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Russia Struggles to Live

American Dissident Voices broadcast
October 25, 2003
by Kevin Alfred Strom


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.
In 1991, Russian Communism was about to fall. Physically the largest nation on Earth -- a world superpower with tremendous natural resources and a large, highly intelligent, and educated White population -- Russia was about to undergo its second huge transformation, revolution, and dislocation in the twentieth
The first destructive revolution there occurred in 1917, when Communist revolutionaries led by Jews, acting in the name of "the people" (who they actually hated and despised), seized the wealth of the nation for themselves as rulers of the state, and executed millions who opposed their rule or who merely posed a potential threat to the new regime.
I will not today repeat the many proofs that the 1917 Russian Revolution was led and exploited by Jews. National Vanguard and American Dissident Voices and others have documented that in detail already. The point that some of us miss when reviewing that evidence is the point I want to make today. The important thing to note is not that most of the early Communists were Jews, or that Communism is a creation of the Jews, though those things are certainly true. The important thing to remember is that the Jews are a biological entity and Communism is merely a tool to them, to be fashioned and wielded and discarded at will. It was and is a tool to be wielded to defeat and destroy other peoples, to rule over other peoples, to exterminate other peoples. When Communism ceased to be an effective tool of domination, it was discarded and other tools -- such as the neoconservatism which now rules the United States -- were fashioned and wielded to dominate and destroy non-Jewish peoples. The essential point is that Jews see themselves as a very special people, at war with all others, and they have no essential attachment to any ideology -- not to capitalism (though Capitalism's most ardent advocates and practitioners, like Ayn Rand and Michael Milken and George Soros, are Jews) -- not to Communism (though Marx and Trotsky were Jews) -- not to any set of ideas or principles. Ideas and principles and political philosophies have no permanence or primacy for them. What is primary to Jews is dominating, defeating, parasitizing, and destroying non-Jewish nations. The idea of a 'universal principle' that could trump their racial agenda is laughable to them -- though it is exactly such tripe that they teach us in our media and in our schools.
So, in 1991, the most important elements of the Jewish establishment had positioned themselves outside the Soviet system. They had positioned themselves as 'reformers' and 'investors' looking to 'help' Russia from their perches in the financial and political world of the West. They positioned themselves ideally for raping Russia again -- this time as the pendulum swung away from Communism and state socialism and toward Capitalism and private property. The huge enterprises of the Soviet state -- natural resources, chemicals, refining, media, manufacturing, building, military contracting, and many more -- were about to be put up for sale, and the international vultures knew it.
Throughout the summer and fall of that year, as the Soviet state crumbled, Jewish 'reformers' like Harvard professor Jeffrey Sachs held high-level discussions with Western economists and ambitious Jews -- and even a few Russians -- eager to take advantage of the approaching collapse. Naturally, anti-Communist Americans, happy to see their old enemy collapse and completely blind to the real maneuverings behind the stage-scenery erected by the Jewish media, were mostly clueless and powerless buffoons as the power plays took place.
Sachs joined up with fellow Jew from across the Atlantic, Yegor Gaidar, and promoted a plan of what they called economic "shock therapy" to eliminate the socialist subsidies and price controls that had kept the Russian economy on an even keel for decades. What was the result of this "shock therapy"? Hyperinflation on a scale almost as great as that created by Jewish manipulators and speculators in Germany in the 1920s -- a trick they obviously remembered well. When inflation goes high -- far higher than what we in America have experienced so far, as high as 2,500 per cent. -- what happens? Prices rise, of course -- at least they rose in terms of rubles. They didn't rise in dollar terms. A few people made fortunes by correctly predicting the wild price gyrations that were about to occur. Many of those were Jewish insiders who knew in advance what the plans of the 'reformers' were. There was chaos in the country and many people couldn't work and couldn't eat. Some people couldn't clothe themselves properly. Some couldn't keep warm during the severe Russian winters. Some even died. That didn't bother the Jewish 'reformers' too much. They wanted that inflation. They wanted it mainly because it did two things.
First, the inflation wiped out the savings of the Russian people. This means that the money saved by literally millions of White people -- their entire life savings -- was wiped out almost overnight by Sachs and Gaidar and company. It didn't matter much if your family had tens or even hundreds of thousands saved: in a few days the value of your savings was reduced to a pittance. And that wasn't all -- the capital reserves of Russian institutions -- factories, banks, schools, and all other institutions -- were also drained to almost nothing by the hyperinflation. That eliminated any chance of real Russian competition in the bidding for Russian assets which was about to begin.
Second, the chaos, the despair, the horrible want induced by these manipulations made the owners of Russian land and manufacturing facilities and other assets eager to turn them into cash. The desperate Russian owners of these assets didn't want to turn them into rubles, of course, as the value of rubles was evaporating before their very eyes -- they wanted Western currency; they wanted dollars. And they wanted them now -- and were happy to settle for far less than the properties were really worth: better a sure dollar now than maybe nothing in a very uncertain tomorrow. In this way, the hard work of the White people of America -- which underlies the value of the dollar -- was used as a tool to steal all the wealth of the White people of Russia. And the White people of America received nothing in return. The beneficiaries were Russia's new oligarchs -- most of them Jews.
Yegor Gaidar, by the way, has just been invited to oversee the 'reforms' in Iraq by the U.S. puppet administration there.
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Who were these new oligarchs?
Thayer Watkins of San Jose State University lists them as follows:
1. Boris Berezovsky, industrialist, owner of Avtovaz and many media holdings; Jewish, now in exile in Britain, where he was granted 'political asylum' by the pro-Jewish UK government after Russian President Putin started investigating his business dealings. Some say that Putin used Berezovsky and his media power to destroy his political rivals but now has abandoned him.
2. Vladimir Gusinsky, banker and media boss; Jewish, leader of Russian Jewish Congress. Now in exile in Greece, from which country the Russian courts have, so far unsuccessfully, tried to extradite him for charges relating to his many shady business dealings.
3. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, banker, currency manipulator, corporate raider, owner of conglomerate Menatep, owns major stake in Yukos oil company; Jewish. Presently under investigation by the Russian General Prosecutor's Office for possible fraud. It is said he managed to fob off his private debt on the state and acquired his multibillion stake in Yukos for essentially nothing.
4. Alexander Smolensky, construction contractor, banker, black market trader; Jewish, fled Russia to Vienna temporarily until he made a deal under which the disappearance of millions of dollars of his depositors' money would not be investigated.
5. Vladimir Potanin, banker, corporate raider, owner of Interros; not confirmably Jewish but a close associate of Anatoly Chubais and George Soros, both of Jewish ancestry. Under charges from Moscow City Prosecutor for questionable nickel deal.
6. Vladimir Vinogradov, banker, art collector, former aviation engineer; not Jewish and now essentially bankrupt, having been outmaneuvered by the other, mostly Jewish oligarchs. The Russian Web site states: "Often accused of hoarding bank assets in Switzerland... Other oligarchs never let him join in their reindeer games; he was completely left out of loans-for-shares [deals]... Was one of original "group of seven" oligarchs, although Boris Berezovsky conspicuously declined to include him in his famous 1996 interview with The Financial Times about the bankers...Owes about 2 billion dollars to various creditors following August mess."
7. Mikhail Friedman, black market operator, international trader, corporate raider, owner of Alpha Group; Jewish; he recently sold British Petroleum a 50% stake in his consortium Tyumen Oil Company -- receiving $2.4 billion in cash, with which he's continued to buy up Russian assets left and right.
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You'll note a certain pattern in these oligarchs' power base -- they often own a major natural resource company (a source of real wealth); a bank or banks (a way to manipulate the government and financial system); and a media company (useful for attacking others and scaring nosy politicians).
Now there are undoubtedly some new 'rising stars' in the Russian debacle, but let us accept Mr. Watkin's list. Of the seven greatest oligarchs, who profited and still profit from the ruin of hundreds of millions of White people, five are demonstrably and admittedly Jewish, and only one is definitely non-Jewish. Even ignoring the case of Potanin, who may not be Jewish though he is deeply involved in their networks and was not forced out as was the other non-Jewish oligarch Vinogradov, we still see that five out of seven of these vultures are Jews. That's more than 70 per cent.
In Russia there are three million Jews out of 144 million people -- that's just 2 per cent. of the Russian population. Hence the demographic disparity of Jews in the Russian ruling class is not too far off from what it was immediately after the 1917 Communist revolution: it is on the order of 70/2 or 3500 per cent.
In the course of this program I concentrated on the seven oligarchs on Dr. Watkins' list -- but I don't mean to imply that there aren't other oligarchs and rising power brokers in the new Russia -- but even a cursory glance at the Russian press will quickly inform you that most of these people are Jews. The Russian Web site says that even Jews are starting to worry that Jewish power in Russia is getting a bit too obvious for their own good: "...nearly all of Russia's biggest banks, which constitute the core of Russia's new oligarchical political power base, are headed by Jews. Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Khait of Most-Bank and Pyotr Avin and Mikhail Friedman of Alpha-Bank are all Jews, while Mikhail Khordakovsky of Bank Menatep is widely believed to be Jewish. Political power, corporate power, banking power, media power-all, at least on the face of it, is concentrated in the hands of Jews in modern Russia. The list is so dauntingly long that it has become a touchy subject for Jewish leaders in Russia and around the world, who fear that, should things get much worse in Russia, it may set off a widespread anti-Semitic reaction. The American B'nai B'rith magazine has even commissioned an article on the ascendancy of Jews in Russia and its possible social ramifications. The New York Times ran a similar article not long ago, speculating that 'success might mean failure' for Russia's new Jewish elite."
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How have the Russian people fared under the oligarchs' rule? The economy is so bad that many Russians are desperate to leave the country. Desperate Russian women willing to accept any excuse to get a job fall for the blandishments of Jewish White slave traders, who offer easy 'hostess' or show-business jobs in the West, but who often lead their prey instead to sex slavery in Israel or elsewhere. The exodus and the falling Russian birthrate have caused UN demographers to predict that "Russia and Ukraine, will see their populations crash by between 30 and 50 per cent." by the year 2050.
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The average Russian now earns about $5 a day. Compare that to the compensation of Blacks and Mexicans in the United States.
And the Russian people -- as I said, a well-educated and highly intelligent White population -- have had their savings stolen from them and their country put largely under the control of these Jewish oligarchs. With no help from the West, also largely under Jewish control, the Russians cannot interpose a money threat against the oligarchs. No pro-Russian group has enough influence, so far as we know, to take over the Russian military and stage a coup which would take away the oligarchs' power. So the only option for regaining freedom in Russia is through the exercise of state power, through the political process. Only through the increase and exercise of the power of the state can a countervailing force be brought to bear against the oligarchs. So that is why you have the apparently ironical alliance of red (Communists) and brown (racial-nationalists) in Russia -- only through a return to a powerful state can the power of the Jews be overthrown, and the main popular parties which advocate a return to a powerful Russian state are the socialist and (at least nominally) Bolshevik parties.
The Jerusalem Post on July 29, admitted that feeling against these Jewish oligarchs and lesser robber barons is running high in Russia:
"Bruised and abused during the years of rapid privatization, ordinary Russians simply do not accept that the enormous wealth accumulated by
oligarchs came to them through fair play and hard work.
"Far from looking up to the oligarchs as modernizers, the Russian public is suspicious of their politics. The Jewish background of many of the oligarchs is undoubtedly a contributing factor to this mind-set..."
The Yeltsin regime in Russia was entirely the pawn of these Jewish oligarchs. But the current government of Russian President Vladimir Putin is quite another story. Under his leadership, two of the major oligarchs have been forced to leave the country and several others are under investigation. The writer Neil Camberly had this to say about Putin on
"Putin is a strong leader and has taken significant steps to curb Jewish power in Russia. He has appointed his own puppet to head their community, he has recovered key aspects of the Russian media, and effectively disempowered several Jewish 'robber barons,' previously the ultimate wielders of civil power in his country. The Jews resent this. Consequently, they support the Chechen Mujahideen against Russia."
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Justin Cowgill expresses much the same sentiment when he writes:
"The interesting thing is that the more steps President Putin takes to crack down on the 'chosen,' the more popular he becomes in Russia."
Vladimir Putin has had some associations with Anatoly Chubais, who is of Jewish ancestry on his mother's side, he's a friend of Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev
[ ],
and he has had to play a careful game of saying the right things and never going too far to get to where he is today. But it is safe to say that the Jewish oligarchs are not very comfortable with him.
The Jews are very upset at Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, who declared truthfully the other day at a world summit of Islamic nations that the Jews control the world by deception and stealth, and get the Americans and others to fight for them by proxy. The Jews are not only upset at Dr. Mahathir, but they're also upset at those in the crowd who listened attentively and did not protest or walk out and who also gave Dr. Mahathir a standing ovation at the end of his speech, in which he frankly referred to the Jews as "the enemy." One of those in attendance was the new leader of Afghanistan, widely viewed as an American/Zionist puppet, Hamid Karzai, who surprisingly approved of the speech. But the real shocker was one man who, though not a Muslim, attended the conference as an observer and listened with respect and attention as Dr. Mahathir discussed the Jewish problem -- and that man is Vladimir Putin, who was also a major speaker at the same conference. In his speech, he is said to have 'downplayed' the controversial nature of Mahathir's speech, and when prompted for a condemnation of it, only uttered some platitudes about all peoples getting along and how Russia was excellent example of that. Brunei Online reports that Putin and Mahathir were seen laughing and joking together after the speech. Very interesting.
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Is Putin a real Russian nationalist who plays off Jewish individuals and groups against each other for the good of Russia? Or is he just using some nationalist moves to shore up his personal power? Is his attack on the oligarchs a real reassertion of Russian nationhood? I confess I cannot give an answer to those questions; they are questions which can only be answered by time. Let us hope that Russia emerges from the darkness of Jewish rule; that once again she will become a major world power under White control; that she recognizes the racial nature of her national struggle; and that, if she does all these things, that she also has had the foresight and wisdom to retain much of the nuclear arsenal with which alone she will be able to hold off the Jews and their slavish followers who currently squat in the White House and the Capitol and defile the nation of Washington and Jefferson with their filth.


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