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Taking Stock: 2004

American Dissident Voices broadcast
January 3, 2004
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices.  I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
The division of time into segments is partially arbitrary. While hours and minutes and seconds and milliseconds are strictly conceptions in our mind, invented for our convenience in scientific and practical endeavors -- and in measuring the rate at which our lives are rushing past us -- there is a real physical basis for other units of time. Days, seasons, and years refer to the motion of our Earth as it traces its circles-within-circles, a spinning mote of dust locked in a momentary spiral in the infinite vastnesses of space and time.
As we are creatures of the Earth, it is natural and fitting that we mark the Earth's natural rhythms -- the visible passages of time -- with celebrations and reflections on our past and our future. The need to do this is a deep and abiding part of the European soul, as witness the astronomical observatory built on Salisbury Plain over 4,000 years ago. The Solstice has passed, the days are lengthening, and a new year, 2004, is born. Let us take stock.
At the end of this new year, we will begin the fifth year of the new century and the new millennium. In one of my American Dissident Voices broadcasts in 1996, "Visions of the Future," I looked forward to the 21st century in these terms:
"A new vision of the future is taking shape all across the lands of the West. Even as the ugliness and decadence of the 20th Century seem to be reaching their zenith, this new vision is being born in the hearts and minds of men and women of European descent. The New Century, the Great New Century is starting to take shape, even as we speak...."
In that broadcast of 1996, I couldn't have predicted all the changes and challenges that our people and the National Alliance would have faced by 2004 -- but I think that the essence of the vision is as valid as ever:
"America's future is bound tightly to her past. We Americans are a unique blend of European genes, forged in hardship, in conquest, in exploration, and in our world-historical battle for freedom and independence for our people. We are restless and unhappy as worker-drones living in a Third World province of the Jewish elite's New World Order. It seems unlikely to me that our genetic qualities and our cultural inheritance can be obliterated by one or two generations of Jewish television.
"In the historic task of building a New America, it will fall to us to be examples for our media-befuddled brothers. We who are awakened to our great destiny must spread that awakening, that consciousness of the future, to others. That is the task of the National Alliance, of this web page, and of our radio program, American Dissident Voices.
"Be a part of that future. Join with us, and through your support we will reach out to more and more White Americans and make the patriotic resistance so strong that none of the enemy's lies or laws can stop us. Join us and together we will build a New America and a New Age. Not the 'New Age' of the deluded 'liberal' witch doctors now vending a new mixture of Communism and superstition to an ignorant delusionariat; but a New Age of steel and diamonds -- the steel of the White Man's will and the diamonds of his genius. It will be a New Age in which the productive and the great will be rewarded and not penalized for their gifts; a New Age in which all that was good in the Old America will be restored and in which the seeds of alien subversion will never be allowed to take root again.
"Surround yourself with the sounds of Chopin and Liszt and Wagner and Verdi and Schumann. Fill your family's ears with the sounds of Mozart and Haydn and be imbued with the European race-soul. Cover your walls with the greatest artworks of the West, with Waterhouse and Rossetti and Bierstadt, with Breker and Raphael and with the images of the Classical world where our people's culture was born. Fill your bookshelves with the greatest works of all time, by all those so-called "dead White European males" and not with the Jewish pop-junk of the present. Immerse yourself in the grandeur and greatness of the world that once was ours, the world that men and women of our kind built from nothing and will build again on the ruins of the plastic, ugly thing that America has become.
"Revel in Nature, and in the too-few old-growth forests that remain. Recapture the race-memories of the Titan northern woods where our race evolved. When you visit our once-great cities, ignore the concrete and glass blocks that our enemies openly call the "international" style of architecture, and gaze with pride upon the last century's still-standing magnificent creations of the European mind -- and cast your eyes upward so that you do not see the filthy undermen swarming on the street. Instead, imagine the streets filled with the gentlemen and ladies of a new American millennium.
"The first step to our rebirth begins with you. Remake your lives. Remake yourselves into what you were meant to be. And together we will make history."
Four years ago, when 1999 turned into 2000, Dr. William Pierce spoke on this radio program about what we needed to do in the 21st century to save our race and culture from extinction. He titled his broadcast 'Bringing Down the House.' By 'the house' he meant the house of cards that the Jews have built in the West -- the fragile, highly unstable, and irrational framework of lies on which their power is based. When a listener asked what we could do to rid ourselves of the "Jewish stranglehold on our media and the liberal hold on our institutions," Dr Pierce answered that we needed to do repeatedly and deliberately what John Rocker did once and casually. Dr. Pierce also told us that the fantastic arrogance and hubris of the Jews -- their constant overreaching and over-the-top demands that every other people obey and serve them -- would eventually contribute to their undoing. He said, referring to a then-current demand for money by Israel now dwarfed by the costs of the Jews' war in the Middle East:
"Listen! Even the most jaded couch potato, even the most thoughtless lemming, can be made to feel indignant about the Jews' plan to steal $2 million of our hard-earned money and give it to each Jewish family now settled illegally in Syria's Golan Heights, if we rub his nose in it. We may not have John Rocker's celebrity status, but we are gaining a louder and louder voice, and you can be sure that we will not grovel and apologize the way the celebrities customarily do when the Jews rap their knuckles for Political Incorrectness. With the Jews themselves providing us with issues such as their latest demand for $100 billion to make peace with their neighbors and for us to pay for resettling Jewish families in $2 million mansions in Israel, we eventually will have even celebrities speaking out  and refusing to apologize. And the house of cards will come tumbling down. That's the answer to [my listener's] question. The Jews are vulnerable. The emperor is naked. We have to speak out, without fear or hesitation or apology. We have to set an example. If we do that, others will follow, and our people will be free."
Since that time, we have been setting an example. Four years ago, we didn't have mainstream books citing our broadcasts as source material, as Pat Buchanan did in his Death of the West. Four years ago, we didn't have our articles cited and reprinted on left-leaning alternative news sites -- but as awareness of Jewish power grows -- and the capture of the political right by the Jews becomes ever more obvious -- understanding of the correctness of the National Alliance's analysis point of view is going to grow exponentially, both among awakening leftists and environmentalists and disillusioned conservatives. Four years ago, we didn't have half the local unit activity we have now in the National Alliance. Thanks to men like Shaun Walker and Roger Williams and Rich Lindstrom and David Pringle and our local unit leaders all over the country, we have been building real-world White community -- the main purpose for which the Alliance exists and without which our media outreach would become mere theatre. National Alliance members are probably holding a real-world gathering or public activity somewhere in this country even as I speak, and many such activities are happening every week -- and, as a news editor, I know it is even sometimes every day for many days running. That's progress. Four years ago, we didn't have the attention of the media as we do today -- and that coverage, hostile as it is, lets our people know that there is an organized alternative to lying down passively for the Jewish executioner. That coverage -- now a mainstream article seems to appear several times every week --is largely due to the fact that our members and local units make it impossible for the papers and television stations to ignore us. They're out on the streets, distributing Alliance publications almost every day. And their efforts are making a difference. When a good flyer meets a hot issue, there can sometimes be over 100 articles about the Alliance on the news wires at the same time. Four years ago, our Internet media were still in their infancy and didn't have even one tenth the audience they've gained this year. Four years ago, our magazine publishing schedule was, except for Free Speech (associated with this radio program), one issue every few years. This year, we've published numerous issues of National Vanguard and Resistance -- and circulation is up, too, probably because more people have read about us than ever before on their computer screens. Four years ago, Dr. Pierce had just purchased a moribund pro-White record company -- Resistance Records -- and, thanks to the patriotic efforts of Erich Gliebe and Chris Evans, it is now the leading producer and distributor of alternative music for White youth worldwide. Four years ago we didn't have a daily-updated news site so that we could counter the lies of the Jewish media and the disinformation agents in our midst on a daily basis -- we've gained that capability in just the last few months.
The proof that what Dr. Pierce built from 1970 through 2002 was solid is the fact that the National Alliance has continued to grow even after his death and even after the system's vicious attacks on us. We've weathered false charges being laid on some of our best men by criminals posing as 'Justice Department' officials. Chester Doles is standing tall, with the might of truth behind him. Since the passage of the 'Patriot Act,' which authorized our tax money to be spent on such things, we've weathered an unbelievably nasty COINTELPRO-type lie and rumor campaign launched by several false-flag operations; and our membership is all the stronger for it.
When Dr. William Pierce was on his deathbed, he told me that the National Alliance was more than just a group with a political philosophy, more than just an educational organization. He said that his goal for the Alliance was to make it, above all, a group of men and women with a sacred mission, a group with a spiritual basis which would be passed on to each generation in turn so that its vision could never die. Though his ideas were always grounded in fact and science and reality, this man who was in fact a rocket scientist and all that that implies told me that his goal was to make the Alliance have the staying power of a holy order, whose goals remain fixed and whose purposes remain unalterable for century upon century until the centuries pile up into millennia. He worried that his time on Earth had been insufficient for the accomplishment of that goal. One and a half years after that great man's death, as we enter 2004, I think we have more than an inkling that Dr. Pierce's dream is becoming a reality.
When I first met Dr. Pierce in 1982, he was running the Alliance from a cubbyhole office in a run-down section of Arlington, Virginia. One of his outreach efforts at the time was a small sticker with the Alliance's address and telephone number on it, with a single imperative sentence printed above: Dream of a White America. To make Dr. Pierce's dream come true -- and what a beautiful world that will be! -- we must reach out to our people every day. We can and will get hundreds of thousands and then millions of our people dreaming the same dream. After dreaming the dream comes living the life. After living the life comes building the community. And after building the community -- after fighting innumerable battles for its continuance, battles which we cannot now even imagine -- comes remaking the world. Let 2004 be the beginning of your wholehearted acceptance of that joyous task.



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