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Support our Troops;
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The greatest dangers to the life and liberty of White Americans are the expanding war in the Middle East and the invasion pouring across our southern borders. Help us awaken others to these dangers -- and encourage them to become part of the solution -- by participating in the National Alliance Yellow Ribbon Campaign.

The National Alliance Yellow Ribbon Campaign

American Dissident Voices broadcast
March 26, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

I OFTEN HATE IT when my predictions come true. I hate the fact that my prediction of a protracted war in Iraq came true. I hate the fact that Americans and innocents of many nationalities are dying for Israel in that bloodbath. And I especially hate the fact that my prediction of the neocon push for an even wider Middle East war is coming true before our eyes.

The next targets are Iran and Syria. This coming expansion of the War for Israel may well be several orders of magnitude larger than what we've experienced so far, may involve several nations simultaneously, and has the potential to develop into a World War, with huge losses for America and the West as well as for the other innocent victims of Zionist ambition and Jewish supremacist hate.

To respond to this, we're launching the National Alliance Yellow Ribbon Campaign. We in the National Alliance are determined to stop the slaughter of American soldiers in this unworthy cause. We're determined to support our troops by bringing them home alive and well to their loved ones. And we're determined that our returned fighting men be stationed where they are really needed right now -- where they can protect America from invasion and terror: right along our southern border. Most of all, we're determined to tell American families how they've been used and manipulated and lied to; how they've been tricked into impoverishing themselves and sacrificing their sons and daughters for Israel's aggressive plans of conquest, for a state run by terrorists and gangsters, owned by the world's most wealthy and powerful ethnic group.

I was inspired to do this broadcast launching the Yellow Ribbon Campaign by the outstanding activism of our Louisiana members and supporters who originally came up with this idea. And I was also inspired by something that happened to me today. I'll tell you about that later in the program.

Yesterday the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, who is to Britain what George Bush is to the United States -- in other words, an opportunistic liar who follows the Jewish supremacist line because that's what pays -- said in a magazine interview that "Nobody is planning military action against Iran over its nuclear program at the moment." He then added "Let's just pursue the diplomatic path for the moment. No one is talking about anything else at the moment." Wow. That's three "for the moments" or "at the moments" in three sentences. Also notice Blair's careful qualification that no military action is planned against Iran over its nuclear program -- leaving open the possibility that plans may be afoot to start a war under some other pretext. (Could the pretext be the shooting down of one of the American spy planes which are being sent over Iranian airspace as an obvious provocation, even though spy satellites give us all the information we need?) Blair also added the inane remark that "Iran is not Iraq," something of which only remedial reading students and Bush voters need to be reminded.

As I've said before, when professional con artists like Tony Blair start to solemnly assure us that they are definitely under no circumstances even considering doing something, we should immediately get a third mortgage on the house, buy tickets for Las Vegas, and make substantial wagers that that very something will happen pretty soon.

Even by the neocon's own standards -- which essentially amount to whatever is good for Israel is good, whatever is bad for Israel is bad -- the invasion and occupation of Iraq has not been an unqualified success. The Iraqi resistance continues as strong as ever. The credibility of the neocon war hawks, virtually all of them Jews, and their nonexistent WMD excuse for war, has plummeted to near zero among the educated and well-informed -- though the yahoos still believe the lies in large numbers. The election in Iraq gave the largest share of power to the Shiite majority which looks with favor on powerful Iran, certainly no friend of Israel. Iran and its allies in Iraq also constitute a powerful opponent of the Jewish scheme to set up controlled media in that region to destroy the culture and the youth there, and control their elections -- just as they've done in America and most other Western nations.

The ignorant yahoo vote got Bush reelected, though, so there will be no punishment any time soon for the criminals who are forcing our troops to kill and be killed for Israel, nor for their lies about hidden Iraqi nukes and chemical weapons which never existed, nor for their lies about the utterly fictional connection between Iraq and 9/11, nor for their bloodthirsty and horrific war crimes -- including some involving women and children -- against a nation which never did the United States even the slightest harm. Not only is there no punishment, but the criminals are being elevated to even higher levels of power and influence by the current regime in Washington. For example, uber-neocon Paul Wolfowitz has been named by his employee in the White House to head the World Bank, where, if confirmed, he will supervise the distribution of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to regimes which are favored by the Jewish supremacists. He will also supervise the shutting off of the credit and money tap to ensure the economic strangulation of regimes which do not accept Jewish supervision.

Despite the fact that Iraq isn't quite working out the way the Israel-firsters who pushed for this war would have preferred, the Zionists still have their hands on U.S. foreign policy -- much to the dismay of many in the State Department and the FBI, I might add. Their "solution" for their failed war is to expand that war.

They've already started their destabilization campaign against Lebanon and Syria. Even one major establishment newspaper, Britain's Guardian, admits that the murder of the widely admired former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was very unlikely to have been carried out by the Syrians whom the controlled media are blaming for the hit. Instead, the murder bears all the marks of a major intelligence agency's targeted killing. The Guardian states that if Syria did it, it would have to be judged an "act of political suicide," since it has only benefited their most powerful enemies, an act which would "hand its enemies a weapon with which to deliver the blow that could finally destabilise the Damascus regime, and even possibly bring it down." And the Guardian actually goes so far as to point out that most likely of culprits based on past history and on the logical answer to the question cui bono? -- who benefits?

"Israel's ambition has long been to weaken Syria, sever its strategic alliance with Iran and destroy Hizbullah. Israel has great experience at 'targeted assassinations' - not only in the Palestinian territories but across the Middle East. Over the years, it has sent hit teams to kill opponents in Beirut, Tunis, Malta, Amman and Damascus.

"Syria, Hizbullah and Iran have stood up against US and Israeli hegemony over the region. Syria continues to demand that Israel return the Golan Heights, seized in 1967. Damascus will not allow Lebanon to conclude a separate peace with Israel unless its own claim is also addressed.

"Hizbullah, in turn, is possibly the only Arab force to have inflicted a defeat on Israel. Its guerrillas forced Israel out of south Lebanon after a 22-year occupation.",3604,1423210,00.html

Neocon bosses David Wurmser and Douglas Feith (of AIPAC spy operation fame), both ardent Zionists with direct ties to Israel, have been publicly urging armed and violent efforts to destabilize Syria since the 1990s. Why would they go back now, when a golden opportunity presents itself?

The hysteria over "weapons of mass destruction" is starting all over again, this time about alleged nukes in Iran, all coming from the same tainted sources who lied to us about Iraq. In a healthy society, these liars would be ignored if not locked up, but in media-driven America, they appear newly-coiffed on Fox News and CNN, and they are treated with reverence and respect as "experts."

Some of their propaganda operations are so inept they'd be funny if it weren't for the fact that innocent people are going to die because of them. We reported last month on that CNN was using the same satellite photo to illustrate two different nuclear facilities in two different "Axis of Evil" countries. CNN promptly removed the photo from its North Korea slideshow and attributed the photo to the supposed Iranian facility -- naturally so, since Iran is a danger to Israel and Korea is not.

The next day, researchers found out that the U.S. government propaganda outlet Radio Free Europe (RFE) had used a photo of the very same facility early last year, attributing it to North Korea! And apparently, these two instances weren't the only times the photo was used: RFE's file name for the image was IRAQ-Nuclear.jpg!

More than one per cent of the huge U.S. force in Iraq is now dead. Eleven times as many troops have died since the war was officially "won" than died before the "victory." Mission accomplished, indeed.

And we stand on the brink of an even wider war in the Middle East. A much wider war: Russia is already investing heavily in Iranian industry and is providing nuclear power and other scientific assistance. And China just announced a $70 billion oil deal with the Islamic Republic. These are major players. These countries are not just going to sit back while insane Zionists threaten to kill them and destroy their huge investments. And neither Iran nor huge, nuclear-armed Russia and China are quite the same as impoverished Iraq and her largely imaginary weapons systems. Millions may die. Millions of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, may be tossing handfuls of earth into graves this time next year or the year after that.

As I said a few minutes ago, something just happened to me that inspired me to launch the National Alliance Yellow Ribbon Campaign today. Earlier today, I took some of my children and one of their friends for an outing. It was a beautiful Spring day. The children and I went out to eat (we had a coupon for free food which one of them won for excellence in reading), then they went to a park to play and frolic and enjoy their freedom. And, watching them, I thought, in just a few years these innocent souls may be asked to go to the Middle East and die for Zionism. By then there may be a draft to force increasingly reluctant youth into battle. And a new draft might not even exempt young women from the fight. Seeing those young ones playing on the hillside made this battle personal for me. I don't want to be standing by their graves ten years from now. I don't want my grandchildren -- and all the infinite generations to follow -- never to be born. Not for Ariel Sharon or a million of his criminal ilk I don't.

And then it was time to go, and in the golden evening light we brought my children's young friend home. She lives on a farm, and to say her folks are hard-working is putting it mildly. They raise and keep dairy cattle, and it's a job that keeps husband and wife and all the kids busy from dawn until dusk, seven days a week, 365 and a quarter days a year. Neighbors help out when the family needs to get away, but such trips are brief and rare. It's sometimes dirty and messy work, and when the day is done it's amazing they have the energy left to straighten up and prepare meals. But they do. Their house is very modest, but it is clean and full of books. Though they are far from wealthy -- in fact, in today's economy, they are finding it very hard just to get by -- they pay a substantial sum to keep their children out of the failing minority- and gang-ridden public schools. They take their young ones to Shakespeare plays and museums. They care.

And as I stood on the ground owned by this solid White American farm family, and as I looked out on the rolling hills of Virginia, I realized that it is families just like this one who keep America running; who provide the milk and bread and everything else we need; whose hard and essential work is not rewarded as it should be in this stunted America of welfare queens and junk bond kings. And it is families just like this one -- the kind of families with traditional values, who believe they should serve their country in the military and by working hard and paying their taxes and never taking a cent of welfare -- who are targets for exploitation and death by the neocon Jews.

And we mustn't permit this exploitation and murder to continue. We must do the honorable thing; we must do what it takes to stop it. We must break the spell that enslaves them to the Jewish war machine.

So I am asking everyone who hears my voice today -- every National Alliance Unit, every National Alliance member, every financial supporter, every person who has come to an understanding of our people's peril but hasn't done anything about it yet -- to download our Yellow Ribbon Campaign flyer.

Once you download this flyer, you can print it out yourself or take the file on disk to any well-equipped quick print shop and have a few thousand made for distribution in your local community. The flyer is well-designed, with a large yellow ribbon in the background (which should still look fine in black and white), and bolstered by quotes from major political and military figures who have chosen to blow the whistle on the warmongers. It calls for us to support our troops -- by bringing them home and stationing them on the Mexican border. It states boldly that we want nothing to do with the age-old foreign quarrels of the Semites of the Middle East. And it gives those who are interested in knowing more the opportunity to write to us or visit our Web sites.

Print these flyers this week. Then, let's make April 2005 the month for the largest synchronized literature distribution in National Alliance history. I know you can do it. I was there in St. Louis where in that city alone 50,000 flyers were distributed in a single weekend. All of us should be hitting the streets in April, all of us giving out the same flyer with the same message. The controlled news media will attack us, of course, but we will all be speaking with one voice on one overwhelmingly important issue. We will make an impact. If we do our work well, it will be an even greater impact than our Love Your Race outreach last month. Some of us will be rolling our flyers and wrapping them in plastic for distribution on lawns. Some of us will be placing them under windshield wipers. Some of us will be handing them out face-to-face on the street and at public events. But we will all be there for the National Alliance Yellow Ribbon Campaign. The stakes are high. And we know the battle won't be won by a single literature drive. But by persistence, hard work, honesty, excellence, and a little pluck and courage, we will change the world. Begin today. Download the flyer. Arrange for printing them. And deliver them to the good folks in your community who deserve a better future.


Source: National Vanguard

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