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Love, Hate, and Cancer

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 1, 2005
by Kevin Alfred Strom


DID YOU KNOW that American attack planes have been spotted over Iran, supposedly sent to monitor her nuclear power plants, after repeated warnings by that nation that further incursions on her airspace would meet with violent retaliation? Did you know that there is no intelligence need for those flights, because our advanced satellite technology gives us all the detailed information we need on activities in Iran? (One need only look at the satellite imagery now available to the public -- where your very driveway and car are probably visible -- to know that the pictures our military intelligence agencies are seeing from space must be very detailed indeed.) In the wake of the disastrous outcome of the Iraq War, the Jewish Supremacists are -- just as we predicted last year -- making a move toward a wider war.

Do you remember "Weapons of Mass Destruction"? Remember how the Iraqis were supposed to throw down flowers in the paths of our soldiers and bow down in gratitude as we remade their nation in the image of American 'democracy'? Remember how this Middle East War was supposed to make America safe from terrorism? Even armed with the blood, brains, muscle, and money of their American serfs -- and the highest-technology weaponry on the planet -- the Jewish supremacists have been unable to secure Iraq. The war was technically won, but actually lost -- lost spiritually, lost practically, lost in terms of anything gained for America, and lost even in terms of the objectives of the Zionists. It was lost in almost any way you can think of. The neocons -- who dreamt of Jewish media moguls and corporate scam-masters lording it over supine Islamic voter/consumers -- seem to have hit more than a few snags on their way to the whorehouse and the counting house, though plenty of Americans and Iraqis have made it to the charnel house and the poor house, to be sure.

The neocons, emboldened by their puppet's victory in the recent presidential election, are going to try to "fix" the disaster they have created by expanding the war to yet another country, this time Iran.

In American Dissident Voices broadcasts in 2003, we told you that Iraq was going to coalesce along religious and ethnic lines -- and that's exactly what is happening. In the so-called Sunni Triangle, the Sunni minority is putting everything it has into resistance to the occupation, and there is no sign that they are weakening. Almost daily, even the controlled media are forced to report repeated acts of resistance, giving the lie to Bush's "mission accomplished" act he put on almost two years ago -- and also giving the lie to the idea that "fear of Saddam" or Saddam's lieutenants was the only thing "forcing" what the controlled media like to call the "Iraqi insurgents" to oppose American power.

Now out from under the thumb of secular/Sunni Saddam, the Shiite majority opposes the invaders every bit as much as the Sunni "insurgents" -- but they are generally not planting bombs, but quietly making plans to take over the machinery of power.

In much of Iraq, Shiites are the overwhelming majority of the population, and they have great deal of sympathy for the their much larger neighbor the (Shiite) Islamic Republic of Iran, which reciprocates the feeling. With its hands full fighting the resistance, US occupiers pay little attention to the border with Iran, which is probably even easier to cross than the Rio Grande.

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted in an article in The Australian that the Shiites will dominate the upcoming Iraqi election -- no kidding, Colin, especially since the Sunnis are mostly boycotting it, preferring to put their faith in their armed independence struggle. And, though Powell tried to deny it, the Iranians will have a significant hand in the power structure that emerges. The Australian reports:

"...some US officials admit little can be done to limit the political influence in Iraq of Iran. They say Iran has provided support to the two leading Shi'ite political parties in the United Iraqi Alliance, the electoral group expected to dominate the 275-seat national assembly. Tehran's support includes an estimated million ($26 million) in campaign funding for Shi'ite candidates, according to a State Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. He said the only significant question now was how close to Iran a new Iraqi government would lean.... However, others said the US would live with increased Iranian influence in Iraq. 'Once upon a time, it might have been America's worst nightmare that there was a religious fundamentalist government installed in Baghdad that had a close synergy with Iran,' Institute of Peace analyst Jonathan Morrow said. 'But now America's worst nightmare is being locked into a Sunni insurgency that never ends and results in the continued loss of American lives.'"

There was no way this war could ever have been a victory for White Americans -- but look at what a Pyrrhic victory it has been even for its Jewish supremacist sponsors! Even the establishment press admits that "American officials" are now willing to accept a scenario that only months ago would have been our "worst nightmare" -- because the nightmare we have created is now far worse.

It seems likely at this point that large, powerful, anti-Zionist, anti-American, and -- by Middle Eastern standards -- technologically advanced Iran is going to have much more influence in the Middle East than heretofore. And the part of Iraq that is not dominated by Iran, the Sunni Triangle, will be just as unreservedly against the Jewish-American Axis. Iraq's puppet defense minister, Hazem Shaalan, states bluntly that Iran's goal is to dominate and destabilize the "new Iraq," and that the 900-mile-long border between Iran and Iraq is practically open, with only a few checkpoints in place and Iranian agents acting almost as if they were operating on their own territory: "Dialogue is not enough for Iran. Iran wants to take control over Iraq."

(I would add parenthetically that when Iraq's defense minister Shaalan -- a man essentially on the payroll of an occupying army -- stated on Tuesday that he hoped most Arab nations would condemn "the meddling and insurgencies directed from Iran and Syria" in Iraq, that he had to be hamming it up for the cameras of the US media, because surely no one on the ground in Iraq could hear his words about "meddling" without derisive laughter at his hypocrisy.)

Iran, of course, is just taking the best advantage they can of the situation created by the Jewish supremacists and the war they started to "remake" the Middle East. In their insane hubris they are remaking the Middle East all right -- but the results are vastly different from what they planned, and extending the war to a third country is apparently the only "solution" they can think of. Such an act of aggression also fits in with Jewish supremacist objectives of always working to destroy and undermine the leading non-Jewish nation in the region, whatever that nation may be.

Most dangerous for America if we follow the Jewish piper into Iran is the fact that Iran is not only far larger and more technologically advanced than Iraq, but Iran is also a much more politically and religiously radical adversary than was secular Iraq. If we are impressed with the daring, tenacity, courage, and heart with which the Iraqi resistance have kept up the struggle against overwhelming odds -- imagine what the Iranians can do. This is nation whose civilians, young and old alike, voluntarily went to the front in the Iran-Iraq war, bringing their burial shrouds with them, and ran on foot by the thousands on suicide missions across minefields to clear the way for their tank battalions to follow.

This is a nation whose leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, said just this Wednesday in a message to his nation's 8th Congress on Martyred Students: "Enemies of the Islamic Republic are trying to humiliate and diminish the value of martyrdom and the culture of jihad in the eyes of the youth, particularly students." According to Iran's official news agency, Khamenei "urged students to continue to promote the culture of jihad and martyrdom (To die for something you believe in) among themselves as 'a source of national strength and foundation of pure worship.'"

The World Tribune reports that, as I speak, American aircraft are making incursions into Iranian airspace, a dangerous provocation about which the Jewish-controlled major media in America are entirely silent:

"Iran has reported flights by U.S. military aircraft over nuclear facilities near the borders with Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran's state-controlled media said the overflights by U.S. aircraft were spotted near a range of nuclear facilities, including the Bushehr nuclear reactor constructed by Russia. In late December, Teheran ordered the Iranian Air Force to shoot down unidentified aircraft flying anywhere in the country, Middle East Newsline reported. Iranian officials have accused Israel and the United States of seeking to conduct reconnaissance flights over Iran. Iran has deployed anti-aircraft missiles around major nuclear sites, including Bushehr. So far, there have been no reports of Iranian missile fire toward U.S. or Israeli warplanes. The U.S. aircraft said to have entered Iranian air space included F-16 multi-role fighters and F/A-18 attack jets, the reports said. On Monday, the Iranian newspaper Aftab reported the entry of a U.S. fighter-jet on Jan. 1...."

May I add that attack jets are hardly U-2 spy planes, nor are they designed primarily for photography! Independent radio host and National Vanguard commentator Hal Turner said on Wednesday that the US government may be trying to create a new 9-11 or Pearl Harbor-type incident to bring American public opinion around to the idea of making war on Iran:

"In case you haven't figured it out yet, the gang that controls Bush is setting the stage for a military confrontation with Iran. They haven't had much success in beating the war drums with Iran using rhetoric about 'weapons of mass destruction' -- because the Bush Administration blew all its credibility when it lied about WMD in Iraq. With the WMD lie now useless, we now have to set up a tragedy to use as an excuse for war. Here's how I think it will play out:

"The US will continue to send war planes into Iranian airspace. They'll tell pilots that we need intelligence about the 'evil, crazy Muslims' in Iran. The pilots, believing their commanders, will undertake the missions. But the missions -- and the reason for them -- will all be part of a monstrous deception.

"We don't need aerial recon because spy satellites have already obtained all the intelligence we need. The pilots are being used as cannon fodder to provoke an incident. The whole plan is a trap and Iran is going to fall right into it.

"Iran has ordered its air force to intercept and shoot down intruding planes. While our planes are far more sophisticated than Iranian jets, there is a slim possibility that they might be able to kill one or more of our pilots. That's exactly the type of tragedy the administration wants!

"Once a US fighter jet is downed, the Bush administration will be publicly outraged. They will claim the plane made a minor, accidental incursion and was headed out of Iran, but the 'savage, crazy Iranians' brutally attacked. Given the history of falsehoods this administration has uttered, it is also possible that they may simply lie about the whole thing and claim the plane wasn't even in Iranian airspace.

"Either way, the US media will chime in about the 'savage, unprovoked attack.' ...War with Iran will then be within the realm of possibility because a substantial part of American public opinion will support it...."

What will Iran do, knowing that the slaughter is about to begin? I urge you to read Mr. Turner's article on, where he lays out one possible frightening scenario. Will they send smuggled planes under the radar to hit the nerve centers of Washington? Will they poison the water supply of a major city? Will they release deadly gas in a heavily-populated area? Will agents armed with suitcase-size nuclear devices spread out from their entry points along our unguarded southern border? I don't know, but I believe that their response will be extreme and dramatic. I believe that many thousands of Americans will die, many more than died on 9-11. Iran does not have the ability to bring a conventional ground war to North America -- but I believe that, unlike Iraq, Iran may well have the will and the intelligence and the capability to bring, in some way that I cannot predict, a devastating series of attacks on the US mainland. And I believe that this will be the beginning of a new World War, a war in which our nation, America, will not be on the side of the angels -- a war in which we will continue to be the mailed fist and bloody boot of the genocidal Zionist war machine; a war in which Americans will pay a heavy price for their ignorance and subservience to an alien power.

And it may well be a war in which Russia is forced to play the role of the trump card: If she chooses, whatever her own troubles with the Moslem world, to back a world of self-determination and national sovereignty against the international ambitions of the Jewish supremacists, then the outcome of the next World War may indeed be one of a radical reordering of things in North America. Already our "European allies" have had about enough of the neocon's war on their doorstep. Already they are seeing the Jewish supremacists as near-insane aggressors who are the major threat to world peace and stability. With their "support" nearing the zero level, what would their response be to a sneak attack on Iran, especially if nuclear-armed Russia demands hands off the Islamic Republic?

Iran's military has been on alert to protect her nuclear power facilities since December, and -- most significantly -- Iran has requested Russian help in protecting herself from an American-Israeli attack, specifically beginning negotiations for purchase of advanced Russian aircraft. Russia is also cooperating in space, satellite, and nuclear reactor projects within the Islamic Republic. Russia and Iran are even synchronizing their power grids. Also significant is the recent statement of Sergei Mironov, Speaker of the Russia's upper house of parliament, who said last month that "No outside pressure will be able to undermine Russian-Iranian cooperation" and that "Russia and Iran hold similar views on major international issues... such as the restoration of peace and stability to the Middle East...."

Israel's intelligence-and-murder agency, the Mossad, is well aware that a larger conflict is coming: On Tuesday, they asked for a doubling of their budget in the light of the "Iran situation," according to a report by Agence France Presse. In the same report it states "A possible Israeli-US attack against Iranian nuclear installations has been reported in American, Arab and Israeli newspapers in recent months. Washington and Israel have publicly denied there is any such plan."

The White American and European lives that have been lost forever defending the treacherous state of Israel, and the squandering of our people's wealth in that unworthy cause are tragedies beyond measure and almost beyond endurance. But the tragedies we have experienced so far are nothing -- nothing -- compared with what we will experience if we allow the Jewish supremacist aggressors to widen their war to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

National Vanguard stands foursquare against the infiltration of aggressive multiracialist Islam into America and the other nations of the West. But beyond such protective measures as are necessary for defending our race and culture, we have no quarrel with the Moslems who stay in their home nations. We have no reason or motive to disturb their independence and freedom. We have nothing to gain from the doomed Zionist project in Palestine. We should not fund it; we should not defend it. Not only is the defense of Israel and Jewish power not worth a world war, they are actually worth nothing -- less than nothing -- to us. They are a liability. All the luxury condos in Tel Aviv, all the junk bond and accounting fraud kings, all the AIPAC bag men and spies, all the Mossad assassins, all the neocon liars and Fox News frauds who have led us into this bloodbath are not worth a single drop of my children's blood. They are not worth the price of the handful of powder that millions of young men in the Islamic world, thanks to George Bush, now ache to carry to them personally.

If we White Americans cannot gain control of our government again, and rein in the Zionist criminals who surround and control Bush, then I am very afraid that others will rein them in for us -- and at a horrible, horrible cost to the innocent. Let us do all in our power to prevent that. Let us forego all that is unnecessary and put everything into the important community- and consciousness-building work of National Vanguard.



Source: National Vanguard

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