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Jones and the Veld

American Dissident Voices broadcast
December 6, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Cincinnati provides us with a frightening glimpse of the non-White America you're building for your children as long as you put off joining or substantially supporting the National Alliance. Cincinnati also provides us with an egregious example of the bias of the Jewish media -- and sobering proof of the danger of allowing any alien group to control our news media. Let me explain.
Unless you're a hermit who entirely avoids the media, you've undoubtedly heard all you want to hear about the obese Black criminal Nathaniel Jones who died while being subdued by Cincinnati police this week, so I'll just briefly summarize the facts of the case. Jones, who was using cocaine and PCP, drugs which often induce insane rages, bizarre behavior, and near-superhuman violence, was first noticed by the employees of a White Castle restaurant after he had passed out on the floor, probably from an overdose of drugs combined with a weak heart and his grossly obese 5 foot six inches, 350 pound body. Jones might have died even if police had never been called and there had been no altercation. Before he passed out at around 5:45 AM, Jones had been behaving oddly, marching and dancing in a bizarre fashion. Paramedics were called, and when Jones awoke, left the restaurant, and continued his strange behavior, they followed standard procedure and called the police. At 6:00 AM, two White police officers arrived on the scene and attempted to converse with Jones, asking him "You've got to tell me what's going on." The monstrous Black then shouted at the officer "White boy, redneck," lunged at him and attempted to put him in a headlock. The two White officers defended themselves and called for backup. The nearly 400-pound PCP-crazed Jones was a lot to handle, especially for officers in Cincinnati, where Black riots in the past have caused timid police administrators to place a thousand and one restrictions on what policemen may do, particularly where Blacks are concerned. When they and the four other officers who arrived -- one of whom was Black -- finally subdued Jones, by hitting him with nightsticks and wrestling him to the ground, he had stopped breathing. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at a local hospital.
There was a video made of the incident, and it is quite revealing. The police officers were clearly attacked. Jones was clearly out of control and a threat to himself and others. As far as anyone has been able to determine, proper procedures were followed. But the original responding officers were White. The man they had to subdue was Black. The Black man died. That's a cue for the Jewish media to go into overdrive -- and they have. The media circus is itself a cue for other sectors of the society to respond to the 'outrage' we are all supposed to feel at the slightest intimation of 'White racism.'
As I've mentioned before on this program, the Google News search engine ( gives a pretty good overview of what the controlled media are saying at any given time and on any given subject. They've gone ballistic on the Nathaniel Jones story. As I record this program, they're showing 690 stories from newspapers and television stations and wire services around the world on the rather commonplace death of a drug-soaked Negro with the uncommon circumstance that he was fighting with White officers just before he died. And some of the stories are indicative of the Black solidarity and White weakness and guilt that are the hallmarks of a society in which the Jewish media have full sway: Boycotts of White businesses by Black advocacy groups, church groups protesting against the police department, the Bush/Chertoff Justice Department investigating the Cincinnati police, the NAACP claiming that Jones' "civil rights" were violated, a high-profile attorney is brought in for a possible civil suit against the city, and on and on and on.
Now I've spoken to you before on the fact that our law enforcement and justice system is breaking down -- it can't keep up with upward-spiraling non-White crime fueled by huge non-White birth rates and immigration. As the system attempts to deal with the war zones that the non-White parts of our cities have become, America does begin to look more and more like a police state. Cops have to get meaner and tougher, even while their administrators try to tie their hands for 'racial sensitivity' reasons. Constitutional rights are routinely ignored. New laws give the authorities all kinds of NKVD-like powers, and every major city and many federal agencies have black-helmeted killers and terrorizers at their disposal. To deal with the street gangs and street animals that the Jews and 'liberals' have loosed on America, we need law enforcement that is just as mean and violent as the animals they are trying to control -- and we need to build prisons at a rate so fast it makes your head spin. No White person would want to live in the police state that will be needed to keep a Third World America under control. No White person would want to live in Cripsville or Bloodsville, either -- which is what you have when the police are too weak. Neither alternative is acceptable. Neither alternative gives our children a life worth living. There is only one alternative that will work, that we can live with -- the alternative of the National Alliance: total racial separation. Freedom and self-determination for White people. Independence in the true sense of the word and in the sense that the Founding Fathers meant it.
But let's back away from Nathaniel Jones for a moment and look at what's going on right now in South Africa. Since the White government was overthrown there in 1994 and 'democracy' was established at the behest of the Jews and their deluded White followers, there have been systematic, planned murders of Whites on a scale that boggles the mind. The level of violence against White farmers there is admitted to be the highest level of murder in the world -- over 313 per 100,000 population per year -- higher than in many war zones. The rate for England and Wales, for example, is 1.3 per 100,000 -- almost 300 times less. Even the pro-Black media in that part of the world admit that over 1,000 White farmers have been murdered there, though the total is undoubtedly far higher than that. These attacks by Blacks on the productive White farmers are usually called 'farm killings,' 'farm murders,' or 'farm invasions.' You almost never hear about them on television or in your local newspaper. This one is just typical, which I quote from
"...four young men invaded the farm of Beatriz and Jose Freitas in the north-east of South Africa. Jose, who is disabled, was tied up while they ransacked the house. They asked Beatriz where her iron was. Then they dragged her to the laundry, took off her clothes, kicked her to the ground, raped her, poured oil over her, switched on the iron and applied it to her body. Her skin came away in flaps. Three years later Jose was shot dead. This attack, reported by the South African TV programme Carte Blanche, is not unusually gruesome. There are hundreds that are as bad or worse. Old men are forced to watch their wives being raped before the couple are painfully killed. Farmers and farmworkers are tortured over many hours."
The figures I compiled last year for my broadcast "The Killing of Whites Continues" indicated that at that time 1,368 Whites had been confirmed killed in this racially-motivated murder spree in South Africa alone. I won't repeat the gruesome details again, but be assured that these are far more than just robberies or land seizures -- when the White victims are tortured and raped in the most shocking manner imaginable, there is something else going on.
The point I am making today about the genocide of Whites in South Africa is this: Every few days a White man, a White woman, a White child, or an entire White family is abused and raped and tortured and killed in this ongoing campaign. If the media were in White hands this would be an issue. It would be an issue discussed every day on the television and on newspaper editorial pages in terms of outrage and demands that these killings cease immediately and that the guilty be punished. But it is not. Whites are instead encouraged to be concerned about alleged wrongdoings by their ancestors 150 years ago. They are encouraged to get excited about Arab leaders who might have a microscopic chance of having a weapon they've never used -- and even go to war over it. And they have Nathaniel Jones and Rodney King shoved in their faces for weeks and months and years on end, and are encouraged to think of 'White racist violence' (which is almost nonexistent) as some kind of major threat requiring new 'hate crime' legislation to take away even more of our precious rights.
690 controlled media stories -- many of them from major media outlets -- dealing with the doubtful death of a single Black drug user. And how many stories are the media carrying about the 'farm murders' of Whites in South Africa. Nineteen. That's right -- nineteen. And that's adding the search numbers together for 'farm murders,' 'farm killings,' and 'farm invasions.' And many of those stories are on obscure sites or from small papers with little circulation. If they're not on ABC or Fox News, they might as well not be happening. Nathaniel Jones is happening. The White people killed yesterday on the veld are not happening.
The Jewish media, my friends, are literally killing us.
[ ]

* * *

On last week's program I spoke to you about the pervasiveness of the phrase "we are committed to the survival of Israel as a Jewish state" in the mouths of our bought-and-paid-for politicians, who could not care less about the survival of America as a White state. I gave you example after example of the use of that phrase, almost word-for-word, but just after I recorded last week's show, I came upon yet another example of it: In 1976, when he was running his successful presidential campaign, Jimmy Carter's election literature stated that one of the goals of a Carter presidency would be "[t]o make our total commitment to the security of Israel as a Jewish state absolutely clear." [ ] So the Jewish supremacist boilerplate -- "security of Israel as a Jewish state' -- is at least 27 years old and really, probably older. If any listener can come up with earlier examples of that phraseology, I'd appreciate receiving copies of them.
Jimmy Carter, by the way, like Richard Nixon before him, was a bit restive under the Jewish whip. Both he and Nixon did practically everything the Jews ordered them to do, both in terms of supporting the Jewish racial state of Israel and in making sure that America ceased being any kind of racial state for Whites. They both knew they had to do that, or their chances of reelection would be instantly reduced to zero by the Jewish money and media machine. Nixon was caught on tape in private conversation expressing his real feelings about the Jews and their illegitimate power -- how they were ruining the country and were the main architects of American decline -- but he never uttered a peep of it in public. Carter was a little braver. Even though he uttered and signed numerous pro-Israel statements, probably written by Jewish speechwriters, every now and then he blurted out a bit of the truth in public. He once stated, when asked why he couldn't put pressure on Israel to change its policies, that open opposition to Israel would be "personal political suicide." [ ] He did lose the next election to the actor Ronald Reagan, who'd been taking Jewish orders in Hollywood and as an agent of the Jewish media giant MCA for decades before he entered politics.
Carter is in the news again on the subject of Israel. Last Tuesday he spoke at a ceremony for the Geneva Accords Middle East peace negotiations, and he said that "The present administration in Washington has been invariably supportive of Israel, and the well-being of the Palestinian people has been ignored or relegated to secondary importance... There is no doubt that the lack of real effort to resolve the Palestinian issue is a primary source of anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle East and a major incentive for terrorist activity." Well, Carter is a 'liberal' and puts things weakly and tentatively -- but there it is: the main reason for anti-American sentiment and anti-American terrorism is America's total subservience to Israel, our funding of and participation in the Israeli killing and conquest machine.
Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak is upset with Carter and with the whole Geneva Accords peace negotiations process, because -- you guessed it -- the accords do not recognize Israel "as a Jewish state." And he does mean a Jewish racial state. Barak's main complaint is that the Accords postulate the right of Palestinians -- some four million of them -- to return to their homes from which they or their parents or grandparents were expelled by Jews. This means that there could soon be millions of new Israeli citizens not Jewish by race, and Barak doesn't like that. Jews deserve a racial state, he believes, a place where they can run things as they see fit and a place where their unique genetic structure can be preserved.
[ ]
Well, White people need a racial state, too -- and considering our population is much larger than world Jewry's, and considering our valuable cultural variations, we need more than one racial state. We need White France, White Britain, White America, White Russia, and all the states which Whites founded and where Whites are a majority to survive and prosper. To do that, they must protect their racial integrity. If Israel has a right to do that, so does America, so does Argentina, so does Norway, so does Australia. So does the European race wherever it resides. The beginning of the salvation of the White gene pool will start with one nation, and it will spread to others. Within each nation, the attainment of White survival will begin with a small group of dedicated men and women who will strive with all their might to see their people saved. That process has already begun. It started in the hearts and minds -- in the feelings and the reason -- in the acts of generosity and of heroism -- in the men and women of the National Alliance. It is ever renewed and strengthened by each new generation discovering the truth we have preserved and propagated and augmented. It is renewed again -- as you hear or read my words -- in you.

* * *

The Jews like to complain loud and long about what they falsely describe as "White supremacism," while they themselves are the true supremacists. They do indeed wish to dominate other peoples in a purposely-contrived multiracial and multicultural society. The supremacism that threatens all peoples of the Earth, including White people, is Jewish Supremacism.
Jewish Supremacism is also the title of a new and groundbreaking work by imprisoned writer and thinker David Duke. In this new work, Mr. Duke rips away the shroud of pretended morality from the ugly body of Jewish hate. He reveals the Jewish establishment for what it is: a maniacal racial cult based on hate, exploitation, and genocide of other peoples -- and a cult which is directing its considerable resources against the very survival of White European peoples.
Even the most skeptical reader will be convinced by this book. Mr. Duke brings to light the incredible double standard prevailing when it comes to the Jewish state. He asks us why the controlled media:
·       Support the nation of Israel, which promotes Judaism in its schools, while opposing even the singing of Christmas carols in American public schools?
·       Support the nation of Israel, which has strictly segregated schools, communities, and facilities for Jews and Arabs - while condemning segregated schools and housing in America and South Africa?
·       Support the nation of Israel, with its restrictive "Jews Only" immigration laws, while subverting American attempts to curtail even illegal immigration?
·       Support the nation of Israel, which allows every Jewish citizen to carry a machine gun if desired, while advocating gun control for American citizens?
·       Support the nation of Israel, which openly states its mission to preserve the Jewish people and heritage, while condemning European Americans who dare to advocate the preservation of the Western heritage and culture in America?
·       Always depict the historical relations between Jews and Gentiles with the Gentiles as evildoers and the Jews as innocent victims, while condemning Gentiles as "anti-Semites" if they dare defend themselves from such ethnic slanders?
Mr. Duke looks at ancient Jewish writings and asks the objective reader to evaluate these Jewish claims for themselves:
·       Israelites are a "chosen people," chosen by God above all the other peoples of the world.
·       Israelites have a right to rule over all other people and are promised that they will someday own and rule over the whole world.
·       Israelites boast of genocide against whole peoples and kingdoms.
·       Israelites are commanded to murder all the people of the lands where they intend to live and to kill all the people of foreign nations that do not submit themselves in slavery.
·       Israelites are forbidden to make slaves of their own people, but are encouraged to enslave non-Israelites whom they may pass down as slaves to their descendants forever.
·       Israelites are forbidden to intermarry or "mix their seed" with other peoples.
When you read Jewish Supremacism you will be absolutely amazed at the objective evidence amassed by Mr. Duke. This evidence is drawn from unbiased and even Jewish sources, is easily verifiable, and is utterly convincing to even the most skeptical reader. Jewish Supremacism is one of the most powerful new tools we have for educating our people as to their real peril. I urge you to read this book and buy copies for your loved ones. No better gift could be given.
Jewish Supremacism by David Duke is available as our item 1075 for $24.95 plus $3 shipping and handling, a total of $27.95. This important work will change the lives of those who read it -- it will awaken your friends and family members to the plight of their people in a constructive, positive way. It will lead them away from the false paths of non-racial 'conservatism' or Jewish-approved racialism that does not name the architects of White genocide. Order Jewish Supremacism today for $27.95 postpaid as our item 1075 from National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.
And please remember also to send $18 postpaid for a six-issue subscription to our full-color magazine, National Vanguard, which covers the issues we discuss here on our radio program from many different perspectives and in even greater depth. Our newest and biggest issue ever, our 121st, has arrived from the printer and is now available for sale. Just write to the same address given above or subscribe online at or at our new news site,
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.


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