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Amanda's Sisters

Amanda Maynard, left, and, right, Kenneth O'Neal, the "nice, quiet Black boy" who lived across the street from Amanda and who was the agent of her fate on New Year's Eve. Bottom, a bouquet left at Amanda's home. On today's program, Mr. Strom examines the roots of the profound sickness that has disarmed White America in the face of aliens and enemies -- and put young people like Miss Maynard at terrible risk.

The power structure today has goals and purposes that endanger girls like Amanda Maynard; multiracialism must be abandoned if White children are to have the future of hope and progress they deserve.

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 15, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom

JUST A FEW DAYS AGO, on New Year's Eve, as 2004 turned into 2005, Amanda Raechel Maynard, a White high school freshman described by her friends as a "sweet, good girl" was at her home alone in Garner, North Carolina. There was a party up the road, but she didn't go to it. Amanda still slept with one of her childhood toys, a stuffed animal she called "Super Piggy." Known to her friends by her nickname Rae Rae, Amanda was considered kindhearted. She "loved everybody," her mother said. Friends said she was "as pretty as she was kind." She was just 15 years old.

Amanda lived on a pleasant wooded cul-de-sac in a neighborhood of nice and well-kept homes. Across the street lived some nice Black people, the O'Neals. No discrimination allowed, you know, even in the South. The O'Neals had the financial wherewithal to move into the nice development in the forest-like setting, and so there they were. Among them was 19-year-old Kenneth O'Neal. To be fair, it must be said that Kenneth O'Neal wasn't like many young Black males. He had no criminal record. He was quiet. He didn't bother people. He wasn't into the thug lifestyle. He was even part of a largely-White clique of young people in the area. They welcomed him into what they call the 'Goth' scene: they wear Black, are fascinated with vampires and all the trappings of 19th-century horror novels. They listen to some pretty sick music, like members of other subcultures do too these days, but these 'Goths' generally don't hurt people. Kenneth O'Neal kept to himself most of the time. Neighbors said that he often liked to take walks in the neighborhood, sometimes late at night, all alone. He bothered no one. But, walking around like that, he was able to notice the comings and goings of all his neighbors. There are only ten or so houses on the dead-end street. So he was aware that Amanda, whom he knew casually, was home alone that night. So that nice, quiet teenaged Black male went over to see Amanda Raechel Maynard on New Year's Eve. He brought a knife along.

We don't know what Amanda said when Kenneth O'Neal showed up. But we do know that she won't be wishing her parents or her neighbors Happy New Year ever again. Because when Kenneth O'Neal left Amanda, she was dead. O'Neal had murdered her. Shortly after arriving, he has now admitted in a confession obtained by police, he approached her, and when she screamed he chased her down and stabbed her repeatedly in the head until she was dead. He then sexually violated her dead body.

When he was well-satisfied with his work, O'Neal walked over to the party down the street, went to the bathroom there and washed up, removing the blood and other stains, and then drank, told jokes, and even played the piano with his broadminded neighbors. Later, in the wee hours of the morning, he sauntered back to his home and, he says, told his mother he "had heard screams" coming from across the street. His mother called 911 and, strangely, told the police that she had also heard the screams right before calling -- while her son was at home -- though evidence, including O'Neal's own confession, indicated the murder had been committed long before.

Some people, including some members of Amanda's family, are making much of the Goth connection in this murder, saying that Kenneth O'Neal had supposedly listened to some pretty disgusting Goth music with violent lyrics before he killed Amanda. And the young Goths -- mostly Whites -- have reacted strongly, denying any violent proclivities for their group, which, they say, is mainly about fashion and music. I'd add that it's also about attitude, and the nihilistic attitude is in my view an unhealthy though understandable reaction to an unhealthy society and an unfulfilling life. But "Goth" White youth are not terrorizing our cities and spreading a violent crime wave into our suburbs. These White kids are not genetically different from their more conventional peers, and there's no evidence I've seen to indicate they're more criminal. They certainly don't constitute a major threat to our people.

We don't have a Goth problem; we have a Black problem. It's gotten even beyond a Black problem: We have a Third World savages problem. We're not allowed to discuss the savages as savages. We're not allowed to admit that there are biological differences between the races that make them behave differently even in the same environment, that make some of them very volatile and violent no matter what subculture they belong to or adopt. We're not allowed to say that we'd be better off in a White society with White standards of behavior, ethics, and justice. We're not supposed to even start thinking that we could do not only just as well, but infinitely better in every way, without the violence and stupidity and crime of the Third Worlders that is hung around our necks. We're not supposed to say that not only are the non-White savages a direct threat to us and our children, but that even the non-Whites who aren't savages are a biological threat who are supplanting us, replacing us, and killing us through racial mixing in the lands our forefathers fought and died for. We're not supposed to say that these people do not share our standards, our ethics, or our love of freedom and that we will surely lose our freedom and make our civilization into a Third World hellhole if we give up and let them take the land that ought to belong to our sons and daughters. Not only are we not allowed to say such things, but we damned sure are not supposed to do anything about them.

But I must add that the Blacks are not at the root of the Black problem. Primitive Third World peoples generally are not themselves at the root of the disintegration of America. If they were restricted to their own territories, where they could live as they see fit and where their leadership elements could handle their social problems in a way appropriate to their nature -- or not handle them, for that matter -- they would not be a problem for us. Sudan, Mexico, and the Philippines will never constitute a technological or economic or military threat to the First World, the White World. The problem is the mindset and the laws and the pressure that make us import and support and mix with these people to the point that it literally is killing us as a society and a race just as it killed Amanda Maynard as an individual.

The real threat -- the real root of the Black problem and the immigration problem and the severe problem of the needless tragic death of Amanda Maynard and the thousands of White men, women, boys and girls like her -- is the highly organized and well-funded establishment which has made multiracialism into a new religion, into a false morality and an all-too-real legal system which forces us to accept the Kenneth O'Neals of this world into our neighborhoods, into our places of work, and into the schools where we send our innocent children. And this multiracialist establishment -- in media, in government, in the academy -- is largely a Jewish establishment.

Let me give you an example. In the United States, the Jewish organization calling itself the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (or ADL for short) is in the forefront of the quasi-legal and propaganda campaigns to convince White people that it is good and virtuous to mix the races, both in society and in the marriage bed. The ADL, which has links to Jewish organized crime, has engaged in corruption of police departments, even stealing police files to get "intelligence" on Americans who don't approve of the ADL's multiracialist agenda. The ADL pushes for laws -- and even writes "model statutes" that are passed by craven legislatures plied by Jewish money and cowed by Jewish media -- which would criminalize Whites speaking out on behalf of our race. The ADL even pushes its filth on schoolchildren and gets our tax money to pay for it.

But does the ADL "sincerely believe" in multiracialism and intermarriage as a philosophy for everyone? Hell, no, they don't. They believe in multiracialism and intermarriage only for non-Jews, for you and me and Amanda Maynard. For themselves, for Jews, they preach an entirely different philosophy -- an opposite philosophy, in fact. A philosophy of preserving their identity as a people. A philosophy of nationalism and of maintaining the blood of their nation pure. A philosophy that opposes intermarriage and works against it. A philosophy that seeks to inculcate a fierce loyalty to nation and race in its children, a loyalty that will last a lifetime.

As reporter Jeff Hook writes:

In an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, ADL national director Abraham Foxman warns against "intermarriage" between Jews and non-Jews and tells of the need to -- in his words -- "stop our bleeding now." Foxman also warns that only 29 percent of Jewish children in the United States attend private Jewish schools and yeshivas.

He proposes two solutions: That Israel invest in US Jewish education with the money it receives from American Jews; and that young American Jews be given free trips to Israel.

According to Foxman, $70 million should be invested each year in Jewish education in the United States -- in expanding the infrastructure and in tuition subsidies. "You could double the percentage of Jewish children receiving Jewish education," he says.

Foxman recommends that 30 percent of all money raised should be invested in programs to bring young Jews to Israel, with initiatives such as Birthright Israel or Masa ("Journey"), the new program by the Jewish Agency. "We have developed the most exciting audio-visual Jewish identity program that anybody could dream of, and it is called Israel," Foxman says. "We know it works. This is the tourniquet. If you send 100 kids here, one third will be Zionists forever. That's a pretty good investment for $5,000."

Foxman's racist attitudes about Jews mixing with non-Jews -- in bed and in school -- may seem strange to new National Vanguard readers. After all, isn't it the ADL that provides mandatory "diversity training" for pre-school teachers all across America?

Yes it is. In fact, in 2003 B'nai B'rith launched a new program "targeting children ages 3 to 5" -- their words. It's called The Miller Early Childhood Initiative

The program, proudly described by them as "the first of its kind," subjects toddlers to political indoctrination specifically designed to eliminate all feelings of racial kinship and loyalty, and to [in the minds of the children] equate such feelings with 'hatred' and 'bigotry.'

"Research and experience show that, by the preschool age, many children have begun to acquire negative attitudes about others," Jewess Melissa Morgan told reporters last year. Morgan is project director for ADL's new program. "These feelings need to be addressed so children can develop positive bias-free attitudes," she said.

Linda Santora, director of ADL's early childhood education programs, proudly announced that the lessons shall be "incorporated into the children's normal classroom activities." She adds, "There's a song children can sing that encourages them to stand up for other children when they see them being excluded."

The ADL operatives utilize activity guides featuring 'Sesame Street' characters so as to make it more palatable. "Tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance are at the very depth of making change in the world," said Jewess Marlene Canter, an ADL board member.

Of course, Foxman's Miller Early Childhood Initiative program is strictly for Gentile consumption. The Miller program doesn't create children who will be "Zionists forever."

Abraham Foxman and the other leaders and higher-level functionaries of the Jewish establishment know that multiracialism is a poison that leads to societal death. They go to great lengths to avoid multiracialism and mixing for their own people. But for other peoples, they promote -- nay, even insist upon -- the very same poison. We, they say, must never exclude the Kenneth O'Neals of this world from our neighborhoods, from our businesses, from our schools. To do so, they say, is the ultimate sin. But that is exactly what we must do. Even more important, we must exclude the Abraham Foxmans of this world from any position of power over us.

It's too late to save Amanda Maynard. But we can honor her life. There are millions like her, in just as much danger, Amanda's sisters and brothers in spirit and blood, who need to be protected, who need us to love them and care about their future and end the madness that has gripped us. So let this be your quest, let this be the purpose of your life: the love of your people, your nation, and the future of White children.

One concrete thing I want you to do next month is this: I want you to take part in the National Vanguard international Love Your Race campaign. It will cost you nothing. All you have to do is download one of our single-sheet flyers, print them yourself or have a quick-copy place run off a thousand copies or so, and distribute them in your neighborhood. The flyer is simplicity itself: It consists of the words 'Love Your Race' above the image of a White woman and the name and Internet address of National Vanguard. Nothing more. It's almost impossible for the media liars to attack a message like that, but I assure you they'll try, creating real cognitive dissonance in the minds of their audience. And some of those people will see through the lies. They'll want to learn more about us. And the spell of deceit will be broken. Isn't that what you want to happen?

The second annual Love Your Race campaign is scheduled for the week of Valentine's Day 2005, but it's not too early to begin your preparations now.

Please plan your distribution for sometime between February 11th - 16th, with special emphasis on Valentine's Day itself.

You can download the Love Your Race flyer at

Love Your Race. If you do that, with all your heart, all your soul, and all the energy of your mind and body, then a new and better world will become possible. Let's make it happen.

Source: National Vanguard

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