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Getting to Work

American Dissident Voices broadcast
August 7, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Last week I asked you to support our efforts by joining
or financially supporting the National Alliance. I told you that 'Great things are possible for our people -- greater than any of us can even imagine.' I really believe that. I elucidated on that theme from a mainly economic point of view a few weeks ago in my program 'The Bums are White Again,'
in which I detailed how much of our wealth is wasted -- a huge, probably incalculable amount -- on various 'equality' schemes, sincere and fraudulent. Last week
[ ]
I brought you the words of Dr. Pierce on the Alliance's strategy of bringing quality people into our ranks who can add to our efforts to build White community and that community's capabilities.
This week I want to talk to you about some of the things we're doing right now.
In Las Vegas, National Alliance members recently rented sign space -- and a huge, dominant billboard on the city's famous 'Strip' has now arisen with the Alliance's 'Stop Immigration -- Join the National Alliance' message.
[ ]
Here's what one of our members in the area, Michael O'Sullivan, wrote last month:
AFTER MONTHS of trying to get our Alliance billboard up, today it has happened. Just a few hundred feet or so off the Strip Corridor, 44,000 people a day -- plus thousands more in the skyscrapers right across the street -- will see our message "STOP IMMIGRATION - JOIN THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE."
Will it stay up long? Our Florida members know what it's like to fight against the Jewish censors to get our message out; they never gave up and the billboard rises again and again, despite the hate and harassment campaign waged against them.
Either way, White people and the Alliance win: The censorship efforts always lead to publicity and more and more curiosity-seekers coming to 'see what they're not supposed to see.' And the publicity itself results in tens or hundreds of thousands of people seeing our message in their newspapers, on their television screens, or on the 'Net.
With a stroke of luck I just happened to be driving by while the sign was going up and took pictures of the work being done. The area near the billboard is busy and congested, with casinos and high-rise buildings all getting a great view of the Alliance message.
On earlier American Dissident Voices programs I've already discussed our Florida billboard -- which is currently down but which keeps rising again and again over the last few years due to the 'never give up' attitude of our members as they wage their battle against Jewish censorship and pressure.
Another way that National Alliance members are making a difference is through our mass literature distributions. Members usually craft the flyers and pamphlets they distribute themselves, and then they go through an approval process at the Alliance's National Office. Once approved, the members have the flyers reproduced in large quantities. Some Alliance Local Units have their own printing press (like our members in Washington state) and do that themselves, or it is done commercially. Then the flyers are handed out in person on the street, or placed in weighted waterproof bags and delivered to local neighborhood homes.
What do these flyers say? They make the connection between Bush's Zionist War in the Mideast and high gas prices. They warn Whites of the serious health risks of interracial sex. They address local or sometimes national issues that the big media have distorted or covered up. They ask the reader to consider what is happening to our children's future. Some ask the reader to simply 'Love Your Race.'
How many of them are distributed? For the last several years, it's averaged about half a million documented pieces of literature per year. And that just counts the ones that are formally reported to us at the National Office.
And what are the results of those literature distributions? Half a million people seeing our name and getting at least a small part of our message. Half a million people making the connection between White interests and the National Alliance. Half a million people who, the next time they think of resistance to the current Jewish tyranny, will think 'National Alliance.'
Another result is media coverage. Most of that is hostile, of course, but in these days of Internet publishing, those who have even a modicum of interest in the story can easily find and on the Internet and hear what we really have to say compared with what the media hacks claim we say. And even hostile media coverage increases name recognition.
Furthermore, the hostile media coverage creates a real cognitive dissonance problem for the media masters. This was particularly evident in our 'Love Your Race' literature distribution campaign earlier this year. Here we had flyers which had just two things on them besides our Web address: a picture of a White woman and the words 'Love Your Race.' Yet the controlled media insisted on characterizing the literature as 'hate.' Looking at our flyer, its beautiful image, and its positive message -- and then looking at the media accusations about the flyer -- is enough to make any thoughtful person raise his eyebrows, increase his estimation of the veracity of the National Alliance, and lower his estimation of the veracity of the dominant media. Believe me, there's plenty more cognitive dissonance coming, thanks to our local members.
How much media coverage do these efforts generate? Our 'Love Your Race' flyers resulted in dozens of stories all across North America and even some in Europe (the flyers were available in about two dozen European languages). Our health warnings about the AIDS and other STD dangers of interracial intercourse has garnered hundreds of stories and TV news segments -- at one time there were over 120 simultaneous stories on the news wires about it.
In the state of Virginia, National Alliance members recently got two of our radio commercials -- the same ones you hear right here on American Dissident Voices -- broadcast on a high-rated local radio station, part of the ESPN radio network, before Jewish pressure reared its ugly head and the ads were pulled. Nevertheless, the Alliance message was advanced thanks to our Virginia members and the excellent contributor who created the commercials for us. Here's what David, the member who spearheaded the radio ad campaign, wrote to the radio salesperson who pulled the ads and admitted that a Jewish higher-up was involved:

...I left a message on your voice-mail since you were out of the office, but I'll write to you anyhow. If you would like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to call me.

Here's the way we view it. The content of the commercial is not objectionable. It contains no profanity, racial slurs, or anything else (we don't condone that anyhow). In fact, just prior to our commercial, a Playboy advertisement ran. Now, if there is anything objectionable, it is commercials and publications that demean women through pornography. Of course, we all know the problems with pornography and its destructive effects on families and society.
Visitors to National Vanguard need to be able to determine for themselves what is "comfortable" for them, not the radio station. To pull a commercial because someone at your radio station [this was the Jewish supervisor -- Ed.] is "uncomfortable" with not the commercial itself, but the Web site it directs them to, is censorship.
I feel quite confident that you would air any commercial from the NAACP, ADL or Jewish Defense League, organizations known to demean others, especially White Americans. Put in its proper perspective, we have a First Amendment right to free speech, and are entitled to the same access to air time as other organizations.
I would hope that your Jewish boss would believe in free speechmas outlined in our U.S. Constitution. You see, the free speech provision isn't necessary to protect speech we are "comfortable" with. It was designed and enacted to protect those that want to mspeak out against the establishment, or offer an intellectual argument that the powers-that- be disagree with.
If you decide to refund our money, please do not refund the money for the first commercial. We don't accept any handouts and pay as we go. Since your radio station aired the commercial at the scheduled time, the money for the first commercial is yours. If you decide to not run the second commercial, you may refund that amount. Please mail it to the address on the check.
You were a pleasure to work with and I wish you all success in your career.
With every good wish, David
[ ]

I predict we're going to hear more -- a lot more -- from our members in Virginia.
And there's more to National Alliance Local Units than literature distributions and forays into our own media. When these campaigns are being planned and carried out, that means members are getting together, getting to know each other, eating meals together, and accomplishing things together. As important as our radio programs, our magazines, our Web sites, and our books and pamphlets are, there is nothing to compare with actually meeting and working face-to-face with other pro-White folks in your area. It ends the feeling of isolation that so many Whites have felt because they formerly had no way to reach other concerned Whites. It builds trust. It feeds accomplishment and success. And it builds understanding between classes and generations. Going to a National Alliance meeting, you'll find children and teens, young people in their twenties, middle-aged people, older folks, women, tradesmen, professionals, craftsmen, athletes, people who listen to skinhead rock and people who play in symphony orchestras -- and there's overlap between the two, believe me -- business owners, government workers, long-time Americans, recent European immigrants, Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans, and Northern Europeans all working together, learning to understand and appreciate each other and work together for a common goal.
[ ]
At our meetings, local Alliance leaders speak and undertake discussions and action on local projects. Some Units host a telephone contact point for the Alliance so local citizens can find us in the telephone directory and get prompt callbacks to their inquiries.
[ ]
Sometimes a speaker from the National Office attends and speaks. Sometimes an invited speaker, like historian David Irving, or attorney Edgar Steele, or pro-White activist David Duke makes an appearance. Recently both the Northern New Jersey and Cleveland Local Units of the Alliance hosted speeches by Mr. Irving.
[ ]
Local Units also sponsor European Heritage Festivals -- the Cleveland Unit, long headed by now-Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe has done so for many years, and Eurofests have been held recently in several states. At these Eurofests, the traditional music and dance of many European cultures, from Celtic to Slovakian to
Polish to German, and many others, are featured. It's a wonderful chance for Alliance members to work together and for members of the local White community to meet us and talk with us in a non-politically-charged atmosphere. For those who show an interest, there's usually an Alliance meeting the same or the next day.
[ ]
The next Eurofest is really going to be something special. I'll let California National Alliance member and writer and editor Dennis Kearney tell you about it:
Millions of years ago, phenomenal volcanic pressure thrust the Sierra Nevada range out of the planet's igneous core, bearing the gold that would draw White pioneers in their hundreds of thousands in the 1800s. Conquering the towering range with oxen and iron will, our westward bound forebears came to the land first claimed by Sir Francis Drake in 1579, and defied the brutal Mestizos and wild Indians to tame the land of California for the White Race. The Sierra Nevada is holy ground teeming with the remembrances of generations of racial determinists who planted the flag of White freedom on the Pacific coast. Their torch we carry with us today.
At a spacious site perched in these fabled Ponderosa forests thousands of feet up in California's High Sierras, racialists will gather for FOLK THE SYSTEM 2004.
The event will open on Friday, September 10th and conclude on Sunday, September 12th, coinciding with the birthday of the National Alliance's founding chairman William Pierce on the 11th. The festival will be packed with cutting-edge music, family fun and folkish fellowship in a defined and private outdoor camping environment.
FOLK THE SYSTEM 2004 is a festival you don't want to miss, packed with activities and events you'll remember for a lifetime. We will be displaying a line-up of high-energy, leading pro-White musical talent in a range of genres.
Traditional Celtic games -- with prizes -- will be open to all adult entrants. A traditional European sports competition will match the abilities of White nationalists with prizes for winners while a spectacular cook-off will test the culinary skills of attendees. A vending area will be open throughout FOLK THE SYSTEM 2004, with food, jewelry, t-shirts, information and music vendors.
A glacier-fed stream and swimming holes are on-site. Children's activities such as European-themed games, crafts, stories, and other events will take place. Traditionalist faith ceremonies will be held for those of you who would like to participate or just observe.
If you are interested in attending the event, being a vendor, or would like further information, you may send email to SACTOALLIANCE@HOTMAIL.COM or call and leave a message at (916) 486-5588. More information is available at   and at
I've been in the Alliance for more than 21 years now. Never have there been more local meetings and pro-White events than we are holding today. Never have we had as many Local Units in the Alliance and never have they been so active. Never before have we had billboards springing up with the Alliance message on them. Never before have we had so many listeners to our radio programs -- and never before have we had full time sponsorship by National Vanguard Books of a second radio program as we do with Frank Weltner's informative and fun program [ ] from St. Louis. In the last two years we've put out more magazines than the Alliance published in the previous ten years. We have more print publications coming out -- the National Alliance Bulletin and National Vanguard magazine and Resistance magazine and Free Speech magazine -- than ever before. There have never been more titles in the National Vanguard Books catalogue than there are today.
The National Alliance is on a roll. The carping of critics illegitimate or misled, who claimed that the Alliance was failing to fulfill Dr. Pierce's mission or that it wouldn't long survive his death is just plain ill-informed. Erich Gliebe and the team he assembled in 2002 have defended the Alliance against intense attacks, are upholding the long-term principles of the Alliance without compromise, and are moving the Alliance boldly into the 21st century. I predict great success in the future. If you want to have an influence on that future, if you think we can do better than we're already doing, if you want to help make tomorrow's world a safe world for White children, there's really only one thing you must do: Join the National Alliance and get to work!

* * *

Our feature article in the newest issue of National Vanguard magazine, number 123, is 'The Silent Coup' by contributing editor Justin Cowgill, a former editor for the Russian news service and an American expatriate currently living in Russia. Mr. Cowgill explores the history of Vladimir Putin's accession to power and his battle against the Jewish oligarchs. No other writer has the insights and on-the-ground knowledge of what is really going on in Russia that Justin Cowgill has, and his encyclopedic analysis of the real forces behind the coup that has ousted the Jewish oligarchs from power will surprise and enlighten you.
In 'The Crime Gene,' National Vanguard's popular humorist, writer, and editor Ben Parker takes a fictional and funny look at the violent underclass that makes modern America such an ugly and dangerous place.
In our Forum section, you'll read letters from readers on the anthrax murders, the ethics of multiracialism, Eastern European attitudes towards Jews, and much more.
In his 'News from the Homelands' column, contributing editor Mark Cotterill brings us European news: HIV in Scotland, demographic disaster in England, nationalist advances in France and Italy, and much more.
Columnist Bob Whitaker debunks the mythology of the so-called "Greatest Generation" -- the World War II generation which threw away America's White Western heritage for a multiracialist pottage; and he also discusses how some 'very special' groups in our society are above criticism.
In his 'Postscripts' section, Revilo P. Oliver writes on 'Douglas Reed and The Controversy of Zion' -- an important anti-Zionist writer several of whose books are newly available again -- 'Face-to-Face With George Wallace,' and 'The Mistaken Path,' a discussion of the errors that conservatives made when they failed
to ally themselves with science and reason.
In our books section, Ben Parker looks at the failed legacy of school 'integration' in 'A Half Century of Brown,' and new reviewer Will Lambert's 'The Tip of an Antenna' looks at Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third World Immigration on American Culture.
All that and more is yours in the best issue yet of our flagship publication.
A single copy of National Vanguard magazine may be obtained for $5 postpaid in the US and Canada, $8 elsewhere. Please specify issue number 123 when you write. A six-issue subscription is only $18 in the US, $26 in Canada, and $36 worldwide. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Or you may order online at or
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.



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