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Stopping the Unstoppable

American Dissident Voices broadcast
June 26, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Jewish leaders are very worried. They're very worried that millions of people have already awakened to their crimes of hate, exploitation, and genocide against the other peoples of the world. And they're even more worried that those millions of aware people are quickly multiplying into billions of aware people.
That's the real motivation behind the Jewish drive to use their behind-the-scenes clout to push politicians to outlaw any criticism of Jews, which they refer to as 'anti-Semitism.' That's the real reason for the recent OSCE conferences we covered here, pushing for a criminalization of the criticism of Jews -- and pushing for censorship of the Internet so as to make any honest discussion of race or Jewish power illegal.
This week, the Jews are continuing their desperate drive to contain the awakening by holding yet another conference, this time at the United Nations.
The United Nations is a curious institution which has a very mixed record on the issues of Jewish power and racial self-determination. From its very inception, the United Nations was a creature of the Communists and Internationalists and Jews who founded it. The Judaeo-Communist forces in World War II referred to themselves openly as "the United Nations" prior to the formal founding of the international body, as revealed in the book Germany is Our Problem by the Jewish U.S. Secretary of the Treasury at the time, Henry Morgenthau. One of the main U.S. delegates to the founding UN conference was Communist agent Alger Hiss. One of the first acts of the UN was approving the founding of the state of Israel. One of the main propaganda initiatives of the world body was the promotion of the idea that racial self-determination was 'evil,' through the dissemination of such documents as The UNESCO Statement on Race and many others like it, and the promotion of the idea that the future of the world would lie in a gradual dissolution of national sovereignty and ethnic particularlism and the rise of a raceless 'brown man' of the future. Much of this destructive nonsense from the UN was a direct result of Jewish influence and power, hypocritically instigated by such Jewish supremacists as the anthropologist who used the false Norman-sounding name "Ashley Montagu."
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On the other hand, as Zionism has raped the Middle East, the General Assembly of the United Nations, where even small and poor nations have a voice and an equal vote, has provided a forum for publicizing the truth about Jewish supremacism and a practical means of countering Zionist excesses through UN resolutions. Thus the General Assembly has proved to be a place where the victims of Jewish aggression, murder, and attempted genocide can speak their piece to a world audience -- and many resolutions have been passed condemning the acts of the Jewish state. Now it is true that Israel and its lapdog -- the bought politicians of the United States -- blatantly ignore the resolutions condemning Israeli terror and aggression, while hypocritically insisting that Iraq, Iran, and Syria, for example, obey every jot and tittle of UN resolutions directed against them or face total warfare. And it is true that many resolutions are vetoed by the United States when they make it to the Security Council -- where small nations have no voice and the U.S. has veto power. But nevertheless, the UN has increasingly come to be a thorn in the side of Jewish supremacists who'd like to shut up their critics. Too much of the truth about Israel and Jewish power has been leaking out in UN meetings and debates, and too many embarrassing resolutions have been passed.
In fact, it was just a few days before the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that a UN conference on 'racism' in Durban, South Africa, went terribly wrong for the Jews. Jewish groups had hoped that the focus of the conference could be steered toward their favorite topic of censoring the Internet to suppress 'racism' and 'anti-Semitism,' but several conference participants used the occasion to pointedly condemn Zionism as a form of 'racism,' and sharply criticized the actions of the Jewish state. During the Durban conference, the Jews had the Black Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, who has a Swedish wife related to the Wallenbergs, make an opening statement to the effect that the "conference should not concentrate on any one state or region," in an effort to prevent the conference from having an anti-Israel focus -- but Annan and his employers failed, and Jewish supremacism was the focus anyway.
[ ]
And it isn't just Arab or Muslim or Third World states which give Israel the cold shoulder, either -- increasingly, Europeans left and right are exasperated with the Jewish lobby's incessant demands. For example, we've reported in National Vanguard print magazine about EU President Romano Prodi's less than reverent reaction to Jewish accusations and commands, and in late 2003, Jews wailed loudly when Ireland withdrew a UN General Assembly resolution condemning 'anti-Semitism' (which it had originally supported) because of overwhelming opposition in the international body. And anti-White Jewish activist Serge Klarsfeld is so alarmed by the awakening in France -- and by her increased Muslim population ironically cause by policies favored by Jews -- that he is now advising his fellow Jews that it is time for them to leave France forever, and 2,500 of them did exactly that in 2002, the last year for which figures are available. If only five thousand more leave this year and last, that means that since 2002 1.25 per cent. of France's roughly 600,000 Jews have fled the country, about equivalent to 2.5 million White Americans fleeing the United States.
[ ]
Jewish supremacists are trying to bring the UN back under their complete control again, and once more Kofi Annan is their step'n'fetchit. This week Annan is fronting a UN Conference on "anti-Semitism," titled with world-class sanctimonious doublespeak "Confronting Anti-Semitism: Educating for Tolerance and Understanding." At the conference, Annan stated:
It is hard to believe that 60 years after the tragedy of the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is once again rearing its head. But it is clear that we are witnessing an alarming resurgence of these phenomena in new forms and manifestations. This time the world must not, cannot, be silent.... Let us acknowledge that the United Nations record on anti-Semitism has at times fallen short of our ideals. The General Assembly resolution of 1975 equating Zionism with racism was an especially unfortunate decision. I am glad that it has since been rescinded. ...When we seek justice for the Palestinians, as we must, let us firmly disavow anyone who tries to use that cause to try to incite hatred against Jews in Israel or elsewhere. ...Are not Jews entitled to the same degree of concern and protection? The fight against anti-Semitism must be our fight, and Jews everywhere must feel that the United Nations is their home too.
Annan is pushing for passage of a resolution condemning 'anti-Semitism' by this fall, with language "that declares that political developments in Israel or elsewhere can never justify anti-Semitism."
[ ]
After the conference ended, Annan was congratulated personally by Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom, who said he hoped that "this will be a turning point in relations between the UN and Jews."
Also speaking at the conference was the hoary old hoaxer Elie Wiesel, who has made so many contradictory claims about World War II Jewish losses that it's hard to keep track of them.
[ ]
With wandering focus, Wiesel said he "thought anti-Semitism had perished at Auschwitz, but only the Jews perished there," adding quite illogically that discrimination against Jews translated into "hatred against all those who are different." Just because an argument is laughable doesn't mean its purveyors aren't dangerous, of course: Ask Galileo about that.
Anne Bayefsky, a Jewish professor at Columbia University Law School, spoke at the conference, telling the audience that she is very concerned about the UN's lack of reverence for Israel and Jews. She stated that: "the United Nations has become the leading purveyor of anti-Semitism, intolerance and inequality against the Jewish people and its state. Today the UN provides a platform for those who cast the victims of the Nazis, as the Nazi counterparts of the 21st Century." Bayefsky also complained that "There have been some 25 anti-Israel resolutions in the General Assembly each year for the past 30 years."
Seagrams liquor billionaire and president of the World Jewish Congress Edgar Bronfman showed up to lecture the audience: "Anti-Semitic acts around the world are occurring at a rate unseen since the end of the Second World War."
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As Jewish comedians like to quote their own people as saying, whatever you do for them "it's never enough." That seems to be the sentiment of Israeli Diaspora Affairs minister Natan Sharansky, who said that while the one day conference was good, it was "not enough.... It's very good to have a one-day struggle against anti-Semitism, but there are another 364 days a year. The problem is in those days there is a lot of encouragement of anti-Semitism by members of the organization and some of the bodies. The biggest human rights event, the conference [against racism] in Durban [in 2001] turned into the biggest anti-Semitic event in the last 50 years... And the Commission on Human Rights condemns Israel more than all the dictators of the world together..."
Efraim Zuroff of the Jewish pro-censorship lobby the Simon Wiesenthal Center was skeptical: "We're waiting to see a U.N. resolution against anti-Semitism. Until then it's a lot of hot air. I think there is hardly a body of the world with a longer list of anti-Israel resolutions, anti-Semitic resolutions..."
And Laura Kam-Issacharoff of the Jewish espionage and police-corruption group the ADL wasn't satisfied either. She said "For years the Jewish community asked to put anti-Semitism on the U.N. agenda and they always said 'no'... While this is special, there is still the institution ongoing to de-legitimize Israel and the Jewish people... So much of what is going on vis-à-vis Israel borders on anti-Semitism. [We] can't pretend it didn't happen... [There is] a lot of interest in having a resolution brought that condemns anti-Semitism. It remains to be seen if it happens."
Will the Jewish groups get their UN resolution? It's an open question, and their delaying the vote until the fall indicates they haven't yet twisted all the necessary arms. But the process that the Jews themselves started with the creation of Israel -- the process that effectively disrupted their centuries-long pose as a powerless and stateless minority everywhere and transformed them into the founders and rulers of the most aggressive and ethnocentric state on planet Earth -- is probably unstoppable. And getting the OSCE states to jail a hundred dissidents and freethinkers, and getting the UN to pass a simpering resolution, won't do much except put steel in the veins of the persecuted and resentment in the hearts of those whose arms were twisted to vote for something they really didn't believe in. And seeing raw Jewish power in action, seeing the wealthiest and most aggressive ethnic group in the world today push hypocritical laws explicitly outlawing criticism of themselves and their power, will convince another hundred thousand thoughtful people today, and another hundred thousand tomorrow, that the National Alliance is right.
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* * *

For years, a crime-linked organization has been allowed to "train" our law enforcement personnel - "training" that falsely characterizes perfectly legal pro-White educational and community activities as "hate" and violations of "hate crime" legislation that has been passed both on the federal and state level -- legislation this organization itself often wrote.
For decades, the so-called Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) has had ties to organized criminals, spies, and notorious fugitives.
And the ADL has been exposed by honest law enforcement officers, investigators, and members of Congress as being an unregistered agent and espionage operation of a foreign government: Israel.
ADL offices were raided by police in the 1990s due to some of the group's criminal activities, but corrupt political appointees, about a decade later, brought the ADL in to "train" those very same police departments.
The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, a new video produced by Allnat Productions, LLC with the help of National Alliance members and National Vanguard writers and researchers, takes the hidden facts and hushed-up evidence about the ADL that the rich and the corrupt don't want the public -- and particularly honest law enforcement officers -- to know, and puts them into the powerful medium of video.
It is hoped that Americans who want to see the ADL corruption of our legislators and police ended will download this video (broken up into chapters, an average of five or six minutes each, for easier downloading) and distribute it far and wide - especially to police officers, judges, and other authorities.
This week I'm proud to announce that this video is now being made available online at This 45-minute Internet video production exposing the history, criminal links, and dangers of the so-called Anti-Defamation League, is being presented in eight chapters at our news site, The first two chapters, dealing with the founding of the ADL -- and its smears and defamation of those who disagree with its dogmatic multiracialist and Zionist agendas -- have already been presented for download from the site, and in a few days the third chapter, on ADL censorship, will be on line. Follow the links below for the first two parts, and check back at for future chapters.
Once the series is complete, we will make a higher-resolution full-length (45 minutes) video file available to all who are interested. (We're still in audio post-production on the high-resolution version, as there is a little audio tweaking and denoising to be done.)
We hope that this production will inspire others to take the steps necessary to get into video production themselves, to help the National Alliance move one more step forward toward having truly competitive alternative mass media.
[ ]
Our feature article in the newest issue of National Vanguard magazine, number 123, is 'The Silent Coup' by contributing editor Justin Cowgill, a former editor for the Russian news service and an American expatriate currently living in Russia. Mr. Cowgill explores the history of Vladimir Putin's accession to power and his battle against the Jewish oligarchs. No other writer has the insights and on-the-ground knowledge of what is really going on in Russia that Justin Cowgill has, and his encyclopedic analysis of the real forces behind the coup that has ousted the Jewish oligarchs from power will surprise and enlighten you.
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In his 'News from the Homelands' column, contributing editor Mark Cotterill brings us European news: HIV in Scotland, demographic disaster in England, nationalist advances in France and Italy, and much more.
Columnist Bob Whitaker debunks the mythology of the so-called "Greatest Generation" -- the World War II generation which threw away America's White Western heritage for a multiracialist pottage; and he also discusses how some 'very special' groups in our society are above criticism.
In his 'Postscripts' section, Revilo P. Oliver writes on 'Douglas Reed and The Controversy of Zion' -- an important anti-Zionist writer several of whose books are newly available again -- 'Face-to-Face With George Wallace,' and 'The Mistaken Path,' a discussion of the errors that conservatives made when they failed to ally themselves with science and reason.
In our books section, Ben Parker looks at the failed legacy of school 'integration' in 'A Half Century of Brown,' and new reviewer Will Lambert's 'The Tip of an Antenna' looks at Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third World Immigration on American Culture.
All that and more is yours in the best issue yet of our flagship publication.
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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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