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Love Your Race, 2005

All across the White world, National Vanguard activists will be spreading the message 'Love Your Race' this week. Please join us! On today's program, Mr. Strom explores the idea of love for one's kind as one of the fundamentals for a secure and healthy future.

Enlightened White people are becoming conscious of the real meaning and purpose behind our deepest feelings.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
February 12, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHAT IS LOVE? It is love that makes us embrace in passion, that makes lovers cleave to one another in the sunshine and the storm, that makes us excel and do great things for the sake of our loved ones. It is love that makes the mother give up everything, or the father lay down his life, for the child.

It is love that makes us see the smile of our beloved in perfect focus across one hundred feet of bustling crowd and yet not see the crowd at all. It is love that brings the blood to your face as you return that smile, as in that very instant you realize that she is indeed your beloved, something you did not know until that golden moment. That's love.

We all feel these things. Even if we don't fully understand them, we know that they are real, that they are part of us. Somehow we know that they are vital, important, and precious. These feelings of love make us do what we must do to carry on our precious genetic inheritance to the next generation. Whether we want to admit it or not, these feelings of love spring from our deepest instincts.

Other creatures on this planet also engage in impressive acts of love and dedication to bring forth the next generation of their kind. Science writer Robert Ardrey wrote in his landmark book, The Territorial Imperative, of one such creature:

"No natural hazard which this planet offers can rival those circumstances assaulting the life expectancy of the emperor penguin's young. The emperor breeds only on the ice of the Antarctic continent. And he breeds in winter. When March comes, and the southern Autumn darkens, the emperor and his wife and his friends conduct their grave march inland across the ice to that place where tradition dictates that they must breed. There will be no nest of stones. She will lay her single egg on ice of fathomless depth, and he will pick the egg up on his foot. Then she will go away, back to the sea and their only source of food. He will remain with the egg on his foot. The perpetual night will enclose him. The Antarctic winter will blow, shudder, sigh, snap, crush, torment the present as it has tormented all ages. He will stand with the egg on his foot. He will stand very close among his friends as shoulder to shoulder they preserve their heat. There will be no argument, disputes over property, dominance, borders, prerogatives. On rare occasions the night will clear to reveal the Southern Cross in cruel arrangement. The southern aurora will in ironic delicacy display its gentle, faraway veils, shifting, impalpable, tantalizing, rewardless. More often the storm will close down. All will vanish. There will be the wind and the cold beyond calculation. There will be the horror of nature's racket, and the horror of nature's silence. There will be the terror of nature's incredible blackness. There will be the terror of nature's soft illumination. And all the time the emperor penguin and his friends will be standing in a dense, unarguing mass, each with an egg on his foot, while slowly they revolve, presenting to this one the periphery of Antarctic hostility, presenting to that one a respite, a moment of comfort and warmth in the heartland of the social body.

"For two months, this will be their dispensation. Then their wives, fat and hearty, will return from the sea. The males will surrender their eggs, themselves seek the succor of wide-open waters, the freedom, the succulence of life. When they return, the chicks will have hatched. Springtime will be on its way, and the sunshine, and that most favorable season for the survival of young. This, after all, was the whole evolutionary point, the reason for the time of winter trial.

"Brooks too broad for leaping divide us from animal agony. Walls too tall for weeping contain our sympathies. We cannot, with prescience human or divine, apprehend the living moment in a mass of male emperor penguins revolving each with an egg on his foot in a dark, frozen, endless Antarctic night beneath frigid, withdrawn, uncaring stars. You do not know, nor will you ever. I shall not know, nor shall I ever."

As I said on one of the very first American Dissident Voices radio programs, there is a very deep meaning and an important lesson for us in Robert Ardrey's true story: We too, like the emperor penguins, are the guardians of our genetic heritage, a heritage passed down to us by the successful survival of our kind from the beginning of organic life to today. Our genetic heritage is a heritage of intelligence, physical strength and beauty, creativity, and a capacity for an ever-expanding consciousness and understanding of the universe. If at any stage in the hundreds of millions of years of biological evolution, our ancestors had failed to secure the survival of the next generation of our people through stupidity or folly, we would not be here today. It is easy to become absorbed in the many avenues of money-making, pleasure and distraction available to us in our modern world. It is easy to forget the fact that we, too, have a responsibility to future generations to pass our race's genetic heritage on undiminished. In a sense, we, like the emperor penguin, have an egg on our foot -- that egg is the future of our race -- and everything -- everything -- depends upon our cooperation, solidarity, and determination to protect and defend that genetic future against any who, whether out of malice or stupidity, would destroy it.

Now the emperor penguin does not understand any of this, as far as our science can tell. But some feeling, perhaps akin to our emotions of love and our feelings of duty and loyalty, compel him to behave as he does, compel him to "do the right thing" so that his gene-patterns will have a chance at immortality. Like him, we somehow "just know" what is right and good behavior toward our loved ones. We somehow "just know" that it is right that a man and a woman shall fall in love and marry and create a new family. Unless there is something wrong with us, we "just know" that our erotic impulse is meant for a member of the same race and the opposite sex and no other combination. Depending on the time and place in which we live, we may think of a thousand mythological or religious justifications of why what we "just know" must be true -- perhaps a prophet or a god or an oracle or an ancient scripture said that it must be so. Perhaps a demon or a curse will consume those who do otherwise. But when the justifications are myriad and the inner knowledge fairly constant, it is safe to say that such explanations explain little.

Like the emperor penguin, we are still operating on the level of unconscious instinct. With our gods and demons, we have made a little poetry, perhaps, out of our healthy feelings, and we have created a totem with which to scare those in whom these healthy tendencies are weak into better behavior than they would otherwise exhibit.

Our myths justifying our feelings of right and wrong in such matters bring us perhaps just a fingernail's breadth above the level of unconscious animal instincts. Some part of our mind is telling us that we ought to have more of an explanation than "I just know it is so." So we construct an explanation to meet our needs. And for much of mankind, this explanation -- or none -- suffices.

Like the stag who feels the call to do battle and to trumpet, we live inside a kind of magic. We know what we love, and we know what is right and we do it. The magic is beautiful. It has served us well. But we have come to a new time when we must step outside the magic, while at the same time not losing our sense of the wonder of it, or our respect for the ancient truths contained within it.

The best minds of our race have an innate respect for truth, truth determined by the most exhaustive and rigorously objective investigation possible, truth defined as the closest approach we can make to an understanding of the physical realities of the matter and energy that surrounds and constitutes us. Such respect for truth led to the development of Western science and technology, which has changed the course of the history of the universe. For such minds, concocted explanations are an insult to our intelligence and to Nature (and to Nature's god, if you like to put it that way), far worse than no explanation at all.

And our best minds, through science, have given us in the last two hundred years a far deeper understanding of the mechanisms of life and evolution that brought our race into being. We don't need the concocted explanations any more. And our instinctive acts of love will not become any less sacred -- in fact, they will if anything become even more so -- when we become fully conscious of the meaning and consequences of those acts.

When we acted unconsciously, we acted well for the most part. Our beliefs may have been factually wanting, but with some exceptions they pointed us in the right direction. We survived. We recognized aliens and did not mix with them. We recognized enemies and dealt with them. We stayed true to ourselves as well as we could. Even in far-off North America, we are still a people that would be recognized by our ancestors from the Atlantic to the Urals as one of their own kind.

But now acting unconsciously is not good enough any more. Powerful enemies use mass media to propagate lies and suicidal ideas on a scale heretofore unimaginable. We must understand the reasons behind our feelings of love and loyalty if we are to preserve all that is precious before the Opponent's onslaught. For if we do not understand, we will perish. If we do not understand, we will fall prey to lies and act in a way that ends the very existence of our kind in the universe.

The qualities that we see as beautiful and desirable in a member of the opposite sex are not just random titillations, designed to please us. Deeply ingrained behavior patterns steer us toward the man or woman who will produce healthy offspring and defend and nurture them well -- ensuring that our one shot at immortality will be successful; that our kind's genes will continue to live long after we are dead. Likewise, even in an age whose rulers are utterly opposed to our racial survival, the instinct to choose a mate of one's own race still runs strong and for most of us cannot be denied. The purpose of physical love is the continuation of our kind.

When you see your loved one, you see qualities that deserve to be projected into infinity. The sons and daughters of Europa are the result of eons of idealistic, higher love, moving slowly and fitfully perhaps, but nevertheless moving higher and higher in each score of generations in understanding, intellect, frontal lobe development, and the physical characteristics that accompany those things -- what we call physical beauty.

There will always be those who will not see this higher aspect of our erotic love, even when it is explained to them. They can see only the more obvious sexual characteristics of others, which are shared more or less among all races. They have little consciousness of the differences between Venus Williams and the Venus of Medici. Their genes will mix with those of lower man and will be lost to our people. Only those with a higher degree of racial consciousness will remain White in the world of the future. Those whose love encompasses a love of their race will survive.

Our instinctive loyalty to our families and our nations is likewise tied to race. We feel a drive to help and protect those who are most like us genetically. Again, our deep instinctual wisdom is telling us that by standing together with others of our kind, our kind is much more likely to survive the dangers of this world.

It is to preserve and advance our kind that all our social organization exists. Governments, laws, courts, police, armies, weapons -- all are properly tools to ensure that our gene-patterns will continue, that White children will continue to be born in future ages. And really, they have no other purpose. They must never be used in any way which frustrates their real purpose: protection and advancement of the race. That's the kind of consciousness we need to build among our people, so that our society can change for the better, so that it can begin serving its real purposes again. A society that tries to serve many races at once will quickly become non-functional and die, just as a cell which tries to serve the purpose of invading viral DNA as well as its own will not be long for this Earth.

To light the spark of consciousness and love in our people, members and supporters of National Vanguard will be on the streets this week, passing out our simple yet powerful 'Love Your Race' flyer.

Let me tell you what the reaction was in one California community to our Love Your Race campaign last year:

All the flyer said was 'Love Your Race.' Except for the picture of a White woman and an address, that was the entire message. Nothing but 'Love Your Race.' But KCRA Channel 3 television in Sacramento, California objected strongly. Why? For no other reason than hatred of Whites -- and you may be assured, ladies and gentlemen, that the people who own the major media in this country do indeed hate White people.

The media said:
"...Fliers Fuel Fear, Hatred..."
But all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...I was angry and outraged and tossed it..."
But all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...they were even more angry when they learned that dozens of the Arden Park neighbors received the same flier..."
But all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...It's absolutely despicable..."
But all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...I'm outraged..."
But all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...he saved one of the fliers and is taking it to the sheriff's department..."
But all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"I think the sheriff should investigate who's behind it ... who put the bulletins on the ground..."
And all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"[this flyer] fuels fear and it fuels hatred..."
And all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...that type of literature was at the heart of a plan by two white students to shoot black students..."
And all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...the Jewish community recalled the way Sacramento stood up to hatred after the firebombing of three synagogues..."
And all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"''s not acceptable,' said Len Feldman of the Jewish Community Relations Council..."
And all it said was 'Love Your Race.'

The media said:

"...Authorities said racist fliers often come close to the legal border line..."
And all it said was 'Love Your Race.'
Love your race. Build new White media. Rebuild White community in your town and neighborhood with local pro-White meetings and outreach. Join National Vanguard. And I'll see you on the streets today and tomorrow, as we spread the word.

Download Love Your Race flyers here:

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


Source: National Vanguard

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