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New Jersey:
Icebergs and Whores

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 21, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


They're calling it a "sex scandal." But it's much, much more than that. It's the small visible section of a iceberg that may sink the ship of lies and sin that the Jewish establishment has been riding in recent decades -- with us paying the tab.
The iceberg that sank the Titanic didn't look large from the surface, either. It didn't look large enough to sink the greatest and safest ocean liner the world had ever seen, surely! But it was, and it did.
I'm talking about the scandal surrounding the Governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey, who a few days ago was forced to admit his homosexuality and announce his resignation in three months. McGreevey, under the pressure of an alleged upcoming 'sexual harassment' suit from a man who had been McGreevey's head of "Homeland Security" and had held other sensitive posts in the state, made an emotion-laden speech in which he sobbed on and on about his love for his wives and children and his search for identity which, just by coincidence, he was led by God to that very day declare as "gay American" well before any court papers were filed.
In the short two and a half years that McGreevey has been in office, he and his handlers have made New Jersey the corruption capital of the USA. His Secretary of Commerce and Economic Growth resigned over a questionable $11.5 million loan; his Assistant Secretary of State resigned when businessmen said they were legally harassed if they didn't pony up "campaign contributions"; one of his fundraisers was indicted after trying to influence regulators to look the other way for certain "campaign contributions"; and McGreevey's former Chief of Staff was charged with insider trading by the SEC and a grand jury is investigating claims of illegal influence-peddling by his company.
McGreevey describes himself as "a great friend of Israel." As I'll show later, he's essentially owned by Zionist Jews. In a fundraising letter, he recently stated "New Jersey is particularly proud of its strong Jewish heritage.... We are hard at work... with the Jewish community and its leadership.... For the first time, the state is investing our pension funds in State of Israel bonds -- $20 million worth. But, please know that this is not merely a symbolic act. While the investment definitely articulates something important about our state's priorities and values, it also serves as a sound financial decision.... I am also proud that -- despite historic deficits -- we were able to provide full funding to the New Jersey Holocaust Commission. We all have a moral responsibility to recall the horrors of the past, guarantee their remembrance for generations to come and ensure that the actions of the wicked are brought to light. As such, our charge is to always speak out and raise our voices against evil. In doing so, we keep alive the memories of those innocents who perished. The Commission -- which I had the honor of serving on some 20 years ago -- will continue to assist and advise public schools on how best to teach New Jersey's children about the Holocaust and genocide in world history."
This is the same Governor James McGreevey who has been repeatedly attacking the National Alliance, which has a strong presence in the state.
When a National Alliance member was appointed to a town council, McGreevey demanded that he resign.
When National Alliance members handed out pamphlets calling for better security on our borders and highlighting the increased danger of terror that stems from non-White immigration, McGreevey called the Alliance literature "hatred" and said "Hatred always comes from fear and ignorance. The desire to cling to such hateful feelings and to spread them in pamphlets that are meant to cause humiliation and anger comes from a particular kind of weakness."
When National Alliance members distributed literature urging citizens to read my article on the criminal background of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), McGreevey immediately held a press conference with the ADL in which he endorsed the Jewish group and condemned the Alliance's exposé of their shady background as "repugnant," adding that our flyers are "unfortunately, constitutionally protected." Well, Mr. McGreevey is going to find it harder to change the constitution now.
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And who is the male paramour that brought down McGreevey, whose threatened suit for sexual harassment made him grovel and howl? Investigator Rocco Strada revealed on [ ] that he is none other than Golan Cipel, an Israeli national who failed to keep the top New Jersey Homeland Security post to which McGreevey had appointed him because foreign citizens can't get the requisite security clearances:
McGreevey met Cipel while the Governor-to-be was on a junket to Israel in 2000 -- the gift of New Jersey Jewish federations. He made his catamite his liaison to the Jewish community during his 2001 campaign for Governor, with staffers finding accommodation for Cipel. Adding to the thread of sexual corruption running through the scandal, states: "Cipel had been sponsored for a work visa and given a job in 2001 by [Jewish] real estate developer Charles Kushner, McGreevey's biggest political donor, recently indicted for hiring prostitutes as part of a scheme to scuttle a federal prosecution into fund-raising."
In the hysteria of the post-911 situation, McGreevy appointed Cipel to the newly-invented post of "Homeland Security" adviser at a cool $100,000 per year, without a background check and despite the fact that Cipel's resume showed his (official) security experience limited to a stint as a conscript in the Israeli fleet. As an Israeli citizen Cipel was not even allowed a security clearance. McGreevy finally gave up trying to keep Cipel as Homeland Security czar and shifted his 'boyfriend' to the office of liaison to the State's Jews -- again at $100,000 per annum. (His official title was "special counsel" to the governor.) Though many have stated that his was a no-show job, apparently Cipel wanted to show for some functions besides collecting his paycheck -- when he wanted to be, Golan Cipel was the Governor's right-hand man. Says the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA): "He planned the governor's overseas trips, including a trip to Israel, and conducted a study of the New Jersey-Israel Commission."
The Governor apparently saw his sexual "tastes" as potential ammunition for Israeli or other blackmail: "I realize the fact of this affair and my own sexuality, if kept secret, leaves me, and most importantly the governor's office, vulnerable to rumors, false allegations and threats of disclosure. So I am removing these threats by telling you directly about my sexuality." According to the JTA: "The Associated Press quoted an anonymous high-ranking official in McGreevey's administration saying that McGreevey's lover - the report didn't name Cipel - demanded 'an exorbitant sum of money to make' the threatened lawsuit 'go away.' Administration officials and members of McGreevey's Cabinet learned of that threat Wednesday night, the AP reported."
Zionists are attempting to downplay Cipel's importance, and the mass media are concentrating on the salacious aspects of a degenerate politician. Says the JTA: "David Mallach, former director of the MetroWest, N.J. Jewish Community Relations Council, said his group encountered no problems working with Cipel. 'For a guy like Jim McGreevey, who already had a lot of good Jewish relationships, Cipel's role wasn't a key one,' Mallach said."
However, how much was McGreevey on the hook to Jews? Free junkets to Israel, close relationships with the Jewish community (even requiring a liaison), not to mention his wild invective against the National Alliance -- some of which was delivered from a podium he shared with ADL bosses -- show the usefulness to Zionism of corruption and filth at all levels of leadership in the USA
Cipel was given the Homeland Security post even though he was an alien and even though former FBI director Louis Freeh had offered to take the state position without pay.
Just before immigration law would have kicked in, booting Cipel from the country if he didn't get a work visa for a job he was "uniquely qualified to fill," suddenly Cipel was removed from the direct state payroll and given a job -- a vice-presidency, actually -- with the MWW group, a public relations firm with ties to Israel which, according to New Jersey's Home News Tribune, also just happens to have as "clients ...the New Jersey Lottery; Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group, the company which operates the auto inspection system, and the Mills Corp., one of six developers to submit plans to redevelop the Meadowlands...." Then Cipel got yet another job with State Street Partners, a group that lobbied the state government on behalf of its clients. In 1995, before returning to Israel and the navy, Cipel had been an information officer at the Israeli consulate in New York, leading some to -- as with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky -- suggest that there may be a Mossad connection. Intelligence analyst Andy Martin said on August 16:
"People have been confused by the McGreevey sex scandal. But McGreevey's dilemma is not a gay sex scandal. It is an Israeli intelligence operation gone sour. This is not a scandal about 'sex.' It is a scandal about 'secrets.' McGreevey said he had sex. He did. Golan Cipel says he is not gay. He's not. They are both right. Mr. Cipel was a junior Mossad case officer, originally posted to New York under official cover. The Mossad is well known for using human sex toys. McGreevey was lured into a relationship that was intended to penetrate New Jersey's homeland defenses. Since 9/11 there has been barely suppressed anger at the fact Israeli intelligence knew about the hijackers and said nothing. Israelis have found themselves under suspicion and restricted by some intelligence channels. The state homeland security position was seen as a back door way of spying on anti-terror preparations in the New York-New Jersey area, and possibly nationally."
[ ]
Cipel, who claims he is not a homosexual and who is suing McGreevey for harassment as a result of his unwelcome advances, offered to keep the matter out of court if McGreevey would pay him $50 million, according to sources in the McGreevey camp. However, the New York Daily News reports that Cipel is homosexual according to a college professor from northern New Jersey who contacted McGreevey's offices, admitting that he too was "involved" in a homosexual "relationship" with Cipel. The News reportedly stated that at least two other men have come forward with similar claims. Where is Cipel now? Hiding in Israel, supposedly because he wants to be "out of the glare of publicity" and be with his family.
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I'm working on this radio program at 11AM on Wednesday. At this very moment, Jim McGreevey's top campaign donor -- Jewish real estate multimillionaire Charles Kushner -- is set to plead guilty in a case where he's accused of hiring prostitutes to seduce and then blackmail potential witnesses against him in a campaign finance and tax fraud case -- a case in which McGreevey's name appears dozens of times in the indictment, though he's not charged in the case. It's not known to what charges Kushner will plead guilty -- but it's clear that they've got the goods on him.
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[ ]
On July 13, Kushner hired two prostitutes to offer sexual favors to two witnesses who were cooperating with federal investigators in his fraud case. One of the witnesses spurned the offer, but another -- Kushner's own brother-in-law, William Schulder -- accepted and was videotaped on Kushner's orders committing sex acts with the prostitute. According to prosecutors, Kushner had a copy of the tape sent to his own sister Esther, Schulder's wife, as part of his scheme to escape punishment for his crimes. Kushner wanted to send the tape and still photos to his sister's children too, it was reported, but one of Kushner's co-conspirators convinced him not to do that.
[ ]
McGreevey was very close to Kushner. McGreevey pushed hard to get legislative approval when he appointed Kushner to head the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey -- and he didn't even withdraw the nomination when the fraud and finance indictments against Kushner were handed down: Kushner eventually withdrew on his own. How much did Kushner give to McGreevey? According to the New York Observer, far more than anyone else, more than $1.5 million. The Democrat, Jon Corzine, who announced this week that he will run to replace McGreevey if there is an election, is also one of Kushner's "friends" and recipients of Kushner money.
Kushner once paid Bill Clinton $125,000 for a single speaking engagement. Kushner is also a major donor to Hilary Clinton's senatorial campaign -- but don't assume it's a "democrat thing" going on here. It's a very Jewish "influence thing" -- Kushner is also "close" to Israel-worshipping Republican Rudolph Giuliani and gave money to his senate campaign, too.
Kushner, by the way, identifies himself as "the son of Holocaust survivors."
And our politicians jump when Kushner says 'boo.' When Kushner organized a last-minute celebration of the circumcision of his grandson, over 1000 notables showed up, including Giuliani and McGreevey -- even though the latter was seriously injured at the time and had to come in on crutches.
Kushner gives money to charity, too, but it's charity with a real focus, a Jewish focus: He founded a Yeshiva which bears his father's name. The biggest Modern Orthodox Synagogue in the state is also named for his father and heavily funded by Kushner. The local Jewish Federation says he "is good for about $200,000 a year." No one can say Kushner isn't racially conscious: the objects of his philanthropy are primarily Jewish, including the Jewish Educational Center, the YM-YWHA of Union County, the United Jewish Communities of MetroWest New Jersey, the Rabbinical College of America, the Daughters of Israel, the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, and Yeshiva University -- and those are just the places where he serves on the boards!
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Kushner is known to have Israeli ties: At a recent dinner honoring Kushner for his "philanthropic gifts," former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the guests. Kushner also paid Netanyahu $100,000 to speak at his synagogue. And Bill Clinton appointed Mr. Kushner to the US Holocaust Memorial Council.
It was Charles Kushner who originally sponsored the work visa that allowed Golan Cipel to come to the United States and gave him a job in public relations with one of his companies directly involved in business with the state.
Livingston, New Jersey's Crystal Plaza is an old landmark of White America now owned by the multimillionaire Jewish Janoff family. It has been the focal point for the corrupt Jewish elite that rules the state. On their Web page, the Janoffs brag about the rich and powerful who have come to social events at the Plaza: We see the Janoffs partying with Charles Kushner, Jim McGreevey, and read the breathless prose "...An exciting fund raiser at Crystal Plaza for [the] Anti-Defamation League featured Allan Janoff, Abraham Foxman, Executive Director of ADL; Joseph Wilt, Honoree; and Shai Goldstein, Director of Essex County ADL...." Governor McGreevey shows up again in the event photos, laughing it up with Barry Ress of the Plaza and ABC Radio's Steve Malzberg.
[ ]
It's all very cozy -- and very comfortable -- for these criminal parasites living off the productive White workers of America, who struggle to make ends meet, sacrifice for their kids, and who would rise up in anger if they knew how the aliens and their corrupt and perverse servants are ripping them off.
We can bring this ongoing criminal enterprise to a halt. We can restore honest government to our people once again. And the benefits -- both material and spiritual -- will be incalculably great.
But to have any chance at all of doing that, we must see the biological dimension.
We must see that the biologically and mentally defective homosexuals are natural conspirators against our children's future and are also the oft-preferred and easily-blackmailed tools of the criminal Jewish oligarchs.
And we must see these oligarchs as more than just criminals. We must see what William Gayley Simpson and Professor Kevin MacDonald have told us in their works. The Jewish oligarchs are, at times unconsciously and at other times consciously, serving a biological imperative, an evolutionary path, that their people have followed for millennia: to invade other people's countries, disguise themselves, defile and weaken that country's own leadership, and constitute themselves as a new ruling class. This biological process has never gone quite so far as it has gone in the West and particularly in the United States today. And never before has this peculiar tribe had a central point -- a hive from which all its tentacles are continuously replenished and where it can do what it likes without having to dissemble or fool the prying eyes of its hosts. I expect the denouement of this terrible drama to come in my lifetime.
Will our people face the climax blindly and without understanding, and perhaps perish forever in the wars and catastrophes that are sure to come? Or will they be fully informed of the identity and nature of their true enemies, and stand ready to do what must be done to win a future for our children and grandchildren? The answer to that question depends on what you do today.

* * *

(As this program was being completed, we received word that Charles Kushner had pled guilty to the fraud and witness-intimidation charges against him and faces a two-year sentence. That means he may be out, spending his millions on political whores again in just a few months.
[ ] )
The philosopher Savitri Devi called it 'enthralling.' Dr. William Pierce called it "a survival manual for the White race." Revilo Oliver of the University of Illinois, one of the leading classicists of the last century, called it "unique... a veritable encyclopedia of everything that is directly pertinent to our race's position in the world today."
The book is William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man?, which was unavailable for years and which has just been republished in a new edition by National Vanguard Books.
William Simpson began his career as a graduate, summa cum laude, of a major theological seminary, and became a Franciscan brother working among the poor and disenfranchised in an attempt to make a better world. Simpson saw the magnitude of the problems he and his comrades were trying to solve, and realized that the ameliorative work in which they were engaged would never solve the problems they were tackling, and could at best only slow down the steady decline of our civilization and of human quality generally.
He read the great philosophers, particularly Nietzsche, and from the 1920s to 1980 kept a written record of his quest for truth and for the meaning of life, which he found in the never-ending quest to increase human excellence and quality. Which Way Western Man? is the result of that quest, and it is one of the most important books of the last 100 years.
Published in 1980, the first edition sold out within a few years and was not reprinted, as the author was working, throughout the 80s and until his death in the 1990s, on a series of revisions and additions which reflected his new knowledge and mature final insights. At last, the monumental job of revision has been completed and the second edition of Which Way Western Man? is now available.
Which Way Western Man? is more than just a work of history, philosophy, and science, although it is all of that -- it is also the story of a life, the life of an unusually sensitive and compassionate man, a man who could understand the mission of St. Francis as well as that of Nietzsche -- a man who could see our position in the universe and relate it to the ordinary reader in a way that no other writer has ever done. I recommend Which Way Western Man? with my highest commendation. It is a life-changing book.
Which Way Western Man? is available as item number 407 from National Vanguard Books. This huge, encyclopedic work of 1070 pages is $39.95 plus $3 shipping and handling in the U.S., $5 elsewhere in the world. That's item 407 for $39.95 plus $3 in the U.S., $5 world, to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Or you can order online by clicking on the book's image at
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal, and equal men are not free."



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