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Theirs and Ours

American Dissident Voices broadcast
February 21, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom

On September 10th, 2001, just one day before that fateful day of terror, one of the most lavish schools in the nation opened its doors. But, although it was located in America's South, it wasn't a public or private school for Americans. It was one of the most blatantly Jewish supremacist operations ever seen on American soil. Called the American Hebrew Academy, it was specifically designed to nurture the future Jewish ruling class and made no bones about that fact. And on September 11th, 2001, one day after this Jewish supremacist institution opened for business, the terror attacks on America occurred, beginning a process that eventually revealed how the American Hebrew Academy was linked to those terror attacks through an elaborate fraud scheme that spanned the globe from Japan to Greensboro, North Carolina.
Now the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro isn't just a school that happens to be run by Jews but is really for Americans at large in the sense that, say, Georgetown University is an American institution run by Jesuits. No. The American Hebrew Academy states in its own literature "At the American Hebrew Academy, we are committed to creating a one-of-a-kind community and nurturing the future leaders of the Jewish world. We seek students who are academically motivated, willing to engage in a
rigorous dual curriculum, and interested in exploring their Jewish identity." (emphasis mine) ]
The American Hebrew Academy Web site features seemingly endless images of smiling Jewish teens studying Torah scrolls and wearing yarmulkes. If that weren't enough to indicate that the school is intended for Jews and not Whites, all applicants to the school must provide, along with the usual personal and academic information and  records, an answer to the essay question "Discuss a significant Jewish experience from your life. What has it taught you about being Jewish?" ]
Prospective students must also submit a form to be filled out by a "Jewish community professional," defined as a "rabbi, Jewish studies teacher, Jewish center worker, Federation professional... who can speak to your level of Jewish interest, identity and involvement." The form tells the "Jewish community professional" that the American Hebrew Academy's goal for students is "to develop their Jewish identity within the setting of a Jewish environment and an enriched dual curriculum of Jewish and general
studies.... We are eager to learn from you about the applicant's Jewish identity, attitudes and involvement in Jewish life." The form asks the 'professional' to answer these questions: "How does the applicant manifest his/her Jewish identity? To the extent that you are able, answer this question as it relates to the context in which you know the applicant and how it is expressed in other aspects of his/her life. ...To what extent is this applicant's Jewish identity and involvement related to his/her family and home life, and to what extent is it a result of personal interest. ...In your experience, is the applicant a person who takes on a leadership role in Jewish life? Please describe." ]
This is definitely not a school for our people, people of European descent, Americans, North Carolinians. This is a school for one group only. This is a school for Jews.
And what a school. At a time when most educational institutions are cutting back on staff and budget, and public schools are getting poorer and bleaker and less effective and more like Third World schools all the time, the American Hebrew Academy is opulent almost beyond belief.
Students receive school-issued laptop computers. The 100-acre wooded campus, according to one of the contractors involved in the design and building of the facility,  features "[i]n addition to three academic buildings and 37 student residences ...a synagogue, a high technology media center, an athletic center and natatorium [a 75-foot indoor swimming pool], and a performing arts center among other buildings. When completed in approximately five years, the Academy will accommodate 800 students in grades 9 through 12." The projected $250 million campus (more than $100 million has been spent so far) is heated and cooled by the largest geothermal exchange heating and cooling system in the United States. To design the buildings, the services of Aaron Green, a former partner of Frank Lloyd Wright, were retained. ]
And, though North Carolina is noted for its wealth of natural resources, local stone wasn't good enough for the American Hebrew Academy -- Jerusalem stone was imported for every building. Each classroom is equipped with the latest electronic and computer technology -- including advanced devices giving teachers the ability to watch their students' use of the Internet by simply selecting the student and seeing what he or she is doing on the teacher's own screen. Each of the five dormitories cost 1.7 million dollars each, and according to recent news reports, "each dorm includes a 2,200-square-foot apartment for house parents, with four bedrooms and granite countertops. The headmaster will live on campus... in a $472,000 house being built this year." The athletics building alone cost $11.6 million. If students don't want to walk, they're transported in school-owned electric vehicles or, if going off-campus, in the school's own shuttle bus.
And those laptops given to the students are connected via a high-speed wireless Internet and local network. Laboratories sport computerized microscopes. Classrooms contain interactive electronic chalkboards and screens that produce classroom-size images of online encyclopedias. Students watch Israeli television network programming daily, projected on large-screen wall systems, as a regular part of their school day.
And it was only a few days ago that a reporter from the Greensboro News-Record was allowed to tour the American Hebrew Academy campus for the first time. The secretive Jewish institution isn't exactly welcoming to its Gentile neighbors. According to the News-Record, "Few people in Greensboro have visited the campus, heavily guarded by Greensboro police, private security officers and a black metal gate that surrounds the school."
A spokeswoman for the school, Leeor Sabbah, said that the vision behind the school "is to create an environment to nurture future Jewish leaders of the world." If the admissions requirements weren't select enough and Jewish enough, the course requirements are: Students must attend daily Jewish prayer meetings, weekly religious services, Hebrew language lessons -- they are expected to become reasonably fluent -- and juniors spend twelve weeks in Israel. The school was so flush with cash that the first two years of students are having their tuition paid by the school. Parents are eventually supposed to pay $15,000 for their children to attend, peanuts for the Jewish elite and well within the reach of middle-tier Jews. The school is obviously lavishly subsidized.
While the school was being built, its directors were very cagey about the sources of its funding -- as well they should have been, considering what came out in the fallout from 9-11. When questioned as to where all the money was coming from to build this school of schools, this preparatory academy to outshine all preparatory academies, the spokesmen merely said the funds came from "anonymous donors."
Well, the donors aren't anonymous anymore -- and, in reality, there turned out to be only one of them. His name is Maurice 'Chico' Sabbah, an insurance magnate who rose to super-rich status as head of Fortress Re, a major 'reinsurance' firm whose business is taking on the risks of other insurance companies. He and his partner Kenneth Kornfeld, another Jew, also operated another alleged reinsurance company in Bermuda called Carolina Re, the main purpose of which, according to press reports, appears to have been to funnel huge profits from the other firm in the form of 'dividends' directly into the pockets of Sabbah and Kornfeld. ]
It just so happens that Fortress Re was holding the reinsurance risks of large Japanese aviation insurance companies who became liable for huge amounts of damages -- both air-related and on the ground -- when the terrorists struck on September 11, 2001, one day after the American Hebrew Academy opened its doors. All four of the planes destroyed that day were covered by Fortress Re's pool.
But the money that was supposed to be available to pay the claims wasn't there. Fortress Re denies fraud, but the fact is that they were unable to pay what they had promised to pay, and the insurance companies' investigators say that Sabbah spent it -- and a good part of it was spent, apparently, on the American Hebrew Academy.
An arbitration panel has found Fortress Re guilty of defrauding one of the insurance companies, and has ordered them to pay $1.1 billion dollars as restitution, of which $265 million has been repaid so far. And the dispute continues. If $1.1 billion is just part of the money fraudulently diverted by Sabbah -- and the Japanese insurer got $265 million of that back, and the American Hebrew Academy got $104 million as stated, then this reporter wants to know where the other $731 million is. And you wondered how the Jews were able to buy media properties and influence! Is it reasonable to suspect that these sorts of deals have been going on for decades among wealthy Jews?
And what was Chico Sabbah trying to do? Besides personal wealth, what was his motive in his fraudulent schemes to get money to build this Jewish supremacist school? We find the answer in the promotional literature of the American Hebrew Academy itself: The purpose is "nurturing the future leaders of the Jewish world," which are also the exact words of Leeor Sabbah, Chico's daughter, when she was interviewed by the News-Record. And we find the answer in the same article in which Sabbah's daughter was interviewed about her father's vision: Sabbah's purpose was
above all, [to] nurture future Jewish leaders so they may always retain their Jewish identity."
And they do intend to be leaders -- not just of other Jews in their own 'communities' -- but of us. Mark Kramer, head of an association of Jewish day schools, stated that graduates of the American Hebrew Academy "can walk into any college and be socially, academically and theologically light-years ahead of their peers." He means light-years ahead of your children and mine, ladies and gentlemen.
Is there a single high school for White Americans or North Carolinians to compare with the American Hebrew Academy? How does your child's school compare? How many acres does it occupy? What is its technology budget? How many so-called elite private schools can compare? ]
Yes, our children's schools lack a lot when compared with the American Hebrew Academy. Our children's schools don't have the budget, the staff, or the technology. They don't have the infrastructure the American Hebrew Academy has. They can't match the 100 acres and two to eight students per acre planned spaciousness of the American Hebrew Academy. But those aren't the really important differences. American high schools have never had that kind of lavish budget. By contemporary spending standards the American high schools of 1950 were poor even compared to the most rat-infested public high schools of today. But they turned out graduates that were the envy of the world. They turned out graduates that were fit for the most elite universities. They turned out literate and educated young men and women, educated to a higher standard than many college graduates of today. And they did it on a comparative shoestring. And they had that one thing that is most important to Chico Sabbah and which ought to be most important to us -- they were not schools for anyone. They were schools for White Americans. They taught -- perhaps more implicitly rather than explicitly, and it should have been more explicit -- but they taught a sense of identity to their graduates. They knew who they were and what they were and what they had inherited from their ancestors and their ancestors' history. Just as Chico Sabbah's students are taught to understand their Jewish identity, their uniqueness compared with all the other non-Jews around them, and their inherent Jewish superiority and mission in the world, so also were White students at one time taught of their uniqueness and of their inheritance of the Classical traditions of Greece and Rome, of the traditions and standards of Western science, and of the American tradition and institutions of liberty. They knew who they were. They knew of their biological continuity and kinship with the creators of those traditions. And they knew they also inherited from their ancestors a mission to uphold and perfect those traditions. They were taught the most valuable thing in the world: to believe in themselves. White students today have lost so much -- but that is the most important thing they have lost.
In recent years, the younger generation of our race has been subjected -- largely as a result of Jewish-led multiculturalist education schemes -- to an 'education' specifically designed to remove and destroy all sense of unique White identity in the student. Even before the advent of Jewish academies like the one we're discussing here, even less-well-off Jews have often supplemented their children's education with special Jewish schools designed to bolster their students' identification as Jews. So we see the Jewish supremacist double standard in operation: Powerful indoctrination in racial and religious identity for Jewish children -- and a destruction and denial of identity for White students. So the younger generation of our people are turning into rootless cosmopolitans and/or proletarians, with no past and no future, without goals save the most immediate personal ones.
So it is no wonder that so many of them have turned to fundamentalist religion or new age doctrines in an effort to find some kind of meaning in their lives, if they have a yearning for higher things than celebrity worship and pursuit of empty sex and money -- which most of them do have.
Jewish life, with its powerful sense of identity and tradition, is even proving a temptation for a few of our disconnected and abandoned youth, who see in it at least a pale reflection of what should be filling the empty spaces in their souls. Some of these young people even ape Jewish traditions by holding faux bar mitzvahs for themselves, as the Wall Street Journal reported recently.
According to the Journal, a White teen, Laura Jean Stargardt, told her Methodist parents -- after going to a dozen bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs last year alone --  that she wanted one herself, and even offered to learn Hebrew. Her parents didn't make her wish of becoming Jewish come true, but, instead of teaching her about her real identity, they did stage a Jewish-style party for her at an expensive country club in Dallas, and I am sure that many of her rich Jewish friends were in attendance. And this sort
of thing -- this aping of Jewish traditions among the Whites still left in the corrupt American elite -- is becoming more and more common. Just ask the party organizers and caterers who make these events happen -- they'll tell you of dozens of examples, with 'upscale' Gentile parents forking out between $12,000 and $75,000 a pop so that little Jenny or Jim can keep up with the Cohens when he or she turns 13. [ ]
But these pretend bar mitzvahs are just another little dose of Jewish poison for our children, a materialistic moment of fun that if anything further alienates them from their real identity. For the Jews, a bar mitzvah is a rite of passage, a coming of age ritual that is taken very seriously. It marks the entry of the young adult into the living community of Jews. White children, whatever their religion, have no equivalent -- and pretending to be Jews won't provide one.
Largely due to Jewish influence, the schools and other institutions of our society have failed our offspring -- and have, in fact, actively turned against them. Our children need a sense of racial and cultural identity; a sense of mission and belonging. They can now only get that from us. Replacing what they have lost, giving our children that sense of identity and worth, is the most important part of the mission of the National Alliance. As the Alliance's Membership Coordinator David Pringle said on our program last week, the Alliance is building a new community, a whole parallel world to the rotten society which is disintegrating all around us. [ ]
We have a long journey to travel to make that dream a reality. But I know that we can do it. We Whites are a great people, perhaps the greatest people ever to inhabit this world. We have been up against great challenges before. I can see the day, within my lifetime, when we will have our own schools far beyond what Chico Sabbah has built for his own people. I can see the day when we will raise White youngsters to revere the Classical and modern European and American traditions that have made us what we are today, and when we will have our living space and leadership, and when the governments of the world will have to consult with us before every major decision. That is what our children deserve. And that is what the National Alliance is determined to give them. Please join us in this effort!
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal, and equal men are not free."


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