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It's All Out in the Open Now

American Dissident Voices broadcast
October 23, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
In recent months, I've warned you of the sinister acts of the so-called Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (or OSCE for short). Fronted by Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Solomon Passy, who is not a Bulgarian but a Jew according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the OSCE has been bullying European governments, using American money and retaliation as carrot and stick, pushing for legislation outlawing criticism of Jews and placing Jews in a special exalted category, with special legal powers and protections not afforded to their host populations or indeed to any non-Jewish ethnic group.  I warned you that the flurry of activity by the OSCE -- including an international conference this summer concerned with battling the "rise of anti-Semitism" -- was probably an omen of power plays to come from the Jewish establishment. I was right. The first poison fruit of this taxpayer-funded treason came this week.
Last Saturday, October 16th, 2004, while high above the Earth on Air Force One on his way to a campaign stop, President George W. Bush signed into law a bill designed to curry favor with -- and extend the control of -- the Jewish power structure; a bill introduced by Jewish Democrat Congressman Tom Lantos called the Global Anti-Semitism Review [or "Awareness" in the near-identical House version] Act of 2004. This bill was rushed into law with little fanfare. In fact, it passed the United States Congress on the twelfth of October, just a few days before Bush signed it -- and three days after it was passed, it was reported on the official Congressional Web site as still being "in committee." The last-minute moves to enact this law were all made behind the scenes, and it was the subject of very little media coverage before its passage. Key support for the bill was also provided by New Jersey Republican and OSCE gopher Rep. Chris Smith.
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After the signing, Bush stated "This nation will keep watch; we will make sure that the ancient impulse of anti-Semitism never finds a home in the modern world... Defending freedom also means disrupting the evil of anti-Semitism. Today, I signed the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004. This law permits the government to keep a record of anti-Semitic acts throughout the world, and also a record of responses to those acts." In a speech before a Jewish group, Laura Bush went even further, praising her husband's subservience to Jewish interests and his signing of the bill in these words: "[W]e must also renew our efforts to destroy anti-Semitism wherever it exists."
The bill signed by Bush began its life as the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2004, HR 4230. It describes itself as "A Bill to authorize the establishment within the Department of State of an Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, to require inclusion in annual Department of State reports of information concerning acts of anti-Semitism around the world, and for other purposes." The bill goes on to describe two acts of war, three acts of mere vandalism -- like killing some grass so as to spell out anti-Jewish slogans on the lawn of the Tasmanian House of Parliament -- and one act of merely criticizing Jews, as evidence of an "anti-Semitism" requiring the immediate action of the U.S. State Department.
Notably absent in that short list (which they call "findings") is any reference to the many "hate hoaxes" often perpetrated by Jews for the specific purpose of creating an atmosphere in which they can claim special favors under the guise of victimhood, such as the recent Kerri Dunn incident reported on
Claremont McKenna College psychology professor Kerri Dunn stands accused of vandalizing her own car with racist and anti-Jewish graffiti (she claimed she was the target of violent 'haters') and telling her insurance company that the 'haters' had looted $1700 worth of property out of the vehicle. The incident led to student-body hysteria on campus against 'hate' -- a pet subject of Dunn's. The FBI got into the act until witnesses came forward to reveal that they had seen Dunn smashing and graffiti-detailing the vehicle herself.
According to a local affiliate, Dunn's lawyers now "are asking a state appellate court to immediately intervene in the case and reverse the rulings of the...judges so Dunn will not have to "suffer through a trial" on the two major counts" of insurance fraud.
"Prosecutors charged Dunn, 39, with two felony counts of filing a false insurance claim and a misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report. The insurance fraud charges carry a punishment ranging from probation to five years in state prison. Dunn's lawyers argue that going to trial would cause a personal hardship for Dunn and amount to a waste of time and expense for the court, the parties, jurors and witnesses.
One naturally wonders how many such hoaxers are never caught. One thing is certain: The scrawling of crude graffiti and threatening violence against Jews almost always ends up benefiting the Jewish supremacists, so it is no wonder they engage in it so much.
The fact that "findings" justifying the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act are but six incidents, and that so many "hate" incidents turn out to be hoaxes, may make the Act look weak, look like a joke. But we should not underestimate the malice and real hate behind it -- most of all, the desire to silence and punish all who would oppose Jewish power.
Virginia newspaper columnist David Mullenax was also among those warning against the machinations of the OSCE, back in June:
With 31 individual cosponsors, the bill will create a monitoring division within the Department of State, not just for alleged anti-Semitic acts that occur in the U.S., but across the world.
The bill continues, "It is the sense of Congress that - (1) the United States should continue to vigorously support efforts to combat anti-Semitism worldwide through bilateral relationships and interaction with international organizations; (2) the United States delegation to the OSCE conference in Berlin should advocate for the appointment of a High Commissioner on anti-Semitism; (3) the president should direct the United States ambassador to the United Nations to introduce in the most appropriate forum in the United Nations a measure condemning anti-Semitism; (4) the Secretary of State should establish a permanent office in the Department of State to monitor and combat anti-Semitism; and (5) the Department of State should thoroughly document acts of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic incitement that occur around the world."
Of utmost importance is the word in the last sentence: incitement. As our cousins across the Atlantic in Europe know all too well, "incitement" often leads to incarceration and prison sentences. As most European countries and Canada have laws against incitement, it is long overdue, apparently, for America to join the other nations and their coalition against freedom of speech and expression.
Journalists, reporters, book publishers, scholars, academics, etc. who may offer a critical argument against Israeli foreign policy are sure to be counted as those in violation of the new laws against "incitement." For certain, HR 4230 lacks any real teeth when dealing with penalties and punishment. But as millions if not billions of dollars are spent policing the world for anti-Semitism, one would be hard pressed to not think that the penalty phase will eventually follow.
I am not sure if this is the first official attempt of the U.S. government to monitor actions of people around the world that they consider anti-Semitic, but ...I am left with an unsettling feeling that I can't seem to shake.
Something wicked this way comes.
Equally ominous is another statement in the bill itself: "Anti-Semitism has at times taken the form of vilification of Zionism, the Jewish national movement, and incitement against Israel."
It's important to note that the State Department had opposed the Act, stating that "singling out one religion for special treatment might leave Washington open to charges of bias, particularly in the Arab and Muslim world," and Agence France Presse noted that "The department has opposed the bill because it felt it would be seen as giving preferential treatment to Jews over other religious or ethnic groups in human rights reporting." But now that the Act has been pushed through and quickly signed by Bush, the department is bound by law: "Now that the bill is law, we look forward to carrying out the legislation," said State Department spokesman Richard Boucher, noting, according to Agence France Presse, "that the department already had a long record in leading global efforts against anti-Semitism."
Despite the State Department's opposition, the bill passed both houses of Congress -- unanimously. A better comment on our politicians and political system I cannot make. A little-known but influential Jewish group spearheaded pressure on the government, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: "One key to advancing Lantos' bill may have been the surprise intervention of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. The Pennsylvania-based organization, named for a historian who has written about the West's response to the Holocaust, organized an open letter to [Secretary of State] Powell signed by 104 prominent Americans. They included former Republican vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp, former United Nations ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, ex-CIA director James Woolsey and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Garry Wills."
Before its sudden passage, the bill had been referred to the House Committee on International Relations. Both Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul are members of this committee, and the expression of some concern for Americans by these men led a few people to believe that they would at least conduct a hearing on it to which some of us might present objections.  Perhaps they might be respectfully asked just what happened:
Ron Paul may be reached at  202-225-2831; -- and Tom Tancredo may be reached at  202-225-7882;
The Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2004 is just one step in the Jewish supremacists' grab for total power. It is one link in the chains that they are forging for us. In addition to the OSCE meeting enlisting European governments, under U.S. "guidance," to criminalize criticism of Jews, the same group also held an even more ominous conference on strategies for censoring the Internet -- the one mass medium not largely under Jewish control. Just as they did with so-called 'hate crimes,' in which they criminalized thoughts and motivations instead of acts in an effort to muzzle and censor pro-White speech through fear and intimidation where they could not outright outlaw it, they are beginning by merely "keeping track of" so-called anti-Semitism. Where they can do so, it will be explicitly outlawed. Where they must move a little more slowly, they will impose stiff extra penalties for the commission of existing crimes where "anti-Semitism" is allegedly the motivation. And they will be always pushing for more laws, more "monitoring," more penalties against anyone who criticizes their increasing power.
But what the Jewish supremacists don't understand is that their scheme is out in the open now. By making themselves into a separate legal category of specially-protected persons, offenses against whom are specially recorded and specially punished worldwide, they are essentially declaring themselves to be what their Orthodox religious leaders have proclaimed for centuries -- a divine race whose veins flow with Holy ichor. It no doubt seems natural to them that offenses against these Gods on Earth should indeed be punished more severely than offenses against White people, Mexicans, horses, dogs, cattle, or pigs. In their minds, it only stands to reason.
But not all of their imagined subjects are willing to be treated like cattle. Not all of us have imbibed the fairy-tale nonsense about Jews being "God's Chosen" or "innocent and persecuted for no reason." And many who have imbibed it are starting to awaken from their stupor. Many are like the National Alliance members in Salt Lake City who confronted the Jewish supremacists on their own turf, at their own anti-White meeting organized in a attempt to squelch the pro-White National Alliance billboard standing over the city. When a Jewish supremacist took the floor to say how "offended" he was by the simple pro-White message of our billboard, one of the Alliance members rose to boldly say how offended he was by anti-Gentile passages in Jewish "holy books." Needless to say, the meeting didn't quite come off as the Jewish supremacists had planned it. And the Alliance billboard still stands over Salt Lake.
And Jewish supremacism has outraged people across the political, religious, and philosophical spectrums. Even the Presbyterian Church has had about all it can take of Israeli brutality and hypocrisy and has announced that it will divest itself of investments in companies doing business in Israel. The supremacism of the Jews is showing, and as they try to play their political influence cards and get special legislation and special status above mere non-Jews, the exposure of their agenda -- and the attendant outrage -- will just grow and grow until it cannot be stopped. Whatever their paper wealth and vicious brutality and power of the lie, once the word is out and 500,000,000 Muslims and 500,000,000 Whites are onto their game for good, there is no way that 13,000,000 Jews will be able to keep their house of cards from falling. The work of the National Alliance is absolutely crucial in building awareness and consciousness among our people around the world. A strong, uncompromising and determined minority can direct the forces that are gathering. Join with us and make history.

* * *

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you that freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.


Source: National Vanguard

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