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Taking the High Ground

American Dissident Voices broadcast
April 17, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


The Jewish media have created a cartoon-like caricature of racially-conscious White people, and, along with a lot of other fantasies they promote in their media, they've managed to make it stick in the minds of millions -- with our help. It's my proposal that we stop helping them.
Their cartoon version of the racially conscious White man or woman usually falls into one of two categories: a borderline-retarded bigot barely able to write his own name, whose personal failings and ignorance make him hate and envy 'The Other' and whose primitive urges make him want to engage in torture and murder for sport; or an 'evil mastermind' filled with hate and a twisted desire for power over others, who manipulates the defectives in category one to do his bidding.
Never mind that this caricature was an inversion of reality -- the racially conscious Whites of America included virtually all of its founding fathers to its greatest artists, inventors, industrialists, and statesmen for almost 200 years in an America in which racial mixing was illegal and White racial integrity was thereby protected, non-White entry severely restricted, and naturalization limited strictly to Whites. White racialism was a philosophy that permeated all classes of White society, one might even say especially the culture-bearing and leadership strata. But never mind that. By the early 20th century, Jews were already the gatekeepers of the American mass media, and their twisted picture of racialist Whites began to take root in the minds of the people. Over and over again, literally for generations, the media fed us tales in which the well-groomed, articulate, kind, and handsome movie hero was 'horrified' by 'prejudice' -- and the racially-conscious White character was crass, self-seeking, ugly, cruel, petty, and criminal -- and this had a profound effect on the fashion- and image-conscious public. They began to have a sense that 'the best people' were all believers in racial equality, and that only the primitive or the consciously evil gave expression to any kind of White racial consciousness.
And that caricature had three other effects, too, ones that hit us very close to home: effects on our side.
The first such effect was that some good people thought that the only way they could resist multiracialism was by conforming to the image -- or joining groups that conformed to the image -- of the hate-filled crazies they saw on their television screens. In a sense, one can hardly blame them: they saw no other manifestations of resistance, so they joined what they thought was the only game in town, even if they had reservations about some of what they saw. So, with more passion than sense, they put on the black or brown uniforms or flowing white robes of 50 or 100 years ago and began a kind of revolutionary play-acting that was either instantly repellent or sadly pathetic to the very people the White resistance needed to attract: healthy, productive, intelligent White men and women. You could say that it was revolutionary play-acting that guaranteed they're wouldn't be any real revolution. This problem still cripples much of the White resistance.
The second effect was even worse, and it too has a terrible and continuing debilitating, demoralizing, and destructive effect on us. The media characterization of pro-White people as cruel sadists -- people who enjoy torturing the helpless and killing the innocent and putting their cigarettes out in little orphan's eyes and the like -- unfortunately caused some people who really are that way, anti-social head cases who actually do get pleasure from hurting others and outraging decent folks, to think they could find a home in our ranks. And some groups nominally on our side tolerate or even encourage such pathologies to swell their minuscule membership ranks. And our mission and our race suffer as a result: How many hundreds of thousands of potential members and supporters have been driven away every time some supposed 'White supremacist' commits a foolish crime of violence or moronically calls for murder or genocide? The good people who mistakenly bought into the 'hater' stereotype because it was 'the only game in town' can be shown that there is a better way, and they will accept that better way. But the anti-social outcasts probably cannot change. It is the pathological aspects of the Jewish caricature that attracted them in the first place. We must, by our words and by our appearance and by our actions, make it clear that our Cause is not a hiding place for the dysfunctional with no place else to go, nor is it a playground for those with an animus against all organized society. Seriously defective people are dangerous to all of us and are crippling to our mission, and should be firmly shown the door.
The third effect was that, as the media caricature began to influence reality, and as pro-White people and groups were themselves unconsciously influenced by it, it caused a tremendous loss in credibility for our media, and an increase in credibility for the dominant Jewish media. When some disturbed person starts shooting up a day care center or screaming 'death to the Jews' in person at the local mall or in 50-point type on the Internet, the message the White public gets is this: "What the ADL and Dan Rather have been telling me is true; White racists are dangerous lunatics who need to be locked up for the good of us all, and it goes without saying we shouldn't listen to their rantings. And what the National Alliance has been telling me about the thousands of decent White men and women who want a secure future for our race must be just propaganda -- after all, just look at what just happened with those killings and violence, look at the crazy genocidal things that guy is publishing. Get involved with that? Forget it!"
Forget it. Forget it. Forget it... those two words repeated again and again by five hundred thousand pairs of White people's lips and across ten thousand pages of small type is the legacy of the failed approach, the approach shaped by our enemies' caricature of what they wanted us to be, and which too many of us actually became.
It feels good to win. It's sometimes necessary to visualize victory to energize ourselves and point ourselves in the right direction. Fantasizing through fiction or through speculation about the future can be beneficial. But you cannot win by non-stop fantasizing about winning. And as our pro-White outreach evolves from small in-house newsletters, reaching a few hundred people a couple of dozen times a year, to a physical and electronic media operation on an international scale, reaching tens of thousands -- and ultimately millions -- of people every day, self-indulgent public fantasizing can be very harmful to our mission.
We need to turn the chorus of 'forget it' into an even larger chorus of 'sign me up.' Actually, we're already doing that, and we need to continue to do it on an ever-larger scale. Growing in numbers and capabilities and human and monetary resources is our best defense against oppression and the only guarantee of winning our rightful place in the future. And the only way we can do that is by following the course pioneered by Dr. William Pierce when he broke away from the so-called movement and made the National Alliance uniquely suited to be the instrument of our people's destiny. Our Chairman Erich Gliebe was right when he responded to an interviewer's questions this way:
"Recently a reporter from Newsweek interviewed me at length. She was working on a story about the supposed void of leadership in the so-called 'White power movement,' which was, she said, due to the passing of Dr. Pierce, and the incarceration of activists David Duke and Matt Hale. I explained to her that the National Alliance was a mainstream organization, and not part of any 'White power movement.' I informed her that the Alliance leadership was solid and we have more members now than we did at the time of Dr. Pierce's death. Of course, this was not what she wanted to hear. So she decided to use none of my comments in her article."
[ ]
Now Mr. Gliebe may have missed out that time on being quoted in an unremittingly hostile article, but he took the right approach, and ten media citations of us saying the right thing are worth a hundred or a thousand or maybe even an infinite number of media citations of us saying the wrong thing.
The word 'mainstream' -- in the sense that Chairman Gliebe used it -- means literally in the main stream of evolving higher Western thought. He did not mean 'mainstream' in the sense of 'average,' or 'dominant,' or 'popular.' In the sense that he meant it, the racially progressive view of the Alliance is very much in the mainstream, in fact in the vanguard of the mainstream -- and the sick, degenerate, and insanely twisted views of the Jewish supremacist establishment and its pseudo-equalitarian followers are just as far out of the mainstream as the most extreme cult.
Now there are distinct dangers involved in reclaiming our ground as the true mainstream representatives of the interests of White people. One such danger is that, in an effort to broaden our appeal, some of us may be tempted to abandon essentials because they are 'too controversial.' Their view is that we must change our principles and become mainstream. Such a view is completely wrong-headed. The National Alliance doesn't need to become mainstream by changing ourselves. The National Alliance is in the vanguard of the main stream of Western thought right now, and we must walk the narrow and difficult path of maintaining our principles unchanged and unsullied while presenting ourselves in a way which casts aside and consistently contradicts the stereotypes and caricatures that the controlled media have created. In every word we speak, in every publication and article we issue, in every flyer we distribute, in every interview we give, we must be the living embodiment of the precise opposite of that Jewish stereotype.
We must utilize our best-educated and literate members in crafting our printed materials. Our most quick-thinking, well-favored, well-mannered, and articulate members must be those who appear for us in the media and in every public venue. All of our publications should be perfect -- better than the publications of the dominant media, whenever possible -- in both writing and technical quality. We should not use self-referential 'movement' lingo which marks us as part of a marginalized subculture. We should strive for objectivity and fairness when setting the record straight about the dangers to our people. It is not necessary to express hostility through an excessively polemical style -- bring people to a realization of the truth by irrefutable and documented facts, and when they see the plight of their race, nation, and family, believe me -- they will feel as passionate as you do. Express your passion in accomplishments and dedication, not empty threats or fantasies of vengeance. Personal excellence in everything we do should be our watchword. People follow those who lead by good example more than those who try to lead with empty bravado.
And, in doing all this, we must never back down on our essential principles of racial integrity and progress and White living space, and we must never lose sight of who our people are: the peoples of Europe and their directly-descended kindred stock in other countries like the United States. Though every White nationality could use a good dose of eugenics, including my own, we must never fall into the trap of infighting among fellow Whites along subracial or national fault lines. If a person is of entirely European descent and could be accepted at sight as a White native in Vladivostok or Vilnius or Verona or Vienna, and he accepts our values and will add his efforts to ours, we would be very foolish indeed to turn him away because his ancestors were born 'too close' to the Urals or the Mediterranean or fought on the 'wrong side' in Ireland or the Boer War. The days for such foolishness are long past.
Since the Jewish power structure is the primary enemy of White survival, we will never make the fatal error made by other groups of accepting those who are killing us as just another variety of White people, which they surely are not. Even the most sincere defector from the Jewish establishment, though he may deserve support and sympathy and his case may merit our most urgent attention, can never join us because he is not one of us.
In short, ladies and gentlemen, we must reclaim the moral high ground which is rightfully ours. Our positions on the evolution of our kind, on the inequalities of nature and of race, and on the requirements for our people's survival are true and our enemies positions are based on lies. Our enemies are increasingly exposed as the masters of death and genocide that they have always been. We are men of peace and men of justice. The way we would order the world is the only sane way, the only way out of the multiracialist/Zionist trap of racial violence, hatred, cultural annihilation and genocide, the only way to light and progress and scientific advancement and racial health. We do hold the moral high ground. Let's start acting like it.
The truth and promise of the Alliance's message is like the brightest, most scintillating diamond ever known, lit up from within with our people's ancient fires built on the cold and dark hills at the end of the great Ice Age which gave us birth, and illuminated from without by reflections from the million suns of our brilliant future in the stars.
But our ancient enemy has covered our shining diamond with his slime and mud for more than two generations, and our own people have lost sight of it and mistake it for a dirty stone. Like the Palestinian children in their hopeless battle against Israeli tanks with their rocks and bricks, some of our people think our best shot is to cast that dirty stone at Sumner Redstone's passing limousine with a curse and a sneer.
But that would be throwing away our beautiful diamond. That would be losing what is probably our only chance of guiding our people by its bright light held high, and using it as a knife and a chisel to remake the world -- as a knife to cut down the edifice of lies and illusions that enslave the hearts and minds of our people -- and as a chisel to build a new civilization that will reach the stars reflected in its infinite facets of sparkling white.

* * *

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Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.



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