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New Video Promotes National Vanguard

This is one commercial you'll want to see...

American Dissident Voices broadcast
April 4, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

THANKS TO the collaboration of two talented National Vanguard contributors -- one a skilled voice-over announcer and audio producer, and the other a professional video director and editor -- we now have a new short promotional video which readers are free to place on their Web sites or send to their friends (as long as no changes are made and the video is shown in its entirety). It could be included in the multimedia CDs that some National Vanguard activists are now handing out in lieu of printed material.

Not only does this commercial intrigue the viewer with the potential of our new media, and encourage him or her to come and visit our site, but its high quality will help assure everyone who sees it that here at last is a new approach, a quantum leap forward toward intelligent and skilled advocacy for our people -- activism by the competent; activism with real potential for changing the world. We offer our gratitude to all who helped with this -- now let's see this video put to use! The file is available in three sizes; all are in Apple's Quicktime format.
high resolution (4 MB)
medium resolution (2 MB)
low resolution (1 MB)


Source: National Vanguard

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