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Meetings, Meetings,

American Dissident Voices broadcast
June 5, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Two political meetings took place in the last few weeks in different parts of the United States. One took place in Washington, DC; the other in New Orleans, Louisiana. One called for censorship and opposed those who would tell the truth about Jewish power and the threat it poses to our people -- calling for an end to such truth-telling and the persecution and punishment by force and violence of truth-tellers. The other meeting called for more truth-telling, celebrated the new-found freedom of the author of Jewish Supremacism, David Duke, and called for the release of political prisoner Ernst Zundel.
One meeting called for unquestioned military and financial support of a foreign state, Israel, and justified the current war for Israel in the Middle East. The other called for an American foreign policy in America's interests.
The pro-censorship meeting was the May 18th meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (or AIPAC for short) in Washington, DC. The pro-freedom meeting was the European-American conference in New Orleans over the Memorial Day weekend [], in which I and numerous other National Alliance members were proud to participate. AIPAC is the most influential lobby in Washington, and is totally focused on maintaining and increasing American taxpayer support for Israel, both financial and military, and in destroying all critics of Israel or of Jewish supremacism.
Guess which meeting was addressed by the President of the United States -- the one supporting America and Western civilization, or the one supporting a foreign racial supremacist state and the anti-White and anti-American policies of an alien lobby group?
When Bush ascended to the AIPAC podium, flanked by leading Jewish supremacists on both sides, behind him was a huge new flag design, probably 50 feet long, consisting of American stars and stripes interspersed with huge Stars of David. Bush, interrupted by wild applause and several standing ovations from the Zionist audience which included Ariel Sharon, referred to the leading Jewish supremacists on the platform by their first names:
"I'm honored to be here at AIPAC, thank you for such a warm welcome. It's good to be with so many friends -- friends of mine and friends of Israel. ...I want to thank Amy for her leadership. I appreciate you taking time to serve a cause that -- in which you believe deeply. I want to thank Bernice for her willingness to serve, as well. I've known Howard for a long time. He's effective. I want to thank the AIPAC board -- AIPAC board members for their friendship and leadership. I'm honored to be in the presence of my friend, the Ambassador from Israel, Danny Ayalon. I appreciate you being here, Danny."
How cozy. The president went on in this vein for about forty minutes, acting more like an Israeli cabinet minister than an American president. He congratulated himself for his unwavering support for Zionism, justified the horrible terror-war being waged on Israel's behalf in Iraq, and engaged in some saber-rattling against other Muslim states that don't want to have a government supervised by Jews.
Bush also repeated the catch-phrase that has a hidden meaning to Jewish supremacists, the phrase I've spoken about before on American Dissident Voices -- "committed to the security of Israel as a Jewish state," which is repeated almost word-for-word again and again by Israel's sycophants and Capitol Hill puppets. and which means much more than seems.
[ ] The words 'as a Jewish state' are crucial: they mean support for Israel as a racial state for one people alone, something that the Jewish power structure denies to every White nation -- yet White politicians must express their "commitment" to Israel. Bush stated:
"The United States is strongly committed, and I am strongly committed, to the security of Israel as a vibrant Jewish state." Identical to the catch-phrase, with only the addition of the word 'vibrant.' Bush is not committed to America as an American state -- in fact, he supports amnesty for illegal invaders.
All that is to be expected from Bush, considering his dependence on Jewish favor, Jewish money, and Jewish media for his election. But what I found most chilling about Bush's groveling speech before his masters was this section, in which he makes reference to a recent meeting of the so-called Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which is working with American and European governments to outlaw free speech by "monitoring" and outlawing criticism of Jews.
[ ]:
"The Jewish people have seen, over the years and over the centuries, that hate prepares the way for violence. The refusal to expose and confront intolerance can lead to crimes beyond imagining. So we have a duty to expose and confront anti-Semitism, wherever it is found. Some of you attended a very important event in Berlin last month, the International Conference on Anti-Semitism. You understand that anti-Semitism is not a problem of the past; the hatred of Jews did not die in a Berlin bunker. In its cruder forms, it can be found in some Arab media, and this government will continue to call upon Arab governments to end libels and incitements. Such hatred can also take subtler forms. The demonization of Israel, the most extreme anti-Zionist rhetoric can be a flimsy cover for anti-Semitism, and contribute to an atmosphere of fear in which synagogues are desecrated, people are slandered, folks are threatened. I will continue to call upon our friends in Europe to renounce and fight any sign of anti-Semitism in their midst."
[ ]
You'll notice two things here: 1) Bush is conflating negative feelings about Jews, and 'rhetoric,' with actual violent acts and a supposed 'atmosphere' that 'creates' them, thus setting the stage for the legally-required 'monitoring' of all critics of Jewish power and the criminalization of the free speech of these critics, and 2) the redefinition of criticism of Israel or Zionism, making them into just another form of so-called "anti-Semitism," so they, too, can be 'monitored' and eventually criminalized. Both of these are something that Jewish pressure groups worldwide have been pushing hard for recently, and Bush promised to give them exactly what they want.
Meanwhile, at yet another meeting, John Kerry, who is actually of Jewish ancestry himself, tried to out-promise Bush with his protestations of love for Zionism and hatred of any who would criticize Jewish supremacism. At a meeting last month of the crime-linked Jewish spying operation and pressure group, the 'Anti-Defamation League' (ADL) in Washington, Kerry said the following:
"...what ADL stands for is what I would like to fight for. ...And after last week's [OSCE] conference in Berlin, we celebrate 55 countries that came together who have pledged to intensify their efforts to combat anti-Semitism and to spread tolerance. ...And we still know that anti-Semitism, notwithstanding the meeting of 55 countries, has been growing, and demands global leadership in order to stand up against it. ...Across the Atlantic we've seen a new wave of anti-Semitism, masking as anti-Israel sentiment, and it's creeping its way across Europe and the Middle East. ...The people of Israel should also know that for the entire 20 years that I have been in the United States Senate, I'm proud that my commitment to a secure Jewish state has been unwavering; not even by one vote or one letter or one resolution has it wavered. And as president, I can guarantee you that that support and that effort for our ally, a vibrant democracy, will continue. ...The security of Israel is paramount."]
Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot have more than one paramount value. If a certain thing is your highest value, that means that all other things are of lesser or no value. Kerry says "The security of Israel is paramount." Not the security of the United States. Not the security of our children's future. Not the security of Western civilization or its founding race. None of these are paramount to Kerry, or for that matter Bush or any of the bought politicians. The Jewish state alone is paramount. (In one of those coincidences that is simply too funny to have been made up, I note that Kerry's 'liaison with the Jewish community' is a person named Jay Footlik.)
As for Ralph Nader, he himself, like Kerry, is not entirely White (though he's not Jewish) and he cannot be expected to articulate the interests of White Americans. He has approached Middle Eastern issues with more objectivity than Kerry or Bush -- he recently referred to Kerry as "part of the Washington puppet show on the Israeli/Palestinian matter" -- and he would restrict some of the worst abuses of the open-border maniacs for rational economic reasons, but his commitment to multiracialism makes him at best the lesser of three evils. Nader has been endorsed for this reason by Dr. Edward Fields, publisher of The Truth at Last newspaper (Box 1211, Marietta GA 30061), but many other pro-White leaders suggest that the open presence of a partly-Jewish multiracialist Zionist -- Kerry (instead of a Gentile multiracialist Zionist -- Bush, or a Gentile multiracialist -- Nader), would present us with many educational opportunities.
[ ]
And what of that OSCE conference on 'anti-Semitism' to which both Kerry and Bush referred in such glowing terms? Attended by representatives of 55 nations, many of them dependent on US/Zionist favor for their economic survival, it marked the agreement of those governments to 'root out' all criticism of Jews, continue their efforts to criminalize such criticism, and begin the most extensive internal surveillance and spying operation ever known, to be directed against their own citizens suspected of being aware of the issue of Jewish supremacism.
According to the New Jersey Jewish News, at the conference "European governments acknowledged that much of the current anti-Semitism revival hides behind criticism of Israel. ...Several congressional participants praised the work of the conference, but warned that the meeting is only the first step in combating a problem that continues to grow."
One of those US Congressmen attending the event was New Jersey's Republican Representative Chris Smith, who said "When national leaders fail to denounce anti-Semitic violence and slurs, the void is not only demoralizing to the victims, but silence actually enables the wrongdoing. Silence by elected officials in particular conveys approval - or at least acquiescence - and can contribute to a climate of fear and a sense of vulnerability. ...we hope the results of this conference will serve as a blueprint for serious and hopefully bold action. Our words here in Berlin, however, must be repeated at home with frequency, passion, and tenacity and matched - and even exceeded - by deeds."
Laszlo Kovacs, the foreign minister of Hungary, told the OSCE meeting "There can be no tolerance of extremist hate speech. We will not tolerate it in parliament, in meetings, on the streets, squares or football stadiums." By "extremist hate speech" they now mean criticism of Israel, Zionism, or Jewish power. They do not mean and will not punish Jewish supremacists when they declare their hatred of White people or others, nor will they punish the Jewish funding and promotion of policies which are leading directly to genocide of the European race.
Another attendee was Democratic Congressman from Maryland Ben Cardin, who declared "We ended up with a document that acknowledges the importance of national leadership in fighting anti-Semitism, and which commits nations not just to gather information about the problem but to take action based on that."
The article continues: "As a result, OSCE members will share information on the spread of anti-Semitism and 'best practices' for combating it. Member nations agreed to invest in educational and law enforcement programs aimed at reducing hate crimes and to appoint a roving OSCE envoy to help members 'develop specific strategies.'"
Jewish spokesman Mark Levin said of the OSCE meeting "The bottom line is that members states of the OSCE are now committed to monitoring and hopefully implementing programs to counter increasing anti-Semitism..." Levin also said that America must also monitor and 'combat' critics of Jewish power: "It was clear we have a lot to look at in our own backyard, including using education, law enforcement, and the Internet to combat new forms of hatred." With every questioner of Jewish policy now put in the 'anti-Semite' category if Jewish groups so declare, Levin and Foxman are going to be very very busy in the near future.
[ ]
They may have to 'monitor' the halls of Congress. In the U.S. Senate, Senator Ernest Hollings is about to retire -- and from the secure position of never having to worry about reelection again, Mr. Hollings has decided to come clean, at least partially, on the nature of Jewish power in Washington. (By the way, Hollings' designated successor has been chosen by the Democratic Party: Inez Tenenbaum, the Democratic state education superintendent. No more worries about South Carolina Senators spilling the beans for a while, anyway.
[ ] )
Hollings' remarks included the following: "They [the Israeli military] are coming in there [Palestinian refugee camps] with U.S. equipment, U.S. gun helicopters, U.S. tanks that are bulldozing. That is our policy. That is the reason for 9/11. ...I think, frankly, we have caused more terrorism than we have gotten rid of. ...I can tell you no President takes office--I don't care whether it is a Republican or a Democrat--that all of a sudden AIPAC will tell him exactly what the policy is... I don't apologize for this column. I want them to apologize to me for talking about anti-Semitism. They are not getting by with it. ...Now we have killed almost 800, maimed for life thousands of others. Are we going to just continue on?"
[ ]
Good question, Senator Hollings. My question is: Why did it take you dozens of years to tell us the truth about Jewish domination of Washington? Other establishment figures have, perhaps reluctantly and hesitantly, revealed the truth about who has led us into the war: Middle East expert General Anthony Zinni has now stated that the purpose of the war was Israel's security, and that Jewish neocons -- naming Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Richard Perle, and Elliot Abrams -- were the ones pushing for war from the beginning.
[ ]
In parallel with the OSCE efforts in Europe, Jewish efforts to suppress criticism are right now on track to be made into law in the US Congress: H.R.4230 is a bill to "To authorize the establishment within the Department of State of an Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, to require inclusion in annual Department of State reports of information concerning acts of anti-Semitism around the world, and for other purposes."
The bill states that "It is the sense of Congress that-- (1) the United States should continue to vigorously support efforts to combat anti-Semitism worldwide through bilateral relationships and interaction with international organizations such as the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE); (2) the United States delegation to the OSCE conference in Berlin should advocate for the appointment of a High Commissioner on anti-Semitism; (3) the President should direct the United States Ambassador to the United Nations to introduce in the most appropriate forum in the United Nations a measure condemning anti-Semitism; (4) the Secretary of State should establish a permanent office in the Department of State to monitor and combat anti-Semitism; and (5) the Department of State should thoroughly document acts of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic incitement that occur around the world."
[ ]
It does indeed seem that there are meetings, meetings everywhere -- in Berlin, in Washington, in the halls of Congress itself. For the most part, these are meetings of liars and faceless bureaucrats eager to accept Jewish money and keep their jobs by doing what they are told.
Meanwhile, we're having some meetings of our own. Last month, National Alliance members participated in the Institute for Historical Review revisionist conference in Sacramento, which we helped rescue from cowardice and Jewish censorship efforts. Just one week earlier, we held the largest-ever National Alliance Leadership Conference in the newly-constructed William Pierce Memorial Hall in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. And just a few days ago, the New Orleans European-American Conference gathered together Alliance members and supporters, members of other groups, and individual activists from around the world to meet in cooperation in setting lofty goals, putting in place a 'zero tolerance' policy on violence or lawlessness often instigated by provocateurs, and distancing ourselves from irresponsible elements by setting a high moral tone in our efforts to secure a future for White children. The ideas in the New Orleans Protocol, as it is called, are those that the National Alliance has been promoting for years. The New Orleans Protocol will have historic significance as we advance toward our vision: a nation for White people, where the government is responsible to us alone, where our interests -- and not the interests of a foreign nation like Israel -- come first.


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