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Upending the World

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 31, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


When General Cornwallis surrendered to the American revolutionists at Yorktown in 1781, legend has it that the British played a song called 'The World Turned Upside Down' to express their dismay and incredulity at the upstart colony defeating the world's greatest empire. There are several versions of the song -- one of which refers to Britain and her war party allegorically as an old woman who "grows harder than Jew or than Turk." The earliest known lyrics, however, go as follows:

If buttercups buzz'd after the bee,
If boats were on land, churches on sea,
If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows,
And cats should be chased into holes by the mouse,
If the mamas sold their babies
To the gypsies for half a crown;
If summer were spring and the other way round,
Then all the world would be upside down.

[ ]

I think we have much more reason to sing 'The World Turned Upside Down' today than did those British soldiers in 1781. We do indeed live in a world turned upside down -- a world in which those who force the races into unnatural contact and conflict and hatred are called apostles of tolerance and love, and those who would commit genocide and cause the extinction through mixing of unique human races are called opponents of genocide. A world in which those who want to return to a sane policy of racial integrity and self-determination -- the only hope for our survival, for a peaceful society, and for achieving the maximum amount of freedom for our folk -- are called 'haters' and 'destroyers.'
On last week's program, I detailed how the real racial supremacists -- organized Jewry -- were busy trying to suppress and distance themselves from the too-honest book by Rabbi Saadya Grama, The Superiority of Israel and the Question of Exile -- which frankly states that Jews are a separate and divine species and all other humans are evil. I'm here to tell you today that the real haters and destroyers are those who -- covertly or overtly -- follow the path and policy of Jewish supremacism, which is the most powerful racial supremacist movement in the world today -- the only racial supremacist movement with its own racial state, the only form of racial supremacism which is organized on a worldwide basis, the only form of racial supremacism which encompasses a major worldwide religion, the only form of racial supremacism which powerfully influences -- some might say even gave birth to -- two of the largest religions in the world today, the only form of racial supremacism which exercises major control over the world's news and entertainment media, and the only form of racial supremacism that effectively controls a superpower, using the money and military might of that superpower to ride herd on all the other nations of the world, which are continually monitored for their popular and governmental attitude toward the racial supremacists -- toward the Jews.
It is indeed a world turned upside down when White American taxpayers, who are forbidden even to utter a racially-tinged word or criticize the dispossession of their people or hire or fire whom they choose in their place of business, are forced to subsidize Israel, an out-and-out Jewish racial state the very existence of which is based on racial supremacism, which invades and attacks its neighbors and kills its own subject peoples on a daily basis, and which possesses the most fearsome arsenal of nuclear and biological weapons the world has ever seen. It's a world turned upside down when these White American taxpayers, many of them working people who are having a hard time making ends meet, are forced to pay for the military hardware and 'social change' programs of the Jews who are probably the richest ethnicity on the globe in proportion to their population. And it is the ultimate insult -- the ultimate inversion of the way the world ought to be -- when these same enslaved and deceived White Americans are expected to sacrifice their sons and daughters in the bloody sands of the Middle East so the pimps, politicians, thieves, and other Jewish supremacists in Tel Aviv don't have to.
The bad news, of course, is that we have allowed this situation, this world turned upside down, to occur -- the good news is that Jewish supremacism has been effectively exposed by people like William Pierce and Kevin MacDonald and David Duke in the United States, and courageous writers and activists in every nation of the world, so that more and more of us are aware of it and the dangers it poses to our race, and all the peoples of the world who have lost their freedom to the Jewish supremacists.
But today's broadcast isn't going to be primarily about the negative things that threaten our race. It's going to be mainly about the men and women of peace and justice who oppose the Jewish supremacists. You know, the ones the media try and smear as 'haters' and 'bigots.' The ones who want White children to continue being born. The ones who want their children to find love and fulfillment with a member of the same race and the opposite sex. It's going to be about what we're doing to save our people. The Jewish supremacists call us radicals, and perhaps we are... in the true sense of the word 'radical': we get at the root of things, instead of just complaining about the symptoms as the conservatives do. And we do want to upend the world, but when we upend it we will be setting it right again.
One man who is doing his duty to set things right again is Mr. David Duke, who languishes in a Federal Prison serving a sentence for manufactured financial crimes which never occurred. He's in prison because he's stood up for White people, plain and simple. In the next issue of National Vanguard magazine, we're going to be publishing an exclusive interview with Mr. Duke, conducted by National Vanguard contributing editor Ben Parker. In the interview, Mr. Duke will be talking about some of the things he's going to be doing when he regains his freedom later this year. One of things he discusses is his latest book, Jewish Supremacism.
Jewish leaders complain that Jewish Supremacism has now superseded The Protocols in popularity. They say it has now eclipsed 500,000 copies in print in Eastern Europe and they have attempted to have the Russian Prosecutor General's Office ban it as 'anti-Semitic.' After a year's examination, the Prosecutor ruled it was not anti-Semitic but simply a factual exposé of Jewish supremacism!
Now that Jewish Supremacism is in an updated English edition, as well as going into eight additional languages, Jewish radicals are becoming hysterical and comparing it to The Protocols in authenticity. Actually my book is quite different. It is thoroughly documented with the very words of the Jewish supremacists themselves, and they are easily proved authentic.
David Duke believes that the success of his eye-opening book was one factor that caused Michael Chertoff's rogue Jewish element within the U.S. Justice Department to target him. Another was his speaking before international audiences, especially those in the Middle East: November of 2002, I traveled to the Persian Gulf region and appeared on Al-Jazeera Satellite TV opposing the coming war for Israel in Iraq. ... I speak a bit of Russian and German, and of course, I am a native English speaker and English has become the world's dominant language. In Bahrain, immediately prior to the Iraq War, my speeches, given in English, packed a huge hotel ballroom for two successive evenings and were greeted with exuberant cheering that more resembled a sporting match than a political lecture. ...The U.S. State Department unsuccessfully tried to prevent my appearance, as they later admitted in Newsweek. Within thirty days Michael Chertoff of the Justice Department's 'Terrorism Task Force' made a decision to prosecute me.
You may have read that David Duke has been considering another run for political office soon; a strategy for pro-White activists he discusses in his interview.
[ ]
And Mr. Duke has not been wasting his time during his enforced absence from family and friends and work -- in fact, he has been working, working on yet another book, which he tells us about in his National Vanguard interview:
...forget the dictum, 'it has to get worse before it can get better,' and teach our people that they have to act now. We stand at the edge of eternal annihilation! Our message must teach the utmost urgency, and demand nothing short of heroic deeds, sacrifice, and courage and not just from leaders, but from all who know the truth. And I am not talking about mindless rage and violence that is counterproductive. I am talking about legal, hard work and courage in bringing our message into almost every institution of America. Give me one man who will stand on a table top and tell the truth, to a thousand who want to play some sort of secret advocate or get some selfish satisfaction from mindless violence that will only lead to the destruction of our movement. It is easy to get emotional and do a reckless act. It is hard to do the endless day to day work to spread our message and create the movement! new book is tentatively titled, For Love of My People, and it is quite different from My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism in that it is specifically geared to awakening passion and courage in our people -- and showing a path that can rescue our people from the brink of annihilation and lead them toward liberation, renewal, and their destiny in the stars.
I encourage all of you to subscribe to National Vanguard magazine to read Mr. Parker's complete, extensive interview with David Duke -- and to help support our efforts to awaken and organize people of European descent into a force that will ensure our survival. Other articles in the next issue of National Vanguard include an in-depth investigation of the anthrax attacks, the worst case of bioterrorism ever on American soil -- the act of terror that they've stopped talking about: our article, by a long-time researcher for National Vanguard who returns to our pages for the first time in many years, will blow you away. It's titled The Anthrax Mystery: Solved. We'll also have a new article by Robert Griffin, author of Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds, in which he discusses his very personal reaction to a work by George Lincoln Rockwell. Also in the new National Vanguard, we feature the conclusion to Paul Westman's The Death of Dov Eitan, which deals with the unusual phenomenon of Jews who oppose -- or appear to oppose -- the Jewish agenda. Also in this new issue of National Vanguard are reviews and fiction by Ben Parker, and previously-unpublished essays by the late, great Revilo P. Oliver. There is no magazine on earth like National Vanguard. A subscription to this high-quality, full-color magazine, chock-full of exclusive features and articles on issues of vital importance to White people, is only $18. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA, or subscribe online at,, or For several days last week, one of our Web sites was attacked by hackers who gave us an unintended tribute by trying to shut us down. Their efforts, in the end, proved unsuccessful. Such attacks are becoming more common, and one of the main sources of such attacks these days is the state of Israel. Our Webmistress informs me that our technicians are working to stymie the attackers, but just in case you have trouble accessing one site, try another, and remember that you can always order the old-fashioned way via postal mail. Please subscribe to National Vanguard magazine today.

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The two points that we have to make again and again to our people -- that we have to prove again and again to our people until they see them for the pure and sterling truth that they in fact are -- are 1) that Jewish supremacists have too much power and threaten all that we hold dear, and that 2) we should love our race and hold its survival as our highest, most sacred value.
Recent polls indicate that White people are making definite progress on point number one. I already told you about the European Union poll in October which indicated that 59 per cent. of Europeans believed that Israel was the greatest threat to world peace -- a refreshingly lucid and rational position for the majority to take! Now, just a few days ago a poll conducted in Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Britain, for Italy's Corriere della Sera -- published on the eve of the Jews' so-called Holocaust Memorial Day and so probably conducted during a time of especially intense Jewish sob-story propaganda -- indicates that 40 per cent. of respondents believe that Jews have "a different mentality" from the rest of the population. That is even more significant than the awakening to Israel's warmongering. That is at least the beginning of an awareness of the racial difference between Whites and Jews. According to Britain's Independent, "40 per cent said Jews had a "particular relationship to money" and 35 per cent agreed Jews "should stop playing the victim because of the Holocaust and persecution of 50 years ago." Fully 16 per cent. were willing to state that it would be better if Israel ceased to exist.
[ ]
[ ]
That's point number one -- what about point number two, the idea that we Whites should love our race and care about our survival as a race? That's the focus of the National Alliance and our members and supporters worldwide for the month of February. Valentine's Day 2004 will be the official date of the first ever coordinated world-wide pro-White flyer distribution. Our message is simple: 'Love Your Race.' Those are the three words -- the only three words, except for our name and url -- on the flyer. Below 'Love Your Race' is a painting of a beautiful White girl, looking upward toward the sky. That is the entire flyer. There is no 'hate' in this flyer. There is no 'hate' in the idea of loving your race. Loving your race is what Nature commands for every race, for every living creature. We must claim the right to love our race. The Jewish power structure may -- to their detriment through exposure of their real agenda -- try to denounce our campaign or twist the laws to harass our people. But they will be wrong. And everyone will be able to see it with focused clarity. Our single-page 'Love Your Race' flyer is easy to print out and reproduce. All National Alliance members will be receiving a copy of it as one page of our member's Bulletin in a few days, and it is available for download at our and Web sites by clicking on the 'print your own leaflets' link. By going to our news site,, you can access the flyer by clicking on the red heart in the middle of the left-hand column.
[ ]
At that link, you'll discover that this is truly an international campaign, with the 'Love Your Race' flyer appearing in no fewer than 28 European languages, with more to be added as V-Day approaches. Our flyers (which are downloadable in high-resolution 300 dpi PDF format, high enough resolution so that they could be printed as posters if desired) carry the 'Love Your Race' message in English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish. We just received an Hungarian translation and will add more as our comrades around the world send them in and send their pledges for distribution.
It's not just National Alliance members who have pledged to help us in this effort -- so far, White men and women of good will have pledged that they will distribute about 70,000 of these flyers on Valentine's day weekend and the days leading up to it. Please help us in this effort. It will cost you almost nothing. The message will be one that the controlled media will look very silly attacking, though they will probably attempt it. And it is one of the most important messages our people will ever see. It's like I said a few months ago: Think racially, act locally. It is up to you to ensure that this message is seen in your state, in your town, in your neighborhood. I want so many people out there on Valentine's Day weekend that we'll pass each other on opposite sides of the street and wave as we drop 'Love Your Race' flyers in the yards of White families all across the world. You can get the flyer your next members' Bulletin or from and in our leaflets section, or by clicking on the red heart image on Really go all out for the 'Love Your Race' campaign. Put your heart into it. Make Valentine's Day into V-Day -- a Victory Day -- for the White race. And let's upend this world.


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