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Winning the War

On this week's program we discuss the recent censorship efforts against by Google News, and our outreach efforts to students in the wake of an attack on them by the Secretary of State of New Jersey.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
April 2, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

THERE'S A JEWISH WAR going on all around us, and it is happening on two fronts and with numerous victims. It's a war against White people, a war against the very survival of our kind on Earth, and it's also a war against any people that wants to have an independent country, free of internationalist and Zionist supervision and control. In addition to the shooting war -- in which we are expected to provide the billions of dollars to be spent and the thousands of young people to be slaughtered -- there's a parallel war going on all over the globe: a war against freedom and free thought, waged not by soldiers, and not with bullets and bombs but waged by media oligarchs -- nearly all of them Jews -- and waged with paid-off government censors, with distorted news reporting, and with engaging and addictive -- but twisted, sick, and culture-destroying -- entertainment programs. And on every front, pro-White activists, including National Vanguard activists, are fighting back with the most powerful weapons known to the mind of man: love for our people -- and the truth.

I talked about the expanding shooting war in the Middle East last week. There's more evidence than ever piling up that the Jewish stringpullers who control Bush are desperate to destabilize and engage in violent "regime change" in any state that threatens Israel's hegemony and power to conquer or destroy anyone they choose in the Middle East. Next on their hit list are Iran and Syria. One of the ways that we get the word out on the dangerous agenda of the Jewish supremacists is via the Internet, primarily through Recently was recognized as the legitimate news source that it is by Google News -- and the supremacists went ballistic, fearful that millions more readers would become aware of their crimes and their agenda.

Not too long ago, a reader of our daily-updated news and comment Web site,, did what thousands of other readers of useful news sites have done: He wrote to search engine giant Google and made a request that National Vanguard be included in Google's very useful news index,

Now had always been included in Google's Web index, just like almost every other site in the world. But the news index at is something very different than their main Web index. It provides an up-to-minute indexing of real news sites, from CNN and Fox News to and It indexes radical Islamist news sites like Jihad Unspun and even insignificant radical leftist news sites like The only requirement is that the site actually provide real news not available elsewhere that could be useful to readers of Google News.

The reader can enter search terms and see what news sites are saying on any given topic in the last few days (up to just a few minutes ago, as the news index is crawled hundreds of times a day), without the clutter of a million search results from old static Web pages clogging their results screens. Google News readers can even get search term results emailed to them in real time -- if you want to read all the news stories which contain the search terms "National Vanguard" you get them all in your inbox if you like -- but be prepared for a clogged inbox.

As I said, one of our readers wrote to Google in February, politely asking them to consider adding our site to their over 4,000 news sources. And, in a few weeks, they did exactly that, writing back and saying:


"Thank you again for your submission. We apologize for our delayed response. We have reviewed and will be including it in Google News in the near future. You should be able to find articles from this site in Google News within four to six weeks. Regards, The Google Team."

Once we were added, all of the people who entered keywords at Google News matching the subjects we were discussing at National Vanguard starting getting our stories right next to those of the New York Times or Fox News. And that is as it should be. But that is exactly what the Jewish supremacists and other anti-White haters want to prevent at any cost. The anti-White bigots who have their Google News email alerts set to get any story that comes out mentioning National Vanguard or even the words "White people" started receiving our stories. I'm sure their blood pressure went up even more than it did when the ADL was caught with stolen police files or when the Larry Franklin/AIPAC investigation came out in the open.

Immediately the telephone calls and letters began to inundate Google -- and I am sure that the honest editor, who analyzed our site and found it contained significant original news content presented in a professional and useful manner, had to face a lot of heat from the more politicized or, shall we say, "ethnically sensitive" higher-ups who may themselves be Jewish supremacists. And Web pages run by anti-White zealots practically burned up with "outrage."

One of many such pages was the deceptively-titled, which organizes teams of highly-motivated Jews to scour the Internet and local newspapers, and is totally focused on making sure that no criticism of Israel in the press goes unpunished. (, by the way, continues to be indexed by Google News.) They stated last week, in an article with a title as deceptive as their own name, "Nazis in the News":


"Now, Google News has chosen to include the neo-Nazi site National Vanguard on its list of news outlets. National Vanguard is a fringe 'white pride' organization whose lead sentence from its current top article carefully distinguishes between Jewish people and 'White people':

Then they quote National Vanguard saying:


"Today the Las Vegas National Vanguard's 'STOP IMMIGRATION' billboard returned to the Las Vegas skyline for the third time -- after Jewish pressure, threats, and a court battle which White people won this time....

Back to

"We do however question Google's judgment in including these sites in its influential list of legitimate news outlets."

A few days after the Jewish pressure was put on, Google capitulated, removing from its news index and stating through spokesman Steven Langdon: "Google News does not allow hate content. If we are made aware of articles that contain hate content, we will remove them."

Even Richard T. Kaplar, vice president of an industry group called The Media Institute decided to throw in his two cents on the National Vanguard issue, saying:

"Google is making an editorial decision on who it carries and who it doesn't. News organizations have editorial discretion over what they run and don't run. No one can force them to run something if they don't feel like it."

Kaplar failed to mention that Google News did feel like indexing National Vanguard until the pressure campaign began.

The Google-watchers at Google Blogoscoped, though falsely calling us a "hate site," took a more balanced approach to the controversy saying that while it wasn't a clear-cut Free Speech issue -- since Google News isn't obligated to carry anything at all or even exist for that matter -- but did acknowledge that excluding National Vanguard lowers the usefulness of the news index:


"But does the exclusion of hate-sites lower the strength of Google News to give a variety of different news sources? Yes, it does. The more radical a site, the more it contrasts [with] mainstream news."

But Google News, in dropping us, is going back on its own stated principles, which include indexing all useful news sites regardless of political affiliation or viewpoint. They proudly announce on their "about" page:


"If we're missing a publisher that we should be covering, please send us your ideas. While we can't guarantee that we'll heed your recommendation, ...we do promise to review all the suggestions we receive without regard to political viewpoint or ideology."

It seems that quite a few people agree with us, as you can see at our own site or on various 'Net-focused online forums:

Robert Moore writes:


" is no more biased than any other news sources I've seen, albeit the bias is from a different perspective and one that's seldom (if ever) seen in the mainstream media. I really loved the article (apparently by the same guy who runs the site) entitled 'Who Rules America?'"

Mark Neufeldt writes:


"National Vanguard must really be making an impact to garner this overreaction. This is just the type of an overreaction that will make people curious and hopefully will throw off the yoke of the self-appointed thought-lords."

Another writer says:


"Whatever happened to free speech? is just as legitimate as Fox News, as far as I'm concerned. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's that simple."

Rob Wostal writes:


"After reading this blog and looking up National Vanguard, I do have to ask, 'why is racial pride allowed to everyone except whites?' That's a darn good question. Because of this, I think I will bookmark National Vanguard. There was also a very good article there about the fact that the New York Times has settled the question about whether race is real or not. My college professors were all saying, 'race is a social construct with no basis in biology,' but it turns out that Stanford medical school has discovered that there is a biological basis of race...."

Joe Carlson writes:


"I am more worried about censorship of news services that may or may not be something I would care to read than I am about being offended by a distasteful or abhorrent philosophical underpinning to that news service. I believe the solution or answer to bad speech or news is more speech, more news, more viewpoints. Stalin had the death penalty for anti-Semitism; do we want to go down that road really?"

Andrew Reilly writes:


"I read mainstream articles from the pipelined sources of AP, Reuters, UPI and the likes. Then I go to National Vanguard and get their take on the some event. It is quite funny and makes their point of controlled media valid. I agree with Mark's post. National Vanguard must be making some progress to elicit such rabid protest."

Tim Pyne writes:


"I just thought I'd say that Google's decision to cowardly remove 'hate' news sites from is entirely contrary to the ideal of freedom of information and free inquiry. Who will be the one to decide which news is 'hate'? Is anything not subject to the discretion of our would be censors...?"

So there you have it. As there are honest agents in the FBI, investigating AIPAC and opposing Chertoff and the Jewish supremacists, so there are honest editors working for large corporations like Google -- editors willing to stand up for their own principles of open and unbiased indexing of the news. And at least one such editor gave us and our writers and editors a fair shake. I suggest that everyone who receives this broadcast write a polite letter of approval to Google News for doing that -- and also telling them what you think of their knuckling under to Jewish pressure. Simply send a civil email to and let them know your views.


In New Jersey, the racial war against White people came to students in the person of a high state official last month who berated the children in the almost all-White audience at a local school for over an hour, trying to inculcate a sense of guilt in them merely because they were born White. In this case, not all the Whites took the attack lying down, as our report from the New Jersey National Vanguard unit indicates:


On Monday, March 7, 2005, New Jersey Secretary of State Regena L. Thomas spoke to students at Haddonfield's Paul VI High School as part of the ceremonies for the awarding of a small "Martin Luther King Commission" grant to the school.

Students were told that the Secretary would be giving a talk on "bullying." The students were not prepared for what Thomas had in store for them. She spent approximately two hours attacking and berating the White students. She accused all of the White students of being "racists," and said that they were stupid and ignorant.

The students were bewildered as to what precipitated these attacks and insults by a paid government official, as there had been no previous racial incidents or issues at the school. Thomas even went so far as to use crude and threatening "gangsta"-style language, claiming that if her son had been there, he would "jack them up."

At one point during the assembly, Thomas shouted so loudly into the microphone that one of the loudspeakers was damaged and had to be replaced. Some of the students felt physically threatened by Thomas as she paced angrily back and forth during her lecture, actually shouting in the faces of some of the students in the front rows.

The attacks on the White students were so severe that a large number of faculty and students got up and walked out during Thomas's tirade. The next week, students planned a mass walkout to protest her refusal to apologize, but school officials thwarted that plan by locking the students in the building. Students circulated protest posters with an 'X' drawn across Thomas's picture.

Many concerned parents later called the school to complain about the incident and to question why school officials allowed this to take place. Some school officials tried to cover up the real nature of the event-but the students, many of whom were eyewitnesses, made sure that the truth got out.

Thomas brought racial tension to a school where there had been none before. Parents and students have written letters to Governor Richard J. Cody to let him know what his Secretary of State has done-and to let him know that she is unfit to hold office. No response has yet been received from the Governor's office.

Finally, after many phone calls to local media outlets, very limited coverage was given by one local news program-coverage that fell sadly short of exposing the anti-White nature of the attack on the students.

The attack on these children was completely unprovoked. Its purpose was to racially intimidate them and instill in them a profound sense of guilt-simply for being born White.

The White students at Paul VI High School have learned a very important lesson: In our multicultural, multiracial society, Whites have no right of redress when unjustly treated. The biased media-and the media-intimidated politicians and local officials-will almost always align themselves against Whites.

But there is hope.

There is one organization that is working for the long-term interests of White people: National Vanguard. We are building new media and new community to help make sure that White children and families will have a decent future. Join us today.

And National Vanguard is right there in northern New Jersey, meeting with and educating residents of the area who've just had a little bit of multiracialist hate rubbed right in their faces. We're there, explaining to them the reasons why the system and the media are against them, and what they need to do to regain their freedom. We're there, distributing the text of that report in print in the form of a flyer.

And National Vanguard activists all over the U.S. will be distributing our Yellow Ribbon Campaign flyer all this month, April 2005. ( ) We'll be getting the word out about the spurious origins of the Iraq war and the dangers of expanding that war into Iraq and Syria. The future of our country hangs in the balance, and we will make the truth known no matter what the difficulties. The crimes of the Jewish censors, the Jewish warmongers, and the Jewish supremacist haters will be exposed. We will get the truth out to our people, Google or no Google. We're on the 'Net and we're on your street -- and we will save our nation, our race, and our civilization. Our children are depending on us.


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