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Corruption versus Idealism:
Death versus Life

American Dissident Voices broadcast
November 08, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
Last week I talked about the Jewish establishment's declaration of war on Russia's Vladimir Putin through their mouthpiece Bruce P. Jackson in the Washington Post. Since I spoke to you last week, there have been more moves in that direction, and it is beginning to look like a real realignment of world forces is taking place -- with Israel and the US firmly on one side, with the other governments of the West somewhat more reluctantly following along -- and with Russia, the Third World, and the Islamic world on the other. The East -- Japan, India, and China -- remain significant wild cards and may well sit out any world conflict with the Jews. It's the job of the National Alliance to make sure that, one day, the United States and the other nations of White civilization will be on the righteous side -- the non-Jewish side -- of that conflict.
While the United States government takes its cue from the Jewish-controlled media and makes ominous noises in the general direction of Russia, another Jewish oligarch looks like he's headed rapidly away from that nation. A second-string oligarch whose personal wealth is reputed to be only somewhat over $5 billion, Roman Abramovich has been hedging his bets by shedding Russian assets and starting to milk the goyim in greener -- or at least less threatening -- pastures. A member of the Russian parliament has called for an investigation into alleged fraud at Sibneft, the oil firm partly owned by Abramovich.
According to a report published by the BBC, Parliamentary deputy Vladimir Yudin on Tuesday published a letter he wrote to state prosecutors last month urging them to investigate certain Sibneft stock sales in 1995, also urging an investigation into the sale of state-owned Sibneft shares in following years.
The BBC adds: "He claimed that Sibneft had defrauded the Russian government out of about $6 billion (£3.5 bn), and called on the authorities to freeze the company's shares. Mr. Yudin, who is believed to have close ties to the Kremlin, pushed state prosecutors into launching their investigation of Yukos, Russia's biggest oil firm, which is in the process of taking over Sibneft....
"Mr. Abramovich, who like Mr. Khodorkovsky made his fortune through rushed privatisation deals in the 1990s, is best known in the UK for his surprise acquisition of Chelsea football club this summer. He is reported to have sold off many of his Russian business interests in recent months, fuelling speculation that he is planning to withdraw from the country altogether."
One writer on an Internet sports forum created a lot of laughs among his fellow British soccer fans when he, referring to Abramovich's purchase of the Chelsea ball club, posted under the name "Roman Abramovich, Chelsea Born and Bred." But I'd better not give you the url to that forum, since even implying that Mr. Abramovich is a cultural or racial alien is probably a 'sin' which would have most serious consequences in Jew-ridden Britain these days.
I don't know if Roman Abramovich will succeed in disentangling himself from righteous Russia before the bear rips his throat out, nor do I know what he will do with his billions if he comes to bless Western Europe or the US (though I suspect it will just be more of what his racial kinsmen are already doing).
But Abramovich's actions -- getting while the getting is good -- show that he's betting his billions that Russia will not be a particularly friendly place for members of the Jewish elite in the near future. This bears out some of the predictions made by David Duke in recent years.
Not only is Russia a place where awareness of what the Jews are up to is fairly common knowledge and a place where actions against the Jewish elite have real political popularity -- but it is also a place where there is still a fair amount of racial consciousness. Russians, despite decades of Communist conditioning to egalitarian ideas, never accepted large numbers of non-Whites into their society and still don't today. While Communist Russians might have exulted in the weakening of the Free World by its importation and breeding of non-Whites and its insane "Civil Rights" laws, they were never so stupid to do the same thing to the territories they controlled -- and Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe remain almost purely White to this day. It is essential that they remain so.
In Russia, the two intellectual threads, the two ideas -- resistance to Jewish power and racial consciousness -- seem to be converging. The survival of our race depends on the convergence of those two thought-streams. In Western Europe, both ideas are gaining currency, especially that of resistance to Jewish power -- but, in many cases, those who are most opposed to Jewish power are the most racially egalitarian of all. And in the United States the situation is developing in a similar way. Russia is the farthest along intellectually, and has tremendous potential for saving the race. We in America, we in the National Alliance around the world, must dedicate ourselves to uniting the two growing movements: the racialists and proto-racialists among our people must see that the main opponent of racial survival and progress for our people is the Jewish power structure; and the anti-Zionists must be made to see that multiracialism is just the Zionists' way of weakening other peoples and that the right and moral and sensible way to order the world is to create a world of self-determination and self-government for each natural biological human community -- especially ours, since our race alone has the technological power to enforce such a world order, and our race alone has the environmental sensibilities needed to protect the natural world both for and from its ever-growing human component.
I don't know if you've ever seen his picture, but Roman Abramovich looks like the trigger man from a grade B gangster movie -- and, if you look at him objectively, he is indeed a gangster, a criminal, a ruthless thief of millions of White people's lives and labor. The whole Jewish world system is a criminal enterprise, in my opinion, and its Gentile collaborators are equally guilty.
Take a look at the man who wrote the hit-piece on Putin in the Washington Post which I quoted last week, Bruce Pitcairn Jackson. He's not a Jew, as far as can be determined, but he is a good example of the kind of Gentiles that the Jews recruit for their questionable operations. In our opinion, Jackson is a man who has had himself for sale to the highest bidder for a long time.
Between 1993 and 2002, Mr. Jackson was Vice President for Strategy and Planning at Lockheed Martin Corporation, a seller of high-tech aircraft and weapons systems. During that same period of time, he somehow found room in his schedule for founding two international lobbying and influence groups and serving on the boards of three such organizations, and for serving on the Republican party's "subcommittee on foreign policy," and for gallivanting all over the world promoting them and their agendas. You may forgive me if I think that the lobbying and his employment with Lockheed were connected. In fact, they were connected.
The two groups he founded are the US Committee for NATO and the Project for Transitional Democracies. Both groups pushed hard for the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe and Russia, even though the original rationale for NATO itself was negated by such a move and was in any case obsolete after the fall of Soviet power in 1991. An expanding NATO meant that new nations with significant military power would now have to conform to NATO 'interoperability' standards in their military hardware -- and that meant billions in business for Lockheed Martin (and others in the military-industrial club) as the 'new democracies' hurried to meet 'NATO requirements.'
Mr. Jackson clearly was not motivated by idealism or a deep belief in 'democracy.' Mr. Jackson was in it for the big money, of which we can assume he got his cut. Some people might be more blunt and say that he was a racketeer, a criminal. But few would doubt that his energy and abilities -- which were considerable -- were definitely for sale. The Jewish establishment already probably had some knowledge of Jackson -- not only are they always on the lookout for good and purchasable talent, but Jackson had already worked for Jewish Wall Street firm Lehman Brothers in 1990.
So the Jews bought him, and brought him aboard the Jewish neoconservative think tank, the Israel-worshipping Project for the New American Century, which was in operation and planning the current Iraq war years before it happened and years before most Americans had even heard the word neoconservative. The good ol' Jews at the Project for the New American Century are the ones who now run American foreign policy. They're the ones responsible for the ongoing deaths of Americans as we occupy Iraq for no one but Israel's benefit. Bruce P. Jackson has served on the board of the Project for the New American Century since his Lockheed days. And
he also serves as the Chairman of the Project-connected front group the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.
During his Lockheed days Jackson could credibly run around to Eastern European leaders, using his high position with the Republicans and neoconservatives, and not-so-subtly hint at all the benefits from the US they would gain if they went along with NATO expansion and all the not-so-good things that might befall them if they failed to go along. Now he goes around and does the same thing to foreign leaders, except he works exclusively for the Jews now. Maybe they pay more than Lockheed Martin.
Jackson's lobbying groups engage in political manipulation of their target countries on a huge scale -- making his 'anti-democratic' allegations against Putin hypocritical to say the least. Jackson's groups and other so-called NGOs (non-governmental organizations which are often indirectly funded by taxpayers or by global megacorporations) go into these countries and supply huge amounts of funding by Eastern European standards, friendly media coverage, and organizational and electoral expertise to favored so-called pro-Western or pro-reform parties who have promised in advance to 1) buy from Lockheed and whomever else is in on the deal, and 2) 'open up' their country to foreign (read: Jewish) investment so that the natural resources and labor of the people there will come to be owned by the usual suspects -- and so that a new controlled media infrastructure can be built to make the takeover permanent. Any real leader of the people who emerges and denounces the 'foreign investors' and their lapdog parties is denounced as a 'potential dictator,' 'strongman,' 'ultra-nationalist,' et cetera -- and accusations of electoral fraud are made and bribe money flows to judges and officials by the millions in an effort to retain control.
Well, this process didn't quite work in Russia and so now Jackson gets to use the Washington Post to tell the world what their position should be on Putin and on the poor oppressed billionaires -- or else. It's war between the Jews and their bought talent -- and the real nationalists and peoples who want to independently pursue their own destinies. It's in the American tradition to be on the freedom and self-determination side in this war --and to oppose the rule of Jewish money and the Jewish cultural and racial destruction that goes with it. The side of independence and self-determination and ethnic survival is the side the National Alliance is on in this emerging global war, and that's the side that White Western Civilization will be on, too, when the first of our many tasks is completed.
Currently, the Jews may be near the peak of their power over the United States and Europe. The head of the Jewish ADL, Abraham Foxman, is worried that the recognition of Jewish power bluntly stated by Mahathir Mohamad a few weeks ago is spreading from the Muslim world to Europe. Vladimir Putin was among those attending and respectfully listening to Mahathir's speech -- and giving it a standing ovation. Some Western nations felt Jewish wrath erupt because they didn't condemn the Malaysian premier's speech -- or they didn't condemn it fast enough or with a high-ranking enough spokesman.
Foxman, writing mainly for the consumption of Jewish readers in the New York publication the Jewish Week, writes:
"I continue to believe that the world today is a more dangerous place for Jews than any time since the Holocaust. At the same time, Jews are not powerless or alone as we were back then. We have Israel, we have America, and we have ourselves and our allies. The challenge is to mobilize these assets." There you have it from the horse's mouth. "We have Israel" -- and literally in the same breath -- "we have America." How much clearer can it possibly be?
The current administration in Washington is nominally run by a self-righteous prig [ ] who has religious delusions so powerful that he openly states that "God wants me to do it" when obeying the orders of his Jewish handlers, and whose aides once found him face down on the floor in the Oval Office -- in prayer, he said. His naive beliefs make him easy to lead around by the nose -- a nuclear-armed lunatic totally in Jewish hands. And sadly, millions of White Americans are just as deluded as Bush, and would willingly die for the Jewish state and kill anyone who opposed it. They are as lost to reason and self-interest as a resident of Bedlam.
But not all of our people are lunatics or sellouts. Western civilization would not have revolutionized the world through science or touched the face of another planet if that were true. Millions of us have reason, integrity, and idealism.
To carry my gambling analogy a little farther, Roman Abramovich is betting that reason, integrity, and idealism will win out in Russia, but that lies, delusions, and corruption will win out in the rest of Europe and America. I hope that Abramovich is right about Russia -- not just in the short term, but permanently. And we in the National Alliance will do everything in our power to ensure that he is wrong in his second wager. We will do whatever must be done to ensure the triumph of reason, integrity, and idealism in America and the West.

* * *

The Jews like to complain loud and long about what they falsely describe as "White supremacism," while they themselves are the true supremacists. They do indeed wish to dominate other peoples in a purposely-contrived multiracial and multicultural society. The supremacism that all peoples of the Earth, including White people, have to deal with is Jewish Supremacism.
Jewish Supremacism is also the title of a new and ground-breaking work by imprisoned writer and thinker David Duke. In this new work, Mr. Duke rips away the shroud of pretended morality from the ugly body of Jewish hate. He reveals the Jewish establishment for what it is: a maniacal racial cult based on hate, exploitation, and genocide of other peoples -- and a cult which is directing its considerable resources against the very survival of White European peoples.
When you read Jewish Supremacism you will be absolutely amazed at
the objective evidence amassed by Mr. Duke. This evidence is drawn from unbiased and even Jewish sources, is easily verifiable, and is utterly convincing to even the most skeptical reader. Jewish Supremacism is one of the most powerful new tools we have for educating our people as to their real peril. I urge you to read this book and buy copies for your loved ones. No better gift could be given.
Jewish Supremacism by David Duke is available as our item 1075 for $24.95 plus $3 shipping and handling, a total of $27.95. This important work will change the lives of those who read it -- it will awaken your friends and family members to the plight of their people in a constructive, positive way. It will lead them away from the false paths of non-racial 'conservatism' or Jewish-approved racialism that does not name the architects of White genocide. Order Jewish Supremacism today for $27.95 postpaid as our item 1075 from National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA.
And please remember also to send $18 postpaid for a six-issue subscription to our full-color magazine, National Vanguard, which covers the issues we discuss here on our radio program from many different perspectives and in even greater depth. Our newest and biggest issue ever, our 121st, has just arrived from the printer and is now available for sale. Just write to the same address given above or subscribe online at or at our new news site,
Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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