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Piercing Through Enemy Lines

From the Metrolink cars of St. Louis, Missouri (top) to the courthouse steps in Bozeman, Montana (bottom), the National Alliance is taking on the responsibility which has been abdicated by America's politicians, and speaking out for the interests of White Americans.

When our society's leadership has become so perverted that it consistently works against our children's future, what is a responsible man or woman to do?

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 22, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

WHITE AMERICANS ARE under attack. White Americans are second class citizens in the United States, slated for eventual replacement in the land their forefathers built.

Not only must we accept violent, primitive tribesmen and non-Whites of every description as more-than-equals in jobs, housing, education, and in legal protection, but Americans are continually having our influence deliberately diluted, divided, and redivided by continuous mass immigration, legal, illegal, and legalized-illegal, and by racial gerrymandering done in a way which insures the maximum representation of non-Whites. Non-Whites are encouraged and praised by the powers that be when they organize to promote their genetic interests, whereas Whites often find themselves attacked, demonized, and unemployed if they do the same thing.

And now the non-White invaders who can vote in American elections -- and soon that will be just about all of them, if Bush et al. have their way -- are still able to vote in elections in their countries of origin. Now the government is using our tax money to set up polling places for the Iraqi elections -- not just in Iraq, but all over the United States.

As the War for Israel in the Middle East rages on, getting more violent every day, sham elections are in preparation in Iraq. Not only are the new neocon rulers there desperately trying to legitimize the invasion and occupation with the pretense of 'democracy' -- but they are so desperate to increase Iraqi participation that they've actually opened up polling places in the US so that so-called Iraqi-Americans can vote in the Iraqi election.

And Republican Congressman George Radanovich is angry about it. He's issued an fiery statement directed at the International Organization for Migration, which is working with the UN and millions of your stolen tax dollars to facilitate Iraqi election polling places right here in America. But is Republican Radanovich angry that Iraqis have established a gigantic foothold of tens of thousands in his California district? Is he upset about the fact that these invaders can form a voting bloc both here and in the land they left behind? Is he outraged that our tax money is being wasted on such an unprecedented boondoggle? Is he concerned about the fact that Americans who may live or work near such polling places are in danger from the same kind of violence that our soldiers now suffer in Baghdad and Fallujah?

No. Congressman George Radanovich hasn't said a word about any of that. What got this good conservative Republican's dander up was the fact that his Iraqi constituents had to drive to Los Angeles to vote. He's incensed by that. He wants the 40,000 Iraqis that he's apparently happy to have in California's Central Valley to have their own polling place closer to home -- and he wants it fast, since the election is scheduled to run from January 27th to the 30th. Listen to Radonovich's own words:

"Isn't it ironic that we are asking our soldiers to risk their lives to enable these elections to occur and yet we are not providing sufficient numbers of voting booths for the Iraqis in this country who will be casting their ballot for the first time?"

And listen to Radanovich detail the terrible ordeal the Iraqis will have to endure:

"The Central Valley's 40,000 Iraqis requested their own voting booth so they can vote closer to home. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is the nearest voting facility and requires at least an eight hour round trip by car. Valley Iraqis are also required to travel to Los Angeles to register to vote during the week of Jan. 17-23, which calls for them to make two trips from the Valley in a very short period of time."

One American academic writer, a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies, sent Radanovich an open letter noting that Arabs in America can vote in Iraq, Jews in America can vote in Israel, Mexicans in America can vote in Mexico, etc, etc. -- thereby making native-born White Americans "the lowest class of citizens... in the United States... who can only vote in local elections, while citizens of the world can vote anywhere the US and the International Organization for Migration decides they can vote...." He added "...the latest thing to be sacrificed in this war for Israel is the idea that 'Americans' should have some nominal allegiance to the United States."

Radonovich ends his screed with a fillip of misplaced drama: "My office has been working diligently to try and rectify this atrocity." Atrocity? Republican Radanovich thinks it's an atrocity that there aren't Iraqi voting booths on every American streetcorner, or at least in his home district. It's not enough that Iraqis living in the U.S. -- who, as much as I must sympathize with their murdered and invaded and abused co-nationals, do not belong in America -- are voting in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, and Nashville. No, Radonovich says it's an atrocity that the Iraqis in his district might have to drive eight hours to register and vote to make the Neocon invasion look legitimate.

There are real atrocities in America. The Hmong invasion in Wisconsin and Minnesota, which resulted in the murder of six White people last month; that's an atrocity.

The sexual enslavement of young White girls and women by the Jewish mafia; that's an atrocity.

The epidemic of rape and abuse of White girls by Black and Mestizo males, which the Jewish media masters even allow to be "celebrated" in the sick gangster and rap "culture"; that's an intolerable atrocity.

The uncontrolled "migration" of non-Whites from Mexico and points south -- endorsed by the Bush administration and most Republicans -- that is transforming huge swaths of the United States, especially the South, into a gigantic Mexico, leaving poor or elderly Whites who can't afford to move to gated communities or just plain move away essentially prisoners in their own homes; that's a real atrocity.

The thousands of Americans who have lost sons or daughters in the Zionists' war for Israel in the Middle East, all based on lies; that's an atrocity that must be remedied.

Those who understand the realities I've described, who understand that the picture presented to them on the idiot box is a false picture, are justifiably angry -- and terribly frustrated. They are doubly angry and frustrated when the lying politicians who claim to represent them -- like George Bush and George Radanovich -- sell out their interests for a few votes and a pat on the head from the Jewish media and power structure.

They're angry because the only thing that really matters -- the future of our people, of our children and grandchildren and the culture we have created -- is literally being killed by the multiracialist policies being pursued by the Jewish supremacists and those who follow them. We who understand reality know that Bush and Radanovich and the Neocon warmongers are all criminals who deserve arrest and trial and the harshest punishment that the law allows for their crimes. But there's no way under the Jewish supremacist regime to bring the criminals to justice. With the media in Jewish hands, with fanatical Jewish supremacists like Michael Chertoff appointed to head Homeland Security, with non-White zealots at Justice and State, and with generations of judges steeped in multiracialism or themselves Zionists, where is "our" justice system? Where is concern -- in statutes or in the hearts of men in power -- for the future of White children or the perpetuation and progress of White culture? Where is hope for our people, when those with power want us to die? I'll tell you.

Hope is not in conservatism. It's too late for that. There's nothing except the biological reality of race and the remnants of our high culture to conserve -- the existing power structure, popular garbage culture, and even the so-called conservative movement itself are not worthy of being conserved; in fact, they must be swept aside if our people are to be saved.

Hope is not in "lone wolf" violence or illegal acts. That's just committing suicide, with practically the only effects being increasing donations to Jewish groups, providing justification for more "hate laws" and the demonization of racially conscious White people, and the production of more reckless acts and wasted lives.

Right now we need to lay the groundwork for a whole new civilization of the future, for a revolution in the hearts of minds of White men and women who will then dedicate their lives to building a real revolution comparable to the Agricultural Revolution or the Industrial Revolution in scope and power, to creating that new race-based civilization, that new and brighter world. We need a strong, organized, racially conscious White community in every state, in every city. When we are much stronger, much larger, and much better organized, then even the most venal of politicians will be afraid to cross us. We will have businesses that bring in hundreds of millions per year, not just hundreds of thousands. We will have our own media providing not just racially-oriented news and commentary, but every kind of information and entertainment and advice and anything you can think of, in depth and with an implicit pro-White perspective. That's where we need to be. That's what we need to do. In the words of the old union men who pitted White labor against the giants of the Gilded Age, we need to organize, organize, organize.

And National Alliance members are doing exactly that, all over North America. In Saint Louis, Missouri, the last month has been one continual buzz of Alliance activism. The St. Louis Local Unit of the Alliance, led by Aaron Collins, purchased ads on the Metrolink commuter trains in that city.

Fifty signs promoting the National Alliance were purchased and managed to stay on display inside coach cars of the St. Louis Metro train system for about one week of a three month contract. The Alliance ads simply say "The Future Belongs to Us," and give a telephone number and Web site address. After that one week, they were suddenly declared unacceptable by transit system authorities.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is owned and operated by Michael E. Pulitzer, a Jew. According to CBS Market Watch, in January of 2005 Pulitzer declared U.S. media holdings worth $66 million. Media mogul Pulitzer, 67, grandson of media empire founder Joseph Pulitzer, has posted the Pulitzer family's "platform" at his Web site. In it, the Jews vow to always "fight for progress and reform and never be satisfied with merely printing news."

Pulitzer companies own over 50 newspapers, including almost every newspaper in the state of Missouri. Pulitzer also owns 26 local TV stations. The Pulitzer media empire will not tolerate the St. Louis Metro train advertisements -- legally purchased by the National Alliance. The slightest puff of dissent could send its 'house of cards' tumbling, apparently.

The Post-Dispatch contacted the Metro to complain about the little signs, demanding to know why they were accepted. This week the newspaper reported that when you call the number shown in the ad you hear this: "We favor a free strong, proud, White America."

They also reported that at the National Alliance Web site you can meet members like Mrs. Brandi Hesse, from Hope, Michigan, a house wife and mother who says "I joined the National Alliance because I want my children to grow up in a clean healthy, White world." Horrors!

According to the newspaper, the signs are "intimidating" to non-Whites. Metro train spokesperson Adella Jones assured the unsatisfied Jewish "reformers" that the agency which placed the ads "dropped the ball." She also confirmed the paper's helpful hint that Metro "has the right to refuse controversial ads."

Frank Weltner, public relations director for the St. Louis Unit of the National Alliance said members were not White supremacists. He said they simply want to live and interact with people of their own race, and stated further:

"We want to be left alone and associate with our own people. We represent the majority, and many of the aspirations of minorities. Many of them want to be left alone and associate with people who look and think like them, too. It's primal for people to want to do that."

The ads are not offensive, Weltner said. Besides, he added:

"There's nothing in the Constitution that says we have the right not to be offended," Weltner said. "People have a right to communicate with the public."

Metro's Jones lied, saying the National Alliance ads were due to come down this week anyway because the group's contract is up. The truth is, the National Alliance has a three-month contract and the ads have been up for just one week.

The National Alliance will contact the American Civil Liberties Union, we may have a "landmark case," Weltner said.

If you go to the National Alliance Web sites, you can see just how "offensive" the Alliance ads were. If you want to listen to the "offensive" telephone message, just call the number shown in the ad -- or listen to it on the Internet at

Congratulations are due to Messrs. Collins and Weltner and all the St. Louis area Alliance members and supporters who have given the Alliance and its message of hope such excellent publicity and increased name recognition through the local media, the international news wires, and the commuter trains of that city.

In Bozeman, Montana, National Vanguard reporter Mike Wood witnessed a National Alliance public outreach that outshone the local multiracialists' "diversity" celebration by several orders of magnitude:

In testament to the growing power of the National Alliance in Montana, the Anti-Defamation League and its local front, the Gallatin County Human Rights Task Force, organized a rally in the dubious honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. this past Sunday, January 16th. The event was actually billed as a reaction to recent National Alliance literature distributions in Bozeman. The ADL's chosen slogan was "Everyone is Welcome." Of course, in the eyes of the ADL, that welcome does not extend to racially conscious heterosexual White people.

An ADL banner hung over Main Street reading "Speak out against hate - celebrate diversity," and that's just what Bozeman did, but not in the way you might expect. The one Black symbolically marching at the front of the outsider-sponsored parade carried a sign reading "Diversity is as American as apple pie." The remainder of the approximately 500 diversity-mongers was comprised almost entirely of White people, with a smattering of Asians and members of an actual (but minuscule) street gang calling itself "Anti-Racist Action."

The march ended in front of the Gallatin County courthouse, where Alliance members and supporters held flags of many White nations and large signs proclaiming "Love Your Race." Despite such a "hateful" message, numerous townsfolk came over to speak with Alliance members and take free literature. The most common reaction was one of surprise. Apparently, the local media had been painting a picture of Roman-saluting, cursing, brown-shirted "Nazis" coming to town. The professional appearance and behavior of our people stood in stark contrast to that of our most vocal opponents. The multiracialist agitators' attire resembled cast-offs from homeless vagrants, and their behavior was atrocious. The police had to constantly remind them not to litter, to stay off the sidewalks, and to mind their language. It should come as no surprise that the "No room for hate" signs they carried were crude cardboard-and-Crayola creations unworthy of a kindergarten class -- but anything better would have been asking too much of that crowd, who also suffered from a soap allergy according to nearby observers.

The normal White people marching for King never seem to realize that they provide a sterling example of so much that is wrong in our country. They suffer from the mob mentality, content to go along with the other lemmings, comfortable as long as they are part of the larger group. Courage of conviction is not a trait they share with patriots. Confusion was apparent on the faces of a few of them, however, as if they were now not so sure whose side they should be on.

The rally ended without incident, but with the certainty that support for the National Alliance will continue to grow in the area. Thanks to the organizational efforts of local member and spokesman Kevin McGuire, whose infectious enthusiasm drew comrades from as far away as Colorado and Wyoming (on extremely short notice, too) to participate in the demonstration, we can chalk up one more small victory in the expanding war to build a brighter future.

And, as I write this program, a report has come in that White people -- not affiliated with the National Alliance or any other group, as far as we know -- have responded to our St. Louis outreach by spontaneously constructing their own pro-White banners reading "Preserve the White Race" and successfully hanging ten of them from St. Louis-area highway overpasses during the morning rush hour. Our cause is a just and beautiful and inspiring cause, and we can create that spark of inspiration all over this land, just as we did in St. Louis today -- Piercing (and yes, the capitalization is intentional) through the enemy lines of deception, trickery, lies, and intimidation.

Determined White people have sent spacecraft to other worlds in just a few decades. I predict that in a few decades we'll be well on the way to having a new White nation, a haven for our men, our women, and our children on this world. Join the National Alliance and help make that happen.
(Jeff Hook, Mike Wood, and Frank Weltner contributed to this report.)

One concrete thing I want you to do next month is this: I want you to take part in the National Alliance's international Love Your Race campaign. It will cost you nothing. All you have to do is download one of our single-sheet flyers, print them yourself or have a quick-copy place run off a thousand copies or so, and distribute them in your neighborhood. The flyer is simplicity itself: It consists of the words 'Love Your Race' above the image of a White woman and the name and Internet address of the National Alliance. Nothing more. It's almost impossible for the media liars to attack a message like that, but I assure you they'll try, creating real cognitive dissonance in the minds of their audience. And some of those people will see through the lies. They'll want to learn more about us. And the spell of deceit will be broken. Isn't that what you want to happen?

The second annual Love Your Race campaign is scheduled for the week of Valentine's Day 2005, but it's not too early to begin your preparations now.

Please plan your distribution for sometime between February 11th - 16th, with special emphasis on Valentine's Day itself.

You can download the Love Your Race flyer in English and in over twenty different European languages at

Love Your Race. If you do that, with all your heart, all your soul, and all the energy of your mind and body, then a new and better world will become possible. Let's make it happen.


Source: National Vanguard

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