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Tragedy in Two Acts

American Dissident Voices broadcast
June 19, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Andrea Nance was a 24-year-old White woman who lived in a 'racially diverse' part of the Columbus, Ohio area, where she had graduated from high school in 1998. On the evening of March 8th, she went shopping alone at a local Meijer's grocery store, where she spent about half an hour. When she arrived back at the garage of her apartment complex, she was jumped by at least two Black males, Marcus Sellers and Andre Conley.
Even though the Black attackers probably had a gun -- they've been implicated in several other gunpoint robberies -- the widely-scattered grocery items later found in that garage, matching the records of the items she bought, indicate that Andrea put up a fight against her attackers.
The Blacks took Andrea's purse and then forced her to get into the trunk of her 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier and locked her in. Police say that ATM surveillance photos indicate that the attackers then drove around town, using Andrea's car with Andrea still in the trunk, and used her debit card to withdraw cash from the machines. Later they gave one of Andrea's cards and her Personal Identification Number to another Black, Justin Robinson, who was also photographed attempting to withdraw money from an ATM. The funds soon ran out, and Robinson was only able to steal $60 from Andrea's bank account.
According to the testimony of one of the attackers who has pled guilty, the Blacks did not admit raping Andrea, though if they did so the evidence has now been destroyed. He admits that, after withdrawing cash from the ATMs, they drove to an isolated spot and temporarily abandoned the car with the young White woman still locked in the trunk.
The next morning, approximately 11 hours later, Sellers and Conley obtained some matches and a can of gasoline, returned to the car, drove off and purposely crashed the vehicle into a ravine about four miles from the site of the original abduction with Andrea Nance still in the trunk. They then doused the White woman and the car with gas and set it afire, leaving Andrea Nance to end her short life struggling to escape the locked trunk, where she died of smoke inhalation before being burned. Records show that one of the killers was still able to make it to his 'diverse' high school that morning, arriving only 23 minutes late, enabling him, according to testimony, to pass along the now-dead Andrea's ATM card to his friend Justin Robinson.
Jim Nance, Andrea's father, said of accused killer Sellers "I want him to have to look at a picture of my daughter every minute he's in that cell. And he can't take it down or throw anything at it. He will just have to look at it and be reminded. Because he will be living and breathing...and he stopped my daughter from having a life, a family, from making us grandparents again." Mr. Nance's daughter has been taken away from him. His community and our nation have been deprived of Andrea's potential contributions. There are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will never be born. Mr. Nance may quite justifiably want vengeance and punishment for the killer of his young daughter. And he may think that seeing Andrea's picture every day will bring remorse to her killer's heart and soul. But Mr. Nance is dreaming if he is expecting remorse from the creature who would burn his beautiful Andrea alive for a few dollars, who would cold-bloodedly come back to her metal prison 11 hours after the initial crime, pour gasoline on her, set her afire, and then calmly go to school and show off by sharing his booty with a friend. Remorse? -- From a creature who was involved in a gang which has committed a whole strong of armed robberies in the area, whose M.O. was to hold a gun to his victims' heads and force them in the trunk of their vehicles? Remorse? There is no hope for that; such a creature knows no such feeling.
[ ]
Justin Robinson, the Black who admitted to receiving Andrea's debit card at school, but who denies any involvement in the robbery or killing, will be put on probation until he is 18 and will receive no further punishment.
[ ]
Andre Conley, who admits taking part in the robbery and abduction, who admits coming back with Sellers the next morning with matches and gasoline and watching Sellers burn the woman alive, will be sentenced for involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery, and aggravated arson. He denies he took part in the killing, claiming he just stood and watched. There are no other living witnesses. He will be sentenced to 26 years, and may well be released earlier.
[ ]
Marcus Sellers will be charged with aggravated murder. His bail is set at $1 million, half the bail set for pro-White Artie Wheeler, who was accused only of improper storage of gunpowder -- and Chester Doles, accused only of a firearms ownership technicality, was denied bail.
[ ]
According to a report by Ohioans for Concealed Carry, "Byron L. Potts, Sellers' attorney, said his client's lack of a criminal record is proof he wasn't involved in the slaying, which he called 'sophisticated and devious.' 'We believe that it's a setup,' Potts said. He said that Sellers is 'distraught' over the charges."
Anger -- desire for punishment, even vengeance, is understandable under the circumstances. But there will be no punishment via remorse. Such beings are not capable of remorse. I suspect that if he is forced to put Andrea's picture up in his cell, Sellers will laugh at it and brag to his cellmates. That is the culture produced by decaying Third World America. That is the culture promoted to White teens as fashionable by Sumner Redstone's MTV and the like, who push Black 'music' on White children, 'music' with lyrics celebrating cop-killing, 'music' calling White girls 'hos' who deserve to be forcibly sodomized, and worse.
One of the saddest commentaries on Andrea Nance's death was an Internet posting on a crime investigation message board which, after noting the initial reports of Andrea's death which had the police looking for "a white male stranger," said "This is so sad, the sister-in-law just called in [to a local radio station, presumably] and requested a song 'I'll be missing you' by P. Diddy." P. Diddy is a Black rap star.
[ ]
And there will be no rehabilitation, no deterrence. This is just one such crime against Whites, one that -- at least partially -- got solved. There are so many more in the more 'diverse' areas of America that are never solved. The police admit that they can't keep up with them. Remember, even Sellers -- the 'distraught' one whose face is on the ATM surveillance video withdrawing Andrea's cash while she was trapped in the trunk -- had no criminal record, as his attorney bragged. For every Andrea Nance whose killer is caught, there are many killers who go free, and even more who are never even suspected. The attacks and robberies committed by the small Black gang that killed Andrea Nance were mostly unsolved themselves. And Sellers and Conley and Robinson weren't particularly known as part of the worst element at their school. Listen to what some of their classmates said, at least the ones that the Columbus Dispatch chose to interview:
'Mifflin students say they're stumped because neither teenager has been in trouble before. "He was quiet. He was nice," said Swannetta Parker, 18, a classmate of Sellers'. She said Sellers played junior-varsity basketball and baseball. Shawn Slade, 17, said his friend since sixth grade [had] "no behavior problem..." When Sellers was taken in handcuffs from Mifflin High School on Friday, "I was thinking maybe he had some drugs," Slade said. "But nothing like this. He wasn't violent." "It had to be someone with a wild mind to put her in a car and burn her. That wasn't Marcus," said another Mifflin student who wouldn't give his name. Columbus Police homicide Sgt. Wallace Rushin said neither teen has a criminal past. "Maybe this is the first time they've been caught," Rushin said. "They say with burglars, we catch them once for every 10 burglaries they do.""
[ ]
The gene pool and the culture that produces such killers is growing. It is growing as the gene pool and the culture that produced Andrea Nance and you and me is shrinking. Their birthrates are higher than ours. And if we really want to prevent more tragedies like this, if we really want to prevent our beloved America from becoming another South Africa or Zimbabwe where such tragedies are even more common than here, we need to think logically and carefully about the situation. We know that hoping for vengeance through remorse is pathetically absurd. But even massive retaliation, or suspension of the Constitution to engage in draconian pre-emptive punishment of the entire Black underclass, which is probably what it would take to be an effective deterrent to the chronically violent and short-sighted, would not solve the underlying problem. And that problem is really a very simple one: They are in our society, and their numbers are growing while ours are shrinking. Even if all non-White immigration were to cease tomorrow, never to resume, they would still take over our society in a few generations due to sheer expansion of their biomass. The only rational solution is separation, and all our efforts must be in that direction. We must have our own living space again. We must regain our self-determination. Let the Black leadership find its own solution to their race's societal problems; I wish them well. Set them free and give them self-determination, too. But we cannot sentence ourselves to death, we cannot allow even one more young woman or child to die or be raped, out of some sick clinging to the false ideas of human equality and multiracialism.
What is the primary obstacle to a rational and humane policy of racial separation? What is the primary obstacle to even talking about the subject? It isn't Black groups. Some of them even agree with us when it comes to self-determination and a peaceful parting of the ways. The primary obstacle is the intense opposition of the Jewish power structure, which dominates the broadcast and print media in the West. They are the architects of forced multiracialism, and they are determined to suppress open debate on the subject of race. They use their influence over media-whipped politicians to get their way, and laws against telling the truth about race -- or intimidating us from telling the truth -- are passed by those politicians as so-called 'hate crime' and 'hate speech' laws.
In some European countries it is already illegal for anyone to tell the truth about race and crime, as I've done today in telling you about the Andrea Nance case. Jewish groups want such laws to be passed in the United States, too. And do you remember what I said about how they dominate the broadcast and print media? I didn't say that they dominate the Internet. On the Internet, speech is still mostly free. You can visit the site where I'm the editor, and you can visit the National Alliance's site,, and you can listen to this radio program, and the site is just as accessible, and the picture and sound and other content is just as clear as the Jewish ADL's Web site, or that of a major newspaper or TV or radio station. And hundreds of thousands of people are tuning in to us, more and more every day.
And the Jewish groups don't like that. They're spending our tax money and pushing their bought politicians hard to figure out some pretext for censoring the Internet.
This week they're holding a conference in Paris under the auspices of the 'Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe' (OSCE) group that I've mentioned on earlier programs, and censoring the Internet is the main agenda.
According to the OSCE's own Web site, the meeting will be fronted by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy and French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier. They say they the agenda of the meeting, which began Wednesday, is "examining the relationship between racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet and hate crimes."
The article states that participants will not only "include representatives of governments and international organizations, but also of civil society and the Internet industry. Keynote speakers will include Robert Badinter, former French Minister of Justice and Dan Bryant, Assistant Attorney General from the US Department of Justice."
Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Solomon Passy -- who one source claimed was half-Jewish, but who the Israeli newspaper Haaretz definitely identifies as a Jew -- the OSCE's current "Chairman-in-Office," whatever that means, barked on command and called on his fellow performers to "rise to this new challenge and take the fight against all forms of racism into cyberspace."
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
"Few developments of the past 10 years have transformed the modern world as much as the Internet. Yet the wonderful freedom created by the Internet has also made it possible for the enemies of civilized values to spread poisonous messages of hate to a vast global audience. It is important to find the correct balance between the right to free expression and society's need to protect its citizens from hate propaganda. The best approach may be self-regulation or co-regulation, with governments and Internet firms working together."
R. Alexander Acosta, US Assistant Attorney General in the Bush administration, will be speaking on the subject "Hate Speech on the Internet: One Step from Terrorism." It's pretty clear where Mr. Acosta and Co. are coming from, isn't it?
There will also be a presentation by the European Jewish Information Center on how to prevent Europeans from watching satellite television channels that Jews don't approve of, specifically al-Jazeera.
Taking a prominent part in the meeting will be the criminally-linked Jewish espionage and dirty-tricks operation, the US-based so-called Anti-Defamation League or ADL.
The ADL states that Brian Marcus, the Jewish group's "Director of Internet Monitoring" will speak, as will Christopher Wolf, Chairman of the ADL's "Internet Task Force." In its press release on the conference, the ADL states it "has a full-time staff of Internet monitors who watch for and report on the activities of extremists." The ADL claims the conference is to "promote tolerance and non-discrimination and combat hate crimes, which can be fueled by racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet" and to examine "the relationship between racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic propaganda on the Internet and hate crimes."
The OSCE's pronouncements on the Internet -- and those are just the opening remarks -- are extremely chilling and extremely dangerous for free speech. And what you'll hear from the OSCE meeting is just what these would-be censors are willing to admit in public.
Make no mistake about it: These international conferences devoted to stamping out 'hate' are being run by liars and tyrants and the employees of liars and tyrants. When Andrea Nance's killers imprisoned her in the trunk of her car for 11 hours and then burned her alive, that was not 'hate' to the OSCE. When non-White killers like that strike down White people every day of the week, that is not 'hate' to the OSCE. It is when I tell you what happened to Andrea Nance, it is when I tell you about the innumerable deaths caused by forced multiracialism, it is when I tell you that White people need to organize for our own interests against the killers and the censors and the enablers of the killers that these Jewish organizations start yelling about 'hate.' And what they are doing is very dangerous to us; it threatens our freedom and it threatens our children's future.
And we can do something about it. Listening to me right now is a young man who can join us and devote his talents to building our new media. Listening to me right now is a woman with standing in her community, with an idea for and commitment to a new community outreach project for White people, and who will lend her good name to our noble struggle. And listening to me right now is a businessman who can give a hundred thousand -- or a million -- dollars for our Cause, on which his children's future absolutely depends. United, we can win, and we will build a new and better future for our people. I expect each of you to do your duty.
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