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Think Racially,
Act Locally

American Dissident Voices broadcast
December 13, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Back in October, a group of illegal Mexican immigrants and their Jewish and Christian supporters decided to imitate the so-called Civil Rights 'Freedom Ride' of the 1960s, when racial agitators toured the southern part of the United States, rioting and openly flouting the state and local laws which still protected the racial integrity of the American people back then. Like their exemplars of the 1960s, these modern Free Riders -- as I dubbed them -- traveled with a bevy of Jewish media hangers-on, documenting their every move. They were photographed and filmed meeting with toothless Border Patrol agents, who asked them for their papers, were haughtily refused, and then let them go. They were interviewed respectfully. They were shown meeting with mayors, congressmen, senators, and other public officials eager to get the so-called Hispanic bloc vote -- and anxious to win the approval of the Jewish media, which is so valuable when election time rolls around. The Jewish media gave them the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars in free advertising, promoting the idea that our immigration laws should be scrapped and that as many Mestizos who feel like it should move north and begin occupying the land that our White forefathers sacrificed and died for. Critics of the Free Riders -- those who think that America should remain American -- were seldom shown, and, when they were, they were attacked as 'anti-Americans' or 'haters' or 'bigots' or the like.
So the mayors and congress creatures and other political publicity hounds kept on meeting with Free Riders as they toured the country in their air-conditioned buses. These public officials knew that the Free Riders were illegal immigrants. They knew that by their very presence they were breaking numerous federal, state, and local laws. They knew that the Free Riders should have been arrested on the spot. But there were no arrests.
And the Free Riders and their Jewish media handlers knew there would be no arrests. That's why they were bold enough to walk right into the building with the immigration authorities with smiles on their faces. They knew they would walk right back out again.
Meanwhile, most White Americans did what they usually do when confronted by aggression from non-Whites and the Jewish media establishment: They stayed home and did nothing. Most of them remained lost in their work -- which they have to do more and more of to afford the made-in-China junk which has replaced White children as the focus of their lives -- and, when work-time was through, they entertained themselves with mindless and repetitive Jewish filth purveyed to them on their plastic-cased made-in-China TV sets. It seems like the Free Riders just rolled over America without a hitch. The media are on their side, and so are virtually all of the politicians.
But there was a hitch. The men and women of the National Alliance were that hitch. They confronted the Free Riders -- publicly -- and made sure that the world knew that a growing number of White people are wise to the takeover-by-immigration plan of the Mestizos; and that a growing number of White people are wise to the soulless corporations' plan to exploit those Mestizos and push Whites out; and that a growing number of Whites are wise to the plotters behind all of these things -- the billionaire Jewish media elite, whose survival strategy demands that Whites be dispossessed and eventually exterminated. The environmentalists have a very good slogan that helps them focus on protecting the Earth and its endangered species to the best of their ability:
Think globally; act locally. We who want to preserve Earth's most endangered species -- the White race -- should see the value in this concept. We are environmentalists, too. These National Alliance members did what we all should be doing: Think racially; act locally.
In October, National Alliance New Jersey Coordinator Rich Lindstrom, along with radio talk show host Hal Turner, and a considerable group of supporters chose New Jersey's Liberty State Park -- in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty and within sight of the 'Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride' rally -- for the place to make their stand. When Mr. Lindstrom spoke to the assembled Americans, he spoke of the ideals that inspired the Statue of Liberty. He pointed out that the French never intended to present the Statue of Liberty as a gift to celebrate immigration to America, but rather intended it to honor our liberty and freedom. Mr. Lindstrom said that those who have twisted the meaning of the monument into a propaganda tool to support open borders are criminals "who wish to destroy the American way of life." He called on law enforcement officials to enforce our immigration laws and put an end to the unlawful acts of the Free Riders and the endless criminal acts of non-White immigrants in this country, in which innocent Whites are often the victims of rape, violence, robbery, and murder.
Rich Lindstrom, Hal Turner, and the National Alliance members in New Jersey saw two things: the White victims of non-White crime and its Jewish media facilitators; and the openly-flaunted lawbreaking of the Free Riders in their New Jersey home. So they took action. They thought racially and acted locally.
[ ]
About a month after the Liberty State Park rally, Joe Mongelli, the Democratic mayoral challenger in Elmwood Park, New Jersey -- where the local National Alliance unit holds its meetings -- thought he could make an election issue of the increasingly-visible National Alliance presence in the state. His printed advertisements bewailed the presence of the National Alliance, incongruously linking us with the Republicans, who are actually more often the focus of our criticism these days than the Democrats, and he followed up with a telephone campaign promising to "run us out" of Elmwood Park if he were elected. I'll let Mr. Lindstrom tell it in his own words:
In an unsuccessful bid to oust 30-year Elmwood Park, New Jersey incumbent Mayor Richard Mola, the Democratic challenger Joe Mongelli based his campaign on the presence of the National Alliance in the New Jersey borough. The heated campaign was fueled by Councilman Mongelli's mailing to residents stating, "Under Mayor Mola's watch, our borough has become a safe haven for racist and white separatist organizations."
Mongelli followed that up with a similar phone campaign to local residents, pledging to run the National Alliance out of Elmwood Park.
Yesterday, the citizens replied to Mongelli's fear tactics and attempts to deny the National Alliance its Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly. This morning the Bergen Record published these poll results: Mola, 2,614 votes; Mongelli, 1,997 votes. In the council two Republicans won seats, another loss for Mongelli.
The largely White population of Elmwood Park has spoken. The National Alliance will continue to meet there and in other towns all across New Jersey. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can stop us.
[ ]
In St. Louis, Missouri, National Alliance Unit Coordinator Aaron Collins also thought racially and acted locally.
When a group calling itself the 'International Institute' in St. Louis worked to plant a colony of Somalis in the city, it expected the usual zero resistance from the befuddled Whites of the city -- and plenty of cash extorted from the sleeping taxpayers, along with positive publicity from the Jewish media anytime it was wanted. What they didn't count on was the National Alliance and its local leader Mr. Collins. On the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks -- which was an example of immigrant terrorism and of alien groups bringing their foreign wars to our shores -- the National Alliance stood on the street in front of the 'International Institute' and told the world that we had had enough of non-White immigration, legal and illegal. The impression made by the well-dressed and civilized -- but adamant and firm -- National Alliance protestors was such that it generated an unusual response from the media: Though many media outlets arrived to film the proceedings and the participants, none of the footage was aired. The demonstration would have made too positive of an impression and it was impossible to spin the
way the Jewish media would have wanted to spin it. So it was blacked out. But thousands of White people in St. Louis saw that demonstration. There's no Jewish censor yet between the optic nerve and the brain.
[ ]
Two weeks later, Mr. Collins and the Alliance were on the streets of St. Louis again, when the Free Riders came to town on their nationwide lawbreaking tour. The National Alliance came out to greet them, as reported by local radio raconteur and pro-White activist Frank Weltner:
The St. Louis National Alliance participated in its third rally in as many weeks on September 29th, when 25 members showed up with signs and enthusiasm to protest the appearance of two busloads of illegal scab immigrants (and the political whores who support them) at the city's Kiener Plaza.
During this rally, John Pommer and Frank Weltner defied the lawbreakers and traitors with shouts of "Illegal!," "Scabs!," "Hey, Mayor Slay, how much did they pay you to betray America? $100? $200?," and "Did they promise to share the drugs on their buses, Mayor Slay?"
The appearance of illegal Mexicans in St. Louis was one of a multi-city "tour" of appearances by 18 busloads of legal and illegal immigrants -- incurring a bill, by the way, of $1 million paid for by the scab-importing AFL-CIO which seems to have decided that importing low-wage scabs and putting Americans out of work are its main business now.
The National Alliance overwhelmed all other anti-immigration organizations by its numbers.
The event was rather over-policed by an officer who seemed to have been educated by Hollywood's "Police Academy" movie. He reminded me of Nurse Ratchett in police drag. The officer grabbed signs, told the marchers to keep moving, and, in general, made himself rather obnoxious.
No one was arrested, and the mayor was well-harassed for his race-baiting antics in choosing illegal Mexicans over tax-paying and honest American citizens.
Most National Alliance members were happy with their performance and with the entire rally, which attracted about 60 patriots. Members expressed their intent to continue to appear in public to show Americans that "going quietly into that dark night of annihilation" is not what all members of the White race have in mind.
[ ]
The problem of non-White immigration is a problem in every White nation. The problem of Jewish control of the media seen and read and heard by White people is a problem in every White nation. These problems are race-wide problems and we must see them that way. We must think about these things from the perspective of the welfare of the entire race: we must think racially.
And, as we organize our White community across North America, Europe, and beyond, we must use our local influence and flex our local muscles so that our neighbors can see what we stand for and can see our faces, talk to us, and know who we really are and what we're really like. As National Alliance Membership Coordinator David Pringle has stated, while we should take advantage of the free speech opportunities of the Internet, we must also build a "flesh and blood White community" -- and events like these are crucial in doing exactly that. We must act locally.
That's what Roger Williams, Western States Regional Coordinator for the National Alliance has been doing. When National Alliance member Dan Schildhauer was fired by sports retailer Cabela's merely for publicly expressing his opposition to illegal immigration, Mr. Williams didn't sit on his hands; he went into action. The area Alliance literature distribution campaigns -- already massive -- went into overdrive, this time with a new
theme: Boycott Cabela's. When Americans can see that freedom of speech is stifled precisely because a White American dares to oppose the free labor flow for the corporations -- because he dares to challenge the Jewish racemixing agenda -- it is a very educational experience indeed, and Roger Williams is capitalizing on the opportunity. So far he has created as a rallying point and activism tutorial and, in cooperation with Alliance members and coordinators across the country, there have been major public Boycott Cabela's events in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nebraska, as well as smaller literature outreaches in several other states. This sends two messages: 1) A message to corporate giants like Cabela's: you are going to lose money if you keep on supporting the Jewish racemixing program and especially if you trample on the free speech rights of White people. 2) A message to the White public: The men and women of the National Alliance care about your future. When no one else will, we will stand up for your children's future and for your free speech rights. A perfect example of Think racially; Act locally.
[ ]
Recently, Jewish former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke at the University of Washington. Albright was an architect and facilitator of the Iraq sanctions, which unjustifiably killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and undoubtedly contributed to hatred and terrorism against the United States. But -- much worse -- she was also the one who launched the brutal NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia during the Clinton regime, which killed many thousands of innocent White people, qualifying her as a major war criminal and probably the greatest female war criminal of all time. She was hoping to meet at the University, answer a few softball questions, pose as a 'stateswoman,' have a couple photo ops, collect her fee, and leave. But thanks to local National Alliance activist Neil Camberly, it didn't work out that way. I'll let Mr. Camberly tell it in his own words:
I could hardly contain my joy to hear Justin Cowgill tell me that former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, one-time wielder (not to mention user and abuser) of unimaginable military force, undebatably the worst female war criminal alive, would deliver a lecture at my alma mater, the University of Washington in Seattle. I and many others I know have waited anxiously for an opportunity to protest this hideous (in more ways than one) monster since early 1999, when she launched a brutal NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, brazenly violating multiple central tenets of the GENEVA CONVENTIONS CODE ON WARFARE.
I spent all day thinking up and manufacturing large, double-sided signs and an event-specific flier, excited at the prospect of my group of 20 friends joining a protest staged by leftists angry about Albright's nonchalant, dismissive remarks concerning the US-induced deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi infants.
Alas, we were the only protestors (!) in a city notorious for its ability to muster up anti-establishment rabble. There wasn't even heavy security for Albright in a building with a dozen entrances that we ultimately infiltrated after being kicked out a half-dozen times.
This was a slight disappointment, but shouldn't have been much of a surprise: The event was sold out two weeks ago, they already had they audience they wanted, and the local (including student) media essentially hushed it up to avoid trouble and embarrassment for the school and city. They're beginning to learn their lesson.
In any case, we didn't let a lack of rif-raf-augmented ranks stop us from doing what we could to spoil Albright's presentation and educate star-struck students and faculty about her criminal background. We marched from the library to the hall, lined up outside the entrance to the hall, displayed our (awesome) signs, loudly chanted catchy slogans (MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: WAR CRIMINAL and NO MORE ZIONIST WARS), and ensured, despite constant police interference, that roughly one-third of the 800 people in attendance were armed with our FLYER. I'd bet it was this latter action of ours that bothered her most. Note-cards or no, I doubt I could concentrate enough to describe a court with Kim Jong Il if I faced an audience as a quarter of its faces turned down periodically to study a digest sheet of my life's biggest no-nos. But then again I'm one of those people who know the sting of actually having to buy a scary mask on Halloween.
We capped it off with some great local food and drink and big smiles all around. This is serious business, we were protesting the cold-blooded murder of thousands and thousands of innocent people -- our people -- but I don't think I dishonor their memory by emphasizing the great feeling, the FUN of reasserting our will on the territory our people gave up decades ago. EVERYBODY should be doing this. Even lone individuals. SHOWING or presence is how we will wedge our feet back in the door of the ideological battlefield. The gods know that is one place where our swords are BY FAR the mightiest.
Madeleine Albright and her kind are a serious global threat to peace and to the survival of our people. Neil Camberly and the National Alliance members and supporters who joined him saw that threat. They thought racially. Then they acted locally. Hundreds of students -- future leaders -- saw or heard us as we were the only voices raised against this Jewish killer. You can see a short video clip of the rally at the following URL -- it is quite evident that those inside the hall heard our voices.
[ ]
Neil Camberly. Roger Williams. Aaron Collins. Rich Lindstrom. And thousands of other National Alliance members. Ladies and gentlemen, as listeners to this radio program you are probably already thinking racially. Now you need to act locally. Join and support the National Alliance.
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal, and equal men are not free."


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