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After Forty Years

American Dissident Voices broadcast
November 22, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


All of us who were alive and aware of our surroundings at the time remember exactly what we were doing forty years ago to the day. On November 22, 1963 a rifle cracked in Dallas, Texas; its shots exploded into body of John F. Kennedy and into the consciousness of the world; and the President of the United States was dead. It's not my purpose here to delve into the murky evidence of the assassination and cover-up, or decide who fired those shots, or whether the assassin was a patsy as many believe. Instead I will look at evidence that is indisputable and show you where that moment -- and the forces which engineered that moment -- have taken our nation and our people.
I'm 47 years old, so forty years ago I was a child. Yet I still have vivid memories of that day and the days immediately following it. By a strange coincidence, November 22, 1963 was the day that my family first arrived in the Washington, DC area, where my father had been transferred from Alaska. We were on our way to a new home, and we were approaching the city when the news of the shooting came over the AM radio in our 1961 Dodge Lancer. Then followed the seemingly endless reporting of the trip to the hospital, the uncertainty of the President's condition, and finally the report that he had, indeed, been killed by an unknown assassin.
All of this played out as a macabre soundtrack to the beautiful sights I was seeing for the first time outside the car's windows -- the unfolding of monumental, neo-classical Federal Washington; sights I had been reading and dreaming about ever since I knew where my father's new job would be. The great bronze equestrian statues on the Memorial Bridge, the Doric and Palladian grandeur of the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the carved gods and eagles and the Latinate inscriptions on the great government administration buildings, the simple dignity of the Custis-Lee Mansion and the solemnity of the Arlington National Cemetery which lies before it -- all these and more made a dramatic impression on my young eyes and soul as they came into my view. And I felt, even at that young age, some sense that the passing of all those things I was seeing was intimated by the radio announcer's tale of blood and death and mystery and helplessness.
I couldn't have put it into words back then, nor was the thought fully formed in my mind, but as I saw the great monuments of the European civilization of North America roll past my car window, I was looking at a beautiful but doomed world. I was seeing Pompeii the day before Vesuvius; Dresden the morning before the bombers came; Belgrade in the sunny spring before Wesley Kanne Clark came bearing firebombs.
In 1963, America was Whiter than she had ever been; well over 90 per cent. White, in fact. It had been less than twenty years since the end of World War II, and we had lost 300,000 Americans in that tragic mistake. But America was powerful, optimistic, advancing, and growing. After the war, reunited couples made up for lost time and the baby boom -- a White baby boom -- of the 40s and 50s ensued, more than making up for the losses. That, coupled with the immigration laws which ensured, we thought, that America would forever retain its overwhelming European majority, and the laws that prevented defilement of the race through mixing, made White America a place that seemed like it could and would last forever.
But clouds were gathering in that blue sky of 1963, dark and ominous clouds. The clouds of the early years of the century had been largely dispelled. Those who had decried non-Anglo-Saxon White immigrants as unassimilable had been proved resoundingly wrong. There was a new and unhyphenated White American identity. The essential unity of the European gene pool and culture-stream was validated. The European immigrants had assimilated. Every single group had become Americans. All except one, that is. The Jews who had immigrated to the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries had not been assimilated. They regarded themselves then as they regard themselves now and as they have always regarded themselves -- as a people apart, a chosen people, a people in danger from and at war with all other peoples at all times, a people whose very culture and way of life is predicated on being a cohesive minority in the lands of others. Such a people it is not possible to assimilate, and those few Jews who seemingly violate that principle only validate it in the end by ceasing to identify themselves as Jews and dropping their less-ethnocentric genes and attitudes out of the Jewish life-stream and culture-stream forever. And this one exception to assimilation; this unique and alien people given so much scope by naive Americans; this seeming race within a race -- this nation within a nation -- had an agenda to destroy the White America we loved, to change it into something unrecognizable, something ugly, something that they felt more comfortable with. It was a monumental mistake to allow them to come to America. They were the ultimate source of the dark and noxious clouds which spread over our 1963 sky of Maxfield Parrish blue.
But very few people knew that in 1963. The Jews were pushy, yes. The Jews had gotten too rich too fast, true. They had taken Hollywood and owned a disturbing number of newspapers, true enough. Their pornography merchants were a particularly disgusting breed, admittedly. But these pushy carpet merchants were such a small group. They'd had such a rough time of it over there in Europe, too, under the Czar and Hitler and all that. It's only sporting to let them have some of America and her success and wealth. That's Anglo-Saxon fairness for you. That's noblesse oblige. That's essentially the attitude taken by the White ruling class, a class which proved its worthlessness by its almost-total failure to protect itself or the race from the machinations of Jews and equalitarian insanity in our own ranks.
To be fair, there was a sense of optimism and almost indestructible permanency about the old White America of 1963. Who could have believed that the endless and growing cities and suburbs, almost all of them White and healthy and sweeping from horizon to horizon could ever come to an end? Who would have thought that the myriad factories, filled with millions of White workers and producing products that were the pride of the world, would soon stand empty or filled with Third World labor? Who would have believed that the yeoman farmers of the Georgia hills and the plains of Nebraska would be replaced in the blink of an eye with Agribusiness and their stoop labor from Central America? Could anyone have imagined that the gigantic maternity wards of the big-city hospitals, filled with dozens or hundreds of baby-boom White infants every day, would in a few short years begin to resemble maternity wards in Mexico City, Calcutta, and Port au Prince? Who could have foreseen what was to come? A few men did.
One of those men was my late friend Revilo P. Oliver, who saw as early as the 1930s the destructive agenda of America's enemies, and who saw in the Kennedy assassination in 1963 the hand of those enemies. He saw then Chief Justice Earl Warren's blatantly false attempt to blame the Kennedy assassination on the 'radical right' just as the current crop of liars try to blame the Oklahoma City Bombing on the 'radical right' and the 9/11 attacks on Arabs alone. Dr. Oliver was a respected professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois who risked his career and sacrificed his personal life to lead patriotic efforts from the 1950s through the 1990s. He was one of the founders of the John Birch Society and of National Review magazine, organizations which he left when he realized they had been captured by the same forces they were supposed to be fighting. I'm proud to say that Dr. Oliver was one of the patriots who participated in the founding of the National Youth Alliance -- the predecessor to the National Alliance -- in 1970. And he was still active, helping us until his death in 1994.
Another man who could see what was in store for America in the 1960s was the late Dr. William L. Pierce, the founding chairman of the National Alliance. While much of White America was winking at Hollywood whores in the White House, experimenting with the illusory 'sexual revolution,' getting drunk at 'integrated' cocktail parties, driving ever-faster sports cars, congratulating themselves on how 'moral' they were for allowing 'a few' Negroes into their colleges and swimming pools and boardrooms, and watching moronic programs on their new color televisions, William Pierce was gaining an understanding of how and why White America was signing its own death warrant, who was responsible, and what could be done about it. In 1970, Dr. Pierce began what was to be his life's work -- the National Alliance, which began as the National Youth Alliance, an organization for under-30 White people who were opposed to the Jewish-led 'countercultural' revolution of the time, which dominated -- and to a great extent, still dominates -- university campuses. In 1974, the word 'Youth' was dropped to signify that the struggle for racial survival and progress ought to encompass all men and women of European descent who see their responsibility for the future.
Oliver and Pierce were telling you in 1970 about the Third World future that was in store for America if we did not reverse the tide of multiracialism and Jewish media control. Almost everyone else was telling you that America would not change significantly, demographically or culturally, and that we were just being 'fair' by scrapping our immigration and anti-miscegenation laws, and abandoning our clean and excellent White schools. Time has demonstrated that Pierce and Oliver were telling the truth -- and that the paid media whores and politicians were the liars.
Dozens of theorists have put forward the idea that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was part of a conspiracy, an assertion that I think is probably correct. Some of them further claim that the killing of the President in 1963 was a coup d'etat in America. I do not view it that way. The coup had happened long before, in the administration of the unspeakable Roosevelt.
Those who put forth the idea of a 1963 coup usually write from a conventional 'liberal' or leftist perspective. John Kennedy is to them a 'liberal' icon, a herald of 'progressive' social change whose life was terminated by an evil 'racist' right wing elite determined to maintain its power and crush the leftist social and economic agenda. The blinding effect of ideology makes these writers fail to see the almost staggering absurdity of their position.
Who became the chief executive upon the death of Kennedy? None other than one of the most odious traitors to our race ever to stain the surface of the planet, Lyndon Baines Johnson -- the man who stole the silver and gold and the savings of the American people with the stroke of his pen almost as soon as he took office; the man who signed the infamous Civil Rights Act of 1965 which took away our freedom of association; the man who signed the death warrant for White America when he did the bidding of Jews like Emanuel Celler and in 1965 signed the repeal of the immigration laws which had kept America a White nation; and the man who deliberately covered up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, betraying American soldiers and their families in order to support the Zionist state. This disgusting bag of filth was certainly a political operative of forces behind the scenes, but to assert that those forces were 'right-wing racists' shows a blindness and stupidity that beggars description.

The killing of Kennedy was, most likely in my view, the first decapitation of a sitting president by the real powers that be, and I think they did it to show that they could do it -- a demonstration that therefore they might do it again to any future executive who showed too much independence. The new power elite doesn't like too much individuality in the plantation managers it hires. It doesn't like loose cannons, and Kennedy, whose father had set a somewhat independent course a quarter century before, was a power unto himself with a personal popularity that would probably trump even the multiple blackmailable offenses they had on him. Very bad from his employers' point of view, no matter how obedient Kennedy had been on most issues for them. Who knows what such an independent man might do?
Secondly, the killing of Kennedy was used as a psywar operation against the White population of the United States. So much could be gained from it that it must have seemed irresistible to the new elite. Not only would it shake the confidence of the American people in the old order and way of doing things, and open them up to all the schemes the 'social planners' had in store for them, but it would be a perfect opportunity to blame the enemies of the establishment for the crime. Even if the new establishment didn't engineer the killing, no one can doubt that they jumped at the opportunity to use the assassination for their own ends. So Earl Warren and the media began blaming the killing on 'radical right extremists,' which were much more of  a force to be dealt with in those days than they are today -- they almost elected a president in their last gasp in 1964, for example. That ploy didn't last long, however, since Oswald's numerous Communist connections came to light in a way that couldn't be easily explained away or even hushed up -- except by assassinating the suspected assassin himself, which happened a few days later, when a Jewish underworld figure named Ruby, née Rubenstein, killed Oswald and ranted about 'right-wingers' being behind Oswald until his death in prison some years later. So the attempt to blame the assassination on 'racists' -- parallel to the more recent false claim that Timothy McVeigh was a 'racist' who was 'following' Dr. Pierce's 1975 novel The Turner Diaries -- ultimately did not last.
What did last was the beatification of Kennedy as a new saint, much more useful in death than he was in life as a tool to promote the establishment's 'social change' agenda. The same pattern was repeated a few years later with the Black Communist agitator called Martin Luther King, Jr. King, though devoted to destroying White America, was a loose cannon and a potential embarrassment to his handlers. It must be admitted, even by his admirers, that King has been much more successful in his destructive work as a dead 'saint' than he was as a live whoring Communist loudmouth.
So what are we left with, after 40 years? We have lost Washington. We have lost half our cities; most of our large ones. We have lost what little outposts of the major media which were in the hands of Whites even then. At Jewish insistence, we have lost our borders, which no longer have any meaning whatsoever. We have lost our schools, where our children are taught to deny their own identity and work ever harder for their masters. We have lost many of our farms, and are well on our way to losing all of them to soulless corporations who hate our race and happily displace us. We have lost our armed forces, which are now in the hands of our implacable Zionist enemies. We have lost our churches, which are now, for the most part, in the forefront of pushing racial mixing and condemning any form of White racial solidarity. Millions of White people have lost their minds and lost their souls, which they did when they accepted the inverted morality vended to them by those who would terminate our existence.
We have lost so much since 1963. Our fair and innocent children are growing up in a world in which they are increasingly hated and unwanted strangers, a world built by Jews, a world in many ways the polar opposite of the world our forefathers wanted in 1789 and which we in large measure still had in 1963.
Excepting the obvious computer and technology revolution, the groundwork for which was already laid in 1963, what have we gained? Perhaps the main thing we have gained is understanding.
The resistance to our would-be executioners is more radical and well-informed than it was in 1963, due in large part to William Pierce and Revilo Oliver and a few other pioneers in thought. No longer do we believe that race is better left unmentioned and that the political battle can be waged in terms of 'culture war' or 'conservatism versus liberalism.' No. The day of conservatism is long gone, and was gone many years before the Jewish neocon leeches attached themselves to its corpse.
Our struggle for independence and freedom is based on our kinship and our kinship is biological. It is racial. Race is the root of our fighting spirit, not constitutions written on paper only to be forgotten. or desiccated dogma from the deserts of the Middle East. Biological progress will be the cornerstone of our future. On such a basis, victory is possible. With conservatism, it was not possible.
Before, even in the palmy days of White America's greatest hopes, we did not truly know who we were. We were incapable therefore of seeing the identity of the enemy. In 1963, we had only the faintest knowledge of how to secure our existence against the onslaught of that enemy. And, except among a very few men, the resolve to do what was necessary was wanting. Today, knowledge of the Jewish survival strategy and the threat it poses is spreading like never before around the world. And as Whites stand on the brink of extinction, more and more of us are coming to a racial awakening and a racial understanding of the problems which confront us. And the awakening is happening while there are still many hundreds of millions of Whites in the world. We are far from finished.
We have lost so much in these 40 years. But what we have gained is infinitely more valuable than what we have lost. With the knowledge and resolve we have gained we can win. We can turn back the tide. We can build a new Washington, a new America, greater and better than the old. Freed from the demands of our ungrateful dependents, we can conquer space as never before. We can be prosperous and powerful as never before. We can create great music and art and architecture like never before. We can build a civilization in harmony with Nature as never before. With our technology, with our racial knowledge, with eugenics, and with the wisdom to create a new all-White nation, we can build a paradise on Earth for our children. Let us begin the next forty years today.


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