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Making the Future Ours

American Dissident Voices broadcast
May 29, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. On today's broadcast I'll be telling you about the new issue of National Vanguard magazine that's just being printed as I speak, and I'll be broadcasting the speech I'm making today at the historic David Duke homecoming and European-American conference being held in New Orleans.
First, though, I want to talk about the commercials for our news site,, which you heard on last week's show. Many of you have written in to ask about getting a CD or a CD-quality sound file of these professional commercials to use in your own audio productions or to put on the air on commercial radio stations. So we've made these commercials available as high-fidelity CD-quality mp3 files for anyone who wants to download them and use them to promote our site: Just visit the following url to download the files:

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Representative Duke, Mr. Chairman, Mr. Tyndall, Mr. Fromm, ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for the honor of your invitation and for the distinct pleasure of being allowed to address you today.
Back in the days when New York was Irish, a big burly Irishman was applying for a post as keeper at the Bronx Zoo. As he filled out the application, he came to the question: "What is rabies, and what can you do about it?"
The applicant thought for a moment and then wrote: "Rabies is Jewish priests and you can't do anything about it."
Well, by God, if anybody can do something about it -- and I mean the tyranny of Jewish supremacist power -- it's the men and women in this room today, many of you I'm proud to call my friends and comrades.
It's an honor to be asked to speak to you on such a day of victory. For it is a day of victory. It's a day of victory for David Duke, who has regained his freedom, resumed and indeed quickened his stride, and rededicated his life to the cause of his people. It's also a day of victory for my fellow National Alliance member Mr. Jamie Kelso who, along with Mr. Duke and his staff, has with amazing energy gathered here in just a few weeks' time an assembly of men and women far exceeding in size and in potential for future action that of many political organizations who labor for months on similar projects. A tremendous accomplishment, and, most importantly, one done with consummate professionalism. I'm reminded of what Mr. Kelso and Drahomir Stojkovic and other Alliance members did in one week's time in Sacramento last month to help rescue an important revisionist conference that the original organizer had given up on after Jewish censorship efforts caused the hall to cancel. There's a new spirit of trust and of cooperation and energy that is animating us, ladies and gentlemen. That's what I mean by a day of victory.
And this new spirit, this new energy, is precisely what our enemies have been laboring to prevent. When William Pierce died in 2002, and shortly thereafter there began the political prosecutions of pro-White activists initiated by the Chertoff gang in the Justice Department, the enemies of our racial survival simultaneously began a smear and rumor campaign like nothing I've ever seen before in my twenty years in this Cause of ours. I was a victim, as was the Chairman of the National Alliance, Erich Gliebe, and the Alliance itself. Almost three decades ago there was a similar smear campaign which some of you may remember called 'Deguello,' the name of which was an inside joke at whatever agency was behind the smears, since the word implies 'beheading,' and a beheading of White people's leadership was what was wanted. In the 1970s, of course, 'Deguello' had to propagate itself via the US mail and photocopy machines -- with the advent of the Internet, this kind of slander program goes worldwide overnight. The purpose of the latest campaign is the same as the old -- to impugn the reputations of successful pro-White leaders and organizations and shake the White public's faith in them. Just the other day, right before David's release from his political imprisonment, a barrage of unbelievably filthy and patently impossible accusations against him began to be circulated on the Internet by the Usual Suspects.
Although, sadly, there are a few people who are taken in by such disinformation campaigns, and some have been frightened off by these politically motivated prosecutions, the overall result is this:
By the fires of their persecution, they have made us stronger; they have annealed our spirits and amplified our determination to bring these criminals and subversive aliens to justice. By their acts of gross injustice, they have removed the hobbyists and the blowhards from our ranks, for the slightest twinge of fear or intimation of real sacrifice sends such people running for the exits like tumbleweeds in a hurricane.
And through their disinformation campaigns, they have exposed their dupes and agents among us, for who else but a fool or an enemy would traffic in such filth. In ever-increasing numbers White patriots are turning away from those whose stock in trade is attacks and rumor-mongering directed at fellow Whites. Just like their attacks on Mel Gibson, these attacks on White leaders have had the opposite effect from what the Jewish supremacists intended: They have shown us who is genuine, who is worthy of trust. And we're going forward from there.
And we're going forward into a very changed world. The position of the Jewish supremacists relative to us is changing -- reversing, really. In the eyes of people worldwide, including Whites in Europe and an increasing number in America, Jews are losing their carefully-cultivated victim image and are exchanging it for a well-deserved tyrant image. As their Zionist project in the Middle East inexorably collapses, they become more and more desperate to use their huge but waning power over Whites to crush what they see as their greatest threats at the moment: Arab revolt and White awakening.
But as they foment war in the Middle East and slaughter the hapless Palestinians, and as they push for ever more draconian speech and thoughtcrime laws in the West, they are beginning to lose the sympathy of their cannon fodder and cash cows: the long-deluded White people are reaching a saturation point, a limit beyond which no amount of Fox News or Jerry Falwell will keep them rooting for war, keep them believing that Jews are a poor, helpless, persecuted minority deserving of infinite sympathy and protection, or keep them smiling while another Constitutional right goes down the drain.
True, another arranged 9/11-style attack might keep things moving in the direction they'd like, but even that technique has its limitations and it cannot be overused or the chaos and rage released might eventually find its proper target.
And their desperation is showing. Their attack on Mel Gibson was a complete miscalculation, completely over the top. If they'd just kept their censor-happy mouths shut, very few moviegoers would have drawn any 'anti-Semitic' conclusions from the Aramaic dialogue showing what the Jewish leadership supposedly did 2000 years ago. But after the intense anti-Gibson campaign all over the controlled media, every single person in those thousands of showings in thousands of theatres around the world not only knew what the Jewish priests of two millennia ago were saying, subtitles or no subtitles, but they knew that the Jewish groups of today were desperate to censor that part of the film, silence Mel Gibson, and punish him severely if he could not be silenced. And the Jews did this in a way guaranteed to be both memorable and deeply offensive to fundamentalist, traditionalist Christians -- the one non-Jewish group that has been their biggest cheerleader for Zionism. They've lost it. The mask is starting to drop.
Just a little over a month ago in the Toronto Star we saw an editorial by a prominent Jewish activist attorney, Alan Young. Mr. Young begins his editorial by specifically mentioning the National Alliance, William Pierce, Jim Keegstra, and Ernst Zündel as examples of "haters," and then he goes on to openly advocate torture and Clockwork Orange-style mental reprogramming for "haters." Here are his words:
"It is bizarre that criminal justice officials try to do more to change the belief and behavior of johns charged with prostitution than they do with the Ernst Zündels and Jim Keegstras of the world. Just as some cancers require invasive surgery, the hate crime needs intrusive measures. The usual 'out of sight, out of mind' approach to modern punishment just won't work in this case. For crimes of extreme stupidity we need Clockwork Orange justice, strapping the hate criminal into a chair for an interminable period and keeping his eyes wide open with metal clamps so he cannot escape from an onslaught of cinematic imagery carefully designed to break his neurotic attachment to self-induced intellectual impairment. In the context of hate crime, I do have some regrets that we have a constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. I don't think coercive persuasion or deprogramming is necessarily cruel, but as a state sanction it is unusual. However, if the crime is unique, the sanctions should be also. Simply dishing out more prison time or a larger fine is a dead end. We need a punishment that can kick-start a brain."
Ladies and gentlemen, he wants to keep your eyes held open with metal clamps while he tortures you with shocking imagery to brainwash you. And Alan Young is not alone. In the US, an even more high-profile Jewish attorney and social activist, Alan Dershowitz, has openly called for the legalization of torture, with the argument that we're doing it anyway, so why not make it legal and open and accountable. He's even called for the creation of a new kind of legal document, the 'torture warrant.' Now Dershowitz advocated legalized torture for the first time a little over two years ago. You'd think that in the wake of the Iraqi POW torture scandal horrors he might have backed off a little -- but no. He now says of torture
"I think Americans want us to do it smarter, want us to do it better. We could have done it a lot smarter. ...If we were to limit our rough interrogation methods to the most important, high-value detainees," few would complain. "Nobody is complaining about what we have done to Shaikh Khalid Mohammed... It's a good thing to use women interrogators on radical Muslim extremists, I think it's a good thing to make them be stripped naked. I think these are legitimate forms of interrogation in cases where we have high-level prisoners who can provide high-level information."
Dershowitz, by the way, is a Harvard law professor. He adds "If someone asked me to draft the statute, I would say, 'Try buying them off', then use threats, then truth serum, and then if you came to a last recourse, non-lethal pain, a sterilized needle under the nail to produce excruciating pain. You would need a judge signing off on that." What does he mean by threats? According to Wayne Madsden, a former US intelligence officer, that means coercion -- and coercion is not quite torture and, according to Dershowitz, wouldn't actually require a warrant under his 'torture warrant' system: It "includes exposure to heat or cold, sleep deprivation, standing for days, sitting in excruciating discomfort, keeping detainees wet and playing on their fears through threats of death, rape or harm to their family. It leaves no permanent physical marks." Since Abu Ghraib, everyone knows the increasingly Israeli-like US military is doing this anyway. Two years ago Dershowitz admitted we're doing it anyway, he just wants it formalized and legalized. Alan Young wants it applied to Americans and Canadians who think forbidden thoughts, like Ernst Zundel and National Alliance members.
[ ]
These are not the acts of people confident in their power and assured of victory. These are the acts of desperate thugs who know the game is up and who are lashing out at perceived enemies in every direction. Most importantly, these and a thousand other Zionist crimes against the innocent happening every day are not the acts of a persecuted minority group deserving of special protection. And everyone can see that. The cosmic wheel is turning on the Jewish supremacists, and they are going to be increasingly perceived as the powerful, evil, and genocidal oppressors that they actually are. They are going to be perceived that way, not only by extreme right 'racists' but by people all across the spectrum of political opinion. They are starting to be seen as genocidal killers, not only by dispossessed Palestinians but by African nationalists, Asian prime ministers, French diplomats, British aristocrats, Greek composers, American chess champions, and by untold thousands who know the truth but haven't yet spoken out. The time is fast approaching when the words Zionist, Israeli, and Jew will have more of a cachet of evil than the words 'bigot' or 'racist' or 'hater' do today.
The tables are turning and we need to take advantage of that. White people are the victims of these criminals just as much as the Palestinians are. Never let these vicious thugs cast themselves as saint-like victims again. And never help them cast us as the vicious thugs.
We can win this. But as we take advantage of the tables turning, and as much as our innocents are indeed victims of Jewish supremacism, we must not make the mistake of adopting a defensive, conservative, victim mindset.
Not long before he died, Dr. William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance talked to me about what had made the Alliance endure while many other pro-White organizations have come on the scene, made a big splash, and then disappeared in the last 34 years. He explained that one of the secrets of the Alliance's success and longevity is that we are not conservatives, politically or in spirit. We are not just holding the pass against change initiated by others, with no more vision than to stop them. We are not and never have been satisfied with slowing the progress of an advancing enemy, satisfied that he advanced only a mile instead of ten miles today, so we can go home and relax. No. We have a vision. We have a goal.
That goal is White living space. A nation of European people living under our own government, answerable to no one but us. White self-determination. No pretended morality, no comfortable status quo, no small victory in slowing down our enemies can deter us from relentlessly pursuing that goal.
Even achieving White living space will not slow us down. Just as we must secure physical space for the life of our people, so also we must secure our people's future. We must reverse the dysgenic trends that have weakened us and made us easy prey for our enemies. We must remake our educational system into a fit vehicle for preparing our children for their future roles in our great new nation. We must advance on all fronts, not just to protect ourselves from enemies but to realize the destiny that can be ours if we will only seize it. By keeping that vision constantly before us, by doing nothing which would endanger it and everything which will to bring it to victory, we can and will win a new and unimaginably beautiful world for our children.
And I think we're seeing part of that vision come to fruition now. When an award-winning poet contributes her work to National Vanguard, we're making an impact. When Alliance spokesmen are quoted practically every week -- and sometimes several times a day -- on the major newswires, we're making progress. When establishment authors write to me privately and say they agree with us, and even contribute some pieces to us, we're making progress. When our news outlet has higher ratings than many establishment newspaper sites, and higher ratings than the Anti-Defamation League or the Republican or Democratic party Web sites, even in a hotly-contested election year, we're making progress.
Refusing to be fooled by disinformation efforts or intimidated by fear -- and by keeping our vision of White living space and racial progress constantly before us and by never giving up -- we can be the lever and the fulcrum and the force that overturns the world -- that rights the world -- that transforms the alien, ugly prison world that our enemies have erected into a world of light, beauty, and progress -- the world that we want and dream of day and night.
Edward Fitzgerald said "The moving finger writes; and, having writ, / Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit / Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, / Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it." We cannot restore the past. But we can, ladies and gentlemen, make the future. And when we start to do that, they will not be able cancel half a line. Thank you for listening.

* * *

Our feature article in the newest issue of National Vanguard magazine, number 123, is 'The Silent Coup' by contributing editor Justin Cowgill, a former editor for the Russian news service and an American expatriate currently living in Russia. Mr. Cowgill explores the history of Vladimir Putin's accession to power and his battle against the Jewish oligarchs. No other writer has the insights and on-the-ground knowledge of what is really going on in Russia that Justin Cowgill has, and his encyclopedic analysis of the real forces behind the coup that has ousted the Jewish oligarchs from power will surprise and enlighten you.
In 'The Crime Gene,' National Vanguard's popular humorist, writer, and editor Ben Parker takes a fictional and funny look at the violent underclass that makes modern America such an ugly and dangerous place.
In our Forum section, you'll read letters from readers on the anthrax murders, the ethics of multiracialism, Eastern European attitudes towards Jews, and much more.
In his 'News from the Homelands' column, contributing editor Mark Cotterill brings us European news: HIV in Scotland, demographic disaster in England, nationalist advances in France and Italy, and much more.
Columnist Bob Whitaker debunks the mythology of the so-called "Greatest Generation" -- the World War II generation which threw away America's White Western heritage for a multiracialist pottage; and he also discusses how some 'very special' groups in our society are above criticism.
In his 'Postscripts' section, Revilo P. Oliver writes on 'Douglas Reed and The Controversy of Zion' -- an important anti-Zionist writer several of whose books are newly available again -- 'Face-to-Face With George Wallace,' and 'The Mistaken Path,' a discussion of the errors that conservatives made when they failed to ally themselves with science and reason.
In our books section, Ben Parker looks at the failed legacy of school 'integration' in 'A Half Century of Brown,' and new reviewer Will Lambert's 'The Tip of an Antenna' looks at Metamorphosis: The Impact of Third World Immigration on American Culture.
All that and more is yours in the best issue yet of our flagship publication.
A single copy of National Vanguard magazine may be obtained for $5 postpaid in the US and Canada, $8 elsewhere. Please specify issue number 123 when you write. A six-issue subscription is only $18 in the US, $26 in Canada, and $36 worldwide. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. Or you may order online at or
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.



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