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Welcome to the Ruins

American Dissident Voices broadcast
February 28, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Two more young White people are dead. Dead at the hands of a Black criminal. Dead on the watch of a police department that has its hands tied when dealing with Black and other non-White crime. Dead at the hands of a city government totally controlled by non-Whites. Dead at the hands of a people in the grip of the insane quasi-religion of racial equality. And dead at the hands of the media, who promote and sustain the multiracialist, anti-White insanity that not only killed these two young White people, but is killing all of us -- killing us physically and literally, from the slimy alleys of Detroit where these two young people fell, to the green veld of southern Africa where thousands of Whites have fallen without a word of protest or outrage from the masters of outrage in New York and Hollywood. Matthew Bowens and Jennifer Fettig, both officers of the Detroit police department, are dead in the line of duty.
Matthew Bowens wanted to do what was right in this world. He was a young White man from Michigan who wanted to be a police officer and 'get the bad guys.' He achieved his dream. In the year 2000, immediately after graduating from high school, he entered the police academy. When he was recently accepted as a Detroit police officer, he went back to his alma mater, Lincoln Park High School, in uniform to show his old teachers and neighborhood that he had made good. Scott Tocco, an assistant principal at Lincoln Park, remembers that day. Bowens especially wanted to show off his new badge to Tocco, since he had worked for Tocco as an office assistant for two years as a student at the school. During that time, Bowens and he often discussed his future career. When Bowens came back to show off his badge, Tocco told him "You have a tough job ahead of you."
Tocco's words were an understatement. There were moments of triumph in Matthew Bowen's short career. Known as plucky and cheerful in the face of danger, his comrades called him 'the life of the precinct.' A fellow officer praised his abilities: "He'd spot things out there for being so young that would amaze me. He really liked getting the bad guy." Bowens once climbed a fire escape at a school, bravely entering an upper floor window to stop a burglary in progress. He tapped the burglar on the shoulder as he was backing towards the window with a computer in his arms. "The guy dropped the computer, and Matt carried him down the fire escape."
A few moments of triumph. But they all came to an end a few days ago in a pool of blood and a sleep from which 21-year-old Matthew Bowens will never awaken.
Matthew Bowen's partner and fellow young officer was a woman, 26-year-old Jennifer Fettig. What made this young White woman want to be a police officer? Was it a desire to do what was right and fight what was wrong in our society? Probably. Was it the media portrayals of 'strong women' capable of doing anything a man could do? Was it Jerry Bruckheimer-produced gore-and-guns-and-glamour urban crime dramas on her television and movie screens? I don't know. I do know that the young girl from upstate Petoskey, Michigan was said to have 'craved the action of the city streets.' At one point in her short police career, she was assigned the special events detail, but said she found the work 'boring.' She asked to be returned to the bloody streets of Detroit, specifically requesting the midnight shift. On that midnight shift the Monday after Valentine's Day, her life was ended by a Black gunman.
In the early morning hours of Monday, February 16th, 2004, Bowens and Fettig were patrolling one of the Blackest and most dangerous areas of one of the Blackest and most dangerous cities in North America, the 4th (Fort-Green) precinct of Detroit, Michigan. About 2:00 AM, Bowens and Fettig stopped a 1989 dark blue GMC Sierra pickup truck on Gilbert, north of Michigan Avenue, the driver of which had been seen soliciting a prostitute shortly before. A witness on the scene said that, as the police car entered the street, shouts of "The cops! The cops!" were heard and tires screeched as the truck accelerated quickly away with its headlights off. The truck's driver, a 23-year-old Black male named Eric L. Marshall did not escape, however, and was stopped by Fettig and Bowens. One of the officers asked Marshall for his driver's license, which he produced. The officer took the license back to the police car, probably to run a routine check on Marshall.
Both White officers were seated in their vehicle when the Black got out of his truck, walked toward the passenger side of the police cruiser, pulled out a .40-caliber pistol, and opened fire, hitting Jennifer Fettig at least twice, once in the head. Marshall then retreated into the darkness, to a fence line where he could see but not be seen. Officer Matthew Bowens radioed for help -- "Officer down." Those were the last words he would ever say. He got out of the police car and was just a few feet away from it when Marshall began firing again, striking Bowens nine times and leaving him lying face down in a pool of his own blood, running in a red stream from the car to his body fifteen feet away. Marshall came back to take Bowens' gun -- leaving his driver's license in the police cruiser -- and then fled to his own home, the address of which was printed on the forgotten license.
With nine gunshot wounds and huge losses of blood, Bowens died at the scene. Miss Fettig was discovered in a coma, her bloodied head leaning back against her seat. Her family was flown in by police helicopter from upstate Petoskey. Both Matthew and Jennifer were pronounced dead at Henry Ford Hospital, though Jennifer held on to life for twelve grueling hours.
It wasn't hard for the police to find the not-too-brilliant Eric L. Marshall, who came right home to the address printed on the license he left behind.
[ ]
The officers who arrived later on the scene found an empty magazine and "at least" twenty-two spent cartridge casings lying in the street. We know that Jennifer was hit at least twice and Matthew was hit nine times. Although some earlier reports said it wasn't clear, later stories report that neither Bowens nor Fettig returned fire. That, I think, is very significant. In cities all across America, White policemen are in fear of prosecution and imprisonment if they use force against Blacks, who cry 'racism' at the slightest provocation. They cry 'racism' because they know the Jewish-owned media will back them up. They cry 'racism' because it often works in getting charges against them dropped or reduced. They cry 'racism' because it sometimes garners the criminals multi-million dollar civil awards from the mostly- or all-Black juries which dominate our major cities' court systems. Police departments, ever following the dictates of Political Correctness imposed upon them by the mass media and the candidates the mass media allow to be elected, have increased rules and regulations governing the circumstances under which an officer may use his gun without facing punishment. In the racially-polarized war zones that our cities have become, White officers are especially reluctant to use deadly force. I believe that this is the most likely explanation for the failure of Jennifer or Matthew to return fire.
Another White Detroit officer, Police Commander Charles Barbieri, who knew both Jennifer and Matthew since their early days on the force, said "This is very personal. Two officers getting shot in the street in the middle of the night. And for what?" For what, indeed, Commander Barbieri? For allowing our cities to be taken over by savages and apologists for savages. For accepting the damnable lie of racial equality as the truth. For allowing our country to be ruled by aliens instead of doing the hard work needed to ensure that we and our descendants remain in possession of this country. For allowing a once-beautiful place to be reduced to bloody ruins where semi-human predators kill almost at will. That's "for what," Commander Barbieri -- though I suspect you knew that already.
The Black criminal's lack of intelligence showed itself again two days later when he was arraigned. At first he seemed to be admitting his part in the crime when he told the court, "Tell them I'm sorry. It was a mistake." Then he pleaded not guilty. Perhaps the thought eventually penetrated his thick skull that firing twenty-two shots almost continuously at two police officers who have arrived in a police cruiser and identified themselves would be extremely difficult to characterize as a 'mistake.'
[ ]
But it doesn't much matter that Eric Marshall is a stupid killer, even though his stupidity made him very easy to apprehend. It doesn't matter because the biomass that produced him is maintained by the mostly-White taxpayers of the United States, and that biomass produces Eric Marshalls at such an accelerating rate that even if they all turned themselves in after their next crime, we couldn't build prisons fast enough to hold them. Even the Detroit Free Press, once a major newspaper with reasonably high standards of writing, has fallen so low that one of their reporters wrote that Marshall had accidentally "left his identity" in the police cruiser -- and not a single proofreader caught the mistake. That's 'affirmative action' and Detroit's biomass in action.
[ ]
It also doesn't matter that many of the Blacks of Detroit don't like the Eric Marshalls of their city any more than we do. It doesn't matter that some of them even volunteered their own African-American church for the memorial service for the slain White officers in a show of sympathy. That doesn't matter because, no matter how sympathetic and sincere they are, the average cultural and intellectual level of their race guarantees that the carnage will continue no matter what the intentions of the race's more evolved and less violent members. It doesn't matter because forced multiracialism always results in racial violence and hatred and resentment -- and, with the aid of the billionaire Jewish media elite always pounding the lie of White 'oppression' into everyone's heads, that resentment is shared by millions of Blacks, like the one who wrote about the killings on a Detroit Internet discussion forum:
"A 21 year old YT [White] male pig in Detroit (Eminiem country)? At last count Detroit was 12.26% 'White', 81.55% African American. Plenty of Aas [African Americans] apply to be Detroit police, but are rejected because of the detection of cannabinol in their bodies. (The substance is detectable up to 70 days after use.) So there are ego-tripping 21 year olds [like Bowens] with their god-complex mentality dominating the brothers and sisters. Although the shooter was morally wrong, I sympathize. Those police weren't following standard procedure (for some reason) and didn't call in the stop. When the Detroit PD looks like Detroit ( > 70% African American) then the people and police will behave better. Until then..... 2 down, thousands more to go."
[ ]
The Detroit police used to be mostly White -- as that writer seems to think they still are -- but the latest statistics show the department is 64 per cent. Black. And the chief of police is Black. And both assistant chiefs are Black. And the mayor of Detroit is also Black. But still that's not enough. Still, many Blacks on the streets feel oppressed by media-fed illusions of 'White racism' to the extent that they'll sympathize with the cop-killer and say 'two down, thousands more to go.'
Detroit is the all-too-real result of the philosophy of multiracialism. Detroit is a city of violence and death. And Detroit -- once a grand jewel of America, with magnificent architecture and culture and a bright future -- is now a city in ruins, a city spiraling down into a Haiti-like non-White chaos.
[ ]
Eighty-eight per cent. of Detroit's population is now non-White, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. The non-White percentage is even higher in the city center, where it approaches totality. In 1930, Detroit had a larger population than it does today, and that population was 92 per cent. White. Today the homicide rate is almost ten times as high as it was in 1930 -- and that's just the killings that are actually reported to the untrusted authorities in the Hell that the city has become. I urge each and every one of you with Internet access to view the powerful Internet essay 'The Ruins of Detroit' on Detroit today resembles nothing so much as the ruins of a past civilization, with its grand marble edifices now the crumbling and vacant-windowed toilets and squatting places of savages who could never understand the spirit of the fair-skinned, clear-eyed men who built them.
[ ]
What is the solution to the tragic deaths of Jennifer Fettig and Matthew Bowens? Black police chief Bully-Cummings says "We've got to get these illegal guns off the streets." It's not the guns, chief Cummings. It's the creatures who are carrying them.
[ ]
At a memorial service for the slain Whites, family members and fellow officers called for a reinstatement of the death penalty in the state, at least for the killers of police officers.
[ ] Some even proposed that they call it the Bowens-Fettig Law. I am sorry to say that giving the corrupt government and all-Black juries the power to execute those suspects who are caught is unlikely to change things in any significant way. The violent, impulsive nature of the African race will not be much deterred by distant and uncertain death, which is always close at hand for them anyway. The non-White juries will be unlikely to impose such a penalty on a fellow oppressed and misunderstood 'brother' in any case. And no law, no matter how well-crafted, will change the huge breeding colony of vice and violence into anything other than what it is -- because the average genetic quality of the cells in that breeding colony are what they are and no law can change that.
In one six-day period in January, 18 people were killed -- later upped to 21 in one week.
[ ]
One day this month, twelve were killed in twelve hours. Detroit Police Cmdr. Craig Schwartz, when interviewed by the media, said the police would do their best to catch the killers -- but then, in a near-admission of powerlessness, he shrugged his shoulders and said "What can you say?" What can you say? That's just the way it is in a place like Detroit.
[ ]
Detroit is not only hemorrhaging blood, it is also hemorrhaging money. It is certain to be bankrupt soon and will be begging Washington -- and therefore White taxpayers -- for a bailout.
Detroit is also set to be the host of the 2005 All-Star Game and the 2006 Super Bowl, and the Black mayor is desperate lest the violent reputation of Detroit turn his anticipated profits into dead losses.
[ ]
But the mayor himself, Kwame Kilpatrick, isn't doing much to bolster the city's reputation. He recently sent a letter to a judge pleading for lenience for a friend of his, convicted drug-ring money-launderer Keith Stallworth. The mayor described the drug gang's money man as a "highly ethical" and "spiritual" individual who had a "profound love of family," a "deep commitment to his community" and a firm belief that "one individual can affect change." The mayor said he was proud to have "worked closely" with Stallworth. Of course, I haven't followed this drug case, so it may be that Stallworth is indeed "highly ethical" -- by Detroit standards, anyway. [ ]
What is to be done? I would certainly encourage each of you to use whatever influence you have to prevent any taxpayer bailout of Detroit. We should not allow the surviving Whites of this country to be forced to pay for a new billion dollar face on the once-White city that our rulers and their pet savages destroyed. We should absolutely boycott their 'All Star Game' and 'Super Bowl.' We and our money should stay out of Detroit as much as possible. Whites should leave that city to stew in its own juices until a new government comes to power that will set things right in North America.
We should tell all our friends about what has happened to Detroit. We should show them the Ruins of Detroit photo essay I mentioned earlier. We should teach our children about the deaths of Matthew Bowens and Jennifer Fettig and thousands like them. We should teach them that these ruins of a once-great city and these tragic deaths are the direct result of the philosophy of multiracialism and racial 'equality.' We must vow to never make those mistakes again.
And we must join together to raise the consciousness and win the hearts and minds our fellow White men and women by joining the National Alliance.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal, and equal men are not free."



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