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Here we see an artist's conception of the banner which flew -- repeatedly -- over this year's Daytona 500 stock car race, as National Alliance activists spoke to thousands of White men and women in the crowd, spreading our healthy message of racial consciousness. Today Mr. Strom brings us a report from David Daugherty on this event, and discusses the almost infinite value of each awakened White person.

By the goodness and bravery of our people, great things are achieved...

American Dissident Voices broadcast
February 26, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

NATIONAL ALLIANCE MEMBERS in Florida just did what some said couldn't be done. Not content with resting on their laurels with the prominent billboard they just erected, they decided to bring a little explicit White consciousness to an event which already has quite a bit of implicit White consciousness -- the biggest NASCAR event of them all, the Daytona 500. But here's the kicker -- and a new trend in National Alliance activism this year -- they announced to the controlled media and on our worldwide news site,, and in other venues, exactly what they were going to do in advance! On today's program, I will talk about that event and other admirable outreach efforts by our members -- and I will talk about honesty, truth, and faith.

In Daytona, the Jewish censorship groups went into overdrive and spent who knows how many dollars and hours lobbying NASCAR officials to condemn racially conscious Whites and endorse multiracialism. They pushed and prodded law enforcement, but some honest lawmen stated that there was no law against freedom of speech. They even got news coverage on the TV stations they control that was so lurid it was unbelievable, falsely implying that National Alliance members were killers who wanted to recruit NASCAR fans to commit "hate crimes." Now let's get the real scoop about Daytona from a man who was there, Mr. David Daugherty, who's also well-known on the Internet as the operator of

On Sunday, February 20th members of the Tampa Local Unit of the National Alliance, along with members and supporters from all over Florida, conducted a large CD and literature distribution at the Daytona 500 and hired a plane to fly a "Love Your Race" banner over the event. Here are some reports, observations, and lessons learned from the event.

The controlled media's side-show flop

The Tampa Unit was very open with this distribution. We announced well ahead of time where we were going to be and what we were going to do. The controlled media ran a propaganda-style smear campaign in response, which varied from the standard tripe to bizarre works of fiction. The main purpose of the controlled media's propaganda was to frighten the public in general, but I believe they also wanted to create a sense of fear among law enforcement and security personnel.

Their malicious scheme hit a snag, however. The problem with the controlled media's propaganda was they just didn't know where to stop. It seems as if they have been telling the same lies over and over again for so long they started believing their own guff. They just can't tell what normal people would find reasonable or ridiculous. This is why we had nut-brained statements such as "Hate crime recruitment" being displayed as a logo when the Alliance's Daytona outreach was being discussed, and Love your Race fliers being touted as "hate literature."

Then there were the wild references to "murders" and "bank robberies." As a result the "shrewd" propaganda campaign that was intended to strike terror in the hearts of the public degenerated into circus-style buffoonery. They ended up fooling no one except themselves.

The controlled media's attempt to disrupt our legal distribution fell flat on its face. They couldn't even pull their act together enough to stop our "Love Your Race" banner from flying. No one at the event was hostile. The patrons were polite and friendly; law enforcement and security personnel were polite and professional; and there were no signs of any members of any anti-White gangs or groups.

What actually happened

National Alliance members and supporters from Tallahassee, Tampa, Ft. Meyers, Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Orlando, and St. Petersburg, came together to distribute thousands of fliers, CDs, and pamphlets. We split up into teams of twos and threes and walked across miles of sidewalks and parking lots with backpacks full of material. We hired a plane to fly over the track several times pulling a banner that read "Love Your Race" and had the National Alliance's Web address and the Tampa Unit's phone number. We used the popular Love your Race flier , our "Who Would Stand for You?" pamphlet, and our sampler CD.

We like to use CDs because we can put a very large amount of information on them. On this CD we put twelve songs from twelve different pro-White bands plus a data track which had six American Dissident Voices broadcasts, four catalog pages for Resistance Records and National Vanguard Books, and a moving video of Black riots and attacks on innocent White people juxtaposed with theatrical rhetoric from multiracialist saint "Martin Luther King." [ Downloadable at ] Consider also the fact that people don't normally throw a professional-looking CD away. A sampler CD given to someone may be around for a very long time; there's no telling how many people will see it, listen to it, and make digitally perfect copies of it. Over time the Tampa Unit has acquired equipment to produce our own professional-quality sampler CDs and has been moving toward increasingly sophisticated media.

The "Who Would Stand for You" pamphlet is also produced by the Tampa Unit and briefly describes what the National Alliance is and what we do.

White Fans, Black Hustlers

When we first arrived at the Daytona 500 I saw crowds of thousands of White people walking across the streets and sidewalks. In the middle of all of them there was a Black male holding a cardboard sign which read "I need tickets." At first I thought it was strange that the only Black NASCAR fan in Florida would be the only one without a ticket. Then I saw another Black male holding a similar sign, then another, and another, and another. I noticed that there was a Black male with an "I need tickets" sign on every corner, literally. The signs were a signal to everyone to let them know they were selling tickets. They can't use "I'm selling tickets" signs because that would be scalping, which is illegal. About 99.9% of the fans are White (literally) and about 99% of the ticket scalpers are Black males (literally). Apparently the Blacks buy up as many tickets as they can far in advance and then sell them for twice what they cost on the day of the race. The multi-culties can stop worrying; Blacks have found their niche in NASCAR.

Another successful day

The Daytona distribution was another successful event for the Tampa Unit. We got a lot of great material into the hands of a lot of unaware White people, the controlled media made complete fools of themselves, we were able to meet with supporters we had never met before, and the Tampa Unit Coordinator, Todd Weingart, has done ten interviews with news agencies from all over Florida. A few lessons learned from this distribution are:

1. It's better to give stuff out when people are leaving an event.

2. It's a good idea to designate someone as the photographer so you get a lot of good pictures.

3. If you stay out in the sun all day you'll get sunburn.

If you would like to contact the Tampa Unit of the National Alliance write to or call 1-727-526-1526

[ ]

[ ]

(If anyone would like to contact Mr. Daugherty with questions about producing CDs or other materials, he may be reached at )

(end of report)

We said we'd be there, awakening White consciousness at the biggest sports event for Whites bar none. And we were there. We said we'd exercise our right to communicate with our fellow citizens, no matter what the threats from Jewish censors or cowed race officials. And we did exactly that. We said we'd fly an airplane carrying the National Alliance message in letters 100 feet across -- and we did. Thanks again to Mr. Daugherty, Todd Weingart, Ben Parker, and all the excellent National Alliance activists in Florida who made this triumph possible.

What they did was great. What Frank Weltner does on the radio in St. Louis is great. What Aaron Collins and his fellow Alliance activists do on the streets of St. Louis -- and in getting our message in the Metrolink cars -- is great. What our Michigan and Wisconsin members have done in response the Howell "Diversity Clubs" and the Hmong Massacre of Whites is great. What Kevin McGuire has done in Montana and what the dynamic Gaedes and our Sacramento members have done in California is awe-inspiring. I can't mention all the outstanding activism because there's too much of it. It would take up the whole show. Sometimes I and my editors at can't keep up with it. All over the country, our members are becoming prominent in their communities, and mainstreaming our healthy ideas, breaking the mold of Jewish "hater" stereotypes that shackled us for so long. I'm in awe at what you people are doing. You're inspiring me. Sometimes when things look dark, I'll get a letter or a call about something positive one of you is doing, making an impact. And it makes all the difference in the world to me.

Now I want to talk to you about the thing that binds us together: faith in the White community we are building; faith in our ideals; and faith in each other. Do you remember what I said to you all a few months ago on this radio program about how we should treat each other? How every White person of good heart who is willing to stand up and be counted for his people is more valuable than gold? And how we should strive not to personally harm others who are working for the same goal, even if we disagree with their strategies? Well, I stand by that. There is nothing more valuable than the creativity and intelligence and hard work and specialized talents that our supporters and members bring to the table. I just wish I had a secretary to answer all your messages to me; unfortunately, we haven't able to do that yet. And that's one way we've let you down, and I apologize. I want to correct that soon. Another way we let you down is that we got way behind on our publishing schedule for Free Speech magazine -- and then, in an effort to catch up, our quality control became lax and some issues went out that shouldn't have gone out. I apologize for that, too, and I will try to fix this problem. I think there have been altogether too many turf battles and enemies made. I think we need to be more open and at the same time more respectful of one another. Is that asking too much? I hope not.

I remember one incident at a National Alliance meeting a few years ago. I and several other National Alliance leaders were having a private discussion during one of the breaks in the speeches, in a side room just off of the main meeting hall. There was a strong disagreement over the way a certain project should be done, and in fact whether it should be done at all. The problem seemed intractable. Tempers flared. Someone was hurt that he wasn't trusted and that promises hadn't been kept. Another was angry that procedures weren't being followed as he thought they should be. Fairly harsh words were exchanged. Then one man stopped talking. I don't mean he just stopped and let others talk. I mean he clearly disengaged from the conversation. He stopped looking at us. He looked at the floor. Then he looked at the wall -- as if he was looking through it.

He was looking through it. He said, "This isn't about you. And it isn't about me. It's about the people we work for. The people on the other side of that wall. The members. The people who pay their dues and speak out for what is right, sometimes with great risk and little credit or personal benefit. The people without whom the microphones would fall silent and the pages would be empty." There was a long silent pause as we all looked at -- and through -- that wall. We saw that he was right. The argument ended. A better perspective -- and a little humility -- was gained. A decent compromise was reached. And great things were achieved as a result.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are the people on the other side of that wall. I just want to say that I am humbled by what you do. I want to say that I will try hard to do a better job by you. I want to say thank you. And I want to ask all of you to treat each other well, and when conflicts and disagreements arise, remember the man who looked through the wall.

For there is another wall, too. The wall that separates us, who have awakened to the dire plight of our race -- and also the infinite possibilities of our race -- and those who are still mired in superstition or the false religions of consumerism and "equality." We need to work to help as many of the valuable people on the other side of that wall to see the light. For if we do not do that, and do it well, the light will be extinguished.

So the awakened White man or White woman who sits next to you or across the table from you is more valuable than gold. The fate of the universe depends on him, depends on her, depends on you. Let's treat each other accordingly.

* * *

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    The Assault on Art and Beauty:
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The Sign Man: Ben Parker's fictional look at a man who changed the world, even though he seemed to have nothing. "Seemed" is the operative word in this case. Situation Terminal, But Not Serious: Columnist and wit Bob Whitaker on 'The Legal Background to "Gay Marriage"'; 'Petty Tyrants,' a look at what Canadian and American society may become as book-burning and imprisonment without charge become a reality; and 'Both Sides Equal One Side,' a comparison of Communist sham elections with American sham elections.

Postscripts by Revilo P. Oliver:
In 'The Price of the Head,' Professor Revilo P. Oliver looks at an egregious case of corruption in the academy -- corruption that contributed to the deaths of thousands of Americans and the betrayal of a sacred trust.

Holocaust Commemoration, Part II:
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Be sure to be with us when we continue this important broadcast, "Zundel's Persecution: By Order of the Jews," next week on American Dissident Voices.


Source: National Vanguard

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