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As the Sun Stands Still

American Dissident Voices broadcast
December 18, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.

THIS TIME OF YEAR, the Winter Solstice, is sacred to our people. It was considered sacred long before anyone formalized and systematized the deep feelings that we men and women of Europe had in our hearts about this season. There's something special about the white crystalline snow, the snap in the air, the warm hearth, the bright and happy faces of children gathered round the fragrant pine tree, and the tear in the eye that we older folks get when we remember Yuletides past. Even on the eve of a long winter, the magic of this season gives us a feeling of the joy and infinite preciousness of life.

We of Europe are essentially People of the North -- Venice, Italy is further north than Minneapolis, Minnesota, for example. And it was the northern climate that shaped us in many ways over long ages of evolution. Europe is a place of dramatic seasonal changes (and, not coincidentally, so are many of the new homes that European man has staked out around the globe). And those seasonal changes were very important to our ancestors. They knew that they had to prepare for winter in summer's time of plenty, and any tribe which did not have the discipline or foresight to do so would perish -- and its genes would no longer form part of the European gene pool. Thus Nature's hard lessons shaped us, upbred us, turned us from beings that could hardly be called human into beings that can contemplate the infinities of space and time and ponder the meaning of life. The seasons of Old Europe in fact, if we do not lose ourselves through racial mixing in the modern frontierless world we have built for ourselves, have given us the power to strike out into a new frontier beyond this Earth.

Besides increasing the size of our frontal lobes, the climate of our little peninsula shaped our souls in many other ways, and among other things gave us a special feeling for the seasons, which marked every aspect of our lives: the riot of sex and life reborn in the spring; the glory and plenty of summer; the harvest labors, majesty, and melancholy of autumn; and the bleak vastness and purity of winter.

But our ancestors were observant people, and learned early on to watch the skies for signs of the cycles of the Earth. And while it was quite obvious that winter was the time of shorter days, what was not perhaps so immediately obvious except to the observant was that the southward passage of the sun ceased and then reversed itself right at the beginning of winter, giving a sign -- even before the coldest days began -- that the longer and warmer days of spring were indeed on their way. This seeming paradox must have appeared as an almost magical event, a promise of life embedded in the nature of time and the universe itself. As the retreating sun changed direction, it lost its apparent momentum and seemed to "stand still" in the sky, rising and setting at almost the same position for several days running until it picked up speed going in the other apparent direction -- back towards the north, making the days in our hemisphere longer again. This "time of the Sun standing still" is called the Winter Solstice, "solstice" being a combination of the Latin words for "Sun" and "to stand" (motionless). Stonehenge was built on a British plain by one branch of our ancestors some 4,000 years ago to mark the seasons by its alignment with the Sun and other heavenly bodies.

So this is an appropriate season reflect on the past, present, and future of our European race, the future of which is the prime concern of the organization to which I belong, the National Alliance.

In many ways, we face an uncertain winter -- not a literal winter, but a dark age -- a wintertime for which we as a people are ill-prepared.

When we allowed the Jewish minority to take control of our news and entertainment media in the last century, we did not know that they had an agenda, an agenda that included our dispossession and ultimate extinction. We foolishly thought that they were just an odd variety of White folks and would quickly blend in with the rest of us, so concentration of the new mass media in their hands was of little consequence. We have paid with our fortunes and our lives for that mistake, and the payment is just beginning.

When they want us to accept more immigrants to destroy our genetic uniqueness and murder us as a race, they turn on the virtual violins and appeal to our race's instinctive kindness and sympathy for the downtrodden.

They falsely accuse racial realists and White people who love their race of being "haters" -- but when they want us to kill their enemies for them in their Middle Eastern wars, they crank up the real hate propaganda, cook up false intelligence and scare stories about "weapons of mass destruction" that might streak from Baghdad to Peoria, and send our young people to die -- and to slaughter whole generations of people who never meant us any harm, breeding millions of Osama bin Ladens in the process. The Jewish supremacists smile and even laugh when terrorists strike -- and they fail to warn us even when they know it's about to happen -- because they know that such attacks alone can provide a believable backdrop for their lies about how we have to kill people in nations that threaten Israel -- or that don't want a government supervised by Jews.

So Americans die overseas in other people's wars -- while America herself dies, her borders undefended, as her founding race is rapidly replaced by Third Worlders who could never even dream of maintaining, much less building, the scientific and cultural edifice of the West. We're bleeding from a thousand wounds and most of us don't even know it.

White people form an ever-shrinking percentage of the Earth's population, and the number of White women in their childbearing years is shrinking even faster, as easy abortion, contraception, miscegenation, and careerism have caused so many White women to terminate their family lines, causing a distinct aging of the White population that remains.

In Britain, the forces that would terminate the existence of our race have ordered the arrest of the founding Chairman, John Tyndall, and current Chairman, Nick Griffin, of the pro-White British National Party (BNP), on Orwellian charges of "suspicion of incitement to commit racial hatred." Their crime? Mr. Griffin said privately (but a hidden BBC infiltrator's camera and microphone recorded, and the BBC broadcast nationwide) that Islam is a "vicious, wicked faith."  According to witnesses, Mr. Tyndall said -- also to a private gathering but presented to the entire nation without permission by the BBC -- in a speech that "...this part of Britain was the centre of the industrialised world, [with tremendous] achievements... Now, we're being swamped by Africans and Asians. What have they ever given us apart from Black magic, witchcraft, voodoo and AIDS?" Mr. Tyndall also reportedly committed the indictable offense of stating the obvious truth that Britain's Conservative Party leader "Michael Howard had no roots in Britain, as he was Jewish."

In Flanders, the Flemish nationalist party the Vlaams Blok was the most popular political party in recent elections. So, under a "democracy," that should mean that they would wield the greatest political power -- will of the people and all that, you know. But such is not the case in the artificial state of Belgium, where, as in Britain and the United States and the rest of the Western world, multiracialism is almost a state religion, and woe betide anyone so evil or heretical that he actually expresses the wish that the White race should survive. So the Vlaams Blok (which hardly ever referred to race, by the way, but did have the temerity to cite non-White crime statistics and suggest that Flanders would be better off remaining Flemish), instead of being installed at the pinnacle of power as the voters obviously intended, was banned as an organization -- dissolved, criminalized, destroyed -- because their statements on crime and their desire to preserve their national identity 'might lead to discrimination' -- and, in Belgium, that is illegal. So the Blok was banned -- but the people and existing infrastructure of the Blok will be setting up shop under a new name, the Vlaams Belang.

What will happen to the BNP in Britain as the repression of the rising pro-White party continues remains to be seen. But I know this: There is a place of honor for those who stand with their own people in a time of crisis. Those who would jail and persecute these men of honor -- and bully their family members -- are small men of no honor. May the fears of an awakened White population that incited these small men to commit their criminal acts be amply justified, and soon. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the families of the arrestees, and first among our thoughts is this: These acts of state terror, intimidation, and censorship are not the acts of men who are confident that they are right and that they are going to win. They are the acts of cowards, criminals, and traitors terrified that they are going to
be found out and punished.

And so we are well into winter, we White men and women of the West, wherever we may live. The Jewish supremacists and their false doctrine of multiracialism appear to be riding high, with truth-tellers and racial idealists oppressed and repressed everywhere we look. But at the cusp of winter is the Solstice. The Sun stands still  -- but then turns our way again, a promise of spring, a promise of life and victory for our people.

The Vlaams Blok -- so "racist" it had to be banned -- was the most popular political party in Flanders and was gaining strength day by day. It garnered over a million votes in the last election. Its banning was not a sign of its weakness -- but a
sign of its strength. The powers-that-be in Belgium fear it, and knew that, unless the Blok was knocked down, the game would soon be up for them.

The French Bloc Identitaire had this to say about the banning:
'The Europe of "human rights" has become the graveyard of freedom. Through its justice system and to the relief of its panicked political class, the Belgian state has just outlawed the Vlaams Blok.
'One would think that such a ruling would provoke a massive protest from the French state, which [like the American state] is always quick to instruct far off peoples in Africa and Latin America on the virtues of democracy. But there will be no protest this time, for the Vlaams Blok's crime was one which Marxists and globalists never pardon: the Blok was "racist."...
'A great historic hour has at last struck. Everywhere in Europe, broad cross sections of the population are beginning to see that "racism" and "fascism" are meaningless, opportunistic terms, whose only purpose is to wave a brown shirt before the people so as to better lead them into slavery, preventing them in this way from resisting the [Third World] invasion of their lands. French Identitarians [and, I will add, members of the National Alliance -- K.A.S.] can be counted on to continue ringing out the liberating message of this hour.'

The British National Party is being oppressed, and there too it is not because it is weak or helpless or because the accusations against it are true (they're not). The motive for these arrests is, once again, fear. The party that thinks that native Britons ought to survive and keep their ancestral lands received almost a million votes in the European parliamentary elections last summer -- and smears and burdensome court cases are a sure way for the System to slow it down and scare off some of its more timid supporters. Again, the System politicians and media whores know that their game might be up with a new, truly representative and more honest government in power, and they'll do just about anything to prevent that. They fear exposure -- and they fear the future.

Pro-White sentiment -- and resentment of Jewish power -- are surging all across Europe in a wave that promises to be a harbinger of this new century. And in the United States, though the death grip of the Jewish media and Zionized religion is much stronger than in Europe, there are also signs of real hope.

In Tennessee last month, an extraordinary man named James Hart ran for Congress on an unprecedented platform: White separatism from lower races, and improvement of the race through eugenics. He conducted his campaign on a financial shoestring, buying some local radio time, offering free copies of his books, and going door to door with his message of hope for White people. Now James Hart didn't win the election -- though he did manage to win the Republican primary over the faceless liar promoted by the local Republican bosses, quite an achievement in itself.

But the really hopeful thing happened in the general election -- and it gives off pleasant echoes of what happened in the David Duke campaign. In his little Congressional district in Tennessee, with almost no money behind him and all the media and even his own party bigwigs against him, Mr. Hart got almost 60,000 votes running on an unabashedly pro-White and pro-eugenics platform. That's 26 per cent. of the vote. He didn't win the election -- but even with all the cards stacked against him, he got about a third of the White vote, and surely would have gotten much more had he had a professional campaign organization behind him.

What has happened in Europe, and what happened in Tennessee just shows the potential that our Cause has. It shows that large numbers of White people are hungry for an alternative, and are attracted, not repelled, by responsible, intelligent pro-White activism. With care and professionalism and a sense of deep responsibility, we can succeed far beyond yesterday's most optimistic dreams. If we could recruit just one-fifth of the Hart voters -- 12,000 people -- just think of the tremendous increase in capabilities the National Alliance could experience overnight. If we could recruit even two per cent. of those kind of people nationwide (two per cent. of even a quarter of the White population is well over one million people) we'd be a force to be reckoned with in every national decision, and we'd give the controlled media a very good run for their money. We can do that. That potential and the beginnings of success that we're seeing is the promise of spring, the hope we see as the Sun stands still.

Everything depends on us. A future in which young White lovers will still love as only they can; where White scientists will discover and explore new worlds of inner and outer space that we can't even imagine now; where the laughter and bright faces of White children will still exist; a future in which new Beethovens and Aristotles will still be born; where the greatest heights we have reached in the past will only be foothills of the peaks and mountain vistas to come -- that is the world we can build if only we give our all and ensure that every White person hears our message and that every expression of our message is as perfect as we can make it.

So this is my Christmas card to you, my Solstice message, my Good Yule present: There is a great deal of hope. Join with me, join with the members of the National Alliance who are already working in your community, and help build the unimaginably great future that only we can build and that we can surely build. Ring out the old -- and ring in the new.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.


Source: National Vanguard

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