intimidate Whites so they won't organize for their collective interests. So, even though McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber, was not pro-White, and though McVeigh's convicted accomplice was a believer in and practitioner of racial mixture, the Jewish power structure from network talking heads to anti-White fundraising groups endlessly repeat the fiction that Dr. Pierce's novel somehow "inspired" the attack.

The tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing was solemnly commemorated -- and rightly so. But the Jewish supremacists wanted to spin their coverage of that anniversary in a way that would advance their anti-White agenda, in a way that would, once again, falsely portray racially conscious Whites as the villains -- when very nearly the opposite is really the case.

Three weeks before the anniversary date, the Department of Homeland Security threw a monkey wrench into these Jewish plans. (I am not one of those who believes that the US government is an absolute monolithic enemy of White people. I believe there are some honest men and women within the halls of Washington, who know exactly what is going on with regard to the subversion of their agencies, and the government generally, at the hands of the Jewish supremacists. There's no other credible explanation of the FBI probe of the Israeli lobby group AIPAC, when both the conservative and liberal wings of the political establishment are firmly in AIPAC's grasp.)

On March 25th, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released an unclassified document [ ] indicating that over the next six years, the terror threats against Americans would come from adversaries "such as al-Qaeda and other foreign entities... and left-wing domestic groups." Nowhere on the list were alleged "racist extremists" or other code words for White activists. The truth is that, with minuscule and scorned exceptions, White activists are decent, honorable, law-abiding folks whose only desire is to bring positive change to our society -- and their methods are the farthest thing from violent. Their methods are winning the hearts and minds of Whites through the dissemination of our ideas -- through our media, through meetings and protests, through face-to-face contact and leading by example. The bugaboo of violent, dangerous "White haters" lurking on every streetcorner, bombs and cudgels in hand, is utter fantasy, and the serious intelligence men and planners at DHS know that very well. They know what the real dangers are, for the most part, and they honestly listed them.

Once the Homeland Security document came out, it was immediately condemned by the Jewish supremacists and their crowd in Washington. If it became too well known, it might contradict the impression of a 'White threat' they've been trying to build for years with their machinery of illusion. And the Oklahoma anniversary was coming up. Immediate action was required. And Jewish-controlled ABC/Disney television stepped forward with an allegedly leaked "secret FBI document" that no one has ever seen and that no one at the Bureau is apparently complaining about losing. This "leaked" document is the diametric opposite of the DHS report. [ ]

The ABC story on this alleged document is a particularly lurid piece of anti-White fearmongering which tries to portray the domestic terrorist threat as strictly a matter of evil "White haters." It makes the claim that "The National Alliance, one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the world, is subject to 51 FBI investigations alone."

Now I have no doubt that this supposed FBI document is mainly theatre. I believe that it was not really leaked, but instead purposely prepared by the Jewish supremacist faction in the US government and willingly submitted to their fellow Jewish supremacists at ABC. I believe that it was timed to coincide with the Oklahoma City anniversary and to counter the DHS report.

I also believe that most of those "51 investigations" are no more than notations in a log that "so-and-so of the Jewish Community Council reports that a racial flyer was left on his lawn and wants to know what we're going to do about it" or "local police department X is being asked by the ADL to ask the FBI who might be behind a billboard with a racial message that we want to force down" or the like. In other words, they're not real investigations at all.

But despite the likelihood that this "leak" was probably staged, and despite the probability that most of the so-called investigations have nothing at all to do with terrorism and everything to do with Jewish censorship of free speech, this article should still give us pause to think. We are engaged in a serious undertaking. We are exposing and opposing criminal enemies who would not flinch at the most underhanded kinds of lies, violence, and dirty tricks to hurt us or falsely incriminate us. We not only need to be squeaky-clean legal, we also need to have our wits about us at all times. The leadership of the White resistance must be intelligent, sharp, clear-headed, and competent. An intelligent and competent leadership must see our people, our plight, our resources, and ourselves with cold-blooded realism. It must avoid egoism and paranoia, and it must have the personal qualities necessary to attract and hold men and women of talent and character.

As National Vanguard writer and editor Neil Camberly stated recently:

"Our enemies have worked extremely hard over the last 70 years to establish us as criminals, rejects, and idiots in the minds of Americans. Approximately 85% of those Americans (including some very intelligent, busy people) merely believe what the closest herd believes. Approximately 5% of those Americans are truly independent-minded, and at least half of these are on our side. Approximately 10% of Americans lie in the middle, and it is in their minds that change takes place before it takes place at the 'herd' level, at a mass level. This final group constitutes our target demographic: the people whose minds we slowly but surely change with the daily grind of political activism.

"Some people join an organization like ours and become frustrated to learn that there is no quick fix to the mess 'the greatest generation' and the preceding generation got us in. We are soldiers who must run on the fuel of our own disciplined morale and the firm knowledge that the daily grind works.

"We cannot expect the enemy to encourage us. But occasionally, they inadvertently do so. Over the last several months, Jewish publications have reflected a panic at what they see as success in our collective, organizational effort to put a smiling, normal face on the ideology they cannot refute: the ideology that most Americans nominally disagree with, despite unconscious agreement with virtually all its individual tenets. The Jewish publications are right. It is working. One must merely know where to look and how to tell.

"But there is a problem: It is working, despite the devastating effect unsophisticated, irresponsible leadership at the center of our organization has had on organizational morale. It has finally come to a head. Virtually everybody knows what the problem is. It was only a matter of waiting for an event that would set off the spontaneous crystallization of total membership resistance to further inept leadership. Inept leadership made possible by a freak sequence of unlikely events -- and symbolized by atrocious behavior, statements, and disinformation from the post in our organization once occupied by one of the most sophisticated men in the world.

"A petition has been circulated. One look at the names attached will assure the reader that this resistance represents a total consensus of National Alliance leadership, minus the tragic joke our Board of Directors has become.

"Imagine: an organization with the last few years' dynamic activism of countless local units, combined with a dignified, respectable core leadership we can be proud to affiliate with. We guarantee it will be an awesome force for justice and sanity in this world of unimaginable destruction and corruption." [ ]
We are engaged in a very dangerous and very serious battle for the survival of our race and culture -- an extraordinarily significant battle in which the stakes are life and death itself. It is a battle in which we racially conscious Whites are the only hope for our people, and in fact the only hope for the future of life on Earth. We cannot afford to fail. We cannot afford to do anything less than our best. We cannot afford to do anything less than give our all. We cannot afford to have our outreach efforts be anything less than excellent.

This a dark and fateful time. Not only are the Jewish supremacists pushing for an even wider war in the Middle East, but they are using their agents and corrupt officials within the government and media to launch quasi-legal attacks on any who would oppose their tyranny. In these times we cannot afford poor leadership -- we cannot afford unintelligent or uninspiring leadership -- we cannot afford even mediocre leadership. We cannot afford to lose momentum or slow our growth. We must do the very best we can, and we must do the very most we can. And we must do it now. In dangerous times we must not suffer fools. In dangerous times we must do our utmost and our best. And these are dangerous times.

If you believe in me and my work for our people under Dr. Pierce since 1982 -- if you believe in the continuity of leadership assembled in our Executive Committee -- if you believe in the integrity and professionalism embodied by the activists, Unit Leaders, and National Vanguard writing, editing, and media-creation team -- then I am asking you to take a moment out of your day and join us. All of that work, all of that effort, is continuing under the banner created by the mind of Dr. William Pierce -- National Vanguard. And 'vanguard' is a well-chosen word. For we are the vanguard of our people. And a great Task lies ahead of us.

A membership application is attached to the text version of this broadcast, available via email and also at [ ] I am asking all of you to sign and send in that application today. We cannot succeed without you. With you we can win a new world for our people.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten -- Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.


NATIONAL VANGUARD Application for Membership


I am a White person of good moral character*, of entirely European descent, and at least 18 years of age. I believe in National Vanguard's goal of creating a better world through racial integrity, racial progress, self-determination, and freedom; and I will support the efforts of National Vanguard by paying my dues and by volunteering my efforts as indicated below to reach other White people with our message. I agree not to suggest or engage in any illegal act.

Applicant's signature:___________________ Date:___________


Please indicate the amount of dues you intend to donate each month, as high as your means permit. The monthly minimum is $12; for our efforts to succeed we need many members to support us with twice to ten times that amount.

A member may elect to pay monthly or for as many months in advance as desired, e.g., on a quarterly basis. To provide seed money to get National Vanguard off the ground, payment of one year's dues in advance will be deeply appreciated. All those paying for a year in advance will receive four free copies of National Vanguard magazine.

Amount of monthly dues: _______, times number of months paid in advance = SUBTOTAL, then add $15 nonrefundable application fee (members of our predecessor organization, the National Alliance, should include their membership number and may omit the application fee):

TOTAL enclosed:


Name: (first)__________________(middle)___(last)___________


(city)_________________(state or province)_________________

(zip or postal code)_____________

Date of Birth: (month/day/year)___________________

Marital Status:_____________ Sex:_________


Email address:_________________________

Have you ever been convicted of a felony crime?____________

The following questions are optional; however, your answers will help us better utilize our resources. The prospective member is encouraged to provide as many responses as he or she is willing.

Have you ever been a member of the National Alliance or other pro-White organization? ___________

Please specify:__________________

How long have you been racially conscious?_______________

What is your education level? (High School; Technical/Trade School; Graduate School; College)_________________

Are you willing to assist National Vanguard with collaborative projects or other specific tasks?____________

What is your profession? (i.e.: Engineer, Driver, Artist, Laborer, Consultant, Student, etc.)____________________

What other professions have you held in the past? Please list specific skills that you are willing to volunteer: (i.e.: Writing, Organizing, Labor, Consulting, Professional Advising, Legal Counsel, Accounting, Typing, Proofreading, etc.)_____________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ (continue on another sheet of paper if necessary)

May we call on you to assist with collaborative projects?___________

May we share your name and contact information with a trusted member in your area?_______________

Do you wish to be contacted directly by a representative of National Vanguard?_______________

Mail completed application (must include check or money order) to:

National Vanguard P.O. Box 5145 Charlottesville, VA 22905

* Persons of Jewish descent, homosexuals or bisexuals, criminals, persons with a non-White spouse or sexual partner, or persons with more than an undetectable trace of non-White ancestry are specifically barred from membership.



Source: National Vanguard

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